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2021 is the Year of Ox. A complete guide to Chinese New Year and what does it mean for you

1 month ago

The ox is a noble animal. And you need to expect from him actions that are suitable for his nature: strong-willed, decisive, noble and wise. 2021 will be marked by the White Metal Ox - restrained color and iron character, these are the main characteristics of the year. Let's see together what to expect from him and how to act in order to win over such a strong animal.


When is the year of the White Metal Ox on the Eastern calendar


The date for celebrating the New Year in the Chinese calendar is not constant, as it falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice. Thus, the year of the White Metal Ox will run from February 12, 2021 (Friday) to January 30, 2022 (Saturday). Celebrate New Year in China for two weeks to show respect and respect for the incoming sign and win its favor.


What the 2021 year of the White Metal Ox will be like: hard work and tranquility

The year following the leap year promises to be calm. It will take place in labors - on oneself, work, relationships. Anything you put in this year will return doubled. The bull loves honest and responsible. Work a little to win over this sign, and he will answer you with favor and friendliness.


In business and finance, the year will be successful, because the bull is a worthy and reliable partner, and financial well-being depends only on your hard work. But the bull's love of conservatism and the desire not to let changes in their lives can harm dynamically developing companies, so listen to yourself and the specialists and try to find the best way. The bull does not believe in quick wealth, he goes to success his own way, where he achieves everything with hard work. Therefore, it is not worth looking for easy ways.


In terms of relationships, this year is not so unambiguous - the bull loves solitude and hardly lets new people into its life. But in the family plan, peace and tranquility always reign. Most importantly, do not demand bright displays of emotions and feelings from the bull, since due to restraint it is not easy for them, and under pressure, completely different emotions that you are waiting for may come out.


The bull is a confident and calm sign, so you should not expect strong shocks from year to year. Pay attention to yourself, your family, work - this is everything that the bull respects so much and will in every way contribute to your well-being in these areas.


How to celebrate the Year of the Ox: family holiday and home comfort

As we have already noted, the bull is a conservative animal, so a family holiday will be the best option for celebrating the New Year 2021. There should be a simple but plentiful food on the table: meat and potatoes, the usual winter salads, snacks in the form of pickles, as well as a lot of plant foods. Overseas delicacies and exotic dishes are best avoided. It is believed that beef dishes can offend the owner of the year, so give preference to other types of meat. Among drinks, fruit drinks, natural juices, compotes and berry liqueurs will take a popular place. You shouldn't forget about dessert either - the owner of the year loves sweets and waits for him on the festive table.


Celebrate the New Year with your family and close friends. Let it be a cozy home holiday, where everyone feels comfortable and easy with each other. The bull is an animal that loves warmth and comfort. Decorate the venue together, prepare holiday meals - the host of the year will appreciate this cohesion. Show your imagination and come up with some interesting contests, prepare board games.


Since 2021 is the year of the White Metal Ox, the color scheme should be kept in this style. Let it be light dresses in light colors, dilute the white color with a metallic sheen (accessories or shoes), and the Bull will certainly please with such attention. Use clothes made from natural materials: silk, cotton, fur, but do not overload the image. Refrain from dressing up in red so as not to anger the animal.


The same color scheme and all the same natural materials (wood, metal, stone) should prevail in the decoration of the home.


What to expect in 2021:

Rat (1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020). Try to focus on your career - success will await you in this direction. And a change in activity can bear fruit in the form of high dividends and rewards. At your previous job, you will also not be left without attention, in connection with which envious people may appear. Ignore them and act wisely.


Bull (1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021). The Ox will be wary of his relatives. The year as a whole will be successful, but for this you need to make an effort and not go with the flow. Anything that you put off for later will require your attention.


Tiger (1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010). You need to mobilize all your forces and direct them to your health. Get tested, don't ignore old pains, take care of yourself. Taking care of your health should be your main focus this year. The body will thank you for this.


Rabbit or Cat (1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011). Just like the tiger, you should pay attention to your health. Not so intent, but clearly not worth ignoring. If you have planned changes in your life, this year will be a great start. Don't be afraid and take action!


Dragon (1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012). This is your year! Feel free to take on everything that you feared - you will be lucky. Love, work, travel - positive events will attract you like a magnet. Don't miss your chance.


