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30 cute pictures with cats for this week that are so adorable, which will make you aww

3 years ago

Cats are among the most popular pets today and continue to amaze us at every opportunity with their little quirks. Even the ancient Egyptians had cats as pets and deified them as deities. Even today, cats are highly valued pets, delight their owners with their individual character and bring life to the home and yard. If you opt for a cat as a pet, you need to know some essentials in advance.

Strong characters: cats have a well-defined individuality and are very independent. Cats are attracted to the relationship with humans and express their affection through loving, tender contact with the body. If you don't pay enough attention to a cat, the little tiger will often react offended.

Bemorepanda collected some top posts with cats of this week.

1.Valentine’s cat

2.Hello buddy

3.Ready for cuddles

4.How was your Valentine’s?

5.Adventure time

6.This face

7.Flower for Valentine’s

8.Nap time

9.This cute buddy


11.That’s wow


13.Cuddles time

14.Quarantine together

15.Perfect place

16.Sharing love

17.Time to sleep

18.All you need is love

19.Cat flower

20.Black buddy

21.Someone wants attention

22.Rescued buddy

23.Large and small


25.New helmet


27.Ready for nap

28.Gaming together

29.Such a beauty

30.This is sunny weather

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It's easy to tell a pug from a poodle, but what do you really know about the most popular cat breeds? Did you know that there are at least 40 cat breeds in the United States alone - each with its own personality, traits and history?

As far as we know about cats, they are still mysterious creatures. Perhaps getting some basic information about the best cat species in the world will bring us closer to understanding the causes of cat ticks and why humans care about us.


This is a very intelligent cat, known for its curiosity and desire to explore everything around it. It is also a social pet that gets along well with children, dogs and ferrets. However, the Abyssinian is unlikely to end up in your lap, but he will show you love, always being in your presence. These types of cats love attention and would like to

a company, maybe another kitten when you're not home.

2.American Bobtail

The American Bobtail, one of the orange cat breeds, is known for its wild appearance and short tail, as well as loyalty and devotion to their families. They are in tune with human emotions, which many recommend as therapeutic cats.

3.American Curl

The American curl is distinguished by its bushy ears, which are wavy at the back and a tail close to the feather.

Ranked 25th on the Cat Fanciers Association's list of the most popular cat breeds of 2018, this is an unusual cat.

4.American Shorthair

It is believed that the ancestors of this cat came to the United States with the first settlers. These cats, which were appreciated and "used" as mousetraps, quickly became popular as pets. Today they are the favorites among Americans and have consistently ranked among the ten most popular cat breeds in the United States.

5.American Wirehair

American Wirehair is very similar to American Shorthair, the main difference being that it has a mustache and a stiff coat, which are thick and thick. Some have even described this coat as "steel wool".


Balinese are easily confused with Siamese cats. After all, they have the same color, size and bright blue eyes. It is even believed that the former actually descended from Siamese cats, which were too chubby to conform to the standards of Siamese breeders. However, the main difference between the two is the long-haired Balinese coat, which gives elegance to the graceful shape of this cat. It is not for nothing that he is named after the dancers of the Balinese temples.


If you have always wanted a reduced version of a leopard or jaguar, the Bengal cat is the way to go. Their size, athletic construction and clothing markings make them look like a miniature wild cat, even if they belong to a domestic cat. But don't be fooled by their appearance. The Bengal is actually a pretty cute and loyal cat.


Birman is a cat with a colorful tip, with a long flowing coat, which is not matte, soft and silky to the touch. Other striking features of these cats are their bright eyes and white paws.


Bombay is like a panther swaying in the wash. Except for the eyes, Bombay is all black, even paws, which is unusual for other black cat breeds. It is a hybrid breed, a cross between the Burmese saber and the American Shorthair breed, first bred in the 1950s.

10.British Shorthair

Thick and dense coats, bear eyes and a signed blue color make these cats a very popular choice among large breed cats. This robust cat is actually the third most popular cat in the United States.


A large cat with thick bones, the Burmese stands out for its rounded shape and short, soft coat, which can be the color of the original saber, as well as light brown, blue and purple.



This medium-sized animal, wool, is one of the best breeds of cats for those who want nothing more than a pet to sit on their lap while watching TV or relaxing.


All cat lovers dream of having a big wild cat. While many gave up this dream because of the obvious danger of keeping a tiger in the house, some American breeders still hoped to create different types of cats that resemble jungle cats and thus developed Chausie, a miniature version. their wild brothers.

15.Colorpoint Shorthair

16.Cornish Rex

Anyone who has seen or stabbed a Cornish Rex knows that there is nothing like it in the world of cats. The large sharp ears, arched back and soft wavy coat are some of the most distinctive features of this cat breed.

17.Devon Rex

Devon Rex is one of the most mischievous and friendly cat breeds. This cat lives to entertain the owners with its stupid antiques and tricks. He loves not only his family. These cute cats get along well with other cats, dogs, rabbits - anything. Because he has an unusual level of socialization and play for cats, Devon Rex is sometimes said to be half cat, half dog and half monkey.

18.Egyptian Mau

Sometimes referred to as a feline greyhound, this kitten has incredibly fast reflexes, which are only suited to its elegance and grace. The Egyptian cat Mau is also a jumper, so don't be surprised if you see her jumping from incredible heights or if you are sitting on top of a tall library.

19.European Burmese

20.Exotic Shorthair

For those who want a Persian cat, but do not worry about caring for fluffy breeds of cats, there is Exotic. He looks Persian, but he has short hair. This kitten has a thick body with massive bones, as well as a wonderful plush coat, a flattened face and large round eyes.

