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25 hiring statistic for 2020 according to LinkedIn

2 years ago

A job interview can pave the way for a successful career, and what you do at this meeting with the employer will not only decide whether or not you get the job, but also the salary package and the conditions under which you will work. With such a high stake, it's no wonder there is a lot of advice on what to do at a job interview. But with this statistics can help you as an employer and also as a canditate to the job. Bemorepanda is here to suggest you interesting facts.


Internationally, the announcement for a new job attracts, on average, 250 CVs, of which only six are selected for an interview. Then follows the preparation of the interview. The employer takes notes about the candidate and releases his diary for a period of time. The potential employee has, however, several aspects to solve.


In the age of services, most of the time, the hiring decision is based on human interaction. It all comes down to two people: the employer and the potential employee. Until the interview will be conducted by a robot or specialized software, any generalization about it can be removed from the discussion. There is no valid general recipe for success, and this is the most important rule.


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The labor market, as well as other spheres of life in the era of digitalization, is experiencing an accelerated dynamic of transformations, which we often seem to have no time to adapt to. Choosing the best way to prepare for the new demands of our profession or, even more, of another career to which we want to migrate is increasingly challenging. Here is the situation in Brazil presented by Bemorepanda.

# 1 122% annual growth

1.Social media manager


Leader of the ranking, the profession of social media manager had its demand increased annually by an average of 122% between 2015 and 2019. The people in the role are responsible for the image, for the relationship and engagement and for the prospecting of a company on digital channels. They strategically expand business possibilities through websites and social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In addition to solid knowledge in digital marketing and social media, these professionals are expected to master tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


Five essential knowledge:

Digital marketing; social networks; Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Illustrator; and marketing.


Three segments that most seek:

Advertising and marketing; online media; and internet.


2. Cybersecurity engineer

# 2 115% annual growth


Any device connected to the internet is vulnerable to cyber attacks and, therefore, data security on the network has become central to companies. In this scenario, the role of cybersecurity engineer is increasingly important and thus

the second place among the main trends. The professional creates security systems and monitors the organization's IT infrastructure to prevent intrusions and implement processes and controls.


Five essential knowledge:

Docker Products; Ansible; DevOps; Amazon Web Services, AWS; and Kubernetes.


Three segments that most seek:

Information Technology and services; computer software; financial services.


Sales representative

# 3 109% annual growth


The good seller remains paramount for any company, as shown in this third position in the ranking of professions highlighted in 2020. But the highest positions are available to those who understand how to sell technology, as companies in the software, IT and internet segments are who are most looking for these specialists. Today's salesperson also needs to know active and passive marketing strategies and know how to map the needs of the most appropriate customer before approaching him.


Five essential knowledge:

Outbound Marketing; inbound marketing; pre sale; domestic sales; and prospecting.


Three segments that most seek:

Computer software; Information Technology and services; and internet.



4.Customer Success Specialist

# 4 79% annual growth


The relationship with the customer after the purchase is now fundamental for any company, as it is a way of maintaining his interest in the products or services he offers. The customer's success specialist plays a key role in providing the buyer with a quality after-sales experience. That is why,

it generally presents a profile that combines technical and behavioral skills, as it needs to understand technology and manage relationships. Like salespeople, the companies that seek them most are linked to technology: IT and services, software and the internet.


Five essential knowledge:

Inbound marketing; Helping Clients Succeed; customer relations; digital marketing; and customer experience.


Three segments that most seek:

Information Technology and services; computer software; and internet.



5.Data scientist

# 5 78% annual growth


There is a saying that data is the new oil. Their importance to companies explains why professions linked to the capture, processing, analysis, representation and interpretation of large volumes of data arrive with force

among the emerging ones, according to the LinkedIn survey. The good data scientist has the necessary knowledge to analyze the data and, from them, build models, make experiments and seek insights for the best decision making. It is an area for graduates in computer science, computer engineering and

applied mathematics, for example.


Five essential knowledge:

Machine Learning; data science; Python language; R language; and data science.


Three segments that most seek:

Information Technology and services; banks; and computer software.



6.Data Engineer

# 6 75% annual growth


In general terms, he is a software engineer specialized in backend. In other words: it is responsible for building the infrastructure and systems for organizing a company's data. It operates in the storage, distribution and retrieval of this information with a focus on optimizing their performance. Among the most required skills are the use of free Apache web server tools and the Python programming language.


Five essential knowledge:

Apache Spark; Apache Hadoop; large databases; Apache Hive; and the Python programming language.


Three segments that most seek:

Information Technology and services; banks; and financial services.


