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How to Celebrate Halloween Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic? 10 tips from health experts

3 years ago

Because of coronavirus, we’ve mastered the Zoom party for this year. The first big event of the autumn holiday season is Halloween, so we have to test our social distance skills and prepare them correctly for this party.

The traditional Halloween rituals like—parties and trick-or-treating—may be different during a pandemic.

Don't get sad or cancel your Halloween costume order yet. With a little knowledge about health tips, you can still have a really cool atmosphere without putting your health or other health in danger. These are some ingenious ideas for a safe Halloween 2020 during the pandemic.

1.The trick-or-treat routine

Check the current state of coronavirus cases in your community will be important on Halloween this year, so you could determine if it is safe or not to trick-or-treat. 

If you can’t trick-or-treat as usually due to coronavirus, look for ways to manage it in a new, safe way. You can buy your kid the favorite candy and let her trick-or-treat door to door in your house, also you may walk together with your kid through the neighborhood so managing the show off of the costume, then come back home for a special treat.

2. Invent a safe way to give out the treats

Wrap up the treats by yourself and put them out in your yard on a specially decorated table so people can easily pick them up. Don't forget about a hand sanitizer and also wearing a mask. Please the kids to use hand sanitizer each time they pick a treat.

3.Introduce a real mask in your Halloween outfit

This is the year you have to make a Halloween costume with a mask. 

If you choose to wear another mask under the costume mask, it is really safer, but you have to make sure that it doesn't get too hot and you can easily breathe.

4. Organize the party outdoor

 Social distancing is still important during Halloween Party 2020. Food and drinks should be already packed for each persona or to be served in single servings. Don't forget about the hand sanitizers that should be everywhere for easy access. Chairs and tables should be placed in such a way so that everyone can be social but still have space between each other. It is recommended to have a party with the closest family members, friends.

5.Inform about parties before you go

If you like to take part in different Halloween events, or you are invited to a party, inform yourself about the location and how the host prepared for a pandemic party. Research the situation to see how they’re planning to make the party safer. An outdoor party is the best option.

6. Get creative on this Halloween

You can set up a movie projector and screen and manage a Halloween movie party in your backyard for a few friends or family members. There are also options like a Zoom Dance Party.

7.Inform your child about the current situation

Children easily come into contact with other children and adults and forget about the existing rules. We, adults, are safer in precautions in a pandemic party. But children will not always follow the rules when joy is in full swing. That is why it is important to inform children and explain to them why it is good to wear a mask, to use a hand sanitizer, and to keep a social distance. Alternatively, you can offer the child a new way of greeting, such as a greeting with a foot or bags of sweets.

8. Don't forget to disinfect the surfaces

If you have organized a table for treats outside, then don't forget to disinfect it as often as possible. After the party and before it disinfect the surfaces. Don't forget to disinfect tables, door handles, and other surfaces in the house or backyard during the party.

9.Choose the right guests

Inform and choose the right guests this time. People who follow all the rules, have complied with quarantine, and maintain order are the right people for such a party. Your health and the health of others is valuable! Ask the guests to disinfect their hands, wear a mask, and to take only their portion of sweets and to make sure that those around them follow the order.

10.Organize an information board

You can make a Halloween-style information board yourself where all the rules for the party are.

It would be good to mention the mask, hand sanitizer, and social distance.

You can also mention that no one should be digging around a candy bowl, touching multiple pieces. Ask them to choose one and stick with it.

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Halloween is traditionally celebrated on October 31st. In 2020, the date will not change, and exactly on the last day of October, on rain, snow or sun, millions of people will wear scary, mystical costumes, masks and immerse themselves in the masquerade cycle. This day will be Saturday and therefore it will be possible to have fun at least all night.

Despite the fact that Halloween is a primordial Celtic holiday, originality, brightness attracts the interest of people from many countries. Scary, mysterious images, laughter, sweets, candles bring good mood and joy. But how it will be in this coronavirus year? People created funny memes about Halloween 2020!

1.Wearing the same mask on this Halloween

2.Halloween 2020 be like

3.Costumes this Halloween

4.2020 hasn't scared you enough?

5.Never take candies from strangers in 2020

6.Yelling for wearing a mask

7.Costumes in 2020

8.Kids after quarantine

9.Lana Del Rey's house on Halloween

10.The hottest Halloween costume in 2020

11.Halloween 2020

12.Costume options for 2020

13.Halloween in 2020 be like

14.When someone tells you it's too early to be excited

15.Full moon to occur on Halloween 2020

16.Halloween costumes in 2020

17.After watching a horror movie

18.Halloween affected by Covid-19

19.Covid- 19 and Halloween

20.Everyone being a Ninja on Halloween 2020

21.Costume for Halloween

22.Someone eats a bat

23.No wonder there's no toilet paper

24.Expected Halloween trend in 2020

25.How could that happend after Halloween?

