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20 key facts about Area 51 that you should know - Bemorepanda

2 years ago

Area 51 has been in the public eye over time through military activities and, obviously, through conspiracies related to aliens.


In recent months, Area 51 has been in the public eye because of interns who planned to storm it. Over time, the area has attracted public attention through the military activities that have taken place here and the conspiracy theories that certain individuals have maintained.


Bemorepanda has created a list of 20 facts about everything you need to know about Area 51.


1. The name

The name Area 51 was given by officials who oversaw nuclear tests in the 1950s and was used on military maps of the region. For these tests was created in the desert, 100 kilometers from Las Vegas, Nevada Test Site, now known as the Nevada National Security Site. In these areas delimited by the military authorities, several hundred nuclear weapons tests took place, of which about 100 took place outdoors.


2. UFOs

To a greater or lesser extent, Area 51 has been in the public eye since the nuclear tests. However, worldwide fame came in the 1980s, when Robert Lazar told a Las Vegas television station that he was working on S-4, a base near Area 51 as part of a flying saucer reverse engineering project. .


When these statements were made public, they sparked a growing interest in the activities taking place in Area 51. However, not long after, the whole story that Robert Lazar built was dismantled. Thus, investigators were able to prove that he did not work at Los Alamos Laboratories and that he had not graduated from MIT or Caltech.


3. Access forbidden

Currently, the US Army uses the Area for aircraft testing and therefore its entire perimeter is continuously patrolled. Colloquially, these guards are called by the locals and the press "camouflaged boys" because of the equipment they use. Unfortunately for the military who are part of these patrols, this activity proves to be extremely dangerous, some of them claiming that they suffer from breathing problems due to the compounds used to make the aircraft "invisible" on radar.


4. Landing

Landing, in turn, has attracted the attention of people interested in conspiracy theories. In a 1974 book, "We Never Went to the Moon: America's Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle," Bill Kaysing argued that all images of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were made in Area 51.


Theories about a false landing have been dismantled over the decades, the only link between Area 51 and the Apollo program is testing some of the space equipment in Nevada.


5. Military base

Area 51 is currently part of the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), which is under the authority of the Nellis Base of the United States Air Force. Officials in this part of the US military say the military base covers about 1.2 million hectares.


6. Functions of Area 51

The Nevada Test and Training Range, of which the Area is a part, is used to train military pilots for combat scenarios. In the past, this base has been used to test and design military technologies: airplanes, helicopters and drones. One of the most famous "products" of this base is the U-2 spy plane, used for high altitude espionage.


7. The desert community

While the U.S. military was working on U-2 spy planes, engineer Kelly Johnson proposed building a settlement for the staff working on the project and their families. This place was called Paradise Ranch.


8. Conspiracies

For ufologists and those who believe in various conspiracy theories, Area 51 is proving to be an endless source of mysteries. The truth is that the lack of transparency that military activities and espionage raise is at the source of these conspiracy theories. Naturally, the multitude of resources that the American government allocates to this base and the relative silence regarding the activities that take place there raise a series of questions whose answers can be transformed into conspiracy theories.


According to declassified CIA documents, most of the UFOs that were reported in the area were, in fact, U-2 aircraft under test.


9. Continuous activity

After the U-2 program, Area 51 was used for other military espionage programs. These projects include the Lockheed A-12 Oxcart and D-21 Tagboard aircraft.


Satellite images show that Area 51 is still used today, with the addition of various buildings and facilities to the base. In 2016, images from Google Earth showed that a new runway was built, with security experts believing that it would be used for drones.


10. It is not a tourist attraction

As the last few months have shown, internet users are more than happy to enter the territory of Area 51. However, any attempt to enter the territory of this base is discouraged by the military. Those who enter without permission risk six months in prison and $ 1,000 fines.


11. Soviet engineering

Although there is no evidence that Alien 51 experimented with extraterrestrial technology, documents declassified in 2013 showed that the United States obtained and tested Soviet MiG fighter jets in the 1970s and 1980s.


12.The Roswell phenomenon

However, the public perception that the US government is hiding evidence of alleged extraterrestrial visits to Earth also originated in Roswell, New Mexico, more than 70 years ago.


In July 1947, a flying object made of thin metal foil crashed near a farm in Roswell during a storm. The Air Force quickly picked up the remains on the spot for research. A local newspaper, the Roswell Daily Record, published an article about a "flying saucer" or "flying saucer" found on the farm.


13.The Mogul Project

The Mogul project successfully discovered a nuclear activity of the Russians, until it was closed in 1950. The balloons used were made of polyethylene, according to the Times, a material unknown at the time and which was the basis for the release of meteorological equipment into the atmosphere, later. The balloons were not very suitable for monitoring nuclear explosions, but they proved to be very good for radio communications.


14.U-2 spy plane project

From the documents declassified by the CIA, it results that in the period 1954-1974 two spy plane projects were developed: the U-2 aircraft project and the Oxcart project (construction of the Lockheed A-12 spy planes).


An interesting fact reported by the CIA document on U-2 planes is President Eisenhower's desire to recruit only foreign nationals for espionage missions. In the event of a U.2 plane crash, the US could have denied its involvement in the activity carried out by the respective foreign pilot.


15.Drone program

Area 51 is currently undergoing a program to build new drones, military equipment that has become increasingly in demand by the U.S. military and intelligence services, especially in the war on terror that has followed terrorist attacks in the United States. September 11, 2001. The American drone program came to the fore in 2002, through the tragic event in Yemen, where a drone accidentally killed 13 people who were part of a wedding procession.


16.Existence of Area 51

The US government officially recognized the existence of the base only in 2013, with the publication by the CIA of declassified documents on the U-2 and A-12 reconnaissance and espionage aircraft programs.


17.Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us

The internet has been invaded by Area 51 memes inspired by a joke Facebook event to take over the secretive military site and find the supposed aliens kept inside. The event, called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us, was planned for Sept. 20, and so far 1.5 million people have signed on.


18.Location of Area 51

The base is huge, covering over 125,000 hectares with at least 22 runways. The land was chosen for its isolated location, and for the large areas of perfectly flat land, which allowed the construction of long tracks, many of them unpaved.


19.The secret around Area 51

The secrecy surrounding Area 51 goes far beyond these proactive measures. In 1994, a group of civilian contractors and their widows filed a lawsuit alleging that they had been exposed to hazardous materials that had been burned in an open ditch. The case was dismissed for lack of evidence after the government refused to publish details of those materials, claiming it would harm national security. This was reinforced by a presidential order signed by Bill Clinton.