Snake (1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2012). Despite the fact that the Bull does not favor the Snake, she will be able to get out and achieve what she wants. Not everything will be easy, but with some effort of the Snake and the city he will take, not to mention his own benefit.


Horse (1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014). The bull will be supportive of the representatives of this sign. But you should not obediently sit and wait for fate to decide your life. Act, even if you make mistakes, in the future you will turn on the right path. And spend more time in nature, this will be a great way to improve your health.


Sheep, or Goat (1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015). Listen to your inner voice, it won't let you down, trust yourself more. Changes in work are possible, it all depends on your aspirations. Try to beat laziness - she's not the best companion this year. And pay more attention to the family so that loved ones do not feel forgotten.


Monkey (1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016). It will be a fruitful year with many surprises. Try not to give them up right away by analyzing their benefits first. Be careful with the immediate environment, perhaps they will try to drag you into an unfavorable business.


Rooster (1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017). If you have long wanted to try yourself in the field of art, then this year is the time. In 2021, the Ox may kick up and try to make difficulties in your life, so do not refuse the help of loved ones, in difficult times they will be able to find the right path with you.


Dog (1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018). You need to take a break and rest, because it will be difficult to compete with the Bull. Stay away from noisy business, buy or rent a summer cottage, if you have not already done so. Try to spend more time in nature and vacation at sea. This will help you restore the balance of power.


Pig (1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007). This won't be the easiest year, but try not to lose heart. Solve emerging problems as they arise and do not take them to absolute - take care of your nervous system. Learn to delegate tasks, do not grab onto everything, otherwise you can break loose and do stupid things in stressful situations.


What the Year of the Ox promises for children born at this time

Such children are restrained, calm, obedient, even a little pliable. Parents need to educate independence from an early age so that the child does not face problems in the future. Often such children remain not understood by others, they withdraw and try to spend more time with themselves, become couch potatoes. The task of adults is to direct this prudence in the right direction and not allow the child to withdraw.


Children born in the Year of the Ox feel responsibility from an early age and try to help their parents in everything. Try to avoid family scandals, outbursts of emotions and heightened tones, then children will grow up balanced, kind and strong in character.


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This year has turned out to be very unstable, and perhaps everyone has high hopes for the next 12 months. I would like to believe that the year of the White Metal Ox will bring us a break and new opportunities. Will our expectations come true? Let's see the predictions with Bemorepanda.

“The basis for success in the new year will be emotional stability, hard work and the ability to improve your skills constantly, even having achieved excellent results,” says Natalia Guryanova, the founder of the school of Chinese astrology. "The theme of creativity, giving and decorating the world in different ways will be especially relevant - the sphere of beauty will be one of the most dominant."

Let's see what awaits each of the signs of the Chinese calendar in the coming year 2021.


Year of the Rat 2020: Zodiac Luck Horoscope & Personality (Rat Years: 2020,  2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960)

Rats in the coming year can receive good dividends from their activities, especially in the field of finance and career. Luck will accompany you in property matters, expanding your environment and influence.

However, you should pay close attention to health - the strain may be associated precisely with the business sphere. Do not overexert yourself and engage in the prevention of diseases, especially in the field of the digestive tract and gaining excess weight.

The year will not be predictable and understandable. Doubts will accompany you, but if you can listen to yourself and take the right steps, then there are great chances of success in any business.

In a relationship, you can become more stable and settle down. But this will only happen if you work on yourself properly.


С китайским новым 2021 годом, годом быка, знак китайского зодиака. |  Премиум векторы

Your year is coming, and it carries energies of bestowal, ideas, creativity and art. Learn to enjoy and create, including learning solitude and calm contemplation as opposed to your sometimes overly fussy nature.

Getting results from past actions and achieving career goals is possible through hard work. Carefully assess potential opportunities - it will be beneficial for someone to switch hiring to a business in order to achieve better financial results.

It is great for women to be engaged in establishing love relationships, especially in terms of working on themselves. Otherwise, you can become very distant from your partner or even ruin the relationship. It is important not to put children in the first place in the family, to harmoniously combine all spheres of life so as not to create distortions.


Year of the Tiger (2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962) : Zodiac Luck & Personality

In your personal life, it will seem to you that you are not understood - improve your communication skills despite the fact that you will want loneliness most of all. The energies of the year will give you amazing opportunities to create new or take your current relationship to the next level.

