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10 habbits that every sucesfull person must have

3 weeks ago

The main secret of any person who has finally achieved his goal, as a rule, is that there is no secret. There is daily work, work on a project, and most importantly - on yourself. It is daily useful actions and habits that form the necessary qualities in us and lead to goals: career growth, a healthy body, bright travels. Desires in any area are not fulfilled just like that - this is always the way, which means that you need to think about specific steps and choose a strategy.

Bemorepana collected 10 useful habbits that every succesful person must have.

1. Exercise body, soul and mind

Achievement of success is possible only with the versatile development of the organism, the activation of all its forces. It is imperative to do three things every day: an activity for the body, for the soul, and for the mind.

This could be:

  • Exercises to warm up the body and prepare for the working day,
  • Meditation in the middle of the day to escape stress,
  • Reading a book to maintain brain activity,
  • Pilates for toning the whole body,
  • Cheerful music for the right inner mood,
  • Webinar to keep abreast of all professional news.
  • Some famous people start every morning with the 15-minute Sing Sheng Juan Complex, which prepares the mind and body for the new day.

2. Daily practice Me-time

Me-time concept - time for yourself and alone with yourself. Above all, remove gadgets and other distractions. Ask yourself questions about the meaning of life, your mission and goals, look at yourself from the outside. You can just dream or remember your recent victories, think about your future.

Such a ritual will help keep important goals in mind and not get lost in the daily routine. The following works like this: 10-15 minutes at the end of each day to evaluate and realize the sequence of events and meetings, but most importantly, to pay attention to the emotions and feelings caused by this day. Thank yourself and the world for this day.

3. Meditation

Many famous people practice daily meditation, from Madonna to Hillary Clinton. How can she help? 3-5-10 minutes a day give you the opportunity to switch, relax, collect your thoughts, take control of energy flows. You can take a course with a trainer, or you can cope with stress on your own.

For example, someone takes a walk every day in the middle of the working day, if there is a park nearby. Let your brain relax, don't take the route or control the time, and focus on feelings and sensations. 15 minutes of this state awakens the right hemisphere, which means that you will be all right with creativity.

4. Correct breathing

Proper breathing is the fastest and most powerful way to recuperate from stress. Helps you relax or concentrate, depending on your goal.

  • It is necessary to recuperate after a tiring meeting: inhale the air slowly in four counts and direct it to the abdomen, then exhale in the same four counts, repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • Cheer up before the presentation: inhale the air slowly, and then take a few short breaths through the nose, repeat the exercise three to five times.

I don't like to rush, but if I have to, I always pay attention to my breathing, internally regulating it. This allows you to remain calm but focused.

5. The right questions

It is impossible to start a new project without defining goals and objectives, preparing a plan, otherwise you risk getting something completely different from what you wanted. At the beginning, ask questions: “Do I really need this? Do I want this? Does this lead to MY goal? " This will eliminate unnecessary actions and work that does not please you at all.

Instead of asking "Why?" ask the question "For what?" This will replace whining, pessimism, frustration and hopelessness with optimism, perspective, and launch creativity into the channel of creation.

Instead of the question: “How did this happen to me?”, Ask the question: “How did I organize this for myself?”, And then a lot will become clear. Be the author of your life, not a victim of your circumstances. When you focus the question on yourself, constructive reflection is triggered, but only on condition of honest answers.

You created this chain of events yourself, so there is no point in being surprised that the negotiations failed, or blaming anyone. The author is known. It is important to draw conclusions.

6. Stop toxic thoughts

Learning to control and dissolve harmful, toxic thoughts is essential. These include:

  • fear,
  • resentment,
  • sadness,
  • self-pity.

Advice: at the first appearance of such sensations, concentrate on this emotion, realize that these are just games of imagination and non-existent constructions, switch to positive thoughts, and then return to reality: career, personal life, and everyday life.

Before, like many parents, you are sometimes seized by an unreasonable panic fear for the life of a child. With your brains you understand that everything is fine, but your imagination is already enveloping you in terrible pictures. It doesn't help just to drive these thoughts away.

You need to realize that these are just thoughts, you move away from them, you breathe measuredly, you turn your attention to your favorite beach in Greece, You remember the feeling of white sand under your feet ... A minute later you are back in reality, but without fear.

