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25 interesting historical pictures that are rarely found on the Internet

11 months ago

Today, wherever we go, we take our smartphone with us everywhere and can take a picture at any time. But this was not always the case, and most of the story passed without cameras and video filming. That is why historical photographs are so valuable, especially if they were taken in ancient times. Today we want to plunge with you into the times of the past and look at the life of people of those years, as well as see rare pictures of stars that few have seen.


Moscow, 1965



David Bowie and Mick Jagger were very close friends, and according to some stories even more, 1970



Australian professional swimmer, actress and writer Annette Kellerman has fought for women's right to wear tight-fitting swimwear. She was arrested for indecent behavior, 1907



Frank Sinatra and his fans, 1940s



Sigourney Weaver on the set of the movie "Alien 3", 1991




Correctional colony of strict regime, Kovrov, 1993



Marilyn Monroe in 1957



Kylie Minogue, 1993



California Bikini Contest 1986



Reaction of a boy watching television for the first time, 1948




Perfume machine, 1952



"The health of workers is the work of the workers themselves." Psychiatric hospital, USSR, 1930s



This item was used to play the bottle game, Europe, 17th century



Gillian Anderson, 1996



Female sniper company of the 3rd Shock Army of the 1st Belorussian Front, Germany, May 1945


Albert Einstein, 1933



Tasting room "Nectar" in Leningrad, 1985



Nikita Khrushchev during a visit to India, 1956



Visiting quarantined relatives and friends at Ullewol Hospital, Oslo, 1905



Robert De Niro in Moscow, 1980s




Sellers of skullcaps, UzSSR, 1930



Former spouses Johnny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie, 1996



Madonna, Versace ad campaign, 1995



Victorian photographer's birdie, 1900s


In the 1920s, resourceful photographers attracted the attention of children with a brass bird placed near the lens. An interesting fact: not only was the toy shiny, it also emitted a whistle similar to the singing of real birds.


A soldier from the honor guard, passing out from the heat, Melbourne, January 20, 1974


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Do not crowd, there will be enough interesting things for everyone! Who ordered a cat that has two "Eyes of Sauron" at once? What about a white moth with a chicken on its back? And this is just the tip of the iceberg, because we have prepared for you a lot of interesting photos with stories that will tell you about something that you have not seen yet. Some people are constantly striving to learn something new, while others are keen to share their experiences. Fortunately, there is a thread on Reddit that caters to the needs of both. We hope you are also from inquisitive minds who are eager to learn something new and interesting.

Make a coffee, sit back, we're getting started!


This piece of foam floated in the ocean for so long it looked like a stone.


"This tree that I met in Tokyo has grown over a fence and it looks like it put its elbows on it to lean back and relax."


"A friend of mine found a green stem growing out of a shell. It was a grain of popcorn."


"I just finished this puzzle that has no picture."


"It rained at night and washed away all my child's chalk drawings, except for the one under the sheet."


"The disappearing stain on my thumb looks like the development of a deadly virus."


Beets with a flawless heart shape


"The alarm clock at this hotel has three displays so you can see the time while lying on any bed in the room."


"I just landed in Berlin and the plane lights are colored."


Traffic light showing how long you have to wait


"Alien DJ on my coffee cup"


"Green bread with the addition of pandanus leaves is sold in Malaysia"


Perfectly trimmed tree in Seville, Spain


"Found a set of round playing cards"


"My grandparents measure time on the dial with one week instead of 24 hours."


Clear hot sauce


"My friend looks like a giant"


A cat with two "Eyes of Sauron"


A boat that has a part for underwater views


Single egg tray


"Bumped into a Danish door leading to a field"


Someone crocheted a cover for this tree

Butterfly with transparent wings


This is a building that looks like a huge open cardboard box.


Fleet of delivery robots at work


The leaves of this tree grow in such a way that it feels like it was blurred in Photoshop.


White moth with a picture of a chicken on the back


"The color of my red pen is exactly the same shade as the margins in the notebook."


Babies sleep on the street in the courtyard of a hospital to strengthen the immune system, Moscow, USSR, 1958

Raindrops only cling to the colored areas of this poster.


National Geographic's door handles are shaped like the brand's logo


"My oatmeal became smooth and egg-shaped after I ran to work."


There is a miniature copy of it near this temple so that blind people can get acquainted with its architecture.


Tiny starfish


Pizza box opening from the center


Smoke from the fire painted the cobweb black


"Gradient colors on eggs that I collected from my chickens"



The photographs on the walls of this pub curve along with the walls


These chairs have a recess so you can hang your bag


"My coffee with milk came out the same color as my mug."