It is favorable for tigers to go out into society, to realize their potential, especially in the field of advertising themselves, their achievements. Keep your focus on the ambition to be a leader - anything is possible in 2021, however, it will take a lot of effort on your part.


Year of the Rabbit | Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit | 2019 Fortune | by Pandarow |  Medium

After a busy, in every sense 2020, a breath of fresh air awaits you in most areas of life.

A stream of various proposals is expected - from work and business to marriage proposals. But be careful and do not give in to fleeting emotions. Carefully weigh the new opportunities in your life - not all of them will be worthy of your attention, especially when it comes to your personal life. The year is full of flirting, romance, lightness, but not all relationships will end with a wedding.

Especially the year will favor those Rabbits who are engaged in education and transfer of knowledge in any way. If you wanted to learn something, then there is no better time than 2021.


Year of the Dragon (2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964), Personality and Fortune

A year of strong turbulence and instability is coming for you - emotionality comes to the fore, which must be worked through.

2021 will be like a roller coaster that brings surprises around every turn. Spiritual work - meditations, practicing various practices - that is what can save you from burnout and mistakes made in a fit of passion.

Bright opportunities will come to you, but quite costly for you - you will have to pay not so much with money as with responsibility, time, and may be even more valuable categories for you.

In order to minimize the storms of passions in the coming year, it is shown to be engaged in repair, construction work, as well as to organize travel and trips for yourself and your family, even if it is just a vacation in a nearby small town.


Year of the Snake (2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965): Find Your Horoscope and  Luck Predictions

Creativity Snakes in 2021 on top! A sense of beauty should be expressed in everything - style, work spirit, hobby.

Appreciate and protect your personal space, work on personal boundaries. Do not forget that if you are under pressure from loved ones or colleagues, it means that you yourself are trying to control someone too much.

Career and finance will provide you with opportunities that are important not to miss. It is through collaboration with other people that successful prospects can open up - expand the environment.

Health can pump up in the spheres of respiration, muscular and skeletal systems - engage in prevention, non-traditional methods are more suitable - massage, osteopathy, yoga and qigong.


Chinese Zodiac Horse - Chinese Zodiac Horse Png Transparent PNG - 857x793 -  Free Download on NicePNG

Everything related to training and education will be useful for Horses: new knowledge, writing dissertations, teaching, advanced training. The most successful horses will be those who actively develop their skills and will not sit still. Movement and movement are most useful for you in any area of ​​life.

The year is good for professional breakthroughs, but not for personal life. You can get overheated in your interactions with loved ones, so either work on your explosive nature, or keep reasonable distances so as not to offend anyone.

Success in many endeavors is simply guaranteed to you, most importantly, do not dwell on one option and try different ways and methods.


Chinese Zodiac Goat - Chinese Zodiac Goat Png Transparent PNG - 606x802 -  Free Download on NicePNG

A difficult year is coming for you, because historically the Goat and the Bull are at odds. But if the topic of moving is relevant for you, then 2021 is just perfect for this.

Avoid any extreme and life-threatening activities, and you should definitely stay away from mountainous areas. Be attentive and careful while driving.

In 2021, it is unfavorable for you to take risks in every sense, especially health and money. Although all the time there will be a desire to compete and prove to those around him that he is exclusive and right. It's better to compete with yourself, or plan to participate in contests or sports competitions - the chances of winning will be high.

Quarrels, scandals, intrigues can also surround you and your loved ones - do not succumb to provocations and then everything will be only for your good. A year can bring dramatic changes in life and even a strong change in the environment.

In terms of health, the gastrointestinal tract will be weak, so the topic of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition should be dominant in 2021.


Year of the Monkey (2028, 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968): Zodiac Luck,  Romance, Personality...

In 2021, a spiritual topic comes to you - any spiritual growth, self-knowledge and deepening of knowledge in different areas are shown.

Complete in the coming year all the processes that pull you back - strive for autonomy. Freedom should be the main value of your life - you can start everything from scratch, or keep and increase what valuable that you have, if you do not become too attached to it.


Atėjo Kinijos Naujieji Metai. Štai ką jie atneš skirtingiems zodiako  ženklams

2021 greets you with monetary luck! It will give you amazing opportunities to make money, and everything will depend on your financial capacity. Someone can earn millions, and someone will win 100 rubles in the lottery. Develop the ability to delegate and pump your financial consciousness to hit your jackpot in the coming year.

