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Instead of euthanizing a pig with a tremor, the girl decided to save him and take him home

2 weeks ago

There are many stories about when even seemingly completely hopeless animals found a home and salvation. And this Floppy pig story is one of them.


Meet Floppy. He was born on January 18, 2020 with shaking head syndrome (in fact, this is a tremor that cannot be controlled) in a litter of nine healthy piglets


His journey into this world was very difficult from the very beginning, when he just took his first breath.


According to Chelsea Vining, who lives in West Virginia and owns Floppy, the piglet could not even feed on its own from its mother, as did his brothers and sisters and could not really walk.



“The sister of the husband, on whose farm Floppy was born, took him to the vet, and he said it was the worst case in his practice. The veterinarian recommended euthanasia because the piglet probably won't live longer than a week, ”Chelsea said.



"None of us liked the idea of ​​being put to sleep, so my husband and I were determined to let this little pig live its life in love and care."



“My husband and I took Floppy to our house (we don't live on a farm) and bottle-fed him every three hours while he was very tiny”



“Our plans were to leave the piglet, and then, when he gets stronger and feels better, take him to a shelter, where he will be looked after by professionals. However, when it came time to part, we realized that Floppy won our hearts, and we cannot let him go. "



“Now he is a domesticated one and a half year old pig that has its own room. As you already understood, the veterinarian's predictions did not come true, and with Floppy everything is just fine. "



"The tremor, by the way, is almost gone, except when our pet is agitated or worried."


“Floppy is the most ordinary big pig (not mini), so now it weighs about 226 kg. But he is a gentle giant and loves to communicate with people "



Chelsea shared that a special bond has formed between her and Floppy, which is growing stronger every day! And it's easy to believe in, you just have to look into these kind piggy eyes, filled with love and gratitude for your salvation.


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What can be made from eggs bought at the supermarket? Of course, you can cook something tasty, or you can make yourself a new feathered friend. This is exactly what Adele Phillips from Port Talbot, UK did after she saw a guy from TikTok raise a duckling from an egg she bought at a supermarket. Inspired by his example, she went to the nearest supermarket, where she bought a box of duck eggs.


Adele Phillips decided to raise a duckling from a store egg after seeing a guy from TikTok do it.


To do this, Adele bought a box of eggs from the same brand that the blogger at TikTok used. Upon arriving home, she immediately placed the eggs in an incubator, which she had purchased in advance from an online store.


To her surprise, one of the six eggs was fertilized.



Since she had everything she needed, she proceeded to incubation



Thanks to the translucency, this photo shows how life is born in the egg.



On the 27th day, the duckling began to peck at the egg from the inside, and after 48 hours he was already free



After 30 long days of care and love, Adele finally has a newborn duckling



“I turned the egg 3-4 times a day, sprinkled it with water, kept it at room temperature, left it for several hours, and did the procedure again,” Adele said.



"I saw that the duckling came out of the egg when I returned from work."



Adele was surprised and very excited that the experiment was a success.



She named the duck Morris



Morris posing next to the egg he hatched from



And also with the box in which Adele brought him home



Soon, the girl decided that Morris needed a friend, so she bought him a brother named Beryl at the pet store.


“I joined a Facebook group called Ducks and Chicks, where a lot of people told me that the duckling needs a friend or he will be sad and lonely. Since I’m at work all day, I decided to take him a friend at the pet store. Now we have another little duck named Beryl! Beryl is a different breed - Khaki Campbell, he is a little older, but they get along great and Morris is happy with his new friend! I keep them in a lamp box until they have feathers, and then I plan to buy a barn and put it in the backyard along with a pond and a fence so they can play safely, ”the girl said.


Adele with her duck friend Morris


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Have you ever done something that you regretted after drinking a few extra glasses? How about it ended up well but looked incredibly weird and irresponsible in the beginning? The story of a new friendship between a Thai man and an cute dog went viral online. And it started quite unexpectedly.



Yutthaphum Kaewekhem from Bangkok, aka Boom, decided to have some fun last week and ended up drinking too much



A drunk guy found a stray dog ​​near a restaurant and, being tipsy, decided that it would be a "good" idea to bring it home.



The story became incredibly popular in Thailand and made many people laugh after one of Boom's friends recorded a series of videos in which his friend decided to donate a home to a stray dog.