20.There is no real fence around area 51

At such a heavily guarded facility by the US military, it would appear that Zone 51 would have a physical boundary to hold citizens. After all, it is not a very safe military installation if you can get through the protected area just by a simple walk.


That's right. Area 51 has no fence at all and we refer to "always". While some of its indoor installations are protected by perimeters, the entire base has no physical boundaries. This does not mean that it is wise to just enter, as there are magnetic sensors and watchtowers in many places that would surely pull you if you try.


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Memorial Day in the United States is a special national holiday celebrated on the last Monday in May every year.


This day is dedicated to those US servicemen who died defending the interests of the country in all wars and military conflicts in which the US has ever participated. But not everyone knows the history of this holiday.


History Memorial Day began after the American Civil War and was originally dedicated only to Confederate state soldiers who died during the war. Then the holiday had a different name - Decoration Day, because on this day it was customary to decorate the graves of dead soldiers with flowers and flags.


Bemorepanda collected some interesting facts so you can discover more about the history and meaning of this holiday.


1. The holiday was named the Day of Remembrance in 1866. For the first time, Memorial Day was officially celebrated in the small town of Waterloo, New York, on May 5, 1866.

Memorial Day in 2021 | Calendar Labs


2. The location was not chosen by chance. Here, a citywide campaign was held annually to clean the graves of the dead soldiers. This day was an official non-working day, so the introduction of the holiday did not affect the usual life in any way.

Memorial Day - Wikipedia


3. However, over time, the holiday has become very popular and even family. On May 5, 1868, the holiday was officially proclaimed by General John Logan, commander of the Old Republic Army.

Memorial Day: Reflection and Celebration | U.S. Embassy in Switzerland and  Liechtenstein


4. He was commemorated on May 30, 1868 by the laying of flowers at the grave of Allied and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.

General John A. Logan, Memorial Day founder – The Campaign for the National  Museum of the United States Army


5. In 1873, the holiday was officially recognized by the state of New York - the first state to celebrate it.

Memorial Day – a time to remember and honor: Our view


6. Since 1890, the holiday has been recognized by all Northern states of the United States.

Memorial Day in Orlando: 10 things to do this weekend - Orlando Sentinel


7. The southern states refused to celebrate, remembering their loved ones who died in the war on other days.

Coronavirus can't crush real meaning of Memorial Day


8. After the First World War, on the Day of Remembrance began to commemorate the soldiers who died in battles in this war. But the holiday was still unofficial in much of the United States.

Military families share Memorial Day with nation mourning coronavirus  losses - ABC News


9. Memorial Day was recognized as a federal holiday only in 1971 with the adoption of the corresponding law - the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

Memorial Day | Definition, History, & Facts | Britannica


10. Today, Americans associate Memorial Day with the actual onset of summer.

Memorial Day | Definition, History, & Facts | Britannica


11. On the weekend before Memorial Day (and along with the holiday itself there are as many as 3 days), it is customary to go with your family for a picnic, on a trip, participate in sports competitions, and organize charity events.

Memorial Day 2020: What's the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans  Day? -


12. But the Americans do not forget the origins of the holiday - on this day they still decorate the graves and plant flags on them, remembering the exploits of American soldiers.

TIME for Kids | A Salute to Memorial Day


13. Nonetheless, various political groups have repeatedly submitted bills to Congress to fix an official (non-floating) date for Memorial Day.

Coronavirus cancels traditional Memorial Day events at Riverside National  Cemetery – Press Enterprise


14. With the passage of time and the distance of events that caused the creation of the holiday, it is increasingly perceived by the new generation as just part of a three-day weekend.

This Memorial Day, remember the 'others'


15. Some states have additional commemoration days. For example, in Texas it is January 19, in Florida and Alabama - April 26, in South Carolina - May 10, in Louisiana - June 3.

6 facts about Memorial Day and how to celebrate it - Deseret News


16. The holiday is celebrated on the last Monday in May when it gets warmer and schools and universities close for summer holidays. For Americans, Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. Many take part in parades, go to the beach, or have picnics with family and friends.

Материалы по теме "День Поминовения в США" на английском языке для уровня  Intermediate


17 Participants in the parade in the form of soldiers from the American Revolutionary War perform in the parade.

(© Images-USA/Alamy)


18. Soldier's boots at the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, on the black granite walls of which are carved the names of more than 58 thousand Americans who died during the Vietnam War.

(© Cliff Owen/AP Images)


19. US Marines in front of the illuminated American flag in Times Square in New York during the celebration of Fleet Week. Fleet Week has been held in New York City since 1984 to honor the United States Navy and the Marine Corps. In normal years, Fleet Week ends on Memorial Day with an air parade honoring US military personnel who have been killed.

(© Mario Tama/Getty Images)


20. A family at a Memorial Day picnic outside Vicksburg National Cemetery in Vicksburg, Mississippi, which houses the largest number of graves of participants in the US Civil War in any national cemetery.

(© Rogelio V. Solis/AP Images)


21. A soldier of the 3rd US Army Infantry Regiment, often referred to as the "Old Guard", puts a flag on the tombstone of the deceased soldier. The annual flag-planting ceremony takes place at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.

(© Cliff Owen/AP Images)


22. During the American Civil War, women in the southern states began to gather without any official reason to decorate the graves of Confederate soldiers. In April 1886, the women's associations of Columbia and Georgia decided to commemorate the victims once a year. However, there was no single day - the feasts of remembrance in the southern states were held on different days throughout the spring and early summer. This tradition has been partially preserved today. Nine southern states officially recognize Confederate Memorial Day, and also celebrate the birthday of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and the death of General Thomas "Stonewell" Jackson.

What exactly is the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day?


23. After the end of the Civil War, the northerners decided to adopt from the southerners the tradition of commemorating the dead on a certain day. In 1868, General John A. Logan, in his order, declared May 30 to be a memorial day for the more than 620,000 soldiers killed in the Civil War. He called the holiday Decoration Day, because on this day the Americans had to decorate with flowers the graves of those killed in the war, "whose bodies now lie in almost every city and village cemetery." According to legend, Logan chose May 30 because it was a rare day that did not fall on the anniversary of any Civil War battle, although some historians believe this date was chosen because flowers are in full bloom across the country these days.

