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20 things that look like they're in the mud, but that's just really bad design

4 months ago

There is a rather thin line in design, overstepping which you can never get rid of the stigma. Of course, each designer has his own vision, outlook on things and taste, but there are objectively failed things that should not be done. For example, you don't need to design things that look dirty. That's just not worth it. Trust Bemorepanda


This sink is actually clean, it just has such a ridiculous design.

1н 0


Not the best color scheme was chosen for the floor of the public toilet

2уен 3


This strange straw looks like it has been used for a couple of months.

3ен 12


Go figure out where the design ends and something else begins ...

4ек 0


No, dear designers, vintage doesn't look like that

5нг 22


These coffee cups just don't have the right to look like they're covered in coffee grounds.

6енг 31


Someone thought it was a suitable design for a soap dispenser

7ег 2


This is a perfectly clean fork with a terrifying design failure.



Someone really sells such floor tiles. I'm not kidding



Apparently the marbled effect should have been created, but instead the thing just looks dirty



No, these jeans are not dirty, this is such a print

11нк 1


As, in fact, these, which were not worth buying at all



The carpet is not dirty, this is the design

13ryu 3


This new brush has a design that makes it look very dusty

14еун 1


"The keyboard on my laptop should look like marble, but instead it looks dirty."

15нкг 3


The curtains of this hotel look like there is blood on them

16екн 1


And looking at the floor of this hotel gives the impression that someone was hit by a cart. Wait, maybe the path leads to a room with curtains?

17ен 6


"I tried to wash the plate for a long time until I realized that it was such a design."

18нег 9


And finally, it is a mirror that cannot even fulfill its direct function.

19кен 1

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Any mistake, no matter how small, could make the design project fail, if we don't fix it in time.

As soon as we start renovating the house, we want to finish it as soon as possible to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. But let's not forget the saying "Hurry spoils the job"!


The following "masterpieces" show us that the incompetence of some people can leave us speechless.

1.Who said they have to be placed next to each other?

2.The ingenuity of some people has no limits.

3.How important are a few centimeters?

4.What was the function of this railing before?

5.What could be the function of the stairs, if this house has only one level?

6.A good challenge for perfectionists.

7.A great idea so that the air conditioning is not too cold!

8.Perfect symmetry!

9.Boss, what do you think? You like? Looking at this photo, do we wonder how such a result was achieved?

10.When you look at yourself in a completely different way.

11.This construction left us speechless!

12.The only problem is that the water jet is a bit weak.

13.More challenges.

14.The children will be delighted! How long did it take for someone to notice this mistake?

15.What could be the purpose of this construction?

16.What a wonderful view!

17.First they installed and then they thought.

18.What do you think about this idea? One of the most unusual annexes!

19.Quite an original idea.

20.No one will notice.

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If you create a good design that is useful, consider that you are at the pinnacle of success. But if the consumer cannot figure out how to use your notion and any decision to use the product only makes it worse, then consider yourself a bad designer or a lousy master. After all, these are the only ones collected on Instagram under the name "Typical Rykozhop" (typical.rykozhop), where you can see marasmus, unusual design and humor.

Let's laugh out loud with Bemorepanda.


1.Keep a nightmare at night: you dream that you want to go to the toilet, go into the right room, go to the toilet, and it keeps moving away and away. Worthy of a Stephen King-style novel?



2.Smoking room for the bravest

2ен 5


3."Harry Potter And The Chamber of secrets". From unenclosed

3кен 5


4.Without leaving the stove

4енг 5


5.A place for brutal negotiations

5uio 0


6.No, this is not a guy too tall, and the cabinets are not hung correctly

6енгш 3


7.The main thing is functionality

1578387695 8xf99n fb plus


8.“We'll put you door to door. Call us! Fast, inexpensive, stupid "

8uyi 4


9.A variation on the capsule house theme. Everything is close, everything is at hand

9енг 2


10.It seems this washing machine lives in two families

10енг 5


11.This is a typical gaming glitch, nothing special

11ен 6


12."Yes, of course, I'll just cut off my left shoulder."

12нг 11


13.At some point, it may seem like you are looking at something edible ...



14.Apparently some magic has been applied



15.Does this mean that the monster living in the wall can turn on the light when it is scared?

15енг 4


16.How to make a flat screen TV in no time without spending money

16ryu 0


17.Hooray, he could!

17енг 7


18.Why not a loft?

18енгш 0


19.You will have to get used to peeing while sitting.

19нгш 3


20.When a neighbor is so arrogant that he is ready to do anything to steal your electricity

20енш 0

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Consoles, video cards, joysticks, ultrawide monitors and VR glasses: these are just some of the elements that make up an industry of almost 120 billion dollars and a hobby loved by many: gaming. For some it has become a full-fledged occupation, from which they secure their basic income. Universities around the world have adapted to the growth of this field, offering bachelor's and master's programs in video game technology.

However, gaming has gained a bad reputation in popular culture over time, being accused of causing addiction, psychological problems and violent behavior. However, these gaming controversies have failed to eclipse the fun, relaxation and stress relief offered by games. Bemorepanda collected some memes on this subject.