7.Artificial Intelligence Specialist

# 7 73% annual growth


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (in Portuguese, machine learning) are fast associations when it comes to innovation today. And the presence of the specialist in the area in this seventh position in the ranking is an indicator that this relationship came to

stay: hiring for the position grew by an annual average of 73% in the period evaluated in the survey. Despite working in the most varied sectors, they are required to have a specific set of skills, which include - in addition to machine learning - deep learning and the Python programming language.


Five essential knowledge:

Machine learning; deep learning; Python programming language; data science; Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Three segments that most seek:

Information Technology and services; computer software; and higher education institutions.



8.JavaScript Developer

# 8 72% annual growth


The JavaScript programming language is one of the main technologies of the internet, as it allows interactive web pages. Most websites and browsers have a dedicated JavaScript engine to run them. The companies that most seek programmers with this specialization are in the areas of Information Technology, software and the internet.


Five essential knowledge:

React.js; Node.js; AngularJS; Git; and MongoDB.


Three segments that most seek:

Information Technology and services; computer software; and internet.



9.Day Trader Investor

# 9 69% annual growth


Day Trade is a strategy for buying and selling shares on stock exchanges on the same day. As it requires quick analysis and decision-making, the most sought-after knowledge in this investor profile is on stock exchanges, capital markets, Trading (short-term investments) and the Technical Analysis methodology

(technical analysis, in Portuguese), which aims to predict future market behavior based on historical data.


Five essential knowledge:

Stock Exchange; Technical Analysis; investments; capital market; and short-term trading investment.


Three segments that most seek:

Financial services; capital market; and investment fund managers.





# 10 68% annual growth


The demand for drivers is also heated in the market, shows the ranking of Emerging Professions. Looking at the three sectors of the economy that are most likely to demand them in the coming year, it appears that, among them, are companies connected to the internet and services and facilities to the customer, such as passenger transport and shopping applications and deliveries. But the logistics segment is not far behind: expanding in Brazil, it appears in the second position. Today's professional, however, needs to go beyond being a good driver. It is useful to know how to use negotiation and customer service techniques and basic technology tools, such as the Office Package.


Five essential knowledge:

Customer service; Microsoft Word; leadership; Microsoft Excel; and sales.


Three segments that most seek:

Internet; land and rail transport; and customer services and facilities.



11.Investment advisor

# 11 61% annual growth


The investment adviser guides clients in making decisions about how to apply their resources, according to the expectations and needs of each person. This professional needs to master the portfolios to direct the best strategies to that profile. The most requested knowledge is in investments, capital and financial markets, fixed income and financial analysis.


Five essential knowledge:

Investments; capital market; financial market; fixed income; and financial analysis.


Three segments that most seek:

Financial services; capital market; and banks.



12.Social media assistant

# 12 60% annual growth


At a more beginner level and operational performance, the social media assistant has, among his responsibilities, researching competitive brands or markets, running campaigns on websites and social networks and creating an online voice or image that is desirable and reaches the company's target audience , based on the strategy defined by the manager. The advertising and marketing market is the one that hires the most, and therefore having skills in both areas is essential - knowing how to use Adobe Photoshop is another of the most outstanding knowledge. The Internet and Information Technology segments are also among the main employers.


13.Salesforce Developer

# 13 58% annual growth


Centralizing in a single database all the interactions between a company and its customers is one of the most important tasks currently developed in organizations. For this, a group of tools called Customer Relationship Management, CRM (in Portuguese, Relationship Management) has been used.

with the client). Salesforce is one of the strongest CRM systems on the market, and its expert programmers analyze business processes, develop workflows and generate solutions for specific business needs.


Five essential knowledge: development; Apex programming language; features; administration; and Visualforce.


Three segments that most seek:

Computer software; Information Technology and services; and management consulting.




14.Recruiter specialist in the Information Technology sector

# 14 56% annual growth


To hire so many qualified IT professionals, the market also needs recruiters specialized in the sector. According to the LinkedIn ranking, this profile ranks 14th among the rising professions in 2020. It requires knowledge to make the best choices in a selection process, such as recruitment techniques - especially in IT -, interview and research of executives. IT and services companies are the ones that most demand these professionals, and those of

recruitment and Human Resources appear next.


Five essential knowledge:

IT recruitment; recruitment; interview; executive search; and recruitment techniques.


Three segments that most seek:

Information Technology and services; recruitment and selection; and Human Resources.



15.Agile Methodology Coach

# 15 53% annual growth


In the corporate context, the concept of agility refers not only to speed, but also to the strategy of responding to the constant changes that the business is going through. Agile is a project management methodology focused on developing teams

more agile, in order to facilitate the transformations in the organizational culture necessary for the company's sustainability. The coach specialized in this model trains the teams and supervises their development so that they can contribute with their potential for effective results. Technology-related companies are the ones that most seek these professionals right now.


Five essential knowledge:

Kanban; Agile methodology; Scrum; project management in Agile; and business agility.


