Child left his dog in the park with a touching note because his parents mistreated her

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Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions (and sometimes even to our detriment), but this is always justified if it is for a good cause. This story took place in Mexico, where the organization Mascotas Coyoacán, helping to find lost pets and looking for a home for abandoned and homeless animals, received a message about a dog tied to a bench in a park. Arriving at the scene, they found a frightened dog lying on a bench with a note. This note was written by a child who was forced to do this to his dog Max because his parents mistreated him.


Mascotas Coyoacá received a report about a dog tied to a park bench with a note next to it

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“On November 22nd, one of my employees from Mascotas Coyoacán received a report about a dog tied to a park bench with a note next to it. Passers-by found the dog at 8 am, and we were notified of it only at 3 pm. We already started to think that someone had already saved the dog, but to our surprise, when we arrived, the dog was still there, surrounded by people trying to feed him from afar, because at that moment he was behaving rather aggressively, ” said the head of the organization Marcela.


There was a note written by a child next to the dog.

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The note was written in Spanish and it spoke of a dog named Max.

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Translation of the text of the note:

“Hi, please take me, I'm Max. Please, I'm asking you to take this dog home and take care of it. It is very painful for me to leave my dog ​​here, but I made this decision because my family constantly mistreated her and it was painful for me to see her suffer in bad conditions. If you are reading this and your heart is beating faster, please take it and take care of it. If not, please leave this note in place for others to read and collect the dog. Thanks."


Soon, the staff of the organization realized that Max's aggression was just a manifestation of his fear.

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“With the help of a video call, we contacted a trainer who always helps us with animals that have problems with aggression. He told us how to get the dog off the bench, since it would not let anyone near her. "


It took them two hours to get Max off the bench

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Through a video call, the trainer told how to put the loop on the dog's neck so that the staff could safely untie the chain from the bench

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Max soon calmed down, but was still very afraid of those around him. His saviors took a walk with him so that he could get comfortable and start to be more trusting in them.

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“As soon as we managed to get him out of there, he stopped being aggressive, but we had to tread carefully. I took a walk with him to build his confidence and help him get rid of his fear. And then we went to the car "

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Marcela decided to change the name of the dog, calling him Boston, because the name Max was associated with the poor thing only with bad things.

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“When he got into the car, he lay down not on the seat, but on the floor, as if trying to hide. By that time, he was calmer, but still scared. "

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"We managed to find a garage so that Boston could sleep in it until we find a better place for it, because we don't have our own shelter."

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"Every time we save the dogs, we pay for their accommodation until they find a permanent home, and since it was Sunday and it was very late, we would not be able to contact the owner of the property."

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“My team prepared the place, and before I got out of the car, I started stroking him, showing that life is not only aggression, so he relaxed and confided in me”

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“While in the garage, I sat down on a chair and sat him next to me. I began to pay more attention to him, and when I felt more confident, I took off my protective glove and began to stroke him with my hands. "

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“Then I sat down on the floor, and he pressed against my feet. Then I realized that he had become "mine" and would not do anything to me "

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"We realized that he was more afraid of men than women, which gave us the idea that whoever mistreated him might be a man."


"Only a week later he began to get used to us and understand that people are a source of joy, not aggression."

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“A week later, when he already knew us, we sent him to an intensive school for 6 days. He rode alone in a taxi. We thought that it would be better this way, because he would have to face his fears and see that not only there would be no problems next to me, but that there was no danger in communicating with other people either. There he learned the basics of obedience, interacted with other dogs, and also learned a few commands such as sit and lie down. "


Boston was almost taken away, but the man returned it after 24 hours because the dog was still very withdrawn and did not like other dogs

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"We offered the person to solve this problem with the help of a trainer, but he refused."

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“At the moment, Boston is still looking for a loving home. He shares a house with 14 other dogs. The owner of this house lives with his father and loves animals. He loves Boston and Boston loves him. Every day they go out for a walk and play. "

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We really hope that this adorable little dog will soon find a permanent home with a loving owner.

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When you plan to adopt a dog or cat from stray animal shelters, you need to think, "Do I save this dog, or does he save me?" Many times people consider that it offers them a home, a family, it gives them love. It is a very healthy and correct thinking. But, many times, these animals come to save us by the simple fact that they love us unconditionally.

Pets are not toys or "goods" meant to entertain us when we are alone, and their adoption means a lot of responsibility. If you want an animal and you are ready to give it all its attention and love, you are free to do so.

If you decide to adopt a puppy or cat, you can confidently turn to associations or public services for the management of stray dogs and cats. You should know that there puppies and cats are dewormed, spayed, vaccinated and treated, in case they were sick when they were taken off the street.

Bemorepanda collected some cute photos with adopted buddies.