26.One does not simply cancel Halloween

27.When there will be a full moon on Halloween

28.Thats a company having fun on Halloween

29.Goals on Halloween 2020

30.Halloween memes are coming


32.We must cancel Halloween

33.Halloween 2020 costume preview

34.He is really brave

35.Covid killed everybody

36.Thank you, leap year!

37.Halloween 2020 stuff

38.When nobody cared about Halloween

39.I got hand sanitizer here

40.You should be a sexy nurse for Halloween

41.I've got toilet paper

42.When I see Halloween stuff

43.Everyone in 2020

44.The ghost of past

45.Everyone better do their part to get this virus thing under control

46.I've been ready for October since last October

47.2020 has been a shitshow

48.Another one for Apocalypse Bingo

49.Most popular Halloween Costumes

50.It's gonna be another leap year

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There are many tips and warnings about unhealthy habits. How to get rid of bad habits, never start doing something that eventually becomes destructive for a person, and so on.


Late lunch leads to obesity, reading in dim light reduces vision and other myths about a healthy lifestyle.


But how do you feel that sometimes habits that we have always considered valid, or at least not detrimental to health, turn out to be not as harmless as they seemed at first glance? Do you think this is slander? 


 Before you go ahead with the description, we will immediately let you know that the arguments listed below are more of a theoretical connotation, so you should not immediately take them at face value and apply or test them in practice. However, modern research shows some misconceptions observed in humans.


Late eating leads to weight gain

Many people probably keep telling you that eating late at night will make you put on more weight than eating at other times of the day, but the evidence is scarce.


For example, researchers at the Dunn Nutrition Center and the Oregon Health and Science University have suggested this view is a myth. They concluded that skipping meals early in the day can lead to overeating in the evening; the difference is not when people eat but what they eat and how much. As long as the calories you consume are burned, it doesn't matter what time you consume them.


Therefore, sports and physical activity are more important than a late dinner. But, of course, watch how much you eat. You don't need to overeat, either! This is one of the most critical factors influencing weight gain.


Reading in dim light leads to poor vision

If you've spent years reading by candlelight, torchlight, or other low-light conditions, then you don't have to worry anymore (probably). Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis concluded that reading in dimly lit environments does not cause permanent visual damage. Instead, it may cause dry eyes or eyeball strain, but this effect is temporary. The good news, too, for those of you who tend to sit pretty close to the TV, is that it won't damage your eyesight, according to the researchers, despite what your mom may have told you to do.


Lack of sleep on weekends

Many people believe it's okay to deprive your body of the sleep it needs during the week, and then catch up on the sleep deprivation on the weekend is popular but misguided.


In a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (founded in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin), participants were limited to just four hours of sleep over five nights and then given a more extended 10-hour rest.


Yes, after a long sleep, the general condition of the subjects improved; in a particular reaction, attention and the level of fatigue decreased, but people never returned to normal.


The conclusion was that more than just sleeping on the weekends would be needed to compensate for the lack of sleep during the week.


We take a cold because of the cold weather

Yes, the number of cases of joint SARS, popularly called the common cold, tends to increase in winter, although this has very little to do with the coldest weather, as is commonly believed.


The study, conducted by the SARS Research Unit, involved several volunteers exposed to the common cold virus and then separated. One group was kept in a well-heated room, while the other, having taken a bath, vegetated wet in a cold corridor, and so on several times. The number of those caught a cold did not differ between the two groups.


The conclusion was that the cold virus spreads more efficiently during the colder months as people spend more time indoors and come into contact with others who may already have a cold. An actual drop in temperature does not directly cause a cold.


I want to add from personal experience: every time I caught a cold, it was precisely when I was supercooled on the street, and sometimes I didn’t even come into close contact with a team in which one could catch the virus. There are still many mysteries.


Vitamin C prevents colds

There are a lot of myths related to colds and cold prevention, and one of the most common is the belief that taking vitamin C will help prevent colds or shorten their duration.


Studies have shown that vitamin C is of little help in preventing and treating colds. When vitamin C was tested to treat the common cold in several scientific studies, it appeared to have no more effect on the duration of a cold than a placebo.


Skinny is better than fat

Of course, obesity is bad for your health, but what some people may consider "fat" is not necessarily the worst thing for them in terms of health. People sometimes underestimate the health risks associated with being underweight, the effects of which can sometimes be worse for us.