Why Memorial Day Is on a Monday | Mental Floss


24. Following the edict of John A. Logan, the graves at Arlington Cemetery were decorated for the first time on May 30, with more than five thousand people attending the ceremony. In 1873, New York became the first state in America to officially recognize this holiday. In 1890 it was recognized by all northern states, but the southern states still tried to show their hostility, and commemorated their dead on other dates. This misunderstanding lasted about 50 years until the start of the First World War, then this day was proclaimed the day of honoring those killed in all wars.

Introduction - Memorial Day: Topics in Chronicling America - Research  Guides at Library of Congress


25.Since 1971, when America was deeply involved in the Vietnam War, Memorial Day has officially become a national US holiday. Only then did the holiday get its current name and from Decoration Day became Memorial Day. Then the holiday was made "floating" - it began to be celebrated on the last Monday of May. This decision was not without controversy - groups of veterans were worried that the long weekend would distort the essence of the holiday and turn it into just a day of relaxation. Many organizations are still lobbying for a return to the May 30 celebration.

Memorial Day Weekend - North Landing Beach


26. The holiday has its own traditions and rituals. On this day, American flags are lowered until noon, and after that they are raised up the flagpoles. In 2000, the US Congress passed a law requiring the entire country to honor the dead with a minute of silence at 3 pm.

The History of Memorial Day: 7 Facts Every American Should Know | Better  Homes & Gardens


22. During the American Civil War, women in the southern states began to gather without any official reason to decorate the graves of Confederate soldiers. In April 1886, the women's associations of Columbia and Georgia decided to commemorate the victims once a year. However, there was no single day - the feasts of remembrance in the southern states were held on different days throughout the spring and early summer. This tradition has been partially preserved today. Nine southern states officially recognize Confederate Memorial Day, and also celebrate the birthday of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and the death of General Thomas "Stonewell" Jackson.

Memorial Day - Antietam National Battlefield (U.S. National Park Service)


23. After the end of the Civil War, the northerners decided to adopt from the southerners the tradition of commemorating the dead on a certain day. In 1868, General John A. Logan, in his order, declared May 30 to be a memorial day for the more than 620,000 soldiers killed in the Civil War. He called the holiday Decoration Day, because on this day the Americans had to decorate with flowers the graves of those killed in the war, "whose bodies now lie in almost every city and village cemetery." According to legend, Logan chose May 30 because it was a rare day that did not fall on the anniversary of any Civil War battle, although some historians believe this date was chosen because flowers are in full bloom across the country these days.

The Best Flowers For Memorial Day - Adrian Durban Florist


24. Following the edict of John A. Logan, the graves at Arlington Cemetery were decorated for the first time on May 30, with more than five thousand people attending the ceremony. In 1873, New York became the first state in America to officially recognize this holiday. In 1890, it was recognized by all northern states, but southern states still tried to show their hostility, and commemorated their dead on other dates. This misunderstanding lasted about 50 years before the start of the First World War, then this day was proclaimed the day of honoring those killed in all wars.

Memorial Day Brooklyn: Remembering Decoration Day in Brooklyn | Brownstoner


25.Since 1971, when America was deeply involved in the Vietnam War, Memorial Day has officially become a national US holiday. Only then did the holiday get its current name and from Decoration Day became Memorial Day. Then the holiday was made "floating" - it began to be celebrated on the last Monday of May. This decision was not without controversy - groups of veterans were worried that the long weekend would distort the essence of the holiday and turn it into just a day of relaxation. Many organizations are still lobbying for a return to the May 30 celebration.

The Best Memorial Day Events in New York City


26. The holiday has its own traditions and rituals. On this day, American flags are lowered until noon, and after that they are raised up the flagpoles. In 2000, the US Congress passed a law requiring the entire country to honor the dead with a minute of silence at 3 pm.

Memorial Day | National WWI Museum and Memorial


27. In 1971, Memorial Day was declared a national holiday.

2020 — National Veterans Memorial and Museum Virtual Run and Walk — Race  Roster — Registration, Marketing, Fundraising


28. Including 529.5 thousand during the Civil War, 405.4 thousand - World War II, 116.5 thousand - World War I, 58.2 thousand - Vietnam (1964-1973) and 36.6 thousand - Korean War (1950-1953).

On Memorial Day We Remember Fallen Soldiers


29. Every day in the United States die about 1.8 thousand. War veterans, who are buried in 151 national cemeteries.

Best Things to Do Memorial Day Weekend 2019 in DC | Washington DC


30. By the end of the 19th century, Memorial Day was celebrated almost throughout the country, and after the First World War, on the last Monday in May, they began to commemorate those who died in all armed conflicts with the participation of the United States.

2020 Memorial Day Events |

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NATO is the organization that has dominated military relations in the 28 member states on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean for more than six decades. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is one of the world's leading international institutions. It is a political and military alliance of 28 member states in Europe and North America. 


The alliance makes all decisions by consensus. Each Member State, no matter how large or small, is on an equal footing in the discussions and decisions taken. Member States are committed to respecting and promoting individual freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. These values are NATO's main transatlantic bonds.


You can read the 50 interesting facts about NATO below:



1. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is one of the most important institutions in the world. NATO is a military alliance of 28 member states in Europe and North America. All decisions of the alliance are taken by consensus.


2. Each Member State has an equal position in every discussion and decision that is taken. Member States are committed to respecting individual freedoms, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. These values ​​are extremely important in NATO's transatlantic relationship.


3. The alliance's primary responsibility is to protect and defend the territories of the Member States. Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty provides for a commitment to collective defense, and an attack on a Member State is an attack on the organization. 


4. However, Article 5 was invoked only once in NATO's 67-year history on September 12, 2001, a day after the World Trade Center terrorist attacks.


5. NATO has a permanent and integrated command structure, with military personnel from all member states. The Alliance has two Strategic Leaderships, Allied Command Operations in Mons, Belgium, and Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, USA. 


6. Subordinate to these two strategic leadership are two joint command forces, based in Brunssum, the Netherlands, and in Naples, Italy, which are responsible for conducting and managing military operations.



7. The Command Structure also includes an Air Force Command Center (Ramstein, Germany), a Center for Land Forces (Izmir, Turkey) and a Navy (Northwood, UK).


8. NATO has a number of active permanent forces, which contribute to the collective defense of the Western military bloc on a permanent basis.


