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20 culinary life hacks that will help you become the master of the plates

1 year ago

Who among us would refuse practical advice that is sometimes so necessary? Probably only the one who knows everything in the world and does not need hints, but there are probably only a few such people. Therefore, we want to share with you culinary life hacks that will surely come in handy if you decide to conjure in the kitchen.


Recommendations for rolling stuffed pita bread that you can fry and get yummy



If you have a man-shaped cookie cutter, then you also have a deer cookie cutter. Amazing, isn't it? Take a look at the photos below to understand how it works.



Use an apple slicer to cook chips



You can make grilled cheese in a waffle iron



Two frozen pizzas and one baking sheet? Not a problem!



Store grapes in the freezer to use as ice cubes in your wine. And when you're done drinking, you can eat wine grapes.



Just look at this!



When you've finished with a can of mustard, don't throw it away, but make a delicious salad dressing with just 4 ingredients: leftover mustard, apple bite, butter and jam (or berry mixture)


Cooking method:

  1. In a mustard jar, add 15 ml of jam (preferably from sour berries).
  2. Fill the jar 25% with apple cider vinegar.
  3. And 75% vegetable oil.
  4. Close the jar with a lid and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.
  5. Enjoy the delicious dressing that can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks!


If you really feel like making a homemade hot dog but don't have buns, baked potatoes can be a great alternative.



Empty ketchup bottles make great batter dispensers



Grind some white rice in the grinder to remove odors.



If you want your French toast to have a delicious golden crust, add a little brown sugar to the egg before dipping the bread in this mixture.



In the event that you like grilled fish, but you do not want to suffer, cleaning the grill, just make a lemon "pillow" by placing the fish on it



The case when the lid is too small for the pan



Use a spoon to secure the strainer



If you prefer to cook rice in bags, then this life hack will tell you how to let the water drain.



Use parchment paper to keep the meat from sliding out when you beat it



Cooking meatballs? Lubricate your hands liberally with oil. The meat will not stick to your hands, and you will get a smooth, uniform meatball texture



If you need to cook perfectly shaped scrambled eggs, then use onion rings


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Each of us from time to time needs prompts that open our eyes, helping to notice (as it turns out), almost obvious things. And culinary life hacks are just one of them. We want to share with you some tricky tips regarding food preparation, which were kindly told to the whole Internet by kind people who are ready to share their experience and knowledge with others.


If you want to fry meat or cutlets from a particular side, but they always tend to turn over, then ordinary forks can be used as an anchor


ATTENTION: be careful when touching the forks, as they can become very hot depending on the cooking time 🍴


“Chips in the microwave! Slice the potatoes as thin as possible, sprinkle a plate with oil, arrange the potato slices, sprinkle with salt and your favorite spices. Cook in the microwave for 3-4 minutes, then turn over and cook for another 2-3 minutes. ”


Just want to warn you that this is not as easy as it might seem, but the presence of a shredder will greatly speed up and simplify this process.

Cooking times may vary depending on the amount of potatoes you cut and the microwave power. If done right, it really tastes good.


"A tea strainer is perfect if you need to evenly sprinkle the surface with flour, cornstarch or powdered sugar"


Just fill the tea strainer with the powder of interest, and shake it vigorously over the dish you want to sprinkle 🌨️

Of course, you can just take a pinch with your hand, but then the ingredient will not be applied evenly, and besides, you will stain your fingers in the powder, and the powder in what may be on your fingers, for example, water.


"Wrap lettuce stuffing sandwich / burger on the one hand, to at meal time, it does not fall on the other hand,"


If you, too, rebuild your sandwich / burger after each bite, your pain is familiar to us 🍔

users also suggested in the comments, you can simply cut the filling smaller, then it will not try to "run away" from you.



"I will never throw away potato skins again!"



If you are interested in the question of why, in this case, you cannot immediately eat potatoes with a peel, then everything is simple - hardly anyone will be delighted with the hard peel in mashed potatoes 🥣

When asked if it tastes good, the author of the photo replied: “It tastes like fried potatoes, texture crispy! "


How to peel potatoes with a toilet brush attached to a drill



First of all, you will need to attach a toilet brush (clean!) To the drill. Empty the potatoes into a bucket, filling it about half full with water. Then turn on the drill, gently sliding it from side to side. The authors of the method continued to pour water from the hose throughout the cleaning, so that the dirty water was poured out, and the bucket was gradually filled with clean water. After that, you just need to pour the peeled potatoes into the pan, which can already be cooked 🥔


"If you add fresh pineapple juice or crushed pineapple in the marinade for the meat, it will not only give the meat a natural sweetness, but also make it softer,"


The main thing is not to leave the meat in a marinade for a long time (not more than 2 hours), as pineapple acid over time can turn it into "meat puree" 🍍


“To keep the cake fresh, add slices of bread to the cut area, securing them with toothpicks.”


