Collection of the most controversial Reddit communities that have been banned

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The social network Reddit has at times been the subject of controversy due to the site's presence of communities (known as “subreddits”) dedicated to explicit or controversial content. In 2012, Ishan Wong, then general manager of the site, said, “We can speak freely. This means that we will not ban harmful subreddits. We will not prohibit legal content even if we consider it hateful or personally condemn it. “Since then, however, many ideology-based subreddits have been banned.

The r / jailbait subreddit, dedicated to suggestive or revealing photographs of underage girls, was one of the most famous subreddits on the site until it closed in October 2011 following a CNN report. The controversy over r / Creepshots, about revealing or suggestive photographs of women taken without their knowledge or consent, arose a year after r / jailbait closed. The r / Creepshots controversy led Gawker to find out about one of the subreddit's moderators, Adrian Chen, who revealed the real identity of the user behind the account, Michael Brutch. This marked the beginning of a media debate on the ethics of anonymity and Internet access.

1.Beating women

On June 9, 2014, Reddit closed the r / beatingwomen subreddit. A community that used graphic images of violence against women was banned after its moderators were found to share users' personal information online and collaborate to protect each other from bans across the country. After the ban, the founder of the community rebooted a subreddit called r / beatingwomen2 in an attempt to get around the ban, but was subsequently banned.


r / Braincels was the most popular subreddit for incels, or "forced chastity," after r / Incels was banned, and by April 2018 it had 16,900 followers. Subreddit leaders decided to ban pro-homicide figures. However, the subreddit promoted rape and suicide. The subreddit was banned on September 30, 2019, following a violation of Reddit's Bullying and Harassment Content Policy.


r / ChapoTrapHouse was a subreddit dedicated to the leftist podcast Chapo Trap House, which is associated with the term "left bag of dirt." The community had 160,000 regular visitors before they were banned on June 29, 2020, because they "are constantly posting policy-breaking content and their mods have shown no intention of curbing their community." The community was previously quarantined for violent content.


A year after r / jailbait closed, another subreddit called r / CreepShots caused controversy in the press for posting sexualized images of women without their knowledge. Following this media attention, u / violentacrez was added to r / CreepShots as a moderator, and reports surfaced that Gawker reporter Adrian Chen was planning a revelation that would reveal the real identity of this user, who moderated dozens of controversial subreddits as well as several hundreds of communities of interest. Several major subreddits have banned links to Gawker in response to the pending exposure, and u / violentacrez account has been deleted. The moderators defended their decision to block the site from these sections of Reddit because the forthcoming report was "doxing" (a term denoting the identity of a pseudonym) and that such exposure threatened the site's structural integrity.

When Chen informed u / violentacrez of the pending revelation, the user pleaded with Chen not to publish it because he was concerned about the potential impact on his work and finances, noting that his wife was disabled and had a mortgage. He also expressed concern that he would be falsely labeled child pornographer or anti-Semite due to some subreddits he created. Despite u / violentacrez's suggestion to delete his posts and leave Reddit, Chen insisted that he publish the article anyway.

5.Exposing Gawker

Chen published an article on October 12, 2012, which revealed that the person managing the u / violentacrez account was a middle-aged programmer from Arlington, Texas named Michael Brutch. Within a day after the article was published, Bruch was fired by his employer, and the link to the disclosure was briefly blocked on Reddit. He stated on Reddit after posting the article that he had received multiple death threats.

Reddit CEO Ishan Wong defended the content Brutsch posted on the site as free speech and criticized attempts to ban Gawker's link on the same grounds. Wong said the staff had considered the site-wide link ban but rejected the idea out of concern. this would create a negative impression of the site without getting results. Brutch later briefly returned to Reddit with a different account and criticized what he called numerous factual inaccuracies in exposing Gawker.

A week after the revelation, Brutch was interviewed by CNN, which aired on Anderson Cooper's 360 ° channel. In an interview with journalist Drew Griffin, Brutch apologized for his Reddit activities. He explained that he liked the gratitude he received from other editors the most and that Reddit helped him relieve stress. Brutch also described support from administrators, stating that he received an award for his contributions. Reddit noted that the award was received for winning the community vote for "Worst Subreddit" and stated that they regret submitting it, as well as that the u / violentacrez account has been banned multiple times. Brutch subsequently noted on Reddit that he regretted the interview and criticized the accuracy of the statement made by Reddit to CNN.

Chris Slow, the lead programmer for Reddit until 2010, said of the relationship between Brutsch and the Reddit staff: “We just stayed away and let him go about his business and we knew that at least he was getting rid of a lot of things that weren't there. especially legal. "

6.Ethics of walking

Additional info: doxing and online privacy

Gawker's departure from Brutsch as u / violentacrez sparked controversy over privacy and anonymity.

