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20 dogs with a programming error who seem to have forgotten how regular dogs behave

6 months ago

Dogs are our faithful friends and companions, and they are also ridiculous fools who are not averse to playing pranks and doing something like that. The dogs from our article seem to have forgotten what it means to be an ordinary dog ​​and decided to behave the way they want, making not only their owners laugh, but also the Internet. Bemorepanda collected some funny photos.


"I like big priests, I will not hide. But it is desirable that they were female, not doggy."

1кн 16


"The way my dog ​​sits on the couch"

2цк 8


Tetris dog

3ук 28


"I think my dog ​​could reach his eyeball with his tongue if he wanted to."

4ук 20


Absolutely normal car ride

5ке 24


"He is okay"

6ке 35


"I think I got a defective dog."

7нк 6


"I gave my dog ​​a carrot and she ... broke it."

8ен 17


"I don't think Doug knows what to do with his long legs."

9ен 9


"My boss's dog has been sleeping like this for 15 minutes."

10ег 15


"Hemi is such a fool!"

11кн 13


"Presley tries his best to pose ..."

12уе 17


Probably very convenient

13цк 8


"It happens every time we make apple pie."

14е 11


"She just woke up like this, reminding me of the person who remembered that he hadn't paid his bills."

15кн 5

This is how this dog decided to rest his muzzle

16кн 12


"He does this every time he wants to enter or exit, as evidenced by the state of my window, which I just washed ..."

17кн 20


"My dog ​​loves to eat his lunch exclusively in this position."

18ен 33


"Is this a cupcake ?!"



"There are two different personalities in my dog."


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Live drums😁🎶

1 year ago

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Feel free to roam the site while you wait.

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Dogs really deserve to be called "man's best friend." They are loyal, intelligent, devoted and affectionate - and are known to improve our physical and mental health.


There is nothing better than a long walk with your pet on a cool December morning. Or see the joy on his face when you take a ball and he knows it's time to play in the park in the area! Even relaxing at home seems better in his company.


There is a saying, which, of course, is true: pets (especially dogs) return your love ten times.


It is important to think carefully before taking a dog home. It can be hard work and it is a lifelong involvement because the dog has been relying on you for many years before. As a dog owner, you need to pay attention to his health and well-being, which is why it is important to provide everything for your pet. Bemorepanda collected some funny photos with dogs for this december.


1.It's called fashion


2.This is Arlo


3.On a test


4.Hiding from puppies


5.Not allowed


6.I have no idea


7.Grab my keys


8.It's hot


9.Dog all along


10.Petting the cat



11.Human says a good boy


12.Walked back into my apartment


13.Eplaining to my dog




15.Christmas Tree



16.Wanna go to the park?


17.Telling me all the time




19.Cat in trouble


20.Playing UNO



21.Sending my dog out


22.Lower your voice


23.Cats in trouble


24.Looking at his phone


25.Massage time



26.I don't always bark at night


27.Came over


28.Trying to hold it in


29.Wanted to eat


30.Thanksgiving food



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Tinder was introduced on a college campus in 2012 and is the most popular application worldwide for meeting new people. It has been downloaded over 340 million times and is available in 190 countries and 40+ languages.

Tinder is a world with multiple possibilities. The ability to create connections that can reach more. If you are here to meet new people, to increase your social network, to meet locals when you travel or just to live the present moment, you have come to the right place.

The coronavirus pandemic has kept people at home. And the only ones were, as before, looking for a partner. However, as travel was limited, almost everything stopped talking and that's it. The crisis period had a dramatic effect on the way people use Tinder.

Tinder is a free application, but there is also the possibility to pay a Gold account. The option is used, however, by few people. For example, during the pandemic, users interacted more than ever.

On March 29, it was the peak in a single day: users made three billion swipes. In the UK, too, daily conversations increased by 12% between mid-February and the end of March.

Bemorepanda advises you to find love in the real world, but even if you found it in the virtual world, make sure of your choice. Now let's cheer up some memes!

1.Call it a quick Tinder funny fact

2.Made for each other

3.Don’t tell anyone of this combination

4.Cooking skills on Tinder

5.She is back on the market

6.When you play League of Legends, but at the same time you talk on Tinder

7.The most romantic place in the world

8.Tinder in Russia is not dissapointing

9.Someone showing basic kindness

10.Let’s say to this one “ Oldie but goldie”

11.Let’s have a nap competition

12.We’ve come full circle

13.Nathan is ready to be eaten

14.Is this a personality?