Researchers from Tohoku University found that people over 40 who are underweight are at greater risk of heart disease and pneumonia than those who are overweight.


But it still needs to be worth it to sort out excess weight. Probably, this scientific research was about the "golden mean."


All bacteria are "bad."

Some individuals too easily obsess over cleanliness and make everything around them as sterile as possible. This approach is fundamentally wrong!


While some bacteria are responsible for the disease, others benefit our bodies. Healthy skin, for example, is covered in many "good bacteria" that help prevent infection. Similarly, the human gut contains beneficial bacteria. They are neutral while the body is functioning. After death, the balance shifts from "friends"; microorganisms turn into "enemies," starting to destroy tissues as the protection is turned off.


Therefore, overuse of antibiotics or skin cleansing should be avoided to help the body retain the beneficial bacteria it needs and not reduce immunity, which also has to be developed to fight against harmful microorganisms.


Drink eight glasses of water a day

The generally accepted advice is to consume eight glasses of water daily. The fact is, there is simply no evidence behind this advice.


Hydration is essential, but being too hydrated can be dangerous. Some of our water needs can be met by the food we eat (which also contains liquid), but the amount of liquid you need to take on board will depend on several factors, including your size, ambient temperature, and how active you are.


About breastfeeding

Breastfeed or not? This question is essential for many young mothers. Although the health benefits breastfeeding can bring to their baby, some mothers are repulsed by opinions about its impact on their breasts.


They have nothing to fear - you can breastfeed! However, according to a study by plastic surgeon Brian Rinker, breastfeeding is not the act that causes breasts to sag. The study found no difference in breast sagging between breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding women and concluded that pregnancy affects women's breasts along with other factors such as age and smoking.


Eat what you want if you exercise

Another myth is about a healthy lifestyle and sports. This topic can be studied; it seems, forever; there are so many apparent contradictions and myths here, which, with the right approach, add up to a single logical picture.


Many people mistakenly believe they can get away with the food they love just because they exercise and don't gain weight. However, filling yourself up with unhealthy food options (fast food, fatty foods, excessive meat consumption, low-quality nutrients) can cause health problems; many healthy people on a poor diet may also experience heart disease or other issues.


Of course, an active lifestyle will help reduce the risk, but it is vital to provide the body with an excellent nutritious, balanced meal. However, every year and the development of the chemical industry, it becomes more difficult to follow the proper diet. Plus, the advertising of McDonald's and other fast food establishments does not contribute to this.


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Life is made up of unpredictable situations, what happened this year is a pure example of how things can change very quickly. This year's Thanksgiving will be celebrated with a lot of restrictions and maximum attention. Coronavirus is no reason to postpone Thanksgiving. Would it be a time when we make new traditions?


We think so! Every time we have to find a way out of the situation and move on! This year we must be creative and attentive in times of pandemic. Parties are possible, even if in a smaller number of people, this party can be just as successful and attractive Bemorepanda comes to the rescue with 15 useful tips for the Thanksgiving party and meal.


1. Holiday decor

The scenery should not be missing even if it is a pandemic. Whether you are just spending time with your family, you need to decorate your home to have a festive atmosphere. The decor can include a beautiful autumn theme with colorful pumpkins or leaves. Autumn flowers and candles are also welcome.


2. Music in the background

Even if you are at home, start a cozy song in the background, which will give you peace of mind and bring you closer to your loved ones.


3. Letters for loved ones

During a pandemic when you can't see your whole family and all your friends again, it would be great to send letters to your loved ones. Take a picture with your family and write some good wishes on the back and voila, you have a beautiful symbol and a card for Thanksgiving for your loved ones.


4. Arrange the table for the big dinner

Table layout is also a key element. Even if it's a pandemic and you're home only to those closest to you, it's time to celebrate. The table can be decorated with a candle, live or artificial flowers along with colorful leaves. Don't forget a phone holder, this year it is possible to sit at the table with all your loved ones through Facetime.


5. Organize dinner online

If you can't see your loved ones, arrange dinner online. Why not? Connecting families online is so enjoyable at an important meal. On Thanksgiving you will joke and send good wishes through the online environment.


6. Don't forget about safety

If you have guests close to you, don't forget about your health and that of your loved ones! Arrange the dinner area with disinfectants, masks, gloves and access to the bathroom so that guests can wash their hands! Remind everyone of the importance of respecting social distance!


7. Choose to arrange the table outdoor

If you are waiting for guests, it is better to arrange the table outside or on the terrace. This way you will feel safer and you will follow the necessary rules so as not to get infected.


