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The most delicious recipes of 2020, according to Google trends

3 months ago

Cooking recipes are now more affordable than ever. The Internet is an open book where everyone can find the perfect recipe. There are a lot of recipes that can be easily accessed.

In 2020 there are many searches in the field of cuisine. Bemorepanda selected the top 10 search questions about different dishes. Here is the top with the most sought after recipes in 2020.

1) Sourdough bread

Combine sourdough for yeast-free bread with 1/4 of wheat flour in a separate bowl, and pour 80 ml of clean drinking water at room temperature. Stir all the ingredients together, cover with a tea towel and leave in a warm, quiet place for 8-10 hours or overnight. During this time, the leaven will increase and bubbles will appear on its surface. This will be the so-called dough for future bread.

After the dough has "come up" and is ready to go, you can proceed directly to making bread. To do this, sift the premium wheat flour separately into a large bowl. Add salt and sugar for a balanced taste.

Put the dough into a bowl with sifted flour and mix. Pour in vegetable oil (refined sunflower or olive oil) and stir again.

Then add water in small portions and knead the dough. In this case, you may need a little more or less water. It all depends on the type of specific flour and the percentage of gluten in it.

For convenience, the dough can be kneaded first with a tablespoon or spatula. After sprinkle the board or table with flour and transfer the dough to it. Then, with your hands, knead a tight, but at the same time elastic dough, which should not stick to your hands. Add a little more flour if necessary.

Shape the dough into a ball, put it back in the bowl and cover with a towel. Put in a warm place for 40-50 minutes. It should "fit" and double in size.

After the dough has increased, you need to crush it a little with your hands and form a bread (round or oblong) from it, and put it on a baking sheet, previously covered with baking paper. Leave the dough to "come up" again for the same amount of time.

In the meantime, turn on the oven at 220 degrees Celsius.

As soon as the dough increases again, make cuts or patterns on top of it for future bread and put in a preheated oven on the middle division and bake for 20 minutes. Place a deep baking sheet underneath with a little water to create steam.

After 20 minutes, reduce the oven temperature to 180 degrees Celsius and bake the bread for another 20 minutes.

Then take out the bread, cool and serve. Bon Appetit!

2) Whipped coffee

Coffee lovers will appreciate this original dessert. Long-lasting coffee foam, like an airy mousse, with a thick, rich flavor and aroma - you get it without much difficulty, after spending just a few minutes.

  • Prepare instant coffee, sugar and water.
  • Pour the coffee into a deep bowl or whipping bowl.
  • Pour the coffee with cold boiled water.
  • Using a mixer, beat the water and coffee into a light foam, about a minute.
  • Add sugar.
  • Now beat the coffee with water and sugar with a mixer at high speed until a stable, strong and stable foam is formed. This will take about 3 minutes.
  • Place the froth in bowls or glasses and serve.
  • It is better to serve such a coffee dessert immediately after preparation so that the foam does not fall off.

Whipped coffee has a rich coffee flavor and aroma. It can be served not only as a dessert - a couple of spoons of such foam added to milk will give you a wonderful milkshake. Ice cream served with coffee foam will also be wonderful.

Coffee lovers will love it!)

Bon Appetit!

3) Disney churro

Step 1. In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine water, a tablespoon of sugar, salt and 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Bring to a boil and remove from heat. Add flour until mixture forms a ball.

Step 2. Heat the oil for frying in a deep fat fryer or skillet to 190 degrees C. Put the dough in the hot oil using a pastry bag. Fry until golden brown, then fold on paper towels.

Step 3. Mix half a glass of sugar and cinnamon. Dip the dried churros in the cinnamon and sugar mixture.

The size of each churro can vary depending on how you make it. Small ones are more convenient to eat without additives, but if you make them more authentic, then such churros can already be eaten by lowering them, for example, in nutella or condensed milk.

4) Dole Whip

Pineapple ice cream is a popular dessert to try at Disneyland. While traveling to the famous amusement park, I bought this delicacy for myself and the children. We liked it very much. It turns out that such a sweetness can be easily and quickly prepared at home. This requires only a certain set of products and a modern kitchen appliance - a blender. It only takes two minutes to cook.

  • For pineapple ice cream you will need:
  • A third of a glass of coconut milk.
  • A cup of vanilla ice cream.
  • Half a glass of orange juice.
  • Frozen or canned pineapple slices (at least 3 cups).

Orange juice and coconut milk are placed in a blender bowl. Combine these products with pineapple slices and vanilla ice cream.

Grind ingredients at high speed. The resulting mass should have a smooth, creamy texture.

If necessary, you can add some more juice to it. Ice cream is placed in vases or tall glass glasses. You can squeeze out the mass with a pastry bag, decorate it with pineapple slices or other fruits, berries.

5) DoubleTree cookie

Delicious shortbread cookies with chocolate chips. Mmm ... Easy recipe, nothing complicated. Double serve!

First we need to melt the butter.

Grind the melted butter with sugar.

We drive in the egg.

We mix everything. We all flour. And also - baking powder and vanilla sugar (vanillin is also possible).

Chop chocolate. You can take any, I took a bitter one.

Add chocolate to the dough.

We sculpt circles. You can roll the dough into a layer and cut out circles, but I just flattened the balls of dough. We bake shortbread cookies with chocolate chips for 20-25 minutes at t 190 ° С, in general, until tender. It all depends on the oven.

Bon Appetit!