Interesting method because after 30 minutes the bread will absorb the molecules of the cake and will taste sweet. The bread keeps the cake fresh, and the cake turns the bread into cake. Endless cake! 🍰

Although who are we kidding, of course, there will be no cake left 😉


“We had mashed potatoes and decided to fry them. An amazing appetizer came out. ”


In fact, this is a fairly common dish for Hungary, where it is called“ gombóc, but most often it comes with a sweet filling.

Photo author: “I made the mashed potatoes relatively thick and put them in the refrigerator for about 2 hours. Then I rolled the mashed potatoes into separate balls, and put them in the freezer for another hour. Then he rolled each ball in flour, and rolled them twice in an egg and bread crumbs, and then fried in vegetable oil " 🟤


“Cooking fish fillets? Use ultraviolet light to easily see the remaining tiny bones, even those that you tried to remove, but they accidentally broke off. ”


Advice is good for everyone, except that not all people have ultraviolet light at home, but if you are very fond of fish, then it might be worth considering buying an ultraviolet lamp or flashlight 🔦


“If you want to make muffins, donuts or other filled baked goods, use a syringe without a needle. Syringes are easier to use than piping bags and are reusable and cheap! "


Advice: it is better not to use syringes found in the park for this, otherwise, you may start to hear colors 😉

Also, if you are doing this in front of someone's eyes, then, just in case, it is better to explain that you are just injecting the filling, and don't try to poison anyone or they might call the police.


“What do I do when my baking dish is too big?”


For this life hack it is better to use a thicker foil, but if you do not have one, you can fold the usual one several times.

Sleight of hand, some foil and no cheating ⬜


 Cook potatoes and chicken on the same pallet, separating them with a wire rack. Thus you will save time and fat dripping from the chicken to the potatoes, make it even tastier


Before using this method, do not forget to lubricate the bit with oil grate, which will facilitate its cleaning after cooking🍗🍟

After cookingnot hurt also pour water grate, which should already will turn off towards the end of your dinner.


“My sister did this so that the ladle would not fall into the bowl.”


Now guests can freely pour their drinks, and they will not have to climb their hands into the common bowl every time the ladle slips into it.

This tip is also great for other liquids that occasionally need to be poured into smaller containers.


“Grate a piece of toasted bread if you run out of bread crumbs”


Perhaps, to someone this may seem like advice from the series: “Out of ice cubes? Freeze some water! ”, But in fact, not everyone can guess before this 🍞

Also, this advice is perfect for those who need very little bread crumbs, and it makes no sense for them to buy a whole package.


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All people have different tastes and this is just wonderful and wonderful, because otherwise we would all be terribly boring. But we can not always understand the tastes of other people, with regards to, for example, appearance or eating habits. And if in the first case it will be more tactful to remain silent, then in the second it is much more difficult to do this, because some people eat completely incompatible foods, thereby causing a lot of questions.


Apple burger (yes, someone used apples instead of buns)



Sweet glazed donut sprinkled with ... cheetos



How can you even eat an eclair stuffed with meat?



A cold, dead heart that thought it was a good idea



The monster who ruined a great pizza with spaghetti



Some people couldn't decide if they wanted to have breakfast or lunch.


All this horror is held together by the icing dripping from the bacon.


Let's not even imagine how it tastes



The man who thought cinnamon rolls weren't good enough and added sausages to them



A bowl of cereal and canned meat. Are you sick already?



The cheese and strawberry pizza that tarnishes the good name of pizza



And the taste of this dish is very difficult to imagine.



Salad with sausages, parmesan cheese and strawberry jam - even sounds terrible



Cheese crackers with milk. What kind of antichrist is eating this?



No, this is not a chocolate covered strawberry, but a tomato



A tuna peanut butter sandwich that will make your taste buds quiver with fear



This ice cream drizzled with soy sauce is just disgusting



People, why are you doing this with food?



"My mom's 'traditional' dinner on St. Patrick's Day. Doesn't that look delicious ?!"



An unforgettable combination


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Each of us relates to coffee differently. Some brew coffee only on weekends and holidays. Someone cannot wake up without coffee and starts every morning with a cup of aromatic drink, while for others, coffee is a lifestyle, and they do not part with a glass of coffee all day long.


