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Valentine in lockdown. 20 funny memes and tweets to celebrate in isolation with your loved one

1 year ago

Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day is celebrated every year on February 14. It is the day when people show their affection and send greeting cards, flowers or candy, along with love messages. But the story behind this day is a sad one.

The oldest message sent on Valentine's Day in English dates from 1477, writes BBC. The day takes its name from a famous saint, about whom several stories have appeared over time.

In popular belief, St. Valentine was a priest in third-century Rome. Emperor Claudius II forbade marriages because, he said, married men are weak soldiers, and Valentin disregarded the rule, which he thought was unfair, and continued to hold marriages in secret.

It seems that this year we will access the services of delivery couriers and nice messages. The pandemic is really affecting us, as is Valentine's Day. Bemorepanda has collected several memes about this situation.

1.Love during lockdown

Happy Valentines Day 2021 Memes, Funny Single Valentines Day Meme

2.Corona time

Single on Valentine's Day Memes 2020 Funny Hilarious - Valenitnes Meme

3.Valentine's day 2021

Valentine's Day 2020: Take a Look at These Hilarious Memes That Are Perfect  For Single People

4.Coronavirus love

Corona Virus Meme Valentines Day - coronavirus meme 2020

5.Spread coronavirus

Corona Virus Meme Valentines Day - coronavirus meme 2020

6.Valentine's coming

Corona Virus Meme Valentines Day - coronavirus meme 2020

7.Coronavirus in the air

When the Coronavirus Spreads on Valentine's Day 2020 Meme : Coronavirus

8.Human contact

Corona Virus Meme Valentines Day - coronavirus meme 2020

9.Contagious smile

a little something for your valentine (i could be sleeping but i made this  instead - also stay safe cause the coronavirus do be hittin different) :  meme

10.Plans for 14 february

Valentine's Day 2020: These hilarious memes will hit you real hard if  you're single on the day of love | Relationships News – India TV

11.Corona in the air

60+ Corona ideas | valentines gifts for her, anniversary gifts, mothers day  cartoon

12.Baby Yoda

Pin by Mary Stapleton on Baby Yoda | Yoda funny, Yoda meme, Yoda wallpaper

13.All alone

Valentine's Day 2020 memes: The funniest and most relatable online jokes -  Daily Star

14.Social distance and love

15.Spreading coronavirus

Corona Virus Meme Valentines Day - coronavirus meme 2020

16.Calling on Valentine's

Valentine's Day 2020: These hilarious V-Day memes will surely make you  laugh!

17.There's toilet paper

Coronavirus blues? These memes, tweets will brighten your day

18.Switched to single

19.Stay over there

20 Coronavirus Jokes That Will Make You Laugh | Mvslim

20.Valentine's day 2020 and 2021

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It is the year of the White Metal Ox. So white means purity, but metal is sharp. If you take the buffalo by the horns, you have no luck next year. Now, in the year of the Rat, we were all stuck in the holes because that's what we wanted: to stay hidden so that that bigger rat could go outside and do other bad things. COVID was the biggest rat of the year.


Even though we have had a difficult time, in which the whole planet has been hard tried and there is still a coronavirus pandemic that makes many victims, many people will have labor, find strength, gather and do great things in 2021.


Bemorepanda collected some cool memes for 2021. Here we go.


1.How things are going on

WW3 January 2020 spongebob meme in 2020 | Funny memes, Stupid memes, Memes


2.Still January

Text - We are 6 months into 2020 and it's still January


3.Missed all 2020

January 1, 2021 | /r/CoronavirusMemes | 2019-20 Coronavirus Outbreak | Know  Your Meme


4.31st December

That glorious 1st of Jan 2021 we all are waiting for. : memes


5.Too early

Meme of January 2021 : PewdiepieSubmissions


6.It's over, it's done

me January 1 2021 - Dump A Day


7.Start of 2021

january 20, 2021 | Make a Meme


8.About January 2020

Iam going to sleep Wake me up when its 2021 in 2020 | Memes quotes, Me too  meme, Top memes


9.Good Riddance

January 20, 2021 Sticker | January 20, January, Trump memes


10.What's this?

