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65 Funny Photos and Videos of People who were Hit Especially Hard by the Curse of 2020

5 days ago

It seems that 2020 was designed for failure. Probably enough to talk about bad days, when all of humanity had an extremely bad year. However, the curse of 2020 hit the people from our Bemorepand article especially hard, but despite this, they found the strength to talk about their failures.

Someone accidentally lost their fingers shortly before the delivery of a new guitar, someone almost nailed a woman with a violin, and the accident of a shepherd is better to see with your own eyes. Even if you quit your job, turn off the water, gas and electricity, and just lie on the floor doing nothing, then a tooth can easily fall out. We've all had a really bad year, but some of us might tell you more about it. Next up are 65 people whose 2020 was particularly lousy, and here's why.

1. You were like a brother to me!

2. “I'm going to move to a new home. Found a note on the table from the pest control that they were in the house recently. I called to see what they did with the cockroaches. They said nothing, because they didn't find any trace of cockroaches anywhere. So .. "

3.This house, too, will soon have to say goodbye


4. “I put on two different shoes this morning to get my wife's opinion. I forgot to change my shoes before going out, and I worked like this all day "

5. "The most expensive toy for a dog"


6. "Lost 2 fingers in an accident at work on the day my new guitar was delivered."


7. "It seems my pillow couldn't be washed in the washing machine."

8. This panda has completely lost her head


9. "A strong gust of wind blew my pipe"


10. Soft-boiled

11. Unsuccessful attempt to take a shortcut by running behind a street musician

12. "A candle accidentally leaked onto my new carpet."

13. How it all began and how it ended

14. "After a summer full of love .."

15. Glassware scattered in the oven

16. An ordinary day in the life of a shepherd

17. Dropped a can of paint from the steps

18. "My Xbox decided it would be a great idea to burn out after I leave the house."

19. "Tomorrow is my first day of distance learning"

20. “I went to play paintball with my friends. It seems that something went wrong "

21.Cooking fails

22.Ordinary school day

23.Shower fail

24.When you fail to instal the cat door

25.That cat is on his vibe

26.Nothing going wrong, just a normal day in kitchen

27.Empty streets on quarantine, but these two found each other

30.That's because a printer

31.Favorite new vacum

32.Short and clear description

33.Something's wrong with the pipe

34.How your day is going on?

35.Just a new road and a super car

36.Fails during 2020

37.Nevermind a good day

38.How 2020 is running after me

39.When you regret something

40.Tasty food, nevermind

41. "Just Lost My Job, Dental Insurance, And Now A Tooth"

42. "Pleased in oil paint"

43. “We canceled our honeymoon due to the coronavirus. After the wedding, at the last moment, we decided to go on a mini honeymoon. On the first night at the hotel, we saw a fat "boy" hobbling over the sheets. Of course, it turned out to be a bug. We did our best not to bring them home. We didn't succeed ... "


44. "The trip to the vet started very badly."

45. "I raised the stairs, forgetting that there was paint at the top."

46. ​​Circus number, in which one disaster after another

47. "Hair dye allergy"

48. “After losing a third of my weight, I finally didn't feel so fat anymore. The toilet did not agree with me "

49. "When you shoot a tiger shark, and it swims away with your camera."

50. “This morning I went to my first job with a glass of fresh coffee in my hands. This is not cream, this is crow shit. "

51. "Toilet paper the size of a small player"

52. The organizers arranged a bicycle race on the day when, according to the forecast, there was a strong wind

53. "My Lush bath bomb made my bath look like it was full of piss."

54. I tried to make a lobster-shaped pie

55. Not the best print location


56. Now I'll show you something cool


57. “In eastern China, a man cut off his finger after being bitten by a viper. The doctors at the hospital where he was treated said it was unnecessary since her bite is not fatal. "

58. "Today our dog soaked the entire corridor."

59. "I've been waiting for this for 3 months"

60. “A water snake has somehow settled in my closet”

61. Why you shouldn't go fishing in Australia National Park

62. “Yesterday we found my wife's phone in the toilet. We weren't sure which of our three children put it there ... until today my wife looked at her photos. "

63. "Never leave the kayak in the sun"

64. Well, this guy is not so bad, at least a cat warms him

65. “How my TV was delivered to me. Notice the word "FRAGILE" written in big red letters on each side of the box. "

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Halloween costumes are truly a beautiful tradition of this holiday. What would be the meaning of this event without wearing funny costumes?

Bemorepanda decided to gather a top with the most fun and suitable Halloween costumes for adults. Here you will find the funniest, but also sexy costumes that will amaze everyone this year. Maybe you already had too many costumes and you have no idea what character you can play, we come to your aid with this compilation.

