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20 Ridiculous Proofs that Shopping with Wives is Hell for Men

2 years ago

There are several reasons why wives drag their husbands to the shops: first, they want to hear their opinions, which will be completely ignored, and secondly, everyone knows that husbands are the best drivers to shopping centers.

We hope that all the men whom their wives brought to the store with them deserve this painful consideration, but if not, then hang on friends, stores cannot be open forever. If you are waiting for your wife in the store right now, or just want to distract yourself and have fun, then this selection of store waiters will come in handy. Bemorepanda collected them for you!


1. Unable to withstand the imperfection of the world, I closed my eyes ... and opened my mouth


2. Grandpa in the world of dreams

3. Another dream traveler on the couch of the store, but this time orthodox

4. Like parents who came to pick up children from the children's area

5. And he fell asleep when he was still very young ..

6. Just look at this passion in his eyes, how he likes to choose women's shoes!


7. It seems that some people began to think about exchanging their wife for a sofa

8. Another "melted" from boredom

9. Just look at this happy face, passionate about the protection of shopping bags

10. She sleeps, but does not let go of her purse


11. And this man's strength completely left

12. Waiting husbands in their natural habitat

13. When forces began to leave you at IKEA

14. There is no more strength to hold on

15. Husband-gornych, only this one has three baskets with purchases instead of three heads

16. While I was waiting for my wife to address her the inscription "You are a hot joke", I fell asleep in a hot dream

17. He is so exhausted that the rumble from the women around him does not interfere with him.

18. What do men do in the underwear department? Of course they dream and have fun (no)

19. It looks like hopelessness

20. And this man is still lucky, he can at least draw

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Birthday for everyone is a very personal and memorable holiday, especially for women who expect attention from close people, gifts, and surprises. However, at the same time, the birthday is tremendous stress for friends and relatives because congratulating the birthday is necessary for this day to remember with tenderness and warmth for a long time. How can you congratulate a woman on her birthday? See the memes below but don’t forget about flowers.


Birthday Memes for Her


No matter who you have a birthday, you have to give her flowers. Of course, before choosing a bouquet, it is desirable to ask his friends what flowers he prefers. It is believed that the most beautiful flowers that will not leave a girl indifferent are roses. For a woman you love, you can pick red roses, for the one you meet - pink or white; for a friend - yellow or peach.


Funny Happy Birthday Meme


1. Fabulous Lady


2. Wine…




4. Hey girl


5. Barry Happy


See here 40 funny happy birthday memes for him that will make his day. Download for Free 


How to make an actual surprise card?


If you want to turn a woman's birthday into an incredible vacation, you can come to her in the morning with a bunch of balls and a present. First of all, you have the opportunity to congratulate the little girl for the first time and, secondly, imagine how pleasant it is to receive such a greeting card.


Instead of a postcard, you can take a large piece of paper and paste a picture of the girl's birthday and write everything you want for her on this day. If you rely on tea, get a cake or candy. A short wish can be attached to each ball. Such a greeting card will be pleasing to the birthday girl. If you want to congratulate a woman collectively and know that she is not ready to celebrate a holiday, the best option for her is to organize a small party. Prepare a short greeting card and cover a small table with sandwiches and sweets. Decorate the room with flowers and balls and prepare a small gift. Ask the birthday girl to come under any excuse and then arrange a surprise.


For a woman you love, you need to prepare a separate gift. 


Congratulations, it should be when the boyfriend stays in bed in the morning—Cook a delicious breakfast. If you are not strong in cooking, you can cook ordinary edible eggs and toast. The main thing is to decorate everything nicely with vegetables and fruits. Put a flower in a small pot and wake up your birthday with a pleasant greeting.


Then you can go for a picnic in the park or meet your friends. If you want to congratulate your loved one uniquely - arrange a search game, the prize of which will be your gift. Before the birthday wakes up, glue the first tip to the mirror. The second can wait on the street, on the bench, the third - in the park. So you can congratulate them on an incredible and exciting game. The finish can be expected from a beloved woman in a restaurant where you will meet her with a large bouquet.



