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Compilation of best 30 Melania Trump memes that are too funny to ignore

3 years ago

Melania Trump (born Melanija Knavs, Germanized Melania Knauss, born April 26, 1970, Novo Mesto, Socialist Republic of Slovenia, RSF Yugoslavia is a jewelry and watch designer, former model and American businesswoman of Slovenian origin.


She has been married since 2005 to US billionaire Donald Trump, a former real estate businessman and former US president. Born in Yugoslavia (now Slovenia), she became a permanent resident of the United States in 2001 and a citizen in 2006.


The first lady of the USA, Melania Trump, reacted on Twitter more than 24 hours after the media projections showed that Donald Trump lost the race for a new mandate at the White House.


Sources quoted by CNN said, before this tweeet, that Melania Trump would have tried to convince the incumbent president to publicly accept her defeat.


According to the projections, the democratic candidate Joe Biden gathered over 270 electoral votes, the minimum number to ensure his election.


However, Trump has challenged this result and is accused of voting fraud, even if, according to the Federal Electoral Commission, there is no evidence to that effect.


He announced that his campaign team will go to court on Monday to challenge the counting of votes they consider "illegal".


Still through the time of being the first lady, there appeared a lot of funny memes with Melania. Bemorepanda collected the funniets one.


1.This look


2.How Melania sees the world


3.When you marry a millionaire


4.Blink twice


5.Help Melania


6.The only good moment of this inauguration


7.Stop sending this


8.It makes sense now


9.Smiling at Putin


10.Upgraiding to Putin


11.The reason is clear


12.Cheating on Melania


13.If he goes blind


14.Devotion to America


15.Delete Trump account


16.Signaling something?


17.A sugar daddy


18.Russian dolls


19.That's pretty funny


20.Melania loves Trudeau


21.Looks like even Melania is thinking of an escape


22.Fantasy moment


23.Dress for the jos you want


24.A black widow


25.Can I copy your homework?


26.I had a degree


27.Being the first lady


28.Trusted speech writers


29.Date a rich guy


30.Be nice to Melania

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Still digesting the electoral defeat he went through, four days after leaving the White House, Trump continues to allude to the creation of a new political party, a threat that some see as a ploy to make senators think better. with the start of his trial in the Senate in the second week of February.

Trump spent his weekend at the Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida, dividing his time between golf games and discussions about how to stay relevant and influential on the political scene and how to sideline Republicans who they betrayed him and voted to prosecute him, wrote The Washington Post reported.

According to the quoted source, Trump says that the threat of forming a MAGA (Make America Great Again) or Patriot party could offer him a strategy to prevent Republican senators from voting for his conviction. A guilty verdict on the charge of inciting violence could lead to the loss of any possibility of holding a public office in the future.

Anyways this makes a new theme for memes. Bemorepanda collected them for you.

1.Not again

E HAPPY E @happyroadkill - 21h 000 ITS HAPPENING FINALLY ndike to see you syphon votes frem THERE you litle bastard hutt oh what the fuck is that Andrew Restuccia @AndrewRestuccia · 22h NEW: Trump has talked to associates in recent days about starting a new party after he leaves the White House. He wants to call it the Patriot Party. 118 27 1.8K 13.5K Animation Cartoon Animated cartoon Fictional character

2.How it's going

3.Own political party

4.MAGA Party

5.Does not change anything

6.My ass got arrested

7.The new leaders

8.That's how it looks

9.The only place to be

10.Maga Party with our furniture

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Former United States Vice President Joe Biden has officially become the Democratic candidate in the November presidential election, in which he will face Donald Trump.

At the heart of his speech, Biden has sour criticism of Donald Trump, but his proposals remain vague. For now, he has insisted on a number of measures to limit police powers and would like to set up a commission to oversee police actions or even stop the transfer of equipment from the army to the police.

Democrat Joe Biden is 77 years old and if he wins the presidential race this fall he will remain in the White House until he is 81 years old and would be the oldest American president. He was vice president of the United States during Barack Obama's term from 2009 to 2017 and a senator for 36 years.

1.Eating Joe

2.Everyone gets a free car

3.This is a big deal of Biden

4.Biden made a gaffe

5.Jack Nicholson Impression

6.Shut up,Joe, here are cameras!

7.Biden meets Ryan before debate

8. Malarkey

9.Paul Ryan works out?

10.Now you're Jack Kennedy!

11.I will not speak unless spoken to.

12.In a democracy everyone grows up a president

13.Igor, come we have work to do!