9. These standing forces include four navies, ready to act on the first signal. NATO also has an integrated air defense system, which maintains contact with the national air force and includes the missile shield.


10. NATO is taking part in several air missions in which Alliance fighter jets fly over the airspace of member states that do not have a military air force. NATO permanently defends the airspace of Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia.


11. NATO benefits from military expertise from the 28 member states. This expertise includes tanks, submarines and fighter jets. When the alliance collectively decides to conduct a military operation, member states are called upon to place their troops and equipment under NATO command.


12. Soldiers taking part in NATO operations are collectively treated as "NATO forces", even if they represent multinational forces from bloc member states, and in some cases from partner countries or contributing troops.



13. The only military equipment that is owned by NATO is the AWACS air fleet. From 2013. NATO will operate five Global Hawk monitoring drones. The procedure for requesting troops and military equipment is called "force generation".


14. The 28 member states contribute directly and indirectly to covering the costs of NATO operations and the implementation of Alliance policies and activities.


15. But most of the contributions are indirect, through the participation of allies in NATO military operations. Member States shall cover the costs of operations whenever they agree to participate in such activities.


16. Direct contributions to NATO's common budget are made by member states according to a cost-sharing formula that takes into account national GDP. These contributions finance the costs of integrated structures, common equipment and NATO facilities.


17. In the five decades since World War II, the military alliance has successfully prevented an open conflict between the United States and Russia. 



18. Under the security umbrella offered by NATO, people in European states, the United States and Canada were able to enjoy the benefits of democratic elections, the rule of law and substantial economic growth.


19. NATO relies on a combination of conventional and nuclear military capabilities to deter the aggressiveness of third countries, and these remain a key element of the Alliance's strategy. 


20. Member States are also committed to controlling firearms, supporting the disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear warheads.


21. NATO has often acted to maintain international security and peace. In 1995, the Western military alliance contributed to the end of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the implementation of the peace agreement.


22. In 1999, NATO put an end to the massacre and expulsion of ethnic Albanians from Kosovo. NATO troops continue to operate in Kosovo under a UN mandate.


23. Since 2003, the NATO presence under the UN mandate has assured the world that Afghanistan will never be a safe haven for terrorists again.


24. In 2011, NATO acted on a UN mandate to ensure the security of Libyan citizens. Alliance ships are fighting piracy off the Somali coast and conducting counterterrorism operations in the Mediterranean. 



25. Since February 2016, NATO has provided assistance to European authorities, who have had to deal with a large number of migrants.


26. NATO vessels are taking part in surveillance, monitoring and intelligence gathering operations to support international efforts to reduce illegal migration from the Aegean Sea. 


27. NATO forces have repeatedly delivered humanitarian aid, including to the United States, following the devastating Hurricane Katrina and the 2005 earthquake that hit Pakistan hard.


28. It faces threats such as terrorism, piracy, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and cyber warfare, which knows no borders. 


29. For this reason NATO has developed a global network of security partners, which includes 40 states around the world and international organizations: the United Nations, the European Union, the OSCE and the African Union.


30. NATO's mission in Afghanistan includes 13 partner states. Kosovo's operations are supported by eight partner states. In addition to partners involved in NATO missions and operations, the Western military bloc has developed a wide network of partnerships, including the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, the Mediterranean Dialogue Forum, the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, and other partners around the world, including Australia, Japan and South Korea.



31. Any European state that can contribute to the security and principles of the Alliance is invited to join. However, accession depends on the decision of that state. 


32. Six times, between 1952 and 2009, a number of 16 European states chose to join the alliance and became member states. This process has helped to maintain peace and stability in Europe.


33. On 19 May 2016, Member States' foreign ministers signed a protocol inviting Montenegro to join NATO. Following the signing of the protocol, Montenegrin representatives may attend allied meetings as observers.


34. After the Allies ratify the protocol, Montenegro can become a full member of NATO. Currently, three states aspire to join NATO, namely Georgia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia.


35. The allies evaluate each candidate state according to its own merits. A wide range of political, economic and security reforms must be implemented before a state can join NATO.


36. Member States consult and make decisions on a daily basis on security issues at all levels and in a variety of areas.



37. A "NATO decision" is the expression of the collective will of all 30 Member States, as all decisions are taken by consensus.


38. Hundreds of officials, as well as civilian and military experts, come daily to NATO Headquarters to exchange information, share ideas and help prepare decisions when needed, in cooperation with national delegations and NATO headquarters staff.


39. 40 non-member states work with NATO on a variety of political and security issues. These states pursue dialogue and practical cooperation with the Alliance, and many contribute to NATO-led operations and missions. NATO also cooperates with a wide network of international organizations.


40. Partner States do not have the same decision-making authority as Member States.


41. NATO has always innovated and adapted to ensure that its policies, capabilities and structures take into account current and future threats, including the collective defense of its members.


42. NATO is committed to respecting the principle that an attack on one or more of its members is considered an attack on all. This is the principle of collective defense, enshrined in Article 5 of the Washington Treaty.


43. So far, Article 5 has been invoked only once, in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11 in the United States of America in 2001.



44. NATO is an alliance of states in Europe and North America. The alliance represents a unique link between these two continents, giving them the opportunity to consult and cooperate in the field of defense and security and to carry out multinational crisis management operations together.


45. The strategic concepts specify the Alliance's core tasks and principles, its values, the evolving security environment, and the Alliance's strategic objectives for the next decade. The 2010 strategic concept defines NATO's core tasks, such as collective defense, crisis management and cooperation-based security.


46. Membership of NATO is open to "any other European State capable of developing the principles of this Treaty and contributing to the security of the North Atlantic area."


47. NATO has what the Treaty calls the Accession Action Plan. It helps aspiring members prepare for membership and meet key requirements by providing practical advice and personalized assistance.



48. NATO benefits from the capabilities and expertise of its members. This includes tanks, submarines and fighter jets. When the Alliance collectively decides to carry out an operation, it calls on the Allies to place troops and equipment under NATO command. 


49. Personnel involved in a NATO operation are often collectively referred to as "NATO forces", these are strictly speaking the multinational forces of NATO member countries, and in some cases, it is the partner countries or other countries that contribute troops to these operations. 


50. The only military equipment that NATO has is a fleet, AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control) aircraft. Starting in 2018, NATO will also operate five surveillance drones, called the Global Hawk. The procedure for requesting forces and equipment for an operation is often called "force generation".