6) Ikea meatball

Anyone who ate at the Ikea store had the opportunity to taste the delicious Swedish meatballs served there. Here I will show you how to make Ikea meatballs. It's pretty simple and fast. Cooking description:

To make the meatballs the same size, use a teaspoon to scoop up the minced meat and form tight balls by rolling them between your palms. Usually Swedish meatballs are no more than 5 centimeters in diameter. Oven-baked meatballs are crispy. If you want to soften them, place them in a creamy sauce and boil a little in it.

First, let's prepare the minced meat. Put the meat in a bowl, add milk and eggs there. Finely chop an onion, send to a bowl, also add salt, nutmeg and ground pepper. Put bread crumbs and 2 tablespoons of soft butter there.

 Mix the minced meat well, send it to the refrigerator for an hour. Then preheat the oven to 210 degrees, cover the baking sheet with foil and start sculpting small balls of the same size. Place them on a baking sheet and bake for about half an hour.

Now we can do the sauce. To prepare it, mix 2 tablespoons of butter with flour, fry in a pan until brownish. Now you need to add broth and cream there, a little salt and pepper. Simmer the sauce until slightly thickened.

Put the finished meatballs on a plate and pour over the creamy sauce. Typically, meatballs are served with mashed potatoes. Another irreplaceable addition to the dish is lingonberry jam.

7) Chaffle

This recipe for waffle iron is the easiest and cheapest, so we started to get acquainted with the food from it very conveniently. Ingredients:

  • 3 eggs
  • 450 grams of flour
  • 1 packed sugar glass
  • 150 grams of margarine 82% fat
  • 10 grams of vanilla sugar
  • teaspoon of soda
  • 1 tablespoon fatty acid

Method of preparation: Margarine softens in a soft state, but does not melt until it is transparent. Eggs with sugar and vanilla beat lightly. Sand together with baking soda and mix. Combine all 3 mixtures into one and mix with the moss, add a little flour. Get it to the density of sour cream. Meanwhile, heat the waffle iron. One tablespoon of the dough should be poured and spread quickly over the surface. Press the lid for 1-2 minutes. The first waffle bakes until brown, and the next - until golden. 

8) Hamburger bun

This recipe makes hamburger buns like McDonald's. The same soft, gentle, and if you press on the top, then it quickly regains its shape. Fast food is bad, but luckily there is a trade-off! I advise everyone to give preference to homemade buns. There are no harmful additives in them, you see all the products that are used and control the cooking process. In this recipe with a photo, it is proposed to make a yeast dough, and sesame seeds are taken as a coating for buns. And the hamburger recipe itself will soon appear here.

Milk - 235

Milliliters Water - 1/2

Glasses Butter - 55

Gram Egg - 1 Piece

Flour - 560 Grams

Dry yeast - 9 Grams

Sugar - 2 Tbsp. spoons

Salt - 2 Teaspoons

Number of Servings: 12

How to cook:

  • Combine and heat (until the butter is melted) in a saucepan all LIQUID ingredients except the egg.
  • Now make sure your hands are dry. Combine 2 cups flour, sugar, yeast and salt. Then add the flour mixture to the warm mixture of liquid ingredients. Stir, break 1 egg into a saucepan. Add the remaining flour gradually. Knead the dough and divide into 12 balls. Put them on a baking sheet and let stand for 35 minutes. Heat the oven to 200 C.
  • Bake the buns for about 10-12 minutes. Now you can make burgers or just enjoy tea rolls.

9) Egg salad sandwich

Suitable for dietetic and vegetarian (for those who eat eggs and dairy products) food.

  1.  Boil eggs, peel, finely chop.
  2.  Cut the leeks into rings.
  3.  Cut the cucumber into small cubes.
  4.  Mix yogurt with pesto sauce.
  5.  Mix all ingredients with the resulting sauce, salt and pepper.
  6.  Dry the bread in a well-heated skillet on both sides.
  7.  Put egg salad on top of the bread.

10) Healthy banana bread

Today bananas are sold in almost every store and are by no means considered exotic. 

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

2. In a blender, grind peeled bananas in mashed potatoes.

3. Add eggs, salt, cinnamon to the bananas and mix again.

4. Melt the butter.

5. Combine both masses in a cup, add flakes or flour sifted with baking powder. Stir until smooth. The consistency of the dough will resemble thick sour cream.

6. Add nuts and raisins to the dough.

7. Put in the oven for 35-40 minutes (I put it with blowing). It is better to take a baking dish either rectangular for bread, or round, of medium diameter (20-25 cm), with high sides. You do not need to grease the form with oil, the bananas are already fat enough, they will not stick for sure.

By the way, you can use the same dough for making banana muffins, however, in this case, the baking time should be reduced to about 20 minutes.

The cake should rise slightly (do not open the oven until the end of the process), check readiness with a wooden stick. The texture will be wet, but if the stick is dry, then the cake is ready.

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Children are the happiness of life. The year 2020 was full of negative events, but also positive ones for many celebrity families, and not only. We have collected in this top, the most sought after on Google children of the year 2020. We remind you that we also have characters invented in this top, or lets's say that this are virtual babies, that melted hearts of million people - Baby Nut for example . But you will surely fall in love with each of them. Let's start this cutness overload collection with babies. Bemorepanda loves it!

1.Elon Musk baby

Elon Musk baby name: Elon Musk names baby X Æ A-12, Twitter tries to decode  it with hilarious memes - The Economic Times

The first on the list is a beautiful baby, who's name is unique. Canadian singer Grimes and the head of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk have a son. Musk tweeted this and posted some photos with the boy.

The child was named X Æ A-12. That is, his first and last name is X Æ A-12 Musk.


Musk's other children are named Damian, Griffin, Xavier, Saxon and Kai. His first son, Nevada Alexander Musk, died at the age of 10 weeks from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Grimes has this first child.