7.Ethics of walking

Further information: Doxing and online privacy

Gawker's propaganda about Brutsch as u / violentacrez has sparked controversy over online privacy and anonymity. Such discussions included claims that picnics, or "doxing," were necessary to draw attention to inappropriate content so that it could be removed, while others argued that it prevents people from exercising their right to legal free speech online from - for fear of the public. retribution.

Sadie Doyle, writing for The Guardian, likened this to the antics of alleged blackmailer Amanda Todd and suggested that such walks might be justifiable, but they could also over-focus on individuals without getting into the mainstream of sensationalism. through cultural reform. In PC Magazine, Damon Poetter stated that while he defended the protection of anonymity online, he still supported Bruch's disclosure because he felt that the various subreddits he contributed to as u / violentacrez were a serious intrusion. privacy, regardless of legality, and that therefore the disclosure of his data was justified.

The public outpouring of hostility towards Brutch after the exposure prompted commentators such as Wired's Dana Boyd and CNET's Michelle Star to question the morality of walking as a way to enforce social standards on the Internet. Several commentators have expressed concern that publicly denouncing Bruch to serve as an example to others legitimizes online vigilance and exposes people like Brutch to massive retaliation.

8.Juggling anarchy

r / CringeAnarchy is a subreddit dedicated to “annoying” and “harsh”, politically incorrect content with far-right content. Initially an uncensored (hence "anarchic") by-product of r / cringe, it later shifted to the far right, with anti-trans and anti-SJW content. The subreddit was quarantined in September 2018 and had over 400,000 subscribers at the time.

Since the Christchurch Mosque shooting (March 15, 2019), more anti-Muslim messages have surfaced on the subreddit. The subreddit was blocked on April 25, 2019, for violating Reddit's violent content policy.


The r / DarkNetMarkets subreddit, a discussion forum for the darknet market, was attended by their owners, with the result that the US authorities requested personal information on several accounts. This subreddit was blocked on March 21, 2018.


See also: Deepfake

Deepfakes was a controversial subreddit that superimposed famous female actresses on pornographic videos made using FakeApp, without the consent of actresses. Such actresses included Emma Watson and Daisy Ridley. After the subreddit got publicity, videos from the subreddit were banned from Gfycat and Discord. On February 7, 2018, the day after Pornhub banned the video, the subreddit was also blocked.

11.FatPeople Hate

On June 10, 2015, Reddit blocked five subreddits, citing anti-harassment policies. The largest of the banned subreddits, r / fatpeoplehate, had about 151,000 subscribers at the time of the ban. The remaining four were subreddita r / hamplanethatred, r / neofag, r / transfags, and r / shitniggerssay. The Reddit administrator said, "We will ban subreddits that will allow their communities to use the subreddit as a platform to harass people when moderators are not taking action."

Due to the ban, Reddit users flooded the site with photos of overweight people and interim Reddit CEO Ellen Pao. Due to the decision to ban these subreddits, some users switched to Voat, a social aggregation site similar to Reddit.

12.Gender Critical

The r / GenderCritical subreddit had 64,400 users who described themselves as "the most active feminist community on Reddit," where "women-centered radical feminists" discussed "gender from a gender-critical perspective." Described by Gillian Yorke of the Electronic Frontier Foundation as "a subreddit where transphobic comments thrive," the subreddit has frequently posted posts claiming that trans women are not women. On June 29, 2020, the subreddit was "banned for violating Reddit's hate speech."


In connection with the shooting at the Christchurch Mosque, r / gore was banned for “glorifying or encouraging violence” at approximately 17:35 UTC on March 15, 2019.

14.Great awakening

See also: QAnon

The r / greatawakening subreddit was a subreddit of the QAnon conspiracy theory, which claims the Trump administration is investigating a widespread child trafficking movement for sexual exploitation. The subreddit was blocked on September 12, 2018, due to a violation of Reddit's Violent and Personal Information Content Policy.


In January 2014, Mother Jones published an article on the website about the sale of weapons. The report says sellers are doing this to take advantage of a loophole in US federal law. About 100 AR-15s were engraved with the Reddit logo as part of the 2011 licensing agreement for this page. This subreddit was banned on March 21, 2018.


The r / incels subreddit, created for "involuntary chastity," was a forum for members to discuss their lack of romantic success. The definition of incel on the subreddit is someone who has inadvertently spent at least six months without a romantic partner and turns 21; self-proclaimed incels are mostly heterosexual men. Many members adhered to a "black pill" ideology that fostered discouragement, often combined with misogynistic attitudes that condoned, belittled, or advocated rape, while calling women "femoids" and "whores." Notable reports of black pills included "reasons women are evil incarnate" and "proof that girls are nothing more than garbage using men." Users deemed too friendly to women or claiming that women suffer from sexual abuse to the same extent as men were banned. Subreddit users have at times either respected or hated the "norms" and "Chadov" for their courtship abilities, with some admiring assassins such as Elliot Roger, the culprit in the Vista Island murders in 2014, who identified himself as "Insel."