"This cactus has been growing from the metal roof of my friends for 4 years now."


Tiny seashell in sea salt


It says "Closed"


Funny patterns on ventilation grilles in new Swedish trains


A bench and a table made of rails. Vandalism level: 100


Toilet paper that helps you learn English


Stone before and after polishing


This is what bags of potato chips look like in a store located at an altitude of 2250 meters.


Here's what $ 1 million looks like in 10 dollar bills.


Plain 2D graffiti, but it looks like it's three-dimensional


From the inside, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is hollow


Wolves can be very large


At a time when there were still no clocks, people used candles with marks, each of which marked 1 hour. If it was necessary to set an alarm, then people simply stuck nails into the candle and put it on a metal surface.


Another alternative to the alarm clock was special people who were paid to spit frozen peas at windows to wake people up for work.


How much Shanghai (China) has changed in just 20 years


Jupiter and Saturn's Northern Lights compared to Earth


These two photos are exactly the same - they were taken from the same angle, they have the same crop and contain the same pixels, but the second one looks different


There is a truck on the left in this photo.


Inside the fire alarm is the usual small toggle switch.

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Everyone understands perfectly well that without history humanity, and indeed the entire world as a whole, cannot exist. But without photographs confirming certain events, hardly anyone will believe in them. Fortunately, we have rare, entertaining, and simply interesting historical snapshots to help you take a different look at this area of ​​knowledge. Bemorepanda collected some interesting pictures from all around the world, Russia, USA, Italy etc.


"Honor board" of the Pyatigorsk sobering-up center, 1995-98.

1нг 24


Mikhail Vorobyov (later Mikhail Krug) in the army. Lebedin city, Sumy region, Ukrainian SSR, early 1980s



Collector of empty packs of Marlboro cigarettes, Russia, 1990s

3ен 22


Andrei Tarkovsky with his mother Maria Ivanovna Vishnyakova, 1935

5гш 11


Hamburger bed, 1972

6нг 24


Kate Moss, 1991

7гш 8


Jesse Tarbox's first female photojournalist. New York, 1900s

8гш 22


The tricycle of a deceased Japanese boy, one and a half kilometers from the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima, 1945

9нгш 17


Cotton picking point, USSR, 1987

10нгш 14


Sigourney Weaver on the set of the movie "Alien 3", 1991

11uyio 0


The way home, Moscow, USSR, 1977

12ке 1


Marilyn Monroe with her dog Hugo, 1957

13ryu 5


Moscow couple, USSR, 1966

14екн 5


The beauty of a Soviet poster, 1986

15нкг 5


Employee of the State West Siberian Regional Museum A.P. Levashova on a walk with a wolf from the Museum Zoo, Omsk, USSR, 1928

16ryu 4


Hair straightening, 1960s

17енг 26


Manta (the largest of the rays) caught by Captain L. Kahn, August 26, 1933



Black box office, 1927, USSR



The British crush German helmets with tanks for use in road construction. 1918 year

20г 1


Deceased shark in the aquarium of an abandoned Wildlife Park in Melbourne, 2019



Henry Behrens, smallest man in 1956, dances with his cat on the front porch

22пр 0


Charlotte Greenwood demonstrates stretching at MGM Studios. USA, 1928

23ен 5


Morning does not start with coffee, Sverdlovsk, USSR, 1984



Stephen Hawking in Sergiev Posad (Zagorsk), 1981



Mount Etna eruption, Italy, February 2021


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Many people strive to learn as much as possible about the world around them, and absorb knowledge like a sponge does water. However, in some cases, we look at things one-sidedly, without thinking that there is another side that is unknown to us. Tiktoker with the nickname MjcMatthewis probably one of those curious people who are used to digging into the truth and imbuing themselves with new knowledge. The guy's account is dedicated to interesting facts that we did not know about, and, perhaps, would never have known if it were not for him.


Pablo Picasso lived for a time in the same period as Charles Darwin and Eminem


Charles Darwin: 1809 - 1882, Pablo Picasso: 1881 - 1973, Eminem: 1972 - present.

In the year of Darwin's death, Pablo Picasso was 1 year old, and the artist died a year after the birth of Eminem 🤯


Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire


Oxford University is one of the oldest universities in the world. Although the exact date of the founding of the university is unknown, there is evidence that the study took place there as early as 1096. As for the civilization of the Aztecs, their ancestors came from the north and after long wanderings, founded a city on an island in the middle of Lake Texcoco, and named it Tenochtitlan. It happened in 1325.