At first, everyone thought Musk was just joking on Twitter. But soon there was confirmation from Grimes herself. Yes, the head of Tesla did not lie - their son is really called X Æ A-12, and this is not just a random set of letters. Each letter has its own meaning. Grimes talked about this on Twitter. Here's how their son's name stands:


X is an unknown variable

Æ - According to Grimes, this is how AI is written in Elvish, that is, "artificial intelligence". The singer claims that Æ in Elvish can also mean “love”.

A-12 - In honor of the American Lockheed A-12 reconnaissance aircraft, the predecessor of the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird (Grimes and Musk's favorite aircraft). A-12 is also called the "Archangel". Grimes wrote SR-17 instead of SR-71, but Musk corrected it. The couple explains their love for the SR-71 as follows: the scout has no weapons installed, there is no protection either, the emphasis is on speed. Useful in combat, but not harmful.


Grimes gave two additional explanations: The “A” in X Æ A-12 can also be seen as a reference to her favorite song “Archangel”. And "X" - to the symbol of 2020 in the Chinese horoscope, the white metal rat.


The singer hopes that her son will like this name. Grimes thinks that this could be the name of the protagonist of some story.


2.Baby platypus



A photo of a funny creature, which people considered a baby platypus, spread on Twitter and surprised users of the social network.


Platypuses in the wild are found exclusively in Australia and are rightfully considered one of the symbols of the continent. The only representative of the platypus family and the second animal in the order of monotremes, this unusual animal combines the features of a mammal and a reptile, and its appearance to this day amazes and amuses humans.


And in mid-February, the inhabitants of Twitter learned that the cubs of the platypus look even more strange - or so, at least they thought. A lot of posts appeared on the social network with a picture of a gray baby in the palm of a person. The baby has a beak, a shovel-tail and thumbs - it would seem that everything is as it should be for a future adult of this beast.


But many commentators doubted that the beast in the picture was real, and they did the right thing. People googled the photo and found it on the Artstation site for creators of all kinds.


3.Ice Age Baby

Ice Age Baby (Roshan) meme explained - Memepedia

Sometimes memes are born by themselves, and no one can tell where they come from or who invented them. Recently, perhaps one of the strangest animated memes has appeared on the Web - and its main character is baby Roshan from the first "Ice Age".


Roshan is the most ordinary child, except for his height - judging by what is written on the Ledopedia website, he has grown up to 186 centimeters, and this exceeds the average height of a modern adult. But the hero is just a baby!



Often Roshan is even compared with Peppa Pig, which is almost two meters tall. In general, this seemingly insignificant detail of the characters' appearance often comes as a shock to fans - for example, Olaf from "Frozen" is a real giant, and Marinette from "Ladybug and Super Cat" is very tiny.


In any case, memes are memes, and the hero in the cartoon is a completely innocent and kind creature, like all babies. Or almost everything.


4.Anderson Cooper baby


Читайте Anderson Cooper & Baby Wyatt: 'This Is a New Level of Love' онлайн


Anderson Cooper has been pictured with his newborn son Wyatt Morgan, and the adorable little boy looks just like his father on the cover for the People photo.


CNN anchor Anderson Cooper recently welcomed his son Wyatt Morgan Cooper, and from a recently released photograph, the similarities between father and son are striking.


Anderson admitted that as a new parent, experiencing severe stress and lack of sleep, he did not mind all the problems.


Anderson greeted Wyatt in April with a surrogate, and when announcing the birth, he explained that he never thought he would become a father because of his sexuality.


The CNN anchor also added that although he wants his parents and brother to be alive in order to meet his son, he believes they can see him from there.


Andersons reported last month that he was Wyeth's parent with former partner Benjamin Maisani, with whom he had been in a relationship for ten years.


He explained that he wants his son to have as many positive role models as possible and added that it would be better if Wyatt had two parents.


5. Baby Nut



After the final American football match, or Super Bowl, the United States was swept by a wave of love for a new advertising character - Baby Nut. During the game, the fans were shown a video about the birth of a new mascot for the snack manufacturer Planters.


The story of the baby's birth in the video began with a sad and strange event - with the funeral of the previous Planters character, Mr. Peanuts. During the farewell ceremony, green sprouts appeared from the ground, in which Tiny Peanuts with huge eyes resembling those of Baby Yoda (which, of course, did not go unnoticed), were wrapped. The video ends with the words “It was a joke, I'm back,” and the voice of Mr. Peanuts, familiar to the American viewer, utters them.


Planters has created an online store featuring a collection of Baby Nut branded products. Sweatshirts, baby suits and towels, dishes, toys, and other niceties featuring a tiny nut can be purchased for between $ 15 and $ 34.


In addition to his own measure, Baby Nut also has a Twitter account, where you can watch a series of short animated videos with his participation, leave a comment and even give advice to the new Planters symbol.


Note that not everyone appreciated the idea of ​​the brand's creatives. In the comments, Twitter users are wondering whether it was worth killing Mr. Peanuts for the sake of having a baby - after all, the old mascot would have been enough just to get married and become a father.


The image of Mr. Peanut wearing a top hat and a monocle has been used in advertising for Planters since the early 20th century. In the 1930s, he became a symbol of the entire peanut industry in the United States. His image has remained unchanged for almost a century. In 2006, the brand conducted a survey among consumers who were asked if they should add new details to Mr. Peanuts. Most of the respondents asked to leave everything as it is. Shortly before the Super Bowl, the company announced the death of their signature character and even promised to devote a series of comics to this event.




6.  Nicki Minaj baby


American rap singer Nicki Minaj became a mother for the first time.