In the summer of 2017, a petition appeared on Change.org calling to ban r / incels for inciting violence against women. Subreddit was banned on November 7, 2017 following the introduction in October of a new Reddit policy prohibiting incitement to violence. At the time of the ban, r / incels had about 40,000 subscribers.

r / Braincels subsequently became the most popular subreddit for incels, reaching 16,900 subscribers by April 2018. Subreddit leaders disavowed the van attack in Toronto and deleted some messages from members that praised Alec Minasyan's alleged actions. In September 2018, the subreddit was quarantined and banned in October.


The Reddit staff were initially opposed to adding obscene material to the site, but over time they became more lenient when prolific moderators like a user named Violentacrez were able to identify and remove illegal content at a time when they did not have enough staff to take on the task. Communities dedicated to explicit content gained in popularity, with r / jailbait, which used provocative footage of underage teens, was selected as Subreddit of the Year in the 2008 Best of Reddit user poll and at one point made a jailbait popular. the second most frequent search query for the site. Eric Martin, general manager of Reddit, defended the jailbaited subreddit, claiming that such controversial pages were due to the site's freedom of speech.

r / jailbait gained wider attention outside of Reddit when CNN's Anderson Cooper devoted part of his program to denouncing the subreddit and criticizing Reddit for posting it. This initially caused a spike in internet traffic on the subreddit, which resulted in the page peaking at 1.73 million views on the day the report was published. Following these news posts, a Reddit user posted an image of the underage girl on r / jailbait, subsequently claiming that he also had nude images of her. Dozens of Reddit users then posted requests for these nude photos in private messages. Other Reddit users took notice of this discussion, and on October 11, 2011, Reddit administrators closed the r / jailbait forum. Critics such as the creator of r / jailbait disputed claims that this thread was the core of the decision, instead of arguing that it was an excuse to close the controversial subreddit due to recent coverage. Other negative media outlets argued that the thread was believed to be The proposed capping was created by members of Something Awful Forum in an attempt to get the site closed, rather than the regulars of the forum.

Following the closure of r / jailbait, The Daily Dot declared the community's creator, u / violentacrez, “The Most Important Person on Reddit in 2011,” calling the r / jailbait controversy “the first major challenge to the site's voluntary doctrine of absolute freedom. speech ".

Shortly after closing r / jailbait similar sabreddity r / teen_girls, r / niggerjailbait and r / picsofdeadjailbait were closed.


In January 2019, the Filipino subreddit r / jakolandia was accused of “spreading” photos of women, including celebrities, apparently without their consent, like a “row” of secret Facebook.


After the Christchurch Mosque shooting in 2019, Reddit banned the Watch People Die subreddit, which focused on uploading media depicting real-life deaths, after it shared links to videos of the shooting. The r / gore subreddit was also removed on March 15, 2019. Although the subreddit was previously quarantined for more than six months, the subreddit was completely blocked at around 17:09 UTC on March 15, 2019, less than a day after the events for violating Reddit's content policy. in particular, the policy against “glorifying or encouraging violence”. Initially, the subreddit moderators allowed the video to be posted.

r / WPDTalk, a subreddit for discussing what was happening on the r / WatchPeopleDie subreddit, has also been closed.

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Life experience is a gain. Each of us has our own household tricks that make life easier for us, making it more comfortable and enjoyable. That is why it is useful to have a baggage of worldly knowledge behind you. You can, of course, come to the realization of many things through trial and error, but why, when there is an opportunity to draw ready-made experience in the form of life hacks from people who are happy to share it! Moreover, these tips are so simple and understandable that you just want to exclaim: why didn’t I think of this myself?!

Simple tips and life hacks — from cooking to psychological tricks.

Fortunately, the Internet is such a place where you can find a lot of useful things. We at Bemorepanda have collected life hacks that Internet users have told about and which you may find useful. We are sure that at least something you will take on board.

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

So, here are these simple yet valuable tips.

1. “First of all, when moving to a new home, equip your bedroom so that after all the hassle you can fall into bed. There is nothing worse, barely standing on your feet from fatigue, to make a bed before you lie down in it. – VLC31 / Reddit

2. “The mask on the face should cover not only the mouth, but also the nose. Otherwise, there will be zero sense from it. — kytheon/reddit

3. "It's better to exercise every day for 5 minutes than not to do it at all." — 0x0ddba11 / Reddit

4. "Read reviews with 3 and 4 stars to get the most reliable information about products on marketplaces." — Raspburyberet / Reddit

5. "If you want to wear white/light colored clothes, your underwear should match your skin tone, not be white." — SoupPoops / Reddit

6. "Identify and, if possible, eliminate toxic people from your life." — DinosAteSherbert / Reddit

7. “If you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it. It's a strength, not a weakness." – IntelligentTune5497 / Reddit

8. "Don't buy things you can't afford." — luongolet20goalsin / Reddit

9. “If you want to piss someone off even more, tell them, “Calm down!” — notreallysrs/Reddit

