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Job Interview Memes During Coronavirus Pandemic. Compilation of best 30 hilarious pictures

3 years ago

As companies change their work system to a remote one to fight the coronavirus pandemic and as more and more employees are laid off or technically unemployed, you may be wondering if you should continue to send resumes.

Those who have already applied and managed to get an online interview know that it is a unique experience. Some passed successfully, others had too much emotion. Internet users began to make various jokes about the new events. That's why Bemorepanda collected the funniest memes about the interviews in 2020.

1.Interview in coronavirus times

2.Any job interviewer in 2020

3.Next interview be like

4.The question of 2015

5.This question is real fun

6.Interview in IT company

7.Job interview after the pandemic

8.Post pandemic job interview

9.Why do you want this job

10.Job interviews after coronavirus

11.Fired because of virus

12.Others applicants at job

13.Why do you wanna work at Comcast?

14.Interviews during coronavirus

15.Am I ready for the interview?

16.Job interview after pandemic

17.So tell me about yourself

18.Cable installer interview

19.Describe yourself using 3 words

20.Describe yourself in one word

21.A lot of experience at 22

22.I don't always video interview

23.What's the deal?

24.Req in Taleo

25.About interviews

26.5 people on interview panel

27.Ready for the interview

28.What if I told you

29.Am i the only one around here

30.Job rejection

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The first impression is extremely important in a job interview, whether it is worn face to face or organized online. As participating in an interview can be quite a stressful time, if you fail to master yourself, you can give the impression that from a professional point of view you are insecure, and this will affect you quite a lot. That is why it is extremely important to prepare well for an interview, especially if you really want the job for which you applied or for which you were contacted.

When the job interview begins, it is extremely important that it is very clear to you what you really want. At the same time, it is advisable to be able to express these things to the people in charge of recruiting from the employer, but also to know how to do it. Also in this chapter is the discussion about the salary you want. In this case, it is advisable to be able to negotiate, which is why you can try that, instead of saying a fixed amount that would interest you or that you think would help you get that job, to say a margin in which you would be willing to fit in or negotiate, with a maximum and a minimum ceiling. Keep in mind that some employers may charge you an estimated monthly income, net or gross, or even per year, net or gross.

The most important thing is that you have to trust your own strengths! And before the interview Bemorepanda makes you laugh at some memes!

1.If you believe in reincarnation, you are welcome

2.If only it was like this

3.Being jobless from 3 months, it hurts like a punch in gut.

4.Compleated graduation in commerce

5.Practicing interview with mom is not the best idea, while you are always are hired or vice versa

6.A fair affirmation

7.A rejection email after an interview.I would be ok with a reaction email like this, how about you?

8.Even if you have a good resume

9.It’s been a hard day's night of work

10.Some can get any job they want but refuse, some want any job but get refused.

11.Next job interview in 2021

12.Please say yes to me!

13.Smooth flirt at interview

14.That’s really disappointing 

15.Explaining how 2020 passed for me at a job interview

16.I complicate my life because I love problems

17.Repeating “Good Afternoon” twice, so they could surely hear me

18.The secret answer, to the most common question

19.No idea about the fact that she is bombing the interview

20.Going in 2021 to a job interview, after long quarantine and no socialization

21.Trying to find a job in a foreign country

22.The interview under pressure

23.When things don’t go according to the plan

24.A list of universal answers

25.Job interviews make someone get high

26.Honesty is about experience, after having more than 20 job interviews in a week

27.The best skill ever

28.Let’s pass this question

29.How do you feel before an interview?

30.More skills gained during quarantine

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Job interviews are not easy. You have to practice all the possible job interview questions, learn as much as possible about the company you want to apply and you need to convince the interviewer why your CV is better than anyone else. No wonder it’s easy to panic especially when you are running out of savings and are worried about how you're going to make ends meet in the upcoming months.

Especially now, during the coronavirus pandemic, when more than 16.8 million people in US lost their job, Labor Department reports. That is roughly one in 10 workers have lost their jobs in just three weeks. By contrast, if you compare the crisis during the Great Recession it took 44 weeks — around 10 months for unemployment claims to go as high as they now have in less than a month.

According to the United Nations, it estimates that global unemployment will rise by 25 million by the end of 2020. The viral outbreak is believed to have erased nearly one-third of the U.S. economy’s output in Q1. Forty-eight states have closed non-essential businesses.

As we never seen such an economic crisis before, it will be more challenging to apply for a job as there will be less job openings available and the competition across the candidates will be much more competitive. 

However, the internet may actually help you save the day —all by delivering a laugh. Studies show that looking at funny pictures can provide immediate stress relief. If you're the type to freak out at an interview, check out the funniest job interview memes Bemorepanda found on the internet. Lame jokes, sarcasm, you name it, we've got it all. So relax, continue scrolling, and enjoy the best memes!


















