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From the singing cats to the most talkative ones, the people from Bemorepanda worked hard and created a top with the most mustachioed and talented cats that became famous on YouTube.


Thanks to the huge number of video cameras, at everyone's fingertips and the simplicity of YouTube, new videos with cats are uploaded daily, but there are a few kittens whose videos have a special place in the history of YouTube.


Many cats become celebrities on social networks and end up having more fans than celebrities in the world of cinema or music. Here is a list of the most famous "stars" in the world of cats, which have made a sensation among millions of users.


Lil Bub is one of the most beautiful cats, she is almost 4 years old and she is a cat that was born with some problems caused by the genetic mutations suffered in her mother's womb. Although she needs special care and needs to be bottle-fed, Lil Bub has managed to win the hearts of animal-loving internet users.


Below you can see the list with other stars from the world of cats collected by Bemorepanda.


1.Cole & Marmalade


2.Kitten Academy




4.Relax My Cat






7.Ginger Kitties Four


8.Cat Man Chris


9.WOA Animals


10.Steve Cash ( stevecash83 )


11.Simon's Cat


12.The Mean Kitty


13.Lil Bub


14.Shorty and Kodi


15.N2 Cat Crew




17.Smoothie the Cat


18.The Kits Cats


19.Sissi The Red Cat


20.Bobo & Nikita






23.Bad Cat Tube - Funny Cat Pictures & Videos


24.Cat Lessons


25.Anakin the Two Legged Miracle Cat




27.Cats Protection


28.Hosico Cat




30.Hot Rocket Bengal Cats


31.Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc.


32.Jonasek The Cat


33.Milo the Munchkin Cat


34.Tuna and The "Rock-cats"


35.My 3 Feral Cats


36.The Baron: Fat Cat


37.pecan the nut


38.Jericho & Thunder The 2 Gray Cats


39.The Six Cats Parade


40.Purina Friskies


41.Furball Fables


42.Jonasek The Cat


43.Team Purrfection


44.Why I smile


45.Anakin The Two Legged Cat


46.Always Hungry Cat




48.Peach The Kitten


49.Kute Cats | Funny Cat Videos


50.Bad Cat


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It's easy to tell a pug from a poodle, but what do you really know about the most popular cat breeds? Did you know that there are at least 40 cat breeds in the United States alone - each with its own personality, traits and history?

As far as we know about cats, they are still mysterious creatures. Perhaps getting some basic information about the best cat species in the world will bring us closer to understanding the causes of cat ticks and why humans care about us.


This is a very intelligent cat, known for its curiosity and desire to explore everything around it. It is also a social pet that gets along well with children, dogs and ferrets. However, the Abyssinian is unlikely to end up in your lap, but he will show you love, always being in your presence. These types of cats love attention and would like to

a company, maybe another kitten when you're not home.

2.American Bobtail

The American Bobtail, one of the orange cat breeds, is known for its wild appearance and short tail, as well as loyalty and devotion to their families. They are in tune with human emotions, which many recommend as therapeutic cats.

3.American Curl

The American curl is distinguished by its bushy ears, which are wavy at the back and a tail close to the feather.

Ranked 25th on the Cat Fanciers Association's list of the most popular cat breeds of 2018, this is an unusual cat.

4.American Shorthair

It is believed that the ancestors of this cat came to the United States with the first settlers. These cats, which were appreciated and "used" as mousetraps, quickly became popular as pets. Today they are the favorites among Americans and have consistently ranked among the ten most popular cat breeds in the United States.

5.American Wirehair

American Wirehair is very similar to American Shorthair, the main difference being that it has a mustache and a stiff coat, which are thick and thick. Some have even described this coat as "steel wool".


Balinese are easily confused with Siamese cats. After all, they have the same color, size and bright blue eyes. It is even believed that the former actually descended from Siamese cats, which were too chubby to conform to the standards of Siamese breeders. However, the main difference between the two is the long-haired Balinese coat, which gives elegance to the graceful shape of this cat. It is not for nothing that he is named after the dancers of the Balinese temples.


If you have always wanted a reduced version of a leopard or jaguar, the Bengal cat is the way to go. Their size, athletic construction and clothing markings make them look like a miniature wild cat, even if they belong to a domestic cat. But don't be fooled by their appearance. The Bengal is actually a pretty cute and loyal cat.


Birman is a cat with a colorful tip, with a long flowing coat, which is not matte, soft and silky to the touch. Other striking features of these cats are their bright eyes and white paws.