7. Risk and bold decisions

In modern business, there is only one way to stay afloat: do what your competitors do not expect of you. Generate creative solutions and boldly follow them. Advice for those who are sometimes afraid to take risks: perceive everything that happens in the present and the future as a game, then any event and result is part of the performance, that is, the plan. Which means it will be fun anyway!

The simplest example from the communication business: When preparing proposals for clients, the working group is divided into two parts. Some think what competitors can offer, taking into account their specifics and strengths, the task of the second is to come up with something exceptional and unique. Then the proposals are combined and discussed, thus creating an effective funnel.

8. Sleep

You need to get enough sleep regularly, the optimal time for falling asleep is 22: 00-23: 00, and the duration of sleep should be at least seven to eight hours. Lack of sleep has a detrimental effect on the body, even if we do not notice it.

  • First, the brain begins to function only 50%,
  • Secondly, lack of sleep weakens the immune system and can lead to illness, and these are just two important consequences of insufficient sleep.

Previously, you frequently sat up until two or three in the morning, but this guaranteed fatigue, apathy and lack of efficiency in the morning. And you need to realize a simple thing: going to bed on time means respecting yourself, this is a working rule of successful people. Now I adhere to the regime 22.30 - 6.30 and feel great.

9. Daily reading

Reading can perform several functions at once: professional books for gaining new knowledge and applying them in work, cognitive literature for broadening one's horizons, and fiction as a source of new emotions, relaxation and inspiration.

Bemorepanda thinks that in your list you should definitely include two books that have become the reference books for many business people: “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand and “Stop Thinking! Take action!" Robert Anthony.

Also important for me are books containing specific tools, for example, "The Code of Extraordinary", "Never", "Sovereign", "Black Swan". These books are in my home in different places, they often help to answer internal questions or direct me to reflection.


10. System and order in everything

Order on the table = order in the head = order in life. You can start with the simplest rule: plan tomorrow in the evening, do it using special programs or a regular notebook.

Prepare a plan for tomorrow in the evening in the calendar of your phone, different applications help you to adhere to the goals, check your mail three times a day (11-15-19). Social networks are also three times a day, messengers no more than once an hour.

Time management tip: To be more productive, psychologists advise you not to plan several big things in one day, so you will not do anything.

Focus on the one big task you have to accomplish today and be sure to see it through to the end. In addition to the main task, write down a few more simple household tasks, such as: go to the store, call your partner, order a ticket, do these small things during breaks, in a taxi, or when you are waiting for a meeting. This will make you feel good that you managed to complete a large task, and also managed to do a lot of small, but necessary things.

Some may think that order makes life boring, but there are so many things beyond our control on our way, we want to see stability somewhere. And chaos can happen at any moment, for example, when you meet your love!

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Popular Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is familiar to almost everyone. He played a huge number of various roles in cinema, and many films with his participation received the status of cult. What is “Vanilla Sky” alone! One cannot fail to note his amazing talent and ability to get used to the role - when you watch him play, you really believe what is happening on the screen.

1. The mother of the future star was also an actress. This probably had some influence on his future career choices.

Tom Cruise's mother has passed away at age 80 - ABC News

2. As Tom's childhood, his family often moved in search of work, so that by the age of fourteen he had already changed a dozen schools.

Tom Cruise Height, Weight, Age, Biography, Wife & More » StarsUnfolded

3. Young Tom Cruise had crooked teeth. This was subsequently corrected. He also suffered from dyslexia.

Tom Cruise's teeth before cosmetic dental surgery : pics

4. At about the same time he was fond of wrestling, and even thought to build a professional career in this sport. He had to leave classes due to a knee injury.

Tom Cruise 'supports' Atletico Madrid… but he's not the only Hollywood star  with an unlikely 'soccer' team - Mirror Online

5. In college, Tom Cruise played in theater productions. The future actor missed his prom at school, because at that time he participated in the production of the musical.

Watch Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon Act Out 'Kid Theater' Versions of 'The  Mummy' on 'Tonight Show' | Entertainment Tonight

6. He first appeared on the screen in 1981, playing a small role.

7 Movies You Totally Forgot Tom Cruise Was In Before He Was Famous

7. Tom Cruise prohibits the use of his image in computer games and souvenirs such as figurines, despite the fact that he was not once offered a lot of money for this.

