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The most hilarious and useless job titles that you can find on Linkedin in 2020

2 years ago

Surely you have seen various names of creative jobs on LinkedIn or even on business cards. Is it cool or is it too much? Do you shy away from people who take advantage of creativity and present themselves as HR Ambassadors, for example? Have you noticed that a lot of people, all of a sudden, are Coach / Mentor / Trainer / Entrepreneur?


Maybe a Shop Knight will smile at your cash register. Maybe instead of a receptionist, a Director of First Impressions will guide you. Maybe at the next meeting with a PR, he will write Communication Champion on his business card. If you are a QA Engineer, would you like to be called a QA Rock Star? If you are testing your company's website, would you like your job to be called a Website Master? If you work in Marketing, does the Account Wizard make you smile? Do you want to recruit as a Talent Catcher? How credible would it be for you to call yourself an Objective Achiever Coach?

And think again: you can be a Guru, Ninja, Champion, Digital Prophet etc or you can say "Abracadabra" and you are the coolest Digital Marketing Magician, Direct Mail Demi-God or, why not, you can introduce yourself as Social Media Badass.

So here is the top collected by Bemorepanda of the most hiarious and useless job titles that you can find on LinkedIn.

  1. Digital Overlord
  2. Creator of Happiness
  3. Retail Jedi
  4. Wizard of Light Bulb Moments
  5. Dream Alchemist
  6. Chief Chatter
  7. Change Magician
  8. Accounting Ninja
  9. Chief Biscuit Dunker
  10. Direct Mail Demi-God
  11. Digital Marketing Magician
  12. Brand Warrior
  13. Senior Road Warrior Marketing Intern
  14. The Social Media Badass
  15. Chief Thought Provoker


But remember this! Some candidates have the impression that an unconventional degree will positively impress recruiters, as opposed to the usual one. Nothing wrong. Of course, such a title may attract attention, but not necessarily with a positive impact on those who read it. Recruiters use keywords related to that position, so they will search, for example: "Sales Manager" and not "Sales Evangelist", "Digital Marketing Manager" and not "Digital Wizard / Guru / Ninja", "Brand Manager ”And not“ Brand Warrior ”.


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Has it ever happened to you that your CV fits perfectly with the requirements for a certain job, but you are called to a job interview and you do not get that position? Although in terms of skills and competencies you would have been the ideal candidate for that job, it is possible that during the interview you made one (or more) of the mistakes.

Employers are generally looking for passionate, energetic and challenging candidates because they associate these traits with higher productivity and a source of innovative ideas that will benefit the company. The enthusiasm and passion shown by a candidate during the interview are, for the recruiter, indicators of a long-term loyalty to the company. Instead, passivity, disinterest or lack of initiative are not desirable traits in a new employee.


Preparing for a job interview is necessary up to a point, beyond which it can turn against you. For example, you do not have to "learn" in advance the answers to frequently asked questions in an interview, otherwise you risk appearing artificial. The recruiter does not aim to get a prefabricated answer, but wants to know more about you so that he can determine if you really fit or not on the position for which you applied.

Be the best! This way you will prove that you deserve this job, and Bemorepanda cheers you up a bit with some funny memes.

1.This life joke hurts everyone


3.Time to change career

4.Lockdown iceberg

5.I invented unemployment

6.No more jobs

7.An unemployed resident in US

8.Modern problems and modern solutions

9.About my life

10.Unemployment solved

11.Manpower in India

12.Just a matter of perspective

13.The cool stuff I can do

14.Career sites

15.Failure of Capitalism


17.People staying at home

18.New name

19.Impossible wish

20.None of them


22.Unemployed before covid

23.Unemployment is bad

24.Calling you back at work

25.Steady jobs

26.Loving unemployment

27.Day off

28.Unemployed people

29.Much nicer

30.Describe yourself

31.What are you telling me

32.Can I hold 5$?

33.Help from the government

34.More money

35.Will be better

36.Unemployment is low

37.Why are you still unemployed?

38.Rich bcz of hiring

39.What do you do?

40.He managed to do this

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The Republic of Singapore is a series of separate islands that are located in Southeast Asia. The state can be called quite young - it declared independence in 1965, before that Singapore was under British rule.


