2021 stimulus check memes: 50 funny jokes and tweets to mark the arrival of the $1,400 payment

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Democrats have taken another step in pushing $ 1.9 trillion in aid to President Biden, as the House Methods and Means Committee said yesterday it had approved key measures, including checks for $ 1,400.


Several committees are working on the bill, and part of the Ways and Means committee's draft includes provisions for: approving direct payments of $ 1,400; extend unemployment benefits and temporary federal benefits until August 29, 2021; increases weekly benefit from $ 300 to $ 400; extension of tax credits for employees and families; supports health insurance and improves access to health care; and to protect the elderly in nursing homes, the statement said.


House President Nancy Pelosi said in her weekly press conference yesterday that she expects the commissioning increase to end this week. Increasing the membership of the committee is a key formal step the committee ultimately takes to move the bill forward, according to the Congress website.


The next steps, according to Pelosi, are to send him to the Budget Committee next week to do their bidding, then to the Rules Committee, and then up, she said in her speech. Bemorepanda collected some memes.


1.Stimulus Check after 9 months



2.Class pizza parties



3.Congress announced stimulus check



4.Looking like a 5 dollar



5.Quarters on the ground



6.The check stimulus



7.Next stimulus check



8.Stimulus check



9.PS5 and family's Christmas gifts



10.Half of your rent



11.Next stimulus check



12.Members of Congress




13.Double amount



14.Congress having stimulus check



15.About stimulus check



16.First date idea



17.Second stimulus check



18.Checking stimulus

18 Funniest Stimulus Check Memes - LAUGHTARD


19.100th time and seeing this

stimuluscheck Memes - Find and Share | Memes


20.Financial recovery


21.Deposited stimulus


22.Hiting bank account


23.Now for 2021




25.600 dollars


26.A tiger


27.Before and after


28.Not yet


29.This face


30.Reasons to live


31.Swipe up

Checking my bank account Memes


32.Looking at bank account

Looking at My Bank Account Like | Bank Meme on ME.ME


33.My face

Bank account : memes


34.Second stimulus check

Image tagged in prime - Imgflip


35.Hear about the second stimulus

Second stimulus package - Imgflip


36.Second stimulus check

To all the other starving Americans... : memes


37.Waiting for it

Waiting on that second stimulus check ..... | Make a Meme


38.Eating money

Stimulus Checks Are Dropping And So Are The Stimulus Check Memes


39.Put it up together

Stimulus Checks Are Dropping And So Are The Stimulus Check Memes


40.Stimulus check

Here are some of the funniest COVID-19 relief payment memes on social media  - HoustonChronicle.com


41.Free stimulus

18 Funniest Stimulus Check Memes - LAUGHTARD


42.Just got the stimulus check


43.Looks good




45.Enough for everything


46.Just pay it


47.I'll look with you


48.Stimulus payment




50.The gov vs me

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US President-elect Joe Biden, Democrat, who takes office on January 20, has unveiled a plan to stimulate the economy amid a nearly $ 1.9 trillion pandemic, Reuters reported.

Biden proposed spending about $ 1 trillion in direct aid to households, $ 440 billion in helping small businesses hardest hit by the pandemic, and $ 415 billion in pandemic control and vaccinations.

Joe Biden believes that US residents need to be paid $ 1,400 in addition to the $ 600 previously approved in the US Congress. He also proposed increasing the amount of supplementary unemployment insurance from $ 300 to $ 400 per week. This generated a lot of memes, Bemorepanda collected them all.

1.Good budget

2.I’ll look with you

3.Check the money

4.Me to Congress

5.Stimulus payment

6.US government

7.Me with my new gun

8.Stimulus check


10.That’s the stimulus check

11.Covid stimulus check

12.2% back

13.Computer screen

14.Stimulus poem

15.This poem too

16.Gun money

17.Essential only

18.A gun

19.Waiting for stimulus check

20.Financial recovery

21.Deposited stimulus

22.Hiting bank account

23.Now for 2021


25.600 dollars

26.A tiger

27.Before and after

28.Not yet

29.This face

30.Reasons to live

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Melania Trump (born Melanija Knavs, Germanized Melania Knauss, born April 26, 1970, Novo Mesto, Socialist Republic of Slovenia, RSF Yugoslavia is a jewelry and watch designer, former model and American businesswoman of Slovenian origin.


She has been married since 2005 to US billionaire Donald Trump, a former real estate businessman and former US president. Born in Yugoslavia (now Slovenia), she became a permanent resident of the United States in 2001 and a citizen in 2006.


The first lady of the USA, Melania Trump, reacted on Twitter more than 24 hours after the media projections showed that Donald Trump lost the race for a new mandate at the White House.


Sources quoted by CNN said, before this tweeet, that Melania Trump would have tried to convince the incumbent president to publicly accept her defeat.