Three segments that most seek:

Information Technology and services; computer software; and internet.



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Surely you have seen various names of creative jobs on LinkedIn or even on business cards. Is it cool or is it too much? Do you shy away from people who take advantage of creativity and present themselves as HR Ambassadors, for example? Have you noticed that a lot of people, all of a sudden, are Coach / Mentor / Trainer / Entrepreneur?


Maybe a Shop Knight will smile at your cash register. Maybe instead of a receptionist, a Director of First Impressions will guide you. Maybe at the next meeting with a PR, he will write Communication Champion on his business card. If you are a QA Engineer, would you like to be called a QA Rock Star? If you are testing your company's website, would you like your job to be called a Website Master? If you work in Marketing, does the Account Wizard make you smile? Do you want to recruit as a Talent Catcher? How credible would it be for you to call yourself an Objective Achiever Coach?

And think again: you can be a Guru, Ninja, Champion, Digital Prophet etc or you can say "Abracadabra" and you are the coolest Digital Marketing Magician, Direct Mail Demi-God or, why not, you can introduce yourself as Social Media Badass.

So here is the top collected by Bemorepanda of the most hiarious and useless job titles that you can find on LinkedIn.

  1. Digital Overlord
  2. Creator of Happiness
  3. Retail Jedi
  4. Wizard of Light Bulb Moments
  5. Dream Alchemist
  6. Chief Chatter
  7. Change Magician
  8. Accounting Ninja
  9. Chief Biscuit Dunker
  10. Direct Mail Demi-God
  11. Digital Marketing Magician
  12. Brand Warrior
  13. Senior Road Warrior Marketing Intern
  14. The Social Media Badass
  15. Chief Thought Provoker


But remember this! Some candidates have the impression that an unconventional degree will positively impress recruiters, as opposed to the usual one. Nothing wrong. Of course, such a title may attract attention, but not necessarily with a positive impact on those who read it. Recruiters use keywords related to that position, so they will search, for example: "Sales Manager" and not "Sales Evangelist", "Digital Marketing Manager" and not "Digital Wizard / Guru / Ninja", "Brand Manager ”And not“ Brand Warrior ”.


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The Republic of Singapore is a series of separate islands that are located in Southeast Asia. The state can be called quite young - it declared independence in 1965, before that Singapore was under British rule.


At the time of the formation of the independent Republic, the economy of Singapore was in a deplorable state, but over several decades everything has changed significantly. Now Singapore is one of the world's financial centers; many world-famous companies are concentrated here.


The standard of living in the country continues to grow rapidly, so today, there are great job offers there. On Bemorepanda you can find the top jobs for 2020.

1.Artificial Intelligence 


 What you should know: The profession of a specialist in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is becoming more and more popular every day. The market is in great need of experts who can create and maintain artificial neural networks, since this makes it possible to automate work processes, identify hidden trends, make effective forecasts, and develop new useful products and services.


Unique skills: Machine Learning, Python, Deep Learning, TensorFlow. 


Industries hiring this talent: Information Technology & Services, Financial Services, Internet, Computer Software, Research. 


2..Robotics Engineer 


What you should know: Robotics is a branch of engineering that deals with the construction, operation and application of robots. These robots are programmable devices that are used to perform a set of instructions. Some of these robots are more autonomous than others (which are semi-autonomous, for example, Telerobots).


Unique skills: Blue Prism, Robot Programming, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Robotics, UiPath. 


 Industries hiring this talent: Information Technology & Services, Financial Services, Industrial Automation, Management Consulting, Computer Software. 



3.Full Stack Engineer 


What you should know:  Full Stack Engineer is a developer who must understand the entire stack of technologies and components used in the project, both in terms of the front-end and back-end. At the same time, such a developer does not have to be senior in all technologies that are used in the development of an application.


Skills unique to the job: React.js, Node.js, AngularJS, JavaScript, Git 


Top industries hiring this talent: Computer Software, Information Technology & Services, Internet, Financial Services, Marketing & Advertising 


4.Backend Developer 


What you should know: Back End Developer is a specialist who deals with the software and administrative part of a web application, the internal content of the system, server technologies - a database, architecture, program logic.


Skills unique to the job: Node.js, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services, Git, MongoDB 


 Top industries hiring this talent: Computer Software, Internet, Information Technology & Services, Marketing & Advertising, Financial Services 



5. Data Scientist 


What you should know: The Data Scientist is an analytical data expert who has the technical skills to tackle complex problems, as well as the curiosity that drives those challenges. They are part mathematicians, part computer scientists and part trend spotters.


