20 people who decided on plastic surgery and now are difficult to recognize after surgery

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Many of us are unhappy with our appearance. Someone is not satisfied with a too wide nose, someone thinks that his chin line is not refined enough, and for someone give a wasp waist and luxurious hair. Of course, there is always room to strive, but sometimes circumstances are stronger than people, and they cannot correct their jaw on their own or, say, straighten a crooked nose. Then they go to the operating table to a plastic surgeon to correct the flaws in their appearance and finally look with love at their reflection in the mirror.

Bemorepanda reminds you that you are beautiful the way you are!


"It's been 10 days since my chin liposuction and I'm already seeing an impressive result!"

1ек 4


"This is me on the 12th day after rhinoplasty and removal of the buccal fat pad. Now I like myself 100%."

2ук 14


"I did bilateral otoplasty and got rid of lop-eared ears. I don't understand why I didn't do it earlier."

3цук 2


"I wanted to share my results after rhinoplasty. The upper photos show how my nose was before, and the lower photos show how it became 14 days after the operation."

4ук 12


"I went for jaw and chin correction surgery, and I never regretted it!"

5уе 6


"The photo on the left is not a stretched T-shirt, but my extra skin, which I finally got rid of."

6ке 26


"This is me before and after I decided to try Botox injections. None of these photos were edited and both were taken at the same time of day, 7 days apart."

7н 10


"I went through double jaw surgery and chin plasty, and this is what I can boast of after almost 2 years."

8е 6


"Hair transplant results that can be fully appreciated after 10 months. I almost forgot how bad I felt about this before."



"I had a scary Kirov nose! This is how I look 1 month after septoplasty, which corrected the shape of my nasal septum."

10ен 19


"I'm aging the other way around. 2017, 2019 and today"

11уе 6


"My eyes have always upset me. But, finally, I decided to do something about it and now I can't stop looking at the result."

12ук 2


"I'm not chubby, but my jawline has always been like this. I went to a plastic surgeon and we fixed it."

13ук 5



"Rhinoplasty and liposuction of the chin 1 month after surgery"



"I did liposuction of cheeks and chin and I'm immensely happy!"

17ке 8


"This is how I look 3 weeks after rhinoplasty"

18не 12


"My chewing muscles were terribly tense, which made my face look square. I had Botox injections and my face was transformed."

19кн 1

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Changes can occur in any area and area, whether it is losing or gaining weight, growing or shaving a beard, or treating skin imperfections. And these before and after photos are always fun to look at! See for yourself.


One of the doctors in the United States shared the changes that happened to her before the coronavirus pandemic and a year later

1йл 1


 Guy before and after strabismus surgery



"Six months after I started using sunscreen every day."

4йл 0


"My sister and I are in the same restaurant at the age of 6 and 8, and at the age of 14 and 16"

5йл 0


"My dog ​​got so huge in just 9 months."

7йл 0



"I've been growing this beard for a year."

8йл 0


 "I decided to stop using acne-fighting products and just started washing my face with cool water. Here is the result."

9йл 0


The carpet before and after having been pretty cleaned

10йл 0


Nice dog before and after haircut



"My shoes before and after a month as a cooker"

12йл 0



"I saved a cat from the street and this is how it has changed in a year."

13йл 0


"I got my body in order in 10 months. I just have to put on some muscle."

14йл 0


"This is me before and after my haircut. I've been wearing dreadlocks for 11 years."

15йл 0


"My grandmother's table before and after I gave him a second chance at life."

16йл 0


 Now this guy will have a new life

18 293

Alpaca before and after haircut

20йл 0


Car seat before and after steam cleaning

21йл 0


"I lost 57 kg in 7 months"

22йл 0


This is what a sober lifestyle can do. This guy hasn't been drinking for 2 years and is not going to stop there.

23йл 0


"The left photo was taken a year ago, and the right photo was taken today."


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Bruce Lee, the founder of the philosophy of hybrid martial arts, actor, director, philosopher, and one of the icons of the 20th century, was and remained a man of legend. Thanks to his skill, he helped bring East and West closer together, diluting the Hollywood film industry with the flair of Hong Kong martial arts films.