The 37-year-old star gave birth to a child to her 41-year-old man, Kenneth Petty, who was convicted of Rinishe's attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl. According to the insider, the couple's firstborn was born on September 30 in Los Angeles. The couple themselves have not yet commented on the good news. Note that the singer's pregnancy became known in July this year. She announced this to fans on her Instagram page. The star posted a photo in revealing outfits, on which she showed a big tummy and added the gestag "pregnant". Recall Nicki Minaj and her beloved Kenneth Petty

got married last October. Nicky posted a video showing mugs with the words Mr and Mrs (Mr and Mrs) and baseball caps with the signatures Bride and Groom (bride and groom). 




7. Katy Perry baby


American pop singer Katy Perry told the world about her pregnancy in the video for the new song Never Worn White. Her rounded belly is visible only in the very last frame of this four-minute video.


"OMG, so glad you don't have to suck in your stomach or carry a huge bag around with you," the singer tweeted.


Perry is expecting the first child from her current fiancé, actor Orlando Bloom, with whom they have been together since 2016.


Prior to that, the pop star was married to the English comedian, publicist and TV personality Russell Brand.


In her post on Instagram, the 35-year-old singer said that she and Bloom are "absolutely delighted" with this news, and the child should be born at the same time when her sixth album is released.


"So many things are going to happen this summer. Not only will I be giving birth literally, but also figuratively - something that you all have been waiting for a long time. So let's just call it:" double whack. It's two in one bottle. "


Perry explained the decision to talk about pregnancy in the music video this way: “I want to share everything with you friends, but I know that it is best to do it with music, because ... this is my way of dialogue with you. This is how we talk to each other, "the singer admitted.


She added that she began to have a craving for certain foods - and now carries around Tabasco sauce and eats the same thing for weeks - burritos.


8. Ed Sheeran baby


Famous British songwriter and songwriter Ed Sheeran became a father for the first time. The singer spoke about this on his Instagram page on Tuesday, September 1.


His wife Cherry Seaborn gave birth to a daughter. She was given an unusual name - Lyra Antarctica.


"Hello everyone! I have news for you to share ... Last week Cherry gave birth to our beautiful and healthy daughter, Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran. We are totally in love with her. Both mom and daughter are doing well, and we are in ninth heaven with happiness ", - wrote the musician on the social network.


Screenshot of the post. Photo:


Only less than a month ago, the media reported that Ed Sheeran's 29-year-old wife was pregnant. The spouses carefully concealed this fact to the last, even from close friends, which was possible thanks to the quarantine. The couple were isolated on an estate in Suffolk.


The singer also wrote that he and his wife are now having a special period in their lives, so they need privacy.


Note that Ed Sheeran got engaged to Seaborn in January 2018, and a year later they got married. The couple organized a modest ceremony to which old school friends, close family members, and a priest were invited.


9. Cameron Diaz baby

Hollywood star Cameron Diaz, who shone in the famous films "The Mask", "Charlie's Angels" and "Very Bad Teacher", has not appeared on the screens for more than five years. The actress gave up her career for her family when in 2015 she married musician Benji Madden, who is seven years younger than his wife.


However, the celebrity was able to give birth to the long-awaited first child - daughter Raddix - only in December last year. Long months of examinations, unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, despair and finally a successful IVF procedure - this child Diaz literally suffered, having gone, according to relatives, all the circles of hell.


And now, four months after giving birth, the couple are expecting a baby again. This was reported by the sources of the American magazine "OK!"


- She began to carefully monitor her diet and gave up alcohol. Cameron just glows with happiness and even got a little fat, - the friends of the spouses who communicated with them via video link shared with reporters.



10. Cocomelon baby

If you have a small child, you have probably heard this song. Perhaps after reading the title of the article, you mentally began to sing along: "Baby shark, doo doo da-doo da-doo ..."


It's no exaggeration to call the track Baby Shark in PinkFong's version one of the biggest hits of 2018. A funny dance composition about a family of sharks won children's hearts and made kids all over the planet dance dashingly, repeating funny movements from the video.


The Baby Shark video has collected about two billion views on YouTube, which allowed him to enter the thirty most popular videos in the history of the site. When we factor in across all major platforms, the total number of video launches is close to four billion.


According to unverified data, the melody of the composition was born at the beginning of the twentieth century, but world fame came to her only a century later.


Initially, Baby Shark spread in summer camps. In the evenings, children sang it around the fire, introducing members of the shark family in different movements.


In 2007, Alexandra Müller, also known under the pseudonym Alemuel, posted a video of Kleiner Hai on YouTube. In the video, she sings Baby Shark in German, accompanying the song with curious gestures.


Later, Alexandra signed a contract with EMI Muller, who offered to officially release the song Kleiner Hai. The track was set to dance music and presented to the public in a new format. It hit the charts in Germany and Austria.


It is hardly worth looking for deep meaning or some subtext in the words of the composition. It's just a children's song about a shark family.


Several versions of the text are known in which the main characters are engaged in different shark affairs. They hunt small fish, sometimes eating sailors or occasional swimmers who, after death, go to heaven.


Below are the lyrics of the song in the most common version.


Baby Shark covers

The song was made a global hit by the Korean educational channel for children Pinkfong. On November 25, 2015, the studio released the Baby Shark video.


The video was gaining popularity at a leisurely pace. In 2017, he went viral in Indonesia, then he was loved in Asian countries. In the summer of 2018, Akulenok delighted children around the world.


In Russian-speaking countries, kids often sing: "Shark, tu-ru-ru-ru."


The song attracted the attention of numerous K-pop groups.