10. “If you have a free moment or play video games on your computer at home, take a few minutes to just pet your dog/cat. A phrase that I heard somewhere sunk into my soul: "Pets are just a part of your life, but you are your pet's whole life." — Amanda30697 / Reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

11. “If you have trouble choosing, flip a coin. While you are waiting for what comes up, your mind automatically starts wanting what it wants. Then you can easily choose." — riathekid / Reddit

12. “Every time someone in your family or friends mentions something they like/need, write it down on your phone/notebook. In the end, you will have a list for all your friends and family to help you choose a gift for them.” - Rambo_number_5 /Reddit

13. “Sometimes changing your pillowcase every day helps with acne.” — reddit.com

14. “Get in the habit, if you go somewhere in your apartment, to take some of the things that you can put away along the way. For example, put your coffee cup in the sink on your way to the bathroom.” — ikedaman/reddit

15. “Sometimes it’s easier to agree with people so that they finally shut up.” — JamyDemoIcan/Reddit

16. “Air fryers make any leftover food taste delicious.” — reddit.com

17. “If you screwed up, admit it. In most situations, admitting you're wrong and taking responsibility is a lot easier than trying to blame someone or come up with an excuse." — pdxblazer/reddit

18. “If you accidentally turn on Caps Lock, instead of deleting it and starting over, you can highlight the capital letters and press Shift and F3 to switch them back to lowercase.” — reddit.com

19. "Tell the people you love that you love them often." — Rab1227 / Reddit

20. “Buy a pack of bagels. Cut them all in half (as you normally would before tossing them in the toaster). Put them back in the packaging / plastic bag / whatever and put them in the freezer. The result is a pre-cut bagel that you were going to toast anyway, + no chance of mold and waste.” — terrarisa/reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

21. “Shower before bed, not when you wake up. This will keep your sheets clean and won't become a cesspool for bacteria." — Petabread / Reddit

22. “When you need to sauté onions and garlic, don't put the garlic in the pan until the onions are almost translucent. Garlic cooks much faster than onions; if you add them at the same time, the taste will be ruined because the garlic will burn. It takes literally 30 seconds to cook minced garlic.” — Razwog / Reddit

23. “Get in the habit of doing hip and chest stretches if you have a sedentary job. This is especially true for people suffering from constant lower back pain due to the fact that they slouch at the table. — reddit.com

24. “If you ever fall overboard into the sea and happen to be seen, don't try to swim to safety. The more you try to swim, the less likely you are to survive. Just try to stay afloat and conserve energy (and body heat) while the rescue team does what is required of them. Unless you're in very cold waters, it's best to always stay afloat without trying to swim anywhere. This advice is based on my own 12 years experience sailing merchant ships.” RoamerRealm / Reddit

25. "Don't discuss politics at work." — kaushrah / Reddit

26. “If you can’t line a baking sheet with baking paper, first wrinkle it up and then unfold it. It will be easier to put it down." — Rade/Reddit

27. “If you have a cold pizza, put it in a pan with a little oil and cover with foil, this is ideal for reheating the pizza.” — TTVBlitz_f4kegod / Reddit

28. “When you cook, clean up as you go! It has made a huge difference in my experience in the kitchen!” — d_frost / Reddit

29. “No matter how good a person you are, at some point you will become a bad person for someone. You can't please everyone, and you shouldn't. Just be a good person and make friends with people you have something to respect and look up to." — cheesypoofs_1776 / Reddit

30. “In a lot of tough situations — like asking someone out on a date or standing up for yourself — you only need to muster up the courage for just a few seconds to get it over with.” — Zuverally / Reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

31. “Don't use an alarm when you wake up in the morning, just set your phone to vibrate. You won't feel so overwhelmed when you wake up. In any case, this has worked for me for many years. — 90smovies / Reddit

32. “If you have a complaint about poor service or something like that, you will get much more if you are polite to the manager, and not aggressive. I just had this happen at the hotel we were staying at. I politely explained the issues with the room and asked for a discount and they cut me off half the room rate which was about $70!” JLAbraham / Reddit

33. “If honey has hardened, it does not mean that it has gone bad. It just crystallized and can become liquid again with a little heat." — cbreeze2121 / Reddit

34. “If you are outside in extreme heat and you feel weak or as if you are about to pass out, take cold water or pieces of ice and rub your forearms. You will feel the effect immediately: the dizziness will disappear and your core temperature will stabilize.” — EnderOfHope/Reddit

35. “If you can't open a jar or container, place the lid under hot water for 30 seconds. Dry it to ensure a tight grip, then open it. There has never been a time when it didn't work." — zanoske00 / Reddit

36. “Brush your teeth more thoroughly before bed after you have finished eating and drinking.