14.Put the gameboy away

15.Biden cant handle the truth

16.It's called microphone, Joe

17.Biden and governor Palin

18.Say "nuclear"

19.Biden gets invited on hunting trip

20.Joe just got a great promotion


22.Obama and Biden

23.Obama and Biden movie

24.Biden declines the invitation

25.Why clocks are set two hours behind, Joe?


























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In a recent interview, former US President Donald Trump stated that he is determined to return to the White House, so he will run in the 2024 elections.

Donald Trump, now 75, was the oldest White House president before Joe Biden, 78, was elected.

Donald Trump took his first steps in construction while still a student. He and his father bought a dilapidated complex in Cincinnati, Ohio. There were about 1,200 apartments in it. Surprisingly, the state subsidized the restoration of this project, called Swifton Village, so impressive that Trump, without spending a dime, did a complete restoration of the complex and sold it twice as much as they bought. As a result, Donald realized that the government was focused on providing housing to the people and was ready to help and provide assistance in every way possible, and he certainly knew how to get such help. This story was the beginning of Trump's prosperity as a major construction contractor.

However, this was not enough for Donald. His first projects were successful, but his goal was New York. Here it is, a city of opportunities with the chance to enter directly into the real estate market and turn into a great construction tycoon! He immediately moved to the metropolis, rented an apartment in Manhattan, which was not very luxurious, and examined the buildings with great diligence. As he gained knowledge, Donald was convinced that it would be useful for him to build his biggest business.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes.

1.China ready for 2024

2.Mean Twitters

3.Unsafe vaccine

4.Trump back for memes

Trump was aware that he could only get good funding by rotation in certain circles, and he set himself the goal of becoming a member of the club of wealthy and influential French politicians and bankers. It was not easy to enter this closed club without a specific recommendation, but a young and ambitious businessman left and received a club card after meeting with the manager. Trump has entered the habitat of the powerful. The visitors of this institution were great bosses, successful models, top managers, oil magnates. Donald was expecting unimaginable offers and multi-million dollar contracts.

Despite a crushing start and useful contacts, Trump has been constantly plagued by failure. Perhaps because of his zeal and youth, he did not inspire confidence in serious developers, but wealth, it seems, has drifted away from him. However, Donald did not give up, on the contrary, the failures stimulated him and ignited in him the desire to achieve the goals at any cost.

With the financial support of his father, Trump entered into the first agreement with the bankrupt railroad company Penny Central Railroad. Donald bought the dilapidated Commodore Hotel near Grand Central Station. The future tycoon managed to persuade the authorities to postpone the payment of property taxes for 40 years and take out loans from banks worth seventy million dollars, and Hyatt Corporation to give its name. And now, instead of the dilapidated Commodore Hotel, the luxurious Grand Hyatt has been formed.

Trump's purchase of land in Atlantic City long before the legalization of the gambling business once again proved that he had a great instinct and luck, as the value of this land by 1982 exceeded $ 20 million.


6.Fkk the planet


But one of New York's biggest construction magnates, Donald Trump, has completed the Trump Tower project. In 1979, he rented a store building near the Tiffany boutique. At first, everything was not so smooth and the authorities did not want to meet him halfway, refusing to grant tax exemptions of millions of dollars. But he did not give up and after going through several court hearings he managed to provide benefits.

And so, three years later, on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan, one could contemplate the grand opening of the stunning 68-story, mixed-tower Trump Tower. Revenues from this construction exceeded all expectations, tourists just crowded to see the grandeur of the skyscrapers with its six-story atrium, pink marble ornaments and 80-foot waterfall, and celebrities rushed to rent the square here.

The 1980s saw the formation of the Trump Empire - all his projects turned into a gold mine. Such success dazzles Trump. Not being very modest, he became very self-confident, and when asked how things were going, the answer was, "It's good to be Donald."

Trump was expected to become president of the United States in the 1980s, but at the time, the arrow of Donald's political compass was constantly rushing between the right and the left. By 2009, he had more or less defined his own views and joined the Republican Party. They tried to nominate prominent economist and manager Donald to run in the 2011 presidential election, but the businessman said he was not ready to leave the private sector.

On June 16, 2015, Trump announced to the people of the United States that he had changed his mind, announcing that he was ready to fight for the presidency. Trump's presidential campaign was carefully thought out: first, he visited New Hampshire, traditionally considered a Republican stronghold, and then toured Nevada and California, states that had previously received a solid financial infusion from Donald. Trump has also held rallies in support of the electorate.

Trump's popularity has been influenced by his character: the newly-elected politician is accustomed to speaking openly, without covering his speech with euphemisms. Thanks to this feature, he gained fame as an eccentric who tells the truth.