At the time of the formation of the independent Republic, the economy of Singapore was in a deplorable state, but over several decades everything has changed significantly. Now Singapore is one of the world's financial centers; many world-famous companies are concentrated here.


The standard of living in the country continues to grow rapidly, so today, there are great job offers there. On Bemorepanda you can find the top jobs for 2020.

1.Artificial Intelligence 


 What you should know: The profession of a specialist in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is becoming more and more popular every day. The market is in great need of experts who can create and maintain artificial neural networks, since this makes it possible to automate work processes, identify hidden trends, make effective forecasts, and develop new useful products and services.


Unique skills: Machine Learning, Python, Deep Learning, TensorFlow. 


Industries hiring this talent: Information Technology & Services, Financial Services, Internet, Computer Software, Research. 


2..Robotics Engineer 


What you should know: Robotics is a branch of engineering that deals with the construction, operation and application of robots. These robots are programmable devices that are used to perform a set of instructions. Some of these robots are more autonomous than others (which are semi-autonomous, for example, Telerobots).


Unique skills: Blue Prism, Robot Programming, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Robotics, UiPath. 


 Industries hiring this talent: Information Technology & Services, Financial Services, Industrial Automation, Management Consulting, Computer Software. 



3.Full Stack Engineer 


What you should know:  Full Stack Engineer is a developer who must understand the entire stack of technologies and components used in the project, both in terms of the front-end and back-end. At the same time, such a developer does not have to be senior in all technologies that are used in the development of an application.


Skills unique to the job: React.js, Node.js, AngularJS, JavaScript, Git 


Top industries hiring this talent: Computer Software, Information Technology & Services, Internet, Financial Services, Marketing & Advertising 


4.Backend Developer 


What you should know: Back End Developer is a specialist who deals with the software and administrative part of a web application, the internal content of the system, server technologies - a database, architecture, program logic.


Skills unique to the job: Node.js, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services, Git, MongoDB 


 Top industries hiring this talent: Computer Software, Internet, Information Technology & Services, Marketing & Advertising, Financial Services 



5. Data Scientist 


What you should know: The Data Scientist is an analytical data expert who has the technical skills to tackle complex problems, as well as the curiosity that drives those challenges. They are part mathematicians, part computer scientists and part trend spotters.


Skills unique to the job: Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, R, Apache Spark 


Top industries hiring this talent: Information Technology & Services, Computer Software, Banking, Financial Services, Internet



6. DevOps Engineer 


What you should know:  A DevOps Engineer’s main function is to operate the IT infrastructure of their organization. This means time spent working with software developers, system operators, and others to oversee code releases.


Skills unique to the job: Docker Products, Jenkins, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ansible, DevOps 


Top industries hiring this talent: Information Technology & Services, Computer Software, Banking, Financial Services, Internet 


7. Data Engineer 


What you should know: Data Engineer is a mixture of data analysts and data scientists. He is responsible for extracting, transforming, loading data, and processing it. The profession is in demand primarily due to high salaries and demand among employers.


Skills unique to the job: Apache Spark, Hadoop, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python, Big Data 


Top industries hiring this talent: Computer Software, Information Technology & Services, Internet, Banking, Financial Services 


8.Cybersecurity Specialist 


What you should know: Cybersecurity Specialist identifies information security threats and data loss risks, develops and implements measures to counter threats and solutions to protect against information loss; ensures the safety and confidentiality of data; participates in the development and implementation of IT solutions.


Skills unique to the job: Cybersecurity, Information Security, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Network Security, Penetration Testing 


Top industries hiring this talent: Information Technology & Services, Management Consulting, Computer & Network Security, Telecommunications, Banking 



9. Community specialist


What you should know: A community specialist is a person in the field of community management: the creation, support, and development of communities/structures with a network hierarchy, both online and offline. 