January 1 2021 | Reddit Meme on ME.ME


11.No hangover

Home - Hall Of Quotes | Your daily source of best quotes | Funny new year,  Happy new year meme, Funny new years memes



Meme Recap. Can't wait for 2021. : timeshiftedmemes


13.The next 4 years

TOO SOON? - Imgflip



Image tagged in coronavirus - Imgflip


15.Jokes in 2021

On january 1st, 2021, people are going to be like "haha i haven't seen you  since last year" except it's actually going to be true this time - iFunny :)


16.No ending

Memebase - 2021 - All Your Memes In Our Base - Funny Memes - Cheezburger


17.January 2021

Netflix Users in January 2021 | Netflix Meme on ME.ME


18.January 1st 2021

12.01 am January 1st 2021 - AnimeMemes



Y'all wishing for 2021 to come soon better beware | /r/BlackPeopleTwitter |  Black Twitter | Know Your Meme


20.Going on the second round

When you think you survived the Hunger Games in 2020 | Really funny memes,  Stupid memes, Stupid funny memes


21.Never met this year it

The best 2021 memes :) Memedroid


22.Next year will be better

The best 2021 memes :) Memedroid


23.Well it sucked

funny memes (37) - Dump A Day


24.Coronavirus babyboom

Baby Boom Memes for All the New Babies Born in 2021 in 2020 | Baby boom,  New baby products, Memes


25.2021 be like

The best memes that have outstanded this 2020 | Social Publi Blog


26.Tutorial reset in 2021

thanos snap Latest Memes - Imgflip


27.Inauguration day

On Inauguration Day January 20, 2021 at noon VP Joe Biden Will take the  PRESIDENTIAL oath of Office. | Make a Meme


28.Everyone in 2021

Level 1 Passed - Imgflip


29.Save the date

CaliGal1 on Twitter: "This is where trump belongs on January 20, 2021! 👇… "


30.Change my mind

2021 Memes & GIFs - Imgflip



Meme Creator - Funny January 20th 2021: Joe Biden: "I do solemnly swear  that I will faithfully execut Meme Generator at!


32.About the coming year

My fellow Americans, just walk away. | Inauguration of Donald Trump | Know  Your Meme


33.My year

Me walking into 2020 thinking this gonna be my year meme -


34.Tiger king

Best Memes of 2020: Funniest Memes So Far This Year - Thrillist


35.Level 2 loading

How do i quit? : memes


36.Troubling discovery

Firepods | Know Your Meme


37.Gym owners in January

The best 2021 memes :) Memedroid


38.About new year resolutions

Pin by Maddie Glass on new years humor | Gym humor, Funny new years memes,  New year meme


39.All the pods

January Memes 2018-2021 2018 2019 EarthPzds Natural Deer&Plant Food Cep 100  All Purpose Formula 2020 2021 All Pods January Memes | Deer Meme on ME.ME


40.2021 memes

Leaked Memes 2021 | Meme of the Month Calendars | Know Your Meme


41.About 2021

NFL Memes on Twitter: "2020 be like...… "


42.New year, new me

31st December 1st January 2021 Funny MEMES, Images & Jokes For Instagram


43.Trailer of 2021

What is 2020 if just a trailer of 2021 meme -


44.January 2021

Mugatu So Hot Right Now Meme - Imgflip


45.Never talk about 2021

First rule of 2021 Never talk about 2020 meme -



Happy 2021! wait... why's there a floating health bar? : memes


47.It's only January

2020: A Meme Essay


48.Everyone and 2021

2021 Memes & GIFs - Imgflip


49.Free trial

Monkey Puppet Meme - Imgflip


50.Baby products

CoronaBabies coming December2020/January 2021 and I'll rolling in Gerber  stock : memes

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Halloween is one of the oldest holidays still preserved, in camouflaged, profane form, and today, like Christmas, perhaps the only one that surpasses it in popularity and the promotion of kitsch as a religious substitute. Millions of people celebrate Halloween with costumes, trick-or-treat or themed parties, without knowing the origins and fascinating history of this rite associated with ghostly apparitions and superstitions of all kinds.

