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Compilation of top 50 funny & silly Halloween costumes that will out a smile on your face

1 year ago

There is little time until the Halloween party, and if you haven't decided what costume you will wear this year, we come up with the most inspired proposals.

Although, on Halloween, there are trends that are becoming more and more fashionable, there are classic costumes that are always successful: clowns, witches, zombies, vampires, demons, skeletons, werewolves, ghosts, pumpkins…

You may prefer to opt for classic Halloween costumes, or maybe you are a creative person looking for something much more special.

Here we have collected the funniest Halloween costumes, maybe you will find an idea for you.

1.One night stand

2.Periods be like

3.Twister costume

4.With and without filter

5.Sushi time

6.Caesar and Cleopatra

7.Macaroni and cheese


9.Starbucks kids

10.Grinch came to the party

11.Lost dog

12.Nemo characters

13.Elf on the Shelf

14.Rub me

15.Fiona arrived

16.Ice family

17.Whiskey and Marlboro

18.Will work for candy

19.Quarantine costume

20.Missing Hawaii

21.Yin and Yang

22.What costume is this?

23.KFC role

24.Mario mom

25.Funny and easy costume

26.When you have children is easy to invent a costume

27.Inside Out on Halloween

28.Sims censored

29.What about this queen?

30.Blow me


32.That's for couples

33.Unicorn party

34.Mermaid family

35.Blow here


37.Lego pair

38.Granny baby

39.This is scary

40.Mister Crabs

41.Baby creeper

42.Daddy mermaid

43.Art costume

44.What about this?

45.Office ghost

46.Double rainbow

47. Always windy

48.Salsa Picante

49.Starbucks family

50.The little boss

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Halloween is considered to be the most terrifying and at the same time one of the most popular holidays in the world.


Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31st, on the eve of All Saints' Day. The traditions of its celebration were laid by the ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland.


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word "Halloween" was first mentioned in the 16th century as a Scottish abbreviation for the English phrase All-Hallows-Even. On October 31, it is customary to dress up as scary characters, decorate the house and buy sweets.


The main symbol of the holiday is considered to be Jack's Lamp - a pumpkin, on which, as a rule, an ominously grinning face is carved. A lighted candle is placed inside the vegetable. For the first time "Jack's lamps" appeared in the UK, but initially they used rutabagas or turnips for their manufacture. It was believed that such a fruit, left on All Saints Day near the house, would drive away evil spirits from him. As the Halloween tradition spread to the United States, pumpkins were used to make lamps because they were more readily available and cheaper.


Today, instead of the classic version - pumpkins with an evil "face", others are popular among fans of the holiday. So, users of social networks on the eve of the holiday demonstrated pumpkins with glowing frightening phrases: "Subsistence minimum", "Gasoline prices", etc.


It is a truly beloved holiday. As long as man's fantasies have no limits, everyone interprets his costume in his own way, that's why we finally get very funny costumes.


Bemorepanda has collected the funniest costumes, and some of them can also serve as a source of inspiration for 2020.


1.No filter needed


2.Remember the movie?


3.KFC production


4.Trump is moving out


5.Cartoon movies inspiration


6.Run Forest, run!


7.Monster Corportion


8.Mommy belly on Halloween


9.Salsa Picante




11.That's a funny kid of the Royal Family


12.Twister me


13.The super heroes


14.Pasta and sauce


15.That's a great combo


16.Washing Machine


17.The claw




19.Ginger bread


20.The killer


21.Online shopping goes wrong


22.That's a funny costume


23.Rapunzel and her daddy


24.Monster baby




26.Ice baby


27.The cuttest gift ever


28.Jelly Belly


29.Assault and Battery


30.Pregnancy Halloween


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Halloween is traditionally celebrated on October 31st. In 2020, the date will not change, and exactly on the last day of October, on rain, snow or sun, millions of people will wear scary, mystical costumes, masks and immerse themselves in the masquerade cycle. This day will be Saturday and therefore it will be possible to have fun at least all night.

Despite the fact that Halloween is a primordial Celtic holiday, originality, brightness attracts the interest of people from many countries. Scary, mysterious images, laughter, sweets, candles bring good mood and joy. But how it will be in this coronavirus year? People created funny memes about Halloween 2020!

1.Wearing the same mask on this Halloween

2.Halloween 2020 be like

3.Costumes this Halloween

4.2020 hasn't scared you enough?

5.Never take candies from strangers in 2020

6.Yelling for wearing a mask

7.Costumes in 2020

8.Kids after quarantine

9.Lana Del Rey's house on Halloween

10.The hottest Halloween costume in 2020

11.Halloween 2020

12.Costume options for 2020

13.Halloween in 2020 be like

14.When someone tells you it's too early to be excited

15.Full moon to occur on Halloween 2020

16.Halloween costumes in 2020

17.After watching a horror movie

18.Halloween affected by Covid-19

19.Covid- 19 and Halloween

20.Everyone being a Ninja on Halloween 2020

21.Costume for Halloween

22.Someone eats a bat

23.No wonder there's no toilet paper

24.Expected Halloween trend in 2020

25.How could that happend after Halloween?