Skills unique to the job: Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, R, Apache Spark 


Top industries hiring this talent: Information Technology & Services, Computer Software, Banking, Financial Services, Internet



6. DevOps Engineer 


What you should know:  A DevOps Engineer’s main function is to operate the IT infrastructure of their organization. This means time spent working with software developers, system operators, and others to oversee code releases.


Skills unique to the job: Docker Products, Jenkins, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ansible, DevOps 


Top industries hiring this talent: Information Technology & Services, Computer Software, Banking, Financial Services, Internet 


7. Data Engineer 


What you should know: Data Engineer is a mixture of data analysts and data scientists. He is responsible for extracting, transforming, loading data, and processing it. The profession is in demand primarily due to high salaries and demand among employers.


Skills unique to the job: Apache Spark, Hadoop, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python, Big Data 


Top industries hiring this talent: Computer Software, Information Technology & Services, Internet, Banking, Financial Services 


8.Cybersecurity Specialist 


What you should know: Cybersecurity Specialist identifies information security threats and data loss risks, develops and implements measures to counter threats and solutions to protect against information loss; ensures the safety and confidentiality of data; participates in the development and implementation of IT solutions.


Skills unique to the job: Cybersecurity, Information Security, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Network Security, Penetration Testing 


Top industries hiring this talent: Information Technology & Services, Management Consulting, Computer & Network Security, Telecommunications, Banking 



9. Community specialist


What you should know: A community specialist is a person in the field of community management: the creation, support, and development of communities/structures with a network hierarchy, both online and offline. 


Unique skills: Community Engagement, Public Speaking, Leadership, Event Management, Event Planning, Strategy, Social Media Marketing


 Industries hiring this talent: Information Technology and Services, Internet, Non-profit Organizations, Financial Service, Education Management 


10.Partnership Specialist


What you should know: The Partnership Specialist will work with team and other project staff to engage with national, regional, and international business, forestry, finance, technology and other relevant partners in pursuit of project development goals focused on private investment. S/he will provide technical expertise on public-private partnership (PPP) issues, such as the development of strategies for outreach to the private sector and structuring investment and market-oriented partnerships. 


Unique skills: Strategic Partnership, Business Development, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Marketing


Industries hiring this talent: Marketing and Advertising, Information Technology and Services, Financial Service


11. Clinical Specialist 


What you should know: Clinical Specialists sell medical devices to healthcare providers. Their duties include traveling to healthcare facilities, introducing products to medical professionals, and training users on product functionalities. They work for companies that import or manufacture specialized medical equipment.


Unique skills: Clinical Research, Medicine, Patient Safety, Psychotherapy, Healthcare Management


Industries hiring this talent: Hospital & Healthcare, Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Practice



12. E-commerce Specialist


What you should know: An e-commerce specialist deals with the Internet commerce system through online stores, applications, and other services. For successful work, such a specialist must be proficient in both the specifics of trade and the Internet business.


Skills unique to the job: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Business Development, Microsoft Powerpoint


Top industries hiring this talent: Information Technology & Services, Consumer Goods, Internet, Retail



13. Customer Success Specialist 


What you should know: The Customer Success Specialist delves into the customer's business processes and analyzes which product capabilities can be used to optimize them. Thanks to his knowledge of the specifics of various business topics, the specialist draws conclusions that work best for a particular company. And can recommend a suitable solution and optimal settings to get the most out of the service.


Skills unique to the job: Software as a Service, Customer Relationship Management, Account Management, Salesforce, Customer Retention 


Top industries hiring this talent: Computer Software, Information Technology & Services, Internet, Marketing & Advertising, Financial Services 



14. Product Owner 


What you should know: The Product Owner knows everything about the needs and pains of the user, the capabilities of the team, see their points of contact for the benefit of the entire project.


Skills unique to the job: Agile Methodologies, Scrum, Product Management, Agile Product Management, JIRA 


Top industries hiring this talent: Computer Software, Information Technology & Services, Banking, Financial Services, Internet 



15. Creative Copywriter


What you should know: A copywriter provides words. A creative copywriter provides words and ideas that help accelerate the commercial impact of communications.A copywriter is a specialist who creates text content. This can be feature articles on the site, blogging, writing posts on social networks, email newsletters, press releases. The copywriter needs to study the specifics of the company, the field of activity, USP of goods or services, analyze the target audience, and study the basics of Internet marketing. They expect from a copywriter that the texts are understandable, the style is recognizable, and the texts of the site or any materials inspire people to buy and any targeted action.


Unique skills: Content Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


 Industries hiring this talent: Marketing and Advertising, Information Technology and Services, Online Media, Internet, Broadcast Media, Publishing



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Remember the line from the poem "All works are good, choose to taste!"? The second part of this phrase is the best suited to the topic of our material. After all, when you find out what professions exist in the world, we are sure that you will come to no small surprise. But what will surprise you even more is how they are paid. Especially when you consider that many of them do not require a university degree or special skills at all. The main thing is the desire to work and earn.


