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As Jeff Bezos becomes the richest person in the world, the internet is now full of memes about his wealth. Here is a list of top 50 collected by Bemorepanda

2 years ago

Jeff Bezos is the first man to reach a fortune of 200 billion dollars, more precisely 204.6 billion. It happened after the capital of Amazon, the company he founded, increased by 2%. Thus, the wealth of Jeff Bezos became 90 billion higher than that of Bill Gates, who is in second place in the top of the world's rich.


Experts say the Amazon founder's fortune would have been even greater if he hadn't gone through the most expensive divorce in history last year. His ex-wife received 25% of the company's shares, which are now worth $ 63 billion.


Meanwhile, people started joking and creating funny memes about Jeff Bezos. Bemorepanda collected the top 50 funniest memes!


1.Giving bonuses to Amazon workers is a good idea


2.Jess doesn't buy shampoo


3.The stonks meme is finally released


4.Losing fans


5.Literally the same


6.Gef Bisos




8.Oligarchic Dozen


9.Eye to eye


10.What Jeff do before he goes to bed?


11.Single vs Married




13.Rich americans




15.Is this the same person?


16.Money can't buy happiness


17.The richest person


18.Increase in net worth 2020


19.Virgin modern billionaire


20.China stealing technology


21.Sniffing cocaine


22.Adopted Jeff


23.1$ for sex


24.Jeff Benzos


25.Pizz for a team


26.Giving back


27.Owning amazon


28.Encouraging reminder


29.Giving back to Jeff community


30.Selling books firstly


31.Overpowered characters are bald


32.Jeff Bezos evolution


33.Saving private property 2


34.Work hard


35.Dressing up Jeff


36.Bow before your king


37.Self-made billionaires


38.Worldwide shipping


39.Amazon warehouses


40.Looting is absolutely unforgivable


41.Rich man




43.Worldwide Amazon shipping


44.This guy made coronavirus




46.After buying and then blasting the Netflix HQ


47.When he closes his eyes


48.Bezos be like


49.Being bald


50.Being an Amazon dragon



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Everyone knows, where you can order fast and convenient delivery of everything. Its creator, Jeff Bezos, promises that it will soon be possible to deliver orders in 10 minutes using aerial drones. But few have heard of By typing this address in a search engine, you will be automatically redirected to Amazon.


The fact is that "Relentless" is one of the first names that 30-year-old Bezos came up with for his online store. The second option was "Kadabra" as part of a magic spell. But both did not pass, then Bezos simply took a dictionary from the shelf and chose one of the first words he came across - the Amazon River. Thus began one of the most successful business stories in the world. It has a bit of magic and ruthlessness.


Brad Stone's book "The Everything Store" is about Jeff Bezos and the Amazon era, which explores the early years of Amazon and how it evolved from an online bookstore to today's e-commerce giant. Bemorepanda have collected some interesting facts about Amazon from this book.


The Skills that Made Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Successful | Fortune


1. Amazon originally had a different name.


Jeff Bezos wanted to give his company the name Cadabra, which sounded like part of a spell.


But Amazon's first lawyer, Todd Tarbert, said the name was too similar to the word cadaver, which translates from English as "corpse." Customers may have misheard such a name on the phone.


Bezos also liked the title Relentless. By the way, if you go to, you will be redirected to the Amazon home page.


Finally, Bezos chose the name Amazon - he liked the idea of ​​naming the company after the largest river in the world. It can be seen on the original Amazon logo.


2. There used to be a bell in the company's office that would ring whenever someone made a purchase on Amazon


After a few weeks, the bell began to ring so often that it had to be removed.


3. Initially, Bezos opened a company in his garage. The servers required so much power that when Bezos and his wife turned on a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner in the house, they would short-circuit.


4. In its first month of operation, Amazon sold books to people from all 50 states of America and 45 different countries.


5. A little-known lichen book saved Amazon from bankruptcy.


Book distributors demanded to buy books in batches of ten, but Amazon didn't need that much, and the company wouldn't have enough money to buy them.


But in the end, there was one loophole with which it was possible to bypass this rule. Amazon began ordering one book and nine copies of some obscure lichen book that was always out of stock.


