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50 funny tweets and memes to mark the begining of Spring during coronavirus pandemic

10 months ago

Spring is the time when we seem to be reborn. With the first rays of the sun that caress our face, it is as if we begin to feel the thirst for freedom, the desire for exploration, outdoor walks, music and simply outings for the soul. A beneficial thing, I think, especially when we choose to enjoy the beautiful weather with our feet. Family moments in nature.

But what do we do during a pandemic when the sun is hot and the trees are green? I found funny answers to this on twitter, but also some funny memes. Bemorepanda has gathered them all for you.

1.Are you here?

2.Spring cleaning

3.Out the bedroom

4.Full of magic


6.Cleaning list

7.Come on in

8.You’re pumped

9.Got done

10.Spring cleaning

11.Simplify spring cleaning

12.Don’t believe

13.I hate cleaning

14.What you’re supposed


16.Cleaning at my house

17.Finishing cleaning

18.Much energy

19.Out the basement

20.Broke a bottle of wine

21.Spring quarantine diary

22.Spring mood

23.Parent’s lullaby

24.Play on the phones

25.Back to school

26.Spring days

27.Late assignments

28.Bad time

29.Spring days

30.My nipples

31.Spring is coming soon

32.It’s Spring

33.I hate them

34.Would be spring

35.Long while

36.Spring is here


38.Hurt to be outside

39.Keep up bro

40.60 degrees

41.I have a ball

42.Spring expectations

43.It’s over


45.Could you not


47.2020 is over

48.2021 stuff

49.The worst year

50.A trailer

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The awards at the 78th Golden Globes were presented in a virtual ceremony shared between Los Angeles and New York.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the event for the fourth time, but due to pandemic restrictions, Fey aired from New York while Poehler was in Los Angeles.

Chloé Zhao was amazed when she was announced by Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones as the winner of the Best Director award for the film Nomadland. Zhao is only the second woman to win that category in the 78-year history of the awards. Nomadland also won the coveted award for best dramatic film.

The awards were announced by a lot of celebrities, including the British actress Cynthia Erivo who wore a neon green dress. And many other celebrities shone, despite the absence of the red carpet and the frantic audience.

The film Nomadland, directed by Chloe Zhao, won the Golden Globe for Best Drama Feature, The Crown is the best TV drama series, Schitt's Creek is the best comedy series and The Queen's Gambit is the best miniseries.

The Golden Globes Gala took place in a small format, and the hosts of the event were Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. The awards are given for 25 categories and are voted by members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

With this gala, many funny memes and tweets appeared, and Bemorepanda gathered them all here.

1.So many doors?

2.The stars

3.Need to understand

4.After losing

5.Sorkin Girls

6.Roomful of women


8.Strong case

9.Shook me

10.Award show

11.Two types of people

12.I prayed

13.Please inject


15.The king

16.Good friends

17.Go nuts

18.I am so happy

19.So happy

20.Jodie Foster

21.A good hodie

22.So glad

23.A hard year

24.Always exciting

25.Some Scully

26.Natural accent

27.So surprised

28.Jason Derulo

29.Bill Murray

30.Golden Globes

31.Rest of year


33.Angela Bassett

34.Olivia Colman

35.Wrap it up

36.Play off music

37.Don Cheadle

38.Worst gift

39.Pizza lover

40.That look

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9gag is the perfect page to make fun of everything, just like Bemorepanda where you can find a lot of funny, useful and interesting things. Creative memes are trending and for this reason Bemorepanda has collected them for you. Here are the top memes for the beginning of 2021, we remember a bit of 2020 but we go on with new jokes.

  1. Dogecoin

2.Sorry ladies

3.French fries

4.Dear Santa

5.Minecraft excel

6.I see!


8.Want to slap

9.Executive level

10.She said yes

11.Middle East


13.Serious debate

14.Say no more

15.Discover my husband


17.Taking a nap

18.Adult already

19.Day off

20.Blonde and handsome

21.Quick math

22.Atheism leaving my body

23.So trendy

24.Mountain Dew

25.Tom and Jerry

26.Reading this

27.Funny Britney

28.My dog wants attention

29.Math problem

30.Change age

31.Famous person

32.Simple compliment

33.Don’t touch


35.Clothing on Amazon




37.Falling anymore


38.That one friend




40.Worst number


41.5 min


42.2020 was like


43.School opens


44.Taking care


45.Get attention


46.Need to study


47.Work from home


48.Global pandemic


49.Miss toilet


50.2020 slide

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Bemorepanda has collected the funniest memes for April 2021. This year is as many surprises as 2020. This spring began vaccination and relaxation of many quarantine restrictions. Here is the top that will make you smile.

1.That time of the year

2.Wronged me

3.My life is a joke

4.Winter is over

5.April’s fool day

6.Where’s the check?

7.April’s fool day

8.Trust no one

9.Trusting nature

10.Throw up

11.Prank me

12.Take you seriously

13.Leave the house

14.Humiliating me

15.Face at everyone

16.Chocolate chips

17.Eat everything

18.Dedicated fools

19.Good excuse

20.Her husband

21.New school year

22.Humor based

23.Are you still watching?

