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Top 50 Sad Memes that will Make You Laugh Through Tears

2 years ago

All your friends are optimistic, except you? The bills are unpaid and you have no idea how to end it? You try to be more positive, but it doesn't work out anyway, the whole "let's be optimistic" thing sounds like crap to you?

Are you trying to stay calm because anyway, you're never calm and you don't know any man who will calm down when told that? We have a funny collection of 50 MEMEs that express everything you think and haven't expressed ... yet!

A more special collection but as funny as all the others on Bemorepanda.

1.After I post something

2.Phone scrolling

3.Me after a long day

4.Damage repair

5.Protect their comfort

6.Never again

7.First day of school

8.When I wake up

9.My goodness

10.Person to collect

11.Sad and you listen


13.Happiness noise

14.Emotional state

15.The bill

16.Easy peasy

17.I am broken

18.Kid fan crying

19.Songs are so sad

20.Not funny


22.A good few days

23.Come to office

24.Thank you

25.The meme about self-hatred

26.Looks sad

27.Sad music

28.Sad today

29.Dude this skin

30.What do you like

31.My friends

32.I'm sad

33.Left food

34.Text your friend


36.Friendly reminder

37.When a slight

38.Always affraid

39.Random wave

40.Somebody asks

41.Me when my depression is acting

42.Fall in love with me

43.When you're sad

44.I just checked my bank account

45.For nothing

46.After trying to make conversation

47.Fat buddy

48.A big fight

49.Sad for no reason

50.Everyone hates me

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A classic said that the person who chose to speak instead of throwing stones or fighting helped advance society. Sarcasm is for many a tool to avoid revealing their feelings. For others, it is a way of insulting some without realizing it.

If you are good at the art of sarcasm you can rest easy. Studies show that sarcastic people are smarter. Below are a few other things about scientifically proven sarcasm.

For starters, sarcasm means creativity. According to researchers, sarcastic people are inventive, and the sarcasm used at the right time can trigger innovative things. The even better news is that both people who use sarcasm and recipients are more creative after a conversation.

Also, sarcasm helps you criticize a person without looking combative. According to a study that looked at two expressions said to a smoker ("I see you don't care about your lungs!" And "I see you take care of your lungs!"). The results showed that sarcastic expressions are better received and considered rather than direct ones.

Regarding empathy, the volunteers said that the sarcastic statements seem more empathetic than those without subtext.

Other studies have shown that sarcasm can be misinterpreted, especially in electronic communication. According to a study, 60 students received a list of statements that needed to be communicated. Half were sarcastic and half serious. Moreover, these statements were sent by email or voice message to other people. Those who received the audio messages acknowledged the sarcasm (or lack thereof) in 73% of cases. By comparison, people who received sarcastic statements by email recognized the subtext in only 56% of cases.

Another revealing thing is that the people who sent the sarcastic messages thought that at least 78% of the recipients would realize it. On the other hand, the people who received the messages thought that they interpreted them correctly (sarcastically or seriously) in 90% of the cases, which did not prove to be true. Surprisingly, they had much less confidence in their ability to interpret voice messages.

In any case, sarcasm predominates in everyone's life, so Bemorepanda collected this funny top of sarcastic memes.

1.Marry someone

2.I love sarcasm

3.Remind me of a software

4.Laughting so hard

5.Was that sarcasm?

6.Enghlish people

7.Exams are coming

8.Angry and rude

9.Get anywhere

10.Ticks me off

11.You're serious

12.Wonder why

13.How to golf

14.A parent tells me


16.Not my problem

17.I just drunk

18.You're serious


20.Alwasy talk like this

21.Clap and stare

22.Round of applause

23.The only one

24.But when I do


26.Former child



29.These holes

30.Stupid motherfucker

31.Middle name

32.Will save me?

33.Called sarcasm

34.Don't understand


36.That's for short

37.Foreign language

38.Damn business

39.Show someone

40.Eat bacon


42.Racing to make that

43.Not now

44.Get you anywhere


46.Car washed

47.Inner me

48.Sarcasm strong

49.You good?


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Thanksgiving Day. A beautiful holiday that brings families and friends together for dinner. A special meal, based on turkey, a bird native to North America. And corn and cranberries, a kind of cranberry, also native to America. Then add a lot of other dishes. Thanksgiving dinner has become a kind of cooking contest.


It's a celebration of overflow. And of humility, of gratitude to the divinity for well-being, for the dishes on the table. Our ancestors respected the dishes much more than we, the hungry generations.


Hundreds of years ago he was starving. If the winter was too hard, if there was hail or floods, if the locusts invaded or the wool caught fire, hunger breathed in your neck. In the daily prayer inherited from one generation to the next, we still hope to receive "our daily bread." Even if we throw old, dry bread in the trash every day


No one can deny the beauty of Thanksgiving. A day to thank. Sit in it for a while and think about how lucky you are. In which you enjoy your loved ones who are still close to you. Because everything is fleeting, including well-being. People are beautiful when they are together.


And Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. The children who go to college, hundreds of kilometers away, get in their cars and drive for a meal at home, with their families. With grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins ​​they haven't seen in a long time. Events that bring families together are quite rare in a human life, usually weddings and funerals. But, Thanksgiving is an annual occasion to meet, to say goodbye, to "together". And the king of the Thanskgiving table is the turkey.