Amazon Reports Mixed Q1 Results As Jeff Bezos Vows Massive COVID Response:  “We're Not Thinking Small” – Deadline


6. Bezos used to hold meetings at the Barnes & Noble bookstore.


In the early days of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, his wife Mackenzie, and their first employee, Shel Kafan, held meetings at a local Barnes and Noble store.


In 1996, Bezos met with the shopkeepers, and they said they respect him, but they are still going to launch a site that will destroy Amazon. Barnes and Noble co-founder Len Riggio wanted to call this site the Book Predator.


7. Jeff Bezos wanted his employees to work at least 60 hours a week.


Previously, the company did not know what it meant to maintain a balance between work and personal life. One of the first employees said that he worked without rest for more than eight months: he came to work early in the morning and returned late at night. He constantly rode his bike to work and completely forgot about the minibus that was parked at his house.


He didn’t have time to check his mail, and when he did open it, he saw several parking tickets, a notification from the tow truck and, finally, a message that his minibus was sold at an auction.


8. In 1998, Amazon had a very busy Christmas.


At that time, the company had a significant staff shortage. At Christmas time, all fulfillment center employees had to work the night shift. They called for help from friends and relatives and sometimes slept in their cars to go straight to work in the morning.


After this incident, Amazon promised to make sure that the next holidays the company has enough employees who would be able to fulfill the holiday orders. This is why Amazon is recruiting so many seasonal workers these days.


9. When eBay came along, Amazon launched its own auction site.


The idea failed, but Bezos liked it.


For $ 40,000, he bought the skeleton of a primeval cave bear and displayed it in the lobby of Amazon headquarters. This skeleton stands there to this day, and next to it is a sign "Please do not feed the bear."


10. Bezos enjoyed growing his company quickly, leading to chaos in Amazon's order centers.


In the late 90s and early 2000s, Amazon was in chaos. Centers were closed for several hours due to system failures, and mountains of goods were lying around, and the company was not ready to store new categories of products.


When Amazon started selling kitchen goods, it sometimes happened that the knives without the protective packaging cut the conveyor belt. The situation was extremely dangerous.


Jeff Bezos sells $3.5bn of Amazon shares in a week | Financial Times


11. In early 2002, Bezos introduced the concept of a “two pizza team”.


He suggested that workers should work in groups of less than ten people - that's how many people can be fed with two pizzas. According to Bezos, such groups should work autonomously, they should have clear goals and a formula for assessing success.


12. Dissatisfied customers can send a complaint to Bezos's personal mail, and he will forward it to the right employee with a single scary "?"


Whenever Amazon employees receive a letter from Bezos with a question mark, they react to it like a bomb. They usually have several hours to solve the problem and prepare a detailed explanation of why it arose. The explanatory note is checked by senior managers and then redirected to Bezos himself. In this way, Bezos shows customers that their complaints are constantly reviewed by the company.


13. Even before Google Street View came along, Amazon had Block View.


In 2004, Amazon launched the search engine. The team that worked on it also began to develop a project called Block View, which would display photographs of them from the street in response to a search query about stores and restaurants. For less than $ 100,000, Amazon sent its car photographers to twenty US cities to photograph the restaurants they needed. In 2006, Amazon abandoned the project, and in 2007 Google launched Street View.


14. Amazon employees fought stress with primal screams.


During the holidays, it is especially difficult for the employees of the logistics department. In the early 2000s, Jeff Wilkie, Chief Operating Officer for Amazon, allowed anyone who was able to achieve a big goal at work to close their eyes and yell at him with all their might on the phone.


Some of these primal screams nearly broke his speakers, Wilkie said.


15. Sometimes the "protests" of employees of Amazon fulfillment centers ended in rather funny ways.


The working conditions in these centers are notorious and sometimes their employees have tried to go on strike. One day, a worker decided to quit his job and sat astride a conveyor belt - and so he rode all the way out of the building.


But the funniest story happened in 2006 with a temporary employee of a Kansas center.