Unique skills: Community Engagement, Public Speaking, Leadership, Event Management, Event Planning, Strategy, Social Media Marketing


 Industries hiring this talent: Information Technology and Services, Internet, Non-profit Organizations, Financial Service, Education Management 


10.Partnership Specialist


What you should know: The Partnership Specialist will work with team and other project staff to engage with national, regional, and international business, forestry, finance, technology and other relevant partners in pursuit of project development goals focused on private investment. S/he will provide technical expertise on public-private partnership (PPP) issues, such as the development of strategies for outreach to the private sector and structuring investment and market-oriented partnerships. 


Unique skills: Strategic Partnership, Business Development, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Marketing


Industries hiring this talent: Marketing and Advertising, Information Technology and Services, Financial Service


11. Clinical Specialist 


What you should know: Clinical Specialists sell medical devices to healthcare providers. Their duties include traveling to healthcare facilities, introducing products to medical professionals, and training users on product functionalities. They work for companies that import or manufacture specialized medical equipment.


Unique skills: Clinical Research, Medicine, Patient Safety, Psychotherapy, Healthcare Management


Industries hiring this talent: Hospital & Healthcare, Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Practice



12. E-commerce Specialist


What you should know: An e-commerce specialist deals with the Internet commerce system through online stores, applications, and other services. For successful work, such a specialist must be proficient in both the specifics of trade and the Internet business.


Skills unique to the job: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Business Development, Microsoft Powerpoint


Top industries hiring this talent: Information Technology & Services, Consumer Goods, Internet, Retail



13. Customer Success Specialist 


What you should know: The Customer Success Specialist delves into the customer's business processes and analyzes which product capabilities can be used to optimize them. Thanks to his knowledge of the specifics of various business topics, the specialist draws conclusions that work best for a particular company. And can recommend a suitable solution and optimal settings to get the most out of the service.


Skills unique to the job: Software as a Service, Customer Relationship Management, Account Management, Salesforce, Customer Retention 


Top industries hiring this talent: Computer Software, Information Technology & Services, Internet, Marketing & Advertising, Financial Services 



14. Product Owner 


What you should know: The Product Owner knows everything about the needs and pains of the user, the capabilities of the team, see their points of contact for the benefit of the entire project.


Skills unique to the job: Agile Methodologies, Scrum, Product Management, Agile Product Management, JIRA 


Top industries hiring this talent: Computer Software, Information Technology & Services, Banking, Financial Services, Internet 



15. Creative Copywriter


What you should know: A copywriter provides words. A creative copywriter provides words and ideas that help accelerate the commercial impact of communications.A copywriter is a specialist who creates text content. This can be feature articles on the site, blogging, writing posts on social networks, email newsletters, press releases. The copywriter needs to study the specifics of the company, the field of activity, USP of goods or services, analyze the target audience, and study the basics of Internet marketing. They expect from a copywriter that the texts are understandable, the style is recognizable, and the texts of the site or any materials inspire people to buy and any targeted action.


Unique skills: Content Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


 Industries hiring this talent: Marketing and Advertising, Information Technology and Services, Online Media, Internet, Broadcast Media, Publishing



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Tinder is the world's most popular app that lets people meet, get in touch, and even get married. But among the huge number of profiles, it is not so easy to stand out, so users resort to sophisticated ingenuity to attract attention.

In quarantine people are most often found melancholy and sadness. And to get rid of it, many people seek consolation in other people. And in search of a couple, due to their employment or banal shyness, Internet users turn to the recently popular Tinder application. And some of the profiles from there can make you laugh.

1.You don’t get the chance to date a cop every day.

2.Don't trust a genie

3.Is there a doctor here?

4.A comma change everything

5.Be careful with nude pics

6.Nobody is perfect

7.Sand in tires

8.Tyson is good at kisses

9.Granddad knows everything

10.Dating newbies

11.Marco Polo

12.Hide the pets

13.She has a beautiful smile

14.Match made in heaven

15.Amanda and random dogs

16.It is not to late to find your love

17.Colgate in action

18.Not everyone's type

19.Romantic with knives

20.Love isn't about age

21.Only smart people

22.Pro and con's

23.It is based on a true story

24.Save him from mom

25.Who's type?

26.No pressure on this

27.This badass ex

28.Don't mess with coffee

29.What do you know about being hungry?