6. Cool girl


7. Sexy beast


8. Happy birthday co-worker


9. You deserve me


10. Bananas


Sarcastic Happy Birthday Meme for Her


11. Thinking of you


12. Getting lit


13.Hello it’s me


Congratulations to a colleague


A birthday at the office can be a bit of celebration. Before the arrival of a colleague, he should decorate his closet with balls and flowers. On the wall, you can close a poster with wishes. It is best to arrange a holiday after a working day, in honor of the birthday girl that you can shorten or let her go home and invite her to a party.


Through the team's strengths, you can make a short video that will show the working days and collective holidays with the little girl's birthday. Before preparing a greeting card, it should be noted that if as many people congratulate young employees as possible, then senior women are usually complimented by a narrow team.


What gift to choose a woman for a birthday greeting?


To please the birthday girl, the birthday of a single word of congratulations is not enough. It is also desirable to give her a small memorable gift. How to choose? We must undoubtedly proceed from the fact that a woman loves. The facility should be personal, so you shouldn't think that the coffee grinder or blender will please the culprit of the holiday because it will be used by everyone in the family, which means that it will not be intended only for him.


For women who take care of themselves, you can offer cosmetics. A standard set of gel shampoo will not hurt anyone, especially if it is an expensive brand and has a good quality. Give a gift certificate if you don't know what to choose as a greeting card. It is sold in almost all cosmetic supermarkets and beauty salons. So, a woman can select a gift within the specified amount.


For an active woman, a trip full of love and sports, the ideal gift will be a sea trip to the resort. The girl's birthday friends can arrange more modest greeting cards. Organize a trip with fire songs and barbecue—an excellent option for greeting cards in the year's warm season. As a gift, you can set up a tent or camp. For a woman who likes secular outings, you can offer theater tickets. After that, you can arrange dinner in a good restaurant.



14.Facebook reminder


15. My best wishes


16. So smart


17. Special lady


18. Reminder


19. Can I see your ID


20. Besides you


Getting Old Meme


21. Age and wine


22. Fabulosity




24. How old you are


25. I know your actual age


26. Getting old


27. A month late


28. Being older


29. None of your business


30. Perfect birthday meme for her


Girlfriend Funny Birthday Meme


31. Spoil yourself


32. Baby


33. I made you a drink


34. I know I won’t see you


35. Do it your way


36. It’s your birthday


37. Guess the day


38. Love you sexy beast


39. Controlling my excitement


40. Facebook vibes


See here 40 funny happy birthday memes for him that will make his day. Download for Free 


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Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the greatest actors of his generation. Known for his unconventional roles, he turned down offers for superhero or action movies and instead pursued a career with films such as Romeo and Juliet, Inception, The Wolf of Wall Street and of course, Titanic.


The actor was born on November 11, 1974, in Los Angeles, California, being the only child of Irmelin and George DiCaprio. His parents divorced when he was still a child, and DiCaprio was raised largely by his mother, a German-born legal secretary. Despite his parents' early divorce, DiCaprio remained close to his father, an artist who distributed comics. At the urging of his parents, DiCaprio explored his creative side, so he chose the path of acting.


He began his television career before moving on to film, earning an Oscar nomination for his role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993). A few years later, in 1997, DiCaprio starred in James Cameron's epic drama Titanic, which placed him on the big screens around the world. The film Titanic was a major success for Dicaprio and a launching pad for what was to come.


For many years, fans of the actor could not believe that he never won an Oscar for best actor, although he was nominated several times. In 2016, he finally broke the "curse" (and the internet), when he won a gold statuette for his extraordinary performance as a frontier in The Revenant.


All the moments in Dicaprio's life were a good reason to create funny memes. At the same time, Dicaprio is also very expressive in facial expressions. Bemorepanda collected the best top memes with Dicaprio.