All this time, Boom's friend filmed the guy trying to rescue a stray dog ​​and put him in the car.


Later, the guy returned to the restaurant and asked if anyone had lost their dog; he did not want to be accused of taking someone else's pet. However, this poor fellow turned out to be a draw.


Don't worry, Boom wasn't driving that night.

The next morning he woke up and was shocked to see a dog in his bed.



Then the guy still remembered what had happened the day before and decided to make sure that the dog had no owners.



When he found out that his new friend was abandoned, he decided to keep the dog for himself.

This is how their friendship was born.


Boom bought the good boy a collar and dog food and washed the dirt off with a garden hose.



Look at this adorable guy who is now called Muta !.



Sweet couple.



The guy seems to enjoy taking pictures of his new best friend, who is not averse to flaunting sunglasses.



Boom and Muta are now best friends.


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Some people mistakenly think that pets are useless hairballs that walk around the house and beg for food. Probably, only those who do not have a pet can think so, because they are able not only to provide therapeutic assistance, helping us to cope with blues and depression, but can even diagnose diseases, as did the 15-year-old cat named Auggie, who saved the life of his mistress.


This is Kate and her 15-year-old cat Auggie, who saved her life.


Minnesota resident Keith King-Scribbins and her husband own four rescued pets: the oldest cat Auggie, the mongrel dog Max, who, unfortunately, recently passed away, Maine Coon Lulu, and a 12-year-old Labrador cross named Abby. Auggie, being the wisest and oldest in his pack, felt trouble ...


According to the woman, Auggie, being the oldest of all the animals that live with her and her husband, is an ardent lover of hugs.


Of course, every pet living in the King Scribbins family has its own character and characteristics, and Auggie, as Kate described, is an insistent cuddler.


However, even before Kate was diagnosed with cancer, the cat's furious cuddling tendencies increased markedly, and he focused on the left side of Kate's chest. The woman constantly tried to shift it, but he stood his ground, returning to its original place.


But his behavior began to change, and Kate could not help but notice.


The cat was already tame, but recently it just did not leave Kate, lying on the left side of her chest.


The cat began to lie down on the left side of her chest, and when she tried to move it, it still returned to its original place


This behavior of the cat continued for several months, but Kate did not attach much importance to this, until one day the woman woke up from an attack of pain that spread through her body.



Probably, the woman would never have paid attention to the strange behavior of the cat, which lasted for several months, if not for an attack of pain that forced Kate to see a doctor.


Unbeknownst to Kate, the cat might be trying to either warn her or heal her with his feline magic.


The doctor checked Kate's breasts and found a lump in one of them. After a more detailed examination, the American was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, after which she underwent several courses of chemotherapy, underwent a couple of operations and radiation therapy.


It was only after the woman found out about her diagnosis that she realized what Auggie was trying to tell her.


The cat continued to lie on Kate's chest throughout the course of chemotherapy, and only after surgery did Auggie stop focusing on this place.



Of course, the cat could not rid his mistress of the tumor, but he wanted to warn her about the danger that threatened her health.




And he also supported Kate in not the easiest times for her, without leaving her a single step.



After the woman had surgery, Auggie stopped pressing against her left breast.



Fortunately, after all the necessary procedures and several operations, the American woman went on the mend.



And now she can fully enjoy life with her husband and their loving and, as it turned out, very useful pets.


Some people on the Internet did not believe that the cat helped the woman diagnose her serious illness.


Some people were skeptical about my story, but I'm not offended by them. This is my story and I have no doubt about its veracity. So I just try to focus on positive reactions and kind comments.

However, some people on the Internet did not believe that a cat could diagnose cancer, but we have a couple of pieces of evidence for these skeptics.


As you know, cats love warmth very much. And since cancer can cause inflammation around the affected area by heating it up, the cat may find this warm place very attractive for his time.


Whether Auggie realized it or not, he may have always helped his mistress. It is known that the soothing cat's purr can have healing properties and soothe, putting the nerves in order, which, in any case, did not harm Kate in any way during the recovery stage.

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Sometimes it seems that the world is completely rotten and resembles a burning trash can. For this, it is worth saying thanks to television and other news that do not get tired of making money on stories about all sorts of crap. Fortunately, on the Internet, we ourselves can choose what to watch, and right now we invite you to spend a little time on something kind and inspiring. We have collected 17 emotional stories for you, with which we want to remind you that there is a lot of good things in the world, and of course, to make you smile.