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XI World Games will be held in Birmingham, Alabama (USA) from 7 to 17 July 2022. The games were originally scheduled to take place from 15 to 25 July 2021.


The decision of the International Association of World Games and the Birmingham Organizing Committee to hold the XI World Games in 2022 was caused by the postponement of the Olympic Games XXXII 2020 in Tokyo (Japan) to 2021. Keeping the original dates of the competitions would have meant the exclusion of many Olympic athletes and officials from the World Games and reduced spectator and media interest in the competition.


Competitions, as planned, will be held at 25 sports grounds located both in Birmingham itself and its environs.


The program will include 34 sports, 58 disciplines, 223 sets of medals will be played. More than 3,600 athletes from over 100 countries will take part in the competition.


Below you can find most interesting facts about World Games.



1. The World Games are held by the International World Games Association (IWGA), established on the initiative of the leaders of 12 sports federations.


2. The inspiration of the idea in 1980 was the President of the World Taekwondo Federation and a member of the International Olympic Committee, South Korean Un Yong Kim.


3. The Games were created to promote non-Olympic sports to the Olympic program and are held every four years. 


4. The program of the World Games also includes Olympic sports (rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, rugby-7), but with their own non-Olympic disciplines (the exception is rugby-7, but this discipline has not yet been presented at the Olympic Games).


5. The first World Games were held in 1981 in the American city of Santa Clara, where 1265 athletes competed for 88 sets of awards in 18 sports.



6. The first winners of the Games in the team event were the US athletes, who won 76 medals - 27 gold, 26 silver and 23 bronze.


7. A total of ten World Games were held - Santa Clara 1981 (USA), London 1985 (Great Britain), Karlsruhe 1989 (Germany), The Hague 1993 (Holland), Lahti 1997 (Finland), Akika 2001 (Japan), Duisburg 2005 (Germany) and Kaohsiung 2009 (Taiwan), Cali 2013 (Columbia),  Wrocław 2017 (Poland)


8. In 2001, the World Games began to be held under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee.


9. Only four teams won victories in the team competitions - Russia (3 times), the USA (2), Italy (2) and Germany (1).


10. Only eight teams managed to get into the top three winners of the team standings. The leaders are Italy (6), Germany (5), USA (4), USSR/Russia (4).



11. Russia has three first team places. In The Hague-1993 was the 24th position, in Lahti-1997 - the fifth.


12. Russia has won the last three World Games - in Akita in 2001, Duisburg in 2005 and Kaohsiung in 2009.


13. In Duisburg, a Russian record was set for the number of gold medals won (27) and awards of all merits (57).


14. The national teams of Russia and the USA are co-authors of the record for the won gold medals for one World Games (27). The Americans installed it in 1981, our compatriots repeated it - in 2005.


15. The record holder for the total number of medals won in one Games is the Italian team, which in 1985 won 77 awards of three denominations.


16. The leader in the total number of gold medals for all seven World Games is the team of Italy (120). The Italians have also won the most medals of all three denominations (353).



17. The 2005 World Games in Duisburg also set a record for the number of sports included in the program (38, including 32 official ones). Akika-2001 still holds the lead in the number of countries participating in the Games (93).


18. Soviet athletes first performed at the 1981 World Games in Santa Clara. The most significant success took place in Karlsruhe-1989, where the USSR team took second place, winning 36 medals - 15 gold, 13 silver and 8 bronze.


19. The official program of the Games includes: parachuting, archery, billiards, bowl sports, bowling, canoe polo, dance sports, scuba diving, fistball, frisbee, gymnastics (artistic, acrobatics, aerobics, trampolining), jujitsu, karate, korfball, lifesaving, orienteering, powerlifting, roller hockey, roller skating, artistic roller skating, beach handball, racketball, rugby sevens, rock climbing, squash, sumo, tug of war and water skiing.


20. The demonstration program of the Games included: duathlon, softball, wushu and marathon canoeing.


21. Previously, the program of the World Games included former Olympic sports - Basque pelota, powerboating, cricket, croquet, lacrosse, polo, rocky. In addition, there were American football, golf, casting, roller ski racing, pesapallo, sambo, surfing, and floorball.



22. The World Games, first held in 1981, are an international multi-sport event, meaning for sports or disciplines or events within a sport that do not compete in the Olympics. 


23. The World Games are organized and administered by the International World Games Association (IWGA), recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). 


24. The World Games are held every four years, one year after the Summer Olympics. 


25. A number of sports that were part of the World Games program have been discontinued as they are now included in the Olympic Games programme, such as badminton, beach volleyball, trampolining, rugby 7's, taekwondo, triathlon and women's weightlifting. Other sports have been Olympic sports in the past (such as tug of war).


26. Some of the sports played at the World Games are acrobatic gymnastics, top notch, orienteering, karate, powerlifting, tug of war, fin swimming, squash, korfball, billiards, water skiing, and dancesport. 



27. The sports included in the World Games are limited to the facilities available in the host city; no new objects can be built for games. 


28. The official program of the World Games includes from 25 to 30 sports. In addition, the IWGA, in consultation with the host city, may invite a sport to participate in the "invitation" program.


29. In order to be part of the World Games program, the sport must become widespread throughout the world, and the specific international sports federation must be a member of the IWGA. 


30. Only the best athletes or teams may participate in each sport, as determined by the International Sports Federations. Most classes require you to qualify by placing first in a World Championship or Qualifying Tournament in order to be eligible to participate.


31. Badminton is the fastest racket sport: the speed of a shuttlecock can reach 270 km/h.


32. If you're bowling, don't try to knock down the pins as hard as you can. A bowling pin with a 7.5 degree deflection is enough for a fall.



33. Boxing was only legalized as a sport in 1900. Prior to that, he was considered too cruel and not suitable for the presence of the public. In the 20th century, boxing became the most popular sport in cinema.


34. It is noteworthy that the first hockey puck was a square shape! For a certain period they played hockey with round wooden pucks. A modern hockey puck is made of vulcanized rubber and weighs 200 grams. Before the start of the game, it is frozen so that it does not spring.


35. The first product of the Dassler family - the founders of Adidas - were sleeping slippers.


36. The fastest man in the world - Usain Bolt (Jamaica). Three-time Olympic champion of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing - in the sprint at distances of 100 and 200, he set a record by running these distances in 9.69 and 19.30 seconds, respectively.


