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2021 Fun at Work National Holiday: 40 memes to show that

1 year ago

It is said that work without fun has no beneficial effects. But before the trend of companies like Google to promote fun at work, the words "fun" and "work" had no place in the same sentence.

Today, the third millennium generation presents a series of new challenges for employers, organizations being forced to find new and innovative ways to attract representatives of this generation and to retain them as employees. It is not for nothing that promoting a fun work environment is fast becoming one of the most frequently implemented strategies in many of the top organizations in the world.

Even if it is said that work without fun has no beneficial effects and the reverse can be valid. Taken together, these statements reflect the two paradigms of combining work with fun. Many companies are closed to the idea of ​​a symbiosis between useful and pleasant. And the reason why this happens is often that the leaders of the organizations in question are part of older generations and respect traditional practices of separating work and fun, for the simple fact that "it has always been so."

 Others may think the stakes are too high to accept the fun and socializing. And yet, most oppose fun at work based on productivity. However, Bemorepanda collected several memes for the National Day of Work and Fun.

1.Best part of my job

2.Have fun at work

3.Fun at work

4.Good customer service

5.Made that up

6.National stress awareness

7.Working on this day

8.What I actually do

9.Slap coworker

10.Have fun at work

11.Boss’s Day

12.Came in late to work

13.Keeping me healthy

14.Have fun 

15.First day on the job

16.My day off

17.Good mood at work

18.Woke up from work


20.My day off

21.Working saturday

22.Not working here

23.4 day weekend

24.Off work like

25.To go to work

26.Daily stuff

27.Meeting go

28.Walk out of work

29.Leaving work

30.Senior day

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Christmas is knocking at our door, and the holiday wishes are preparing to fill the message boxes. Whether they are classic, funny or religious, we all want the good thoughts sent on the eve of winter to touch the souls of loved ones.


Christmas is for some the ideal occasion to make their loved ones happy with little surprises. A simple way to put a smile on the face of a loved one is the messages written from the heart on Christmas Eve, but despite the feelings of love and joy, the inspiration sometimes leaves us. In "emergency" cases we can always call on the "power" of the Internet, where we will find all sorts of messages meant to get us out of the impasse.


Bemorepanda collected the funniest card memes for you.


1.Christmas Cards done


2.I hate Christmas card


3.Not sending Christmas cards


4.Christmas Joy


5.Does Jesus get Christmas cards?


6.I don't always write Christmas Cards


7.Family xmas card


8.If I sent Christmas cards


9.Perfect Christmas Card


10.Terrible time


11.Dashing through the no


12.Yes! Perfect


13.This must be shared


14.Don't even ask


15.Christmas Tree and Cats


16.Congratulations on Christmas

17.Dashing Through The Snow


18.Do You Know What I Got For Christmas


19.Don’t Blame The Holidays


20.I Destroyed Your Gifts


21.On Christmas


22.Lack Of Christmas Spirit Disturbing


23.I Juanna Wish You A Merry Christmas


24.I Noticed You Said Merry Christmas


25.It’ph Chriphtmaph


26.I’ve Seen Your Facebook Statuses


27.Merry Christmas Everyone


28.Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal


29.Oh Chrismas Weave


30.Santa Claus Was Real


31.Single Bells


32.Works 1 Day A Year


33.You Want A Pony For Christmas


34.Christmas Is Cancelled


35.Christmas Is Almost Here


36.Merry Christmas


37.It’s Advent


38.It’s The Most Terrible Time Of The Year


39.Santa I Want My Gift


40.Merry Christmas


41.Naughty Or Nice


42.Remember Always Smile


43.Santa Gave Me Some Coal


44.So Excited


45.The Worst Part About Christmas


46.Christmas Is Too Mainstream


47.We Love Holidays


48.What Do You Mean


49.Wreck The Tree


50.Brace yourself

Brace yourself Merry christmas Meme



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Elon Musk tweeted a message about a new drug called "Regretamine", which caused a flurry of memes on the microblogging platform. "A new drug called Regretamin is coming out," the head of Tesla and SpaceX tweeted, adding that its appearance would help calm feelings of regret. “Pop One & All's regrets were gone,” he announced, much to the amazement of his followers, who couldn't decide if the billionaire entrepreneur was joking or not.

Some have wondered if Mr. Musk, the co-founder of Neuralink, a company that makes “interfaces implanted between the brain and the machine,” could actually invent a new drug. Others admitted that they did not fully understand what he was tweeting about, but suggested that it could be a joke.

Some of the Regretamine memes refer to Elon Musk's past report on acceptable tweets. His messages have influenced the markets several times in recent months. Bemorepanda collected some memes.

1.Stocks of regretamine

2.Growing up

3.Take Regretamine

4.Hop on  the train

5.Coming to aid


7.Regrets taking it

8.You will regret

9.A pill form

10.These are the days of regret

11.Will it help?



