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30 funny Christmas trees memes that are going virual during coronavirus lockdown

1 year ago

An important tradition associated with the Christmas holiday is the decoration of the Christmas tree. It is said about the tree that it is a tree of life due to the fact that it stays green all the time.


The Christmas tree was decorated, at first, with fruit, paper flowers or biscuits. In time, it was decorated with all sorts of wonders, including: glass balls, tinsel, chocolates, light fixtures, etc.


There is also the custom of placing a star on the top of the Christmas tree, a symbol of the star that guided the magicians to Bethlehem. This star is said to bring good luck and fulfill desires.


In addition to the Christmas tree, Christians adorn the so-called Christmas wreaths, hung on the front doors symbolize health and luck, and their round shape represents the eternity of love that never fades.


Another plant used to decorate houses around Christmas and New Year is mistletoe. Mistletoe is said to be a healing plant, symbolizing, in some peoples, harmony and peace. Also, the kiss under the mistletoe makes love in a couple stronger and stronger.


But this year the Christmas tree may look different, because 2020 was a difficult year, people are hoping for good for 2021. We Bemorepanda have chosen the funniest ideas and memes with Christmas trees for this year.|


1.Best Christmas Tree for Lockdown


2.Pack away the tree


3.First day of Christmas


4.Mask for this Christmas Tree Toy


5.Covid outside


6.All the trees


7.That star


8.Sister roomate


9.Christmas Tree for quarantine


10.Just rock around


11.Merry Christmas


12.Hope for 2021


13.Coronavirus Toy


14.Picture for this year


15.Santa with a mask


16.Santa this year


17.Santa with mask


18.Oh Quarentree


19.The year we stayed home


20.Brace Yourselves


21.Black Tree for 2020


22.Hope he saves us in 2021


23.Only one star




25.Awesome Christmas Tree


26.This tree


27.Lay under Christmas Tree


28.Let me decorate the Christmas Tree


29.When you have a cat


30.Look at this guys


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Hopefully, unlike others, your 2020 is going well. We hug everyone else and try to cheer up with our traditional collection of funny and interesting photos about everything. Look, and let this miserable 2020 get a little better. After all, are we here to have fun or what?

There is nothing easier than being sad, because you don't need to do anything for this. They say it is harmful, and we also heard that when you are sad, an Arctic crab is sad somewhere. Do not offend the crab, it is better to check out our collection of best memes for september, with which no one will be bored for sure. Let's laugh!

1.Understanding a joke after 3 minutes

2.2020 be like:

3.2020 outfit of the month

4.A single use mask that we deserve

5.Quarantine day nr. 15

6.Fail of 2020

7.Do you trust me?

8.Me at the middle of the night

9.The quarantine be like:

10.Me deciding what to do

11.My brain everytime someone jokes

12.My moods during quarantine

13.About cheap powerbanks

14.Your butt napkins, my Lord!

15.Where is the towel?

16.The guy on the back

17.Wearing a hood

18.Who want to travel?

19.My whole life is ruinned

20.Never sleep with a foot outside the blanket































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What matters is not who Santa Claus is, what matters is what He brings and we are not referring to the material part. Besides gifts, it brings love, joy and happiness and at least for one day you see everyone white, even if there is no snow outside. December 25th preserves the magic of childhood.

Santa Claus is without a doubt the most famous character related to the winter holidays! We at Bemorepanda collected some funny memes.

1.About Santa Claus

2.4 stages of life

3.Santa loves rich kids

Santa Claus appeared in the 19th century, in the form we all know him. Legend has it that without her husband's consent, Santa received the Virgin Mary as his host, offering him shelter in the stable to give birth to Jesus. Upon learning this, Christmas became angry and cut off his wife's hands.

4.Dear Santa..

5.Adults that believe everything they read on Facebook

6.Cool presents to rich kids

7.Santa is real, he delivers me gifts

Legend has it that the Mother of God glued them together. The miracle converted Christmas to Christianity. Glad that his wife escaped unscathed from his reckless punishment, Christmas lights a fire from fir trunks in the yard and plays a chorus with all his servants. After the game, Christmas distributes pastoral gifts to the Holy Family: milk, cottage cheese, urda, sour cream. Hence the transfiguration of Santa Claus into a saint, who brings gifts to children on the day of Jesus' birth, a custom that overlaps with the memory of the gifts that, according to the evangelical legend, the Magi brought to the stable of the new Messiah. The songs of joy of the servants of Christmas have been transformed into carols, Christmas carols.