Lee's life was embarrassingly short - he died in 1973 at 32. But this talented person left behind a bright mark. Indeed, besides being a martial arts professional and a charismatic actor, he was also a deep thinker. As a martial artist, Bruce Lee spread his philosophy to his students, including director Roman Polanski, his wife Sharon Tate, and even Chuck Norris! Impressed?


Bruce Lee quotes


Then it's time to read the wise sayings of this great man, inspiring and at the same time encouraging you to change your outlook on many things, primarily on your attitude towards yourself.



1. "Mistakes are always forgivable if you have the courage to admit them."


2. "I am learning to understand, not immediately judge or be judged."


3. "Simplicity is the shortest distance between two points."


4. "I'm not afraid of the one who once worked 10,000 blows, but the one who worked one blow 10,000 times."


5. "The key to immortality is to first live a life worth remembering."


6. "If you love life, don't waste your time, because life is made up of time."


7. “When water is poured into a cup, it becomes a cup. When water is poured into a bottle, it becomes a bottle. If you pour it into a teapot, it becomes a teapot. Be water, my friend."


8. "Optimism is the belief that leads to success."


9. "It's not about what you give, it's about how you give it."


10. “If you think something is impossible, you will only make it impossible.”


11. "Those who do not realize that they are walking in darkness will never seek the light."


12. “A fight is not won with a single punch or kick. Either learn to be patient or hire a bodyguard."


13. "Only the self-sufficient stand alone - most people follow the crowd and imitate."


14. “Don't talk negatively about yourself, even jokingly. Your body doesn't know the difference. Words are energy and they do spells, that's why it's called spelling. Change the way you talk about yourself and you can change your life."


15. "Patience is not passive, on the contrary, it is a concentrated force."



16. “Take at least one specific step towards your goal every day.”


17. “Defeat is not defeat unless you accept it as a reality in your own mind.”


18. "The doubters said, 'Man can't fly,' the doers said, 'Maybe, but we'll try,' and finally took off in the morning glow, while the unbelievers watched from below."


19. “Don’t let negative thoughts enter your mind because they are weeds that stifle confidence.”


20. “My style? You can call it the art of fighting without a fight."


21. “If you want to learn how to swim, jump into the water. On land, no mood will help you.


22. “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Desire is not enough, we must act.”


23. "The athlete who builds muscle through strength training must be sure that he is simultaneously working adequately on speed and flexibility."


24. “If you always limit your abilities, physical or otherwise, it will spread to the rest of your life.”


25. "The spirit of a man is determined by his dominant thought habits."


26. "Don't pray for an easy life, pray for strength to get through a difficult one."



27. "Concentration is the root of all higher human faculties."


28. “Memory is the only paradise from which we cannot be expelled. Pleasure is a flower that fades, memory is a lasting fragrance. Memories last longer than present reality. For many years I remember a tree at the time of flowering, but not its fruits.


29. “Running water never stagnates. So you have to keep flowing."


30. “Choose the positive. You have a choice, you are the master of your attitude, choose positive, constructive.


31. “Wasting time means spending it in a certain way. To waste time is to waste it thoughtlessly or carelessly.”


32. “The difference between an expert and a novice is that an expert takes every opportunity.”


33. "Note that the toughest wood is the easiest to break, while bamboo or willow survives by bending in the wind."


34. "If you don't want to stumble tomorrow, tell the truth today."


35. “Always be yourself, express yourself, believe in yourself, don’t look for a successful person and don’t duplicate it.”


36. “I am not in this world to meet your expectations, and you are not in this world to meet mine.”


37. “Love and respect. Without respect, love cannot last.”



38. "The teacher never gives the truth, he is a guide, a pointer to the truth, which each student must find for himself."


39. “Be self-aware, not a repetitive robot.”


40. “If you spend too much time thinking about something, you will never make it.”


41. “Owning something starts in the mind.”


42. "Real life is life for others."


43. "A hot temper will soon make a fool out of you."


44. “Only use what works and take it from wherever you can find it.”


45. “In order to taste my cup of water, you must first empty your cup.”


