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20 people to whom fate threw sophisticated setbacks, giving them a bad day

3 months ago

Someone is afraid of snakes, someone of spiders, but what is really worthy of fear are bad days. The concept of a "bad day" is so vague that you can both spill coffee and catch inflammation of the eyelids. Bemorepanda have collected for you 20 stories from people to whom fate has thrown sophisticated failures, and it's hard to even think of this. Look and remember, these people suffered to keep you interested.


“On Friday, I did my first full make-up in a year to celebrate the end of masking in my state. The result is blepharitis "


Blepharitis is an inflammation of the edges of the eyelids. In the comments, the woman said that she had not used foundation for the whole past year, so the problem could arise because of it.

“The only thing I haven't used last year is foundation. Sometimes I did my eye makeup, maybe once or twice every two weeks. The lipstick was purchased in March. I dreamed of repealing the law, not eye problems! ”She wrote.


"Tip: Never put a wooden chopping board in the dishwasher."


Usually, wood and water don't go well together.


"Delivered a cake for my mom's birthday."


Despite the unpleasant surprise, in the comments, the author of the photo wrote that the cake was safely eaten.


"Today the venue of our future wedding burned down."


It seems that someone will urgently have to look for a new place for a wedding. 


“Amazon sent me headphones that someone else has already used. Someone just put their headphones in the box and issued a return "


Unfortunately, this sometimes happens, but the most offensive thing is when you wait for your parcel for a whole month, and there it is.


“First day of vacation, and our half of the hotel has lost electricity. Guess who gets home early? "


In this case, you can either request a full refund or ask to be relocated to the other half of the hotel that has electricity.

 "The preparation of the cakes did not go according to plan."


It seems that the author of the photo pressed the mixer too hard against the edge of the bowl while stirring.


“I picked a mango from a neighbor's tree and touched it with my face. Mango sap is obviously very toxic and can burn the skin. "


Mangoes belong to the same botanical family as poison ivy. The sap of the tree and the peel of the mango fruit contain urushiol, an oily mixture of toxins that can cause a rash like poison ivy.


"I forgot to remove the baking sheet from the oven before turning it on."


Are you surprised by the number of people who turn on the oven without looking inside?

"I put the mug in the coffee machine upside down"


Sometimes people completely forget to put a mug there. It's not fun to wipe coffee off the table before work ...


“Okay, now this is your box. The wolf spider is harmless, but mentally he has already kicked my ass "


Someone in this photo will be frightened by a spider, and someone will be horrified by the handle of a drawer, which is not located in the center.


"My mother plunged into virtual reality for the first time, and after 5 minutes she plunged into TV, playing a work simulator."


How could this happen? Did she really want to jump out of the virtual office window? 


“My daughter went on a river trip as a graduation present. Sound familiar? "


This refers to the meme with the container ship Evergreen, which landed on chalk across the Suez Canal, completely blocking traffic.


"At least the cut in the eye was minor."


To avoid this situation, simply avoid sweeping the broken glass with your eye.


"Don't mess with the porcupine."


It seems as if by its appearance the dog makes it clear that it was worth it.


“I got to work, I look down and this is what I see. I work 1.5 hours from home, so I can't go home and change my shoes. "


We don't even know which is worse, that she's wearing different shoes, or the 1.5 hour commute to work every day.

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A bad day is a setup that no one is immune from. You may be unlucky all day, or there may be only one failure, but one that will ruin your mood for several days in advance. Fortunately, telling people about your failure, even to strangers, can relieve frustration in these situations. This is what the heroes of our article did, who shared their photo stories on the Internet. Let's support these poor fellows, because they suffered, so that you would be interested.


“Dogs locked the car from the inside during the evacuation due to Hurricane Ida”


The owners of the car left their keys in the car, and one of the dogs accidentally stepped on them.