Morning brushing is also important, but more for fresh breath, and brushing in the evening will prevent bacterial growth and damage to teeth and gums.” — graycat3700 / Reddit

37. “Whenever you have an appointment at a certain time, try to leave early. It's better to be there 15 minutes early than to keep yourself waiting. People respect punctuality." – androidis4lyf / Reddit

38. "Life is not a rehearsal." — Raspburyberet / Reddit

39. “Find a hobby and get involved in it, it can lead to new friends. How to search? Try something new and don't be afraid to look inept. Believe me, you will find many more people who are ready to help you than those who will laugh at you. — DinosAteSherbert / Reddit

40. "When you're studying, use mind maps, color coding, and reread your notes before bed the night before the test." — licina181 / Reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

41. “If you want to park your car but don’t know where to do it and want to avoid theft, park your car near banks or ATMs.” — Sulochanap / Reddit

42. “In order not to forget where you put something, say out loud: “I put a screwdriver next to the microwave” or something like that. Then you'll remember where to get it." — reddit.com

43. “Good manners and common courtesy will always work in your favor and will become the norm with a little practice. Just say 'hello', 'please' and 'thank you' with a genuine smile." — reddit.com

44. “If you bring something to someone’s house that you don’t want to forget, put your keys with it (if you can trust the people who are there, of course). Also, get a Tile or similar Bluetooth device so you never lose your keys or phone again." — Torrence Mightingale / Reddit

45. “Change the oil in your car regularly. Do it in a timely manner. This will help her last longer." — centaur_unicorn23 / Reddit

46. “In a pinch, the seat belt in your car can be used as a bottle opener.” ForceSensitiveKitten/Reddit

47. “If you have acne on your back, after you wash the conditioner out of your hair, fix it on your head. The last thing you should do in the shower is wash your body. This will remove any leftover conditioner or shampoo that may have been left on it. Otherwise, they may cause skin irritation." — Mimosa Madness / Reddit

48. “WD40 removes almost any adhesive residue. This will help if you can't remove the sticker, or if a white streak is left after peeling it off. — EImoMan / Reddit

49. “Drink some water and have a snack. Seriously, it's shocking how few adults know about how blood sugar affects mood." — dracarys_dude / Reddit

50. “When you are in a group of people and they start laughing, watch who is looking at each other. People look at the people they feel closest to when they laugh." — LexiPietenpol / Reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

51. “The easiest way to remove blood stains is to use a bar of laundry soap and wash by hand. Works better than laundry detergent." — Rie Marxelinne / Reddit

52. “Rinse the rice before you cook it! It may seem obvious to some, but rinsing really improves its palatability noticeably.” — izzadorr / Reddit

53. “Never talk to the police in case of any serious legal problems. Always ask a lawyer. It's amazing how many people don't actually know this." — Danilo24k / Reddit

54. “Take a shower or bath before shaving, especially if you have coarse hair. Moisturize your skin after, this will save you from the appearance of pimples, rashes or skin irritation. — RiotousTotalus / Reddit

55. "Set aside money, even if it's a few dollars a month." — zzzojka / Reddit

56. “Spend 10 minutes of your morning time meditating. It will improve your mood, reduce your stress levels and help you start your day right. I have been meditating for almost 12 years now and every day I feel better than the last.” — we_must_wake_up / Reddit

57. “If you're hosting a house party where you plan on having a decent drink, start cleaning while you're high. Believe me, waking up with a hangover in a clean house is much more pleasant than in chaos and among mountains of dirty dishes. sunshinejack23 / Reddit

58. “To keep your glasses from fogging up when you are wearing a mask, apply dishwashing detergent to them and wipe with a soft towel. There will be no more fog." — ArchieLube/Reddit

59. “If you are caught in a strong current, swim diagonally or parallel to the shore. If you swim perpendicular to the shore, the current will carry you even further away from it, and you will simply become exhausted. Knowing this could save your life." — Voina040806 / Reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

60. "If you're having a party, open the bottom of the bag of chips and pour it into a bowl, and then all the whole chips will be on top, and all the crumbs will be at the bottom of the bowl." — starfish921/reddit

61. “When you cook in the oven (roast, in a pan), you can add hard-skinned garlic cloves (but remove as much of the dry skin as possible). This will fry the garlic inside the shell to a creamy consistency and make it taste delicious.” — gregmc/reddit

62. “If you accidentally close your browser tab, press Ctrl + Shift + T to bring it back. If you've closed multiple tabs, just keep pressing those keys on your keyboard." — Avalon44 / Reddit

63. "If you need shredded cheese and don't have a grater, you can use a potato peeler." — Noximilien05 / Reddit

64. “The best way to be healthy is to get enough sleep. Do not go on a strict diet, but learn how to properly distribute portions and make sure that you have a variety of foods. And don't forget to be active. — DinosAteSherbert / Reddit

65. “If you put Oreo cookies in the fridge, they will taste much better than at room temperature.” — Batz_R_Nocturnal / Reddit

66. “For people with short nails (mostly men): press down on the closed end of the soda can lid to lift up the other side so it’s very easy to open.” — reddit.com

67. “When setting up a smart TV with Netflix / Kinopoisk, Okko, etc., you can usually connect a USB keyboard and enter the password faster without using the remote control.” — reddit.com

68. “When writing an essay, Wikipedia is not considered reliable. But using internet encyclopedia sources and footnotes in the article is 100% reliable, and even anti-cheat software can't track it down." — reddit.com

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In recent decades, the book market and Internet resources have been actively offering us applied psychological knowledge and skills. And they are in high demand: we all want to be happy, successful, attractive, and interesting to others. We also want to make friends and manage people (at least a little, but in our favor).