How to Choose The Best Coffee for Your Lifestyle and Preferences


The same kind of coffee can cause completely different feelings in two people: from delight to complete rejection. Each person has their taste preferences, habits, and sensitivities. For some, coffee must be vital. For some, it is light and with notes of honey, while others prefer a soft, balanced, and creamy taste. There can be a considerable number of requests, but, fortunately, there are so wide varieties of coffee and various mixtures that for everyone you can choose "your" coffee. So when selecting a combination, every nuance matters the type of coffee and its origin, the composition of the mix, the degree of roasting, and freshness. Knowing these features will help you better navigate the wide variety of blends in the future and find the proper coffee for you.


When choosing coffee, first of all, pay attention to the quality of the packaging.



For packaging their coffee, manufacturers use various materials: paper and plastic bags, foil, sealed packs with a valve, aluminum cans, and barrels.


Coffee in a paper bag cannot be stored for a long time. This type of packaging is not hermetic, and air quickly penetrates it, detrimental to coffee beans. After a few hours, the coffee will lose most of its aroma, and you won't be able to recognize its authentic taste.


Also, do not store coffee in a plastic bag. Light penetrating the package walls adversely affects the grains, changing their taste and aroma. In addition, coffee beans emit gases after roasting, and if they cannot get out of the package, the coffee will go wrong.


A tightly sealed bag with a valve is the most common type of packaging used by large manufacturers who monitor the quality of their products. This type of packaging protects coffee during transportation, does not allow air and light to penetrate inside the packaging, and excess gases escape through a special valve.


Only exclusive premium varieties are packed in aluminum cans and barrels. Canned blends have more protection than bags because the coffee is not subject to the physical impact of soft packs. Coffee in aluminum cans is costly.



Each mixture has an expiration date. The date can be written in paint or stamped into the pack. The date can be written in color or stamped into the box. Suppose the coffee is packed in a tight vacuum bag with a valve or aluminum can. In that case, the manufacturer guarantees the coffee will retain its taste and aroma throughout the shelf life.


Therefore, if the packaging has been broken or the expiration date has expired, do not hesitate to return the product to the seller. This coffee is not recommended to drink. Choose coffee in quality packaging.



10 best coffee brands you need to try


Big Island Coffee Roasters

The company's history began when the new owners renovated the ruined farm and started from scratch. Then they turned to un-studio with the task of developing a brand, including a logo, packaging design, and a company website, with a separate section of the online store.



Lavazza is not only excellent Italian coffee. This is Italian coffee culture in all manifestations. It is a never-ending story of quality, taste, and innovation. Lavazza is not limited to the Italian style of coffee making.


Bizzy Coffee

Bizzy Coffee is made for busy people, by busy people - bringing you the highest quality cold brew coffee to make sure it fits into your busy life! Whether brewing Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee or making grounds for the at-home brewers, we take special care in every process, from sourcing the highest quality ingredients to roasting and brewing each batch with meticulous detail.


La Colombe

La Colombe Fair Trade and Organic certified La Colombe is easily one of our favorite coffee purveyors. They work closely with the farmers who supply the beans, ensuring workers are treated fairly throughout the harvesting process.



Intelligentsia is a specialty coffee pioneer, rising from humble Chicago roots to a company driven by curiosity, empowerment, and the never-ending quest for the most extraordinary coffee globally.


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

With its innovative brewing technology, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., a leader in specialty coffee, coffee makers, teas, and other beverages, has launched Green Mountain Coffee Organic—a new line of premium coffees that are both organic and Fair Trade Certified.


Melitta Colombian Supreme

It's a rich, full-bodied roast sourced from high-quality Arabica beans. To make this medium roast coffee, these beans are grown in the top coffee-producing regions of the globe. They're then batch roasted and ground down to create a pleasing, extra consistency that delivers a robust, full flavor.  This different fine grind means that you can make a satisfying Melitta Coffee Colombian Supreme cup with 30 percent less coffee. As a result, you get to enjoy a smooth, delicious, and refreshing coffee. For best results, use this fine-grind coffee with Melitta coffee filters, which are available separately, to ensure each cup is as pure and flavorful as possible.


Death Wish Organic Whole Bean Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is here to fuel your passion—basic brews are not invited. The highest-quality arabica + robusta beans are roasted to bold, never-bitter perfection. The result? Coffee that naturally brews double the strength of the average cup. 


Lavazza Espresso Italiano

Espresso Italiano is a 100% Arabica blend from Central and South America with highly aromatic notes, delicious flavor, and a rich body. The long-roasted coffee beans give it its distinctive Italian espresso taste.


Peet’s Coffee Big Bang

Peet's has incredibly fresh, high-quality coffee, and those new to the chain will recognize the superior quality on the first sip. It's no surprise that one of their top sellers is a single-origin coffee from Guatemala.