Photo author: “I was walking the dogs and my wife came up to me with our daughter, I took my daughter, and she locked the dogs in the car to go to the toilet. The next thing I heard was the click of the locks. ” 🐶

Revenge for all uneaten treats 🦴


“I got home from work on a rainy day and found a leak in the roof right above my laptop ...” The


author of the photo was lucky that the laptop lid was closed. Users advised the author to gently wipe the water off the lid and dry the laptop for several days before turning it on 💻


“Someone has fastened his bike to mine with a bicycle lock”


In the comments, users wrote that the author of the photo should cut the lock as soon as possible, since this was probably done in order to steal his bicycle. During the day, scammers fasten bicycles in this way, since they cannot decorate them from public places, but they return at night when there is no one else on the streets.


“Garbage pandas 🦝 turned the roof of the car into an expensive dining table ...”


The author of the photo wrote that it was not his car, and he noticed it while walking around the neighborhood: “The car was parked on the grass so that more could be parked next to it one car. I think the Ferrari driver was visiting, and I wouldn't be surprised that the trash pandas did it in broad daylight. They are not afraid of anything".


“At a wedding party I was at, they decided to light a fireworks display right inside a warehouse-type building without ventilation, so all people were soon forced to leave.”

09-14-04-1630926243762817716One of the most effective ways to get people to leave. Like turning lights on and off, but more efficient 🎆


"Yesterday the neighbor's tree crashed through the roof of my house,"




Author photo said that none of his family was not injured, but the tree was already on his property, it will be used by its insurance, not a neighbor 🏡

Members were surprised that TV and a fan not hurt 📺


"Please use insect spray" The


girl (photo author) reported that she was resting in nature and fell asleep in a tent in shorts, forgetting to close one of the windows ⛺

Users noted that in a place with so many blood-sucking insects, only pants will help 👖



“I returned from vacation and found that a bear had burst into my house”


The author of the photo said that by the time of his return the animal had already left his house.

When users asked how the author of the photo knows that it was a bear, he replied: “Because of the dirt left behind, the smashed fridge and everything inside it. I also live in a mountainous area where there are many bears in the vicinity. It was pretty easy to narrow down the suspects to a bear. ” 🐻


“Thieves stole my steering wheel, now I can only go straight ahead”


One of the users asked: “Why do they need a steering wheel? Are they expensive or was there something special about this particular steering wheel? "

To which the author of the photo replied: “The damage was estimated at 3,000 euros, so yes, they cost quite a lot” 💸


“It's so great that the company I work for chose this particular carpet color.” The


bosses approach you with this look 🦂

This case happened in the USA, where in some states scorpions are not so uncommon.


"A bottle of sweet and sour sauce exploded in my bag"


This sweet and sour sauce container looks expensive and strange 😉


“My house just fell on my car”


The author of the photo will get a real jackpot if he has not only his car but also his house insured


"This was followed by obscene expressions"


It's just a new model of the cordless hammer 🔨



The bike lock did the trick.


At least the frame, the front system and, in fact, the lock itself remained. Something already! 🚲


“I'm guessing the birds were having a party over my car yesterday.”


It may have been one bird, but then what was it eating? 🐦

This is life, sometimes you are a bird, sometimes an SUV .. 🚙


"The pigeon left an imprint of its muzzle on my bathroom window."




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As the saying goes, nature does not have bad weather, but just do not tell people who have seriously suffered from its freaks about it. Whether it is a squally wind that knocked a tree down on the roof of their house or torrential rains that flooded their home - all these are the vagaries of nature, from which, first of all, a person suffers.


"The day I visited the Great Wall of China"



A strong wind pulled out a large branch of a tree, and it broke through the wooden flooring in the courtyard



"This winter I did not think to remove the snow from the roof of my barn."



“It was -25 ° C outside. I was carrying a heavy grocery bag and was wearing no gloves. Never do that. "




“In Arizona, it is forbidden to cut down the saguaro cactus. Last night, this precious 5-meter piece of protected wildlife destroyed my roof. "



"This is what happened to my car after Hurricane Michael"



"I think I left the window open last night, but I'm not sure."