From snake milker to zombie - what other unusual professions exist in the world


To be honest, we at Bemorepanda would also like to work on some of the jobs listed, especially where you have fun and also get paid for it. Some of them are even disgusting to hear about. This is because in some countries these professions are common, while in others they seem to be something out of the ordinary.


However, see for yourself and be surprised what specialists are in demand in the professional world.


1 Legal Bank Robber

Imagine robbing a bank with no subsequent punishment or fear of being caught. You can work as a penetration tester, or as they are called in the industry, a licensed bank robber. The purpose of this role is to assess the existing security measures (in the past, the work was limited to a simple hacking of the bank). While bogus robbers still exist, penetration testing has expanded to include identity theft, computer hacking, calling operators to trick them into providing customer information, and even impersonating police officers to install surveillance equipment in vaults. .


2. Professional sleeper

To appreciate the comfort of their beds, a hotel in Finland hired an employee as a "professional sleeper". Every night a person uses a different hotel bed to determine which one he prefers.


3. Professional mourner

Hiring professional mourners is not uncommon in various societies. The family hires professional mourners to attend the memorial service when the important person who has passed away has no friends. The goal is to improve the reputation of the deceased. These people can earn between $40 and $100 (£30 to £75) per session and take part in the meal that follows the funeral.


4. Movie watcher

Many streaming services pay people to watch and rate movies and series. They become public only if they receive positive feedback. You don't need any prior experience to enjoy movies, but you do need to be able to tell good movies from bad ones. Income ranges from $12 to $15 (£9 to £11) an hour, which isn't very much. Be that as it may, it is safe to conclude that most people would consider this their ideal career.


5. Iceberg tow

They track the location of icebergs and offer safe walks around them. They may also need to tow an iceberg from a specific location. The concept was developed after the Titanic disaster in 1911 and no doubt prevented many additional tragedies. Expected Salary? The average iceberg hauler earns around $20,000 (£15,000) a year.


6. Author for online dating

Millions of profiles on various online dating platforms show how many people are looking for love. But since not everyone can present themselves in the best possible way, some people hire a specialist to write their online dating profile. Enter ghostwriter for online dating. Pay will vary depending on your writing ability, but you can expect to earn an average of $900 (£670) each month.


7. Professional apologetic

The professional apologetic is one of the strangest professions on our list. A person who apologizes on behalf of others instead of them is known as a professional apologetic. He constantly expresses his condolences to the victim until his goal is achieved.


8. Zombies

There are annual zombie auditions at London Dungeons, and with an average income of £30,000, it's clear it's not the worst job to do. In fact, everything is very simple: your task will be to scare visitors who knowingly pay for the opportunity to be pursued by fictitious strangers through dark corridors. If you're good, you can advance in your profession by becoming a torturer or perhaps Jack the Ripper.


9. Hangover Helpers, Party Cleaners

Hangover helpers and party cleaners make $20 for each roommate when they go to places where there were parties with copious amounts of alcohol. They arrive the morning after the party, deliver a burrito and Gatorade (an isotonic fluid-replenishing drink) to help with a hangover, and clean up all the party trash. Mark Simons, the creator of Hangover Helpers Party Cleaners, started out cleaning party houses for extra cash before realizing he could build a business out of it, given that there are always people throwing parties and those people never want to clean up a huge mess.


10. Paper towel sniffer

Let's face it, when you buy six rolls of paper towels, the scent is what excites you the most. Therefore, the paper towel sniffer ensures that paper towel manufacturers produce high-quality, odor-free products. So if you like paper sniffing, you can make $52,000 (£38,600) a year doing it.


11. Nanny for pandas

Pandas are known to be an endangered species and have low sexual activity. Special people are working at the China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Ya'an, Sichuan province to cheer up these reserved animals and encourage them to breed. Such workers can earn 200,000 yuan (£22,900) a year.


12. Professional line stander

An experienced queuer will do exactly what the job's term implies: wait in line instead of others. This comes in handy when Black Friday is around the corner or when new products like the iPhone are being unveiled. They can earn around $1,000 (£750) per week.


13. Professional hugger

People who have suffered severe psychological trauma, are lonely, depressed, sick or in need of treatment can find solace in a professional embrace. Becoming a professional hugger is not difficult, but you need to be empathetic and have high moral character. Hugs often advertise their services online and earn $20 to $40 (£15 to £30) an hour.


14. Boyfriend for rent

It's very easy to find a guy in Tokyo if you have money. I wonder what is included in their professional duties?


15. Furniture tester

This work is pretty cool unless it's made out of a cactus. To appreciate the convenience of furniture, you need to sit on it, move around and even sleep.