The main messages of the Trump campaign were related to the following areas of American society: immigration, health, economics and domestic politics ... The Republican was extremely cold to the people of Mexico and the Middle East. If he wins the election, Trump has threatened to build an analogue of the Great Wall of China on the border with Mexico. Trump has also repeatedly called for the immediate elimination of the ISIS armed forces.

8.Who is missing Trump

9.Good old times


11.Good quote

Donald Trump accuses Democrats of creating ISIS

Donald called for the cancellation of Barack Obama's medical program, saying that providing it is too expensive for the state and that he will easily find more efficient and cheaper methods for taxpayers.

In the economic sector, even Democrats have listened to the billionaire; he argued for the need to return production to the United States, increase taxes on the goods of American companies made abroad, and also argued for the need for a trade war with China.

Donald Trump's outrageous video of Vladimir Putin

More broadly, he outlined his point in the book "A crippled America", published in 2015. According to Forbes magazine, in 2016, Donald Trump's fortune exceeded the threshold of 4 billion dollars. It continued to grow, including through real estate licensing - the developers themselves paid Trump to build and sell new projects on his behalf.

In March 2016, Donald Trump was named the most likely Republican presidential candidate, predicting that he will face Hillary Clinton in the final round of elections.

12.Spray tan

13.Hate Trump

14.Hey Siri

15.Under Trump




19.Trump 2024


21.So hard to find


23.2024 be like




27.Own social media


29.I bet Trump

30.Who’s with me

31.Talk about Trump


33.Trump took them all out


35.Success stories

36.He does

37.Help Kevin


39.Fit the theory



42.Go to the moon

43.Changing facts

44.Behind the desk

45.The truth

46.Trump won

47.In Trump we trust


49.Talk about Trump

50.Pretty cool

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Democrats have taken another step in pushing $ 1.9 trillion in aid to President Biden, as the House Methods and Means Committee said yesterday it had approved key measures, including checks for $ 1,400.


Several committees are working on the bill, and part of the Ways and Means committee's draft includes provisions for: approving direct payments of $ 1,400; extend unemployment benefits and temporary federal benefits until August 29, 2021; increases weekly benefit from $ 300 to $ 400; extension of tax credits for employees and families; supports health insurance and improves access to health care; and to protect the elderly in nursing homes, the statement said.


House President Nancy Pelosi said in her weekly press conference yesterday that she expects the commissioning increase to end this week. Increasing the membership of the committee is a key formal step the committee ultimately takes to move the bill forward, according to the Congress website.


The next steps, according to Pelosi, are to send him to the Budget Committee next week to do their bidding, then to the Rules Committee, and then up, she said in her speech. Bemorepanda collected some memes.


1.Stimulus Check after 9 months



2.Class pizza parties



3.Congress announced stimulus check



4.Looking like a 5 dollar



5.Quarters on the ground



6.The check stimulus



7.Next stimulus check



8.Stimulus check



9.PS5 and family's Christmas gifts



10.Half of your rent



11.Next stimulus check



12.Members of Congress




13.Double amount



14.Congress having stimulus check



15.About stimulus check



16.First date idea



17.Second stimulus check



18.Checking stimulus

18 Funniest Stimulus Check Memes - LAUGHTARD


19.100th time and seeing this

stimuluscheck Memes - Find and Share | Memes


20.Financial recovery


21.Deposited stimulus


22.Hiting bank account


23.Now for 2021




25.600 dollars


26.A tiger


27.Before and after


28.Not yet


29.This face


30.Reasons to live


31.Swipe up

Checking my bank account Memes


32.Looking at bank account

Looking at My Bank Account Like | Bank Meme on ME.ME


33.My face

Bank account : memes


34.Second stimulus check

Image tagged in prime - Imgflip


35.Hear about the second stimulus

Second stimulus package - Imgflip


36.Second stimulus check

To all the other starving Americans... : memes


37.Waiting for it

Waiting on that second stimulus check ..... | Make a Meme


38.Eating money

Stimulus Checks Are Dropping And So Are The Stimulus Check Memes


39.Put it up together

Stimulus Checks Are Dropping And So Are The Stimulus Check Memes


40.Stimulus check

Here are some of the funniest COVID-19 relief payment memes on social media  -


41.Free stimulus

18 Funniest Stimulus Check Memes - LAUGHTARD


42.Just got the stimulus check


43.Looks good




45.Enough for everything


46.Just pay it


47.I'll look with you


48.Stimulus payment




50.The gov vs me

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