24.Closing deals

25.Hotel Hell

26.Love is in the air

27.Cool mom

28.Online tests

29.Uncharged phone

30.Another plate to the sink

31.Don’t love

32.Doing 5 things


34.Jiggling the door

35.Every kid in class

36.Laughting at corona

37.Work on Saturday

38.Golf course

39.When I believe mommy

40.Do both

41.Love is in the air?




45.Telling a story

46.Double trouble

47.Online meeting

48.Drop the base

49.Single thing

50.Trying be quite

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Valentine's Day is celebrated annually on February 14th. It is the holiday that gives couples another reason to express their feelings, but also the holiday that helps single people meet their soul mate. Here are the traditions and customs around Valentine's Day.


Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually around the world, but under different names, but also on other days. For example, in Latin America, Valentine's Day is known as Love Day and Friendship Day.


Also in Brazil, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on June 12, the day before St. Anthony, the patron saint of marriage. Valentine's Day customs vary from culture to culture. Over time, Valentine's Day has given many gifts, but the modern tradition of giving chocolate as a gift came in the late 1800s from Richard Cadbury, son of John Cadbury, the famous chocolate maker.


In Japan, women are the ones who give gifts to men on February 14th. It's true that I only give away chocolate, and the chocolate I choose differs depending on the type of relationship. For example, the normal one is offered out of obligation to bosses, colleagues and friends, and the fine one, to the lover, fiancé or husband.


And in South Korea, women offer chocolate to men. And they give women anything but chocolate. In Finland, many couples get engaged or get married on February 14, but this day is more about friendship than love. According to tradition, it is an occasion for gatherings between friends, who make symbolic gifts. In some parts of Britain, on Valentine's Day, girls put bay leaves under their pillows and eat only salted eggs, believing that this is how they will dream of their chosen one overnight.


This holiday is celebrated all over the world. And of course we also have a lot of jokes, besides all the love and sweetness. Bemorepanda has collected this funny top for you.



  1. Brace yourselves ,Valentine's Day is coming


2.You have a crush on someone?


3.Valentine's day is around the corner


4.Roses are red


5.About 14 February


6.Single people on Valentine's Day


7.It's Valentine's Day


8.All this cute stuff


9.To and from


10.How I plan on spending Valentine's Day


11.I've been solo


12.I like you more than Kanye likes kanye


13.Prettier face


14.Saved tons of money on Valentines Day


15.I don't require a lot of attention


16.Sad about being alone


17.Is your name Wi-fi?


18.Valentines Day less than 2 weeks away


19.Valentines Day?


20.Do I have a date for Valentines Day?


21.When you finally find someone


22.This fish, is my fish


23.Boyfriend's hoodie


24.I'm DTF


25.When bae text you some cute


26.Relationship goals


27.The day I met you


28.Hi there


29.I am not the best


30.Both crazy, but you're in love


31.I just want you


32.Love is in the air

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33.I have a date


34.No time for that

Top 10 Valentine's Day Memes | Valentine's Day 2014 | National | BET


35.Alone on other days

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Valentine's Day Card Memes of Donald Trump Are Hilarious | Observer


37.Before Valentine's Day

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38.Just remember

25 Hilarious Valentine's Day Memes You Need For Your LOLS


39.I hate you

10 Anti-Valentine's Day Memes For People Who Are So Over Romance


40.Are you Google?

75 Funny Valentine Memes To Get You Through V Day |


41.Me on Valentine's

50 Funniest Valentine Day's Memes, Images & Pics for Your Bae


42.Why you are alone?

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43.Flowers and candy?


44.Plans for Valentines?

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45.Plans for this day

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46.Period on Valentines

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47.Going to work

Valentine's Day memes: 24 tragic reactions to cry over all alone


48.A great big pug

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49.Pretending to be shocked

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50.There is a date

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Being a parent is the most beautiful thing in the world. There is nothing in this world that you can do and that will bring you as much joy and fulfillment as that mound that is born of you.

Modern parents share various funny things about their children. Bemorepanda has collected the funniest tweets written by parents to start this spring.

1.Wow so cool

2.No excuse


4.What the hell

5.My 4 year old

6.What do you like better

7.I worked from home

8.Zoom class

9.We are drowning

10.Clean your room

11.I keep thinking

12.Parenting a toddler

13.My kids ask

14.Huge amount

15.Guess things

16.Binge watching

17.I just yelled

18.Parenting is basically

19.Grab her mask

20.Just walked in

21.About Netflix

22.Me and my husband


24.Until parenting


26.Zoom preschool

27.No fury

28.My son


30.Flex on


32.Keeping the magic

33.Buy clothes

34.My child

35.Tooth stuff

36.Playing guys

37.Scary thoughts

38.3 year old

39.Two year old


41.Against Zoom

42.Out in public

43.Say a prayer

44.Never right

45.My husband

46.Thomas the train

47.Asked my son

48.Get married

49.Still watching?

50.My Ipad

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