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2021 Chinese New Year things that you need to know

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For us, the Chinese New Year is an exotic holiday associated not so much with the onset of a new period as with the colorful traditions and rituals of the Chinese people. For the Chinese themselves, this holiday, called Chun Jie, is the most important event in the year and in family life: the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom celebrate the European New Year no more than we - the Chinese.


In China itself, as well as in Chinatowns of all countries of the world, on the days of the Chun Jie celebration, there is a triumph of sound - firecrackers, colors - red and gold, festival processions of lions and dragons, as well as discounts in stores. You can see it all with your own eyes if you come to China for Chinese New Year!



Chinese New Year is a very family holiday. By the time it began, all the Chinese, no matter where they are in the world, are trying to return home to their relatives. Although recently, many have begun to abandon this tradition and travel abroad on holidays. Nevertheless, on the eve of Chun Jie, at all airports in the world, the number of Chinese residents rushing to flights to the Middle Kingdom is noticeably increasing.


To understand why the Chinese celebrate their New Year this way and not otherwise, you need to know at least a little history of their holiday. And it goes back many centuries! Initially, the Chun Jie date was associated with sacrifices to deities and commemoration of ancestors. But after the Xinhai revolution of 1911, to distinguish it from the European New Year, the holiday was renamed Chun Jie - Spring Festival. The Chinese believe that it is on this day that nature awakens from hibernation, which means that a new annual cycle begins.



Previously, the Spring Festival was also called Gongyan. According to legend, that was the name of a wild and terrible beast, so terrible that from its mere sight the trees shed their foliage, and the earth became barren. Nature came to life only when the creepy Gonyan left. And the people thought: what to do to drive the monster away? And they came up with! It turned out that the beast was afraid of noise and crackling.


Today, crackers, fireworks and firecrackers create the noise and crackle needed to leave winter. And in the old days, the Chinese created a noise attack using a variety of household items. Since the XIV century, there was a custom to throw bamboo sticks into the oven on New Year's Eve, which, when burned, emitted a strong crackle and also scared away evil spirits that appeared in abundance on the streets of villages and cities on New Year's day.


To prevent evil spirits from getting into houses, in the old days the Chinese also sealed windows, doors and all cracks in the house with paper. Today this tradition is alive, perhaps, only in the countryside.



By the way, the tradition of using pyrotechnics on New Year's Eve also has the other side of the coin: the Beijing authorities are seriously concerned about the sharply increasing level of smog after such massive fireworks launches. Considering that the smog situation in Beijing and on other days is not the most favorable, the concern of the authorities of the Chinese capital is understandable.


Another problem with the existing tradition of launching fireworks on New Year's Eve is the danger of burns and injuries from the use of pyrotechnics. Especially to help those who suffered during the expulsion of the evil Gonyan, about one and a half hundred ambulances are on duty on the streets of Beijing.


For the New Year, the Chinese do not dress up a Christmas tree, as it happens according to European tradition, but decorate the Tree of Light. This is the name of a tree hung with bright paper lanterns, flowers and garlands. It is believed that the presence of such a tree in or near the house attracts good luck.



It is very important for the Chinese to stay awake all night until the new year arrives - this is also done according to tradition, so that evil spirits cannot get into the house while the owners are sleeping. The festive evening begins with a New Year's dinner. All family members gather at the table, and for those who, for some undoubtedly important reason, could not join the family, a place is left.


Traditional New Year's dishes are displayed on the table, including: broth with long noodles, symbolizing longevity, mantou - dumplings with minced meat and, of course, jiaozi - Chinese dumplings. In their shape, these dumplings resemble traditional bars made of gold and silver and symbolize the wish for wealth and the birth of sons.


The dinner ends with the distribution of "money of happiness": adults give children red envelopes with money invested in them, which should bring good luck throughout the year. Family members spend the rest of the night until the morning talking, playing board games and, of course, watching television. And in the morning, having breakfast, everyone goes to visit their relatives - to wish their loved ones all the best. For these hikes, the Chinese dress up in red clothes. And indeed, the whole of China on New Year's days is literally drowning in red.



