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While some people spend hours choosing locations for a photo shoot, puzzling over the background and the plot of the shooting, others do not fool around with it, taking excellent, beautiful photos. What's the secret? Of course, in the original idea and knowledge. If you're tired of taking pictures of yourself in the mirror every day, taking boring selfies, and want to spice up your shots, there are many great and worthwhile ideas on how to do it.


How to take beautiful photos of yourself (and not only) for social networks


We at Bemorepanda found out why the background only sometimes paints a person in a photo and what the right angle and choice of the plot have to do with collecting tricky tricks and ideas for taking pictures of yourself (and not only).


1. Levitation

Levitation in photos is based on substituting a background layer in Photoshop. Simply put, the scene is first filmed on camera without the object (person). Then several shots are taken with the subject, fixing the person in the air, for example, during an unusual jump. If you want to take your self-portrait yourself, you need a tripod.


2. Add unusual light to your photo portrait

Light is the most fundamental and one of the main points in photography. Using natural light to shoot will never go out of style, but if you're looking for something new and different, try playing with colored LED lights or other colored light sources to add pops of color to your photos.


3. Use motion blur

Motion blur in photography is the intentional blurring of moving objects in an image in order to achieve an unusual aesthetic photo effect. So, by blurring the background, you can focus all of the viewer's attention on the main subject (like the person you're photographing), which is almost the same as when you change from a static clear background to a blurred one when working with photos in Photoshop.


4. Use shadows

In photography, shadows are often both the worst enemy and the most reliable friend, especially when shooting in direct sunlight. Don't be afraid to play with them. Experiment more often. Shadows add depth, shape, and texture to your images, not to mention they have unusual contrast and color balance.


5. Make a silhouette

Another idea for a selfie or self-portrait is to make your silhouette. Don't worry if it can show some detail, it won't ruin the picture. But ideally, the less detail you see, the more dramatic it will add to the photo. Illumination is necessary for a spectacular silhouette.


How to take a silhouette photo: Place your subject in front of the background, then expose it against the background, leaving the subject in shadow to create a silhouette.


6. Use contrast

Warm and cold colors contrast well with each other. These are the so-called opposite colors, which, despite their great difference, are combined. For example, these are those that are opposite each other in a circular color palette.


It can be red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple. In order to take a contrast photograph, you must adjust the contrast by changing the tone, texture, clarity, and colors of your image. Changing the contrast can significantly affect the final photo.


7. Use beautiful "fairytale" and romantic lights

The purpose of photography under magical light is to capture tantalizing, magical shots. This style is perfect for photographers who want to hone their lighting techniques and capture breathtaking images perfect for VKontakte, Telegram, Zen and other social media.


8. Use glitter

A fun way to add sparkle and dazzling charm to your photo portraits!


9. Working with black and white photos

Black and white photography is always less distracting. Complicated or overly colored photographs can often be misleading and distract the viewer because sometimes there is too much going on in them. Black and white photography eliminates any color distractions, allowing the viewer to focus on the subject, textures, shapes, patterns, and composition. There is nothing wrong with black and white photographs.


10. Find or create an interesting background in Photoshop

This idea in the photo above is based on an artificial background that matches with the girl, which completely unifies her with the surroundings.


11. Experiment with depth of field

While there is such a thing as a “perfect” depth of field (DOP) in physics for all portraits, when you want your subject to stand out from the background, try experimenting with depth of field without fear of breaking the portraiture rules.


12. Go to nature

Outdoor photography is preferred because there is no better light source than natural light.


13. Take a photo by recreating a painting, portrait or drawing created by famous artists

Today it is fashionable to take photos, as if recreating the work of famous people in art. Try again.


14. Use Flowers as a Backdrop

Running out of selfie or portrait ideas? Don't know what background to choose for your photo? Flowers will always come to the rescue.


