Leading sex therapist Tracey Cox reveals top sex trends for 2021. Coronavirus is to blame

1 year ago

Leading British sexologist Tracey Cox, the author of numerous books, named the main sex trends of 2020 and shared predictions for 2021. Her words are quoted by the Daily Mail.

According to Cox, 2021 will be the year of sexual experimentation. According to a study by a British sex toy retailer, in 2020, 52 percent of couples surveyed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and self-isolation have tried something new in sex: role-playing, car sex and the embodiment of partner's erotic fantasies. 71 percent of them said they will continue to experiment after the end of the pandemic.

Representatives of one of the sex dating sites noted that in 2020 an unusually large number of users began to identify themselves as bisexual. They assume that the number of people open to new sexual experiences will only grow in the next year.

The sexologist claims that people began to search more often in search engines for information about BDSM. In 2020, sales of strap-ons have grown by 200 percent. Ten percent of the 1,000 British women surveyed said they used them in sex with male partners, another ten percent admitted that they would like to try.

Cox said that in 2021, people will become even more open to long-distance relationships: due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, meeting in person is becoming more difficult. According to one of the dating apps, half of the users are ready to look for a partner "anywhere", before the majority preferred to set strict geographic boundaries. 66 percent of those surveyed said talking with a partner became much more important to them than before. 70 percent of respondents are ready for a virtual date, and 33 percent are open to long-term long-distance relationships.

In 2021, the trend for sex toys will continue: a third of respondents bought new devices in 2020. At the same time, sales of toys for couples have grown unprecedentedly in the past year. Cox said the category is usually much less in demand.

The sexologist noted that the pandemic made people remember about their former partners. One in five respondents admitted that he wrote or called them, a quarter of the respondents said that they themselves contacted them. The overwhelming majority supported the dialogue. In most cases, people just wanted to know if their ex was doing well.

Cox emphasized that in 2020, many began to practice mindfulness during sex: that is, enjoying the moment, and not worrying about their appearance, skills or problems reaching orgasm.

Earlier, sexologist Emily Morse told why women fake orgasm. According to her, they often do this to please the male ego and avoid embarrassing situations.

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Valentine's Day is celebrated annually on February 14th. It is the holiday that gives couples another reason to express their feelings, but also the holiday that helps single people meet their soul mate. Here are the traditions and customs around Valentine's Day.


Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually around the world, but under different names, but also on other days. For example, in Latin America, Valentine's Day is known as Love Day and Friendship Day.


Also in Brazil, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on June 12, the day before St. Anthony, the patron saint of marriage. Valentine's Day customs vary from culture to culture. Over time, Valentine's Day has given many gifts, but the modern tradition of giving chocolate as a gift came in the late 1800s from Richard Cadbury, son of John Cadbury, the famous chocolate maker.


In Japan, women are the ones who give gifts to men on February 14th. It's true that I only give away chocolate, and the chocolate I choose differs depending on the type of relationship. For example, the normal one is offered out of obligation to bosses, colleagues and friends, and the fine one, to the lover, fiancé or husband.


And in South Korea, women offer chocolate to men. And they give women anything but chocolate. In Finland, many couples get engaged or get married on February 14, but this day is more about friendship than love. According to tradition, it is an occasion for gatherings between friends, who make symbolic gifts. In some parts of Britain, on Valentine's Day, girls put bay leaves under their pillows and eat only salted eggs, believing that this is how they will dream of their chosen one overnight.


This holiday is celebrated all over the world. And of course we also have a lot of jokes, besides all the love and sweetness. Bemorepanda has collected this funny top for you.



  1. Brace yourselves ,Valentine's Day is coming


2.You have a crush on someone?


3.Valentine's day is around the corner


4.Roses are red


5.About 14 February


6.Single people on Valentine's Day


7.It's Valentine's Day


8.All this cute stuff


9.To and from


10.How I plan on spending Valentine's Day


11.I've been solo


12.I like you more than Kanye likes kanye


13.Prettier face


14.Saved tons of money on Valentines Day


15.I don't require a lot of attention


16.Sad about being alone


17.Is your name Wi-fi?


18.Valentines Day less than 2 weeks away


19.Valentines Day?


20.Do I have a date for Valentines Day?


