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50 Halloween Memes for 2020 during Covid-19 Pandemic

2 years ago

Halloween is traditionally celebrated on October 31st. In 2020, the date will not change, and exactly on the last day of October, on rain, snow or sun, millions of people will wear scary, mystical costumes, masks and immerse themselves in the masquerade cycle. This day will be Saturday and therefore it will be possible to have fun at least all night.

Despite the fact that Halloween is a primordial Celtic holiday, originality, brightness attracts the interest of people from many countries. Scary, mysterious images, laughter, sweets, candles bring good mood and joy. But how it will be in this coronavirus year? People created funny memes about Halloween 2020!

1.Wearing the same mask on this Halloween

2.Halloween 2020 be like

3.Costumes this Halloween

4.2020 hasn't scared you enough?

5.Never take candies from strangers in 2020

6.Yelling for wearing a mask

7.Costumes in 2020

8.Kids after quarantine

9.Lana Del Rey's house on Halloween

10.The hottest Halloween costume in 2020

11.Halloween 2020

12.Costume options for 2020

13.Halloween in 2020 be like

14.When someone tells you it's too early to be excited

15.Full moon to occur on Halloween 2020

16.Halloween costumes in 2020

17.After watching a horror movie

18.Halloween affected by Covid-19

19.Covid- 19 and Halloween

20.Everyone being a Ninja on Halloween 2020

21.Costume for Halloween

22.Someone eats a bat

23.No wonder there's no toilet paper

24.Expected Halloween trend in 2020

25.How could that happend after Halloween?

26.One does not simply cancel Halloween

27.When there will be a full moon on Halloween

28.Thats a company having fun on Halloween

29.Goals on Halloween 2020

30.Halloween memes are coming


32.We must cancel Halloween

33.Halloween 2020 costume preview

34.He is really brave

35.Covid killed everybody

36.Thank you, leap year!

37.Halloween 2020 stuff

38.When nobody cared about Halloween

39.I got hand sanitizer here

40.You should be a sexy nurse for Halloween

41.I've got toilet paper

42.When I see Halloween stuff

43.Everyone in 2020

44.The ghost of past

45.Everyone better do their part to get this virus thing under control

46.I've been ready for October since last October

47.2020 has been a shitshow

48.Another one for Apocalypse Bingo

49.Most popular Halloween Costumes

50.It's gonna be another leap year

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People around the world are on quarantine for the fast two months now, with over 2,5 million confirmed cases and 171.800 deaths. Life is not the same anymore, we cannot go to the gym, we cannot go out clubbing, meet with friends, or even family... So, what else can we do?


Memes - that's right, the internet is flooded with people who make memes about the coronavirus pandemic. Because hey, there is not much else you can do except laugh.


Laughter can help in a crisis such as a coronavirus pandemic - and people should not feel guilty about it, according to a university professor.


Psychologist Prof Richard Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire, says "finding the funny" is a "common way" of coping.


So, make yourself comfortable and explore a collection to 50 funny jokes that will bust your immune system during these difficult times.













5.Donal Trump haircut during coronavirus 


For people staying at home to help curb the spread of Coronavirus, watching a movie, reading a book or just browing online for funny content is very good "partly because it distracts you and also because it puts you in a good mood", according to BBC,


"Laughter is contagious: you hear people laugh and you laugh as well, Prof Richard Wiseman says.


He also said joking about the current situation was acceptable, as people often do what comedians call "finding the funny" to deal with stressful events.

"You may feel bad about that but as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else it's a common way of coping," he said.

"There are studies which show that those who find the funny are psychologically and physically healthier.





































18.A priest in Russia during the quarantine. Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on the 23 March, the Archbishops requires that churches must now close both for private worship and public services.


































































































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Users should refuse to send memes to each other in order for the communication to work properly. Network bandwidth is limited, and in the face of the widespread transition to remote work, the load on them has increased.

MTS, (Mobile TeleSystems) is a mobile network operator in Russia, Armenia and Belarus with over 86,7 million subscribers. As of 2019, MTS had the largest market share of 31% in Russia.

It’s President, Alexei Kornia addressed an open letter to the company's customers, in which he warned about the increased load on the network in the conditions of remote work. He asked users to refrain from sending fun, but voluminous content.