Conflict situations and a desire to control everything will interfere with building harmonious relationships with others. Make only informed decisions, do not cut from the shoulder, especially in relations with family and friends.


Year of the Dog, Personality and 2020 Prediction: Career, Wealth, and Love.  Recent Dog Years are 2030, 2018, 2006, 1994, 1970, 1982...

Not the most resourceful year in the field of your health - be careful, you may face accidents and injuries.

Financial expenses are expected - keep your budget carefully, keep track of movable and immovable property and delegate exactly financial decisions to competent people. In 2021, it is important for you to do charity work, and try to make all large investments before the new year.

It is useful to study non-traditional sciences, develop communication skills. An excellent solution would be public speaking and singing classes. On a horse will be those who can relax, trust the Universe and stop controlling everything in their life, because any situation always comes to our good.


The Chinese Zodiac - The Pig | China & Asia Cultural Travel

You have a year of investing in yourself, your property and your development. Also, this is the time to

think about the sublime - the search for the meaning of life will be relevant.

2021 will be remarkable for you in that you will be able to get the results you deserve from previous activities, while the results can be very different.

It is not the best year to engage in new projects or business, it is better to create a reserve of beginnings already at the end of 2020 - an even and calm strategy for the year is most suitable here. At the same time, you can easily receive support and help from different people, and in general circumstances will develop in your favor - you just have to want to take a step towards them.

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Birds live and reproduce in all ecosystems of the Earth and on all seven continents, reaching their southern edge in the nesting colonies of snowstorms up to 440 kilometers (270 mi) inland of Antarctica. Feathered are the most diverse group of the superclass of tetrapods. According to the International Union of Ornithologists, as of March 2020, science knows 10,770 bird species (20,005 subspecies) and 158 species that have become extinct in the modern period. In Russia, 789 species have been recorded, of which 657 are breeding species; 125 species not shown nesting and 7 extinct species.

Birds play an important role in the biosphere and in human life, but despite our obvious dependence on them, human activities threaten the extinction of about 1,200 bird species. However, a lot of efforts are being made to protect them: many national parks have been organized and international laws have been adopted to protect these social representatives of the fauna.

Among these conservation initiatives is the oldest ecological holiday “International Bird Day”, which has been celebrated annually on April 1 since 1926. This is the most famous bird date in Russia. The Day of the Birds is held within the framework of the UNESCO biological program "Man and the Biosphere". [The Intergovernmental Science Program was launched in 1971 with the aim of creating a scientific basis for improving relations between people and their environment]. The date of the holiday coincides with the time when the birds return from warm lands. On this day, it is customary to hold various events, the purpose of which is to draw people's attention to the problems of bird protection.

10 interesting facts about birds:

1. The first classification of birds was developed by Francis Willugby and John Ray in their book "Ornithology" in 1676. Karl Linnaeus modified this work in 1758 to develop a taxonomic classification system that is still used today.

2.Many social bird species transmit knowledge from generation to generation, which is considered a form of their culture. Birds are a social species: they communicate through visual signals, sounds, songs. By the way, almost half of all bird species are songbirds - they have the ability to reproduce complex vocal patterns. Several early studies have shown that these songs are mainly for mate selection and territory defense.

3. The vast majority of bird species are monogamous. Other species have breeding systems that are polygynous or, rarely, polyandrious.

4. In order to create birds, evolution took more than 100 million years. In order to destroy one of them - the dodo bird - it took less than a hundred years for a man. By the way, the mysterious spotted green pigeon was a relative of the dodo bird. Geneticists hypothesized that both birds descended from common ancestors - island jumping birds.

5. Although human activity has expanded the range of some species, such as the Barn Swallow and the European Starling, humans have caused a decline or extinction of many other species. More than a hundred bird species have become extinct in historical time, although the most dramatic human-induced bird extinctions, with an estimated 750-1800 extinction, occurred during human colonization of the Melanesian, Polynesian and Micronesian islands. Many bird populations are declining worldwide, and in 2009, 1,227 species were listed as endangered by BirdLife International and IUCN.