It seems that not a single popular television show has done without it. Let's hear James Corden sing Baby Shark.


Finally, a metal rock cover of Baby Shark by Frog Leap Studios.

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Halloween costumes are truly a beautiful tradition of this holiday. What would be the meaning of this event without wearing funny costumes?

Bemorepanda decided to gather a top with the most fun and suitable Halloween costumes for adults. Here you will find the funniest, but also sexy costumes that will amaze everyone this year. Maybe you already had too many costumes and you have no idea what character you can play, we come to your aid with this compilation.

1.Guess the movie

2.The thieves

3.Sexy neon party

4.Ninja show

5.Scary but sexy

6.Cat woman

7.Oriental costume

8.Ninja couple

9.Scoobydoo party

10.Fortune teller

11.Charming witch

12.The ghost



15.Sexy fighter


17.Ace Ventura

18.Quarantine woman

19.Nemo movie lovers

20.Filter and no filter

21.Cleopatra with her Caesar

22.Twister game

23.Rub me

24.Whiskey and Marlboro

25.Blow me

26.Connecting couples

27.Sims censored

28.Art lovers

29.The Mermaid

30.Dog lost!

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With the development of technology and information space, Australia is keeping the top. In a country like Australia, demanded professions can be found in different areas. This country have good carrier opportunities and variety of jobs. Today we brought here the top jobs, the emerging careers in 2020 in Australia.


The development of production, medicine, education and other spheres of human activity allowed the development of a significant number of professions.


Five industries in Australia have average salaries of over $ 100,000 per year, and one of them is over $ 150,000.

1.Artificial Intelligence 


 What you should know: The profession of a specialist in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is becoming more and more popular every day. The market is in great need of experts who can create and maintain artificial neural networks, since this makes it possible to automate work processes, identify hidden trends, make effective forecasts, and develop new useful products and services.


Unique skills: Machine Learning, Python, Deep Learning, TensorFlow. 


Industries hiring this talent: Information Technology & Services, Financial Services, Internet, Computer Software, Research. 


2.Cybersecurity Specialist 


What you should know: Cybersecurity Specialist identifies information security threats and data loss risks, develops and implements measures to counter threats and solutions to protect against information loss; ensures the safety and confidentiality of data; participates in the development and implementation of IT solutions.


Skills unique to the job: Cybersecurity, Information Security, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Network Security, Penetration Testing 


Top industries hiring this talent: Information Technology & Services, Management Consulting, Computer & Network Security, Telecommunications, Banking 



3.Marketing Automation Specialist


What you should know: Marketing automation is a very young trend. Few marketers are aware of this concept, and even fewer people can incorporate this technology into a running business. As the cost of human labor increases, systems are replacing people. In the beginning, it was in mechanical engineering, now on the Internet.


Automation of routine processes using special software that analyzes the actions of your customers and make personal offers based on the data received. The main idea of ​​marketing automation is to eliminate the routine work of people and replace them with robots, so that people can focus on highly intelligent work.


Unique skills: Marketo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, CRM Marketing


 Industries hiring this talent: Marketing and Advertising, Higher Education, Information Technology and Services


4.Robotics Engineer 


What you should know: Robotics is a branch of engineering that deals with the construction, operation and application of robots. These robots are programmable devices that are used to perform a set of instructions. Some of these robots are more autonomous than others (which are semi-autonomous, for example, Telerobots).


Unique skills: Blue Prism, Robot Programming, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Robotics, UiPath. 


 Industries hiring this talent: Information Technology & Services, Financial Services, Industrial Automation, Management Consulting, Computer Software. 



5. Site Reliability Engineer 


What you should know: The Site Reliability Engineer is constantly looking at the possibility of automation and has quite broad powers. Any problem for him in the first place is a reason for the analysis. Thanks to SRE, we understand if there are bugs in the application, how to fix them, and how to continuously improve the reliability of this system in the future.


Skills unique to the job: Amazon Web Services (AWS), DevOps, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker Products


Top industries hiring this talent: Computer Software, Internet, Information Technology & Services, Banking, Financial Services 


6. Customer Success Specialist 


What you should know: The Customer Success Specialist delves into the customer's business processes and analyzes which product capabilities can be used to optimize them. Thanks to his knowledge of the specifics of various business topics, the specialist draws conclusions that work best for a particular company. And can recommend a suitable solution and optimal settings to get the most out of the service.


Skills unique to the job: Software as a Service, Customer Relationship Management, Account Management, Salesforce, Customer Retention 


Top industries hiring this talent: Computer Software, Information Technology & Services, Internet, Marketing & Advertising, Financial Services 


7. Data Scientist 


What you should know: The Data Scientist is an analytical data expert who has the technical skills to tackle complex problems, as well as the curiosity that drives those challenges. They are part mathematicians, part computer scientists and part trend spotters.


Unique skills: Apache Spark, Data Science, Machine Learning, Python. 


Industries hiring this talent: Information Technology & Services, Internet, Financial Services, Computer Software, Marketing & Advertising.  


8. Data Engineer 


What you should know: Data Engineer is a mixture of data analysts and data scientists. He is responsible for extracting, transforming, loading data, and processing it. The profession is in demand primarily due to high salaries and demand among employers.


Skills unique to the job: Apache Spark, Hadoop, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python, Big Data 


Top industries hiring this talent: Computer Software, Information Technology & Services, Internet, Banking, Financial Services


9. Growth Manager


What you should know: The Growth Manager role typically sits at the intersection of marketing and product development and focuses on customer acquisition, activation, retention, and sales. He interacts with developers, designers, analysts, product and operations managers and marketers to implement specific actions aimed at business growth.