According to the projections, the democratic candidate Joe Biden gathered over 270 electoral votes, the minimum number to ensure his election.


However, Trump has challenged this result and is accused of voting fraud, even if, according to the Federal Electoral Commission, there is no evidence to that effect.


He announced that his campaign team will go to court on Monday to challenge the counting of votes they consider "illegal".


Still through the time of being the first lady, there appeared a lot of funny memes with Melania. Bemorepanda collected the funniets one.


1.This look


2.How Melania sees the world


3.When you marry a millionaire


4.Blink twice


5.Help Melania


6.The only good moment of this inauguration


7.Stop sending this


8.It makes sense now


9.Smiling at Putin


10.Upgraiding to Putin


11.The reason is clear


12.Cheating on Melania


13.If he goes blind


14.Devotion to America


15.Delete Trump account


16.Signaling something?


17.A sugar daddy


18.Russian dolls


19.That's pretty funny


20.Melania loves Trudeau


21.Looks like even Melania is thinking of an escape


22.Fantasy moment


23.Dress for the jos you want


24.A black widow


25.Can I copy your homework?


26.I had a degree


27.Being the first lady


28.Trusted speech writers


29.Date a rich guy


30.Be nice to Melania

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The Republican Party, along with the Democratic Party, is one of two major political parties in the United States. Founded by anti-slavery activists in 1854, the Republican Party is often called the Grand Old Party or GOP, despite appearing on the political scene in the United States later than the Democratic Party. The party's political platform is generally considered to be center-right in the American political spectrum.

The Republican Party is the second largest registered voter in the United States, with about 55 million active voters in 2004, representing about a third of the electorate. Various polls conducted over Over the past two years, they have found that between 20% and 34% of Americans identify as Republicans.

Throughout the history of the United States, there have been nineteen Republican presidents, compared to fifteen Democrats, four Whigs and four Republican Democrats, and George Washington, respectively, unaffiliated with any political movement.


2.US democracy

3.Conspiracy Theory

4.What I see



7.Don’t do this

8.Limit immigration

9.Coal miner

10.Trump was president


12.New billboard

13.What if


15.No more audits

16.I have decided

17.Sexual abuse

18.Paying enough

19.Wall dems

20.Trump supporters

21.Lin Wood


23.Banning abortion

24.Many years ago


26.Muslim ban


28.Get vaccinated

29.Under oath


31.Positive test

32.Just like that

33.Love to claim


35.First audit

36.Get the vaccine

37.Think twitter


39.Last 18 years

40.Private company

41.Last 18 years



44.Ted Cruz

45.Mass media


47.Mitch McConnell

48.President Trump

49.Wedding cancelation

50.What I see

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Joe Biden signed the reactivation of a World War II law, the so-called Lend-Lease law, to significantly and rapidly increase military support for Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion.

The original Lend-Lease Act was passed by the US Congress in March 1941 and gave President Roosevelt the virtually unlimited authority to send military aid (ammunition, tanks, planes, trucks, and food) to allied countries fighting Nazi Germany without violating its status. neutrality that the United States had at the time.

The law stated that military aid was granted to any nation "considered vital to the security of the United States."

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes.

1. Lend-lease done

2. Signed

3. Hello, Putin

4. Lend- Lease art

5. May 9th

The story's irony is that the law was initially intended for the UK as the primary beneficiary. However, the Lend-Lease program was expanded to include China and the Soviet Union in a few months. By the end of World War II, almost 40 countries had received support under this program.

The law gives the Biden administration much more leeway when it comes to the military equipment it sends to Ukraine and the speed with which it can decide what aid to send to Ukraine and NATO countries on the eastern flank of the Northern Alliance. -Atlantic, now "front-line countries," the Associated Press reports.

On Monday, US President Joe Biden signed a lend-lease law for Ukraine, a vital document to establish a steady stream of military and humanitarian aid to the Russian-invaded country. This reactivates a mechanism that worked at its peak in World War II when the United States became the "arsenal of democracy." At the same time, Biden called Congress to immediately vote on supplementing aid for Kyiv, warning that current resources would be depleted "in about ten days."

6. Nuclear weapons?

7. Supporting Ukraine

8. So nice

The document allows Biden to use a World War II rule, known as the Lend- Lease Act, enacted by Franklin Roosevelt in 1941. It provides for the rental or lending of military equipment to any country whose defense is considered vital to the protection of the United States. The United States has become the "arsenal of democracy through this law." For Roosevelt, it was not a show of altruism and generosity. It was the way to contribute to the defeat of Nazi Germany without going to war, at least not before the nation was ready, both militarily and as a public opinion. "We buy, we don't rent. We buy our security while we prepare," Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson said during congressional debates. Shortly after signing the law, Roosevelt used his authority to deliver vast quantities of food and weapons from American ports to Britain. They were sent from tanks, planes, ships, weapons, infrastructure materials, clothes, chemicals, and food. By the end of 1942, politics had expanded, including the Soviet Union, China, Australia, New Zealand, and the exiled governments of Poland, the Netherlands, and Norway. By the end of World War II, the United States had used the law to provide $ 50 billion in aid to more than 30 nations worldwide.