6. Swans are feathered representatives of one of the smallest species. Many of them live in the "man-made" tundra, where there are people with equipment and guns. In the Moscow region, there are flocks of thousands of representatives of this species. In spring the swans stay here for a month and a half. But from the middle of April to the end of May, the hunting season opens. Most of them kill, others do not have time to collect "fuel". Swans live in pairs for the rest of their lives, and if they lose a partner, the lonely bird will stop breeding.

7.The population of sparrows in cities is also sharply declining. The first reason is lawn mowing. The grass does not bloom or bear fruit, the insects disappear, and the sparrows lose their food source. The second reason is that sparrows need dense bushes and trees with a hard crown. These are safe spaces where they will not be eaten. In the city, however, such plant areas are cut down.

8. Not numerous representatives of some birds of prey. In the 60s of the 20th century, the Russian falcon - peregrine falcon has abruptly disappeared from its usual habitats, except for the coast of the Arctic Ocean. The reason for the extermination is the agricultural powder DDT, which destroys insects. As it turns out, the chemical prevents calcium from being absorbed. The peregrine falcon stopped multiplying, as the eggs were without shell. Later, scientists substantiated the need to ban DDT. To restore the population, it was required to collect all the eggs on the shores of the Arctic Ocean for subsequent incubation. In some countries, it was possible to restore the livestock of the species.

9.The sparrow is one of the most famous birds that live in the neighborhood of a human dwelling and are well recognizable both in appearance and in their characteristic chirping.

10. Birds are not only our constant neighbors, but also the original characters of fairy tales, epics, songs. Our ancestors were well versed in birds and endowed them with human traits, such as wisdom (owl), strength (eagle), dexterity (falcon), panache (goldfinch) and composed whole legends that have survived to this day in the form of superstitions, for example, that the stork brings happiness, the cuckoo counts the remaining years of life, and the crow croaks for trouble.

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On the night of December 31, the inhabitants of various countries of the world celebrated with pomp the most awaited holiday of the year - New Year's Eve. Beautiful memories, good wishes, positive emotions, and, of course, gifts - all made our holiday more beautiful, both small and large. Do you want to repeat them? No problem. Let's celebrate the New Year according to the Chinese calendar. Let's see it with Bemorepanda.

When is the New Year celebrated in China?

How Chinese New Year Works | HowStuffWorks

There is no fixed date when the transition between years is celebrated. It is calculated according to the Chinese calendar, and falls between January 21 and February 21. And according to tradition, the holiday does not last a day, but exactly 15.

How do the Chinese celebrate the New Year?

Chinese New Year Festival Best Pictures Wallpapers | Chinese new year  traditions, Chinese new year dragon, Year of the dragon

Asian countries - have always been mysterious and full of secrets. This is what has piqued the curiosity of people around the world about their culture and traditions. How is the New Year celebrated in China? According to legend, there was a monster named Nian (which translates from Chinese - "year"), with a large head and sharp horns. He lived in the depths of the sea, and on the first day of the year, he appeared in the nearby village, destroyed houses and ate people and animals. To defend themselves from the monster, on New Year's Eve people took refuge in the mountains, waiting in fear for the attack.

Everything went on like this, until an old man with white hair decided to face the monster. He glued all the doors of the houses with red paper, lit candles on the windows and dressed in red - thus scaring Nian. Since then, all New Year's Eve residents decorate their homes and yards in red, and Nian has never appeared. In addition to decorations and lanterns, every Chinese cleans his house on the moon, making room for happiness and luck. For the holiday meal, the Chinese prepare meat, fish and Chinese potstickers.

Like the rest, the Chinese are used to celebrating New Year's Eve in the family. Those who live abroad or in big cities, plan their vacation in advance to go home for the holidays, and to spend time with family and relatives. The passing of the years is marked by fireworks and firecrackers. According to the same legends, the sound of firecrackers and fireworks scares away evil spirits and the Nian monster. The Chinese also believe that the New Year should be celebrated with pomp, so that the next 364 days will be full of happiness, luck and money.

What gifts are given to the Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year's Eve - Wikipedia

What kind of holiday without gifts? The Chinese carefully choose New Year's gifts for their loved ones. At a time when the economy was poorly developed in China, the best gifts were considered clothes, food, but also quality drinks and tobacco. Some continue to give such gifts even today. However, the new generation is used to offering electronic devices as a gift: smartphones, gaming consoles, televisions and other state-of-the-art smart devices.