46. ​​“Don't be afraid of failure. The crime is not failure, but low aim. In great endeavors, it is glorious even to fail.”


47. “The less confident we are, the less we touch ourselves and the world, the more we want to be in control.”


48. “It doesn’t matter that you were born a legend, but what really matters is the legendary ending. Think about it".


49. “A good fight should be like a little play, but played in earnest.”



50. “Knowledge will give you strength, and character will give you respect.”


51. “To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities.”


52. “Absorb what is useful, discard what is unnecessary, add what is specifically yours.”


53. "For it is easy to criticize and break the spirit of others, but it takes a lifetime to know oneself."


54. “Life's battles don't always go to whoever is stronger or faster. But sooner or later, the one who thinks he can wins.


55. "Simplicity is the key to greatness."


56. “Life is wide, limitless. There is no border, there is no frontier."


57. "You can never invite the wind, but you must leave the window open."


62. "Be happy, but never satisfied."


63. “Compliance will conquer everything that surpasses itself; her power is limitless."


64. “Obviously if your punch doesn’t start, his punch will land first and your defense is useless.”


65. "Do not correct the fool, otherwise he will hate you, correct the wise man, and he will appreciate you."



66. "The most dangerous person is the one who listens, thinks and watches."


67. “If you always put limits on everything you do, be it physical or otherwise, it will spread to your work and your life.”


68. “As you think, so you will become.”


69. “I’m happy because I’m growing every day and honestly I don’t know where the limit is.”


70. “Certainly, every day there can be some kind of revelation or new discovery.”


71. “I cherish the memory of past misfortunes. This added to my stamina even more.”


72. “Be like water breaking through cracks. Don't be pushy, but adapt to the object and you'll find a way around it or through it."


73. “We all have time that we can either put to good use or waste, and it's up to us to decide what to do with it. But once it has passed, it disappears forever.”


74. “Life itself is your teacher and you are in a constant state of learning.”


75. “Life is never stagnant. It is a constant movement, a non-rhythmic movement, like we are, because we are constantly changing. Things live by moving, and gain strength as they move.”


76. “The medicine for my suffering was in me from the very beginning, but I did not take it. My illness came from within myself, but I did not notice it until this moment.


77. “Silence in silence is not real silence; only when there is stillness in movement does the universal rhythm appear.”



78. “There are no restrictions. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, then it kills you. A person must constantly exceed his level.


79. “Don’t stress, just be ready, don’t think but don’t dream either, don’t be set but be flexible.”


80. “It is a great mistake to foresee the outcome of a battle; one should not think about whether it will end in victory or defeat.”


81. “Let nature take its course and your tools will strike at just the right moment.”


82. “In the end, all knowledge simply means self-knowledge.”


83. "Learning never accumulates, it is a movement of knowledge that has neither beginning nor end."


84. “There is no shame in being knocked down by other people. It's important to ask when you're being knocked down: "Why am I being knocked down?" If a person can think like that, then he has hope.”


85. “Relaxation is a physical state, but it is controlled by the mental state. It is acquired by a conscious effort to control both thoughts and actions. It takes perception, practice, and a willingness to accustom the mind to new habits of thought and the body to new habits of action.”


86. “Life is a process, not an end; a means, but not an end; constant movement, not a steady pattern."


87. "Concentration is a form of exclusion, and where there is an exclusion, there is a thinker who excludes."


88. "The enemy of development is this phobia of pain - the unwillingness to suffer even a little."


89. "Masters in all areas of art must first of all be masters in life, for everything is created by the soul."


90. “The best fighter is not a boxer, karateka or judoka. The best fighter is the one who can adapt to any style. He hits too good for a boxer, throws too good for a Karate, and hits too good for a Judo.”


91. “Boasting is a foolish idea of ​​fame.”



92. “A successful warrior is an ordinary person with a laser focus.”


93. “What you usually think has a lot to do with who you end up becoming.”


94. “As the great Sun Tzu said: “When you know yourself and your opponent, you will win every time. When you know yourself but don't know your opponent, you win once and lose once. However, when you don’t know yourself or your opponent, you will be in danger every time.”