9. About neutrality

10. Modern tanks

11. Nuke threat

Lend-Lease is a system for the transfer by the United States of America of military equipment, weapons, ammunition, equipment, strategic raw materials, food, and other miscellaneous goods to countries - allies of the anti-Hitler coalition. The US Congress approved the lease on March 11, 1941. According to this document, the President was given the authority to transfer, exchange, lease, and lend strategic weapons and materials to the government of any country where the fight against aggressors is vital. For the defense of the U.S., Countries that received lend-lease assistance signed bilateral agreements with the United States, which provided that materials destroyed, lost, or consumed during the war were not subject to any payment after the end of the war. The remaining materials suitable for civilian consumption must be paid in whole or in part based on long-term US loans. From March 11, 1941, to August 1, 1945, the United States provided $ 46 billion to allied countries under the Lend-Lease system, including the United Kingdom and other British Commonwealth countries - for $ 30 billion. , $ 3 billion., The Soviet Union - $ 9.8 billion, France - $ 1.4 billion, China - $ 631 million, and Latin American countries - $ 421 million.

In the first five months of the Great Patriotic War, the Law on Lending and Leasing did not apply in the USSR. During this period, the United States sent $ 41 million worth of weapons and supplies to the Soviet Union. And it was not until November 7, 1941, that the President of the United States, F. D. Roosevelt, extended the law of the lend-lease to the USSR.

Until then, lend-lease deliveries to the USSR were made by the Anglo-Soviet Mutual Assistance Agreement of 12 July 1941 in the United Kingdom. As early as the end of July 1941, during these deliveries, the English minelayer Adventure delivered a cargo of deep-sea cargo and magnetic mines to Arkhangelsk. And in August 1941, the first Lend-Lease convoy left England for the northern ports of the USSR.

The delivery of Anglo-American equipment and weapons to the Soviet Union was three ways. It was initially planned that up to 75% of all economic aid from Western allies would be sent by ships across the Arctic to the ports of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. By the spring of 1942, 12 convoys of 103 boats had been sent along this route, of which only one ship was lost. However, then the situation changed dramatically. German fascist command began to attract significant air, submarine, and large surface ships to fight Allied convoys. As a result, there were heavy losses on the RO-13, 16, and 17 caravans.

12. Crimea Bridge

13. WW3

14. Deal

The second source of the lend-lease supply ran from the ports of the Persian Gulf, through the deserts and mountains of Iran and Iraq to the Soviet Transcaucasia. The goods were shipped by rail, highway, and air. From December 1941 to the end of 1942, thanks to the joint work of Soviet, British, and American specialists, the production capacity of ports in the Middle East increased significantly, and already in 1943, 3447 thousand tons of cargo were delivered to the USSR by the southern route. Through all modes of transport and military equipment, in 1944, this figure increased 1.5 times and amounted to 5,498 thousand tons.

At the beginning of 1945, all deliveries through Iran and Iraq were stopped. During the Great Patriotic War, more than 10 million tons of goods were delivered to the USSR on the southern route.

During the negotiations in the summer of 1942, a third route was approved - sending aircraft by air through Alaska and Siberia. The length of the way from the American city of Fairbanks to Krasnoyarsk was 14,000 km. About 8,000 American fighter jets were delivered along the route during the war.

Throughout the Great Patriotic War, powerful weapons, the United States and Britain supplied the Soviet Union with 18,700 aircraft, about 11,000 self-propelled artillery tanks and mounts, and up to 10,000 guns of various calibers. Terms of military equipment and weapons produced in the USSR amounted to 16.7% for aviation, 10.5% for self-propelled tanks and cannons, and about 2% of our country's total artillery production.

15. Thunderbolt

16. Russian invasion

17. It’s beautiful

18. You don’t

19. the USA 

20. Were/was

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Europe may be as beautiful as it wants to be, but America has a special charm. Maybe movie propaganda worked too well (that's probably a factor). Maybe we, as a people, have dreamed too much about the arrival of the Americans. It is certain that for Eastern Europe, America is beautiful and must be seen at least once in its life.

Life in America memes

But the truth is, we can't give that answer about life in America that many people expect to receive. Because no one can define life in a country as large and diverse as America. It's like an American asking you what life is like in Europe. The answer differs a lot depending on the area where you live. Just as you can't compare life in Romania with life in Germany or life in Sweden with life in Italy, you can't give a general answer about life in America.