Bombay is like a panther swaying in the wash. Except for the eyes, Bombay is all black, even paws, which is unusual for other black cat breeds. It is a hybrid breed, a cross between the Burmese saber and the American Shorthair breed, first bred in the 1950s.

10.British Shorthair

Thick and dense coats, bear eyes and a signed blue color make these cats a very popular choice among large breed cats. This robust cat is actually the third most popular cat in the United States.


A large cat with thick bones, the Burmese stands out for its rounded shape and short, soft coat, which can be the color of the original saber, as well as light brown, blue and purple.



This medium-sized animal, wool, is one of the best breeds of cats for those who want nothing more than a pet to sit on their lap while watching TV or relaxing.


All cat lovers dream of having a big wild cat. While many gave up this dream because of the obvious danger of keeping a tiger in the house, some American breeders still hoped to create different types of cats that resemble jungle cats and thus developed Chausie, a miniature version. their wild brothers.

15.Colorpoint Shorthair

16.Cornish Rex

Anyone who has seen or stabbed a Cornish Rex knows that there is nothing like it in the world of cats. The large sharp ears, arched back and soft wavy coat are some of the most distinctive features of this cat breed.

17.Devon Rex

Devon Rex is one of the most mischievous and friendly cat breeds. This cat lives to entertain the owners with its stupid antiques and tricks. He loves not only his family. These cute cats get along well with other cats, dogs, rabbits - anything. Because he has an unusual level of socialization and play for cats, Devon Rex is sometimes said to be half cat, half dog and half monkey.

18.Egyptian Mau

Sometimes referred to as a feline greyhound, this kitten has incredibly fast reflexes, which are only suited to its elegance and grace. The Egyptian cat Mau is also a jumper, so don't be surprised if you see her jumping from incredible heights or if you are sitting on top of a tall library.

19.European Burmese

20.Exotic Shorthair

For those who want a Persian cat, but do not worry about caring for fluffy breeds of cats, there is Exotic. He looks Persian, but he has short hair. This kitten has a thick body with massive bones, as well as a wonderful plush coat, a flattened face and large round eyes.

21.Havana Brown

It is a medium-sized, muscular cat with a long and thin body. It is also one of the extremely rare breeds of cats.

22.Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan cat is a cross between Siamese and Persian cats. It has a Persian down and a colorful dot and dark blue eyes of a Siamese cat. Because it is a hybrid, the CFA does not recognize it as a separate breed.

23.Japanese Bobtail

Japanese bobtails are extremely popular cat breeds in their home country and are believed to bring good luck and prosperity. The figure of the seductive cat or Maneki Neko, whom we all know and associate with Japan, actually looks like a coil.

24.Khao Manee


Korat is native to Thailand, where it is considered a living symbol of luck. They belong to the gray cat breed, and with their silver hair and heart-shaped faces, these cats are simply adorable.


LaPerm looks like a cat that has been shampooed for extra volume. It is known for curly hair, which is the result of spontaneous mutation and can be of any color and feline pattern.


28.Maine Coon Cat

Known as the "gentle giant," Maine Coon is the only American cat with long hair. It is also the oldest American breed. People consider the Maine Coon cat to be a cross between a short-haired domestic cat and a long-haired European cat, although many consider it to be a hybrid of a crab and a cat.

29.Norwegian Forest Cat

The strong physique and fluffy fur make this big cat, if not the largest breed of cat, then definitely one of the top five in the world. But don't be fooled by its size, it is actually a kind and caring pet.


Ocicat is another breed specially created to look like a wild cat and delights many feline lovers around the world that they have a leopard, well at least in miniature. Named Ocicat because it looks like an ocelot and a cat, it is a wild kitten with a nice mood.

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Cats usually sleep between 13 and 16 hours a day. What is the reason they need so much rest? Expert Abigail Tucker, author of "The Lion in the Living Room" has an extremely interesting explanation.


According to the expert, although the time dedicated to sleep differs from one cat to another, depending on age and personality, cats usually sleep between 13 and 16 hours a day. Only bats and opossums sleep more, almost 20 hours a day.


"Everything has to do with the instinct of a predator. If, for example, herbivores graze for hours until they fill their stomachs with enough food, in the case of cats, hunting gives them a very short time to attack and devour their victim. This behavior has also been passed on to domestic cats, so they can spend most of the day sleeping, like lions, ”explained Abigail Tucker.


Another characteristic of cats is that they are twilight animals, being more active at sunset and at dawn. During the day, they rest and at night they become active.


"On the other hand, many cats, especially apartment cats, sleep rather out of boredom, having nothing to stimulate them, such as those raised in the yard," she added.