This employee came and went at the beginning of the shift, but no one saw him during working hours. Only a week later, it was discovered that the man had made himself a lair inside a pile of empty wooden boxes. Inside, he built a bed of Amazon products, reinforced the walls with pages torn from books, and even stole ordered food. When his lair was finally discovered, the employee was fired (not surprisingly).


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announces $1 bn investment for India by 2025


16. The original Amazon Kindle e-reader was codenamed "Fiona".


This name Kindle got from the book by Neil Stevenson "The Diamond Age". It told of a distant future in which an engineer managed to steal a rare interactive book for his knowledge-hungry daughter, Fiona. The team behind the Kindle prototype was inspired by this fictional device.


The team asked Bezos to keep the name Fiona, but he ended up choosing the Kindle. This word is translated as "kindle the flame", and it really liked Bezos.


17. Jeff Bezos is said to have hired a leadership coach to shout less at his subordinates.


Bezos is known for being quite harsh or sarcastic about employees who tell him something unpleasant. Rumor has it that he has hired a special assistant to help him respond to the news in a less harsh manner.


During one meeting, Bezos chastised employees in his usual harsh manner. He said that they were all fools and that he gave them a week to figure out what they were doing. Then he took a couple of steps, froze as if he suddenly realized something and said: "But still, you did a good job."


18. Bezos Realized a childhood dream.


Bezos founded his own space tourism company Blue Origin in 2000, decades after telling teachers and friends as a child that he wanted to be a “space entrepreneur” when he grew up.


19. Space enthusiast.


Jeff is so passionate about NASA during the Mercury and Apollo missions that he equipped and financed an underwater expedition to locate and recover the debris of Apollo rockets.


20. Bezos doesn't use an alarm clock.


He does not use an alarm clock and tends to sleep a full eight hours a night. No overnight fires or early risings for this CEO.


Jeff Bezos (CEO Amazon) explains his business model to shareholders | by  Alex Circei | | Medium


21. A good father.


As a child, Jeff was adopted by his stepfather Miguel Bezos. Today, the entrepreneur has four children with his wife Mackenzie: three sons and a daughter, whom the couple adopted in China.


22. He has come a long way.


As a teenager, Bezos worked at McDonald's, making French fries. At the same time, he founded a small summer camp for primary school students DREAM Institute.


23. Demanding to women.


Jeff had high demands on candidates for the role of a life partner. In an interview with Wired, he said that he was looking for one that "will get him out of the trap of the Third World."


24. Altruist, but not strong.


Originally from Albuquerque, Jeff studied at Princeton. There he studied electrical engineering and computer science. In 2011, he donated $ 15 million to the university to build a center for the study of neurological disorders.


At the same time, being the richest man on earth, Bezos is ranked last in the ranking of the top 10 billionaire benefactors.


25. A big fan of reading.


Bezos's favorite book is The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro.


US lawmakers demand Jeff Bezos testify over Amazon's 'possibly criminally  false' statements | Amazon | The Guardian


26. Customers come first.


If you have any complaints or suggestions, just email Receiving emails to this mail, Bezos forwards the question to the person in charge at the company, who then reports directly to the CEO on the progress of the issue. So the problem is under control.


27. Bezos made the first tables for himself and Amazon employees himself.


He could not afford expensive furniture at the beginning of the journey, so he put together tables for the first employees himself, using wooden doors instead of tabletops and boards for legs. Now these tables have become something of an artifact at the company - for over 20 years at Amazon, they have been using various variations of that historically simple design for the desktop.


The company even instituted the Door Desk Awards, which give creators "good ideas to offer consumers the lowest prices."


28. Bezos is not a fan of expensive cars.


Despite the fact that after the founding of Amazon, Bezos' business rapidly went uphill, he did not, like many, buy yachts and expensive cars for himself and for a long time remained faithful to his 1987 Chevrolet Blazer, which at first personally delivered deliveries. In 1997, when the company went public, he finally swapped out his old car for the new Honda Accord.


29. Bezos once looked into the eyes of death.


In 2003, Jeff Bezos practically looked death in the eye. He was looking for land to build a test site for Blue Origin when his helicopter crashed on a tour of Texas. The Amazon CEO received a number of minor injuries and recovered quickly, but after that he did not fly helicopters for a long time.