Kevin Ryman From Resident Evil And Tom Cruise | Celebrity entertainment, Video  game characters, Game character

8. For nearly ten years he has been married to Australian actress Nicole Kidman (see interesting facts about Nicole Kidman).

Nicole Kidman: Being Married to Tom Cruise Protected Me from Sexual  Harassment | Vanity Fair

9. Tom Cruise has repeatedly demonstrated his indifference to others. So, in 1996, he witnessed an accident in which a woman was injured.He escorted her to the hospital and later paid her a large medical bill when it was revealed that she did not have health insurance.

15 Times Celebrities Became Real Life Heroes - More

10. All dangerous and spectacular stunts in films he performs independently, without involving stuntmen.

Photos from Fascinating Facts About Tom Cruise - E! Online

11. In 1998, the actor managed to protect a woman who was attacked by street robbers.

Tom Cruise filmography - Wikipedia

12. He is a big fan of sports technology. Moreover, he equally loves both racing cars and motorcycles.

Pin on Yep I love nascar

13. Disney modeled a certain beloved character after CruiseThe inspiration behind your favourite Disney characters – from Tom Cruise  to the Beatles and an iconic drag queen

14. Tom Cruise's fortune is estimated at about half a billion dollars. He is one of the top highest paid Hollywood actors.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' $275million divorce battle: How much of  couple's estate will Katie make from five-year marriage? | Daily Mail Online

15. The actor is a staunch supporter of the Church of Scientologists. In Russia, this organization is partially banned.

Aussies lose patience with Church of Scientology

16. In the movie "Risky Business", Cruise's character wears sunglasses from the famous Ray Ban brand. After the release of the film, sales of this model's glasses increased by 2000%.

Tom Cruise, Risky Business, Old Time Rock & Roll #80's | Risky business  costume, Risky business, Tom cruise risky business

17. He spends huge amounts of money for the Church of Scientology, and plans to produce products in his own film studio to promote this teaching.

How come no one asks Tom Cruise about Scientology?

18. The actor has been a vegetarian for a very long time.

Tom Cruise Vegan - Sidvicious

19. In Japan, Cruise is very popular, as he visits this country more often than any other Hollywood actor.

Tom Cruise took photos with fans in Japan. | Tom Cruise Greets Tokyo Amid  Rumors It May Not Be His Final Mission | POPSUGAR Celebrity Photo 9

20. Tom Cruise claims that psychiatry is a pseudoscience.

Tom Cruise quote: Psychiatry is a pseudoscience.... You don't know the  history of...

21. One of Cruise's three sisters could not stand his popularity, which indirectly affects her too, and left to live in one of the countries of Oceania.

Tom Cruise's Sisters Basically Look Like the Actor's Twins

22. Tom Cruise is equally good with his left and right hand.

With 1 Sentence, Tom Cruise Helped Make 'Jerry Maguire' a Hit, But It's Not  the One You Think |

23. Initially, the role of the Chosen One in the "Matrix" was to be played by him. But in the end, he refused, and the role went to Keanu Reeves.

Keanu Reeves' 'Matrix' Suit and Mechanical 'Alien' Head Go to Auction |  IndieWire

24. Each of the three wives of the actor was eleven years younger than the previous one.

Tom Cruise's '33' problem: He's split with all 3 of his wives when they hit  that age (and the number has meaning in Scientology, too) - New York Daily  News

25. Tom Cruise, like Angelina Jolie, has a pilot's license.

Are Angelina Jolie & Tom Cruise Dating? | Celebuzz

26. In 1990, he was recognized as the most beautiful person on Earth.

Tom Cruise - Movies, Spouses & Kids - Biography

27. The famous main character of the Disney cartoon "Aladdin" was copied from the image of Tom Cruise.

19 things you didn't know about 'Aladdin' - Insider

28. Little known fact: Cruz has a great voice and sings very well.

Tom Cruise & Malin Akerman singing "I want to know what love is" - YouTube

29. He is actively interested in Japanese history, and in particular, samurai (see interesting facts about samurai).

Tom Cruise on Twitter: "I've just arrived in Japan for the new MISSION!  More to come soon… #MIJP"

30. The actor has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Syracuse Walk of Stars: Your comments, suggestions for the top 100  celebrities with CNY ties -

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The famous Hollywood actor Will Smith quickly built a career, reaching the heights of fame and recognition. Although it cannot be said that it was easy for him - the path was long, but he coped with the task set to himself and achieved success. Currently, he is a recognized star with a whole bunch of various awards, and, of course, the idol of millions of viewers. Bemorepanda presents you the most interesting facts about Will Smith.