1.Hard to win

2.How it is presented

3.Superbowl people

4.Me hunting

5.Extra controller

6.Logic in games

7.Left 4 dead

8.XOBOX 360


10.False alarm

11.Worst mission

12.Minecraft great again

13.Dead space

14.Storage full

15.Big stats


17.Me and my girlfriend

18.GTA online

19.The Switch

20.Own holiday

21.All the controls

22.Minecraft survival megabuild





27.Happy Valentine’s Day

28.Pokemon team

29.Dark souls

30.During Valentine’s 

31.Kid on Xbox

32.Happy Valentine’s 

33.Couple games

34.Valentine’s day

35.Don’t forget to save the game

36.Fell off

37.Any video game


39.Good present

40.One hit

41.Fan art


43.That hurt

44.To be continued

45.Valentine’s Day

46.That’s fine

47.Do this nonstop

48.Boomin’ business

49.GTA 6

50.Perfect Valentine’s

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The Internet has long since turned from a content-hosting site into a pseudo-useful garbage machine. Such a self-sufficient, but always hungry monstrous information entity, a universal troll who has no rest. And sometimes he gives out something curious, although that's all equally not very clear.

The art of consumption, apparently, has reached its peak and even a person with iron logic and steel nerves cannot explain the appearance on the market of some things.AND not only that, but things related to different elements. Do these images leave you with just a WTF thought? Bemorepanda collected some funny pictures and we understood situations.

1.For what?

2.Finger mouse

3.A nightmare

4.Is that blood?

5.You see it?

6.That's scary

7.Christmas gift

8.The luckiest person

9.Two side boots

10.NASA robot

11.Definition of wtf

12.Which side?

13.Four-legged chicken

14.This picture

15.Hair ties


17.Blood red flood

18.The scent

19.A tall man

20.Good smelling


22.Nachos surprise

23.Perfect park

24.What a planty car

25.Hungarian forest

26.Radioactive waste

27.Good thing

28.Hit a washing machine



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April 1 is the day when people with humor make all kinds of pranks and jokes to those close to them. Fool's Day is not, however, a modern invention, but has a history of hundreds of years.

The origins of the Day of Fools, long disputed, have not been found exactly, historians consider that the custom of pranks is a intertwining of local folk customs specific to each country with ancient legends and ceremonies to welcome the New Year and later spring.

One of the hypotheses, accepted by the majority, claims that the origin of April 1 is closely related to the change of the Julian calendar with the Gregorian one. In the old calendar, New Year's Day was celebrated on April 1, instead of January 1.

After the change of the Gregorian calendar in 1582, during the reign of Charles IX, people initially had trouble getting used to the celebration of the new year on January 1. Those who celebrated the New Year on April 1 were called April Fools.

As time went on, the greetings sent for the New Year on April 1 began to be considered pranks, often accompanied by funny gifts.

Tradition says that pranks must be done by noon; after 12 o'clock the farce brings bad luck to the deceiver.

Also, marriage is not recommended from April 1: it is said that the man who marries from April 1 will be under the slipper for life. At the same time, it is said that the girls who chose their husbands on April 1, had luck and happiness in life.

The earliest reference to the Day of Fools seems to be, according to the Museum of Hoaxes, a fragment of a Flemish poem from 1539, in which a man allegedly fooled his servant on the very day of April 1st.

Another explanation would be that, a few hundred years ago, people celebrated the New Year on April 1st. The replacement of the old calendar with the new one created confusion, initially some people not being able to adapt to the change: they celebrated the New Year on April 1 instead of January 1 and, for this reason, they were called "April Fools". Bemorepanda collected some pranks for this day.

1.Scary lamp

Insect Lamps

2,Balloons prank

Balloon Prank Fake Out

3.Plants everywhere

Plant A Grass Garden In Your Coworker’s Keyboard

Plant A Grass Garden In Your Coworker’s Keyboard

4.Try to get out

Create An Infinite Loop Of Shopping Carts Around Their Car

5.That horn

Attach An Airhorn To Their Seat

6.No signal

Mouse Prank

7.Onion prank

Delight Their Taste Buds With Caramel Onions

8.Integrating with car seat

Become A Seat And Watch People’s Reactions

9.Good photos on the wall

Hang Kim Jong Un On The Staff Picture Wall

10.Making soda

Make Mentos Ice Bombs For Your Friends That Love Soda

11.Shrimp scent 

Replace Air Freshener With Shrimp Scent

12.The shark

Prank At Walmart

13.Get out

Leave A Surprise For Whoever Redoes The Carpet


The Cage Copier

15.This soap prank

Paint Soap With Clear Nail Polish And Leave It In The Shower

16.A good idea

Install An Airhorn As A Door Wall Protector


Bathroom Is Occupied

18.Cups with water

Cups Full Of Water

19.Cleaning up

Offer Them Some Water In An Original Way


Mentos Prank

21.Chicken soup 

Chicken Soup Shower

22.The green grass

Plant Your Own Lawn In The Office

23.Roar contest

Chewbacca Roar Contest

24.That’s a point

Turn Their Cubicle Into A Bathroom

25.Dinner with friends

Make Dinner For Your Friends

26.Something went wrong

Leave This In Your Roommate's Bathroom On April Fools' Day With The Door Shut


Give Them An Office Technology Upgrade

28.The poop

Fake Poop

29.Bowl of sweets

Mix Skittles, M&m's And Reese's Pieces

30.Rat office

Infest Their Office With (fake) Rats

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