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What is the history of Black Friday. 15 fun and interesting facts you should know - Bemorepanda

1 year ago

This is a huge traditional sale, a fabulous time when all self-respecting stores are competing to see who has more discounts. Black Friday began in the USA as a great excuse to buy gifts before the Christmas holidays. This is the first Friday after Thanksgiving and falls between November 23rd and 30th. At this time there were always sales, and in the 60s the term "Black Friday" itself appeared.


Over time, the wave was picked up by the whole world: the more competition, the more discounts that attract even more people. So this snowball is rolling, causing a crazy stir. Someone needs gifts, someone has been waiting the whole year for the opportunity to buy an expensive thing, and someone enterprisingly buys everything and then sells it at auctions at a higher price.

People wait patiently for Black Friday for months, and then all at once pile on stores and grab goods in an hour. And if the Internet sites at this time simply hang on the number of people, then in real shopping centers madness, crush, assault and other types of simple human fun are happening. Bemorepanda prepared some interesting facts about Black Friday for you:


1. In 2020, Black Friday falls on November 29th, which marks the beginning of the biggest sale of the year worldwide. Some stores prefer to open early, and some even agree to work around the clock.


2. Aliexpress is perhaps the most popular store during the promotion days, discounts up to 70% on already cheap goods attract crowds of buyers.


3. eBay this year promises discounts of up to 50%, you can buy anything on sale: from a food processor to sports equipment, the main thing is to pay attention to the delivery terms.


4. For the first time this term sounded on September 24, 1869 during a panic in the US stock market: then the gold rate collapsed by 30%, ruining many small businesses.


5. In the fifties of the XX century, severe traffic jams on the roads of Philadelphia, which began after Thanksgiving Day, were dubbed Black Friday - the traffic police could not cope with the traffic collapse.



6. Massive sales after Thanksgiving have been (and continue to be) a hefty profit.


7. In America, sales had an additional meaning: sellers not only got rid of surplus goods in store for Thanksgiving, but also attracted those who wanted to shop early for the Christmas holidays.


8. Many sellers sin by raising prices in early to mid-November in order to effectively lower them on the day of the sale (and achieve those same ninety percent discounts). The total discount is obtained either much less than the declared one, or even absent altogether.


9.In 2018, according to the estimates of the National Retail Federation of the United States, on Black Friday itself, Americans made $ 6.2 billion (23.6% more than in 2017), and just over the weekend 165 million people were shopping.


10. Despite the proliferation and increase of online shopping, many shoppers still prefer physical stores, and more than half of those who were flattered by last year's sales were shopping both in stores and online.



11. The fashion industry is still more likely to be in the rearguard of Black Friday in terms of the number of buyers and, of course, the amount of the check. For example, consumers are projected to spend, on average, just over $ 250 each on clothing and footwear (by comparison, the average furniture bill is likely to be over $ 700).


12. True, while brands like H&M, Topshop and Mango offer discounts on almost the entire assortment, then for Farfetch and Net-a-Porter Black Friday becomes a reason to sell off the rest: special discounts apply only to the Sale department.


13. In recent years, Amazon, Argos, Boots, Currys, Debenhams, Halfords, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Littlewoods, Morrisons, Tesco and Very have been among the most active members with the best discounts.


14. Which states that 87% of Black Friday special pricing items can be purchased for the same price or even lower at other times of the year.


15.When shopping, please note the explanation for the special offer. Sometimes stores simply indicate the price "was-now", where the product was sold at the old price almost six months ago, but not yesterday.


On the one hand, Black Friday really looks like a thoughtless celebration of consumerism - and therefore aggravates environmental problems, for which the fashion industry is also responsible. On the other hand, it is possible to preserve sanity even during total stunning sales. Glossy magazines also call for this - with materials in the spirit of "What timeless things to buy at a discount" or "How to assemble a basic wardrobe for a sale." “Trends are cool,” admits Who What Wear, but warns that they won't work in a wardrobe unless you have a solid base to pair them. "And it doesn't have to be expensive."


