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20 strange design ideas that will make you laugh

2 years ago

Any mistake, no matter how small, could make the design project fail, if we don't fix it in time.

As soon as we start renovating the house, we want to finish it as soon as possible to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. But let's not forget the saying "Hurry spoils the job"!


The following "masterpieces" show us that the incompetence of some people can leave us speechless.

1.Who said they have to be placed next to each other?

2.The ingenuity of some people has no limits.

3.How important are a few centimeters?

4.What was the function of this railing before?

5.What could be the function of the stairs, if this house has only one level?

6.A good challenge for perfectionists.

7.A great idea so that the air conditioning is not too cold!

8.Perfect symmetry!

9.Boss, what do you think? You like? Looking at this photo, do we wonder how such a result was achieved?

10.When you look at yourself in a completely different way.

11.This construction left us speechless!

12.The only problem is that the water jet is a bit weak.

13.More challenges.

14.The children will be delighted! How long did it take for someone to notice this mistake?

15.What could be the purpose of this construction?

16.What a wonderful view!

17.First they installed and then they thought.

18.What do you think about this idea? One of the most unusual annexes!

19.Quite an original idea.

20.No one will notice.

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If you create a good design that is useful, consider that you are at the pinnacle of success. But if the consumer cannot figure out how to use your notion and any decision to use the product only makes it worse, then consider yourself a bad designer or a lousy master. After all, these are the only ones collected on Instagram under the name "Typical Rykozhop" (typical.rykozhop), where you can see marasmus, unusual design and humor.

Let's laugh out loud with Bemorepanda.


1.Keep a nightmare at night: you dream that you want to go to the toilet, go into the right room, go to the toilet, and it keeps moving away and away. Worthy of a Stephen King-style novel?



2.Smoking room for the bravest

2ен 5


3."Harry Potter And The Chamber of secrets". From unenclosed

3кен 5


4.Without leaving the stove

4енг 5


5.A place for brutal negotiations

5uio 0


6.No, this is not a guy too tall, and the cabinets are not hung correctly

6енгш 3


7.The main thing is functionality

1578387695 8xf99n fb plus


8.“We'll put you door to door. Call us! Fast, inexpensive, stupid "

8uyi 4


9.A variation on the capsule house theme. Everything is close, everything is at hand

9енг 2


10.It seems this washing machine lives in two families

10енг 5


11.This is a typical gaming glitch, nothing special

11ен 6


12."Yes, of course, I'll just cut off my left shoulder."

12нг 11


13.At some point, it may seem like you are looking at something edible ...



14.Apparently some magic has been applied



15.Does this mean that the monster living in the wall can turn on the light when it is scared?

15енг 4


16.How to make a flat screen TV in no time without spending money

16ryu 0


17.Hooray, he could!

17енг 7


18.Why not a loft?

18енгш 0


19.You will have to get used to peeing while sitting.

19нгш 3


20.When a neighbor is so arrogant that he is ready to do anything to steal your electricity

20енш 0

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After these photos you will like your kitchen much more.

 The kitchen is easily spoiled by dubious designs and incorrect calculations.  This is especially true if during the repair you improvise on the go and do it on the principle of "and so will do."  Here are just 20 examples of what this can lead to.

1. Kitchen set with a secret.

2. Kitchen lover carriage screed?

3. In the event of a divorce, the apron, apparently, will have to be changed. 

4.  When the owner has not decided who you want to become: a chef or a musician.

5. An apartment for $ 1 million with a diagonal beam in the middle of the kitchen.  Thanks to the designers.

6. A very strange taste and love of greens met in the kitchen.

7. The kitchen must have a Lamborghini.

8. When you do not pay attention to calculations.

9. From the same series.

10.  Tetris lover's lockers? 

11.  Here could be a good design, but...

12. It looks like the work of the same designer.

13. Tiles with a mold .

14.  A kitchen in the bathroom or a bathroom in the kitchen? 

15.  When the designer of you is so-so. 

16.  The saddest thing is that with so many chandeliers, the kitchen still looks dark - there is not enough light. 

17.  When you really like butterflies. 

18.  It looks not only strange, but also dangerous, especially for children.

19. Smart home: you open the refrigerator - the light turns off.

20. In conditions of limited space you have to improvise.

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Since all preschoolers lie at least once, it is important for parents to understand that lying can be a normal stage in a child's development. Sometimes, young children tell "stories that seem detached from reality" because it is difficult for them to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Sometimes children lie because they don't want to be punished for something they did wrong. Your answers as a parent must be individualized and flexible.