“Nothing special occurred to me. I was only thinking about what a stupid way to die, ”Bezos told Fast Company in 2004.


It didn't become some kind of life-defining experience for me. I’m afraid I’ve learned a rather mundane lesson: Avoid helicopters whenever possible! They are not as reliable as air transport with wings. "


30. Bezos is an Early Investor in Google.


Less than five years after founding Amazon, Bezos demonstrated his investment flair by investing $ 1 million in Google in the late 90s. Then it was a serious risk, which by now has paid off handsomely.

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In 2020 the richest man in the world was Jeff Bezos. In the latest ranking, Forbes put him in first place: the assets of the founder of Amazon grew by $ 27.9 billion in a year, to $ 126.2 billion. This guy from New Mexico, raised by a single mother, definitely has a lot to learn. We have collected the details of the biography and the rules of life of Bezos.

The hometown of the future billionaire - Albuquerque became famous all over the world as the scene of the series "Breaking Bad" about a school chemistry teacher who decided to use his talent in the drug business. Indeed, in those places it was a habit to follow a curved path.

The state was considered criminal, and Jeff was born into a not very prosperous family. His mother was only 17 years old when she gave birth to a boy from her fellow young boyfriend, a circus performer. The young father decided not to participate in the child's life and even Jeff did not receive his surname from him. When the boy was 4 years old, his mother married Mexican Mike Bezos, who adopted and raised the future billionaire.

Jeff was an excellent student at school. He was always attracted by technology and physics, so he entered the physics department at Princeton University, and then became interested in computer science and engineering.

After graduating from college, Bezos got a prestigious job on Wall Street, he was engaged in software development for solving financial problems. And then he decided to quit a stable high-paying job and start a business selling books. Bezos was not going to open a bookstore: he came up with an ingenious idea to sell books via the Internet, which then, in 1994, was developing at a frantic pace. This is how Amazon was born.

And in 2017, its creator became the richest man on the planet, surpassing the size of Bill Gates' fortune. Bemorepanda figured out what to do to be like Jeff Bezos.

  1. To sleep more

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Jeff Bezos talked about the importance of sleep. He said that he sleeps at least 8 hours every night and considers sleep to be the best remedy for stress, so he does not even use an alarm clock and prefers to wake up naturally. It is said that he even brought a sleeping bag to the office so as not to deny himself the pleasure of taking a nap during the working day.

  1. Relax in the morning and have a delicious breakfast

A cheerful and pleasant start to the day is the key to success for the rest. The Amazon founder is trying to diversify his morning diet, unlike, for example, Steve Jobs, who ate the same breakfast for years.

One day, Bezos ordered an octopus with bacon and garlic yogurt sauce for breakfast, all in order to better understand the preferences of a top manager from the company he ended up buying. In addition, the billionaire does not like to arrange meetings in the morning and appoint important events. He prefers to spend this time with his family.

  1. Do not mix work and personal life

Jeff Bezos adheres to the concept of "work-life balance" (literally: the balance of life and work). It is about finding harmony in life, when the family part is clearly separated from the professional one.

Bezos opposes working overtime, but does not even answer “family” calls during office hours.

“Being happy at home makes me a better employee and boss at work. If I am in demand and productive at work, at home I am a more balanced and positive father and husband, ”he says.

Of course, a businessman of this magnitude does not leave work at exactly 6 pm, but despite his busy schedule, he always finds time for family vacations.

  1. Marry the best woman

Jeff Bezos is happily married. The billionaire has been together with his wife Mackenzie for 25 years. The couple has four adopted children, and Bezos puts family first in his value system.

He said that before meeting his future wife, he tried for a long time to establish his personal life, but to no avail. But Jeff did not abandon his search for the best woman in the world and finally found the one he was looking for: inspiring and inventive.

Mackenzie studied literature at Princeton University, and her favorite book, The Remains of the Day, by Kazuo Ishiguro, is now recommended reading for all Amazon executives.

“I needed a woman who would pull me out of the category of second-rate people, would give me ideas and help implement them,” the rich man said.