There is nothing wrong with discounts in and of themselves, and even more, it is a great opportunity for many buyers to "jump" into a more expensive and high-quality clothing segment and choose durable items made from sustainable materials and in compliance with the principles of sustainable development. You can deliberately support brands that refuse discounts in favor of charitable initiatives. Finally, a big sale could be a good non-sale solution.


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We do not doubt that you, our dear reader, have a curious mind and love to learn something new. And in this case, what could be better than the facts, of which there are an incredible amount! There are so many that it is impossible to know them, even if you have seven spans in the forehead.


Facts - and nothing but facts


Just for such interested people, we at Bemorepanda have prepared a portion of facts that are hard to believe but which, nevertheless, are accurate. And no matter what area you are more interested in, something is interesting for everyone.


Want to see what we have found for you in the corners of the Internet? Then let's get started. Just a warning: we picked up only bare facts, so if you are overcome by doubt in their integrity, you can find confirmation of them yourself, as well as get more detailed information. Our task is to give you a fishing rod)))



1. Apple didn't make the first iPhone.


2. Ravens can hold a grudge.


3. Marie Curie is the only person to win a Nobel Prize in two different sciences.


4. Cows kill more Americans every year than sharks.


5. Dogs smell cancer.


6. Some planets produce diamond rain.


7. Undercover Detroit cops in the drug business once got into a fight with another group of undercover cops.


8. One person once survived two atomic bombings.


9. A 70-year-old woman once ran seven marathons in seven days on all seven continents.


10. Bees can detect bombs.


11. Potato chips cause more weight gain than any other food.



12. Goosebumps are for protection from predators.


13. A dentist invented cotton candy.


14. The first person convicted of speeding drove eight miles per hour (13 km/h).


15. Chewing gum increases concentration.


16. “New car smell” is the smell of dozens of chemicals.


17. A patent for a fire hydrant was lost during a fire.


18. Space smells like grilled steak.


19. Your liver can recover in three weeks.


20. In Germany, people help toads cross the road.


21. The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland.



22. Sea lions can dance to the beat.


23. Dolphins were trained to use in wars.


24. Baby blue whales grow 200 pounds (90.7 kg) daily.


25. There are moonquakes on the moon!


26. Kids ask 300 questions a day!


27. Hair and nails grow faster during pregnancy.


28. The "M" in M&Ms means "Mars" and "Murry."


29. Rollercoaster rides can help get rid of kidney stones.


30. Agatha Christie has sold over 2 billion books.


31. Water makes sounds depending on whether it is hot or cold!


32. Humans are just one of about 8.7 million species on Earth.



33. Whenever you shuffle a deck of cards, you get a combination that never existed.


34. In Nebraska, there is a city with a population of one person!


35. Dinosaurs lived on all continents.


36. Bee hummingbirds are so tiny they are mistaken for insects.


37. The person who wrote Dracula has never been to Transylvania.


38. The cast of Friends still makes about $20 million a year.


39. Newborns don't cry.


40. Pineapple acts as a natural meat tenderizer.


41. You lose up to 30 percent of your taste buds while flying.



42. The legend of the Loch Ness monster is almost 1500 years old.


43. In a restaurant in New York, grandmothers work as chefs.


44. The longest book title is 4558 words!


45. Some people have an extra bone in their knees.


46. ​​Tornadoes can cause "fish rain."


47. Shrews are the only mammals besides humans that deliberately seek out spicy food.


48. A tree frog can hold urine for up to eight months.


49. The English word with the most definitions is "set."


50. The famous "Typhoid Mary" infected more than 50 people while cooking for them.


51. Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia.



