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People Are Supporting JOHNNY DEPP to return as CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW With These 30 Memes

3 years ago

After Johnny Depp lost a court case against the Sun tabloid, Disney studio decided to abandon the idea of ​​inviting the actor to the new movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.


According to We Got This Covered, citing reliable sources close to the studio, earlier Disney was going to offer Depp to play again the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the planned sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean. The new picture was supposed to reboot the film series and become a new starting point in the development of history.


The options were discussed, within which, in order to maintain continuity, Johnny Depp would appear in the form of a Sparrow to accompany the main characters (or introduce them to the audience). However, now that the court ruled that the actor did indeed beat his ex-wife Amber Heard, the Disney studio, which specializes in children's and family films, wants nothing to do with Depp.


The lawsuit between ex-spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ended in divorce in 2016. According to Heard, during the entire period of their marriage, Depp attacked her at least 14 times - during moments when the actor was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. In August 2016, TMZ reported that Amber Heard had dropped her claim.


As a result of the agreement, which the parties managed to reach, Depp pledged to pay the actress $ 7 million. Later, the actor sued The Sun because of publications in which he was told about the beating of his ex-wife. After the articles published in the tabloid, according to Depp, his life and career went downhill.


But in this unhappy moment, people support Depp and created a lot of memes with the beloved character Captain Jack Sparrow, Bemorepanda collected top of them.


1.Water is rum


2.Poems are hard


3.My peanut


4.Cough is danger


5.Did I?


6.That moment




8.WTF? Just run


9.But you have heard of me


10.How much is the rent?


11.I don't do Tik Toks


12.Before and after


13.Fun, alcoholic uncle


14.Telling the truth


15.Infamous captain


16.Jar of dirt


17.A wise boy


18.Download a game


19.I love those moments


20.True enough


21.How much is the rent?


22.Not enough rum


23.Telling a joke




25.Old before


26.Oh yes I am


27.Why is gone?


28.That look


29.When you say a joke



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Actor Johnny Depp (57) has reached the dock for a confrontation with the lawyers of his ex-wife, model and actress Amber Heard (34), who accuses him of domestic violence. The trial in which Amber Heard claims that she was beaten by Johnny Depp when they were a couple resumed, on Tuesday, in London.

Actor Johnny Depp (57) has reached the dock for a confrontation with the lawyers of his ex-wife, model and actress Amber Heard (34), who accuses him of domestic violence.  


The trial in which Amber Heard claims that she was beaten by Johnny Depp when they were a couple resumed, on Tuesday, in London.


 The two former partners came to the Court of Justice accompanied by witnesses, lawyers and bodyguards.


 Dressed on all fours and with their faces covered by makeshift protective masks, Depp and Heard made their way through the waiting journalists.


 The actor's lawyers explained that they were informed late that Amber Heard had filed new charges against their client and that she had presented new witnesses, who were to be heard.


 The trial, which is expected to take about three weeks, is only partially public. Vanessa Paradis, Depp's former partner, and actress Winona Ryder are expected to testify via a video connection.


 Amber Heard submitted evidence to the file which shows that the actor abruptly hit her in 2015-2016, when he had major problems with alcohol consumption. However, one of these pieces of evidence is being challenged by Depp's lawyer, who claims otherwise.


 In addition, the star said that he was, in fact, the victim of the attacks coming from his ex-wife and was forced to make efforts to avoid the confrontation. "I was always trying to retreat into my corner," he said.


 Asked about one of the scandals, Depp said: "She climbed and she became violent. Mrs. Heard hit me and cut off a finger. "


 On the second day of the hearings, on Wednesday, July 8, the American actor made a statement about the "bizarre" behavior of his partner and revealed when he decided to divorce.


 "I decided to divorce when she defecated in the marital bed. Mrs. Heard is responsible for the incident. She told our real estate manager it was a harmless prank, but for me, it was the last incident that convinced me we had to separate. Initially, he blamed our dogs ", Depp claimed.


 The American star also opened a lawsuit on behalf of his ex-wife, for slander and defamation. Following the accusations launched by Amber Heard, the actor lost several lucrative roles, including the one from the successful series Pirates of the Caribbean.


 Moreover, the star sued the British newspaper The Sun and the executive director Dan Wootton, because of some articles that suggest that the Hollywood star behaved with his wife like a "violent monster".