Unique skills: Marketing Strategy, Business Development, Social Media Marketing, Business Strategy, Account Management


 Industries hiring this talent: Financial Service, Real Estate, Law Practice, Internet, Marketing and Advertising, Computer Software



10.Chief Strategy Officer


What you should know: The Chief Strategy Officer is the leader responsible for helping the CEO develop, communicate, execute, and support corporate strategic initiatives.


Unique skills: Strategic Partnership, Digital Strategy, Business Strategy, Management Consulting


Industries hiring this talent: Marketing and Advertising, Information Technology and Services, Management Consulting, Financial Service, Higher Education, Computer Software, Hospital & Healthcare


11. Anti-money Laundering Specialist


What you should know: To be completely precise, the abbreviation should have been longer, AML CFT CWMDF - anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing and counter-weapons of mass destruction financing (combating money laundering, countering the financing of terrorism and financing the creation of weapons of mass destruction) destruction).


AML is primarily associated with the social responsibility of the business, with the protection against the risks of fraud. They are often found in the contracts of companies from countries where there are legislative restrictions, state control over economic entities.


Unique skills: Know Your Customer (KYC), Capture The Flag (CTF), Fraud Investigations, Financial Service, Risk Management


Industries hiring this talent: Financial Service, Banking, Information Technology and Services, Accounting, Human Resources, Management Consulting, Entertainment 


12. Product Owner 


What you should know: The Product Owner knows everything about the needs and pains of the user, the capabilities of the team, see their points of contact for the benefit of the entire project.


Skills unique to the job: Agile Methodologies, Scrum, Product Management, Agile Product Management, JIRA 


Top industries hiring this talent: Computer Software, Information Technology & Services, Banking, Financial Services, Internet 



13. Service Designer


What you should know: Service design is the process of constructing the relationship between the customer and the business in order to balance the needs of the customer and the needs of the business. The client has his own problems that he wants to solve. Business, accordingly, too. It also runs into some kind of money that the business wants to make. The service design methodology helps to find a certain balance between making this money and ensuring that the client is ultimately satisfied with the fact that he received the service, used the product, etc.


Unique skills: Design Thinking, UX Research, User Experience


 Industries hiring this talent: Design, Government Administration, Financial Service, Construction, Higher Education



14. Full Stack Engineer 


What you should know:  Full Stack Engineer is a developer who must understand the entire stack of technologies and components used in the project, both in terms of the front-end and back-end. At the same time, such a developer does not have to be senior in all technologies that are used in the development of an application.


Skills unique to the job: React.js, Node.js, AngularJS, JavaScript, Git 


Top industries hiring this talent: Computer Software, Information Technology & Services, Internet, Financial Services, Marketing & Advertising 


15. Automation Consultant


What you should know: Automation Consultants is a leader in the field of automating the application life cycle. Automating the application life cycle is the key to quicker and more-cost effective IT project delivery – and we at Automation Consultants are the leaders in this field, providing automation services across the entire application life cycle. 


Unique skills: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), UiPath, Selenium, JIRA, Test Automation, Automation


 Industries hiring this talent: Information Technology and Services, Banking, Industrial Automation, Management Consulting, Telecommunications, Computer Software



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Cyberpunk 2077 is an Action RPG in which you will visit the dystopian metropolis of Night City. Money, power, big guns and top-end "chrome" rule the show here. Get used to the role of V - a mercenary looking for an implant that grants immortality. Install cyberimplants, acquire new skills, explore a huge open world and make a total destruction! All your actions and decisions affect the course of events and the world around you!

Bemorepanda has collected for you, some interesting things about Cyberpunk 2077, let's see what else is said about the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 — from the creators of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

1.The quality of Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was so low that both Sony and Microsoft agreed to refund disgruntled customers, and the Japanese corporation also removed the game from the PlayStation Store. One would assume that such a disaster hit CP2077 sales hard, but by the end of the first 10 days, the RPG circulation exceeded 13 million copies, even taking into account the returned copies. According to analysts, this figure is comparable to the starting figures for Red Dead Redemption 2 and the most successful Call of Duty titles.

2.On the release of Cyberpunk 2077, journalists and ordinary users drew attention to a funny detail: in the world of the game, dildos are too common - they can even be found in doorways, restaurants and workshops where people are taken apart. According to CP2077 Senior Quest Designer Philipp Weber, the authors simply wanted to show that the 2077 society is more relaxed and sexually open than ours. However, the frequency of dildos appearing in Night City has been reduced.

Для Cyberpunk 2077 вышел мод, который улучшает управление транспортными  средствами

3.In one of the game bars, you can find a character clearly copied from Hideo Kojima, the eminent developer, creator of the Metal Gear series. In Cyberpunk 2077, a man with Kojima's appearance is named Oshima - he listens to ideas for films and says that he wants to convey pure emotions in his works.

4.The release of the game on the base PlayStation 4 and Xbox One turned out to be simply monstrous in technical terms - it turned out that Cyberpunk 2077 for the eighth generation platforms works in dynamic resolution, sagging to 720p, the frame rate in demanding scenes drops to 15-20 frames per second, and during free exploration of the world of action does not hesitate to hang, feverishly loading something. The situation was aggravated by the fact that CD Projekt RED until the last hid information about the deplorable state of these versions - pre-release videos were shot on more powerful consoles and PCs, and early copies for journalists were only computer. Under the pressure of dissatisfied reviews, the authors of the game apologized and promised a refund to everyone who did not want to wait for patches.