52. There is graffiti that is 1000 years old!


53. Bill Gates donated nearly half of his fortune.


54. America accidentally dropped an atomic bomb on South Carolina in 1958.


55. Large forks will make you eat less.


56. Guys do more housework than husbands.


57. The human body glows.


58. Chinese police use squads of geese.


59. Heads on Easter Island have bodies.


60. It is impossible to hum with your nose held in.



61. Apple pits are poisonous!


62. The Slinky toy was invented by accident.


63. Your nose works one nostril at a time!


64. Many bones in the foot don't harden until you're an adult.


65. Bees sometimes sting other bees.


66. There is a textbook written by an author with artificial intelligence.


67. Some sea snakes can breathe through their skin.


68. Children's medicines once contained morphine.


69. Our European ancestors were cannibals.


70. Cheetahs don't roar.



71. The hottest spot on the planet is Libya.


72. One day, Pharaoh ordered his slaves smeared with honey to drive away insects.


73. Playing the accordion was once compulsory for teachers in North Korea.


74. Sharks can live for five centuries.


75. There is a fish with legs.


76. Peanuts are not nuts!


77. The first computer was invented in the 1940s.


78. Nutmeg can be deadly poisonous.


79. You can always "see" your nose.


80. The longest wedding veil was as long as 63.5 football fields.



81. Koalas have fingerprints.


82. Pigs are constitutionally protected in Florida.


83. There is a device that creates energy from snowfall.


84. Newborns do not have kneecaps.


85. Blue Ivy Carter is the youngest person to appear on the Billboard chart.


86. More human twins are being born now than ever before.


87. France has a dozen time zones.



88. Bananas cannot reproduce.


89. A chef's hat has 100 folds.


90. Many languages ​​have common roots.


91. Sharks existed before trees.


92. Ants have a built-in FitBit.



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Black Friday is the biggest annual sale in the United States. In recent years, this trend has become popular in Europe, Russia etc. For shopaholics, the "rainy day" has become a grandiose holiday, for the store employees - the hardest day. The article contains the most interesting facts and incidents that happened in black Friday.


Discounts on a "rainy day" reach unprecedented proportions, and sales attract millions of buyers. Black Friday products are the best-selling items of the year. So what kind of day is this? Some interesting facts about Black Friday:


1. The history of the "blackest day". "Celebration" began after Thanksgiving Day in 1996 - the first Friday. The American National Thanksgiving Day is historically celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Initially Black Friday was called traffic jams because of the holiday, and later - discounts.


2. Prior to that, in the 19th century, American entrepreneur Franklin Woolworth arranged a huge "All for 5 cents" sale. Therefore, many consider him to be the progenitor of sales.


3. The phrase "Black Friday" was touched upon earlier in a management magazine article. It talked about sick leave, which workers took to go shopping instead of work. This negatively affected the operation of enterprises. The term was “fixed” by the police, who fixed big traffic jams on a “rainy day”.


4. Cyber ​​Monday. After a stormy Friday and weekend, another event comes - Cyber ​​Monday. Many IT companies and online stores offer additional discounts. For shopaholics, this day is no less popular than Black Friday, because you can buy goods at a discount without leaving your home or without leaving your workplace.


5. Day off. US residents prefer to take a vacation / day off. Many companies specifically arrange an official day off for employees on Black Friday discounts.


6. Shopping is like a battle. Often Black Friday ends with a real battle for discounts - people use pepper spray, bats, weapons.


7. Survived - work. Black Friday reached large-scale coverage at the end of the 20th century. The popularity was so great that it interfered with the work of many enterprises. The management intimidated workers with dismissal, forbade taking sick leave, day off, day off. They were only allowed to die. Today, this is much easier, but there are companies that continue to do it.


8. Million turnovers. Black Friday merchandise disappears from shelves in seconds. Americans shop over $ 150 million annually.


9. Popular goods Black Friday. Most often they buy smartphones, TVs, tablets, laptops, and various home electronics. The most popular gadget is a smartphone.