And as for the New Year's gifts for children - the tradition has remained unchanged. On New Year's Eve, parents give their little red envelopes ... with money. The color red symbolizes wealth and protects against evil spirits. It is also believed that such a gift will bring good luck and happiness for the whole year, to whom it is intended.

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If you haven't congratulated your loved ones on New Year's Eve yet, then it's time to do it. We have prepared the most original congratulatory messages for you. Whether they are classic, religious or funny, the New Year's Eve messages and New Year's SMS messages you send to your loved ones must be as original as possible. If you are not inspired, here are some examples.

Those who want to send NEW YEAR'S EVE MESSAGES can choose one of the dozens of messages below collected by Bemorepanda!

Happy New Year 2021 Messages

1. "With the hope that the new year will be better than the old 2020, I send you a thousand good wishes accompanied by hugs and I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!"


2. “It's the balance of the years! Let's look back with forgiveness, forward with hope, down with understanding and up with gratitude! Hope to open the door to a New Year full of joys and accomplishments. HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

3. “Think of the passing of the years as a gate. You can go through this gate in the new year and take with you only good things and good thoughts. HAPPY NEW YEAR! ”


4. “Good thoughts run to you, health and good luck! Happy Holidays and a New Year's story! HAPPY NEW YEAR!"


5. “May all the dreams you create in these magical days come true and the road traveled for their realization bring you joy in your hearts, and happiness and abundance in your homes. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021! ”

Happy New Year Wishes 2021 | Hindi | To Love | Sms Messages | Friends

6. "May the joy and peace brought by the holy feasts accompany you throughout the coming year"

7. “A year richer in accomplishments, higher in aspirations and full of success. HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

8. “Let some of the light of the fireworks lit up on New Year's Eve illuminate you. May the coming year be a bridge for you to something better, brighter. Everything that is useful to you to be realized and nothing to cloud your serene "sky" of life! May the New Year give you health, peace of mind and prosperity. ”

9. "For the coming year I wish you: peace in your soul, boundless joy, health as much as it includes, faith in good and a thousand kisses!"

10. "May the New Year find you with good thoughts and dear friends and reserve for you the highest achievements."

Happy New Year 2021 SMS

11. “Go over what was, truly believe in yourself. The New Year is an open book with recipes for success, choose what suits you and set off with confidence! HAPPY NEW YEAR! A fulfilled and happy life! ”

12. - "To remember with pleasure all the accomplishments, with melancholy of all the beautiful moments and with hope of all that you set out to do"

13. “The last days of 2020 are ready to pass through the hourglass of time! 2021 is about to open its first unknown white pages. I wish you health, joy and accomplishments! HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

14. New is the coming year, we are our dreams, we are our desires, we are our spirits, but my warm wishes are forever! A New Year as you dreamed!

15. “May the year that begins to lay in your way a smooth path, guarded by lucky stars and dancing angels! And your wishes, all of them to be fulfilled, one by one every day! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

happy new year 2021 wishes, happy new year 2021 images download, happy new  year 2021 quotes in 2020 | Happy new year photo, Happy new year wishes, New  year wishes

16. “May love, wisdom, trust, and generosity guide your steps in the new year! HAPPY NEW YEAR"!

17. “The last day of the year is the meeting between death and life. We kill bitterness and ugly moments and revive love and wisdom. A Happy New Year! ”

18. “To take wings to easily pass over what the New Year brings. Pick up what's beautiful and really enjoy. Have a nice time at the beginning of the year to experience great sensations all year round! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!


19. “To take wings to easily pass over what the New Year brings. Pick up what's beautiful and really enjoy. Have a nice time at the beginning of the year to experience great sensations all year round! Happy birthday 2021!

20. “May all the dreams you create in these magical days come true and the path traveled for their realization bring you joy in your hearts, and happiness and abundance in your homes. Happy birthday 2021! ”

185 Best Happy New Year Wishes, Messages, & Quotes for 2021

21. “Happy birthday, health forever, the house full of food, love to the full, everything you want and up the glass! HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

22. “May the New Year give you much abundance and health! Lots of love in life and gather money after money! ”

23. “May the spirit of the winter holidays enter the house and the soul of you and all your loved ones! May love, joy, wisdom and generosity guide you in 2021! In the hope of a better year, I send you a good health, a drop of confidence and some happiness! Happy New Year!"