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An interview is one of the things that makes us pretty nervous. Therefore, in order to appear fully armed in front of a potential employer, experts advise you to sleep well and prepare. There are a number of standard questions that are asked to candidates in many companies.


50 questions you might be asked in an interview


In addition to asking you to tell us about your strengths and weaknesses and your desired salary, you may be asked a number of other questions about the scope of the company or previous employer. Based on many interviews, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions for you, answering which in advance will make you feel much more confident when applying for the job of your dreams.



1. What are your strengths?


A great chance to talk about your abilities and skills that are not reflected in the resume.


2. What are your weaknesses?


If you have been asked this question, there is no room for panic. Avoid the phrase "I work too hard" and stuff like that. Experts advise mentioning minor shortcomings that are not critical for future work.


3. Why do you want to work in our company?


Be completely honest, but still omit things like "great vacation system" or "free lunches."


4. Where and where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?


Often such a question introduces everyone into a stupor. What can I say, some do not know what will happen tomorrow. Dale Kurow, an executive HR coach in New York, says that your answer to this question can tell a potential employer about your attitude towards life and work and your intention to be a good employee in the long run.


5. Why did you leave your previous job?


Whatever your reasons for leaving, never berate your former employer and company.



6. Why do you have such a break between jobs?


Be honest and sincere. Use this question as an opportunity to talk about the skills you acquired when you left the job market. Perhaps you received a degree, which will only positively affect your image.


7. Can you offer the company something that no one else can?


This is your chance to tell the employer what makes you different from everyone else.


8. What 3 things would a former employer want to improve in you?


This looks like a question related to weaknesses. Keep it up: Focus on skills or traits that won't affect your ability to do future work.


9. Are you ready to move?


Adequately assess your capabilities, weigh all the pros and cons, otherwise you will regret it.



10. Are you ready for business trips?


If you are satisfied with this prospect, be sure to specify how much you have to travel.


11. Tell me about an achievement you are most proud of.


Choose from your arsenal the project that the employer will accurately evaluate. Naturally, it must be up to date.


12. Tell me about a situation where you made a mistake.


There is no need to be afraid of this question, proceed with caution. Tell more not about the error itself, but about what this experience has taught you.


13. What is a “dream job” for you?


When describing your dream job, link it to the position you are applying for. Otherwise, we advise you to apply for another vacancy.


14. How did you hear about this position?


It's time to talk about your connections. For example, “My friend works in your accounting department and always speaks highly of your company. It was she who told me about the opening of the vacancy.



15. What would you like to achieve in the first 30 days / 60 days / 90 days in a new location?


Don't be too ambitious, but still come up with some creative ideas and tell us what you will bring to the company's workflow.


16. Tell us about your resume


No need to read the information from the sheet: the employer or HR manager has already read the data presented in the resume. In general terms, tell us about how you got to where you are today.


17. Tell us about your education


Same point: don't list schools or courses. Instead, explain why you chose this or that specialty and how knowledge has helped in your work.


18. Tell us about yourself


Presenting yourself in a favorable light without using a lot of words can be difficult enough. In answer to this question, of course, there should not be stories from childhood and adolescence. We advise you to leave this for your friends and relatives. Skip Freeman, CEO of Hire to Win, recommends a 3-part answer that won't bore the manager or employer with unnecessary details. Start with a brief overview of your career history, then move on to a description of a specific accomplishment and complete your answer with a few sentences about what you hope to achieve in your career.


19. Tell us how you handled a difficult situation.


Share with an HR manager or employer about a difficult moment you handled with dignity in your previous job. For example, subdue an angry customer or serve all the customers in a crowded store if you are applying for a position in the retail industry.



20. Why should we take you?


When interviewers ask this question, they expect you to convince them that you are the best candidate for the position.


21. Why are you looking for a new job?


Be honest, but don't insult your former boss or company.


22. Are you willing to work weekends?


When answering this question, show loyalty to the company, but do not forget about your own boundaries.


23. How would you deal with an irritated or irate client?


This is a very important question. Convince the manager that you are capable of handling any difficult situation professionally.


24. What are your salary requirements?


Talking about money is always awkward and very difficult. What you say can have a significant impact on whether you can get the job done and how much you get offered. Try to adequately evaluate your experience and offers on the labor exchange: do not exaggerate the requirements, but at the same time maintain your dignity. Name your range, or say you're more interested in the opportunity than the salary itself.



25. Tell me about a time you went outside of a project.


It is important to show the potential employer what you are willing to do to achieve the best result.


26. Name our competitors


By correctly answering this question, you will demonstrate that you are aware of the company's field of activity.


