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The first day of 50 Brave Police Puppies

1 year ago

No matter how cute these puppies look, they are on a mission. The main canine professions are police dogs, military, firefighters, guide dogs, therapy dogs, assistance dogs. Mostly for these purposes, they take retrievers or shepherds, because they are smart and easy to train.

Dogs have a much stronger sense of smell than humans. Therefore, dogs are so needed in the police and fire brigade: they find drugs and explosives, look for missing people.

We invite you to see the puppies on their first day of service.

1. First fitting of the form.

2. Guide dog with his teddy bear.

3. A future guide dog.

4. The first fitting of vests.

5. The cutest service dog.

6. This is the puppy's first training day. The bulletproof vest is great for him ... for now.

7. One day he will become a great service dog.

8. Service puppy in training.

9. The first working day in the K-9 division.

10. First day in the service of the Manchester police.

11. The puppy took a nap in training, and traffic cones were placed around him so that no one would disturb his sleep.

12. A service dog should be able to do everything. Even read.

13. The hard work of the service dogs.

14. He wears a uniform with pride.

15. A new puppy was taken to the police department. He was already tired of camera flashes and took a break.

16. Police station recruit.

17. Service dog at work.

18. The new sheriff in the city.

19. This puppy joined the police.

20. This is Skub, an 11 month old police dog.

21. Snoopy, the service dog, in training. Someday it will grow to its shape.

22.Hi, from this puppy

23.Small worker

24.Ready for duty

25.Taking a nap at trainings

26.Ready to save the world


28.New at work

29.Small and cute buddy joining his new job

30.First day

31.The most beautiful workers

32.In the right arms


34.Meeting the son of the partner

35.So small

36.Important partner at work

37.Cuteness overload

38.Police is it's job

39.Always around

40.Can I serve like this forever?

41.Cool team

42.So tiered from the first day

43.New companion

44.On duty

45.Training day

46.On duty but sleepy

47.Fighting for the first time

48.Fluffy worker

49.Friends forever

50.It is so serious

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Dogs are the animals that attach themselves most to humans and in most cases are able to sacrifice their lives to defend their owner, if he is in danger.

As each being on this planet has its specific characteristics, so this animal, of rare intelligence, has some interesting aspects. All people are in love with these creatures, as well as Bemorepanda. We have collected the newest and nicest pictures on Reddit for you.

1.He loves turtles

2.Happy guy

3.Sunny boy

4.Beach relax

5.Always smiling

6.Party time

7.So happy

8.Enjoy the moment

9.Cherry blossom 

10.Pretty flowers

11.Say cheese

12.Puppy day

13.Baldur and Bodo

14.Sincere smile

15.Say Hi

16.Pretty boy

17.Walk day


19.Meet Ollivander

20.Rottweiler smile

21.First birthday

22.Happy Hank


24.Sweet girl

25.Have a great day

26.This is a funny smile

27.Waiting for treat

28.Backyard is life

29.Flower child

30.Best smile ever

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Can your beloved cat or dog give you coronavirus?

Experts agree, almost definitely not.

Hong Kong's Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) said that samples from the dog's nasal and oral cavities had tested "weak positive" for novel coronavirus. It was believed to be the first time that a dog anywhere in the world tested positive for the virus.

The dog - which had no symptoms - was put into quarantine and will be repeatedly tested until the result comes back negative, according to the statement. The department "strongly advises" that pets of people infected with coronavirus are quarantined for 14 days.

Despite this, the AFCD and the World Health Organization both agree there is no evidence that pets such as cats or dogs can be infected with coronavirus.

That's because while dogs can test positive for the virus, it doesn't necessarily mean they have been infected.

Is it worth quarantining pets?

According to Gray, who was working in Hong Kong during SARS, there is still value in quarantining pets from a scientific perspective, because it allows scientists to observe how an animal relates to a disease we still know relatively little about.

"Whilst it seems a bit scary, it's purely a precautionary measure, and it's certainly nothing for pet owners in general to be concerned about," said Gray.

Some pet owners in mainland China have been fitting their dogs with tiny face masks, but Gray said there is no benefit to that -- in fact, it's probably fairly distressing for the pet and could cause them to panic.