24. “To believe more in yourself, to have love, to forgive much easier, to work harder! Happy Birthday !

25. “The new year is knocking at the door, evil becomes ashes, joy and health, may the Lord give you everything, and when you don't even think about it, be even happier! Happy New Year!"

Happy New Year 2021 Messages - Happy New Year 2021

26. “May your soul vibrate in harmony and peace, may love receive you in its arms full of warmth and tenderness, and may luck follow you everywhere… The year that has come to help you discover the wonder of a fulfilled life… A New Year Happy!"

27. “The new year lies before us like an unwritten volume with 365 blank pages. We wish you to write them only with good things, accomplishments and happiness so that at the end of the volume you can read it with joy. Happy New Year!"

28. Good father, dear mother, Today is the right day, Let me tell you what I wish for you, Let me show you how much I love you. I wish you first of all, A healthy new year, Good will, easy living, Joy and much growth. Happy New Year! "

29. My dear cheerful parents, I want you to be happy, I want the new year to bring you, much, much health and abundance to reach you!

30. My dear ones, for all the beautiful moments that have been and are to come, on the eve of the new year I thank you and renew my soul connection with you. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Messages For 2021 - Best Love Texts

31. "Another year has passed… To remember with pleasure all the accomplishments, with melancholy of all the beautiful moments and with confidence of all that you have not succeeded. Be proud that you have remained the same warm soul."

32. “Go over what was, truly believe in yourself. The New Year is an open book with recipes for success, choose what suits you and set off with confidence! This coming year will only be good for you! A Happy New Year 2021! ”

33. „I wish you 2021 times 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of fun, 365 days of success, 8760 hours of health and 525600 minutes of luck! Happy New Year!

34. ”We wish you in the new year we enter, to have: 12 months of joy, 52 weeks of peace, 525,600 minutes of faith and finally 31,536,000 seconds under the Protection of God. Happy New Year!"

35. ”I wish you as many happy moments as snowflakes in a fairytale winter. A better new year, with peace and quiet in the soul and a lot of love in the heart. A Happy New Year 2021! ”

Happy New Year 2021 Messages | Funny New year 2021 SMS | 2021 pics

36. “Health and love from me for you, and for the coming year to be only good for you. A happy New Year with joy, health, happiness, peace and many accomplishments. "

37. “In the evening between the years, I invite you under a mistletoe twig to make the same wish and make it come true in the coming year. Do you accept the invitation? ”

38. “At the dawn of the new year, I look forward to the days to come because I know I will spend them all with you! Happy New Year!"

39. "All the artifices in the world could not be equal to those aroused in my heart. I rejoiced in your wishes on the night of the 31st." At last you made it clear that you loved me. " they have outlined in my soul… I belong to you…. I LOVE YOU !!! ”

40. “I will always be by your side, every year, every moment! Happy New Year, baby! ”

Happy New Year, Love! New Year 2021 Wishes for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

41. “A year full of fun, full of good cheer, full of you! Happy New Year!"

42. "In 60 seconds I would love you 59 so that in a second I can breathe and I can still love you… A Happy New Year 1 minute before 2021!"

43. “It is time to start another year and it is time to make wishes for you… so that every day that follows will reserve a special joy for you! Happy New Year!

44. „NEW YEAR'S EVE Forecast 2021: rain of kisses and hugs… we advise you to close the umbrella and open your heart. Happy New Year!"

45. “May the new year bring you plenty in the house, dishes on the table, currency in the account, a yacht in the port, motor on the highway and the neighbors to see. . Happy New Year!"

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46. ​​„The train of happiness would hit / The lightning of love would strike you / A bag of money would fall on your head / And a ticket with. Happy New Year!"

47. “Knock on the door. Knock on the window. Who is it, the new year "

48. It takes 12 months,

It cleanses itself well of bitterness, hatred and envy.

Then cook a New Year as clean and bright as possible…

A Happy New Year with a lot of love !!!

49. Happy birthday, joy forever, house full of food, love to the full, hard money, good luck with the cart, what do you want and… up the glass !!!

50. Life is a struggle we fought every day. You lose, you win, but if you don't give up you will have the greatest satisfactions! Happy New Year! A year full of satisfaction!