95. “The meaning of life is to live it, not to be traded, conceptualized and forced into a system of patterns.”


96. "Long-term stability outweighs short-term intensity."


97. “Martial arts are based on understanding, hard work and a full understanding of skills. Strength training and the application of force are easy, but a complete understanding of all martial arts skills is very difficult to achieve.


98. “The basic quality of life is simply to live.”


99. "To be honest, not to lie to yourself - this, my friend, is very difficult."


100. “Love is like friendship on fire. In the beginning there is a flame, very beautiful, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes like coals, burning deep and unquenchable.”


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Mankind is developing exponentially, and time, as well as the ever-increasing number of people, gives us a chance for development, accumulation of experience, and evolutionary development.


However, not all people in history leave behind the eternal, the good; some do not want a bright future at all, and on the contrary, they drag many generations back.


People who have not changed the world in the best way


Perhaps all of us living on planet Earth could be much more advanced if it weren’t for these 20 guys who didn’t change the world in the best way or at least influenced the world. Here are a few famous names that slowed down our common evolution.


1. Thomas Midgley Jr.


American chemist and mechanical engineer who invented tetraethyl lead to be added to gasoline and chlorofluorocarbons for use in refrigerators and deodorants. Author of over 100 patents.


The production of Midgley's inventions had a devastating effect on the ozone layer. According to historian John McNeill, the inventor "had the greatest impact on the atmosphere than any other living organism in the history of the Earth."


2. Robert Maxwell - the creator of the meme "British scientists"


This man commercialized research articles in British journals. Before him, articles were published in free scientific journals and were available to schools and universities. Robert Maxwell also proposed the practice of paid subscription, and for each individual article. As a result, many educational institutions could not afford expensive information, and the level of education in foggy Albion decreased.


But Maxwell got even richer. However, he was already a media mogul and a lord.


3. Guy de Chauliac


An outstanding French surgeon of the 14th century, who, despite his many merits and in fact the official title of "father of surgery" among modern surgeons, has one unpleasant incident that pushed the development of antiseptics back centuries.


He was the most famous surgeon of the 1300s and part-time a fierce opponent of the work of another surgeon, Theodoric Borgognoni. Theodoric was a surgeon who wrote about his theories of proper wound care and believed that the best thing to do with a wound was to keep it clean.


Guy de Chauliac literally hated what Theodoric wrote, because it directly contradicted the teachings of Galen, the ancient Roman surgeon, who believed that pus is the body's desire for self-healing.


The teachings of the medieval Aesculapius were widely accepted, and it is believed that his delusion set back the development of antiseptics in surgery by about 600 years.


4. The Mongols, the army of the Mongol ruler and commander Hulagu


When they destroyed the libraries in Baghdad that contained much of the past knowledge that set humanity back hundreds of years.


5. Tiberius Caesar, who ordered the execution of the inventor of flexible (vitrum flexile) glass


As a result, the secret of flexible (non-breakable) glass was lost forever. And the story was like this.


The glazier, whose name has not been preserved by history, came to the reception of Emperor Julius Caesar. The craftsman presented a unique bowl - seemingly made of glass, but which, as he claimed, could not be broken.


The emperor tried to do this, but to no avail. Instead of being shattered, the bowl only dented as if it were made of bronze, and the glazier simply took out a hammer and straightened the dent.


Then Tiberius asked if anyone else knew how to produce this type of glass, the inventor replied that he was the only one in the whole world. It was a sentence - by order of Caesar, the inventor was executed.


Why did the emperor act so cruelly and unjustly? He was simply afraid that such an amazing material could devalue gold and silver in the future.


6. Andrew Wakefield


Our contemporary, a former British doctor who made a name for himself after a rigged 1998 study that falsely claimed a link between the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism, and for his subsequent anti-vaccine activity.


To a certain extent, his “work” is directly responsible for what happened around the world with the advent of COVID-19 – distrust of vaccines, a decrease in vaccination rates (especially in the West). Opponents believe that he is directly responsible for thousands, tens of thousands of deaths.