1. Will is an acronym for "Willard".

Will Smith Slave Movie 'Emancipation' Goes to Apple | IndieWire

2. In his school days he was nicknamed "The Prince" for his brilliant ability to get out of the water and successfully get out of a variety of situations.

Will Smith, 1986 | MIT Black History

3. The actor has three brothers and sisters.

Will Smith with his sister Ellen and brother Harry and Father Willard and  mother Caroline Smith | Will smith and family, Will smith, Caroline smith

4. Rap ​​music Will Smith became interested in rap music at the age of twelve.

Will Smith Wiki, Biography, Age, Career - Influencer Profile

5. At 18, he landed his first lead role in the TV series The Cool Prince of Bel Air.

18 year old Mariah Carey and 19 year old Will Smith @ 98.7 Kiss FM (no  longer in existence) Summer Jam | Mariah carey, Celebrity photos, Celebrity  pictures

6. He began to study music earlier than films. Back in the 80s, the hip-hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, in which he participated, became quite famous, and even won a Grammy.

Will Smith is Developing a "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" Spinoff

7. He became a millionaire at the age of 20.

10 Expensive Things Owned By Millionaire Will Smith_国际_蛋蛋赞

8. In the 90s, the actor gave up his musical career for many years, but then returned to it again.

Will Smith releases first new music for ten years | News | DIY

9. Will Smith was offered the role of the Chosen One in "The Matrix", but he refused it, considering the project of this film a failure.

Major Details Revealed On Will Smith And The Matrix - YouTube

10. He is a Rubik's cube master. His personal best is 55 seconds.

Will Smith resuelve el cubo de Rubik, pero un fan le supera con creces con  un homenaje -

11. In 2008, Will Smith made more money than any other Hollywood actor.

Cool, Great & Handsome Will Smith Star - leaving his hand prints on the  Hollywood Walk of Fame. Awesome. Born in … | Will smith, Hollywood walk of  fame, Hollywood

12. He's also the only actor to have 9 films in a row with at least $ 100 million each.

Hollywood actor Will Smith hires a renowned Indian PR agency | Hindi Movie  News - Times of India

13. Barack Obama once said during his presidency that if a film was ever made about his life, he would like to be played by Will Smith.

Will Smith's 10 Best Movies Ranked | IndieWire

14. On average, an actor makes about $ 30 million a year.

Will Smith movies to watch before “Aladdin”

15. Smith's favorite book is "The Alchemist" by the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho.

Buy The Alchemist Book Online at Low Prices in India | The Alchemist  Reviews & Ratings -

16. For his travels around the country, Will Smith bought a two-story truck with a trailer, which is a luxury mobile home that even has a bathtub and a gym.

Top 10 Most Expensive & Lavish Celebrity Houses see the article here:… | Celebrity houses, Will smith house,  Celebrity mansions

17. One of the actor's hobbies is playing chess. They say he plays really well.

Will Smith Son | 10 Adorable Pictures - Xoom

18. Besides English, Smith is fluent in Spanish.

Language Profiles - Celebrities

19. Together with his son, he starred in the film "After our era", which, however, received as many as six anti-awards "Golden Raspberry". One of them was received personally by Will Smith - for the worst actor.

Will Smith Trolls Jaden With Music Video Parody on Instagram | Time

20. Despite the nominations for the Oscar, at the time of 2018 he had not received the coveted statuette. Will Smith himself believes that the evaluation committee does not issue Oscars to blacks in principle - not a single African American has received it in two decades. In protest, the actor even stopped attending the awards ceremony.

Will Smith: One Man, Dueling Ideals, and the Oscar Chase | thesportsbelt

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