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Top 50 memes about the school that will surely be appreciated by all students

5 months ago

What does school mean to a student? It is a place where we accumulate knowledge, develop multilaterally and train as a personality. The school provides everything needed for a student, and first and foremost communication. Thanks to communication, the student learns to speak correctly, to discuss, to argue, to argue his own opinions and ideas and to examine difficult moments. But all these things are difficult to achieve remotely.

School is the place where you learn to work in a team. Teamwork can no longer be seen as work in itself, because you have someone by your side. You will learn to work according to a set of rules and follow the teacher's instructions.

School should not be limited to learning, although this is the main reason why you go there. At school you will meet new friends with whom you will play and with whom, in time, you will keep in touch and you will remember the most beautiful moments.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memos to remind you of the live sessions at school, when you meet your colleagues and create unique moments.

1.Good student

2.Leaving the class

3.Best feeling ever

4.Back to school

5.Too early

6.Seeing everyone

7.Milk expires

8.Moves the seat

9.Back to school be like

10.Start living

11.First day of school

12.Cheers to that day

13.Moms be like

14.Any questions?

15.You get a cold


17.My angel

18.First vs second week

19.A teacher

20.Exams are really bad


22.No tired

23.Long enough

24.Moms be like


26.Go ahead

27.Hanging on

28.Go to store

29.Seat belt

30.Shopping clothes



33.Present next

34.Going back

35.Which one?

36.No escaping

37.Switch PPT

38.First day

39.Fun facts

40.Awesome lesson

41.Any of us

42.Zoom backgrounds

43.Exam day

44.Motivational speech

45.Parents be like

46.Not reliable

47.No idea

48.After quarantine


50.Stay longer

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At a symbolic level, September inevitably becomes synonymous with the idea of ​​education and the beginning of school. We are talking about a traditional ceremony, full of emotions and hopes, because we find ourselves again in the school universe - parents, students and teachers, because we try to define ideals or pedagogical principles, build educational paradigms, strategies and projects, analyze the past and design the future, as we sometimes launch professional or political controversies. All this gathers in a tumult of voices, comments, clichés from which the essence is often lost. School is the fundamental place of our becoming, the miraculous space in which we meet others, we overcome our own individualities and loneliness, learning the lesson of communication, of openness to those around us, of understanding the universe. We must not forget that school means, equally, knowledge, science, culture, but also morality, spirituality, love.

This school year completes the range of meanings with the difficulties brought by the epidemiological context, the fear of a persistent virus, the change of rules and forms of communication in the school space, in interpersonal relationships. Everything is atypical, disturbing, contrasting, because there is no lack of children's joys and dreams, parents' desires to offer them a good and relevant education, but also the emotion of teachers when they meet their students ...

That is why the old sound of the bell acquired, however, an atypical sound, because the joy of reunion, the students' curiosity to go on the fascinating path of knowledge and the vocation for the profession of those in the department were intertwined with uncertainty, fear and pressure. psychological change that the change in the social paradigm we are witnessing brings into our lives.

But now let's laugh a little bit and remember the old school days, hoping that 2021-2022 will turn on the right path.

1.Ready for school

2.Tell me you’re from US

3.Learn in school nowadays


5.Kids on the back

6.Summer be like


8.Are you okay?

9.Back to school

10.Why this keep happening?

11.Test you’re intelligence

12.Too many authors


14.Just have fun

15.Page 51



18.I have the solution

19.Dumbass students

20.I miss school

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Going to school will be completely different from previous years - children will not be able to touch objects of their collegs, nor will children change their bank. In principle, a distance of 1 meter between students is needed, and if this is not possible, separating panels should be applied between them. The breaks will be staggered so that the children can interact as little as possible. This is coronavirus times!

Classes of students must be arranged in such a way as to respect the distance of at least one meter or, where this is not possible, to be installed transparent separators, is provided in the draft order establishing the rules for the start of courses.

Other measures refer to the fact that students will wear a protective mask and must be supervised during breaks to keep their distance and will not exchange personal items.