1.A dog that was once adopted but returned back for being too large, was secondly adopted successfully

2.Adopted cat that seems to be the boss

3.Going to the new home

4.From sad to happy

5.New best friends

6.She found her home by breaking in the house

7.Adopting a military dog

8.Such a happy bunny

9.Blueberry is so happy

10.After adopting the small one, the copy of him came to their home

11.Adopting an old lady

12.Happy in the new home

13.First cuddle

14.Before and after adoption

15.New best friend

16.Small buddy adopted

17.Meet Van Gogh

18.Cute dog adopted

19.Funny new friend

20.”Our dog adopted a brother”

21.Adorable kitty

22.Giving so much love

23.Loving the new bed

24.Beautiful senior lady

25.She got a new loving home

26.A dog with a huge smile


28.Adopted two special needs cats

29.Living the best life

30.Adopted a deaf kitten

31.This moment was the one that convinced the man to adopt the kitty

32.Eyes full of love

33.She is Garce!

34.Smiling and loving life

35.Cute little boy

36.She is Mornigstar

37.Haribo is very cleaver

38.Adoption day

39.Baby Flora

40.Two days after adoption

41.Love beyond measure

42.Meet Sally

43.Smile buddy

44.So much love

45.So much grace

46.The best boy


48.Instantly falling in love

49.He is Venus


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An adopted dog or cat is a rescued animal - most animal lovers not only want to have a pet, but also to be able to help animals. By adopting a dog or cat, you can save it from a life spent mostly in a paddock in a shelter with tens or hundreds of dogs. Dogs or cats in shelters are always longing for freedom, affection and individual attention, and caregivers, for objective reasons, can only meet these needs to a small extent.

Fortunately, the world has begun to teach us to be human, to pay more attention to things and beings outside our comfort zone, to do good deeds, and to fight for the causes we believe in. Just as social responsibility seems to be gaining ground among young people, as future generations begin to become more involved in charity, so too will we learn how to adopt pets. Because the shelters are full.

A pet can be a big responsibility for a family, especially when it comes to an extended family with children. Cats and dogs can bring us extra happiness and it is proven that they can change people's lives for the better. Animals can blame even the most irresponsible person and demonstrate what true affection means.

Here are some pets that were adopted in December 2021.

1.No personal space

2.Everyone needs a chance

3.Old man adopted

We have to keep in mind that pets are not just objects that have to stand where we put them or not to disturb the house. These are beings who live by their rules, but if they are properly educated, they will behave exemplary.

When deciding to adopt a dog or a cat, it would be good to take into account a number of factors and take care of some aspects, if you want to have an animal that suits you.

Even if there are many pets waiting to be adopted, it would be good to take a pet from a special center or shelter. Most animals in special centers are kept in well-kept, clean places and where they cannot get a number of bacteria and parasites that can harm even the human body. Even if the animals in the shelters or center do not have a health card, they certainly have a record of the treatments they have undergone and how they have reacted to them.

4.Holding hands

5.So happy to be adopted

6.Sneaks into my Blankie

Pets can have a number of health problems, especially on their skin or fur. There are problems visible to the naked eye and it is up to everyone to decide whether they want such an animal or not. All pets need a home, but if you suffer from some ailments, their illness may affect you and make your situation worse.

The way an animal reacts when it sees new people says a lot about it. If he is happy and wakes up, he definitely wants to have a family and be loved. However, if it is aggressive even when it is closed, it could be a problem. Even if the representatives of the space in which the animals flaunt assure you that it is not a bad animal, this is not certain. It is true that many dogs bark and shake when they are in the pen, but when they come out they are affectionate, but these are unique cases. If the animal is shaking and scared, it is very likely that he has gone through some unpleasant experiences, which means that you will need time and patience for him to get used to you and be relaxed.

7.Such a beautiful girl

8.Floofy Boy

9.These ocean eyes

If you are an active and lively person, you definitely need a dog at home and, why not, a large one with which to always go out in the park. On the other hand, if you are a busy person who does not spend much time at home, a cat is recommended. Unlike dogs, cats can stay alone in the house for a few days, if they have food and water. They are not noisy and sleep most of the time. They are also playful, but only when they want to. Dogs and cats have their own needs, which means you have to have time for them too. Cats use litter for their needs, but dogs need to go outside according to a time-learning program.

Find out as much detail as possible about where you are taking the animal, if it has suffered from certain conditions that the shelter knows about and see what is the first impact you have at first sight. In any case, many animals need a home in which to live happily, along with a family that will give them the love they need.

10.New friend

11.Adopted a toothless cat

12.Just adopted yesterday

13.This is Lucy

14.Rescued Hamster

15.Two friends

16.Great purring kitty

17.New friend

18.Cute boy rescued

19.Beautiful friend

20.Choosing all necessary things

21.Two fellas

22.These eyes

23.Adopt a friend

24.So brave

25.New buddies

26.Christmas present

27.Such a fluffy boy

28.Unbelievable beauty

29.So happy to be adopted

30.This is Leo

31.So serious

32.A pretty lady

33.Hello everyone

34.Adopted cuties

35.Adopted two kittens

36.Beginning a new friendship

37.Day one rescued

38.Rescue crew

39.Adopted after wedding

40.Perfect match

41.So lovely


43.Two beautiful buddies

44.First nap at new home

45.Just adopted a kitten


47.Feeling happy

48.Two new friends

49.Adopting a rat

50.Just adopted

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