16. Dog food taster

Dogs are the perfect best friends, so why not give them the very best food? Dog food testers do the odd job of making sure the food your dog eats is safe for him by first making sure it's safe for you, the human.


17. Bed warmer

Making a bed is one of the most fun jobs in the world. Heating pads can be helpful if you enjoy sleeping in a warm, comfortable bed, especially in winter. These people help keep you warm and comfortable while you're in bed.


18. Ostrich nurse

This task is easier than that of a babysitter. Why? Because all you have to do is watch the ostriches to make sure they don't peck at each other.


19. Fortune Cookie Lyricist

The opportunity to write a fortune cookie may have been right in front of you all along. These are independent or in-house writers who create unique and intriguing fortune cookie predictions. These people can earn around $40,000 (£30,200) a year.


20. Hard Trick Tester

Admire programs like Fort Boyard or Fear Factor? You can have a career as a stuntman if you thought "I could do this" during the trials. To do this, you will need to experience all the obstacles and tasks. You will be responsible for making sure they are safe and as tight as possible. The upside is that you can earn up to $800 every day, although you will have to wonder if there is really a lot of competition for these positions.


21. Inventor of the name of nail polish

Anyone who has ever painted their nails has probably wondered where these characteristic and even absurd names for nail polishes come from. It turns out that there is no single approach. Some businesses leave it up to senior management, while others hire creative experts from the advertising or marketing departments to take on the task.


22. Feng Shui Consultant

Sometimes you need to connect with your inner self. People hire feng shui professionals to furnish their homes, workplaces, gardens, and condominiums. For a consultation, you can easily earn anywhere from $500 to $1,000 (£380 to £750).


23. "Surgeon" for teddy bears

The title is actually supposed to be "Teddy Bear Repair Technician", but "surgeon" seems much more appealing. This technique's job is to sew arms, legs, and eyes back onto "damaged" teddy bears at every major Build-A-Bear store. In addition, there are numerous separate "hospitals" for teddy bears. In principle, the ability to sew is one of the necessary skills.


24. Intimacy Coordinator

You may have wondered how the love scene was set up if you've ever seen a movie with such a scene. Were these actions mentioned in the script? The Intimacy Coordinator, who makes recommendations on the ideal intimate scene and what is best for the performers in the event of a simulated intercourse or even a kiss, brings it all together.


25. Dog Surf Instructor

As incredible as it may seem, there is a market for training dogs to surf. Professionals are hired to teach owners and their pets how to surf. Dog trainers can earn around $13 (£10) an hour.


26. Adult Toy Tester

Adult toy testers are hired to evaluate the novelty, aesthetic appeal, and usefulness of prototypes or new adult toys. These professionals can earn around $25 (£19) an hour.


27. Bicycle catcher

The capital of the world with the best cycling infrastructure is Amsterdam. Not surprisingly, many of these two-wheelers end up in the canal, giving rise to a new line of business known as bike fishing. Around 14,000 rusty bicycles are dragged from the rivers of Amsterdam every year.


28. Professional mermaid

These certified mermaids perform at events and teach others how to swim like them. They can earn around $300 (£230) an hour at a birthday party.


29. Cube Quality Inspector

What most people don't know is that dice must have very precise dimensions and weight balance in order for you to be able to see any of the numbers face up when you roll the die. The dice quality inspector is often responsible for conducting expert quality control tests to ensure that the dice meet all specifications. Cubes will not be packaged until they have been inspected and deemed fit for sale.


30. Google Maps Tracker

Do you want to go hiking and walk through places that are hard to reach for cars around the world - Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, the jungle, etc.? Want to trek these trails while carrying a massive camera? The perfect way out! To do this, Google hires Google Map Trekkers. This could be the perfect career for the healthy traveller. It allows you to enjoy nature, see breathtaking views and contribute to mapping the globe so that others can travel while sitting at home. For hikers, explorers and outdoor enthusiasts, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.


31. Fake wedding guest

These are the guests who are paid to show up at weddings to make the event look massive and give the bride, groom or both a positive social image. Some couples even go so far as to include fake guests in their entire wedding party.


32. Underwater pizza delivery man

If the existence of an underwater hotel in Florida doesn't strike you as odd enough, here's another odd twist to this hotel: It also has a scuba diver who delivers pizza to the underwater rooms, carrying it in a waterproof case.


33. Stanley Cup Keeper

The winning club in the National Hockey League receives the Stanley Cup every year. Backups in case of damage to the original Stanley Cup trophy are not available. This is a large and extremely expensive bowl. Due to the importance of the Stanley Cup, a "Cup Keeper" is always hired to guard the trophy and travel with it wherever it goes.


34. Scarecrow Man

This may come as a surprise to you if you are familiar with stuffed animals filled with straw. There are people for whom this is a job. They constantly drive away the birds, remaining in the place of the fake stuffed animal.