  1. Give up multitasking

Jeff Bezos always takes turns taking turns, rather than being sprayed across multiple tasks at once. Bezos is convinced that in every task you need to achieve maximum concentration, and multitasking interferes with productivity.

  1. Defend your ideas

Amazon was founded on a brilliant idea that was doomed to success. At first, Bezos realized that he wanted to launch an online store. Then I thought about what is most profitable to sell online. There are a myriad of online stores now and you can buy everything from food to furniture. In the mid-1990s, this trading format was new to everyone. People are used to choosing goods in ordinary stores, examining them, trying them on, checking their quality.

There could be no tactile contact on the Internet. Then Bezos realized that in this way you can sell books, because the external qualities in them are not as important as the content. He believed in his idea and made others believe in it. Amazon was originally housed in a garage, but now it employs more than 500 thousand employees.

By the way, Bezos constantly argues with his employees, proving the value of his next "strange idea". And he just gushes with ideas: from an online book store Amazon in a short time has turned into a store of everything.

First, Bezos offered to sell music CDs along with books, then video products were added to them. Later, electronics, video games, clothing, toys, furniture and groceries appeared in the assortment.

In 2013, Amazon Studios was established to produce films and TV series. In 2016, Bezos launched a project to deliver goods using a drone, and one of Bezos's most successful ideas can be considered the creation of a line of Amazon Kindle e-books, which now sell better than paper.

  1. Save money and look for tax loopholes

According to legend, Jeff Bezos put together his first desktop in the same garage from old doors, and not at all because the former top manager from Wall Street did not have money for normal furniture: a homemade table reminded the future billionaire of the need to save.

In general, Bezos is considered stingy: Amazon does not have any free cafes, tennis courts, massage parlors, as in Google. On the contrary, employees have to pay even for coffee. However, perhaps it was this trait of Bezos that led him to success.

He opened an Amazon office in Seattle, Washington, which is far from the most populous city by American standards. It was a deliberate move.

Bezos could open a store somewhere in California, where more people live and there is more demand for goods, but there he would have to pay taxes. And in Seattle, local law allowed online companies to avoid paying taxes. True, the loophole was closed in 2008: the state of Washington, suffering from the crisis, forced Amazon to pay taxes.

  1. Come up with new projects

Amazon alone was not enough for Bezos. In 2000, our hero created the space company Blue Orgin, long before Elon Musk appeared on the space business arena. Bezos's goal is to make space accessible to everyone. Starting next year, the company plans to sell tours to tourists into Earth's orbit, with Bezos himself among the first space travelers.

In 2013, the billionaire bought the American publishing house The Washington Post, which prints the newspaper of the same name, for $ 250 million. Becoming a media mogul, Bezos did not change anything in the publication and does not try to influence its policies. They say that the only thing he ordered to change is the speed of loading pages on the site.

  1. Read a lot

Jeff Bezos didn’t just decide to connect his life with selling books: he always loved to read. He makes his staff mandatory to read the book of the American coach Nassim Taleb “Black Swan. Under the sign of unpredictability. " The author calls the “black swan” rare and difficult to predict events that had significant consequences for the world. Based on this theory, all significant discoveries and historical events are "black swans": the creation of the Internet, the collapse of the USSR, the world economic crisis. Bezos makes sure that his employees are held accountable for their actions and weigh the value of each idea.

  1. Taking risks so that later all your life you will not regret what has not been done

Deciding on the most important step in your life - quitting your job to launch your project - Jeff Bezos was also pushed by the book. Before going to his boss, the future billionaire finished the book by Booker laureate Kazuo Ishiguro The Remains of the Day (that very favorite work of his wife Mackenzie). The plot of the book is based on the memories of the old butler about his life.

Then Bezos thought: “When I turn 80, I will regret not taking the risk. Even if I were defeated, I would despise myself less than for indecision. " From here the businessman deduced another rule of life, which constantly repeats: “I am often asked:“ Why ”? That's a good question. But much more valuable: "Why not?"