8.Separate food

Even if you are expecting guests or going to a party, this year each guest must have their food put separately. It would be good in time to divide and package the food for each guest. That way everything will be sterile and safe!


9. Be careful who you go to

If you have chosen to go to a guest party to celebrate Thanksgiving, don't forget to inform yourself or make sure yourself. Informed of the place where the party will be, outside or inside, if they are disinfectants and how the food is served. For any eventuality you must take a spare mask with you and have a disinfectant and gloves at hand.


10. Spend time in a useful way

If you stayed home with your family, spend time effectively. Maybe it's time to make some origami with the kids or to draw a picture after the Thanksgiving dinner. It is a time when you will feel close to your loved ones.


11. Prepare and deliver dinner for your loved ones

Are you worried that your loved ones will not taste your super delicious pumpkin pies this year? Do not worry. Prepare according to your secret recipe what your loved ones love. Carefully pack food in casseroles using gloves and a mask. Equipped according to the regulations with mask, gloves and go on the road. You can send the package keeping the social distance and voila, everyone will taste your pumpkin pies.


12. Order something tasty

If you miss traveling, you have the chance to enjoy country-specific food at home. Whether you have a craving for pizza, burger or sushi, everything is at hand. After the delicious turkey, you can serve something more exotic.


13. Arrange the outdoor space with games

Maybe a Twister? It's time to have fun after a hearty meal. Arrange some interactive games and spend time with your loved ones in a cheerful and energetic atmosphere. Whether you choose badminton, bocce ball or croquet, they are all gorgeous and funny!


14. An evening in the tent

After eating, you can set up the tent in the garden to feel and enter an imaginary journey. A great way to entertain children. Surely everyone is bored of his houses, why not be at home just like in a tent?Prepare hot tea in a thermos, gather the warmest blankets and soft pillows, find an interesting book and a lantern and voila, a comfortable and interactive space for a night full of adventures.


15. Organize an evening of poetry recitation

Another great opportunity to spend extraordinary time in a small circle is the evening of poetry. On Thanksgiving, we are all in a warm and pleasant mood. It would be an option to teach all family members a poem dedicated to this day and to recite it beautifully after Thanksgiving. In the end you will get an unforgettable evening, educational but also emotional.


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Over the past few months, the coronavirus pandemic seemed to stay out of the African continent. Coronavirus came around in the world's largest concentration of people with HIV. However this is no longer the case as people are now starting to prepare for the worst.

The first cases of COVID-19 in sub-Saharan Africa were confirmed just three weeks ago but the rate of infection in countries like South Africa is climbing easily.

With more than 200 people infected, the  government has announced that schools are shutting down and large gatherings are banned. 

The police is arresting citizens who test positive to the coronavirus and refuse to go into quarantine.

However, the authorities can't stop the coronavirus spreading and just about everyone in this country understands it, including South Africa's health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize.

"In any community, 60% to 70% of the population will be affected by the virus. We can't hide that... most of us will have this virus," he told a group of doctors in the capital Pretoria.

He asked the nation to be careful and understand the harmful effects of coronavirus, while South Africa has "unique dynamics" he said, with the world's largest concentration of people with HIV, plus a significant number with tuberculosis.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologized on Wednesday and admitted to appearing at a party in the garden of the Government House on Downing Street - in the middle of quarantine - but claims that he thought then, "implicitly" that he was it's about a working meeting.

Boris Johnson apologized for attending a "everyone's own drink" gathering at his official residence during the first quarantine during the pandemic. Opposition groups called for him to resign, according to Reuters.

Johnson first admitted to attending the Downing Street party on May 20, 2020, when social gatherings were kept to a minimum, and said he understood the anger caused by the information.

"I know the anger they feel for me about the government they lead when they think that even in Downing Street the rules are not followed properly by the people who make the rules," Johnson said bluntly.

Johnson, who won the 2019 election with a promise to secure Britain's exit from the EU, said he regretted his action and thought the meeting was a work-related event.

"I went to that garden shortly after six o'clock on May 20, 2020 to thank a group of staff members before returning to my office 25 minutes later to continue my work," he said. "Looking back, I should have sent them all back inside."

Opposition lawmakers have said Johnson should resign. In addition, some members of his party, the Conservative Party, have said he should step down if he is found to have violated strict laws introduced by the government to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes.

1.I am at party

2.It was a party

3.Work event

"His defense of not knowing it was a party is so ridiculous that it insults British public opinion," Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer said on Wednesday, accusing Johnson of lying and demanding his resignation. AFP.

Two short opinion polls showed on Tuesday that more than half of British respondents believe Johnson should resign.