21.When you finally find someone


22.This fish, is my fish


23.Boyfriend's hoodie


24.I'm DTF


25.When bae text you some cute


26.Relationship goals


27.The day I met you


28.Hi there


29.I am not the best


30.Both crazy, but you're in love


31.I just want you


32.Love is in the air

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33.I have a date


34.No time for that

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35.Alone on other days

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37.Before Valentine's Day

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50.There is a date

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"Love changes everything,", and the stars partially agree with this statement. For at least three signs, the winter of 2021-2022 can be an emotionally fortunate time.

Although we refer mainly to the winter months December-February 2021-2022, in the case of some auspicious planetary influences can make their presence felt as early as November 2021. So, if you are among the zodiac signs below, be prepared from November to meet your soul mate, for a proposal in an unexpected marriage or to be with your loved one for as long as possible.

Top 3 zodiac signs with the greatest astral luck in love in winter 2021-2022

On the first place - the sign of Capricorn


Family and marriage

From a sentimental point of view, Capricorn will be in the next period in one of the best periods of his life. This sign is the head of the list in terms of good luck in love in the coming months, and if he has not already met the person of his dreams, he will do it soon. How? Through surprise meetings from destiny or a predestined encounter, which appears in your way out of nowhere. Capricorn will be like a shining star in the next period of time and all his previous misfortunes, failures or disappointments will be forgotten, so nourishing and beneficial is for him new love that will make its presence felt in his life.
His past wounds are bandaged, healed, so now is the time to move on with his life and build a harmonious future and family.

The cold season is a transformative period for him, a period in which he will find peace, joy and the desire to live with a person who loves him enormously. In turn, Capricorn falls in love to the ears. He feels that he has met a person who fully understands him, respects him and honors his feelings, accepts him as he is and who will be with him for better or worse. Next to this person, his soul feels at home, at peace and happy and he will not hesitate to ask her to marry him when he finds the right moment for both of them.

Second place - Aquarius

Healing and a new beginning in love The

bells of change and love have been ringing at Aquarius' door for some time, and if so far you have not been prepared enough for them to invite them with an open heart and with all your good will, things are at the opposite pole now. You have gained wisdom from your previous lessons, you have experienced much in the past, you have celebrated yourself, learning to leave behind the past and honor your own person and the true desires of your heart.

If until now you were not ready for a new beginning in love and you needed a period of healing to clarify your emotions and make peace with the past, slowly, slowly. you open yourself again to love and possibilities. You are again willing to love and give from the overflow of your generous heart and you will receive back accordingly.

Because you have launched the seed of your desire in the universe, expect fabulous opportunities in love. I know, maybe there's nothing on the horizon now, and you're skeptical of what we're telling you. But the period November-December can be the beginning of dream months for you. It is possible that a person from your past will return to your life, truly asking for your forgiveness and being determined to create the best future for you, or new opportunities for love to appear in your life and a completely new person. It is a comforting love, which regenerates you and raises your wings on your shoulders, makes you look at everything with different eyes.

Also, the meetings during this period are predestined meetings for Aquarius, so in the case of certain Aquarius, it will not take too long to say "yes", because the decision was made from the moment you met . Also, in order to receive the icing on the cake, some Aquarius will experience motherhood or fatherhood in the next period, an additional reason for happiness, exuberance, enthusiasm and confidence in the future and in love.

Third place - Scorpio 

What do you prepare can be better and better for you than you imagined you ever

Although some native Scorpio singles are excited and it may seem that the winter is too far, love will come to them faster than expected. Trust yourself, the law of attraction and the magnificent orchestrations of the universe. In such harmonious and balanced circumstances, without making love an end in itself, love will come naturally, naturally and naturally.

Until then, enjoy everything in your life, no matter how small, and prepare the ground for a new flourishing love. Definitely break the bridges with the past, forget, forgive and smile broadly at the possibility of a new beginning. It may not be the tumultuous and passionate love you dreamed of (but who says you needed something like that?), But a calm and balanced one, but it will be exactly what you need. Even if the encounter with the person you dreamed of can take place in circumstances not at all unusual, even banal from your point of view (social circumstances), the emotions that the new love will arouse in your soul will be warm and strong and will grow in intensity as time goes on.

This person definitely conquers you with his inner beauty, with the nobility and freshness of his way of being, and your meeting seems to have been well orchestrated by the hands of destiny. Don't be surprised if in the first months of 2022 we are already talking about starting a beautiful marriage, moving together or buying a new, more spacious home for two. 2022 is a representative and lucky year for Scorpio, with an overwhelming impact on the coming years.