37. In a Spanish second league match between San Isidro and Olimpico Carrante, a few minutes before the end of the game, the players of the two teams, dissatisfied with the refereeing, surrounded the referee to explain to him how to referee. And not only with words and gestures. In this critical situation, the referee, keeping complete calm, took out a red card and presented it to all twenty-two participants in the match.



38. Athletes jumping from a springboard on skis should not be wished for a fair wind - it only harms them. A headwind is much better, thanks to which an air cushion is created in front of the skier in flight, and he flies further. To start the jump, athletes are given a certain time, during which the coaches try to choose the optimal start moment, taking into account the wind. The change in wind during the course of the competition can make the conditions for the participants unequal: if the skier got only a tailwind, his chances for medals, even with the best technique, are sharply reduced.


39. The rules of horse racing state that the length of the name of a racing horse should not exceed eighteen letters. Names that are too long are cumbersome to record.


40. There are 336 notches in a standard golf ball.


41. Boxing was legalized as a sport only in 1900.


42. The only country to have participated in every World Cup is Brazil.


43.  The most popular sport in cinema is boxing.



44. In ancient Greece, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, all participants set their records naked, naked.


45. Contrary to a well-known misconception, in judo there are not 10, but 12 dans. True, not a single person was awarded the eleventh dan, and the twelfth was awarded to only one person - the founder of judo Dhigaro Kano.


46. In 1936, a hockey goaltender's mask was first used in Berlin by Japanese goaltender Tanaka Hoima.


47. Of the 51 matches held by Mike Tyson in the professional ring, he finished 21 by knockout in the first round (40.8%).


48. The weight of the table tennis ball is 2.5 grams.


49.The most popular simulator for the home is the orbitrek.


50.  After being hit by a professional volleyball player, the ball can fly at speeds up to 130 km/h. And with the help of a hockey player, the puck can reach speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour.



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Alexei Navalny, the staunchest opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin, arrested on his return to Russia, on Tuesday launched an investigation into a lavish Black Sea property that would belong to the Russian president. The investigation, published on the opposition blog, with a two-hour YouTube video, recorded before his return to Russia, claims that the property cost 1.35 billion dollars and was paid "with the largest bribe in history."

The investigation claims that the property, located along the southern coast of the Black Sea of ​​Russia, is 39 times larger than Monaco and has a casino inside a mansion of 17,691 meters, next to an ice rink and vineyards.

The investigation also shows that Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) owns about 7,000 hectares of land surrounding the property and that the complex was funded by Putin's relatives, including Igor Sechin, head of Russian oil giant Rosneft and billionaire tycoon Gennady. Timshenko.

Many other secrets in Putin's life have been revealed in the video. Bemorepanda has collected the hottest news and shares them with you.

1.Putin, a petty KGB officer who now masquerades as a great spy, came to Dresden in 1985.

He wants us to think of him as a cool infiltrator. But in fact, he was an ordinary employee not even of a secret residency, but of the official representative office of the KGB in East Germany, a friend of the Soviet Union.

Today's court propagandists love to romanticize that period of Putin's life, claiming that he infiltrated the enemy's lair. In fact, this building was a warm place, where a bunch of persons like Putin sat at party meetings and awarded each other with mementos. Just like they do now.

2.November 21, 1987. Suited-up Putin, believe it or not, at the brothers-in-arms event.

The event is dedicated to the friendship between the KGB and the Stasi, the great October revolution, and the inevitable victory of socialism throughout the world.

On this day, Putin was presented with an award, a golden badge, as a symbol of friendship between Germany and the Soviet Union.

Friendship with the Soviet Union became the need of the heart of every citizen of the GDR. Now this “valuable” can be purchased on the Internet for 3 euros.

3.When Putin became president, 4 out of 5 of our country's major oil companies did not sell their oil abroad directly, but through the Swiss intermediary Gunvor.

Thus, Timchenko, without doing anything, earned incredible money.

Throughout the entire existence of Gunvor, it was believed that Putin had a secret share there, even the US Treasury officially claimed that Putin had access to Gunvor's money.

4.The story of Putin cannot be told without the story of Rossiya Bank.

Putin as we know him wouldn’t exist without it. This bank was created by the Leningrad Regional Committee of the CPSU.

But in 1991, when both the CPSU and the regional committees ceased to exist, the mayor of St. Petersburg Sobchak ordered to reorganize this bank.

To put the assets in order, and create a normal commercial structure on their basis that would help the economy of poverty-stricken St. Petersburg.

And he instructed this to Putin. Putin succeeded.

But most shareholders of the new bank were his, Putin's, friends.

5.In the early 90s, Rossiya was just a small bank controlled by the mayor's office, and now it is a giant banking monster that serves the country's main corrupt officials and keeps Putin's personal money.

6.Right during Putin's service in the Sobchak mayor's office, there were scandals, parliamentary investigations and reports on corruption around him.

The newspapers wrote about Putin's machinations. To be frank, Putin should have been put in jail already back then, in 1996, when he and Sobchak lost power after losing the elections.

By the way, Putin was then actively working in Sobchak's election headquarters, and from that moment he realized that fair elections are a terrible thing, because they can be lost.

But then two guardian angels appeared who saved our Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Those of you who are younger may ask people who remember the 90s well - who were then the embodiments of corruption? I guarantee you that two names will be said:

Pavel Pavlovich Borodin, Yeltsin's property manager.

7.It’s about the ex-wife of Putin - Lyudmila.

In the mid-90s, Lyudmila Putina, during her trip to Hamburg, met a German woman, Irene, and the two became penfriends.

For several years they sent each other handwritten letters in which Lyudmila told in detail about her life.

Here are these letters. From 1996, 1997, 1998 - then they stopped communicating. Lyudmila’s former friend even wrote a book about this called "Spicy Friendship". It was published in Russian in 2002, but unfortunately it quickly disappeared from the shelves. It contains excellent photographs of Putin's already very recognizable daughters, or “these women,” as he himself calls them.

From Lyudmila's letters, we learn a lot about Putin's life already at the end of those wild 90s.

Lyudmila describes in detail each vacation - in 1996 they spend 6 weeks in Davos, together with the Shamalov family, with whom they will become related in 15 years.

Several times a year the family of the official travels to France - in the summer to have a rest on the sea, and in the winter to ski.


8.Lyudmila Putina exposes a typical Putin lie.