But what will be this year? In the midst of the pandemic, many people reunited, once the studies became online and work at home. But because of the danger of infection and the spread of the virus, people cannot all gather at one table, especially the elderly. Even if the holiday will be spent in a very small circle, it will be a symbolic one and of major importance.


Of course, it is a good reason for Internet users to create different funny and interesting memes for us. Bemorepanda has collected the top memes and jokes perfect for everyone.


1.Favourite thing about Thanksgiving


2.Huge Thanksgiving dinner


3.Waiting for Christmas


4.We're having a turkey?


5.Checking their phone in the bathroom


6.Dinner be at 6 pm


7.Today vs tomorrow


8.Thinking about Thanksgiving


9.New recipe for Thanksgiving


10.Just one piece of pie


11.After Thanksgiving


12.Eating the same thing


13.Thanks for nothing


14.Waiting for Thanksgiving


15.Why you eat me?


16.Waking up on Thanksgiving


17.No seconds til everyone had a plate


18.The whole family is roasting you


19.Come at me bro


20.You and your cousin come back from "taking a walk"


21.I regret nothing


22.Could you pass the pie?


23.Don't mind that


24.Too many questions


25.Isn't that your 3rd plate?


26.Oh, pie!


27.Drinking at noon on a wednesday


28.After Thanksgiving


29.But is not the day!


30.Something is happening


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The year 2020 will certainly enter the top of the historical events of the 21st century. During these six months, many changes took place along the way that, at the beginning of the year, were practically unfeasible: distance learning, travel restrictions or the postponement of all cultural, sports, social events, etc. In other words is everything about coronavirus.

In other words, 2020 has become a global shock. If we face certain problems, we need to ridicule them in order to get over them more easily. Memes are the most effective way to laugh at things that have happened in the last six months.

1.School remote plan

2.Current plans for reopening school this year

3.Kids back to school

4.Have a good year

5.Homeschooling be like

6.Tell me how this is helping students

7.Sending the kids back to school

8.That feeling on this school year

9.Parents dealing with school closures

10.Homeschool they said

11.When elementary school students come back

12.School this week

13.There is no plan

14.School plan 2020-2021

15.When kids come back to school

16.First day back to school

17.Kids coming back to school after pandemic

18.Haven't seen you for a long time

19.You go back to school

20.They are never going back to school

21.School district be like

22.Every parent right now

23.Don't ever go to 2020

24.School pictures this year

25.Teachers on the last night

26.Back to school clothes

27.Welcome back to school

28.Back to school in pandemic

29.Parents in drop off line

30.2019 vs 2020

31.Don't touch me

32.Everyone with a brain

33.Non-teachers be like

34.When you go back to school

35.Teachers at home

36.Back to school ads

37.Motivation is in the air

38.Zoom classes

39.Kids after quarantine

40.Waiting for school to start

41.Primary school children

42.Seven emails about school plans

43.Teachers on the last night

44.Coming back to school like

45.2020 students

46.Actual footage

47.One day absent

48.Class of 2021

49.Back to school supplies

50.When you turn around and there is a student

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Black Friday is one of the most important events in the world of shopping. What is Black Friday in the USA? This is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States, which kicks off the traditional Christmas sales season. The custom to sell goods on a specific day originated in the 19th century, and the term Black Friday took root in 1966. This year Black Friday fell on November 27, 2020.


The most profitable purchase is considered to be expensive equipment, for example, laptops, TVs, stationary computers. You can save up to $ 1000 on their purchase. The second place is taken by electronic gadgets (from fitness trackers to iPhones), video games and children's toys. The savings will be up to $ 100. And the third place is clothes, also with a profit of up to $ 100.


Black Friday is not an official holiday, but many employees take time off on this day, with the exception of retail employees, as the flow of customers increases significantly on this day. On Black Friday, shops open very early - around 5 am, and some of the largest retail chains even open at midnight. The first buyers are offered serious discounts - from 50 to 80% - this is done in order to attract as many customers as possible to the stores.


Almost all buyers are also active Internet users, who after Black Friday create funny memes. Bemorepanda chose the funniest Black Friday jokes and memes.


1.Recording fights


2.About Black Friday


3.Go shopping


4.Let it begin


5.Brace yourselves


6.I'm going shopping


7.When it's Black Friday


8.People on Black Friday




10.This face


11.When is friday


12.After holiday shopping


13.My pockets after I waste my money


14.Black Friday


15.Americans as shops open


16.Save money


17.Sales are here


18.Black Friday lines


19.Hunger Games


20.Starter pack


21.Stuff I don't need


22.Dawn of Dead


23.Save a dollar


24.Football is here


25.None of my business


26.Hunger Games be like


27.You're going to the Black Friday sale


28.I don't care


29.Camping on Black Friday


30.Didn't get arrested



31.It's called Black Friday


32.No way


33.Black Satrurday


34.Go to the Gym


35.More important


36.Democrat city


37.The one just


38.Just wait


39.Tennis balls


40.You mean to tell me that




42.So sad


43.Black Friday be like




45.Children on this day


46.Watching news


47.Cheers to this day


48.There are no rules


49.Getting ready


50.Just pay


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