In most cases, you already know the child's mistake before he tells you a lie. Parents can usually figure out when the preschooler is lying to them to hide a mistake. Children are afraid of the punishment that follows; however, they obviously give up or even confess everything. But sometimes their lies are so funny. Bemorepanda collected some of them.


1.Landed a donut




3.That's a lie


4.Don't go there




6.Dog ate my homework


7.Lie about it


8.The dentist location


9.Put them away


10.April Fools


11.Getting so tall


12.Almost worked


13.That was a lie


14.Sad about movie


15.Rolling eyes at us


16.Allergic to church


17.Can't trust


18.Caught a bee


19.Money from tooth fairy


20.Pooped on hand

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What good is a tasteless and frankly ugly design? Although it sounds completely illogical, it has its own charm. You look at completely ill-conceived interiors, stupid ideas brought to life and admire an awkward flight of fantasy ... you like it, because it is so bad that it is even good. It is precisely these crimes against good taste that are collected in the Instagram account of Uglydesign, where all boundaries have been erased and norms have been violated.


Well, it's not stupid if it works. Unless, of course, you remember that this is a toilet seat



Pareidolia in action. Now you can't help but see it



Beach shoes, in the truest sense of the word



This T-shirt was clearly not meant for women.



Bed linen for those who do not want to stop exercising even in their sleep




Carry-on bag



It's at least cute



Children should know that life is difficult.



Pants that probably belong to Miss Elastica from The Incredibles



The floor is lava. Someone took it too literally




"A table for one, please"



Oh no...



A more inappropriate zipper is hard to imagine



Better not even try to figure it out



Everything is terrible here



Just Do It! But you better not



A kind of contribution to the future



This thing looks damn



 Wet pants effect. But why?



It's funny enough that she herself is unmasked


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Cooking is an optional activity that we do when we don't want to look like lazy bums who eat nothing but sandwiches and scrambled eggs.Cooking is an art, and like any art, not everyone can be good at it. Some people are so clumsy when it comes to cooking that the kitchen is simply destroyed.


But even with the help of modern cooking tools and step-by-step recipes, it happens that our culinary attempts completely fail and we turn a masterpiece into failure. These are the photos of culinary failures that we want to share with you.



1. "My 'damaged' nipples came out in the test ..."



2. "This is our ladybug bun. She seems to judge us."


3. "Composition:" Dad tried to make wine ""


4. "It looks like using a syringe to inject the filling into a jelly bun is not a good idea."


5. "I will never be called to marry"


6. "My sister made French fries. By the way, they also burned."


7. "I found a spoon in my homemade bread. That's a plus, I thought I lost it."


8. "I wanted to bake a lobster-shaped pie ..."


9. "I was trying to have dinner after work. I hate my life."


10. 5 minutes before closing after 12-hour shift


11. "My friend made a hedgehog for the birthday of her 14-year-old son. Strange, for some reason her child was not happy."


12. "When all I want to do is cook spaghetti, but all the signs indicate that this will not happen."


13. "Thought I'd make pancakes tonight, turned the pancake over and almost wet my pants."


14. "I came tired from work and decided to cook pasta. The first pan slipped out of my hands, and I dumped everything on the floor. I decided that on the second try everything would work out, but the handle broke, and now my pasta is everywhere. I didn't eat, I went sleep"


15. "I baked some cat-shaped strawberry muffins and then froze them. Now they look like burn victims."


16. "I was making homemade chicken broth. The recipe was that after a few hours of boiling it should be drained. Damn it."


17. "I was boiling an egg this morning and something went wrong."


18. "I tried to cook sweet potatoes in my new deep fryer. You can cook meat on these coals."


"19. Today was a foreign culture night in my house, so I decided to cook a traditional dish from Pompeii."


20. "Apparently, proper nutrition is not mine."

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