Is it manipulation or not? The question is ambiguous, but in any case, awareness will help to avoid negative impact. And this will not be manipulated, and we will be treated better.

Psychological tricks, tips, and tricks

We at Bemorepanda present a selection of psychological tricks from Reddit.com users, which in most cases, help to model the behavior of others. And with what intentions do we do the study and use of this knowledge, this weapon - presumably, we will get the appropriate result?

  42 psychological tricks that help netizens in life

1. “When my dog doesn’t want to eat what was offered to her, I turn on the stove and pretend to cook food: I take some condiments, pretend to pour ... Nothing changes, but now the dog is interested.” — Giggity_0_0 / reddit.com

2. “When preparing for an exam, try to study in different places and conditions (in different rooms of your house, in the library, on the street, etc.). Different conditions create more connections in your brain with the material you are learning, and you are more likely to remember everything.” — never_mind_its_me / reddit.com

3. “Compliment people not in the face, but in their absence. Do not manipulate; sincerely praise people, it will somehow become known to them, and they will be imbued with good feelings for you. — Ian_Pierce / Reddit.com

4. “If you need to get information from someone, first tell him something wrong. People are much more willing to correct you than help you.” — Equinsu-0cha / Reddit.com

5. “Don't try to defend your position when someone criticizes, gets angry or disagrees with you. Just shrug your shoulders and get on with your life." — pippi_longstocking09 / reddit.com

6. "If you feel that someone does not like you, ask him for advice about what he understands better than you." — Hopesick_2231 / Reddit.com

7. “Speak a little quieter when you have something important. The other person will go out of their way to hear you." — profile3r/reddit.com

8. “I noticed that people allow me to do good deeds for them if they think I am doing it out of selfish motives. “Let me cook for you! I need to practice this dish!” — PrimusAldente87 / Reddit.com

9. “My kids never wanted to take a nap, so when it was bedtime, I told them, “Don’t sleep, sorry, you CAN’T even doze off.” Surprisingly, they immediately wanted to take a nap: it worked.” — CA_Dreamer / Reddit.com

10. “It has always amazed me how effective silence can be. Some people get so uncomfortable with him that they tell you, without stopping, what they did not plan to talk about. — mylifeisalietoday / Reddit.com

  42 psychological tricks that help netizens in life

11. “You don't have to try too hard to participate in a conversation. Repeating part of the other person's sentences as a question may be more than enough to keep it going. I learned this in a negotiation masterclass.” — BunRoadhay / Reddit.com/Reddit.com

12. "In stressful situations, speak slowly and quietly." — bjanas/reddit.com

13. “Just listening to someone, not giving advice or asking for more information, I usually get more information than asking.” — JanelLiie / Reddit.com

14. “I like to write positive affirmations on the bathroom mirror. These thoughts penetrate my subconscious and help my mental state during the depression.” — HuntEnvironmental863 / Reddit.com

15. “Some kids are desperate for a compliment, so I thank them and encourage whatever I find helpful. “You are a champion, man; I saw you wash all the dishes again. It's amazing". — NeoPagan94 / Reddit.com

16. “My friend in high school told me that she did things around the house without asking or being reminded, and her mom rarely denied her anything in return. I tried it on my mom. Twenty minutes and it worked: the curfew is no longer in effect. I started doing this every day. My older brother couldn't understand why he was only allowed to take his father's work van, and I always took my mother's convertible." — tikideathpunch / Reddit.com

17. “When people ask for advice, I mentally guide them through various scenarios that can happen depending on their actions or choices. Then I ask them which outcome they prefer." — Akanaro / Reddit.com/Reddit.com

18. “Praise someone who is being rude. It just knocks them off their feet." — owlpee/reddit.com/reddit.com

19. “When someone makes an inappropriate joke (sexist, racist, etc.), tell him, “I don’t understand.” Let them try to explain why it's funny. Sometimes it helps people think and grow up.” — Slartibartfast / Reddit.com

20. “Whenever my wife asks me to do something I don’t want, I say, “That’s my favorite thing to do.” And I go and do it." — Hutwe / Reddit.com

  42 psychological tricks that help netizens in life

21. “The Andorran effect. Treat the person as if they are already perfect. Try this magic with hooligans: treat them like good people, and you will. — El_Karpitan / Reddit.com

22. "Smiling on the phone makes you happier." — spiderpig1989 / Reddit.com

23. "If you're talking to someone and just handing them something, they tend ." — inkseep1/reddit.com