Bemorepanda collected some funny memes and is ready to share them with you.


1.Victim of domestic violence


2.Now say this


3.Crazy people


4.Depp in the court


5.She is an abuser


6.Poop in the bed


7.RIP carrier


8.We are not in a fight


9.She is not right


10.Just a poop


11.No one will believe


12.She is preparing


13.About the media


14.Let the marathon begin


15.You get what you deserve


16.The new star


17.Adolf Ler


18.Right now


19.Who is the abuser?


20.Nowhere to go


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Can't deny

10 hours ago
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Valentine's Day is celebrated annually on February 14 in most countries of the world: for more than one and a half thousand years, millions of people on this day confess their love to each other. Bemorepanda collected the most interesting memes about Valentine's Day.


One of the versions of the origin of Valentine's Day says that it was transformed from the feast of Lupercalia, dedicated to fertility and named after the patron saint of herds, the god Faun (also known as Luperk). It was celebrated every year on February 15th.


According to tradition, men on this day sacrificed animals, made original whips from their skins, stripped naked and ran around the city, hitting every woman they met on the way. Women, however, willingly substituted themselves for blows: it was believed that a blow with a whip on this day would give fertility. The ritual was extremely common in Rome: there is evidence that even members of noble families participated in it.


Later, it became so popular that it survived many pagan traditions that disappeared with the advent of Christianity. It is worth noting that many historians deny the connection between the Roman "festival" and the later Christian celebration and consider it nothing more than a guess.


The most romantic story about Saint Valentine is connected with the prohibition of the imperious Roman emperor Claudius II to marry: he believed that men who were not burdened with family would fight with great zeal on the battlefield.


Interesting Valentine's day memes 2022


1.Mood on Valentine’s Day


2.Quickest way to my heart


3.Dropping hints


4.My plans for Valentine’s day


For about three hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ, Roman emperors continued to insist on faith in their gods. Valentine was a Christian priest and for his teachings he was thrown into prison. On February 14, Valentine was beheaded, not only because he was a Christian priest, but also because he performed a miracle. There is a story that he cured the jailer's daughter from blindness. On the night before the execution, he wrote her a farewell letter, signing it "From your Valentine."


Valentine was an Italian bishop who lived around the same time, AD 200. He was imprisoned for secretly marrying couples in love, contrary to the laws of the Roman emperor. According to some reports, he was burned at the stake.


It is not known exactly why the day of February 14 is known as Valentine's Day, or if Saint Valentine actually had something to do with this day.


Historians claim that modern Valentine's Day celebrations were a mixture of ancient Christian and Roman traditions. According to one of the legends, this holiday comes from the ancient Roman festival Lupercalia - Lupercalia, which was a feast of fertility and was celebrated annually on February 15th. But during the rise of Christianity in Europe, many pagan holidays were renamed in honor of Christian martyrs. The Lupercalia Festival is no exception. In 496 AD, Pop Gelasius ordered the Lupercalia festival to be included in the Christian holiday and established its observance one day earlier, February 14th. He proclaimed February 14 as a holiday in honor of the Roman Saint Valentine.


There were at least three Christian saints named Valentine in the Catholic encyclopedia. One of them was a priest in Rome, the other was a bishop in Terni. Nothing is known about the third Saint Valentine, except that he ended his life in Africa. But it is known that they were all executed on February 14th.


5.Valentine’s day memes


6.Love yourself


7.Chocolates at my door


Most scholars believe that Saint Valentine was a priest who lived in Rome around 270 and attracted the disfavor of the Roman emperor Claudius II, who was the ruler of that time. During Valentine's existence, the golden era of the Roman Empire almost came to an end. The lack of capable leaders led to frequent civil wars. Taxes have gone up unreasonably. The Roman Empire faced a crisis on all sides - from Gauls, Slavs, Huns, Turks and Mongols from Northern Europe and Asia. The story of St. Valentine also has two different versions - Protestant and Catholic. But both versions agree with the story, when Saint Valentine, as a bishop, conducted secret marriage ceremonies for the soldiers of the Emperor Claudius II, who forbade marriage for young soldiers and, subsequently, was executed for this. Claudius II believed that married men were more emotionally attached to their families and thus would not be good soldiers. He issued a decree prohibiting marriage for his military personnel.