Why did this particular color become the symbol of Chun Jie? There is also a legend about this. And also about the monster! In ancient times, it ruined an entire village, killing all the inhabitants, except for one family, who were dressed in red clothes. It became clear: the monster was frightened of the red color. Since then, it has become a tradition to wear a red outfit for New Year's celebrations to keep monsters and demons at a distance.


However, the red color blazes not only on the inhabitants of China, but everywhere, wherever you look. Numerous wishes of happiness, wealth, good luck are written on red paper and placed in the most prominent places: doors, walls and windows of shops, restaurants, houses. Greeting cards exchanged by the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire are also made of red paper, and the hieroglyphs wishing happiness are made in gold or black.


For almost half a month, an atmosphere of general jubilation and festive fun will reign in all cities and villages of China. People will start visiting each other and exchanging gifts. Among them there will definitely be two tangerines, this is also a tradition associated with the peculiarities of pronunciation: in Chinese, the phrase "a pair of tangerines" is consonant with the word "gold". In addition, the Chinese more than anyone else believe in the magic of numbers: paired objects, in their opinion, symbolize unity and family harmony. Therefore, paired gifts are, in principle, popular.



Once upon a time, the Spring Festival celebrations lasted more than a month. Today, the country cannot afford such a number of holidays, but everyone has seven days off in a row - the so-called "golden week". In total, New Year's celebrations stretch for fifteen days, during which traditional mass events are organized, accompanied by colorful performances and sports competitions.


The first three days of the holiday are called chui, chuer and chusan, during which friends and relatives visit each other and give gifts. The fifth day is considered the birthday of the God of Wealth, on the eighth a solemn family dinner is held again, and on the ninth and tenth days the Chinese offer prayers to the Heavenly Jade Emperor and hold celebrations in his honor. On the last day, the fifteenth, the Lantern Festival is celebrated, which also closes the New Year celebrations. On this day, lanterns and candles are hung on the streets of all Chinese cities.



This is done so that the lost souls of the dead can return home. A traditional dish of the Lantern Festival is glutinous rice balls with a sweet filling. Also on this day, folklore performances are held throughout the country, accompanied by the dance of lions and the dance of the dragon. The dance of lions symbolizes protection in the coming year from all kinds of troubles and misfortunes.


The dance of dragons is a very ancient rite, it was performed in the XII century and thus expressed admiration for this mythical animal. The dragon is made of paper, wire and willow rods, its flexible body can reach a length of up to 10 meters. Each part of the dragon is controlled by a dancer with a pole. It is an amazing sight to see how people bring the dragon to life, acting in such perfect synchronization that the paper monster wriggles like a real one!


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The pandemic that took over 250,000 lives in just four months and contaminated over 3.7 million earthlings turned everything upside down!  On Monday, May 4, schools in Germany opened their doors.  But the traditional noise during breaks did not resound in the hallways.  The children obeyed the rules imposed by the COVID-19 terror.

 Before the pandemic, school and high school courtyards resounded with the merry laughter of children.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel has ordered schools and high schools to open on May 4, after closing their doors in early March.

But the children discovered a rigid environment, in which the rules imposed by the measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus put play, jokes and childhood in the background.  The 10th grade students at the Schillerschule in Ettlingen have been preparing for exams since last week.  On Monday, May 4, the little ones from the gymnasium and primary school also showed up at the same school.

The hallways of the school were marked with yellow stripes and posters with strict instructions were mounted on the walls: keeping a distance of 1.5 meters, using face masks, gloves and regular hand washing.  

According to Deutsche Welle, only children in the final grades were able to go to school on May 4, to avoid the congestion of educational institutions.  The benches for two students were used for one child and the whole school is subjected to a strict disinfection ritual performed at three key times of the day: in the morning, at noon, between shifts and in the evening.  At the entrance to the classrooms, pumps with alcohol-based disinfectants were installed.

The fear in the souls of parents who send their children to school is indescribable.  And in China, primary and secondary schools opened their doors on April 27.  Even high school students were able to return to campuses on April 27, and students will resume classes on May 11.  The rules for distancing and preventing the spread of the new coronavirus are strictly observed.  In primary school, parents made children's one meter long sticks to be worn as "wings" on the back that would force other classmates not to get closer than a meter.