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$ 160 billion - this is the amount that the Amazon founder's fortune is estimated at. His path can hardly be repeated, but one can and should learn from his mistakes and decisions. Seven years without profit and analysts' forecasts about imminent bankruptcy - we tell how an entrepreneur managed to overcome difficulties and build a company worth more than $ 1 trillion.

Jeff Bezos is considered one of the pioneers of e-commerce. In 1994, he left his position as vice president of a Wall Street company to start his own business. Dropping everything, he moved to Seattle, where he began to develop his plan.


Bezos was about to name his business Cadabra, but a lawyer convinced him not to - the word was consonant with the word cadaver. Finally, the entrepreneur settled on Amazon, in honor of the largest river in the world - hence the original company logo.


Seattle was chosen by Bezos as headquarters. It was easy to find technicians there, and there was a huge market for book distributors in neighboring Oregon. Bezos started looking for money for the project, while programmers began developing the company's website.

The site began its work in 1995 and within a few months hit all kinds of Internet ratings.

Bezos currently owns 54 million shares in Amazon, bringing his fortune to more than $ 170 billion. Since the beginning of the year, the company's shares have risen 73%, including a 2.1% increase on Wednesday, August 5th.


Amazon has seen the highest profit in the company's 26-year history in recent months, despite investors estimating that profits will be wiped out because of the $ 4 billion cost of the health crisis.


On Quora people try to find how much money goes to Bezos when we buy something. Bemorepanda selected the top answers.





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US Independence Day is celebrated annually on July 4 in honor of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom - a crucial moment of the American Revolution of 1775-1783.

The document was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and ratified by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, by which the thirteen colonies of Great Britain in North America declared independence. The text of the Declaration was drafted by a group of five deputies led by Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States.

The text called for the United States flag to be composed of 13 bands, 7 in red and 6 in white, signifying the 13 former British colonies that had rebelled against it, and the Union was represented by 13 stars on a blue background. the symbol of a new constellation, the resolution on the US Flag being published on September 2, 1777.

Today, on the American flag, in addition to the 13 red and white horizontal bands, there are, in a dark blue rectangle, 50 star pentagons that signify the 50 American states. Bemorepanda collected some outfits for Independence Day.

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Independence Day is the day when everyone is inclined to spend time in the family. Bemorepanda collected 10 movies for this day. On Amazon you can easily access and view them.

These movies will create a good mood and a pleasant atmosphere in your family. Each of this film can suit anyone, good actors and superb content. The films are from different years of production and of different genres.

1.Independence Day

A huge alien ship approached our planet on July 2. Small ships separated from it, which entered the Earth's atmosphere and now no one knows what to expect from this visit. However, it soon becomes clear that the aliens did not come with peaceful intentions and at night the ships begin mass destruction of the largest cities in the world. Huge waves of incandescent plasma destroy everything in their path: cars, factories, buildings, people. The next day, the US Air Force tries to attack the alien ships, but they are reliably protected by the force field and become invulnerable. However, one pilot managed to trick an enemy ship and capture a wounded alien, which he delivers to an air force base in area 51.

2.The Patriot

Honored Veteran Benjamin Martin leads a calm and measured lifestyle, enjoying the peace of his country house with his seven children. Several years ago, his wife died and now he is trying with all his might to take care of the children, which at times he is not very successful. Soon he is summoned to get his opinion on the outbreak of the war of independence. Benjamin opposes military action because he does not want to put his children in danger. However, the majority still voted to start a war with England. But Benjamin's eldest son, Gabriel, goes to the front, against his father's wishes. When Gabriel is killed by the British, Benjamin, without hesitation, leads a detachment of militias fighting the British.

3.Born on the 4th of July

Ron Kovik, a simple American guy, grew up in the quiet province of Massapequa on Long Island in a religious family. From an early age, patriotic feelings were instilled in the boy. Literally from school, the young man enlists in the army and goes to the war in Vietnam. Ron returns home disabled, paralyzed, but does not lose faith in life. However, a happy society is not ready to accept a young man crippled by the war.

During the Vietnamese events, Ron had to endure the real horrors of war. Unshot boys were often thrown into unequal battles with the enemy, and then ordered to clear out peaceful villages. Ron shot his friend by mistake and sustained a severe injury that immobilized his body. At home, he has a reassessment of values. The guy makes a difficult decision to repent to the parents of his murdered comrade and join the anti-war movement.