15. Try Abstraction

Photography is a complex and unusual art form, where any experiments are possible. Done right, abstract photography can turn an ordinary photo portrait into a work of art that includes a variety of hues, whimsical patterns, and textures. Give free rein to your imagination. How? Yes, just go crazy.


16. Playing with light

Lighting affects the brightness of the photo, its darkness, tone, mood, and in general the whole atmosphere of the picture. Light must be carefully regulated and controlled to achieve the best texture, color vibrancy and luminosity for your main subject. To find the "perfect" lighting, just experiment with it first!


17. Play with the prism

Photographers often use a prism to scatter, refract, or redirect light to the right subject. For example, small rainbow lights from a prism in the foreground can enhance a portrait, school photo album cover, or wedding photo. Or, let's say the subject (or person) can be in the middle of a kaleidoscope or in a surreal dream world! Playing with a prism gives you endless portrait possibilities.


18. Balloons

Don't know how to diversify your self-portrait? A great idea to spice up your photos is to use balloons to give your shot an artistic touch.


19. Halloween style photo

This idea isn't just for Halloween. A subject shot in this style can give you a hint for your new creative ideas in photography.


20. Hire Professionals to Edit Your Photographs

If you want to process and edit yourself, use only professional software to get high-quality images.


21. Stand in front of a fan or in the wind

Let the wind currents bring their unpredictable touches to the frame.


22. Use soap bubbles

Yes, of course, in order to photograph someone (or yourself) among soap bubbles, you can use a regular smartphone or a cheap amateur point-and-shoot camera, but if you really want to achieve excellent results in photography, you should still consider using a DSLR with good optics. Also, to keep your bubble shots crisp, bright, and cool, photographers recommend using a small aperture (between f/11 and f/16).


23. Pose with your child

Another win-win way to add artistry to your self-portrait.


24. Express emotions in a photo

As someone said:


Emotions live...

They breathe...

They don't have a voice...

There is only a heartbeat


25. Try action shot

If you want to get more dynamics in photography as a bonus, do not forget about shooting in action.


26. Photograph while traveling

Liven up a vacation shot by showing the viewer walking to a place of interest.


27. Take multiple exposures

Using multiple exposures in a single image can help you tell a story or express an emotion. It's an easy and fun way to try out new photographic techniques. To make original portraits, be sure to try using multiple exposures.


28. Experiment with Reflections

When photographing a reflection, you can essentially transform your photographs from relatively simple to richer, more abstract shots, making them more artistic.


29. Become a work of art yourself

Makeup, body paint, glitter, stickers, flowers or various tiny objects or even food can be your best photography props when creating a unique portrait.


30. Use suits for a portrait

Throughout the history of photography (and other art forms), artists have created cool costumed portraits. Any costume always complements the pictures, makes them more interesting, more mysterious and opens up a special story for the viewer, unlike traditional portrait photography.


31. Take a picture in a milk bath

According to legend, Cleopatra regularly bathed in milk to keep her skin smooth, young and beautiful. Unfortunately, at that time there was no photography. You are more fortunate, because today you can easily arrange a photo session in a milk bath, which will give you beautiful looks, silky skin, and, of course, amazing photos.


32. Stick to one color scheme

Do not hurry. For good photo portraits, it's worth taking some time to first choose colors that work well with each other. As a result, your portrait photography will become even more artistically beautiful if you correctly use the colors in the photo.


33. Accessories

The right accessories can take your photography to the next level. For example, by wearing jewelry, a hat, a cap, sunglasses or any other accessories, you can showcase your style and personality.


34. Shooting with a pet

Taking pictures with your beloved pet allows you to capture your relationship with your furry friend. It's not just about capturing your pet, it's about being able to capture some of the fun and adorable moments you share together.


35. Posing on the beach

Another fashionable and popular self-portrait trend that always works. The main thing is to choose the right background, an unusual angle and play with natural light and shadows.


36. Use a smile

A smile is your unique gift, it is as individual as your fingerprints.


37. Take a portrait with siblings

Your siblings are your reflection. Posing with them in front of the camera will help to make unusual and cool artistic shots.