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China may be able to launch a vaccine against SARS-Cov-2 by the end of the year, a Chinese government agency announced on social media on Saturday.

The vaccine - developed by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products and the Institute of Virology - was administered to more than 2,000 people in phase 2 clinical trials, the Public Asset Management and Supervision Commission (SASAC) said.

 According to a message dated May 29, broadcast on the Chinese social network WeChat, the vaccine could be marketed as early as the end of this year or at the beginning of 2021.

 The two institutes that developed the vaccine have links to the Sinopharm pharmaceutical group, which in turn is controlled by SASAC.

 According to SASAC, the Beijing Institute of Biological Products is able to produce 100-120 million doses per year.

 Five vaccines are currently being tested on humans in China.

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News from Indian authorities is that they have banned TikTok video service and another 58 Chinese applications. A statement about this is published on the website of the state PIB (Press Information Bureau, Bureau of Press and Information) of India.

 Blocked applications "are detrimental to the sovereignty and integrity of India, the protection of India, state security and public order," the statement said. The list of prohibited services was also posted on the agency’s website; TikTok leads it. In addition to the video platform, the list also included applications from the Chinese WeChat social network, the Weibo microblogging service, the UC browser, and others.

 The Cybercrime Center of India receives applications from citizens who are concerned about data security and privacy, the PIB said. “This step will protect the interests of Indian mobile and Internet users. This decision is a deliberate step to ensure the security and sovereignty of Indian cyberspace, ”the department concluded.

 TikTok has already responded to the lock. The head of the service division in India, Nikhil Gandhi, said that the application complies with the laws of the country and does not transfer data to other states. “The confidentiality and integrity of users are of utmost importance to us,” Gandhi said.

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If you haven't congratulated your loved ones on New Year's Eve yet, then it's time to do it. We have prepared the most original congratulatory messages for you. Whether they are classic, religious or funny, the New Year's Eve messages and New Year's SMS messages you send to your loved ones must be as original as possible. If you are not inspired, here are some examples.

Those who want to send NEW YEAR'S EVE MESSAGES can choose one of the dozens of messages below collected by Bemorepanda!

Happy New Year 2021 Messages

1. "With the hope that the new year will be better than the old 2020, I send you a thousand good wishes accompanied by hugs and I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!"


2. “It's the balance of the years! Let's look back with forgiveness, forward with hope, down with understanding and up with gratitude! Hope to open the door to a New Year full of joys and accomplishments. HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

3. “Think of the passing of the years as a gate. You can go through this gate in the new year and take with you only good things and good thoughts. HAPPY NEW YEAR! ”


4. “Good thoughts run to you, health and good luck! Happy Holidays and a New Year's story! HAPPY NEW YEAR!"


5. “May all the dreams you create in these magical days come true and the road traveled for their realization bring you joy in your hearts, and happiness and abundance in your homes. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021! ”

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6. "May the joy and peace brought by the holy feasts accompany you throughout the coming year"

7. “A year richer in accomplishments, higher in aspirations and full of success. HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

8. “Let some of the light of the fireworks lit up on New Year's Eve illuminate you. May the coming year be a bridge for you to something better, brighter. Everything that is useful to you to be realized and nothing to cloud your serene "sky" of life! May the New Year give you health, peace of mind and prosperity. ”

9. "For the coming year I wish you: peace in your soul, boundless joy, health as much as it includes, faith in good and a thousand kisses!"

10. "May the New Year find you with good thoughts and dear friends and reserve for you the highest achievements."

Happy New Year 2021 SMS

11. “Go over what was, truly believe in yourself. The New Year is an open book with recipes for success, choose what suits you and set off with confidence! HAPPY NEW YEAR! A fulfilled and happy life! ”

12. - "To remember with pleasure all the accomplishments, with melancholy of all the beautiful moments and with hope of all that you set out to do"

13. “The last days of 2020 are ready to pass through the hourglass of time! 2021 is about to open its first unknown white pages. I wish you health, joy and accomplishments! HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

14. New is the coming year, we are our dreams, we are our desires, we are our spirits, but my warm wishes are forever! A New Year as you dreamed!