1.Corona beer


2.All the memes with Dicaprio


3.Date roasting


4.Just nobody


5.Cheers to all of them


6.Matching outfits


7.Politcians promises


8.Vaccines and microchips


9.Cashier draws on cash


10.Dicaprio and Oscar


11.Months to prepare for exam


12.Leave work


13.The next year


14.Corona party


15.About coronavirus


16.Public toilet


17.Quit making that face


18.Poor sibiling


19.Burning herpes


20.4 hours sleep


21.Depressed of no reason


22.Looking at cookie


23.A dog behind you


24.Thanks for Oscar


25.If you are sad


26.Just no one


27.Prize called Dicaprio


28.The biggest fear


29.And then it goes wrong


30.That's why I'm happier


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We already know that no one moves in front of the TVs when "Home Alone" is broadcast. This is probably the most beloved Christmas movie in our country and has been running for 12 years without interruption.


When you say Christmas, you say "Home alone" and it's understandable why. Christmas is about spending time with family and friends and about the holidays, and "Home Alone" has them all, only presented in a different way.


Maybe that's why the film is so loved by moviegoers and certainly future generations will grow up with it.


"Home Alone" is as well known as the Titanic, if not more popular. Anyone who has seen at least one scene in which Kevin McCallister, the freckled boy with the face of an angel, is in action or if he has not seen for sure has heard from friends.


Although "Home Alone" has about five movies in the series, the first two are worth watching, the rest do not live up to expectations. Whether you are a fan of action movies, sci-fi or horror, at this time of Christmas you want to look, well, you should at such scenarios with and about Christmas. Even if you are a little Grinch and the spirit of the holiday does not embrace you like the rest of the world, at least remember this period of childhood, when everything seemed different.


"Home Alone" is a Christmas comedy movie released in 1990. The film was written by John Hughes and directed by Chris Columbus. These details may not be so relevant and should not be. It's all about little Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin.


The strange thing is that although this child was extremely loved, both by the public and by the producers, his career was not exactly a flourishing one, at least from an acting point of view. In any case, the film is followed by "Home Alone: Lost in New York", released in (1992).


Bemorepanda is preparing for the most beloved holiday of the year, for this reason we decided to start the funny and entertainment Christmas collections. The first being the funniest memes from the movie Home Alone.


1.Timeless movie


2.I'm eating Junk food


3.Everybody is moaning


4.We forget Kevin


5.Family disapper


6.Home defense




8.What did you do?


9.Players disappear


10.Another plank?


11.A great wave


12.Excuse me


13.Dressed like chicken


14.Tv is my life


15.A good pizza


16.Pizza lover


17.The damn elf


18.I have to defend it


19.The older I get


20.Christas plans


21.Being home alone


22.A few hours later


23.People slamming Trump


24.The finest in New York


25.Cheese pizza


26.Leave me alone


27.No internet


28.Forgets child


29.Mom be like


30.Go easy on the pepsi


31.All I want for Christmas


32.The picture of Buzz's girlfriend


33.Home alone for Christmas


34.Crazy bird lady


35.Listen kid


36.Looks like you dead


37.Wash your hands


38.That would be great


39.Home Alone 2


40.Calling the police


41.Ordering pizza


42.Home alone as kid


43.Marv from Home Alone




45.Afraid of dark




47.Roses are red


48.Bao Bao


49.Dangerous people


50.Made family dissapear

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Nothing Day is an "event without event" proposed in 1972 by columnist Harold Pullman Coffin and observed annually on January 16, 1973, when it was added to the Chase Calendar of Events. It is not really a public holiday, because it requires an act of Congress. Its purpose is: to give Americans a national day when they can simply sit without a holiday, observe or honor anything.

So, even if you probably had to work today, you shouldn't consider the Day of Nothing to be lost. You still have time to sit at home on the couch and do… Actually, don't. Just sit back and do nothing, that's how it's been done since January 16th.

With this ocassion Bemorepanda collected some funny memes.

1.Nothing day

2.We save so much money

3.Day off

4.Have done nothing

5.It takes me all

6.Netflix episodes

7.But you do nothing

8.Look at your test

9.To do list


11.When you don't have uni

12.After doing nothing

13.Did absolutely nothing

14.When you don't have work

15.Feel depressed

16.Eat junk food



19.What's wrong

20.Suspect nothing

21.Doesn't work

22.At this point

23.Wake up from a dream

24.Going to sleep

25.Things to do tomorrow

26.Nothing changes

27.You can do anything

28.Pointless day


30.All day long to get it done

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