Mr Kornia asked its users to be responsible for consuming content on the network. “This does not mean that you need to refuse to watch movies online or participate in video conferencing as part of remote work. I’m talking about that in the current situation, you can refrain, for example, from sending funny, but heavy videos in messengers to dozens of your contacts. When the number of such videos grows, this creates an optional, but significant burden on the infrastructure of operators, ”he explained.

Kornia recalled that some Internet companies have already come came to the conclusion to automatically reduce the quality of the transmitted video, removing 4K and Full HD quality from the settings. Network bandwidth is a physically limited resource, despite all the efforts of operators to maintain high-quality communication. “Memes and a good mood are important, but now you need to approach responsibly!” He concluded.

As of today, there are 588,083 confirmed cases with coronavirus and over 27,715 deaths. Out of those people who are infected, 95% or 406,594 are in mild condition while 5% (22,807) are in serious or critical condition. In order to reduce the stress of the complete lockdown, there are reports that many users send memes in large volumes to friends in order to boost the mood.

Reported by Bemorepanda

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Chuck Norris is popular all over the world not only because of his roles in movies and series, but also because of the jokes and memes in which he also has the lead role.

Most of them make fun of Norris' supernatural strength, which is not far from the truth, since the American actor is, first of all, a martial arts expert with 7 consecutive titles of world karate champion.

Now are trending the memes about Chuck Noris and coronavirus.

1.Chuck Norris has been exposed to the coronavirus, now coronavirus is in quarantine

2.Chuck Norris built the hospital he was born in

3.Coronavirus washed its hands after meeting Chuck

4.Chuck and social distancing

5.Drinking coronavirus

6.Covid 19 is worried

7.Chuck Norris doesn't need any toilet paper

8.Chuck Norris infects coronavirus

9.Norris found a cure for the coronavirus

10.Coronavirus afraid of catching Norris











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In a market economy, the prices of goods and services can change at any time. Some prices go up, some go down. Inflation occurs when there is a general increase in the prices of goods and services, not just specific items, which means that today you can buy one euro less than you could buy yesterday. In other words, inflation reduces the value of currency over time.


Inflation memes


1. Actual inflation


2. Cereals today


3. Me in my 30s


When calculating the average price increase, a greater weight is given to the prices of products we spend more on, such as electricity, than to products we spend less on, such as sugar or postage stamps.


Each household has its own consumption habits: some own a car and eat meat, others prefer to use public transport exclusively or eat a vegetarian diet. The average consumption habits of the population's households, taken as a whole, determines the weight that different products and services have in measuring inflation.


When calculating inflation, all goods and services included in household consumption are taken into account, including:


daily items (such as groceries, newspapers and petrol);

durable goods (eg clothing, personal computers and washing machines);

services (such as hairdressing, insurance and housing rentals).


All goods and services consumed in households during the year are represented by a "basket" of products. Each product in this basket has a price that may vary over time. The annual inflation rate is given by the price of the entire basket in a given month compared to its price in the same month of the previous year.


4. About tax


5. UK workers


6. Government services


7. When you are the inflation


The inflation rate in the Eurozone has reached a record level. Unfortunately, the forecasts for the coming months are not good either.


According to a survey by the Ifo research institute, in June the estimates of representatives of the retail trade for food and beverages were 98.9 points. The dots indicate the probability of price increases. A value of 100 points would have meant that all surveyed entrepreneurs intend to raise prices. Minus 100 would have indicated a decrease in them.


The forecasts are also valid in other trade sectors where the institute's specialists registered 78.6 points. "Thus, the inflation rate will remain high", explained the head of the economic department of Ifo, Timo Wollmershäuser. At the same time, there are indications that the inflation rate "could gradually decline again" this year.


In certain sectors of the economy, where production outstrips consumption, points on the intention to raise prices fell for the second time in a row. Among others, there is a chance that prices will be slightly lower in industry, the construction sector and wholesale trade.


8. 10 euro now


9. Inflation


10. Income tax


Rising energy prices have pushed inflation to a record high across the Eurozone. According to Eurostat, in June, prices increased by an average of 8.6% over a year. Specialists estimated an inflation rate of 8.4 percent.


In June, energy prices increased by 41.9% compared to the same period last year, after having already increased by 39.1% in May. Unprocessed food was 11.1% more expensive last month, and services by 3.4%.


It is the highest inflation rate in the Eurozone since the euro monetary system in 1999. Inflation has risen steadily since the summer of 2021. The war in Ukraine and China's tough anti-corona measures have exacerbated the upward trend in prices.