15. “May the year that begins to lay in your way a smooth path, guarded by lucky stars and dancing angels! And your wishes, all of them to be fulfilled, one by one every day! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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16. “May love, wisdom, trust, and generosity guide your steps in the new year! HAPPY NEW YEAR"!

17. “The last day of the year is the meeting between death and life. We kill bitterness and ugly moments and revive love and wisdom. A Happy New Year! ”

18. “To take wings to easily pass over what the New Year brings. Pick up what's beautiful and really enjoy. Have a nice time at the beginning of the year to experience great sensations all year round! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!


19. “To take wings to easily pass over what the New Year brings. Pick up what's beautiful and really enjoy. Have a nice time at the beginning of the year to experience great sensations all year round! Happy birthday 2021!

20. “May all the dreams you create in these magical days come true and the path traveled for their realization bring you joy in your hearts, and happiness and abundance in your homes. Happy birthday 2021! ”

185 Best Happy New Year Wishes, Messages, & Quotes for 2021

21. “Happy birthday, health forever, the house full of food, love to the full, everything you want and up the glass! HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

22. “May the New Year give you much abundance and health! Lots of love in life and gather money after money! ”

23. “May the spirit of the winter holidays enter the house and the soul of you and all your loved ones! May love, joy, wisdom and generosity guide you in 2021! In the hope of a better year, I send you a good health, a drop of confidence and some happiness! Happy New Year!"

24. “To believe more in yourself, to have love, to forgive much easier, to work harder! Happy Birthday !

25. “The new year is knocking at the door, evil becomes ashes, joy and health, may the Lord give you everything, and when you don't even think about it, be even happier! Happy New Year!"

Happy New Year 2021 Messages - Happy New Year 2021

26. “May your soul vibrate in harmony and peace, may love receive you in its arms full of warmth and tenderness, and may luck follow you everywhere… The year that has come to help you discover the wonder of a fulfilled life… A New Year Happy!"

27. “The new year lies before us like an unwritten volume with 365 blank pages. We wish you to write them only with good things, accomplishments and happiness so that at the end of the volume you can read it with joy. Happy New Year!"

28. Good father, dear mother, Today is the right day, Let me tell you what I wish for you, Let me show you how much I love you. I wish you first of all, A healthy new year, Good will, easy living, Joy and much growth. Happy New Year! "

29. My dear cheerful parents, I want you to be happy, I want the new year to bring you, much, much health and abundance to reach you!

30. My dear ones, for all the beautiful moments that have been and are to come, on the eve of the new year I thank you and renew my soul connection with you. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Messages For 2021 - Best Love Texts

31. "Another year has passed… To remember with pleasure all the accomplishments, with melancholy of all the beautiful moments and with confidence of all that you have not succeeded. Be proud that you have remained the same warm soul."

32. “Go over what was, truly believe in yourself. The New Year is an open book with recipes for success, choose what suits you and set off with confidence! This coming year will only be good for you! A Happy New Year 2021! ”

33. „I wish you 2021 times 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of fun, 365 days of success, 8760 hours of health and 525600 minutes of luck! Happy New Year!

34. ”We wish you in the new year we enter, to have: 12 months of joy, 52 weeks of peace, 525,600 minutes of faith and finally 31,536,000 seconds under the Protection of God. Happy New Year!"

35. ”I wish you as many happy moments as snowflakes in a fairytale winter. A better new year, with peace and quiet in the soul and a lot of love in the heart. A Happy New Year 2021! ”

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36. “Health and love from me for you, and for the coming year to be only good for you. A happy New Year with joy, health, happiness, peace and many accomplishments. "

37. “In the evening between the years, I invite you under a mistletoe twig to make the same wish and make it come true in the coming year. Do you accept the invitation? ”

38. “At the dawn of the new year, I look forward to the days to come because I know I will spend them all with you! Happy New Year!"