The ban on marriage was a great shock to the Romans. But they did not dare to openly express their protest against the powerful emperor. Bishop Valentine considered this decree unfair, and, seeing what an imprint this trauma leaves on young lovers who have lost all hope of having a family, he secretly performed weddings for young lovers. But such things cannot remain secret for a long time. When Claudius II found out about this, Valentine was arrested.


Claudius II met with Valentine, and he is said to have been impressed by the latter's dignity. Valentine refused to agree with the emperor regarding the ban on marriage. He also refused to recognize the Roman gods and even tried to convert the emperor himself, fully aware of the consequences.


Legend says that there was a deep friendship between Valentine and Asteria's daughter. Before the execution, Valentine asked for a pencil and paper from his jailer and signed a farewell for her "From your Valentine," a phrase that continues to this day. Valentine was executed on February 14, 270 AD.




9.Valentine’s day plan


10.You complete mess


After that, February 14 became a day for all lovers and Saint Valentine became his patron.


And as strange as the origin story is, Valentine's Day is Valentine's Day. When a lover can send a letter and candy to his beloved, flowers as a symbol of love. The first valentine greeting cards appeared in the 16th century. William Shakespeare helped romanticize Valentine's Day in his work, and the holiday gained popularity throughout the UK and then throughout the rest of Europe. The postcards were originally handmade. "Valentines" made of lace, ribbons, and with pictures of cupid with an arrow piercing the heart. Later this tradition spread to the American continent. Today Valentine's Day is one of the major holidays in the United States and is a huge commercial success.


But who was Saint Valentine, and did he really exist? We only know that this day has a mixture of Christian and Roman traditions. But the personal history of the patron saint of Valentine's Day is shrouded in mystery.


11.Anti-Valentine’s day


12.Knowing I’m single


13.Romantic dinner


14.Box of chocolates


15.You don’t have to be sad


16.Netflix is a Valentine


17.Boyfriend day


18.Sad and alone


19.Candy hearts


20.Milk and date


21.Half-price candies


22.Yes of course


23.Wattpad story


24.Eat all the chocolate


25.Tons of money


26.Singles awareness day


27.Valentine’s day posts


28.Trying to find the best one


29.Chocolates for Valentine’s day


30.To be in my bed




32.Inner side


33.Can’t wait for chocolates




35.Nuggets and love


36.Two flowers


37.Shaved legs


38.Pizza is my favourite


39.Single on Valentine’s day


40.Candy bowl




42.Not leaving the house


43.DIY Valentine’s day 


44.It could be great


45.Teddy bear


46.Not celebrating


47.My BFF


48.Finally got a date




50.I wouldn’t deport you




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The Stanley Cup is the most prestigious hockey trophy in the world. Since 1926, it has been awarded to the team that won the playoffs in the NHL, the American-Canadian professional hockey league. The league itself does not own the cup and uses its symbols under a trust agreement with the copyright holders.

The history of the Stanley Cup goes back to 1889, when a local hockey tournament was held in the city of Montreal. The then ruler of Canada, Frederick Stanley (1841-1908), was invited to the match between the two Montreal teams as a fan. Stanley became interested in the game and was instructed to develop hockey in Canada. Frederick's sons organized several more hockey clubs in Canada, and Stanley himself later came up with the idea of ​​establishing a challenge cup, which would be awarded to the best amateur team in Canada at the end of the season. The first Stanley Cup winner was the Montreal Hockey Club in 1893. Canadian professional clubs have only been eligible to compete for the Stanley Cup since 1906.

In 1915, the two North American leagues came to a gentlemen's agreement: the Stanley Cup would be played between their winners at the end of the season. In 1926, the American-Canadian NHL won the right to exclusive cup competition among its teams. Since then, the NHL Western Conference playoff winner has been fighting for the Stanley Cup with the Eastern Conference winner.

The most titled club, the Montreal Canadiens, has won the Stanley Cup 24 times. They are followed by the Toronto Maple Leafs (13 times) and the Detroit Red Wings (11). In 2018, for the first time in history, the Washington Capitals won the cup, and with them Sasha Ovechkin. According to a long tradition, the players of the team that won the cup drink champagne from it, and the names of the best players of the winning team are engraved on the cup itself.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes.