Wakefield is believed to have intentionally rigged the results to fit his hypothesis. What for? For money! To sell "safe" vaccines and diagnostic kits.


7. Sultan Selim the Terrible


It was believed, for example, that the Holy Quran could only be copied by hand. Printing was declared blasphemy, and in 1517, during the era of the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Selim the Terrible, on pain of death, banned printing presses in the territory of the empire. The ban lasted 300 years.


The development of printing in the East stopped, but at the same time, the development of calligraphy was at a great height in the Islamic world!


8. Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty in China ordered the burning of Zheng He's fleet


The largest trading and exploratory fleet of the time during his reign in the early 1400s fell under the onslaught of flames. This was the beginning of an era of isolation of Chinese imperial lands that would eventually lead to the collapse of imperial China.


In addition, the wealth of the world as a whole has decreased as a result of reduced trade with China, and if China had continued exploration, it is possible that they, and not the Europeans, would have colonized North America (instead of discovering it and then simply not telling anyone about this)…


9. Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji


In the 12th century, India had the largest university in the world called Nalanda, where intellectuals from all over the world studied. Then the Turks invaded India. They destroyed almost all the intelligentsia and destroyed the university. They burned the library. According to witnesses, the library continued to burn for 3 MONTHS. This must be the biggest loss for humanity.


10. Sir Mark Sykes


During the First World War, he was considered the greatest British specialist in the Middle East. Known for the fact that, together with the French diplomat Francois Picot, he signed the Sykes-Picot Agreement, according to which the eastern territories of the Ottoman Empire were divided mainly into British and French spheres of influence.


The problem is that the division of borders has passed along religious and tribal unions and formations. Differing cultures, languages, everything mixed up then, inevitably pushing nations into disputes and wars, the echoes of which we still hear.


Imagine the progress, level of education and cooperation that could become a reality if the Middle East were allowed to flourish unhindered, without divisions, naturally?


11. Edward Bernays


He created modern PR, which determined how to control the masses through deceit.


He made a significant contribution to the creation of the modern science of mass persuasion, based not on reason, but on the manipulation of subconscious feelings and impulses.


Bernays combined the ideas on crowd psychology of Gustave Le Bon and Wilfred Trotter with the psychoanalytic ideas of his uncle Sigmund Freud.


12. Cyril of Alexandria


He organized bands of assassins who went around Alexandria and killed everyone who was not a convinced Christian. This included almost all the great minds of that era. Among them, in particular, was Hypatia of Alexandria, one of the greatest minds in history.


13. The one who gave the order to burn the Library of Alexandria


14. Exxon scientists (one of the largest oil companies in the world) who first learned about man-made climate change in the late 70s and decided to hide this fact


15. The top should be Diego de Landa, who burned all the books of the Maya in the name of Christianity on July 12, 1561


16. Ea-Nasir, copper merchant


Our first written texts could have been amazing stories about what life was like at that time. Instead, the records contain people's complaints from the Bronze Age.


17. Queen Victoria is responsible for the deaths of about 60 million people in Brazil, China, India and Ireland

In all these cases, the British crown was involved in the removal of goods from starving areas and led campaigns to spread and aggravate poverty.


18. The one who took possession of all the chests and papers of Nikola Tesla after his death


19. In terms of sheer devastation, perhaps Genghis Khan… is estimated to have killed about 11% of the world's population in a very short period of time.

It's like killing 800 million people in modern times!


20. Charles Babbage - English mathematician, inventor of the first analytical computer


It is unlikely that he did this maliciously, but experts say he was the initiator of hindering the progress of computers for almost 100 years.


In the 1800s (Industrial Revolution), Babbage developed a working prototype of the computer, the Universal Digital Computing Machine. He had interested buyers, but no entrepreneurial spirit.


And what did he end up doing with all this? Nothing! The end product was not produced or sold, and the first prototypes of computers did not appear until the second half of the 1900s. Imagine what would be around us today if we were developing computers for another 100 years?


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Parrots, along with dogs, cats, hamsters, and other animals, can be excellent home companions. Not only are they wonderful, but they are also intelligent, playful, mischievous, and simply adorable. They are even sometimes compared to babies. They cannot concentrate on something for a long time, but they have more than enough energy. And even actors, including dramatic ones, can envy their ability to convey mood.


