As most of the countries are implementing lockdown restrictions, there is surge in Coronavirus memes on the internet. Best 40 jokes for November

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Everyone is talking about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and everywhere there is information about the virus and how to protect yourself from it.

The coronavirus is spreading to more and more countries, air traffic with the whole world is interrupted, those who have been abroad are self-isolating, resorts, shopping and entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants are closing. Every day, the news of the coronavirus pandemic snowballs.

In response, photoshoots, memes, and funny videos are spreading at the same speed on the Internet, and entrepreneurs are beginning to redesign production and release creative "anti-coronavirus" products.

Being in this situation, again in quarantine, there was nothing left to do but joke. Bemorepanda has collected the top of the funniest memes and jokes.

1.Coronavirus lockdown

2.Lets go, man!

3.No eating

4.Dont ever go

5.My dog and quarantine

6.Gamers be like

7.Normal lifestyle

8.Pep talk

9.You know the rules

10.Because of corona

11.Not coming down


13.My travel plans

14.Before and after

15.Lockdown 2020

16.Isolating is your ally?

17.Day 25 of quarantine

18.Remember the time


20.Right now

21.Any mask

22.Oh yeah!

23.Novel Coronavirus

24.Birthday in March

25.Turining ito potatos

26.What year it will stop?

27.Corona is a person

28.Uno game +4

29.Mood for everyday

30.All day the same

31.Full effect

32.All is on fire

33.Protesting again coronavirus

34.That would be great

35.Me in quarantine

36.It's gonna be may


38.Can't be alone

39.Titanic be like 2020

40.Coronavirus be like

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In this difficult times, people are scared, no one knows what will happen or for how long this coronavirus pandemic will last. As of today, there are 613.700 confirmed cases with over 30,712 deaths. At the same time, Italy has reported the largest increase in death, with over 919 in just one day followed by Spain with 569 deaths.


In order to reduce the number of new infections, governments are forced to impose new restrictions on movement. So, if there is one thing we can do apart from staying home is trying to have a positive attitude. Bemorepanda has compiled a new series of the most popular memes from the internet and we hope that it will put a smile on your face in this difficult situation we’re currently in. 


President of France, Emmanuel Macron tells it's citizen to avoid visiting old people, while sitting next to his wife, Brigitte Marie-Claude Macron who is 66 years old



People now remember the time when the biggest problem of the US was a glowjob given to Bill Clinton by Monica Lewinsky.




The quarantine is having an emotional impact on parents, especially if you live with more than two children in one small apartment



While it's very difficult to find toilet paper in US supermarkets, in Afganistan it's a different story



Can this be a cure for coronavirus?



The reason why in Burundi has 0 cases of coronavirus is because no tests have been made





When police test you for coronavirus but it turns out the test is positive for marijuana




Why some users prefer not to share hands




EBITDAC = earning before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization and coronavirus



The list is compiled by Bemorepanda


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Coronavirus infection strides the planet.  However, despite the disappointing statistics, people continue to ironize over the plague of the XXI century.  The coronavirus apparently understands the jokes in its own way and continues to conquer the world, despite all the measures that humanity is taking.


Like hundreds of years ago, it is precisely those jokes that touch upon a topic that is important at the moment.  Well, now it is the coronavirus.  Thanks to the Internet, humor has become very fast - tomorrow we will be bored with what caused laughter today.  Funny pictures about COVID-19 appear on the Web at about the same speed as the virus spreads across the Earth.  You think you can’t joke about this?  Comedians will not agree with you.


 "Quarantine", "isolation", "buckwheat", "social distancing ", "virus" - perhaps these words will be included in the list of the most popular in 2020.  Fun on the Internet decided not to panic.  Instead of emptying shelves in the nearest grocery, people started to create new memes.


 Bemorepanda decided to collect the best jokes about coronavirus for their readers!


1. Everyone is turning into a Panda during the Pandemic😂


2. When you’re not ready to turn your camera on because your home routine

3. This is happening while we are living from toilet paper to toilet paper!

4.Sanitizer and toilet paper is the new gold😂

5. These workers deserve all our love and admiration!



























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The Shawn Davis family lives in a crowded area in the state of Illinois, but due to the coronavirus, they were forced to stay at home like all the neighbors. A family of foxes became interested in the empty backyard of the Americans and for several months rested under the windows of Sean's house. 

While people were quarantined in their homes, animals began to return the suddenly vacated territories to their legal possessions. This happened with the garden of the American Sean Davis - the backyard of his family was first chosen by a couple of foxes, and then they brought their kids there. The foxes in the courtyard liked it so much that for several months the animal family spent right under the windows of Sean and his relatives, for whom the life of the foxes turned into a real series. 