38. Take a picture in the rain

Rain can be the perfect tool to add emotion, drama, motion, texture, and even excitement to a shot. Don't worry that rainy weather photos can be perceived by the viewer as gloomy and boring. Remember that unique shots can have different colors, including not very positive ones.


Nevertheless, even such photos can become a real masterpiece. However, keep in mind that photographing in the rain can be tricky. If you do not have enough knowledge in photography, it is better to study the materiel first. Otherwise, nothing will come of it. You have to account for underexposed colors, gray skies, and of course, keep moisture out of the equipment.


39. Pose with your loved one

Do you know which photos are the most sincere? Of course, when you are filming with your soulmate and during the photo shoot you give vent to genuine emotions.


40. Use musical instruments

If you have a guitar or any other musical instrument (ideally if you know how to play), use it when taking photos. Let the person who is filming you capture you at the moment when you play or sing with enthusiasm.


41. Use the colors of the rainbow in your frame

Another cool technique that many professional photo artists have in their arsenal. The colors of the rainbow are familiar to us since childhood, and when the viewer sees them in the frame, he perceives the photo deeper.


42. Use your favorite sport

If you're into a sport, take a photo session during class.


43. Pose on a mountain

A very popular type of photo that is used by everyone from amateurs to pros. The main secret is the location, light and unusual pose.


44. Using smoke as a background

To turn a boring photo into something unusual and mysterious, just add some smoke. But attention: do not expect a miracle from the smoke. Object, subject, colors and light are the most important.


45. Party posing

Attending a party with friends or colleagues? A great way to take some cool self portraits. The main thing is to do it not in a static position.


46. ​​Night photos

Photographing at night can be quite difficult due to the lack of natural light. Therefore, shutter speed is the most important setting to keep in mind when shooting at night. Professionals put the shutter between 1/50 and 1/200 of a second.


47. Posing at Christmas

The best time to create real warm family photos.


48. Photo of a couple with a plot

Film yourself and your loved one during some action. Great idea for a story photo.


49. Take a portrait without a face

Something, but no one expects a portrait without a face. But that doesn't mean it can't be. How else can! Remember that a photograph of a person whose face is not visible is still a photographic portrait.


50. Make yourself a second plan by focusing on some other object or object.

This photographic technique is closely related to perspective and depth of field. By focusing on an object closer to the camera, you can take cool shots. Just experiment with distance and a number of things you can use in your portrait photography.



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Each of us in the family has at least one relative who can and should be proud of. Some of them defended their homeland in the war, the second were outstanding artisans or creative personalities, and the third looked so cool that it was impossible to stop looking at them. People decided not to hide pictures of their cool ancestors in family albums, but shared their photos with the whole Internet, for which they should be thanked.


"My grandmother served in the merchant navy during World War II. This photograph was taken around 1943."



"My grandmother in New York in the early 40s"



"My mom has been making clothes for herself since the 70s. She was cool then and still is."



"My great-grandfather Victor, around the 1920s"



"Granny Having Fun With Her Girlfriends, 1940s"


"My dad in 1984"



"My great-grandfather (left) and his good friend worked as blacksmiths in Illinois in 1910."



"My mom traveled to France when she was 20. Early 70s"



"My great-grandfather looked very cocky with his pet lion (it was 40s) named Toney."



"My ex-husband's posh grandparents were around the 1940s."



"My great-grandfather was a French police officer and warned the Jews when the Germans followed them. It was he on their wedding day in 1925."



"Granny was hot. Late 1950s or early 1960s"



"My grandfather with his catch in the mid 60s. He fished in Sweden and went to Finland to exchange it for meat."



"My Dangerous Grandmother in 1968"



"My father poses with the cat Brutus, 1985"



"My grandfather looked like he was in The Godfather. Italy, circa 1945."



"My granny with strippers, late 1980s"



"My great-grandmother near her first car, 1920s"



"My mom in 1982, before she became the first female police officer in South Windsor, Connecticut."