Сколько копий Cyberpunk 2077 вернули назад? CD Projekt RED не отвечает на  главный вопрос, хвастаясь лишь

5.At the pre-order stage, the game was purchased approximately 8 million times. Of those 8 million, 59% of the copies came from the PC and 41% from the console. Thus, the initial circulation of the PC version was about 4.72 million copies, which made Cyberpunk 2077 the fastest-selling PC game in history - the Polish RPG broke the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands record (around 3.7 million copies on the first day), which was set in November 2020, just a couple of weeks before the launch of CP2077. The proceeds from Cyberpunk pre-orders covered the development and marketing costs of the project until the end of 2020.

6.On release, Cyberpunk 2077 attracted a huge number of players and viewers. So, in the Steam version alone, the peak online per day exceeded a million users; for the Valve site, this is a record among single games - earlier the leader was Fallout 4 with 472 thousand concurrent visitors. In addition, Cyberpunk amassed over a million concurrent viewers on Twitch.

Cyberpunk 2077 — from the creators of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

7.Actor Doug Cockle, who voiced Geralt in the English-language version of the Witcher games, offered CD Projekt RED to give him a small cameo role in Cyberpunk 2077. However, the developers never invited Cockle to the project. In an interview with the press, the artist admitted that he was upset by this turn of events.

8.Cyberpunk 2077's music can be divided into two parts - original music and tracks from guest artists such as singer Grimes and punk rock band Refused. Composers Marcin Przybyłowicz, P. T. Adamczyk and Paul Leonard-Morgan were responsible for the original music. Together they wrote over 7.5 hours of melodies of various genres - from ambient to metal. When creating the tracks, not only modern instruments were used, but also the Soviet synthesizer "Polivoks".

Тест по Cyberpunk 2077 — будет ли игра связана с вселенной «Ведьмака» -  Чемпионат

9.The cyberpunk genre is traditionally associated with synthwave - melodic electronic music stylized as tracks from the 1980s. However, the composers of Cyberpunk 2077 have abandoned the use of synthwave - it, they say, sounds too beautiful and clean for such a dirty and gloomy place like Night City.

10.The director of the English-language adaptation of CP2077, Borys Pugacz-Muraszkiewicz, praised the collaboration with Keanu Reeves very positively. While Johnny Silverhand's role is comparable in scale to several feature film roles, Reeves managed in just a few motion capture sessions and 20+ voiceover changes.

Пиратская версия Cyberpunk 2077 может уже скоро появиться на торрентах -  Чемпионат

11.Actor Keanu Reeves is present in the world of Cyberpunk 2077 not only as rocker Johnny Silverhand. According to CD Projekt RED, the game's universe has its own version of Keanu - an actor who looked so much like Johnny that Reeves was often mistaken for Silverhand after the musician disappeared.

12.Cyberpunk 2077 uses a facial expression generation system from JALI. The technology creates facial animation based on characters' lines - thanks to this system, the lips of the characters are synchronized with the speech in all RPG localizations.

Внезапный хотфикс 1.06 для Cyberpunk 2077 починил один важный кибербаг на  ПК |

13.To make the virtual cars sound believable, the developers recorded the sounds of more than 40 real cars, such as muscle cars, SUVs and drift cars. With the support of a team of rally mechanics, the sound specialists placed eight microphones in each car - two in the cabin, three near the engine and three in the exhaust area.

14.CD Projekt RED has admitted that it has shortened the main campaign of Cyberpunk 2077 so that it is not as long as in "The Witcher 3". According to CP2077 Senior Quest Designer Patrick Mills, many players have complained to the developers that the key storyline in The Witcher 3 is taking too long. According to CDPR, a huge number of users never completed the main questline in The Witcher 3.

Best Buy is accepting Cyberpunk 2077 returns through December 21st, even if  you played it - The Verge

15.The developers from CD Projekt RED knew that Keanu Reeves would appear in the game, more than a year before the actor presented the trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 at E3 2019. According to the authors, the fact that for more than a year not a single leak spoiled the surprise. - a real reason for pride.

16.In mid-2019, NVIDIA posted a screenshot from Cyberpunk 2077 showing a banner advertising the ChroManticure drink. There, curious users spotted a transgender (a man in a woman's outfit, but with a male genital organ) and the inscription: Mix It Up (something in the spirit of "Bring variety"). Minority advocates were immediately alarmed, believing that CD Projekt RED was mocking transgender people. However, a company spokeswoman explained: the world of CP2077 is a capitalist dystopia, where everything is bought and sold, so the image of a transgender person is used by marketers to promote goods.

Разработчикам игры Cyberpunk 2077 угрожают смертью из-за очередного  переноса игры —

17.According to John Mamais, at the production stage of Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt RED already had development kits for VR and the company even thought to introduce support for virtual reality headsets into the game. Mamais admitted that the idea was abandoned for financial reasons - VR, they say, is an experimental and niche thing, so it won't bring a lot of money.

18.According to the head of the Krakow studio CD Projekt RED John Mamais (John Mamais), if we compare Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 in terms of technology, the Witcher is like a two-dimensional game. Since the world of CP2077 has fast cars and tall buildings with elevators, the authors have greatly reworked the resource loading system. Also, specifically for Cyberpunk, CDPR improved the development tools - some of the tasks were transferred to procedural generation.

У Cyberpunk 2077 теперь есть официальные Instagram-фильтры -

19.For Cyberpunk 2077, the developers at CD Projekt RED actively consulted with Mike Pondsmith, the creator of the Cyberpunk 2020 board game. Here is just one example of collaboration - to make in-game protective gear more believable, Pondsmith bought a bulletproof backpack and carried it with yourself, studying your feelings and observing the reactions of passers-by.