10. The queue is a week or two long. In the United States, they sometimes take two weeks off to get in line. Cases of placing tents / sunbeds near the store have been recorded. People are ready to be on duty for days in order to have time to pick up the goods at the maximum discount.


11. Thrills. Many admit that they take part in the sale of the year because of their interest in unrest, chaos, and the feeling of competition.


12. Chinese surrogate Black Friday. For ten years now, Chinese sellers have been adopting the American tradition of annually organizing grandiose sales on Bachelor's Day - November 11. Interestingly, in 2016, the turnover on this day reached the turnover of the American Black Day! The main drawback is insidious pseudo-discounts. The Chinese fake prices at their sites, hoping that foreigners do not know what the prices were in fact.


13. Inflatable discounts. Some sellers put price tags in front of an overpriced sale in order to, according to the terms of Black Friday, drop the price, but sell at the regular price, making the most money. Surprisingly, people fall for this.


14. Black Friday online. In recent years, online purchases through computers and smartphones have been gaining popularity. Online shopping is not only safe but economical. On the website of the stores, you can see a catalog with prices for various goods. Discounts also apply to baby products.


15.  In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, online shopping has been at its peak in recent months, as it is safe.


16. Search statistics Black Friday. According to Google Trends, people start typing Black Friday almost a month before the big sale starts.


17. Jewelry Black Friday. Despite the significant increase in the prices of precious metals in the world, discounts on jewelry will also be available. Those wishing to buy jewelry made of gold and silver will have an excellent opportunity to purchase them at reasonable prices.


18. The most profitable in history is considered "Friday" 2012. Then, Americans and Europeans spent more than $ 52 billion on purchases in three days, including the weekend.


19. Half of Black Friday participants admit that they go shopping only because of their interest in chaos and disorder, as well as to get a taste of the competition.


20. In order not to miss out on the best deals, some people spend the night before the sale in stalls in front of the shops.


21. After Black Friday and the weekend, another event comes - Cyber ​​Monday. On this day, most IT companies offer discounts.


22. It may seem strange, but "Black Friday" is often the busiest day for plumbers - they are very much needed by shops and malls due to the influx of buyers: "the system is overflowing."


23. Apart from appliances and jewelry, pajamas are the top-selling items every year.


24. This is unofficially the best day to buy a TV. Adobe's research says Black Friday will save you the most money on appliances, jewelry, TVs and tablets.


25. The concept of "Black Friday" appeared in 1996. At first, it denoted traffic jams after Thanksgiving, and only later - sales.


"Stay Alive." Ridiculous, dangerous situations during Black Friday

Black Friday is known not only for its huge discounts, but also for its dangers - bloody battle, brawl, shooting for the sake of a discount. Here are some funny and tragic stories:

  1. "Sausage fight". In a small German town there was another case between a woman and a pensioner. The customer took the last cart, later the elderly man roughly grabbed the cart. The brother stood up for his sister. In response, the pensioner began to throw various goods at him from the shelves. The fight moved to the sausage department. The men fought with sticks of sausages, the woman threw sausages at the pensioner. The "sausage battle" ended with minor injuries, then with the police department.


2. "Robbery in black". A Boston group of teenagers wanted to rob people who were stingy at a sale. Tired shoppers didn’t unload their cars when they arrived home. At night, the attackers "ransacked" the garages. The police did not find the thieves. Later, the robbers did not share the loot and one of them wrote an anonymous message indicating the accomplices and the location of the stolen goods.


3. "Black mother". In the United States, there was a case of intentional spraying of pepper spray. A mother with two children, making her way to the entrance of the store, pushed people aside, spraying them with a spray can. The children helped push the crowd aggressively. Then more than 20 people were injured.


4. Trampled to Death. In 2008, in the same mall, a store employee was knocked down. After receiving blows all over his body, Jimitiya Jamura died right at his workplace. The man was only 34 years old.