1.Guess the movie

2.The thieves

3.Sexy neon party

4.Ninja show

5.Scary but sexy

6.Cat woman

7.Oriental costume

8.Ninja couple

9.Scoobydoo party

10.Fortune teller

11.Charming witch

12.The ghost



15.Sexy fighter


17.Ace Ventura

18.Quarantine woman

19.Nemo movie lovers

20.Filter and no filter

21.Cleopatra with her Caesar

22.Twister game

23.Rub me

24.Whiskey and Marlboro

25.Blow me

26.Connecting couples

27.Sims censored

28.Art lovers

29.The Mermaid

30.Dog lost!

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Going to school will be completely different from previous years - children will not be able to touch objects of their collegs, nor will children change their bank. In principle, a distance of 1 meter between students is needed, and if this is not possible, separating panels should be applied between them. The breaks will be staggered so that the children can interact as little as possible. This is coronavirus times!

Classes of students must be arranged in such a way as to respect the distance of at least one meter or, where this is not possible, to be installed transparent separators, is provided in the draft order establishing the rules for the start of courses.

Other measures refer to the fact that students will wear a protective mask and must be supervised during breaks to keep their distance and will not exchange personal items.

1.Secrets about the new school year

2.Waiting for school plans

3.Kids after quarantine and home learning

4.First day back to school

5.Kids after lockdown

6.Coming back to school

7.Primary school children in 2020

8.Every parent right now

9.Don't go to 2020

10.After the break of coronavirus

11.Parents this year

12.School pictures this year

13.Reading emails about school

14.Teachers on last night before school

15.Going back to school like

16.How we went to school in 2020

17.Actual footage of teachers

18.Welcome back to school

19.When you miss school

20.They are never going back to school

21.Back to school

22.Class of 2021 be like

23.Social distance in school

24.A more accurate version

25.Back to school ads

26.Back to school clothes

27.Stores of school supplies

28.Back to school at the height of pandemic

29.Parents in drop off line

30.2019 vs 2020

31.Hugs at school in 2020

32.Everyone with a brain

33.Are you excited about going back to school?

34.When you forgot about everything

35.Teachers at home

36.Back to school ads

37.Motivation is in the air in 2020

38.Zoom classes in 2020

39.Kids with their haircuts in 2020

40.Waiting for school to reopen

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Here is the long-awaited holiday of September 1, and students can enjoy the new school year, leaving behind the hot days of boaring and enjoying the warm days of autumn.

Bemorepanda has gathered the funniest and most sarcastic memes dedicated to this fall, school year and the end of summer. What teachers experience is much deeper, that's why internet users made jokes about teachers' reaction and sensations at the beginning of the pandemic school year. See below what they are.

1.Social-distancing at school

2.Assignments to Canvas

3.English teachers waiting for school

4.The world is ending

5.Teachers trying to enjoy summer

6.When a class of 2020 realize that they won't ever see their friends

7.Admins providing deep cleans

8.Don't be like Bob

9.Reopening school

10.Be safe!

11.Government officials be like

12.Answer to all questions

13.Teaching during pandemic

14.Self care routine 2020

15.Teachers if they hear a student cough

16.Students and hugs

17.Maintaining self-distance

18.Teachers helping students

19.Teacher reflecting on their time

20.2020 be like

21.Trying to prepare for the next year

22.30 students in a classroom

23.Teachers reading the CDC guidlines

24.Options given by the district

25.Next guidlines for teachers

26.River of teachers tears

27.Social distance to toddlers

28.When school reopen

29.Dressing up in 2020

30.Putting desks 6 ft apart

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Wrong way.😁

10 months ago

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Shopping online is fun, easy and honestly addictive. Being a click away from the things of your dreams is, of course, cool, but before buying it is worth reminding yourself once again that you need to read descriptions and reviews in order not to end up with something strange. People from our article completely forgot about this rule and got burned on online shopping.


1. "Thank you, now I hate wolves"

2. "I ordered the wrapping paper online and it was a mistake"


3. "Be sure to check the size when buying anything online."


4. "I ordered this cutting board and waited 6 months for it."


5. "Do you think the groom will run away from me at the altar if I wear this dress?"


6. "I knew that my cat was a big boy and therefore I ordered the largest size for him."


7. "The air freshener that is sold on Facebook. This is a scam."


8. "I ordered this figurine online. It was supposed to be a cute Bulbasaur. Let's just admit I didn't get what I ordered ..."


9. "I ordered my boyfriend socks with his photo, but on the left toe is a man we don't know."


10. "I ordered a canvas for the wall, and I received a rag that can be worn, perhaps, in the form of a bandana."


11. "I ordered wet wipes online. Are you kidding me ?!"


12. "I was looking forward to the Chloe toy from The Secret Life of Pets, and such a bummer!"

13. "Can anyone tell me where I can shrink my head?"


14. "You probably think that I just chose the wrong size. But the size is okay."


15. "I will never order things online again"


16. "The dress for pregnant women turned out to be some kind of absurdity"


17. "Do they really think showerheads and wireless headphones are the same thing?"


18. "I thought it couldn't be easier than not messing with a silicone mask ..."

19. "Great prom dress. Very modest and conservative."


20. "Amazon, I hate you"

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