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On Valentine's Day, most people's thoughts are focused on romance, love objects and gifts. But it is always useful to abstract a little from the amorous euphoria and learn something new and unfamiliar about Valentine's Day. Therefore, on February 14, Bemorepanda offers the top 100 most interesting facts about this holiday.

1. It is customary to celebrate Valentine's Day all over the world on 14 February.

2. This holiday was named in honor of the Martyr Valentine.

3. During the reign of the Roman emperor, Claudius was the priest Valentine.

4. Since 1777, this day has been widely celebrated in the United States.

5. Since the 13th century, this day has been widely celebrated in Western Europe.

6. This holiday is secular in Russia.

7. On Valentine's Day, more than 50 million roses are sold worldwide.

8. On this day, more than 9 million people in the world buy gifts for their pets.

9. Sweets and chocolates are considered the most popular gifts on this day.

10. February 14 became a men's holiday in Japan.

The Unique Way Finland and Estonia Celebrate Valentine's Day | Time

11. In Saudi Arabia and Iran, it is forbidden to celebrate this holiday.

12. The tradition of celebrating this holiday originates from middle England.

13. Postcards are the second most popular after Christmas cards.

14.On February 14, 1929, Al Capone's rival enemies were shot.

15. Women spend on gifts this day half as much as men.

16. Condom sales are high on this day.

17. Duke Charles of Orleans created the first Valentine in 1415.

18. Pigeons are officially considered a symbol of Valentine's Day.

19. Computer Engineer's Day is also celebrated on February 14th.

20. Sales of contraceptives increase by 25% on this day.

What is Valentine's Day? Why Do We Celebrate this Day?

21. 2001 was the record for the highest number of marriages.

22. The Day of Mental Health is celebrated by the Germans on this day.

23. More than 75% of suicides on this day are attributed to unhappy love.

24. Once upon a time, lovers exchanged postcards decorated with gold on this day.

25. This day is called sweet in Italy.

26. On February 14, Finland celebrates Women's Day.

27. In France, for the first time, a tradition arose to give poetry on this day.

28. In England, gifts are also given to pets on this day.

29. Handmade gifts are especially appreciated on this day.

30. On February 14 Pope Gelasius declared Valentine's Day around 498 BC.

Valentine's Day Window/Storefront Contest - Adams Morgan Partnership BID

31. More than 53% of women abandon their men if they come to them without gifts.

32. Richard Cadbury in 1868 presented the first box of chocolate on this day.

33. On this holiday 15% of women give flowers to themselves.

34. About 1 billion cards are sent on this day every year.

35.85% of all valentines are bought by women.

36.39% of all sweets are received by children on this day.

37. In Japan it is customary to give sweets, linen and jewelry on this day.

38. The sale of pregnancy tests in pharmacies is increasing on this day.

39. Flowers presented on this day have different meanings.

40. This day was called "Bird's wedding" in the Middle Ages.

Why Do We Give Valentine Cards? | Britannica

41. In 2011, the world's largest chocolate bar was made in Switzerland, designed specifically for this holiday.

42. The first Valentine's card in the world is kept in the British Museum.

43. In Germany, it is customary to plant onions in a pot on this day with the written name of a loved one. 44. Italian navigator James Cook died in Hawaii in 1779.

45. USA got Texas on this day in 1848.

46.3 Oregon became the 33rd US state in 1859.

47. A third of the seats in the local Diet were won by Ukrainians in the elections in Galicia in 1914.

48. Soviet Russia in 1918 switched to the Gregorian calendar.

49. One of the first computers in 1946 was presented on this day.

50. The XX Congress of the CPSU opened in Moscow in 1956.

Happy Valentine's Day 2019 Gift Ideas for Husband, Wife, Girlfriend,  Boyfriend

51. Into this day, rock and roll music was banned in Iran in 1958.

52. The automatic station "Luna-20" was launched to the Moon in 1972.

53. In Dublin in 1981, 48 people died on this day in a fire.

54. Elton John married Renate Blauel on this day in 1984.

55. The “Declaration on the Principles of Cooperation” was adopted in Minsk in 1992.

56. Russia and Ukraine established diplomatic relations in 1992.

57. The Fundamentals of Ukrainian Legislation on Culture were approved on 14 February 1992.

58. In 1993 Hungary, Poland and Ukraine signed an agreement on cooperation between peoples.

59. On this day in 1998, the wedding of movie star Sharon Stone and the editor of the San Francisco Examiner newspaper Phil Bronstein took place.