30.Honesty can be brutal

31.It is really interesting

32.This is called kindness

33.Handyman service

34.It is good reviewed

35.The right attitude

36.That's a walk on the beach

37.So mysterious

38.Calling this gratitude

39.Single moms are so cool

40.Dog having flashbacks

41.Stand up guy

42.Just a short presentation

43.This is stand out profile

44.An idea for first date

45.Carry umbrelas everywhere

46.Despacito is a cool soundtrack

47.It is really inspiring

48.Only her secret

49.I love you, my deer!

50.This NotSee

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A job interview can pave the way for a successful career, and what you do at this meeting with the employer will not only decide whether or not you get the job, but also the salary package and the conditions under which you will work. With such a high stake, it's no wonder there is a lot of advice on what to do at a job interview. But with this statistics can help you as an employer and also as a canditate to the job. Bemorepanda is here to suggest you interesting facts.


Internationally, the announcement for a new job attracts, on average, 250 CVs, of which only six are selected for an interview. Then follows the preparation of the interview. The employer takes notes about the candidate and releases his diary for a period of time. The potential employee has, however, several aspects to solve.


In the age of services, most of the time, the hiring decision is based on human interaction. It all comes down to two people: the employer and the potential employee. Until the interview will be conducted by a robot or specialized software, any generalization about it can be removed from the discussion. There is no valid general recipe for success, and this is the most important rule.


Candidate Trends

Being in the know gives you a competitive edge, and makes your company and jobs irresistible to candidates.  



Quality talent lies within your employees’ network. It’s time to tap into this powerful resource and let your

employees deliver hidden superstars. 


Candidate Experience

Insights into what candidates want throughout their job search journey helps you build a recruiting strategy that will find and hire top talent faster. 


The Power of LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn Talent Solutions to find and directly contact candidates, promote open jobs to the right talent pool, and build a strong employer brand.


LinkedIn InMails

You’ve found great candidates for your role — now you need to connect with them. On average, LinkedIn’s InMail response rates are 3x higher than regular email. 


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The first impression is extremely important in a job interview, whether it is worn face to face or organized online. As participating in an interview can be quite a stressful time, if you fail to master yourself, you can give the impression that from a professional point of view you are insecure, and this will affect you quite a lot. That is why it is extremely important to prepare well for an interview, especially if you really want the job for which you applied or for which you were contacted.

When the job interview begins, it is extremely important that it is very clear to you what you really want. At the same time, it is advisable to be able to express these things to the people in charge of recruiting from the employer, but also to know how to do it. Also in this chapter is the discussion about the salary you want. In this case, it is advisable to be able to negotiate, which is why you can try that, instead of saying a fixed amount that would interest you or that you think would help you get that job, to say a margin in which you would be willing to fit in or negotiate, with a maximum and a minimum ceiling. Keep in mind that some employers may charge you an estimated monthly income, net or gross, or even per year, net or gross.

The most important thing is that you have to trust your own strengths! And before the interview Bemorepanda makes you laugh at some memes!

1.If you believe in reincarnation, you are welcome

2.If only it was like this

3.Being jobless from 3 months, it hurts like a punch in gut.

4.Compleated graduation in commerce

5.Practicing interview with mom is not the best idea, while you are always are hired or vice versa

6.A fair affirmation

7.A rejection email after an interview.I would be ok with a reaction email like this, how about you?

8.Even if you have a good resume

9.It’s been a hard day's night of work

10.Some can get any job they want but refuse, some want any job but get refused.

11.Next job interview in 2021

12.Please say yes to me!

13.Smooth flirt at interview

14.That’s really disappointing 

15.Explaining how 2020 passed for me at a job interview

16.I complicate my life because I love problems

17.Repeating “Good Afternoon” twice, so they could surely hear me

18.The secret answer, to the most common question

19.No idea about the fact that she is bombing the interview

20.Going in 2021 to a job interview, after long quarantine and no socialization

21.Trying to find a job in a foreign country

22.The interview under pressure

23.When things don’t go according to the plan

24.A list of universal answers

25.Job interviews make someone get high

26.Honesty is about experience, after having more than 20 job interviews in a week

27.The best skill ever

28.Let’s pass this question

29.How do you feel before an interview?

30.More skills gained during quarantine

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