26.One does not simply cancel Halloween

27.When there will be a full moon on Halloween

28.Thats a company having fun on Halloween

29.Goals on Halloween 2020

30.Halloween memes are coming


32.We must cancel Halloween

33.Halloween 2020 costume preview

34.He is really brave

35.Covid killed everybody

36.Thank you, leap year!

37.Halloween 2020 stuff

38.When nobody cared about Halloween

39.I got hand sanitizer here

40.You should be a sexy nurse for Halloween

41.I've got toilet paper

42.When I see Halloween stuff

43.Everyone in 2020

44.The ghost of past

45.Everyone better do their part to get this virus thing under control

46.I've been ready for October since last October

47.2020 has been a shitshow

48.Another one for Apocalypse Bingo

49.Most popular Halloween Costumes

50.It's gonna be another leap year

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It's tough to stay positive when coronavirus deaths top 12,000 globally and entire nations go on lockdown. However. But no matter how hard it gets, there’s always a cold weapon known as a sense of humor. And some people aren’t missing a chance to spice up the hard times with funny jokes, memes, and deadly funny quips.

So, even though it's difficult to be positive during these difficult times, let's try. After all, what other options do we have? Let's take a look at top fuuny list that is going viral on the internet compiled by Bemorepanda

Birthday during Coronavirus

When you thought you have Coronavirus but it's just a cancer

The closed gym effect of the summer 2020

Debating where to go during Coronavirus Easter

My plans for the weekend

Women in Islamic countries be like

Coronavirus lego edition

Pretending to be on a holiday

French people during quarantine

Corona Been name change to Ebola Extra

Lawyers wainting for the quarantine to be over

How I see working from home

At the beach during quarantine

Working as a lifeguard from home be like

People being honest during epidemic

Posted by Bemorepanda

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@Patsy Baythorpe12

The coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world. When the pandemic has been declared, people were asked to stay at home and go out only in case of emergency. Now it is september but things keep going, but fun is always avalaible. Someone panics, and others, although they take this situation seriously, does not forget about humor. In order to cheer you up, the Bemorepanda has collected the best memes about coronavirus and quarantine. Laugh and be healthy!

1.The war between masks and hand sanitizer

2.Days during quarantine

3.Baby boom after quarantine

4.Every disaster starts with the government

5.Reopen America

6.Apocolypse outfit

7.Things in 2060

8.Haircuts and coronavirus

9.Pubs in Ireland

10.Who won the war against corona?

11.Telling Mother Nature we're sorry

12.No one wants to stay in the house

13.Press conferences

14.Unsanitized bat

15.Corporations be like

16.States reopening soon during corona

17.Toilet paper war

18.Coughs during coronavirus pandemic

19.Just survive this pandemic

20.The photo of Hudson River

21.DIY mask

22.My niece keeps coughing

23.Teaching classes online

24.Quentin Tarantino

25.Who stocked toilet paper?

26.COVID or Corona?

27.When diagnosed with Covid-19

28.It's over !!

29.Someone eating a bat

30.Toilet paper shortage

31.First coronavirus case in Turkey

32.I don't want to go.

33.Supply of toilet paper

34.During Coronavirus Outbreak

35.Cutting toxic people from my life

36.Las Vegas and the pandemic

37.This reboot looks scarier than the original

38.Trump and coronavirus

39.UN doctors

40.DIVOC a new factor during pandemic

41.Working from home

42.Is that what you want?

43.Milano during pandemic

44.Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison

45.On a airplane

46.Coming out of quarantine like:

47.Incredible punctuation here

48.People with flu

49.The coronavirus won't last long

50.Just spread it

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Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, there is practically no place for a joke in the world. However, some Internet users and individual opinion leaders manage to bring a smile on the faces of millions of people, even in a difficult epidemiological situation.

Coronavirus is a sore subject of recent weeks, about which people jokes every day. In the era of global cataclysms, people are saved by humor. Users of social networks never cease to amuse and amaze with their resourcefulness and humorous talent. Experience shows that laughter is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress and discomfort caused by quarantine and the state of emergency.

Numerous memes and cartoons, which multiply like mushrooms after rain on the Internet, help to dispel boredom and drive away fear. This is the compilation with best coronavirus memes.

1.Telling my future grandchildren about coronavirus

2.Primary school children coming back to school after corona ends in 2040

3.Coronavirus in 2020 hitting me

4.Lifestyle during quarantine

5.Coronavirus can be killed by alcohol

6.Jobs closing down because of corona

7.Introverts and coronavirus

8.Parenting during coronavirus quarantine

9.Coronavirus cancel bills

10.When you work at bank during corona

11.Flights during quarantine

12.Washing hands during coronavirus

13.Online lessons during quarantine

14.Cooking during quarantine

15.Laughting at corona memes

16.China and coronavirus

17.Toilet paper and quarantine story in 2040

18.Feelings for coronavirus

19.Russia finds a vaccine for Coronavirus

20.Golf balls during pandemic











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