She describes how in the summer of 1998 we went on vacation to Cannes for 6 weeks. But on July 22, Putin had to abruptly interrupt his vacation and return to Moscow - he was appointed director of the FSB.

We chose Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin for a reason. He’s a professional with experience in the entire range of tasks the FSB faces. This episode is also described in the only official biography of Putin. Only according to their version, the vacation was not in Cannes, but on the Baltic Sea.

9.Becoming the head of FSB.

After becoming the head of the FSB, Putin did exactly what he was supposed to do: helped corrupt officials evade responsibility.

The then general prosecutor Skuratov was gunning for the Yeltsin family, accusing them of theft and bribes. To neutralize Skuratov, the FSB organized a whole operation, the result of which was the showing on federal television of the famous tape with a “man similar to the Prosecutor General”.

You will now see a man very similar to the Prosecutor General of Russian Federation in the company of some call girls.

10.Who gave Putin the power to rule?

The corrupt Yeltsin family was saved. And literally four months later, realizing that they could not find a more reliable and appropriate person in spirit, it was Yeltsin's family, “Tanya and Valya”, who made Putin the successor: first the Prime Minister, and then the President of Russia.

11. You want to steal from the budget and milk state property? Share with Putin

As soon as Putin established himself in power - that is, after he subjugated television and the courts and established a system of electoral fraud - the largest operation to seize and milk Russia began (and continues to this day).

Every Putin’s friend gets a piece. One sits on the streams of Gazprom, the second begins to milk Rosneft, the third takes over the largest construction projects.

A gang of bribe-takers and crooks from the St. Petersburg mayor's office seized all key posts and declared themselves brilliant managers and saviors of Russia. 

But despite the fact that our heroes got suited up and surrounded themselves with hundreds of guards, the key principle on which everything has been held since the wild 90s in St. Petersburg stayed the same. You want to steal from the budget and milk state property? Share with Putin.

12.It’s the world’s largest construction project : Putin's Palace

The most secret and guarded facility in Russia, without exaggeration. This is not a country house, not a dacha, not a residence, this is a whole city, or rather a kingdom. It has impregnable fences, its own port, its own guards, a church, its own access control, a no-fly zone and even its own border checkpoint.

It is an actual separate state within Russia.

And in this state, there is a single and irreplaceable king: Putin. Wait, you’ll say, we heard about this palace, we know that it was once built for Putin, but then, when the whole story was revealed, the construction was frozen, and some businessman bought the palace, right? You are telling us some old story.

You are wrong. This story is unknown to anyone. Firstly, you cannot imagine the true size of this palace. Secondly, there was no sale. This is a legal illusion created through several bogus deals and an active media campaign. The only real owner of this famous place from the very beginning to the present day is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

13.Looking inside the castel, you will understand that the president of Russia is inlove with money.

He is obsessed with wealth and luxury. Can you imagine the Principality of Monaco? It is small, but still a separate country. Well, this is a property the size of 39 principalities of Monaco. It was built so that it would not be possible to get to it by land, sea or air. Thousands of people working there are forbidden to bring even a simple mobile phone with a camera. Arriving cars are inspected at several checkpoints, with the help of mirrors and pits with video cameras, trunks and glove compartments get searched.

14.We present to you the most secret palace in Russia - Putin's palace near Gelendzhik.

Here it is, right in front of you. This is the largest private residential building in Russia, its officially confirmed area according to documents is 17,691 m2. And there is not even much to compare it with. The most luxurious houses on Rublyovka are several times smaller. This is the new Versailles, or the new Winter Palace - a truly royal place.

15.A very strange mound though, it has several entrances.

For a long time we tried to understand what was inside and at some point we saw the insides of this mountain on satellite images.

Rectangle with rounded corners measuring 56 by 26 meters. It's a hockey rink!

Indeed, who needs a palace in which you cannot play hockey? This is the first time we see the underground hockey complex though. The owner's bunkering style is recognized - he likes to sit underground. He probably imagines himself a gnome from the Lord of the Rings movie, guarding his gold. The contractors confirmed to us that they indeed buried an ice palace underground, which is actually the height of a five-story building.

16.More important things about the Palace

In this picture is shown the Tea House.

Here is a grandiose fence, through which no outside thief can get through. On the right is the very building for which the 80-meter bridge was built. This is a guest house aka Tea House with an area of ​​2,500 m2. And here is the long-suffering amphitheater. This simple object is being built and rebuilt continuously over the years.

Here is the amphitheater.

17.Secret tunnels

Here is the entrance to a special tunnel,which was built by the same people who are building the metro.

This is a unique structure that allows not only convenient access to the sea, but also shelter in case of war or attack from the residents of Gelendzhik. And this tunnel has a small secret that one of the builders of the palace revealed to us. Do you see some kind of a door here? Look at this photo - you can see it a little better. And this is the place on the tunnel scheme. This, my friends, is the tasting room disguised like a part of the mountain.

In fact, it is a huge window that offers the best possible sea view.

18.And now for something that’s impossible to show with a drone - the scale.

They flew here, this is the huge palace complex, the land plot around it is 68 hectares. But in fact, the territory of the palace is about 100 times larger. This land plot - forests and mountains, with an area of ​​7,000 hectares, 70 million (!!!) square meters, belongs to the FSB. And in September 2020, it was fully leased until 2068 to the company that owns the palace.

19.Take a look at this picture of the gateway of the residence taken by one of the workers.

Something here must seem vaguely familiar to you. You've already seen this somewhere. That's where. The classic, familiar to everyone, scene of the storming of the Winter Palace from the film by Sergei Eisenstein. You can still see this eagle now if you visit St. Petersburg and approach the Hermitage. And the fact that Putin put an exact copy of the Tsar's eagle with a crown from the Winter Palace on the gate of his personal dacha tells us a lot about who this man thinks he is.

20.The richest people in the world often donate their fortune to charity.

Or build a university. Or a huge hospital that will be named after them. What dream is Putin realizing? What for did he arrange all this - 20 years in power, repressive laws, robbed poor people, complete destruction of politics, rewritten constitution, people in prison? We will now see the answer. For gold and marble, for sofas and couches in the Louis XIV style, for mosaics, frescoes, stained glass windows, a home theater and even an aquadiskotheque.

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The United States of America is an integral state divided into 50 autonomous states. Each of them has the right to make their laws, and there are exciting stereotypes about many of them. Let's dive into American culture today and learn something new.