Instead, pet owners should stick to the basics: good hygiene.

Both WHO and Gray said owners should wash their hands with soap and water after touching pets.

"I am certainly not in any concern of my dog or cats, I'm far more concerned about myself catching it from a human being that has the disease," said Gray, who is a pet owner herself.

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Dogs are very cute, intelligent and loyal pets. It is said that they are the only beings on earth who love us more than they love themselves. Scientific studies prove that dogs are in the first place in the top of animals that understand human communication.

They become easily attached to people and can be just as easily trained, because they understand with their eyes what you want to tell them or what you are thinking at that moment. It is not in vain that the dog is said to be man's best friend, and rightly so; he will never leave you, as long as you give him attention, care and love. A dog will never betray you, as they say: “History is full of loyal dogs and less of loyal friends. “. Bemorepanda collected the top buddies for this week.

1.Dog and snow



4.This eyes

5.Puppies are so cute

6.That’s much snow

7.Ma dogga


9.Meal time


11.This buddy

12.Blue eyes


14.Perfect outfit

15.Good boy


17.Washing time

18.So great

19.Walking time

20.So olorful

21.Weekend time


23.Lovely eyes

24.Perfect pic

25.Baby time

26.White puffy

27.Best friends



30.Fun time

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Dogs love Christmas and the positive energy of their owners during this period. The quadrupeds are delighted to spend time with their families. The atmosphere and the agitation that is created when the whole family gathers, is taken over by our furs who certainly do not want to be ignored. Puppies with more withdrawn and quiet behavior will probably be reluctant to join, but most love these festivities.

All the guests who cross your doorstep, friends or relatives, will pay a lot of attention to your dog. Certainly no puppy will be bothered by a scratching session on the belly or many kisses.

1.Christmas Card photo

2.Let me be the star

3.Here I am

Where there is more food, the opportunity to receive delicious rewards increases. But we must remember what foods are allowed and what could harm the puppy. Christmas is for us the period when we forget about diets and pamper ourselves with delicious dishes. Christmas dishes are not only tempting for us, but also for them, especially if they are left at their fingertips. It would be best to store them carefully and not give them away (not even a little).

If you wrap presents at home, give your dog a toy so he can be busy with something. There are also dogs who love to help unpack gifts. Who doesn't love to receive Christmas presents? A new toy, delicious rewards or chewing bones, will delight any dog!

4.Fight on camera

5.Little buddy

6.Let’s smile

Dress your dog in fluffy overalls or blouses with Christmas themes: snowman, reindeer, Santa Claus or leprechaun. Preferably choose a fluffy and comfortable material.

Lights, balls, fir trees and balls rolling on the living room floor. This is the atmosphere long awaited by your four-legged friend who is just waiting for a new play session while you decorate the Christmas tree. Christmas is not Christmas without a big Christmas tree covered with lights and globes. The decorations help us make the house have a festive aura, but for dogs and cats they can be something new to play with or worse, something new to eat.

7.Get out of the photo

8.Merry Christmas

9.No love for Santa

10.Someone is afraid

11.No Santa on vacation

Cats really like to play with strings on which various toys are hung, and the tinsel, being shiny, is even more attractive. Although tinnitus is not poisonous, if it is eaten it can cause intestinal damage and surgery may be needed to remove it. The same goes for ribbons. If portions of the ribbon are food, they can in the worst case cause death of the animal by asphyxiation or, if they reach the intestine, they can cause injuries. And in the case of globes, you have to be careful. Hanging on the branches of the tree, the cat will find them as the perfect toys. If you accidentally break a globe, it can be cut into shards.

In order for these things not to happen, it would be good to get your four-legged child used to the decorations and the Christmas tree, or to install it in a room where he does not have access.

12.He is the star

13.Christmas glam

14.That’s all about Christmas vibes

15.Lights and dogs

16.Hi here

17.Let me in

18.No present for me


20.This is what I wanted


22.You see me?

23.No pics without me

24.Epic fail

25.Christmas dogs

26.Chilling with good music

27.Merry Christmas

28.Let me pose with you

29.Pet stuff

30.Christmas atmosphere with dogs

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