8.Dear Santa, all I want is..

9.The Elf was delicious

10.Writing to Santa..

Key characters, Santa's elves and reindeer are important characters in Christmas legends. The elves are six in number and each has its own mission. Shinny Upatree is Santa's oldest friend and co-founder of the secret village of Lapland, which is guarded by Pepper Minstix. Alabaster Snowball is the administrator of the List of the Good and the Immaculate, and Sugarplum Mary is the helper of Santa's wife. It is said that Santa Claus spends his year in Lapland with his disciples, and as Christmas approaches he takes his presents for those who were good during the year and sets off with his magic sleigh all over the world. Wunorse Openslae built Santa's sleigh and maintained it for amazing performance.

11.Work is calling

12.Good present

13.Please Stop

Santa's sleigh is pulled by 9 nazdravani reindeer that can fly: Rudolf, Vixen, Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher, Donder and Prancer. They were baptized by the American poet and theology professor Clement Clark Moore. Reindeer are said to reach speeds faster than the lights of a Christmas tree. The best known of Santa's reindeer is Rudolph. He leads the other reindeer, whose names are Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher, Donder, Prancer and Vixen.

And here we are on Christmas Eve. Tonight we decorate the Christmas tree with colorful globes and tinsel and look forward to Santa Claus loaded with gifts. We are with our loved ones, around a hearty meal, in an enchanting atmosphere, full of joy. Christmas is a magical time and although no one explains its magic, each of us feels it and embraces it warmly every year.

14.Bad Santa

15.How Santa is flying?

16.Waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve

17.Wife and Santa

18.Sad reality

19.Santa ain’t real

20.Secret Santa

21.Christmas drinking game

22.I all want for Christmas

23.Catch Santa

24.Christmas gifts

25.Believe in yourself

26.Dog loves Santa

27.It’s science, not Santa Claus

28.Christmas Eve

29.Hello Santa

30.Santa loves pizza

31.Don’t ask

32.Santa gets his Pilot license

33.Bring me ammo

34.Make Cola with cocaine again

35.The mall Santa

36.Santa be like

37.Santa - the watcher

38.Cow bell

39.Get it off me

40.Is this serious?

41.Santa Claws

42.Not to believe in Santa

43.Militarized Santa

44.Good or Naughty Santa?

45.Kindness matter

46.Waiting for Santa

47.Sketchy Santa

48.Save money at Christmas

49.I will pay good money

50.Delivering presents in Colorado

51.Doesn’t exist

52.Elves make all the gifts

53.Skips the jews

54.He sees you

55.Ho Ho Ho

56.Bad or Good

57.Facebook statuses

58.List I must make

59.Santa be like

60.NASA employee

61.Someone’s cookie

62.Takes credit

63.These mexicans

64.Finally closed

65.Mr. Claus

66.Got snacks

67.I’m off duty

68.Works 1 day a year

69.You are not leaving

70.Economy is bad

71.Santa got my gifts

72.Big fat account

73.Cats and Christmas

74.Christmas gift opening

75.Christmas music

76.Add dinosaur

77.Not ending well

78.Waiting for someone to open the gift

79.Big beard

80.Rock around the Christmas tree

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Christmas in America has long been no longer a religious holiday, but more of a family holiday, when everyone gathers at home. Considering that the United States is a mixture-country of emigrants, it is only natural that all traditions are mixed.


The most wonderful feature of American Christmas is that it has a "free-spirit", meaning there are no strict rules and each family invents traditions according to their taste. Breaking with traditions, in fact, is a new trend. In recent years, more and more families are abandoning homemade food and making reservations for an evening at a restaurant with live music, or going to the movies. Hollywood and independent movie studios are preparing special Christmas movies for the whole family.


However, it is a tradition that has survived for generations, namely "the apple pie", ie the apple pie. It is quite possible that the baking survived because it is delicious and brings back pleasant memories.


Traditionally, it is baked at home, but the shops offer a wonderful collection of baked goods of all kinds and if you don't want to spend a whole day in the kitchen, there are a lot of alternatives available: with apples, cherries, peaches or apricots. Sweets are generally the fault of the holidays.

Everyone has a favorite "sin." For us, it is dark chocolate, the higher the percentage of cocoa, the better: 80% -90% is perfect.


And just like delicious chocolate, we have funny Christmas memes for you. Bemorepanda loves Christmas and winter holidays!