October 31 is the last day of the Celtic calendar, a pagan holiday in honor of the dead. 2000 years ago it was called All Hallows Eve, the day before All Saints' Day, created for the Christianization of the heathen and celebrating on November 1 all the saints of the Catholic Church. Although there are many cultural variants of the tradition, there is essentially the same original background. The roots of Halloween are found in a Celtic festival called Samhain, which signifies the end of summer and the transition to the cold season.

However, this is real fun to wear costumes on Halloween, even if this year the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic changed the rituals, still we have to celebrate it, even if it's only with the closest one. Maybe there will be a challange on social networks, or a party at your close friend, you have to get ready! Here are some ideas for 2020 Halloween, costumes with masks, or which can be easily combined with a mask!

1.Alice in Wonderland thematic

2.Disco mood

3.That's really cool

4.Guess the movie

5.Thiefs are here

6.Neon party

7.Ninja style


9.Funny family ghosts

10.Another ninja option

11.Cat power

12.One more cat women

13.That's a sexy option for pandemic times

14.The dead

15.Beautiful face mask

16.IT movie

17.Ninja party


19.Billie style


21.Fortune teller

22.The classic witch


24.Ghost women



27.That's gorgeous


29.One more Ninja style

30.Ninja boy

31.Star Wars

32.Assasins creed


34.Dad- baby costume

35.Anime style

36.Girl power

37.Ace ventura


39.The Simpsons

40.Super family


42.Jelly Belly

43.Amazing bubbles

44.Dog costume

45.Froot Loops

46.Quarantine mood

47.Pandemic style

48.Breathing nature

49.Coronavirus theme

50.Rainy day

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Internet memes are an everyday part of modern social life. Humor is shaped by social and cultural factors and, like language, we take this common heritage and make it our own, something deeply personal and characteristic.

In the last six months, a whole new category of memes has been created, reflecting the struggles and inconsistencies of life during a pandemic. So our topic this week is pandemic memes.

It took us a while to convince ourselves that this COVID-19 story was real. Our fears gradually gave way to anxiety and fear. Many pandemic memes evoke and play on these fears to provide comic relief.

1.Corona vs Fear of Corona

2.Looking outside to the chapters

3.Not scared of coronavirus

4.Goodnight zoom, moon, doom

5.New monthly budget

6.I gained a little weight during pandemic

7.Human race and coronavirus

8.When you want to be a king but mother refuses to die

9.Surviving Covid19 then a new version of it

10.How to survive without going outside?

11.Stay indoor and avoid public places to limit Coronavirus

12.Zombies during Covid

13.Life during the pandemic

14.Ordering pizza during pandemic

15.20's are dangerous

16.Handling coronavirus

17.Toilet paper shortage history

18.Developing feelings for covid-19

19.Russia and the Covid vaccine

20.Results of the corona

21.Wear a mask during the pandemic

22.Time traveller and coronavirus

23.PSP and the pandemic

24.Drawing a mask is a good idea

25.People buying toilet paper

26.Comming outta quarantine like

27.You can't get married because of Covid!

28.When your girlfriend is in quarantine for two weeks

29.Testing for Covid at our doors

30.Not a hand sanitizer!





















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We received a message from Santa telling us that Christmas is immune to coronavirus.


Santa Claus promises you, right from his home in Lapland, that the holiday so loved by all of us will not be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But for that, Santa tells you to respect all the protection measures.


Elf: But now, with the coronavirus around the world, how are we going to spend Christmas?


Santa: One of the most beautiful aspects of Christmas is spending time together. I hope we are all safe and see you soon. ”


Once we start on a positive note, let's move on to a funny one. Bemorepanda has prepared the funniest memes for Christmas 2020.


1.Brace yourselves


2.Covid is outside


3.Died laughtig


4.Coming in town


5.Look like 2020


6.Santa ain't coming


7.Stealing Christmas


8.Christmas cancelled


9.Around COVID-19


10.Christmas shopping


11.Just wait


12.Done shopping


13.Picked both


14.Christmas 2020


15.Bad news


16.Elves make it all




18.Santa died of Covid


19.Looking forward Hallmark's holiday


20.That's sad


21.Closing the doors


22.Merry Christmas


23.Too soon


24.Let's see


25.Time traveler be like


26.Oh quarentree


27.My plans for 2020


28.Ordering pizza


29.Due to coronavirus


30.No more gifts



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