"The pressure from the war and the measures to combat the coronavirus could increase even more in the coming months," warns Fritzi Köhler, chief economist of the KfW bank. Thomas Gitzel, representative of the VP bank, sees the situation in the same way: "For now, there are no signs of relaxation. Many product delivery issues will persist for a long time to come."


Against the backdrop of current developments, Commerzbank Chief Economist Jörg Krämer believes that the European Central Bank should intervene. "The Eurozone has a massive inflation problem and the European Central Bank would need to intervene decisively."


Due to inflation, the ECB announced a change in interest rates. After years of ultra-loose monetary policy of negative interest rates and massive bond purchases, interest rates would be raised by 0.25 percentage points for the first time in more than a decade.


11. Gen Z


12. Wallet


13. Printing money


14. CEO pay


Inflation continued to grow at an accelerated pace in March in the US, reaching the highest level in the last 40 years, which increases the chances of a new interest rate increase by the Federal Reserve, reports Reuters.


The data on the consumer price index, published on Tuesday by the Department of Labor, show that in March compared to February, prices increased by 1.2%, the largest jump recorded since September 2005. On an annual basis, consumer prices have registered a jump of 8.5%, the largest increase in annual rate since December 1981. In addition, it is for the sixth consecutive month that consumer prices in the US register an annual jump of over 6%, writes Agerpres.


The Department of Labor stated that gasoline prices increased by 18.3% compared to February and were responsible for more than half of inflation. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the average price of gasoline reached an all-time high of $4.33 a gallon (a gallon is equivalent to 3.785 liters) in March. Even if gasoline was the main factor behind last month's inflation, the prices of food and services also had an important contribution.


Russia is the world's second largest exporter of crude oil. The US has banned imports of oil, liquefied natural gas, natural gas and coal from Russia as part of a wider package of sanctions imposed on Moscow after its invasion of Ukraine. In addition to rising gasoline prices, the war in Ukraine, now in its second month, has also caused a global increase in food prices because Russia and Ukraine are major exporters of agricultural commodities such as wheat and sunflower oil.


In March, the US Federal Reserve raised its policy rate by 0.25%, the first increase in the cost of credit in three years. Many analysts believe that the advance of inflation will lead the Fed to adopt another increase in the cost of credit, this time by 0.50%, at the meeting that will take place next month.


15. Born in it


16. Inflation be like


17. About it


18. Monopoly


19. Inflation


20. Real inflation


21.Federal reserve


22. Tiered


23. Against inflation


24. US inflation


25. Turks


26. Just affected


27. Things I can buy


28. Covid-22


29. Food lover


30. Easy about inflation




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Anyone who follows the news closely will certainly stumble upon numerous references to Reddit - a real giant that is rapidly gaining popularity from year to year.


Reddit is a social news site that was created once to make it easy to find and share links to news, articles and just interesting content. But over time, the portal has grown, destroying the popular Digg, and now it is, in fact, a platform for conversations, that is, a forum, an image board, and so on. Links and their discussions remain an important part of the platform, but only part of it. Increasingly, people come here to communicate, having escaped from drowning forums and dead sites.


Due to the huge popularity of the portal, many users use it to draw attention to a particular issue, or, more often, a site. Many sites have come across the so-called "Slashdot effect", when one link to Reddit (sometimes - even just in the comments) leads to an overload of the site's servers due to the influx of visitors.


Drawing attention happens also within memes. That's why Bemorepanda collected top 50 memes for this month.


1.That's anger


2.Why so?


3.Life is unfair


4.So accurate


5.Always this dreams


6.Russia combat suits


7.About development


8.Good joke


9.Absolute buffoon




11.Holywood actors






14.Bag in bag




16.Seafood diet


17.Valentine's day 2021


18.Beep beep coming


19.Hurting back


20.Where are you


21.Does dog bites?


22.No valentine


23.What is this?


24.Very evil




26.Large family


27.Minecraft stuff


28.Save button




30.Personally insult


31.Gasoline price


32.Wide awake


33.The first boss


34.About bad feelings


35.Hate it


36.Kidnappers returning me


37.Nice ass


38.It was purple before?


39.Telling my mom about my day


40.Seroius chefs


41.Give her a medal


42.LOFI indie


43.Great family


44.Things I hate


45.Have a nice day




47.Lego meme


48.No comment


49.No virgins



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