15.Poor judgment on Tinder

16.She had a picture of Yoda on  her phone

17.A smooth operator

18.Don’t start conversation like this

19.Married people on Tinder

20.Expectations vs reality

21.He is not tall enough for her

22.Task failed succesfully

23.Tinder in nutshell be like

24.How business work on Tinder

25.Nice to meet you, lovely introvert

26.Everyday, everywhere on Tinder

27.This conversation in ongoing

28.Perfectly balanced people

29.Short answers kill me everytime

30.Don’t be fooled by this girls

31.Digging your own grave on Tinder

32.Her bio says she never lower her bar

33.All Tinder essence on one meme

34.Oww, she is a sweet girl

35.Fighting demons is really hard

36.I think this is love at first sight

37.Invested to much here

38.She had a violin in her photo

39.The shortest negotiations ever

40.Her bio says she loves debating

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Has it ever happened to you that your CV fits perfectly with the requirements for a certain job, but you are called to a job interview and you do not get that position? Although in terms of skills and competencies you would have been the ideal candidate for that job, it is possible that during the interview you made one (or more) of the mistakes.

Employers are generally looking for passionate, energetic and challenging candidates because they associate these traits with higher productivity and a source of innovative ideas that will benefit the company. The enthusiasm and passion shown by a candidate during the interview are, for the recruiter, indicators of a long-term loyalty to the company. Instead, passivity, disinterest or lack of initiative are not desirable traits in a new employee.


Preparing for a job interview is necessary up to a point, beyond which it can turn against you. For example, you do not have to "learn" in advance the answers to frequently asked questions in an interview, otherwise you risk appearing artificial. The recruiter does not aim to get a prefabricated answer, but wants to know more about you so that he can determine if you really fit or not on the position for which you applied.

Be the best! This way you will prove that you deserve this job, and Bemorepanda cheers you up a bit with some funny memes.

1.This life joke hurts everyone


3.Time to change career

4.Lockdown iceberg

5.I invented unemployment

6.No more jobs

7.An unemployed resident in US

8.Modern problems and modern solutions

9.About my life

10.Unemployment solved

11.Manpower in India

12.Just a matter of perspective

13.The cool stuff I can do

14.Career sites

15.Failure of Capitalism


17.People staying at home

18.New name

19.Impossible wish

20.None of them


22.Unemployed before covid

23.Unemployment is bad

24.Calling you back at work

25.Steady jobs

26.Loving unemployment

27.Day off

28.Unemployed people

29.Much nicer

30.Describe yourself

31.What are you telling me

32.Can I hold 5$?

33.Help from the government

34.More money

35.Will be better

36.Unemployment is low

37.Why are you still unemployed?

38.Rich bcz of hiring

39.What do you do?

40.He managed to do this

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The first impression is extremely important in a job interview, whether it is worn face to face or organized online. As participating in an interview can be quite a stressful time, if you fail to master yourself, you can give the impression that from a professional point of view you are insecure, and this will affect you quite a lot. That is why it is extremely important to prepare well for an interview, especially if you really want the job for which you applied or for which you were contacted.

When the job interview begins, it is extremely important that it is very clear to you what you really want. At the same time, it is advisable to be able to express these things to the people in charge of recruiting from the employer, but also to know how to do it. Also in this chapter is the discussion about the salary you want. In this case, it is advisable to be able to negotiate, which is why you can try that, instead of saying a fixed amount that would interest you or that you think would help you get that job, to say a margin in which you would be willing to fit in or negotiate, with a maximum and a minimum ceiling. Keep in mind that some employers may charge you an estimated monthly income, net or gross, or even per year, net or gross.

The most important thing is that you have to trust your own strengths! And before the interview Bemorepanda makes you laugh at some memes!

1.If you believe in reincarnation, you are welcome

2.If only it was like this

3.Being jobless from 3 months, it hurts like a punch in gut.

4.Compleated graduation in commerce

5.Practicing interview with mom is not the best idea, while you are always are hired or vice versa

6.A fair affirmation

7.A rejection email after an interview.I would be ok with a reaction email like this, how about you?

8.Even if you have a good resume

9.It’s been a hard day's night of work

10.Some can get any job they want but refuse, some want any job but get refused.

11.Next job interview in 2021

12.Please say yes to me!

13.Smooth flirt at interview

14.That’s really disappointing 

15.Explaining how 2020 passed for me at a job interview

16.I complicate my life because I love problems

17.Repeating “Good Afternoon” twice, so they could surely hear me

18.The secret answer, to the most common question

19.No idea about the fact that she is bombing the interview

20.Going in 2021 to a job interview, after long quarantine and no socialization

21.Trying to find a job in a foreign country

22.The interview under pressure

23.When things don’t go according to the plan

24.A list of universal answers

25.Job interviews make someone get high

26.Honesty is about experience, after having more than 20 job interviews in a week

27.The best skill ever

28.Let’s pass this question

29.How do you feel before an interview?

30.More skills gained during quarantine

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