5. "Registration in a tent." The 1996 case - a woman dreamed of buying a big TV. It was two weeks before Black Friday, so the woman set up a tent outside the electronics store. The night before the sale, she was admitted to the hospital with hypothermia. It is still the practice to set up tents near the entrance to the store a few days before Black Friday, although online sales are popular now.



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Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving today. Usually an occasion to reunite with family or friends, this year the holiday is affected by the sanitary measures required by the authorities in an attempt to stop the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bemorepanda is here to surprise you.


Here are some things you may not know about this Canadian holiday.


1. The first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in Canada in 1578, when the English sailor Martin Frobisher arrived on Baffin Island with his crew. They celebrated with a dinner the fact that they arrived safely at their destination.


2. From 1921 to 1930, Thanksgiving Day was combined with Armistice Day (now Remembrance Day), celebrated on November 11th. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October 1931, except in 1935, when there was a conflict between this holiday and the date of the general election.


3. In 1957, Thanksgiving became a national holiday. The Canadian parliament declared Monday the second of October as a day off to thank "for the abundant harvest with which Canada has been blessed."


4. Although federally recognized, Thanksgiving Day in Canada is not a day off in Prince Edward, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.


5. Why is turkey eaten on this day? Nobody knows for sure. There are many theories about how the turkey became the predominant meal on Thanksgiving, including the fact that this bird could be easily found and is large enough to feed a family.


6. 20.2 million turkeys are sold annually in Canada, according to Statistics Canada. The data is from 2018. A little over 390 million dollars are the annual revenues made by farms that grow turkeys.


7. On Thanksgiving Day 2019, 2.5 million whole turkeys were bought by Canadians, the equivalent of 39% of sales during the year, according to the Turkey Growers Association.


8. But Thanksgiving is not the day to eat the most turkey. At Christmas 2019, 2.7 million turkeys were bought by Canadians, equivalent to 42% of annual sales.


9. 64.3% of all cranberries consumed in Canada come from Quebec and 38.9% of apples consumed come from Ontario.


10. The United States celebrates Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November. One possible explanation is that the harvest season is earlier in Canada, due to the colder climate than in the United States.



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Sometimes you can learn a lot of useful things from the Internet by simply leafing through pictures.  In this post Bemorepanda collected different facts about everything that will help broaden our horizons, as well as distract for a couple of minutes from the routine. 

 1. In 2016, a Chinese businessman Xiong Shuihua demolished all the houses in his native village and built villas in their place.  

2. You would be confused to see such a door in your entrance for the first time.  This is just a drawing with an optical illusion. 

3. The Varani people live in Ecuador.  After lengthy litigation, they won a case against an oil company claiming their land.  In the photo, members of the Amazon tribe in the courtroom.

4. In 2015, Ford installed wide-angle front and rear 1-megapixel cameras on its cars that allow "seeing from around the corner."  The problem of "blind" zones has been solved.

5. Animal rights advocates have figured out how to protect elephants from poachers: they painted the animal tusks with pink paint, which is marked with banknotes in banks.  It does not harm the animal, but it is impossible to wash it off.  Buyers do not need such tusks. 

6. Does it look edible?  In fact, in the photo there is not grapes, but a mineral called "grape chalcedony".

7. This is the cross sea.  It looks like this because of wave systems moving at different angles. 

8. This is a tree called Jabuticaba (or Brazilian grape tree).  Its fruits grow directly from the bark. 

9. The guy took off the lightning for 2 hours and then combined all the frames in one.

10. City in Peru around the oasis in Huacachina.

11. In the Congaree National Park, the water in the lake turns different colors at a certain temperature.

12. Blacks couples born white baby.  No, the DNA test confirmed that the spouses are the biological parents of the baby.  Perhaps these are white dormant genes or mutating albinism.

13. Scientists have tracked eagle movements using GPS for 20 years.  Here are his flights.

14. Trace after a needle prick on the skin, taken with a microscope.

15. This is how entrants of the GITIS acting faculty are evaluated in the era of coronavirus.

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