39. "All the artifices in the world could not be equal to those aroused in my heart. I rejoiced in your wishes on the night of the 31st." At last you made it clear that you loved me. " they have outlined in my soul… I belong to you…. I LOVE YOU !!! ”

40. “I will always be by your side, every year, every moment! Happy New Year, baby! ”

Happy New Year, Love! New Year 2021 Wishes for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

41. “A year full of fun, full of good cheer, full of you! Happy New Year!"

42. "In 60 seconds I would love you 59 so that in a second I can breathe and I can still love you… A Happy New Year 1 minute before 2021!"

43. “It is time to start another year and it is time to make wishes for you… so that every day that follows will reserve a special joy for you! Happy New Year!

44. „NEW YEAR'S EVE Forecast 2021: rain of kisses and hugs… we advise you to close the umbrella and open your heart. Happy New Year!"

45. “May the new year bring you plenty in the house, dishes on the table, currency in the account, a yacht in the port, motor on the highway and the neighbors to see. . Happy New Year!"

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46. ​​„The train of happiness would hit / The lightning of love would strike you / A bag of money would fall on your head / And a ticket with. Happy New Year!"

47. “Knock on the door. Knock on the window. Who is it, the new year "

48. It takes 12 months,

It cleanses itself well of bitterness, hatred and envy.

Then cook a New Year as clean and bright as possible…

A Happy New Year with a lot of love !!!

49. Happy birthday, joy forever, house full of food, love to the full, hard money, good luck with the cart, what do you want and… up the glass !!!

50. Life is a struggle we fought every day. You lose, you win, but if you don't give up you will have the greatest satisfactions! Happy New Year! A year full of satisfaction!

Happy new year sayings 2021 Messages in 2020 | Happy new year wishes, Happy new  year quotes, Quotes about new year

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Summing up the year, you must understand that there are things that you simply need to let go, because they are too difficult for you. So let them go. Get rid of this overwhelming burden together with Bemorepanda!

And since the New Year is already on the doorstep, it means that the perfect time has come to refocus energy and attention on the right things. I believe that now is the most favorable time to get rid of all the negative, wrong moments that are present in our life. Don't you agree with this?

So, today we challenge you to this!

Here's what to do before the New Year:

1. Let go of the negative. Never do something stupid just because you are upset.

2. Let go of petty grievances. Life is too short to waste on heartache and constant delusions. If there is someone in your life that deserves a second chance, give them one. If you have to apologize, do so. Start a new happy page in your life.

3. Let go of the thought that someone is better than you. If the grass looks greener on the other side of you, stop staring at it. Stop comparing. Stop complaining and start watering the grass you are standing on.

4. Let go of all false thinking. From time to time we stop and ask ourselves, "Is this really true?" It's funny how we can wrap our thinking around things to accommodate our version of reality. Moreover, it does not always correspond to reality; moreover, desire does not always materialize. Control your thinking. Be wise. When you do not adequately perceive things and situations, it can lead to the fact that you start looking for approval in the wrong things.

5. Let go of old ideals. Growth and change are painful. But nothing is as painful as prolonged stagnation.

Happy New Year, New Year's, or New Years? Which Is Correct? | Grammarly

6. Let go of yesterday's tragedies. You are not what happened to you before. You are who you are going to become. Let go of the unnecessary burden, take a deep breath, and start again. You will know that you are on the right path in life only when you learn not to look back and begin to strive to confidently take the next step.

7. Let go of your quest to avoid problems. You cannot change what you refuse to resist.

8. Let go of minor irritants. Don't let the little things break your happiness. Frustration and stress are not caused by things, but by how you react to them. Adapt your attitude and you will get rid of them forever.

9. Let go of the perception of others as more “normal” than you. Only those people are normal that you don't know well enough.

10. Let go of restraint and inaccessibility. We must all learn to be more human. Don't avoid eye contact. Don't hide behind things. Smile often. Become more open. Learn other people's stories.