Are you a coffee lover? Try the 10 best coffee presented above


Choose the degree of roasting

Coffee beans are roasted to acquire a unique taste, which depends on the number of essential oils inside the bean (there are about 600 types) and the degree of their manifestation during the roasting process. In other words, the taste and aroma of the drink depend not only on the kind of coffee but also on the degree of roasting of the beans - this information is reflected on the packaging in the form of numbers - from 1 (weak roast) to 5 (strong roast). The choice, in this case, depends solely on taste preferences; however, pay attention to the date of roasting, remembering that roasted beans retain their aroma for a month, and the more time has passed from this moment, the more coffee loses its taste.


Roasting levels:


  • Scandinavian (super-light) roasting gives the coffee tenderness and softness; the color of the beans is light brown, almost beige.
  • American (medium) roast contributes to the appearance of a slight bitterness in the taste. The color of the beans is a rich brown. Still, this type of roast does not allow the manifestation of essential oils on the surface of the beans, so the taste and aroma are revealed only by a slight hint.
  • Viennese roast - the beans darken and become shiny due to the manifestation of essential oils, and sweetish notes appear in the taste of coffee.
  • French (strong) roasting gives the grains an intense chocolate color, and the taste acquires a pleasant bitterness and astringency.
  • Italian (powerful) roasting is recognizable by black oily grains, and the drink acquires extraordinary expressiveness, velvety, and richness - this is a real bitter coffee in the classic version.


Ground or bean coffee

Since coffee begins to lose flavor immediately after grinding, it's best to buy whole coffee beans and grind them yourself before brewing - at least that's what fussy coffee drinkers do. If you prefer ground coffee, pay attention to the degree of grinding:


  • Coarse grinding (the cheapest) lasts no more than 10 seconds, suitable for a piston coffee maker, and is infused up to 7 minutes.
  • Medium grinding lasts up to 14 seconds, is suitable for any coffee makers and Turks, and infused up to 5 minutes.
  • Fine grinding lasts 20 seconds, is designed for filter coffee makers, and infused for 3 minutes.
  • Fine Espresso - This grind produces a coffee "ground" ideal for espresso coffee makers and Turkish coffee in a cezve.
  • Unscrupulous manufacturers often dilute ground coffee with various mixtures that are easily detected at home - if you throw a pinch of coffee into a glass container with cold water. It turns brown. You have a fake that has nothing to do with real coffee.


Natural or flavored

The coffee departments offer a large selection of flavored coffees with hints of vanilla, Irish whiskey, orange, amaretto, and chocolate, but keep in mind that these are chemical and not natural additives. If you want to enjoy the real taste of coffee without extraneous notes, buy beans without additional aromatic "decor."


Winston Churchill said that coffee is a very personal drink, so, like good cognac, you should not drink it in giant mugs. And John Galsworthy believed that there are things that cannot be faithful - for example, coffee. However, if you belong to the category of gourmets who change coffee like gloves, treat each variety personally and do not neglect the quality. In this case, unearthly pleasure is guaranteed!


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 Preparation time: 10 min

 Cooking time: 50 min

 Ready in: 60 min



 4 pieces of chicken breast / 1 whole chicken divided into about 8 parts

 200 g sliced ​​mushrooms

 800 g canned chopped tomatoes

 2 tablespoons oil

 250 ml white / red wine sec

 1 medium chopped onion

 1 stalk of chopped celery

 3 cloves chopped garlic

 1 chopped pepper

 1 teaspoon oregano

 basil, to taste (fresh or dried)

 salt and pepper to taste

 spicy paprika to taste




Traditionally Italian ("a la cacciatora" meaning hunter), with an explosion of various flavors, vitamins and vegetables, chicken cacciatore is a filling and healthy food that is made with minimal effort. Ideal for people who lack free time but who want to eat tasty and "homemade".



Cut the chicken into pieces (we do not give an exact size, they must be neither too small nor too large as a "portion of chicken"), season it with salt and put it to harden in oil in a large pan , until browned on all sides - about 5 minutes. Take it out on a scam.


If you run out of oil in the pan, add it. Saute the onion, pepper, celery and sliced ​​mushrooms for about 10 minutes - during which time the onion becomes translucent and the mushrooms have left that delicious juice. Add the garlic, mix and let it simmer for another 1 minute.


Pour the wine over, mix, cover and leave on the fire until the amount of wine is reduced by half. Add the tomatoes. Season with salt, pepper, oregano and basil (optionally, for those who eat spicy, you can also add spicy paprika and hot pepper flakes), leave it uncovered for 5 minutes.


Add the chicken pieces over, turn on low heat, semi-cover the dish.

Stir and turn the chicken pieces from time to time for 30-40 minutes.


It is best served with a light garnish, such as puree or noodles. Bemorepada wishes you a good appetite.


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