35. Alarm clock man

The Daily Wake Up Call Company can help you wake up every morning by assigning a live person to wake you up. In addition to waking up their "bosses", alarm people also call them to remind them of their daily duties and schedules. The business has entered a very lucrative industry that allows you to benefit from the hustle and bustle of others. And how difficult can it be to call people every morning to let them know about their daily tasks?


36. Quiidacarro

When you park your car in Costa Rica, you will come across a quiidacarro. Doing his job is not as difficult as it seems. Quidacarro keeps an eye on your vehicle while you are away to prevent theft (unless he has his eye on it).


37. Train pusher

You must see trains in Japan if you think the London Underground is bad. The goal of the pusher is to push passengers into the train as quickly as possible by pushing them from the outside until the doors close.


38. Hippotherapist

Hippotherapy literally translates as "treatment with the help of a horse." You use the movement and therapeutic qualities of horses to help human patients overcome speech, physical or mental health problems. But having experience with horses and loving them is not enough. Before you can specialize in this field, you must meet the requirements and be licensed as a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech therapist.


39. Professional Hitchhiker

The idea of hitchhiking in this situation is completely reversed. Professional hitchhikers are paid to drive other people's cars in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital. This is one of the strangest jobs. The poor infrastructure of Jakarta is to blame for the terrible traffic jams in the city. Three-in-one zones, which can only be entered by cars with three passengers, were created by road authorities to reduce the number of bottlenecks on the roads. So poor Indonesians from the outskirts of Jakarta are waiting on the route to hitchhike and speed up the driver's journey.


40. Golf ball diver

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the golf balls that fall into the water? These balls are found by golf ball divers who then bring them back to the course to be cleaned and reused. Hence, if you enjoy diving, this job is perfect for you and you can earn around $200 (£150) every day.


41. Professional Paint Dryer

Have you ever had a job that was only slightly more enjoyable than watching paint dry? In fact, there is work that requires waiting for the paint to dry. The main duty of the employee is to paint cardboard sheets to test the new paint's mixing ability and drying time.


42. Persistent Netflix Viewer

Imagine that you receive a daily salary for watching TV! For one lucky employee, that wish came true. To help us viewers find exactly the program we're looking for, whether it's a romantic crime film based on classic literature or a smart TV show with talking animals, Netflix has hired someone to review all of their content before it becomes available to the general public.


43. Food warmer taster

People often claim that you either love something or hate it, and in the case of St. John Skelton, he really takes that statement to heart. He works with a team of bain marie tasters to make sure each batch of bain marie has the proper flavor, texture and consistency. During his thirty years of work there, he consumed almost 3,000 cans of this substance!


44. License plate blocker

In order to reduce traffic congestion in Iran, there are special rules that cars are only allowed on the road on certain days of the week, depending on their license plates ending in even and odd numbers. To keep their license plates out of the cameras, Iranians pay guys to walk behind their cars.


45. Professional foreigner

These people are hired to dress professionally and shake hands with powerful businessmen. They are sometimes hired to attend real estate events and act like foreigners and famous people. Many of these people can earn $1,000 (£750) every week for completing a specific task or activity.


46. ​​Aircraft artist

An aeronautical artist changes an old aircraft design into a modern one. By doing this, people can earn around $20 (£15) an hour.


47. Keeper of swans

Christopher Perrins, Honorary Fellow at Wolfson's College, Oxford, holds this odd position part-time. Perrins counts the swans on the Thames every year. Even though he only used his ownership in the Windsor area, the Queen technically owned them all, so it doesn't matter to anyone how many there are.


48. Sewer washer

Sewer cleaners are not the most attractive profession, but they are necessary to keep the country's sewer systems running. Sewer flushing devices are used to clear blockages caused by non-biodegradable debris and hardened layers of cooking fat and oil in pipes.


49. Snake Milker

When it comes to milking an animal, you will first of all imagine a cow, but not a poisonous snake. By extracting venom from a poisonous snake, they obtain the necessary material for one of the most important components of medicines - antidotes. And since this is a dangerous job, you can expect to be well paid for it.


50. Land mine detector using rodents

The unfortunate consequence of any global conflict is most often dangerous landmines. As millions of mines were buried during the Vietnam War, action was taken to destroy most of them, and rodents and their handlers were tasked with this vital duty for handsome rewards.


51. Professional bridesmaid

Choosing a dress, trying it on, shopping, planning a bachelorette party, compiling a gift list, and many other wedding-related tasks are all part of a skilled bridesmaid's job. While no formal training is required, a person must be fully aware of the process involved in a wedding. Bridesmaids who work professionally can easily earn up to $7,000 (£5,300) a month.