21 New Year Quotes and Captions for a Fresh Start to 2021 | Real Simple

11. Let go of the thought that some people are inferior to you. Even if you have achieved your position through hard work, you must remember that a person cannot succeed solely on his own. Someone believed in you, someone encouraged, maybe sponsored you. Be grateful for this, do the same for others. What you give is what you ultimately receive. No one has yet achieved success and respect against the background of the weaker and those who are lower in status and position. Do not be lazy, try to draw conclusions about people from their life history. Be humble. Be open and human. Be good neighbors.

12. Let go of the thought that you are physically dependent. You are an incredible person, completely separate from what has been physically acquired in this world. Remember to stay humble. Ultimately, there are only two things that define who you are: your patience in times of excess, and your attitude in times of self-sufficiency.

13. Stop wanting what you don't really need. Don't get hung up on cost, pay attention to content. And remember, it’s always easier to find wealth in need of less than to do more and more for your material support.

14. Let go of the search for happiness outside of yourself. In life, you need to create your own light, from which happiness will begin. To do this, start every morning by reading something positive, spend the whole day positively. Keep your attention only on positive things and opportunities, only in this way will you feel sublime due to the fact that you are doing great and good deeds.

15. Let go of the urge to receive gratitude for every action you take. Don't worry about what you get from each action. If you do something good for others, there will certainly remain a lot of usefulness for yourself. You were born with the ability to change someone's life. Don't waste this opportunity. Please. Be someone who matters.

Will pubs be open longer on New Year's Eve?

16. Let go of all lies for the benefit of salvation. How do you gain trust? It's worth starting with honesty and diligence. Keep your promises. Ask for forgiveness if you are wrong. Become the one with whom you yourself would like to communicate and spend time.

17. Let go of all hypocrisy. If you don't pray when all is well, there is no need to pray when you feel bad.

18. Stop putting other people's needs ahead of your own. Give as much as you can afford; don't let yourself be used. Learn to hear other people's troubles, but do not be completely absorbed in them, denying yourself something.

19. Stop distrusting your intuition. Fear kills more dreams than a failed attempt. Don't let fear shut you out of opportunities. Do something every day that you previously feared. The more you fearlessly trust your intuition, the more it will live up to your expectations. Pay attention to all your feelings, listen to your inner voice.

20. Stop hoping for a lucky star to change your life. Remember, you don't always need a perfect action plan. Sometimes you just need to try, let go of all doubts and watch what happens. Just do the best you can until you know how to get something perfect. Once you start trying, you will have great success.

New Year's Eve 2019 - Manly Harbour Village

21. Let go of the need to do everything at once. Continue forward. The true goal has no time limit. Don't beat yourself up. Just do what you can now.

22. Stop thinking that success is all or nothing. Appreciate the space between the two extremes of success and failure. Appreciate everything that happens in your life: what you learn, how you help others to learn, how you grow, participating in all sorts of processes. Most importantly, don't let success cloud your mind so that failure doesn't creep into your heart.

23. Stop criticizing yourself. No one is inspired by your suffering and self-critical comments. If you want to inspire yourself and those around you, radiate joy. Have fun. Love, forgive and accept yourself. Get rid of the apologetic tone forever.

24. Let go of those who think you are not attractive enough. Note that there are many more women with anorexia and bulimia than those with breast cancer. The same statistics are present among men. Love yourself as you are, because only in this way can you become even more beautiful.

25. Stop changing just to please others. Change just to get better and live a better life. Change only for your own benefit.

The Ultimate Guide to Successful New Year's Eve Events - Eventbrite

26. Let go of the thought that everyone has a responsibility to love you. One way or another, some people won't like you no matter what you do. Try not to pay attention to this. What they think and say is purely a reflection of them, not yours.

27. Get rid of all negative influences. You will not feel good until you get rid of negative external influences. Be with those you feel comfortable with, not the other way around.

28. Stop thinking that giving up unpleasant things and relationships is your failure. Giving up and moving on are two completely different things.

29. Let go of the thought that it is too late to start and figure things out. Remember, it's always better to get on the first rung of the ladder you want to climb than just wanting to the top without doing anything.

30. Stop procrastinating. Stop just planning, start taking action. Do what is necessary today and tomorrow you will be where you dreamed.

The Best Cities in Europe for New Year's Eve - Days to Come

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