24. “Whenever someone demonstrates or tells you something, open your mouth just a little. Not necessarily wide; half a centimeter is enough. This helps you appear intrigued and fascinated by what you've been shown. Bill Clinton is the absolute master of this." — ConstableBlimeyChips / Reddit.com

25. “People are more likely to agree to do what you ask if you give a reason, regardless of its validity.” — Martian_Pudding / Reddit.com

26. “Promise less and deliver more. I work in a psychiatric hospital – it is a very valid principle there.” — reddit.com

27. “Say someone's name in the first conversation you meet. People be able to remember it better. — stink3rbelle / Reddit.com

28. “When I am approached with a request, questions, and problems, I ask them to be put in writing. "As soon as I see your email, I will contact you." Email never arrives.” — VnotV / Reddit.com

29. “When someone says something strange, rude, or offensive, I pretend not to hear, so he has to repeat what was said consciously. And if a person repeats, I immediately understand that not everything is all right with him. — Nienoeshhh / Reddit.com

30. “If the client is angry, I just agree with him until he calms down.” — BECKYISHERE / Reddit.com

  42 psychological tricks that help netizens in life

31. “Normally, if someone asks to choose one of two options, he would prefer the first one.” — jim_deneke / Reddit.com

32. “When I want to please someone, I bring him a hot drink. Warmth in my hands makes the interlocutor kinder. — NeoPagan94 / Reddit.com

33. “If you nod your head while talking (slightly, don’t overdo it), people subconsciously agree with what you are saying, or at least think of you as a friendly, nice person.” — Hardtopickaname / Reddit.com

34. “There are days when I don't give any advice, keep my mouth shut, and only speak when I'm asked. It makes people think I am giving valuable information whenever I open my mouth. This is how I create and increase my value.” — TonyStark39 / Reddit.com

35. "A strong, confident posture can do wonders if you're feeling a little nervous or insecure." — TimeMasterBob/Reddit.com

36. “Positive reinforcement works. . And if you talk about things you hate, you are hardly good company. — madkeepz/reddit.com

37. “Always pretend to be glad to see someone: in return, you will be happy to see.” — paulvs88/reddit.com

38. “People participating in a conversation will follow the interlocutor if he starts walking. I end unwanted conversations at work by literally leading people either back to their desk or another person in the common area.” — roflcopter / Reddit.com

39. “I talk to strangers like they're friends I haven't seen in a while. This is mainly due to intonation, and I quickly develop a rapport with them, especially with people who are not used to this in their environment: cashiers in stores, servers, etc. — the_narrow_road / Reddit.com

40. “When people are screaming, and I need them to listen, I speak more quietly. People will always try to outshout you if you yell." — improbablynotyou / Reddit.com

  42 psychological tricks that help netizens in life

41. “If you want someone to shut up, say their name, and they will stop dead in their tracks. This allows you to sum up: "I'd love to hear the rest of this story, but I'm late for the meeting." — PropellerHead15 / Reddit.com

42. “The fact that you are not always available increases your value to people, and they tend to miss you more than if you were there all the time.” Rei / Reddit.com

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Reddit is a website that calls itself the “home page of the Internet,” and it really does have something for everyone. On this site, registered community members from around the world send text messages, images and direct links to inform, entertain and entertain. Anyone can join Reddit for free by simply registering an account, but some people might not realize that the Reddit homepage is completely customizable for each user. You decide what content you see when you log in.

Here are the funniest subreddits on Reddit:

1. / r / AskReddit

Ask Reddit is a forum where people can ask the community a question and get answers from people from all walks of life. This subreddit is a real time killer. On this page, you can find the very best, unexplained paranormal stories, career tips, NSFW sex questions, and much, much more.

2. / r / HoldMyBeer

“Hold my beer” is a line often spoken right before someone does something totally epic ... or downright stupid. If you like silly human tricks and GIFs of people who narrowly escaped serious injury, this subreddit is for you! "

3. / r / Years of blunders

This is a subreddit that specializes in photographing people who have gone through an awkward phase. Each image is uploaded by the person in the image (unless explicitly given permission to share). This is not a place to publicly dishonor or embarrass anyone ... other than yourself!

Anyone who has ever had an awful haircut and braces back in 7th grade will recognize the shudder in these photos!

4. / r / Aww

"Jax is the official stamp licker at the post office."

Whether it's cute animals, a tender parenting moment, or just a cute depiction of something random, this subreddit is all about the things that make you say "oh".

5. / r / TodayILearned

This subreddit is dedicated to sharing new knowledge. Did you learn something cool today? Share it here with the Today I Learned (TIL) tag.

6. / r / Facepalm

There are tons of screenshots of text messages in this subreddit, but that's not all. If you've ever seen something so stupid as literally a facepalm, here's where to put it.

If you like memes on topics like "You Had One Job", terrible font choices and poor architectural design, this subreddit will make you laugh so hard on your sides!

7. / r / TrippinThroughTime

In this category, you will find the funniest art history snapshots and other museum memes that allow you to make the most modern artwork from different times.