27. Tell us about your biggest failure.


When answering this question, keep a positive attitude. Again, focus on how you got things in order and what lessons you learned from the experience. Explain how it has helped you in your personal and professional growth.


28. What motivates you?


Let your answer to this question show the interviewer that you are passionate about your field.


29. When will you be able to work?


In the interview, it is important to indicate the hours in which you can definitely work. Most of the vacancies already have a schedule, so make sure in advance that it matches your capabilities.



30. Who is your mentor?


Your story can tell a lot about who and what you value. So be sincere.


31. Tell me about a time when you disagreed with a former boss.


Of course, you do not need to talk about how you quarreled. Share a time when you suggested taking an alternative route. This will clearly demonstrate your leadership abilities.


32. How do you deal with pressure?


Your interviewer will want to make sure you handle stressful situations well.


33. What is the name of our CEO?


Another question that will illustrate your knowledge of the company. Therefore, read all the information about the place where you are going to work in advance.


34. What are your career goals?


This is the perfect time to talk about how you see yourself as a successful employee at this company and perhaps moving up the career ladder.



35. What makes you get up in the morning?


Be sure to mention things related to the position that excite and motivate you.


36. What report would you make about yourself?


Naturally, focus on the positives, but be realistic and honest.


37. What are the strengths/weaknesses of your previous bosses?


The rule remains the same: be honest, but don't speak too badly of your former boss.


38. If I called your ex-boss right now and asked him what needs to be fixed in you, what would he / she say (a)?


Having this information will show the HR manager that you care about your job and are getting feedback from your boss to improve your results.


39. Are you a leader or a follower?


Both categories have both advantages and disadvantages. Speak the way you think. You should not assume that one of them will impress the manager and the other will not. Just be prepared to explain your answer.



40. What was the last book you read?


This is a great way for an HR manager to learn more about you outside of your professional life and perhaps be pleasantly surprised to learn that the book is related to a future position.


41. What annoyed you about your colleagues?


When answering this question, remember that in the eyes of the interviewer you should not look like a sneak or a person who is easily offended or pissed off.


42. Tell me about your hobby


By asking this question, the hiring manager wants to better understand who you are, so it's important to think ahead about which hobbies will best showcase your strengths and skills.


43. What is your favorite site?


And here be extremely careful. For example, if you want to get a job at Yandex, you don't have to say that your favorite search engine is Google.


44. What makes you feel uncomfortable?


Focus on what will not be part of your daily life if you get the coveted position.



45. What is your leadership experience?


Do not list managerial positions, because they are already listed on your resume. Instead, choose a few that you are particularly proud of and describe how you successfully led a team or led a project.


46. ​​How would you fire an employee?


Describe the process to the manager, but be sure to add that you would first consult with your supervisor or Human Resources employee to see if there are any specific steps you need to take.


47. What do you like most and least about this industry?


Be honest about what attracts you to the work process and what repels you, without offending the employer or HR manager.


48. Are you willing to work more than 40 hours a week?


Explain that you are willing to work more than 40 hours a week if necessary, but also value your personal time with friends and family.


49. What questions didn't you get asked?


If there is something that you expected to answer and are ready to talk about, it's time to discuss it.


50. Do you have any questions?


Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. Asking follow-up questions is the best way to determine whether you would be happy to work for this employer and whether your expectations meet their requirements. You can ask about what prospects await you in case of a positive decision or ask about the corporate culture of the company.




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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people are forced to stay at home in solitary confinement.


There are long-term studies that show that after a period of quarantine, people are more likely to face problems such as anxiety, insomnia or difficulty coping with stress. It was also found that there are no differences in this regard between young or old people, between men and women. We can all be affected by the consequences of isolation. That is why it is advisable to apply such measures only when they are absolutely necessary.


Bemorepanda is here to support you with some funny memes, you will definitely laugh and a good dose of mood is guaranteed.


Top 40 isolation memes 2021


1.Day 6 of quarantine


2.Lockdown mood


3.Before and after


4.Normal daily lifestyle


5.Quarantine edition


6.Kill you 2 times


7.Two blasts a day


8.New skills


9.When quarantine came


10.Person who stole a bike


11.Urban dictionary


12.Sorry for quarantine


13.Too long


14.Going well




16.Cut your own hair




18.Quarantine drinking


19.Work less




21.Stuck in house


22.Not having any friends


23.Me during quarantine


24.Where am I?


25.Time traveller


26.Sick of quarantine


27.Miss the quarantine


28.Cook for the first time


29.Types of people in quarantine


30.What year is it


31.Me in quarantine


32.UK Covid


33.Freedom day


34.Months of quarantine


35.Coming out of quarantine


36.Mambo nr.6


37.Finish the school


38.Quarantine mix


39.Day 31 of quarantine


40.Everyone on instagram




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