60. Dolly the cloned sheep died in 2003.

The dark and mysterious origins of Valentine's Day

61. In 2004, 28 people were killed in the Moscow Transvaal Park.

62. Unmarried English girls take this holiday very seriously and responsibly.

63. Annually, about 1000 cards are sent to Juliet.

64. The oldest love poem was written in 3500 BC.

65. The favorite flower of the Goddess of Love was a red rose.

66. Wooden spoons with hearts are customary to give on February 14 in Wales.

67. Traditionally in America, pilgrims sent a variety of sweets as gifts.

68. Two times less money than men spend on gifts for women.

69. The month of pregnancy tests is the month of March.

70. Flower shops earn colossal sums on this day.

14 Valentine Games for for Kids' Classroom Parties

71. Heart-shaped candies were the first gifts on this day.

72. Saint Valentine was the patron saint of the mentally ill.

73. In the 15th century, the first valentines appeared in France.

74. The Roman God of love Cupid is the symbol of this holiday.

75. Since the beginning of the 90s of the last century, this holiday has been celebrated on the territory of Russia.

76. It is customary to give hearts from any materials on this day.

77. In England, February 14 is considered the beginning of the mating season for birds.

78. Once upon a time in the United States, one holiday card cost as much as $ 10.

79. Germans decorate psychiatric hospitals with bright ribbons on this day.

80. It is customary to give jewelry on this day in France.

Valentine's Day Gifting Ideas for couples who break stereotypes | Aviva  India

81. Poles on this day visit the relics of St. Valentine.

82. It is customary to give dried white flowers on this day in Denmark.

83. Since the 13th century, this holiday has been celebrated in Western Europe.

84.Since the 1930s, this holiday has been celebrated in Japan.

85. All females are given hearts in Finland.

86. Diamonds are considered the best gift for February 14th.

87. Only 75% of men buy flowers on this day.

88. The origin of this holiday is based on the legend of Saint Valentine.

89. On this day, the feast of fertility was once celebrated.

90. Passionate Spaniards send love letters on this day with carrier pigeons.

Happy Valentines Day 2020: Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Images, Greetings,  SMS, Status, Photos, Pics and Wallpapers - Times of India

91. 6 days before the holiday 50% of all valentines are bought.

92. Valentine is the second most popular among all gifts.

93. A large number of wedding ceremonies take place on this day.

94. Durex is increasing its sales by 30% that day.

95. The symbol of Valentine's Day is a red heart.

96. About 189 million roses are sold in America on this day.

97. After Christmas, this holiday has the second largest number of cards sold.

98. In Mexico City in 2010, the record was set for the most massive kiss in the world.

99. The first time in 1936 the Japanese got acquainted with this holiday.

100. In the Middle Ages, doves were often depicted on valentines.

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When is New Year?

New Year's Day 2021 falls on the 1st of January each year and marks the commencement of the Gregorian calendar. It is one of the most celebrated public holidays not only in the United States of America but throughout the world.


As the clock strikes midnight at various times around the world, the whole world unites in celebration. Often marked with huge firework displays in all the capital cities of the world and party's that run long into the small hours.


It's the time for new beginnings and a new start. It's the time to leave behind all the worries and the negative effects caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. As the new vaccine has been developed by a few leading drug companies, we should be hopeful that 2021 will be a better year.


So let's count the days till this magical event will happen. We, the Bemorepanda team will post daily news about how the world is getting prepared to celebrate this day. Stay tuned.


26th of December, 2020- December 26 is the 360th day of the year (361st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. Five days remain until the end of the year. Boxing Day is traditionally celebrated on 26 December, the day after Christmas Day, though many people hold—and there is documentary assertion—that it would not fall on a Sunday.

25th of December, 2020- Christmas magic and happiness is all around! Merry Christmas, dear friends!

24th of December, 2020- December 24 is the 358th day of the Gregorian calendar and the 359th day in leap years. There are 7 days until the end of the year.  Christmas Eve is celebrated on December 24th. If Christmas Day falls on a weekend, then this holiday may be observed on a different day.