21.Havana Brown

It is a medium-sized, muscular cat with a long and thin body. It is also one of the extremely rare breeds of cats.

22.Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan cat is a cross between Siamese and Persian cats. It has a Persian down and a colorful dot and dark blue eyes of a Siamese cat. Because it is a hybrid, the CFA does not recognize it as a separate breed.

23.Japanese Bobtail

Japanese bobtails are extremely popular cat breeds in their home country and are believed to bring good luck and prosperity. The figure of the seductive cat or Maneki Neko, whom we all know and associate with Japan, actually looks like a coil.

24.Khao Manee


Korat is native to Thailand, where it is considered a living symbol of luck. They belong to the gray cat breed, and with their silver hair and heart-shaped faces, these cats are simply adorable.


LaPerm looks like a cat that has been shampooed for extra volume. It is known for curly hair, which is the result of spontaneous mutation and can be of any color and feline pattern.


28.Maine Coon Cat

Known as the "gentle giant," Maine Coon is the only American cat with long hair. It is also the oldest American breed. People consider the Maine Coon cat to be a cross between a short-haired domestic cat and a long-haired European cat, although many consider it to be a hybrid of a crab and a cat.

29.Norwegian Forest Cat

The strong physique and fluffy fur make this big cat, if not the largest breed of cat, then definitely one of the top five in the world. But don't be fooled by its size, it is actually a kind and caring pet.


Ocicat is another breed specially created to look like a wild cat and delights many feline lovers around the world that they have a leopard, well at least in miniature. Named Ocicat because it looks like an ocelot and a cat, it is a wild kitten with a nice mood.

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Even the tiniest kitten turns into an adult tiger one day. But to those who are feline parents, it seems that this day always comes earlier than it should. It seems that just yesterday your fluffy lump would fit in the palm of your hand, but today it occupies the entire chair. So, we invite you to take a walk along the path of memories and see how little kittens turned into adult majestic cats..


"There was a time when we weren't sure if Nimbus was even a cat. Here's his successful transformation from a wrinkled ball of wool to a fluffy handsome man."

1уен 5


"This is Squid and has changed a bit with age."

2цк 7


"His smile remained the same. Only the size has changed."

3цк 2


Same pose, different fluff

4ке 10


"She was a funny cat-child and became a sophisticated lady."

5уе 5


"Mr. Frodo Baggins at 9 weeks and 1 year old"

6ке 21


"My cat now looks like a queen"

7ен 26


"3 months versus 3 years"



"Bowie and Jimmy being cute babies and teens wild"

9ен 7


"3 to 11 months. Nigel, please stop growing."

10ег 8


"My boy, the day I found him, and now, 18 months later."

11кн 8


"This is my boy Marlene. Look what giant ears he had as a child." 

12цк 2


"Mia and Pumpkin who grew up together"

13цк 6


"He likes to hug my neck every morning and night. It's been 8 months and he still does it."

14уе 16


What a handsome man! 

15уе 10


They grow up so fast 

16ук 0


"Miffy's miraculous transformation. She just turned 1 year old."

17к 3


"First time in her cat's bed and 2 years later"

18ен 26


From 3 months to 6 years! She's definitely transformed

19ен 17

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Everyone knows that cats play by their own rules, even when it comes to science. Are they solid? Yes. Liquid? Yes, too. Here are 19 examples of how cats can take the shape they want, regardless of physical rules. Bemorepanda collected some funny pictures for you.


The most real liquid cat

1уе 10


"My cat leaked to the floor"

2ук 15


"I have 5 liters of a cat"

3кы 0


Catte latte

4уе 10


Slice of Processed Cat Cheese

5а 2


"My cat's mood is to melt while lying on the carpet."

6ек 9


This is some otherworldly creature

7ен 31


Maybe not quite liquid yet, but definitely melting

8ен 13


"Yes, it is busy here, put the spice in another jar."

9ег 6



10ен 20


Once it fits, it means it's convenient

11е 14


"My mom and her melted cat"



"Today she decided to be an egg."

14уе 19


"Something is leaking from my sink"

15уе 15


"I had to look at my couch twice before I figured it out."

16ке 16


As it gets warmer, watch your cats and make sure they don't melt!

17р 2


It fits perfectly there

19ег 5


"The dough seems to have risen enough and will soon run away."

20ег 12


He overfilled this bowl with himself


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We know about cats that they are delicate and loving, that they can survive for days without food and that they sleep about two thirds of their lives.

We, however, discovered other abilities of these cats and curiosities that you probably haven't found out about yet. Cats are so funny and interesting, that Bemorepanda made a top of funny photos.

Not only the Egyptians worshiped cats, but also the Japanese. According to Cats International, tactical pets were declared sacred around the year 1000, including that part of the world. No wonder the internet is full of videos of pampered kittens!

You were probably wondering why your cat wants to play right after you fall asleep. Her fault is the impeccable sight, even when it is dark outside. However, cats cannot distinguish as many colors as we can. According to veterinary studies, cats can see up to five times better at night than humans, especially if their target is moving. Of course, their hearing is also very developed, especially when others around them are sleeping. Now you know why your cat prefers nightlife.

1.This cute tongue

2.After bath

3.Shark bite

4.Strange face

5.Tasty cat

6.Flying cat

7.Two friends

8.Ready for attack


10.This combination


12.Tasty cat

13.Lovely cat

14.Perfect photo

15.Tiered buddy

16.Maybe a nap?

17.Sweet cupcakes


19.The king

20.This face

21.Pet this cat


23.Got it?

24.Story on the toilet

25.Cutness overload


27.Cat in the house

28.Sexy cat

29.Pew pew pew

30.Nap time

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