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We all have old childhood photos or memorable pictures of our relatives, which we revisit, experiencing an aching nostalgia. But some people don't just look, they want to create! So they create, recreating the pictures of the past. It turns out, by the way, cute, perky and very touching.


"My friend and I have been friends for 18 years!"



"My father in 1985 and me in 2017"



"After 15 years, we still have this tradition of being photographed in the mall!"



"My Dad and I 22 Years Later"



"Passing the baby express to my son"



"Me and my twin on our 30th birthday. Perhaps this is our most awkward photo."



"My grandmother and dad in 1966 and in 2020"



"This is my mom in 1990, and I in 2020"



"Best friends for 20 years!"


"To celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, my wife and I recreated our wedding photo. She's wearing the same dress."



"Cricket Game, 1980s and 2020s"



"I combined my mom's old photo (left) with my own (right)."



They were neighbors since birth, and then they got married and recreated their photo, in which they are 3 years old


"I beg your pardon in advance"



Great-granddaughter (2021) and great-grandmother (1920), both in their early 20s in these photos



"My grandparents, April 5, 1961 and April 5, 2021"



"My sister got married on the weekend, so we recreated this precious snapshot from our childhood."



20th wedding anniversary



"My grandfather and me"



38 years later he is still skating


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Changes can occur in any area and area, whether it is losing or gaining weight, growing or shaving a beard, or treating skin imperfections. And these before and after photos are always fun to look at! See for yourself.


One of the doctors in the United States shared the changes that happened to her before the coronavirus pandemic and a year later

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 Guy before and after strabismus surgery



"Six months after I started using sunscreen every day."

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"My sister and I are in the same restaurant at the age of 6 and 8, and at the age of 14 and 16"

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"My dog ​​got so huge in just 9 months."

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"I've been growing this beard for a year."

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 "I decided to stop using acne-fighting products and just started washing my face with cool water. Here is the result."

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The carpet before and after having been pretty cleaned

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Nice dog before and after haircut



"My shoes before and after a month as a cooker"

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"I saved a cat from the street and this is how it has changed in a year."

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"I got my body in order in 10 months. I just have to put on some muscle."

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"This is me before and after my haircut. I've been wearing dreadlocks for 11 years."

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"My grandmother's table before and after I gave him a second chance at life."

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 Now this guy will have a new life

18 293

Alpaca before and after haircut

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Car seat before and after steam cleaning

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"I lost 57 kg in 7 months"

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This is what a sober lifestyle can do. This guy hasn't been drinking for 2 years and is not going to stop there.

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"The left photo was taken a year ago, and the right photo was taken today."


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Taking pictures of animals is not just because they do not consider it their duty to pose and wait for this biped to "snap" them. That is why nature photography is sometimes so unfortunate and ridiculous. And to keep those shots from going to waste, the Crap Wildlife Photography group was created where people can share their ridiculously unfortunate wildlife shots.


"This puma was so close that I was able to photograph her!"



"I present to you a mighty yet gentle Caribbean manatee."



The indignant bird looks into the window feeder and as if asks: "Where are the seeds ?!"



This big horned owl doesn't believe a word you say



"Congratulate me, I photographed a raccoon."




"The wet squirrel I photographed looks like it survived the apocalypse."



"Look at this colorful handsome man!"



"I said no pictures!"



"Soon when I zoomed in, he screamed, made a bunch and flew away."



"This green tree frog comes out of our jacuzzi in all its glory."




 "Hello, dude"



Mantis out of focus looks wild




“Where is the manager! Call the manager! "



"Hmm, interesting salesman, what do you think he wants to sell me?"



Brontosaurs are among us!



“You never called the manager! I will complain!"



“Smile for the photo! Eh ... "



"I found the God of all pigeons on a walk with my dog."



"Where are those damn nuts ?!"



When you are trying to feed a deer cabbage, but you are not very accurate





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