23th of December, 2020- December 23 is the 357th day of the Gregorian calendar and the 358th day in leap years. There are 8 days until the end of the year. FESTIVUS. Each year on December 23rd, Festivus commemorates a holiday episode of the television comedy, Seinfeld. 

22th of December, 2020- December 22 is the 356th day of the Gregorian calendar and the 357th day in leap years. There are 9 days until the end of the year. National Date Nut Bread Day on December 22nd delivers a baker's delight to celebrate. Incidentally, some sources also suggest the day is celebrated on September 8th, too.

21th of December, 2020- December 21 is the 355th day of the Gregorian calendar and the 356th day in leap years. There are 10 days until the end of the year. On this day is celebrated National Sangria Day.

20th of December, 2020- December 20 is the 354th day of the Gregorian calendar and the 355th day in leap years. There are 11 days until the end of the year. Every year on December 20th, International Human Solidarity Day seeks to celebrate the word's unity in diversity. 

19th of December, 2020- December 19 is the 353rd day of the Gregorian calendar and the 354th day in leap years. There are 12 days until the end of the year.Today is celebrated National Hard Candy Day.

18th of December, 2020- December 18 is the 352nd day of the Gregorian calendar and the 353rd day in leap years. There are 13 days until the end of the year. Every year on December 18th, International Migrants Day emphasizes the protection of migrants' human rights. The day also recognizes the contributions and efforts of migrants around the world.

17th of December, 2020- December 17 is the 351st day of the Gregorian calendar and the 352nd day in leap years. There are 14 days until the end of the year. National Maple Syrup Day and Wright Brothers Day is celebrated on this day.

16th of December, 2020- December 16 is the 350th day of the Gregorian calendar and the 351st day in leap years. There are 15 days until the end of the year. Today is an extremely sweet day, as we celebrate National Chocolate Covered Anything Day.

15th of December, 2020- On December 15, 1791, the new United States of America ratified the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, confirming the fundamental rights of its citizens. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, speech, and the press, and the rights of peaceful assembly and petition. There are 16 days until the New Year.

14th of December, 2020-  Every year on December 14th National Monkey Day celebrates the unique characteristics of simians. The day also focuses on other non-human primates such as apes, tarsiers, and lemurs. There are 17 days until the end of the year.

13th of December, 2020- December 13 is the 347th day of the Gregorian calendar and the 348th day in leap years. There are 18 days until the end of the year. Today is National Cocoa Day and National Violin Day.

12th of December, 2020- Today is celebrated the International Day of Neutrality. There are 19 days until the end of the year.

11th of December, 2020- International Mountain Day is celebrated on 11 December every year to educate children and people about the role that mountains play in providing freshwater, clean energy, food, and recreation. Until the New Year there are 20 days.

10th of December, 2020- Human Rights Day is celebrated on December 10 every year across the world. The day marks the date when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948. There are 21 days until 2021.

9th of December, 2020- On December 9, the following events are celebrated: National Pastry Day, Weary Willie Day, Christmas Card Day. There are 22 days until New Year.

8th of December, 2020- On December 8th, many countries including Argentina, Austria, Chile, Colombia, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception with a public holiday. There are 23 days until the end of the year.

7th of December, 2020- December 7 is the 341st day of the Gregorian calendar and the 342nd day in leap years. There are 24 days until the end of the year. Today is International Civil Aviation Day.

6th of December, 2020 -The 6th of December is the 340th day of the year, so until the end of 2020 there are 25 days left. On December 6th, Saint Nicholas Day recognizes the third-century saint who became an inspiration for the modern-day Santa Claus. St. Nicholas is known for selling all his possessions and giving his money to the poor.

5th of December, 2020 -The 5th of December is the 339th day of the Gregorian calendar, with 26 days left until the end of the year. Today is celebrated the Candle Day.

4th of December, 2020 - The 4th of December - the 338th day of the year according to the Gregorian Calendar. There were 27 days left until the end of the year. National Cookie Day on December 4th serves up a sweet treat. Bakers across the country warm up the ovens for holiday baking, and we enjoy giving tins of cookies to friends and family all season long. We can thank the Dutch for more than windmills and tulips.

3nd of December, 2020 - December 3 is the 337th day of the Gregorian calendar. Today is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3) is an international observance promoted by the United Nations since 1992.

2nd of December, 2020 - The second day of this magic winter, there are only 29 days till the end of the year. Worldwide 2nd December celebrated as World Computer Literacy Day, World Pollution Prevention Day and International Day for Abolition of Slavery.