Facts about 50 states of America


The surface of America is considered the third-largest country in the world, after Russia and Canada. The Republic is located almost entirely on the North American continent, between Canada in the north and Mexico in the south, the Atlantic Ocean in the east, and the Pacific Ocean in the west.


It is a republic of 50 states and the Federal District of Columbia or Washington DC United States of America, State of the United States of America, or, in short, US states, is one of the fifty states, even if four of them, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia prefer the official name of commonwealth, a state by association, which together with the District of Columbia forms the 50 +1 national subdivisions of the United States of America, considered a federal state and an independent nation.


In statistics, the United States appears with English as its official language, but, of the 50 component states, only 31 have English as their official language by law.


The US federal government is appointed administration and is headed by the President of the United States. The president is elected once every 4 years and can hold a maximum of two terms.


Alabama is the leader in college football competition and is the only state to have an alcoholic drink (Alabama Fine Whiskey) as its official drink.


Alaska is remote from the main body of the United States and is the coldest state. Perhaps that is why it is there that the highest number of suicides per capita is recorded.


Arizona produces vast amounts of cotton and copper. And here is the Grand Canyon. And under state law, you can go to jail for cutting cacti.


Arkansas is the only state where any tourist can legally try his hand at diamond mining. There they appear naturally in the area of ​​the volcanic spring. All the diamonds that you manage to find are only yours.


California is where Hollywood movies are made and the wealthiest state. If it separated into a separate state, it would become the eighth economy, ahead of Russia and India. The state also has a record number of UFO sightings.


Colorado is a perfectionist state. Its borders fit perfectly into the rectangle (well, almost perfectly). What can you do here besides admiring the map? Skiing.


Connecticut is considered the birthplace of the American hamburger.


Delaware is the best offshore zone in America. The tax laws of this state are the most loyal to company owners. It also hosts NASCAR races every year.


Florida is the only area where you can meet crocodiles and alligators together (yes, these are different animals that live in other parts of the planet). Disneyland Orlando is also located here.


Georgia is a state whose name in English sounds the same as Georgia (Georgia). The most delicious peaches in America grow here.


Hawaii - surfing. And if not from the obvious, then because of the remoteness from the continent, electricity is the most expensive here and, as a result, a high level of use of natural energy sources. It also has its particular Hawaiian language.


Idaho is the state with the most significant number of hot springs, which is also famous for its potatoes.


Illinois is the state with the most organized crime per capita. The times of mafia domination have passed, but the capital of corruption has remained in the same place.


Indiana is the birthplace of popcorn and home to the Indianapolis 500.


Iowa is a place of corn and mammoths (in the local museums, you have a great chance to see real mammoth bones).


Kansas is a state that grows one-fifth of all wheat produced in the United States. It is also home to Dorothy Gale (The Wizards of Oz).


Kentucky is the state that holds the largest reserves of American gold. Fort Knox is located here.


Louisiana is the world's largest crayfish farm. About 90% of the crayfish on the world market are grown in Louisiana. The state is also known for its annual two-week Mardi Gras festival.


Maine is the most law-abiding state. While America is the world's first country regarding the number of prisoners per capita, this particular state has the lowest crime rates.


Maryland is the wealthiest state in terms of median income per household.


Massachusetts is a state of recklessness. This is where the most significant number of fines for speeding are issued.


Michigan is a state of magic. At least they believe so, and to confirm their status, they hold a four-day congress dedicated to magic.


Minnesota is America's largest shopping center.


Mississippi is a state best known for its river of the same name. It is included in the list of the longest rivers in the world and is the second-longest in the United States.


Missouri is home to Budweiser beer and a massive number of tornadoes.


Montana is the state with the most significant area owned by the state. There are a vast number of national parks and reserves.


Nebraska is the state that produces the reddest beef. The one that goes to steaks.


Nevada is the casino capital of the world and the site of the most significant nuclear test. It also has the most mountain ranges among other American states.\


New Hampshire is home to the oldest working building in the state.


New Jersey is the state with the most prominent horse population. There is also a volcano here. It is not active, and thanks to or despite this fact, attracts many tourists.


New Mexico is a place with beautiful nature and high picturesque mountains.


New York is the city of the same name, which is the most populated American city. And by a wide margin, more than twice as many people live here than in the following Los Angeles, and more than a third of the city's population are natives of other countries.


North Carolina is another state famous for its potatoes. From unexpected facts: the most significant number of American Idol song show finalists were born here.


North Dakota - sunflowers grow here. Lots of sunflowers. And then So they built a vast number of ranches.


The number one Swiss cheese-producing state, Ohio, is also famous for being the world's largest rock and roll museum.


Oklahoma is another state known for its frequent and powerful tornadoes.


Oregon is the local craft beer and LGBT capital. Because of this, dating site OkCupid even refused to register new users from Oregon.


Pennsylvania is a state whose name is almost impossible to correctly spell the first time (Pennsylvania). Even the state constitution uses two different versions: one n at the beginning and duplicated.


Rhode Island is the smallest state with the longest full name (State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations). It has the highest alcohol and marijuana use levels in the United States.


South Carolina is where you can find one of the oldest trees on the planet, The Angel Oak. But if you are not a fan of nature, then there are also beautiful beaches along with the state's entire territory.


South Dakota - here is one of the natural symbols of the United States - Mount Rushmore. The one with four presidents is carved in stone.


Tennessee is where the founder of Jack Daniel's was born and died.


Texas is a former territory of Mexico, famous for cowboys, duels, and other delights of the wild west depicted in westerns.


Utah is home to the most Jurassic dinosaur fossils and is considered a state of young, educated people due to its low median age and high literacy rate.


Vermont is another intelligent state. According to one study, this state is considered the smartest in 21 criteria.


Virginia is the most patriotic state. And this is not just a stereotype but a sociologically confirmed fact.


Washington is the most non-religious state in Catholic America. And, by the way, there is no capital of the United States. The city of the same name does not belong to any of the states but forms the federal district of Columbia.


West Virginia is a place famous for the Greenbrier Hotel. This hotel is trendy among officials, and more than half of all presidents have spent the night here at least once.


Wisconsin is another state famous for its cheese. Many people know the fact about this state; they say a plastic bird, a pink flamingo, has become its symbol. This is fake, albeit funny.


Wyoming is the state that spends the most gasoline. Best known for its mountains and Yellowstone National Park.



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