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Hardly anyone loves the New Year more than the Chinese, because they celebrate it several times. First, according to the Gregorian calendar (on the night of January 1), and then also according to the Eastern. Chinese New Year 2021 - twice a holiday!

Chinese New Year has long been the main and longest holiday in the Middle Kingdom and other countries of East Asia. Unlike its Western counterpart, there is no fixed date for the start of the Chinese New Year, and it is set at a different time each year.

The first day of the holiday in China falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice (that is, after December 21). In the Gregorian calendar, this usually corresponds to one of the days between January 21st and February 21st. The celebration usually lasts 15 days.

Thus, the next year according to the Chinese calendar will come on February 12, 2021. And it is planned to celebrate its offensive in China from February 12 to February 27. However, the Chinese will officially rest for only seven days - from 12 to 18 February.

The exact time of the Chinese New Year

The second new moon after the winter solstice will occur on February 12, 2021 at 00:03 Moscow time or 05:03 Beijing time. This time will be considered the beginning of the New Year according to the Eastern calendar. By the way, in China they will not celebrate 2021, as we will do very soon, but 4719.

Symbol of the year

Year of the Ox: Fortune and Personality – Chinese Zodiac

Each year in China is symbolized by a combination that is repeated only once every 60 years. This combination represents one of the 12 zodiac animals of a certain color, corresponding to one of the five elements (water, earth, metal, fire and wood). Chinese New Year 2021 will symbolize the animal Ox and the elements of Metal, and the main color of the year will be white.

By the way, every 60-year circle begins with a wooden Rat and ends with a water Pig. Another such circle started on February 2, 1984, and it will end on January 29, 2044.

Preparing for Chinese New Year

According to an ancient myth, at the beginning of each new year, the Chinese are forced to hide from a monster named Nian (translated from Chinese as "Year"), which is believed to appear on the first day of the holiday in order to ravage all settlements: to eat all the livestock and the harvest, and at the same time a couple of villagers.

To protect their homes from this monster, the Chinese decorate them in advance: they glue them on the outside with beautiful patterns of red paper, paired inscriptions and pictures with wishes of happiness, health and longevity, and also hang red lanterns everywhere. The legend about the origin of the holiday will again help to understand what such a love for red is connected with. So, this legend says that one day people noticed how Nian, who usually loves to feast on children, was frightened by a child in red clothes. Without thinking twice, eyewitnesses of this amazing incident came to the conclusion that it was the color that scared the monster away.

In addition, on the eve of the holiday, each family carefully cleans their homes, believing that in this way they cleanse their lives from any failures and make room for happiness.

Festive feast

On New Year's Eve, Chinese families usually gather around the table. By the way, in the Celestial Empire it is customary to richly set the table for a festive dinner. Housewives, as a rule, prepare the most favorite dishes in the family. Traditionally, meat and fish must be on the table, as well as dumplings (jiaozi), which are the figurative embodiment of one of the main wishes - the birth of sons.

Moreover, for a festive dinner, even those family members who work or study in other cities or countries return home. All Chinese strive to celebrate the New Year with their parents, which is why on the eve of the holiday all transport in the country is overcrowded and it is simply impossible to buy tickets.

The festive night ends with fireworks and firecrackers, which are believed to scare away evil spirits and attract the spirit of peace and happiness to the family.

The first days of Chinese New Year

In the early morning of the next day, children congratulate their parents, wishing them health and a happy New Year, and in return they receive wishes for future success and red envelopes with money.

After that, the whole family goes to congratulate relatives and neighbors. Such visits to guests usually completely take the first five days of the new year.

And, of course, it cannot do without gifts. So, in the Celestial Empire, it is customary to give gifts from paired objects symbolizing unity and family harmony (while the number four is not recommended, since the Chinese associate it with death).

In addition, when visiting, it is customary for the owners to present two tangerines, and when leaving, they receive two other tangerines from them. Thus, the hosts and guests exchange symbols of financial well-being, which, according to the Chinese, are tangerines.

Holiday performances

Chinese New Year 2019: Celebrate Spring Festival in China

Having visited all relatives and neighbors, the Chinese go out to festivities with traditional dances. As a rule, the traditional ones include the lion dance (dancers, being inside the figure of a lion, imitate the movements of this animal) and the dragon dance (a special team of people, holding a dragon made of paper on poles, moves in such a way that the snake-like body makes undulating movements).

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