1st of December, 2020 - Today is officially winter and also today, we begin to count the number of days we have left until the New Year, 2021. December awareness days and months include a host of important causes and health events. It is also the season to be jolly and show your love and compassion. Kicking off the month is World Aids Day, on December 1st.


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In most countries of the world, New Year is considered a favorite holiday. He is loved by both children and adults. Moreover, each country has its own traditions of celebrating the New Year. There are many signs and superstitions associated with this cheerful and bright holiday. For example, on New Year's Eve, you need to make a wish so that they come true next year. Next, we suggest reading more interesting and exciting facts about the New Year.


1. Three centuries ago, during the reign of Peter in Kievan Rus, a tradition arose to celebrate the New Year. By this time, March 1 was New Year's Day.


2. Sociable, well-mannered people with good manners, were born under the sign of the goat. Despite their shyness, they value beauty and home comfort, and are also hospitable people.


3. Computer equipment is the most popular children's gift of modern Santa Clauses, and most office workers ask to freeze their boss.


4. Ginger is widely used in traditional European New Year pastries.


5. 150 years ago there was a custom to install a Christmas tree for the New Year. The richest palaces in Russia and Europe were decorated with New Year's beauties.


6. Write your cherished wish on a piece of paper a few hours before the New Year. The paper must be set on fire with the first strike of the chimes, and your wish will certainly come true if the paper burns out before the end of the last strike.


7. November 18 is the official birthday of Santa Claus. Real winter during this period comes in Ustyug.


8. For 35 years, on December 31, television has been showing the film "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath."


9. Every year on New Year's in Tibet it is customary to bake pies and distribute them to passers-by.


10. One of the oldest customs is New Year's fireworks.



11. In the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, the world's largest artificial Christmas tree, more than 77 meters high, has been installed.


12. On December 31st, most Italian citizens throw all old things out of their homes through their own windows.


13. To the sounds of a magic verse, most girls in the old days used to guess at their beloved on the night before the New Year.


14. Lentil soup is considered the main national festive dish in Brazil, as lentils are a symbol of well-being and a happy life.


15.On 19 February 2015, the Year of the Goat will come into its own.


16. Veliky Ustyug is considered the birthplace of Father Frost.


17. Australians do not use game dishes for the New Year's table, such an animal is considered a symbol of happiness.


18. Tell your friends "Akimashite Omedetto Gozaimasu" if you want to congratulate them in Japanese style.


19. The day off was officially declared on January 1, 1947 by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.


20. Santa Claus puts his presents in the oven in Sweden, on the windowsill in Germany.



21. Fortune telling on rice grains is considered one of the most popular types of New Year's fortune telling.


22. Figurines of polar bears and walruses, carved out of ice, are presented to their relatives and friends by the inhabitants of Greenland.


23. "Little Christmas" is called New Year in Romania.


24. In America, in 1985, a New Year's garland was first lit on a Christmas tree in front of the White House.


25. Ded Zhar is the main character in the New Year in hot Cambodia.


26. Every fourth year is considered a leap year.


27. Postage stamps with holiday decoration are issued in many countries for the New Year.


28. From December 25 to January 5, the New Year and Christmas holidays are celebrated.


29. Vietnamese on New Year's Eve near their home in the pond release live carp, which is a symbol of happiness and prosperity.


30. Goose liver pate, oysters, cheese and traditional turkey are New Year's Eve specialties in France.



31. Russian Santa Claus met with Finnish Yolupukki in 2011.


32. It is not recommended to give money before the New Year, this is a bad omen.


33. Rice porridge is considered a happy New Year's dish in Scandinavia.


34. The first rocket was launched by Peter I in 1700 on New Year's Eve.


35. With the first strike of the clock in England, the back door is opened to let in the Old Year, and with the last, the front doors to let in the New Year.


36. The poem "Christmas tree" by Raisa Kudasheva was published in the New Year issue of the magazine "Baby" in 1903.


37. Santa Claus rides a jet ski for Christmas in Australia.


38. In the old days, Santa Claus received gifts from people.


39. You can hang letters with wishes on the tree, and so you can diversify the New Year's holiday.


40. The symbol of 2015 is the white Goat.



41. Grapes, lentils and nuts are put on the New Year's table in Italy. It is a symbol of well-being, health and longevity.