The British Prime Minister risks being the target of a police investigation into a "garden party" on Downing Street in May 2020, in complete isolation.

According to several media reports, this party was held in the garden on Downing Street on May 20, 2020, in the presence of the 57-year-old Conservative leader and his wife Carrie, at a time when social interactions were limited. drastic.

Police confirmed on Monday that they were "in contact" with the government in connection with the case, which could be the subject of an investigation for health violations.

In May 2020, people in the UK could only meet one person outside the home, in a public place, outside and provided they kept a distance of two meters.

In addition, most students could not go to school, and bars and restaurants were also closed.

Boris Johnson's private secretary, Martin Reynolds, sent an e-mail to a hundred people in May 2020, inviting them, "after an incredibly busy period," to "take advantage of the good weather" for a reception "with social distancing ”in the Downing Street Garden.

"Let's meet from 6:00 pm and come with your own drink," the message concluded.

4.Boris didn’t realise

5.Someone gave me a drink

6.Double check

7.Work event

Boris Johnson told Parliament he believed the incident complied with health regulations in force at the time. He took responsibility for his "mistakes."

Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer immediately called on Boris Johnson to resign.

"Will he have the decency to resign now?" He asked.

Keir Starmer accuses Boris Johnson of "lying like a toothpick."

How Boris Johnson apologizes: I thought it was a work event, I didn't realize it

"I should have realized that millions of people could see things differently. I would like to apologize. I know millions of people across the country have made extraordinary sacrifices in the last 18 months. I know the pain they went through, not being able to mourn their relatives, living their lives the way they want to, or doing the things they love. And I know how angry they are with me and the government I lead, when I think that in Downing Street the rules are not followed by those who make the rules (...) And, although I can't anticipate the conclusions of the investigation in at present, (...) I have to take responsibility. The prime minister's office is a large department, with the garden as an extension of the office. When I entered that garden immediately after 6:00 pm on May 20, 2020, to thank the staff, I thought it was a work event. (...) After 25 minutes I returned to the office to continue my work (...) Looking back, I should have sent them all inside. I should have thanked them in another way. And I should have admitted (...) Millions of people would see things differently (...) People who have suffered terribly, who were forbidden to see their loved ones, family, inside or outside. I also sincerely apologize to them and to this House of Representatives, "Boris Johnson said during a parliamentary session of questions to the Prime Minister.

8.Work at party

9.Embarassing pictures


The opposition demands the resignation of the prime minister. Trying to settle the allegations, Boris Johnson called for a special commission to investigate the parties referred to by the press. May 20, 2020 is not the only one.

Explanations are required in the House of Commons. And there were emotional moments during the debates. A Member of Parliament for Northern Ireland began to weep; and he remembered his mother-in-law, who had died alone of COVID on a hospital bed.

Jim Shannon, Member of Parliament for Northern Ireland: "In our country, in Northern Ireland, 3,000 people have died,

3,000 people who obeyed the rules, including my mother-in-law, who died alone. Will anyone give an account, will we find out the results of the investigation? I apologize."

11.Boris in the garden

12.Go to party by mistake

13.Just off at work event

Johnson became the 14th Prime Minister of Queen Elizabeth II since her accession to the throne in 1952, the first being Winston Churchill.

Like his predecessor, Johnson did not become head of government in a parliamentary election, but replaced May when she resigned over the failure to pass Parliament's negotiated agreement with EU leaders on Brexit. .

Now, Prime Minister Johnson will have to implement his promise to implement Brexit on October 31, even without an agreement, in the face of questionable support in the House of Commons.

Johnson was born in New York at the age of 55 and has dual British and American citizenship. His paternal great-grandfather, Ali Kemal, was the last minister of the interior of the Ottoman Empire, and his maternal line has ancestral rabbis from Lithuania.

Johnson received an elite education, being a student at Eton College and then a student at Oxford University, Balliol College where he earned a degree in classical studies, Latin and ancient Greek.



16.Own party

17.Party time

18.Just seconds

19.Work do

20.Crazy work event

21.A true story

22.What a great work event

23.Work event

24.Going crazy


26.Tuff babe

27. 25 minutes at the party

28.Vocal public

29.So sad

30.Boozy party

31.Greatest work event

32.Cinema work scene

33.That's right

34.Believe me

35.Downing street

36.Try not to believe

37.Johnson party

38.Good argument

39.Is that a work event?

40.All been there

41.Party hard


43.Just believe us

44.Crying a little bit

45.What’s going on here?

46.Something went wrong

47.Big political event

48.So much fun


50.Cut off

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