1.Secrets about the new school year

2.Waiting for school plans

3.Kids after quarantine and home learning

4.First day back to school

5.Kids after lockdown

6.Coming back to school

7.Primary school children in 2020

8.Every parent right now

9.Don't go to 2020

10.After the break of coronavirus

11.Parents this year

12.School pictures this year

13.Reading emails about school

14.Teachers on last night before school

15.Going back to school like

16.How we went to school in 2020

17.Actual footage of teachers

18.Welcome back to school

19.When you miss school

20.They are never going back to school

21.Back to school

22.Class of 2021 be like

23.Social distance in school

24.A more accurate version

25.Back to school ads

26.Back to school clothes

27.Stores of school supplies

28.Back to school at the height of pandemic

29.Parents in drop off line

30.2019 vs 2020

31.Hugs at school in 2020

32.Everyone with a brain

33.Are you excited about going back to school?

34.When you forgot about everything

35.Teachers at home

36.Back to school ads

37.Motivation is in the air in 2020

38.Zoom classes in 2020

39.Kids with their haircuts in 2020

40.Waiting for school to reopen

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The year 2020 will certainly enter the top of the historical events of the 21st century. During these six months, many changes took place along the way that, at the beginning of the year, were practically unfeasible: distance learning, travel restrictions or the postponement of all cultural, sports, social events, etc. In other words is everything about coronavirus.

In other words, 2020 has become a global shock. If we face certain problems, we need to ridicule them in order to get over them more easily. Memes are the most effective way to laugh at things that have happened in the last six months.

1.School remote plan

2.Current plans for reopening school this year

3.Kids back to school

4.Have a good year

5.Homeschooling be like

6.Tell me how this is helping students

7.Sending the kids back to school

8.That feeling on this school year

9.Parents dealing with school closures

10.Homeschool they said

11.When elementary school students come back

12.School this week

13.There is no plan

14.School plan 2020-2021

15.When kids come back to school

16.First day back to school

17.Kids coming back to school after pandemic

18.Haven't seen you for a long time

19.You go back to school

20.They are never going back to school

21.School district be like

22.Every parent right now

23.Don't ever go to 2020

24.School pictures this year

25.Teachers on the last night

26.Back to school clothes

27.Welcome back to school

28.Back to school in pandemic

29.Parents in drop off line

30.2019 vs 2020

31.Don't touch me

32.Everyone with a brain

33.Non-teachers be like

34.When you go back to school

35.Teachers at home

36.Back to school ads

37.Motivation is in the air

38.Zoom classes

39.Kids after quarantine

40.Waiting for school to start

41.Primary school children

42.Seven emails about school plans

43.Teachers on the last night

44.Coming back to school like

45.2020 students

46.Actual footage

47.One day absent

48.Class of 2021

49.Back to school supplies

50.When you turn around and there is a student

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I understood that.

2 years ago
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Beer ranks third in the world of beverages, with only water and tea being consumed in larger quantities.


Beer is an alcoholic beverage fermented from cereals, characterized by its bitter taste and composed of four main ingredients: barley, yeast, water and hops. Refreshing, with different flavors, is consumed since ancient times, according to sources who mention the making of beer in Mesopotamia, 6,000 years ago. At that time, the Sumerians did not have access to this golden liqueur. It was a divine drink intended only for the goddess of fertility. Much later, in the Middle Ages, monks drank beer, especially during Lent, as a substitute for meat. Today, it is consumed worldwide.


Due to the National Beer Can Appreciation Day, Bemorepanda prepared some cool memes.


1.Alchool free beer?




3.Two beer?


4.Out of beer?


5.Hoppy beer


6.Had me at beer


7.Not at work


8.Beer is coming


9.About beer


10.Need beer


11.I like beer


12.Beer love

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13.Not Bob

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14.First sip of beer

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15.About beer

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16.Yes, I do

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17.Best friends with beer

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18.One beer a day

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19.Happy beer day

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20.Best friends bring beer

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21.Just kidding

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22.Craft beer

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24.Beer and bath

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25.Blonde beer

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26.Beer is the answer

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27.Beer fact

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28.Give a man beer

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29.Beer time

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30.Beer lovers

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