Christmas Tree and Cats


Congratulations on Christmas

Dashing Through The Snow


Do You Know What I Got For Christmas


Don’t Blame The Holidays


I Destroyed Your Gifts


On Christmas


Lack Of Christmas Spirit Disturbing


I Juanna Wish You A Merry Christmas


I Noticed You Said Merry Christmas


It’ph Chriphtmaph


I’ve Seen Your Facebook Statuses


Merry Christmas Everyone


Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal


Oh Chrismas Weave


Santa Claus Was Real


Single Bells


Works 1 Day A Year


You Want A Pony For Christmas


Christmas Is Cancelled


Christmas Is Almost Here


Merry Christmas


It’s Advent


It’s The Most Terrible Time Of The Year


Santa I Want My Gift


Merry Christmas


Naughty Or Nice


Remember Always Smile


Santa Gave Me Some Coal


So Excited


The Worst Part About Christmas


Christmas Is Too Mainstream


We Love Holidays


What Do You Mean


Wreck The Tree


Brace yourself

Brace yourself Merry christmas Meme



Diabeetus Merry christmas Meme

Have a Merry Christmas

Have a Merry christmas Meme

I Find Your Lack Of Cheer Disturbing

I feel lack of cheer Merry christmas Meme


Merry Christmas Just Kidding

Just kidding Merry christmas Meme


Hoe Hoe Hoe

Merry kiss my ass Merry christmas Meme


My Girlfriend Just Broke Up With Me

My girlfriend just broke up with me Merry christmas Meme


One Does Not Simply

One does not simply Merry christmas Meme


Merry Christmas

Sexy thing Merry christmas Meme


One Does Not Simply Play Christmas Songs

Play christmas songs in november Merry christmas Meme


Wow Such Festive

Such festive Merry christmas Meme


Texted All My Friends

Texted my friends Merry christmas Meme


Know What Happened

What happened to santa Merry christmas Meme


When You Think Of Really Funny Christmas Memes

When you think of christmas memes Merry christmas Meme


Why Is Santa’s Sack So Big

Why santa's sack Merry christmas Meme


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The celebration of Christmas marks the birth of Christ about two thousand years ago. Today, Christmas is celebrated by believers who are led by the Gregorian calendar on December 25th.

Christmas is the most important holiday of Christians and is celebrated all over the world. The Feast of the Nativity is the time when all members of the family gather around the Christmas tree. At the same time, Christmas is the holiday for which ancestral traditions are revived and brought up to date, sacredly preserved by our ancestors. Practices and habits differ, depending on the geographical and ethnological area, but the essence remains the same.

Bemorepanda will inspire the Christmas spirit with some funny memes.

1.Favourite toy

2.Christmas tree

3.Christmas tip

4.Add dinosaur


6.Christmas tree

7.Dog nativity

8.Between a star

9.I hope it’s a dog

10.Wraping paper

11.Best day

12.Vacation to Paris

13.This person is a genius

14.Dear Santa

15.I got fat

16.Christmas tree

17.Every Christmas

18.Terrible placement

19.Christmas decorations

20.Mom deserves

21.Can I eat?

22.Ones snowflake

23.Wind up working

24.Harry and Marv

25.Christmas cookies

26.Christmas as kid

27.Works 1 day a year

28.Barking xbox

29.New direction

30.Wrapping paper


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Here is the long-awaited holiday of September 1, and students can enjoy the new school year, leaving behind the hot days of boaring and enjoying the warm days of autumn.

Bemorepanda has gathered the funniest and most sarcastic memes dedicated to this fall, school year and the end of summer. What teachers experience is much deeper, that's why internet users made jokes about teachers' reaction and sensations at the beginning of the pandemic school year. See below what they are.

1.Social-distancing at school

2.Assignments to Canvas

3.English teachers waiting for school

4.The world is ending

5.Teachers trying to enjoy summer

6.When a class of 2020 realize that they won't ever see their friends

7.Admins providing deep cleans

8.Don't be like Bob

9.Reopening school

10.Be safe!

11.Government officials be like

12.Answer to all questions

13.Teaching during pandemic

14.Self care routine 2020

15.Teachers if they hear a student cough

16.Students and hugs

17.Maintaining self-distance

18.Teachers helping students

19.Teacher reflecting on their time

20.2020 be like

21.Trying to prepare for the next year

22.30 students in a classroom

23.Teachers reading the CDC guidlines

24.Options given by the district

25.Next guidlines for teachers

26.River of teachers tears

27.Social distance to toddlers

28.When school reopen

29.Dressing up in 2020

30.Putting desks 6 ft apart

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