1.Re-evaluate your life

2.That escalated quickly


4.2 girls no cup

The Stanley Cup is made of silver, its height is about 90 centimeters, and it weighs 15.5 kilograms. The cup itself exists in three copies: the same original cup, bought by Frederick Stanley in 1893, is stored in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, as well as another, modern one, called "permanent". The third copy, which is given to teams and travels around the world, is called "presentation".

For the first time, the Stanley Cup was awarded to the Montreal AAA team in 1893, the champion of the Amateur Hockey Association (Amateur Hockey Association, AHA), the strongest hockey league at that time, and there was no playoff stage that year, as the Montrealers during the season confidently beat all their opponents. At that time, the Cup was the property of the league in which the last winner of the Cup played, the champion of this league automatically became the owner of the Cup, but he could be challenged by the champion of any other amateur league. Until 1898, the teams of the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada (AHAC) became the owners of the Challenge Cup. The only exception was the season of 1895-1896, when the Winnipeg Victorians won the Manitoba Hockey League (MHA) for a while, and the champions of other leagues fought for the Cup with the AHAC champions: the Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) and the Central Canadian Hockey Associations (CCHA), but everything is even.

  From the 1898-1899 season, a new league was formed - the Canadian Amateur Hockey League (CAHL), which included all teams from AHAC. In 1901, the Winnipeg Victorians club, the champion of the Manitoba Hockey League (MHL), which was originally called the Association (MHA) and the New Association (MNWHA), was able to beat the CAHL champion and took the Challenge Cup to their league for a whole year. There were many other attempts to win the Cup, but the champions of the Ontario Hockey Association (OHA), Maritime Hockey League (MaHL), Federal Amateur Hockey League (FAHL) failed to get the coveted trophy.


6.Never be awarded

7.Stanley cup finals

8.Good question

9.Normal life on hold

 In 1906, the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association (ECAHA) was created, which united the best teams from the Canadian Amateur Hockey League (CAHL) and the Federal Amateur Hockey League (FAHL). And the very next year, many leagues became professional, so the Manitoba Professional Hockey League (MPHL), Ontario Professional Hockey League (OPHL), Alberta Hockey League (AAHA) appeared, which immediately joined the fight for the Challenge Cup. And the results were not long in coming - the Kenora Thistles team from the Manitoba Professional Hockey Association (MPHA) won the Challenge Cup. However, the Cup lasted less than two months - having won the ECAHA regular season, Montreal Wanders applied for a rematch in March 1907 and returned the Cup, which they lost in January of that year.

   If until 1906 only amateur teams fought for the Challenge Cup, and since 1906 professional players were allowed to play together with amateurs, then since 1908 only professionals could claim this prize, while amateurs began to fight for the Allan Cup. In the 1908-1909 season, the ECAHA became a professional league and was renamed the Eastern Canada Hockey Association (ECHA), but lost two teams that did not receive the status of professional clubs (Montreal AAA and Montreal Victorians). However, already in the 1909-1910 season, the Eastern Canada Hockey Association (ECHA) was transformed into the Canadian Hockey Association (CHA) in order to exclude the Montreal Wanders team, which in response created the National Hockey Association (NHA). 

The Canadian Hockey Association (CHA) did not last even a month, and the last CHA match went to the National Hockey Association (NHA), since almost all teams moved to this league after the CHA was disbanded. The Champions of the Ontario Professional Hockey League (OPHL) and the New Ontario Hockey Association (NOHL), the Alberta Hockey League (AAHA), the Maritime Professional League (MaPHL), the Pacific Coast Hockey Association ( PCHA).

10.What’s a Stanley Cup

11.Your name is Stanley

12.NHL Playoffs

13.Proud hockey fan

14.Hockey is back

15.Real winners


17.Get angry


19.Games are different

20.Lifting it up

21.What a choice

22.0 goals

23.Let’s go

24.Friendly reminder

25.What a night


27.What a warrior

28.Like for Stanley cup

29.Two american


31.Live look





36.What if


38.They are gone


40.Watching some of this

41.No life

42.Stanley Cup?

43.Saving more

44.Washington capitals

45.Here just waiting

46.Who should I choose

47.Steve OTT


49.No finals again

50.Old Stan

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