1. Explication

2. Kids around the world

3. Universal health

4. Free health care

Each state is so different that the experience can be completely different in one city than another. Even in California, where we live, the experience is completely different in Silicon Valley than in Los Angeles.

So we can't say what life is like in America, I can only say what life is like here. And I'm sure every person who moves to the United States sees things differently, in terms of life experience so far.

Living in America has its ups and downs, just like living in any other country. For us, there are more pluses than minuses and that's why we decided to stay here. But we are not going to stay here forever.

Favorable working and living conditions, high economic indicators and advanced technology attract millions of visitors to America every year in search of a fabulous life. Many people remain illegal in the country. Their lives are difficult and even dangerous, because illegal immigrants lose all the opportunities and social benefits necessary for life.

5. Actual pandemic

6. Say what you want

7. Coaches

While Americans and green card holders can live, taking advantage of every opportunity in the social and civil rights category. There is no social difference between Native Americans and residents, they are equal and have the same rights and civic duty.

In terms of living standards, the United States is the country with the highest rates. The conclusions about quality are made based on the facts about the salaries of specialists, working conditions, benefits and social guarantees, medical care, life expectancy, quality of education, etc. But, as in any situation, in addition to the positive ones, there are always negative aspects.

In order to assess the standard of living in a given country, those factors that sufficiently meet the different needs of the population are taken into account. The higher the quality indicators of social security, the quality of housing and utilities, the more stable wages and the diversity of the cultural environment and services, the higher the quality of living.


The United States is a leader in population growth. This is primarily due to the fact that life in the United States is associated with comfortable conditions and excellent health care. But the main population growth, of course, is immigration.

8. When you live in America

9. SuperBowl

10. Spider man

The unemployment rate is considered low, but these figures are unequal. In New York, this figure is very high, because the difference between rich and poor is impressive. The presence of higher education and experience plays a crucial role in employment.

The more prestigious the education and the profession, the higher and more stable the income. Good specialists are appreciated here and do not have to worry that they will be fired suddenly. Managers, lawyers, doctors and TV presenters have the highest incomes. That is, representatives of those professions that are associated with the social and entertainment sphere.

The state welcomes and supports private business in every way possible, and the consumer market is widely represented, so that everyone can find a niche in the business sector. At the same time, even ordinary people with regular vacancies earn quite well.

11. Thats real life

12. United Nations

13. Nothing done

Prices for education in educational institutions are quite affordable, but the more prestigious the institution, the higher the cost. The tuition fee for higher education fluctuates in the range of tens of thousands of dollars a year. To obtain a specialized degree, it is enough to study, both at college and at university.


Education in the United States is also open to foreigners; there are a lot of programs for them, including exchange programs. Therefore, anyone who wants to stay in this country can live in America and get an education there.

The food here is of excellent quality and at affordable prices. Good and tasty food can be afforded by people with almost any income. However, food in restaurants is much more expensive. The availability of the products is due to the fact that the state supports the farms in all possible ways. For people who want to dedicate their lives to working the land and farming, there are profitable government programs.

America is also famous for its affordable and nutritious fast food. As a result, many Americans are overweight.

An important condition for living comfortably in the United States is insurance, which is very common in the country as a mandatory and recommended service. Insurance covers life and health, then movable and immovable property.

14. President of America


15. American picture

In large offices, the employer provides health insurance for their employees. This is how you care about your employees. And especially prestigious corporations offer insurance not only for their employees but also for their families. Small companies also protect their employees by offering them discounted insurance.

For the poor in the country there is absolutely free insurance. Children under 19 and people of retirement age after 65 fall into the category of state social insurance. The Medicare program is designed specifically for the elderly, which includes medical consultations and outpatient care. Thus, in America, they care for those who have lived in the country for many years, working conscientiously for the good of the state.

In fact, the main features of American nationals are friendship with strangers and ease of communication. These people are instructed to be polite to their guests, and when they answer the standard question, "Do you like it here?" Ask anywhere in Europe, they will follow the rule: “If you can't say something good, you better not. to answer at all ”. And, therefore, the standards of honesty that other nations profess, Americans interpret in their own way, considering such "honesty" as a sign of rudeness.

Usually, in America, people move freely both geographically and socially. They easily get to know each other and make new friends. True, most American homes are still separated by a fence. And even such invisible barriers, such as the lawn, are properly perceived and respected: one can have a friendly relationship with a neighbor in a home and, at the same time, not show interest in his business. And although this dividing line is very thin, it still exists as a border.

16. Two feet


17. American walls

18. Doing great

19. USA history

20. Confused screaming

21. World tour

22. Unrealistic


23. Imperial system

24. Vice versa

25. Healthcare

26. You what?

27. Australians

28. Tap water

29. Spicy food

30. Houses in America

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