Along the way, nature caused freezing rain 




"There was an earthquake this morning."



"20% chance of precipitation at night"



"I don't think it was worth leaving the windows on the lawn, especially when it's + 22 ° C outside."



“It has rained and this is what our backyard looks like now. Husband for the scale "




Weather conditions don't care which car you drive



This tree was uprooted in a storm, destroying the garage and two of the man's vintage cars.



We think he won't go anywhere until summer



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All kinds of failures and oversights sometimes happen to people, which can spoil not only the mood, but also life. Of course, we will not share with you the photos that led to something really terrible, but we will show people who were just very unlucky.

1."I went out for one minute, and he did this. And this during quarantine, when every roll of toilet paper counts!"

2."Something happened to my eye a few seconds before the interview. I really enjoyed crying with one eye when I was asked questions."

3.Now imagine how upset he will be when he wakes up and sees what happened.

4."I was really proud of my first attempt at brownie, wanted to take a picture, and immediately dropped my phone into the hot cake."

5."My first day at McDonald's. All the eggs fell out of my hands. I don't even know what salary I will get, or whether I have received at all."

6."My family bought this big TV and we set it up for two hours. Then we turned it on and realized it was cracked."

7."My cat pee on my Nintendo Switch and now it won't charge or turn on. Hope the rice works."

8."Glasses broke 5 minutes before my online interview"


9."I made French fries, pulled them out of the oven, and it happened right after I closed the door (I had to sweep before taking the picture so that the puppy wouldn't walk over the pieces)"

10."My son just discovered that permanent markers paint well on wood floors."

11."My hairdresser, apparently, did not know how to make a haircut using the fade technique *"

* Fade is a technique that creates a fuzzy "smoky" transition from short hair at the back of the head to any desired length at the crown.

12."I dropped my tablet off the couch and it shattered. It won't even turn on. All my photos and important passwords were there."

13."A colleague knocked over 7 boxes of wine bottles"

14."Putting a plastic plate in a hot oven wasn't a good idea."

15."Last week I suffered a bone fracture and found that I was allergic to almost everything."


16."My dad spent a lot of time and effort to grow a watermelon."

17."I was not at home for a month, and when I returned, I found this huge hive."

18."The YouTube video tutorial seemed simple ..."

19."Today hail destroyed all the crops on our farm in 2 minutes ..."

20."Keep in mind that if you put an egg in the microwave it will turn into dynamite."

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Solutions! Given the number of times we take them in a day, it's no surprise that sometimes mistakes happen and things don't work out the way we want them to. No, everything comes out just awful! Here are some poor fellows who would like to turn back time and not make these decisions. Bemorepanda collected some funny situations.


These bakers ruined the dough and threw it in the trash, not thinking that the yeast would still work.



Someone incorrectly strapped the egg carts to the truck. As a result, 10,500 eggs were broken.



And this barbecue lover threw hot coals in the bin, melting it



"I dyed my hair and didn't wear gloves. I dyed everything EXCEPT hair ... including tongue, nails and even corneas."



An adult guy who decided to play in the playground



And this one there



"And why did I just let her bring the syrup to the table?"



The man sitting at the table doesn't seem even surprised



"I left my $ 300 (about 23,000 rubles) headphones within reach of my dog. What an idiot I was."



The guy got the same tattoo that he found on his dog, not knowing that it means that the dog is neutered



"My boyfriend tried to erase a small stain from the wall, and now we have a four-meter blurry head of an old man crying next to our bed."



"Oh God, no! I will never leave them alone again, even for one minute!"



"I finally bought a new pair of sneakers! I loved the classic white Reeboks, but I only tried on one in the store ..."



"He was alone for only 5 minutes!"



"What if I decide to release my white dog after mowing the lawn?"



"Never skimp on a hairdresser. Never!"



"Guess who thought the soy sauce was syrup?"



"My mom left the mirror in front of the window all day. When she returned, she found this."


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