20.The Swedish punk rock band Refused took part in the creation of the soundtrack for Cyberpunk 2077 - together with the composers of the game, the musicians recorded a mini-album with their songs. In the universe of the game, these tracks were composed by rock band SAMURAI, whose lead vocalist was Johnny Silverhand, played by Keanu Reeves.

Cyberpunk 2077 1.06 Hotfix Improves Memory Management and Stability on  Consoles, Removes Save File Size Limit

21.The presentation of Cyberpunk 2077 at E3 2019, during which it was revealed that one of the roles in the game was played by the actor Keanu Reeves, was one of the highlights of the exhibition. After showing the trailer, Reeves took to the stage, enthralling the audience. When the artist described the thrilling feeling that the CP 2077 players would experience, one of the visitors couldn't help but shout, "You're thrilling!" This moment instantly became a meme, and CD Projekt RED even decided to give the "screamer" who turned out to be "youtuber" Peter Sark, a collector's edition of the game. Sark refused and instead asked CDPR to purchase a GO Kart video game rack for Children’s Hospital.

22.According to Quest Director of Cyberpunk 2077 Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, when creating the game he was inspired by Deus Ex (especially the first part) and Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. In Deus Ex, the author was impressed by the non-linearity that manifests itself not only in dialogues, but also in the way of completing tasks, and he called Bloodlines an ideal example of a first-person RPG.

23.On August 27, the gameplay premiered on the CD Projekt RED Twitch channel. As the resource GitHyp later calculated, at its peak, the demo was watched by 288 thousand people, which made Cyberpunk 2077 the most popular game of the entire day. Considering the restreams, the number was even more impressive - 459 thousand viewers. In addition, the cyberpunk action movie bypassed all competitors who started or were preparing to start at that time: the air on God of War was watched by a maximum of 283 thousand users, on Sea of Thieves - 259 thousand, and the debut of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - 204 thousand.

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Bruce Wayne was the son of a wealthy and respectable physician, Dr. Thomas Wayne, and his wife, Martha Wayne. One day, when he was a child, he went with his parents to the cinema where they watched the movie Zorro. The character Zorro would influence Bruce Wayne's personality throughout his life. Leaving the cinema late at night, he and his family were suddenly attacked by a jewelry thief armed with a gun. Bruce's father retaliated.


In a few moments, both parents were lying on the asphalt, being shot by the thief who managed to escape. The child was left alone and helpless. The moment marked Bruce forever. Since then, he has vowed to dedicate his life to catching criminals, but without using firearms, but other methods. Also known as the "Dark Knight", he would serve justice in the war against criminals in Gotham City.


Batman is a superhero who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics. It was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger and first appeared in Detective Comics # 27. It was originally called "Bat-Man" while also being referred to as Crusader Caped, Dark Knight and the greatest detective in the world. Here Bemorepanda has collected a top of good comics for all Batman fans.


1.But so we did

DC Comics's pivotal Batman #86 teases a new beginning for the Joker -  Polygon


2.Green costume

Classic Cover of the Week: DETECTIVE COMICS #241 ("The Rainbow Batman!")


3.Planet and Batman

The Top 25 Best Batman Comics and Graphic Novels - IGN


4.From You

The Top 25 Best Batman Comics and Graphic Novels - IGN


5.True strenght

Batfamily. Bruce being nice?? And expressing his feelings?? Sign me up.  Batman # - Be Batman - Ideas of Be Batman #batman #ideas… | Batman family,  Nightwing, Comics


6.Close atention

If Batman is being nice something must be wrong. : batman


7.You were dead

Batman: world's greatest jerk | Comics Amino


8.Master Bruce

Batman being jerk- dump - Album on Imgur


9.Not right now Alfred



10.Awful sandwich

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11.They float

Alfred Pennywise by Kubi-Wan on DeviantArt


12.Come here

Alfred Pennyworth the clown by on @DeviantArt  | Batfamily funny, Batman family, Marvel dc comics



Batman being a good parent : outofcontextcomics


14.Proud of you

Tim Drake 🔍 on Twitter | Tim drake, Indie comic, Drake


15.This is true love

▫️ on Twitter: "Finding cures for the plague, supporting people off that  proverbial ledge, being a dad.....That's Batman, baby. Everyday…"


16.You're not my partner

batman being father | Batman love, Batman and superman, Superhero comic


17.Trusting you

Shame on you, Jason Todd! That is not how you talk about a lady [Batman Inc  v2 #6] : DCcomics


18.It will be good

best of Jason Todd (the pink hood) on Twitter: "Bruce talking about Jason  to Superman and Wonder Woman. - Justice League of America 2006 #0… "


19.Boy wonder

Slings & Arrows


20.Baker's lesson

Batman #94 and DCeased Top The Weekly Bleeding Cool Bestseller List


21.What was that?

Comic Excerpt] I love this moment between Damian and Jon. (DCeased: Dead  Planet #1) : DCcomics


22.That message of Batman

DCEASED #1 Review - Impulse Gamer


23.I have something for you

DCeased 2-8 - Comic Book Revolution


24.How many infected?

DCeased (2019-) Chapter 1 - Page 23


25.Batman fight

DCEASED | Dc comics funny, Dc comics artwork, Dc comics characters heroes


26.Cool attack

Read DCeased Issue #3 Online Page 17


27.Take me, Harley

Batman #97 Top Of Every Chart - Bleeding Cool Bestseller List


28.The streets of Gotham

The 18 Best Batman Panels Ever


29.A big start

The 18 Best Batman Panels Ever


30.Horrible needs

It's Funny Panel Friday! | Old comics, Vintage comics, Comic panels

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