8. / r / moderately vandalism

Sometimes graffiti is funny ... VERY funny! Check out this subreddit for well-prepared cases of vandalism that you would like to think about first.

9. / r / PerfectTiming

You've seen images like this before; typical action footage at the perfect time that you can't believe someone actually caught the camera? These photos are always amazing and the images found on this subreddit will not disappoint. Not all of them are funny, but all are definitely cool.

10. / r / WTF

This is a subreddit for all the most interesting moments of life. The submarine does not allow for anything truly shocking, and baking is not allowed here. Users are also prohibited from posting screenshots taken from social media or using other methods of public shame. (If that's what you want, try Facebook Crazy People.) It's just pure, genuine damn moments!

11. / r / NoContextPics

Unlike the huge and ubiquitous r / Pics subreddit, No Context Pics is all about images. r / Pics tends to get a little shaky with all the tragic backstories, so this subtitle has the following rule:

“The purpose of this subreddit is to share interesting photos without any context. Photos must be inherently successful or unsuccessful. No tearful stories. No stories of any kind. "

12. / r / EarthPorn

Everyone needs a little beauty in life! If you enjoy watching gorgeous photos from the most breathtaking and remote locations on the planet, you must subscribe to this subscription. This "porn" is 100% SFW (safe to work), as it contains nothing but pure, stunning perspectives in nature.

This photo was taken at Moraine Lake, Canada. Who else wants to go there right now ?!

13. / r / MildlyInteresting

Of course, these are not the most interesting pictures or stories you have ever seen, but they are still quite interesting and worth talking about. Take, for example, this tree that "looks straight up like broccoli." It's cool and I'm glad I saw it, although it's not awesome.

And other with many followers:

14.photoshopbattles - 15.1 million subscribers

15.disnevacation - 462,000 subscribers

16.BreadStapledToTrees - 193,000 subscribers

17.iamverysmart - 1 million subscribers

18.Jokes - 16.6 million subscribers



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Each of us asks ourselves questions, but not infrequently the answers are left to wait or do not come at all. Interestingly, you can find a way to get an answer. You will find a lot of topics discussed on Reddit that will help you get answers to the questions you ask. Moreover, Bemorepanda collected the top questions on Reddit. This way you can see the best answers to these questions. Let's see who they are.

1.Almost 80% of the ocean hasn’t been discovered. What are you most likely to find there?

2.If your vision had a HUD like in video games, what information would you like to be displayed?

3.What are some positive things happening in the world right now?

4.What are some dark secrets about the corn industry?

5.What was your biggest/most regrettable "It's not a phase, mom. It's my life." that, in fact, turned out to be just a phase and not your life?

6.What positive changes have you made in your life that you’d like to brag on a bit? What’s that work you’ve been putting in?

7.What gets you out of bed in the morning?

8.What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard someone say?

9.What’s the weirdest thing society accepts as normal?

10.What was your worst job interview?

11.What never fails to make your blood boil?

12.Brass instrument manufacturers, what are the dark secrets of the horn industry?

13.If you could show 1 movie from 2020 to a 1960s audience what would it be?

14.What dish that you cook are you most proud of?

15.What are some false stereotypes about your country?

16.Would you say you "won" or "lost" the genetic lottery, and in what way?

17.What popular movie have you never seen?

18.What family secret was finally spilled in your family?

19.What is your go-to fun fact?

20.Time and everything around you just froze for 24 hours. What are your plans?

21.What movie gets a lot of hate, but you actually love it?

22.Yesterday a woman gave birth to 9 babies what would you do if you became a parent to 9 babies at once?

23.What advice would you like to give a 20 year old who has no friends and barely anyone talks to him on social media?

24.People who still talk to their terrible moms, what's this year's obligatory Mother's Day gift going to be?

25.What's a good reason for aliens to care about us?

26.What are some things that are really expensive, yet shouldn't be?

27.Similarly to disappearing socks and nerf darts, what are some really annoying mysteries?

28.What's the dumbest thing you used to believe?

29.Which is the most underrated book you ever read?

30.If everyone got to see "life stats" after they died, what would be the first thing you would check?

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Bemorepanda collects the most top jokes and memes every month, so in October a few memes made a splash on Reddit. Reddit is a top community where humans share a smile, advice or joke. Bemorepanda captured the best memes you met on Reddit and collected them for you here.

1.Cat stuff


2.Nailed it


3.Work vibe


4.No more


5.Online life


6..Wrong school at all




8.How you look


9.Mom vibe




11.No problems




13.About logic


14.Feeling sad


15.Smell bad


16.Something really sweet


17.Little child


17.Me and the boys




19.My dad 




21.Corona virus


22.Love it


23.Age stuff


24.Still the last year




26.Sliced apple


27.Table games


28.What about a surprise?


29.Not true






32.Covid test


33.Cool gang


34.After some time


35.Taxi drivers


36.As always


37.Give some space






40.Amazon vibes


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