14.Take the pill

15.Regretamine fans

16.Where is the stock?

17.Start ordering regretamine

18.Risky text

19.Regrets are gone

20.Guess what

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The day of the tricks has a long disputed history, the custom of pranks being a intertwining of local folk customs specific to each country with ancient legends and ceremonies to welcome the New Year and later spring.

The hypothesis, accepted by the majority, claims that the origin of April 1 is closely related to the change of the Julian calendar with the Gregorian one. In the old calendar, New Year's Day was celebrated on April 1, instead of January 1. After the change of the Gregorian calendar in 1582, during the reign of Charles IX, people initially had trouble getting used to the celebration of the new year on January 1. Those who celebrated the New Year on April 1 were called "April Fools." As time went on, the greetings sent for the New Year on April 1 began to be considered pranks, often accompanied by funny gifts.

No matter where it comes from, April 1st is recognized as Fool's Day in most countries of the world. Marked first in Europe, Fool's Day migrated across the ocean and then around the globe. Bemorepanda collected some memes for April Fools Day.

1.April fools day

2.Own holiday

3.True again

4.Not sure if real

5.Nothing and nobody

6.So bad

7.Life is a joke

8.No business

9.April joke

10.Fool them everyday

11.Lie on internet

12.Pranks are here

13.Silly goose

14.A trap

15.No one believes

16.April kiss

17.A joke

18.Pranks are open


20.April fools

21.Fake proposal

22.No one can be trusted

23.I trusted you

24.This face

25.A prank

26.Murdered co-workers


28.Don’t really do anything

29.That was a joke

30.Cruel april

31.No joke

32.Not a fool

33.A check

34.I get it

35.Legal today

36.Office prank


38.Lie on internet

39.Stop dad

40.Brown E’s

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Your birthday - that day when you feel like the most special person on the planet! The day you do what you want and it seems like everything is allowed. But don't forget that there are other people who share the same birthday with you. In fact, even many people, millions of people. But anyway, for everyone, this day is special. Bemorepanda has collected some funny memes combined with greeting cards that you would definitely like to share when you congratulate your friends.

1.How old?

2.Happy birthday



5.Better than me?

6.Disco day


8.Majestic unicorn

9.One year old

10.Happy birthday


12.Sing this

13.Just called to wish something

14.My precious

15.Nothing less

16.One step closer

17.Big brother

18.Sexy beast

19.Ecstatic day

20.I guess

21.Where it is?



24.Closer to death

25.Happy birthday bro

26.Stay drunk

27.Yay yay

28.Old fashion

29.Own christmas

30.I know i won’t see you

31.Stay gangster



34.Drink anyway

35.Present time

36.Coolas ice


38.Hey girl

39.Stop scrolling


41.Birthday again


43.The only one

44.Until it ends

45.Let’s party



48.Funny face

49.FRESH birthday


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If your personal and professional life are in imbalance, you will most certainly have an extremely high level of stress. Because of the hectic pace of life, finding the optimal dosage between work and everything that means "at home" is not a very easy task. You can bring harmony back to your home, without compromising on the accomplishments that the chosen job offers you.

If you spend more time at work and less at home, you risk losing your privacy and all the joys that come from it. Also, if in your personal life you struggle with some difficult situations, such as caring for an elderly parent or relative, financial or marital problems, focusing on professional tasks becomes downright impossible, no matter how hard you try.

What is the balance between career and personal life?

Work-life balance differs from person to person, being, however, an approach to contemporary existence that comes in an attempt to resolve the increasingly common conflict between personal life (with everything that includes it: family, friends or just the need free time) and career.

Of course, everyone's priorities differ depending on a number of factors, including age, which can completely change an employee's vision. Thus, if you are between 20 and 35 years old, it is possible to establish strong commitments for building a solid career, leaving family life in the background. On the other hand, if you are between 35 and 50 years old, the emphasis can be more on family life and personal activities, which were not present in other stages of life.

Regardless of the things you need to do to achieve this balance, it is vital that you set it as a goal. Bemorepanda anyway collected some funny memes about real situation.

1.Excel in my career

2.A day off

3.I swear I will find it

4.Stress is consuming it

5.That look idealistic

6.Will I have it?

7.A hard balance

8.One more idealistic picture

9.Wanted more work

10.To meme or not to meme

11.Get up and dance

12.Working on life-work balance

13.Flexible schedule

14.Hey boss

15.The look of your kid

16.Return from vacation

17.Die in your sleep

18.Milennials working

19.Work, life, balance

20.Stay late

21.Work and life

22.That’s your problem

23.How I view life

24.Work is life

25.The priority

26.Balance in life

27.Choose one

28.It won’t happen

29.She wants to be like you

30.Why two days?

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