“I have lost 90 kg in a year. I sat on a warrior's diet and walked 5 km every day. Left - 163 kg, right - 73 kg "

1 544


In 1962, while sailing in the Mediterranean, the American Independence-class aircraft carrier transmitted a light signal to the Italian ship Amerigo Vespucci, asking, "Who are you?" The ship replied: "Training ship Amerigo Vespucci, Italian Navy." Then the US ship sent a message: "You have the most beautiful ship in the world."

3,1 5


1028 drug-free days

5 531


“About 6 months ago, on my birthday, my cat was hit by a car. I'm in the process of moving right now to start over. I was very sad because I knew he would like a new place. Found one of his mustaches on the floor - he's still here ... "

6 515


"My blind sister is 18 years old, and today is the first time she was offered a menu in a restaurant."

8 481


A Canadian named John McCue patched up potholes on his own, then put up a sign with the text: “I patched up potholes. Pay me instead of paying your taxes. " The drivers gave him money, coffee, and pothole patching materials.

9,1 2


Joch Stockhill, a 4-year-old boy who defeated leukemia twice in his short life. This is his first day of school

10,1 0


Alopecia could not stop a 7-year-old girl from surprising everyone at school on the day of unusual hairstyles

11 452


“Today my great-grandmother got married. She told me, "I know I'm old, but he makes me feel young again."

12 447


“When the Covid lockdown began last year, I was depressed and moved in the wrong direction. Spent a year to regain my health and I was able to stop taking antidepressants. I feel good again! "

13 431


Regular customer and his hairdresser over the years

14 419


“My brother has Down syndrome. Previously, he loved to hold children in his arms, but now rarely anyone allows him to do this. Today my wife and I allowed him to hold our baby, and this is his look when we gave it to him. He held her motionless for 5 minutes. I almost cried "

16,1 1


Meryl Streep always wants to make sure her friends look good.

17 356


"Dad can't go to the mosque because of the pandemic, so Tofu keeps him company five times a day."

18 339


“Today I celebrate 3 years of getting rid of addiction. I have dedicated my life to helping those who still suffer from it. For me, this is the real key to freedom "

19 282


“The parents told my little sister that they would not let her dye her hair until she found someone to do it with her ... Guess who has purple hair now?”

20 230

"Dr. Chang helped me to be born, and yesterday I delivered with him."



"This happy puppy is spending the first night in his new home since he was picked up from the shelter."



"I can't even believe that these photos are real and they are MY family."



“Yesterday our cow was not feeling well, so in the evening my son went outside to spend time with her. I woke up in the morning and saw this "



“My cat loves bottle caps the most in the world. Yesterday I was crying in the bathroom and she kept bringing the lids and slipping them under my door. "



“My little sister went on a date with a young farmer today. He decided to give her a 12 kg wheel of cheese ...? "



This adorable baby who is looking for his animal (most likely a cat)



“Almost 6 years ago, shortly before his death, my father gave my sister this 10 dollar bill to give me on my 21st birthday so that I could buy myself my first beer. Hurray, dad, this is for you! "



“Perhaps the sweetest act of kindness I've seen. I know a family that has been visited by electricians in the last 6 weeks. Their little son was obsessed with them. He bombarded them with questions, kindness and constant offers of help! Recently, he received a salary from them "



List of works performed by the boy:

Item Measurement - £ 1.5

Counting and adding up the number of outlets - £ 1.5

Meals (delicious cookies) - £ 1.5

Excellent Volunteering - £ 1.5

Quality Assurance (Multiple Questions Challenge) - £ 9

Total: £ 15


"This guy was lying in the trunk of a car and holding these two plants while his wife, who was driving, kept shouting 'What?' While he kept shouting something like 'Stop for a second'."



“I took home a stray cat in my area. At night his brother came to him. I really had no other options. "



“Today I learned that the night guard at my job knits booties and mittens for premature babies from the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. He also ships them all over the world. My heart melted .. "



“This is Simba and Cooper. Finally, they finished injecting vaccines. The first hugs for the whole year. Simba is 14 and Cooper is 10 and they are damn adorable. "


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