The American noticed that the foxes liked his yard and installed a camera that filmed their life. American Sean Davis was very surprised when in May he saw a red couple in the courtyard of two foxes. The Sean family lives in a crowded area in the state of Illinois, where besides them there are other houses, so this place can hardly be called quiet. However, the presence of people did not scare the animals at all, but rather the opposite, because over time, the foxes in the courtyard of Sean became more and more. 

Over time, seven animals at once occupied the courtyard of the Sean family - mother, father, and 5 deprive them. Animals began to use secluded territory as their playground and shelter. In the afternoon, they curled up and slept under trees, games in the morning and evening. And sometimes, due to inattention of people, the yard turned into a dining room. Since the human family almost never left the house due to quarantine, the life of foxes became a real series for them.

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Everyone is afraid of Chuck Norris, even coronavirus. The super strong and brave celebrity has frightened away the epidemic - with humour of course. 


There are many sad things happening at the moment because of Covid-19. Almost one million people are infected, up to 50,000 deaths and over 36,000 people are in serious or critical condition. Billions of people are now living in quarantine while the whole economy has never seen such a negative effect since the end of World War 2.


Lots of things could be said about Covid-19, but in these times we cannot forget to laugh, because humour can cure almost everything. As Corona jokes are spreading almost as fast as the virus itself, Bemorepanda continues to collect the most funny and interesting memes from around the internet. This time we focus on Chuck Norris - and to be more precise, how the actor is fighting the coronavirus epidemic.


Why Chuck Norris? 

The star is a symbol of masculinity and bravery. He has become the object for the so called «Chuck Norris facts». You can see one of these below: «Chuck Norris has tested positive for COVID-19. The virus is now in quarantine for two weeks». It seems even coronavirus is afraid of Chuck Norris!


Everyone how is advised to wash their hands to lower the risk of contamination. But not for Chuck Norris apparently





Chuck Norris vs Coronavirus




Chuck Norris favourite drink during the epidemic. He drinks Covid-19 each morning



After Chuck Norris will drink Coronavirus, he will also have it for breakfast. Make no mistake, no one is messing around with Chuck Norris




When it comes to taking extra precaution against the virus, coronavirus will the one, not Chuck Norris



This is what happens when Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stalone and Bruce Willis make fun of Chuck Norris. They end up in the hospital



Chuck Norris doesn't need toilet paper. He will wait until the epidemic will end



Reported by Bemorepanda



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The pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc announced on Monday that its experimental vaccine against COVID-19 has an efficiency of over 90%, a major victory in the fight against a pandemic that killed over one million people and affected the world economy.


Pfizer and German partner BioNTech SE are the first drug manufacturers to announce success in a large-scale clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine. The companies said they have not found any serious security issues so far and expect to apply for US authorization this month for emergency use of the vaccine.


If the vaccine is authorized, the number of doses will initially be limited and many questions remain, including how long it will provide protection.


However, the announcement gives hope that other developing COVID-19 vaccines may prove effective.


Pfizer will seek permission from the US authorities for the emergency use of the vaccine for people between the ages of 16 and 85. To do this, it will need two months of security data from about half of the 44,000 study participants.


Pfizer shares rose 6% higher in New York, while BioNTech shares rose 18%.


The shares of other COVID-19 vaccine developers in the final stages of testing also reacted with AstraZeneca up 0.5% in London, while Johnson & Johnson gained 2.6% and Moderna decreased by 1.8% before the opening of the US market.


Pfizer and BioNTech have a $ 1.95 billion contract with the US government to deliver 100 million doses of vaccine starting this year. The companies have also reached supply agreements with the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada and Japan.


To save time, companies started producing the vaccine before they knew if it would be effective. It is now expected to produce up to 50 million doses, enough to protect 25 million people this year.


Pfizer said it expects to produce up to 1.3 billion doses of vaccine by 2021. Meanwhile, the Internet has exploded with memes, as has Bemorepanda.


1.Zoom and vaccine


2.I'm ready


3.Move on


4.Popping to Boots


5.Me and the fellas


6.Me with besties


7.Not taking the vaccine


8.Same person


9.Taking Covid-19 vaccine


10.All laughting


11.Introverts and the vaccine


12.People in the country




14.99 problems




16.If you die from polio


17.Drink alcohol


18.Being proffesional


19.Because people die






22.Will you be my Valentine?


23.Pass alright


24.Pfitzer and vaccine


25.Thanks Biden


26.One week after elections


27.But when I do


28.Against humans?


29.Pfitzer and the vaccine


30.Me when the vaccine drops


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