Evidence that you definitely won’t get bored with parrots


These are such cute pets that will not be left without likes if you publish their photos on the Web. We at Bemorepanada decided to show you these cute birds to see how funny they can be.


1. My friend's parrot cuddled up to her owl toy.


2. I was minding my own business when I suddenly turned into a bird's nest.


3. Eskimo


4. What the peasants, then the monkey


5. Just here to share a cute photo of my lovely couple, Tikki and Pippa


6. He doesn't know how stupid he looks with a feather on his head.


7. He got offended like this and whispered under his breath for 5 minutes because I wouldn't let him chew my phone case.


8. A dog, 8 birds and a hamster are the most unusual best friends in the world.


9. A parrot fell asleep next to a brood of three puppies.


Parrots may be too accessible to us because we are interested in their varieties or in certain facts that arouse curiosity. In addition, most likely, the Perusi parrots are too popular here in Romania, those little ones kept in cages, which makes the others non-existent, but we will start the list of information about this charming bird exactly with reference to its species:


Parrots are in a very large number of species and more precisely we have over 350 species in this category of birds. They are part of the scientific order called Psittaciformes and they usually have two subgroups: Psittacidae and Cacatuidae.


The most famous parrot named Puck has a very beautiful, elevated and developed vocabulary, more precisely he knows over 1700 words in total.


Parrots as a species are among the first birds in the world that are threatened in terms of the extinction process.

Another famous parrot is N'kisi, who has learned almost 1000 words in English.


The oldest fossils of parrots were discovered on the territory of the European continent, even if most of us tend to think that parrots are from the African continent. European fossils were discovered more than 50 million years ago.


The human voice is very easy to imitate for experts from the Hill Mynahs breed, these parrots being famous for their ability to imitate both thin and thick voices, being able to approach various tonalities, in an impressive style.


Regardless of which one it is, the parrot in general is one of the smartest birds on the planet and it is not surprising considering that they retain a lot of words and commands.


Even if some parrots have an extremely short life span, some can live up to a century, and we have Macaw parrots as an example of this.


The Dominican Republic has in the center of its coat of arms a parrot that is part of the Amazona Imperialis group.

There is a story about a rather old Macaw parrot, which is said to have belonged to Churchill, who taught her to insult those in the Nazi regime. The current owner, Peter Oram, seems to have made the story public, although we cannot put our foundations around this little story.


Another more or less historical fact is the one according to which, in the past, parrots drank a lot of coffee, almost replacing water, because traders wanted these birds to be resistant. But some studies show that caffeine is even very toxic for the little winged creatures.


10. Longtime friends


 11. Kiwi and the goth family


12. Mom and baby


13. I will never be able to photograph them all together.


14. Riding Broccoli


15. Good night!


16. Just try to put me in a cage again


17. Today I will teach you how to make winged eyeliner


18. Hello, great friend!


19. Take this pose


20. Happy Baby Parrots


21. I capture fairy tale love between my pastel parrots and the result will melt your heart


22. Is there an impostor among us?


23. What the recent heat wave was like


24. She laid her first egg, but it's bigger than I expected.


25. Oh food, great food!


 26. My light, mirror, tell me ...


27. Basically a summary of what it means to own a bird


28. The wind blew from the sea


29. My cute pet


30. Banana Parrot


31. Friends


32. A featherless parrot looks cute in one of his sweaters.


33. Mango Parrot


34. This is how our parrot Fionna sleeps


35. My gray parrot loves to ruin family photos.


36. Good couch!


37. Friends for over two decades


38. Wait! Money come here!


39. Pan sportsman


40. What kind of animal is this?


41. Look what you are!


42. Big piece and mouth happy


43. My name is Mu-Krob, which means crispy pork


44. Dad's phone looks delicious


45. I work on myself


46. ​​It was worth turning away for a couple of minutes ...


47. A hammock for each


48. One day Mango will be a skateboard star


49. Little bird or frog?


50. Not sure if I bought a parrot or a baby kangaroo


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