Studies show that cats sleep has two phases: REM (Rapid eye movement) - characterized by rapid eye movement, when dreams occur, and non-REM sleep (NREM) or deep sleep.


During NREM sleep, the cat's body recovers. Bones grow, muscles develop. The immune system strengthens. 60% of a cat's sleep is REM sleep, three times less than in humans.


According to the expert, when sleeping, the cat must have its own bed. "Cats need their space, where they can sleep better. If you make a special cage for him, even a box, the cat will be much happier than if you keep him in bed ", the expert added.

8.It dreams of sunbathing

9.Human legs are perfect for sleep

10.About what is this cat dreaming?

11.After a good meal

12.Trying to fall asleep

13.Thinking about treaties

14.Broken cat

15.So tiered after a work day

16.Trying to sleep like humans

17.Falling asleep at work

18.Owner warmth is perfect

19.Stop working

20.Reading books is interesting































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Cats are interesting and curious animals. Many of their actions are inexplicable. For this reason we have many questions for our dear quadrupeds. But they also have questions for us. For this reason, Bemorepanda combined the most interesting questions that cats could have for their owners but also other interesting questions about cats.

Sometimes the cat behaves strangely. He puts his toys in the food, prefers the water from the toilet, washes himself immediately after you bathed him, etc. Find answers to weird questions! Whether they jump over very long distances or usually fall on their feet, or hide in boxes or climb high places, cats have always managed to amaze and amuse us with their behavior and abilities. And we still don't know everything about them.

1. Why don't people like it when the cat licks them?

It is neither the most pleasant thing, because the tongue is very rough, nor the most common thing for a kitten. However, licking is the best way to show your affection. When they are little, kittens enjoy the attention and care of their mother, this being the first sign of the condition they learn. To show you that I love you, the cats will take care of you, washing you :)

2. Why do some guests not love cats?

When an animal threatens another animal, it stares at it and approaches it. This is how an animal lover behaves who can't take his eyes off the kitten. A person who does not suffer from cats will avoid looking at her and approaching her. For this reason, the kitten will perceive her as a benevolent and non-threatening person.

3. Why don't you like licking our fur after a fresh bath?

There are several theories to explain this behavior. On the one hand, it is said that the cat wants to get rid of the human smell. On the other hand, it is assumed that the cat wants to prolong the pleasant moment and wants to smell you again.

Image: AlterMark

4. Do you know why cats use sand?

In the wild, kittens bury the big deal to hide their presence from predators or rivals.

5. Why do cats check the sand before using it?

Each kitten had at least one less pleasant experience with a puddle of mud, so check the territory first.

6. Why do cats attack people's ankles?

The kitten actually wants to play, and her favorite ways to play are the ones inherited from the wild: surprise attacks, jumps, etc. So he will attack what he finds most at hand… his ankles. Give him another way to play and he will leave you alone.

7. Why does your cat bring dead or near-dead animals?

There are several explanations. It can be considered a way to show gratitude for the fact that you feed her and take care of her. Another explanation is that the cat brings its prey home, where it can eat it safely or play with it in peace. The notions of life and death, morality, etc. are unknown to the cat, so she won't understand why you're arguing with her. No matter how domesticated, the animal instinct sometimes makes its presence felt.

8. Why does the kitten play with prey?

Cats are attracted to movement. If he has the desire to play or attack, he will remember the moment of the attack playing with prey.

9. Why do you put your toys in food?

The area where the cat eats is her area. No one does anything else there, so the area belongs to him and is safe, and the cat will bring all his belongings there.

10. Why does the cat roll on its back?

Sometimes cats want to show their confidence in you, and they sit on their backs to let you caress their bellies. At other times, he simply wants to play. If the kitten is in heat, then rolling on the back is part of the foreplay.

11. Why do cats put their paws on the window?

They just check to see if there really is a barrier or not.

12. Why do cats want to drink tap water?

Your kitten likes food and fresh water, and moving water gives her the certainty that water is good. So you will always prefer to drink water directly from the tap or from the bathroom than from the bowl.

Image: we coat

13. Why do cats wash so often?

First of all, it's about hygiene. Second, cats wash when they feel ashamed or threatened. For example, if he did something stupid and slipped or hit himself, he grabbed and washed nonchalantly, as if that was their goal.

14. Why does the cat need fixed attention when talking on the phone?

Seeing that you are talking and you do not have an interlocutor, the cat will assume that you are talking to her, so she will answer you.

15. Why doesn't the cat eat directly from the bowl?

The kitten can't stand her mustache being touched, so if the bowl is too narrow or too deep, she will find a more comfortable way to eat.

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