4.Grown Ups

The plot of the film "Classmates" tells about five good friends who have not seen each other for thirty years. Having gathered for the weekend on the occasion of Independence Day, experienced friends recall their school years and the adventures of those times. They also honor the bright memory of the school basketball coach. And of course they are celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the championship, in which they won together. In the lake house, where old friends rest, they get to know each other from a different perspective and get to know the families of their school friends.

5.Patriotic Cartoon Classics: 25 All-American Cartoons from World War II

Celebrate America with 2.5 hours of classic "cartoons for Victory" from the war era. Characters include Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Popeye, Superman, Mr. Hook and Private Snafu (a character that Dr. Seuss help create). See funny military training cartoons by the Army and Navy which were used to educated soldiers. Featuring Looney Tunes with remastered sound - great for the 4th of July!

6.Night at the Museum 

Larry Daley, the main character of the film, is desperate to find a job and is afraid of the prospect of never seeing his son, because the ex-wife believes that his son will be badly influenced by a father who does not work anywhere and constantly changes housing. A man grabs at every opportunity to make money. So he gets a job as a night watchman at the Museum of Natural History. But on the very first night Larry learns that, at first glance, the job is not so easy. After all, the main thing is not only to prevent outsiders from entering the museum, but, on the contrary, to prevent anyone and anything from leaving the museum.

7.The 4th

It's the 4th of July in LA, Jamie, a down on his luck illustrator, tries to throw a cookout while his over-beaking roomate is out of town. Jamie's day quickly spirals out of control as he gets in a series of misadventures all over town.

8.War of Worlds

Who could have imagined that all this time humanity is vigilantly watched by alien beings much more developed than we are.

Ray Ferrier stayed behind to look after his children, Robbie and Rachel, as his ex-wife left for the weekend with her new husband to her parents in Boston. Meanwhile, a strange and rapidly growing thundercloud is observed over the city, which begins to emit the strongest lightning, which leads to the shutdown of all electrical devices in the area. After lightning strikes, the asphalt begins to crack and huge alien machines on three long legs appear from the ground. Aliens begin to massacre people with deadly rays. Ray realizes that it is dangerous to stay in the city, and packs up his things to go with the children to Boston.

9.Jurassic Park

Fantastic film by Steven Spielberg. If you are a fan of science fiction and ... dinosaurs, then watching Jurassic Park online will give you incomparable pleasure. A new amusement park inhabited by cloned dinosaurs is opening on an island in the middle of the ocean. Before the discovery, a group of paleontologists arrives on the island for an inspection. That's when the adventures begin, because the monsters, thanks to the carelessness and thirst for profit of one of the employees of the park, break free ... The film is based on the novel of the same name by writer Michael Crichton. The picture made a splash in its time (1993), because for the first time new special effects and computer graphics were used in it, which shocked the audience. That year, the film won three Academy Awards: Best Sound, Best Visual Effects, and Best Sound Editing. The film's director Steven Spielberg is a 4-time winner of this award and has directed such legendary films as Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, Jaws and others.


The film "Armageddon", released in 1998, caused quite a lot of controversy among viewers and critics. On one side of the barricades were fans of disaster films, on the other - skeptics who evaluate the picture from a scientific point of view. But even despite seven (!) Nominations for the so-called "antioscar" - the "Golden Raspberry" award, the film still excites the minds of people, and therefore, undoubtedly, is worthy of attention. The action takes place in America. Scientists have recorded that planet Earth is threatened with destruction - a colossal asteroid is approaching it with a terrifyingly high speed. His collision with the planet means the onset of Armageddon - a tragic end for all living things. US space command keeps the strictest secret that if no action is taken, the fatal collision will occur in a little less than three weeks. What can humanity hope for for a miracle or for the teamwork of man and technology? NASA decides that the only chance to survive is to blow up the asteroid by placing explosives inside it. To this end, they call in a leading US drilling expert, Harry Stemper. It remains to be seen whether a handful of drillers will manage to save the world from certain death.

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