42. Mrs. Claus is the wife of Santa Claus and is considered the personification of winter for many nations.


43. Mistletoe is considered a beautiful ritual symbol in many countries.


44. "Jelly" is the name of the month of December in Old Slavonic.


45. It is customary to wash away all sins on the eve of the New Year in Cuba.


46. ​​The Christmas tree became the symbol of New Year's holidays in the 30s of the twentieth century.


47. Cornel sticks are usually given for the New Year holidays in Bulgaria.


48. In the Czech Republic, Mikulas plays the role of the New Year character.


49. In the twentieth century, the tradition of making a snowman out of snow was born.


50. Prophetic dreams happen on December 31st.



51. Ded Moroz is always present at the festivities in the Kremlin palace.


52. Paper dragons are a symbol of prosperity in China.


53. Midnight fortune-telling and sleigh rides originate from the Old Russian New Year holidays.


54. All the troubles that happened during the year are written in New Year's letters in Ecuador.


55. Raisins, sugar and flour were the main types of gifts in medieval England.


56. Ded Moroz in folk tales is traditionally called Frost Red Nose, Moroz Ivanovich, Ded Treskun.


57. A good harvest can be expected if the sky is blue on New Year's Eve.


58. Eucalyptus is a New Year tree in the Southern Hemisphere.


59. Donuts baked according to a traditional Dutch recipe are considered a symbol of the end of the year.


60. In the middle of the twentieth century, the granddaughter of Santa Claus was born.



61. In France, Pere Noel - Santa Claus leaves gifts in children's shoes.


62. On the bulb on New Year's Eve, girls write the names of their future chosen ones, and which bulb grows faster in the water, that girl will marry for the first time.


63. Anyone can go to Bolshoy Ustyug to visit Santa Claus.


64. On New Year's Eve, it is customary to break a pomegranate fruit on the ground in Greece for good luck.


65. In Scandinavia, for the first time, the production of glass Christmas tree decorations began.


66. Santa Claus first came to the pages of the book in 1840.


67. New Year's gifts are put in a sock in Ireland and England, in a shoe - in Mexico.


68. At the beginning of summer in ancient times, the New Year began in Egypt.


69. It is necessary to celebrate the New Year in new clothes in order to go in new clothes for a whole year.


70. The Day of the Kings is called the New Year in Cuba.



71. To give birth to a boy, it is recommended for a couple in love to visit Lapland for the New Year.


72. Since 1991, New Year and Christmas have been considered an official holiday in Russia.


73. Denmark has the largest number of New Year trees sold.


74. It is customary to bake small surprises into New Year's pies in Romania.


75. Favorite white deer lives in the estate of Santa Claus.


76. The bell heralds the arrival of the New Year in England.


77. Souvenirs and postcards are traditional gifts in France.


78. Decorating a Christmas tree with sweets is a traditional custom in Russia.


79. The eastern horoscope was based on the twelfth cycle.


80. It is not customary to wash dirty linen on the first day after the New Year in Scotland.



81. Many festive lanterns are lit on New Year's Eve in China.


82. In Soviet times, the tradition has spread to invite Father Frost home.


83. The largest number of New Year's gifts in America.


84. Caviar, beans, roasted chestnuts and seaweed are happy New Years in Japan.


85. The village of Shchelikovo near Kostroma is considered the birthplace of the Snow Maiden.


86. For three minutes, exactly at midnight on New Year's Eve, the lights are turned off in Bulgaria.


87. Sting, Fidel Castro, Lewis Carroll celebrate their birthday on New Year's Eve.


88. A festive goose is put on the New Year's table in England.


89. In the old days, the character of Slavic legends and myths was Santa Claus.


90. The village of the Finnish Father Frost is located in the capital of Lapland.



91. Barrels of tar are usually set on fire on New Year's Eve in Scotland.


92. In 1954, the first New Year's holiday took place in Russia.


93. Since 1954, the folk song "Oh, frost, frost ..." has been considered


94. Donuts with jelly are served at the festive table in Poland.


95. The first New Year's card was printed in London in 1843.


96. On New Year's Eve, kites are launched into the sky in Japan.


97. The Snegurochka and Ded Moroz were recognized as the brightest "stars" in Russia.


98. It is customary to give money for the New Year in Korea.


99. The candle is considered a universal gift in Finland.


100. The title “Veteran of Fairy Tale” is given to Father Frost in Russia.



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