52. Thief Hunter

Who are you going to call if the police can't solve the crime? Thief hunter. It is sure to catch the culprit if you are the victim of a petty crime or a pickpocket, using a wide range of strategies and tools to ensure they get your stuff back. You can earn around $50,000 (£37,100) a year dealing with criminals if that's what you're interested in.


53. Vomit Cleaner

On some roller coasters, you can easily throw up because they go up and down and turn at such strange angles. Because the amusement park owners were aware of this, this position was created.


54. Olive Oil Regulator

Europe takes its olive oil quite seriously. So serious that compliance with the requirements for the taste and aroma of different varieties of olive oil creates jobs in Italy, Spain, Greece and other countries with a high level of production. In addition, these bodies ensure that suppliers provide the required documents and that labels comply with all IOC specifications.


55. Mannequin Man

If you are in desperate need of fast and good money, you can try your hand in the human mannequin industry. Hourly pay for human mannequins is about $100. Due to the demanding nature of the work, which involves being on site for extended periods of time, the pay is substantial. For several hours a day you will have to look like a mannequin, so this job is not for those who can quickly get bored with something.


56. Guide to the Paranormal

From invisible ghosts to other ethereal entities, there are many paranormal creatures that you may not be able to see but that a guide to the paranormal can lead you to. In the US and across Europe, there are opportunities for this strange job that can make good money.


57. Sniffer

Perfume, deodorant, and cosmetics are combined to generate more than $1 trillion a year. Scenters are needed to make sure that the product smells good, and to establish and confirm the persistence of the aroma. Sniffers can earn $20 to $25 (£15 to £19) an hour.


58. Statue Man

The work of a human statue pays well. This is a living mannequin dressed or painted to match the character it represents. Some shops may pay generously for a human statue to model clothes or add originality to their brand. A person who stays still can earn around $100 (£75) an hour.


59. Water slide tester

Water slide testers evaluate the fun and safety of water slides in resorts, amusement parks and hotels. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to come to work every day.


60. Worm Collector

Earthworm collectors collect and "hunt" them outdoors. You may work for universities or other institutions that use worms for teaching and research, or you may be hired by fishing firms to catch and pack bait. Worms can also be sold directly to fishermen for use as bait. There are no formal requirements, but if you are paid for every thousand worms you collect, you will need some skill and dedication if you want to make a living from this job.


61. Man-electric discharge

Guys who carry around a small wooden box that gives off electric shocks are called toques in Mexico. While drunken bar patrons endure this torture to sober up, others think it gives them a new high.


62. Dinosaur Land Manager

Dinosaur Land is a roadside attraction featuring life-sized fiberglass dinosaurs and other animals located in White Post, Virginia.


63. Humolog

It turns out that it takes a whole scientific procedure to produce a small, one-gram stick of chewing gum. Hummologists use science and technology to give you a real taste explosion, that's what they are for.


64. IMAX screen cleaner

Over time, huge movie screens for IMAX movies can get awfully dirty. When they don't like what's happening in the movie, some viewers throw candy or popcorn at the screen and these foods stick to it. Most often, these movie screens collect a lot of dust. As such, several workers are responsible for cleaning these screens to ensure that movies are viewed clearly. Due to the sheer size of the screens and the amount of stuff that can accumulate on them, each cleaning takes several hours.


65. Shoe Wrinkle Specialist

When the shoes are urgently taken out of the factory, special people make sure that there are no wrinkles or creases on them.


66. Elevator Inspector

These inspectors ensure the smooth operation of the elevator, but their duties are not limited to this. To ensure safety and compliance standards are met, these inspectors inspect and repair all materials handling equipment, including escalators, elevators, moving sidewalks, ski lifts, and even amusement park rides.


67. Touch tester

These sensory testers evaluate the effectiveness of skin care products such as lotions, facial cleansers and razors with their hands. They can earn up to $25 (£19) an hour groping various faces, but this requires some preparation.


68. Deodorant Tester

You often poke your nose into other people's business. Well, these people stick their noses into other people's armpits to gauge how well deodorants mask body odor. This is what you call a stinky job.


69. Elephant Trainer

Some elephants can draw, paint, throw a ball, splash water, play drums, sit up, stand on their hind legs, and even sing. The task of an elephant trainer is to teach these huge creatures good manners and outstanding tricks. You can use food or physical contact as a bribe when training elephants, and you may have to clean up after large animals and provide them with food and water. In addition, you will have to provide them with exercise and make sure they have enough brain stimulation to keep these smart creatures from getting bored. Amusement parks, zoos, circuses and film studios around the world often employ elephant trainers.


70. Chick sexer

The work of a specialist in determining the sex of chickens is simple. While it might not be all that intriguing, at least they work with animals! All they have to do is determine the sex of the chickens!






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