There is a disease that can turn all of your muscle tissue into bones.


Fibrodysplasia ossifying progressive, or FOP, is a very rare genetic disorder in which muscles, tendons, and ligaments gradually turn into bones. The process progresses over the years, usually beginning around the age of ten in children with a specific gene mutation. The earliest recorded cases date back to the 17th and 18th centuries. 


The reason the Statue of Liberty is green


The Statue of Liberty was originally reddish brown in color because it was made of copper. However, several decades after its discovery, under the influence of the environment, it became covered with a layer of natural patina, which painted the statue in a greenish-blue color.


If you shuffle a deck of cards, it is statistically likely that you will shuffle them in an order that has never been and never


will.In fact, you will be the first person in history to shuffle them in this order.

The chances that someone has ever shuffled a deck of cards in the same way twice in world history are statistically infinitesimal. The number of possible permutations of 52 cards is equal to 52 factorials. To calculate the probability, you need to multiply 52 by 51, then by 50 ... and so on up to 1.

If you are still tormented by the question of the number of unique card shuffles, then there are 80 658 175 170 943 878 571 660 636 856 403 766 975 289 505 440 883 277 824 000 000 000 000 🃏


If you had a teaspoon-sized neutron star, it would have the same mass as the 900 pyramids of Giza.


A neutron star is considered one of the possible outcomes of stellar evolution. The masses of neutron stars are comparable to the mass of the Sun, but the typical radius of a neutron star is only 10-20 kilometers. Therefore, the average density of the substance of such an object is several times higher than the density of the atomic nucleus. In turn, the heaviest monolith on the Giza plateau is estimated at more than 200 tons.



The can opener was not invented until 83 years after the tin can.Although the


preservation of food with cans has been known since 1772, the first device for opening them was patented only in 1855 in England, and in the United States in 1858 🥫


There are more atoms in one glass of water than there are glasses of water in all the oceans and seas on Earth.If


you collect all the water from the oceans and seas of our planet, then there will be less of them than atoms in one glass of water 💦🥤


The stickers that are glued to the fruit are actually edible.


This, of course, does not mean that such a sticker must be eaten, but if it gets into your stomach, then nothing terrible will happen. Even the glue on these stickers is edible 🍎


The Eiffel Tower was supposed to be located in a different location.It was


originally supposed that the Eiffel Tower would be located in Barcelona, ​​but the local authorities did not like the idea of ​​the project, therefore, since March 31, 1889, the tower flaunts in Paris. At the time of its opening, it was the gateway to the 1889 World's Fair.

In fact, many famous French people were against the construction of Paris' most iconic landmark, and were very resentful upon completion.

For example, many sources say that the famous writer Guy de Maupassant came every day to have breakfast in a restaurant located on the second floor of the tower. The question "why?", He replied: "This is the only place in the whole Paris, where no one can see thisugliness."

And one more fun fact, Eiffel himself called his creation simply "300-meter tower" 🗼

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There are a lot of interesting things on the Internet, but how do you think it all gets there? Professor? Artificial Intelligence? This is the merit of ordinary people who want to share with the world interesting things that they have encountered in their lives. We have collected just such photos with interesting stories for you, and they are waiting for you further to show what you most likely have never seen.


Largest dicotyledonous leaf ever found on the Amazon


An electrician's eye after being hit by 14,000 volts at work


These Buenos Aires street benches are made of cement


"My trash can made an ice cube in the shape of a trash can."


The same people, the only difference is in the height of those who filmed them. Left photo - 157.5 cm, right - 188 cm


Peeled lemon


Albino squirrel


Fork with small fork


"Today I met the sheriff who had pink handcuffs."


Garland under the snow


"In a German restaurant I went to, there is a pot-bellied pig walking on the patio."


Eye after corneal transplant


Inside a salt mine


The reporter is almost a cyborg


If the video says "shot on iPhone", then most likely it was done like this


Janitor's Secret Door at Cinderella Castle, Disneyland


Everyone has seen pictures of the famous Hollywood sign, here is a photo of what the letters "see"


Sesame Street Big Bird Costume Arrangement


Tamascan is a breed of dog that looks like a wolf, but has nothing of the wolf.

No terriers were eaten during the creation of this photo.


Milky Way, Queenstown, New Zealand


Wolfdog - the result of crossing a German shepherd and a wolf


Unusual rain near the beach


High quality smoky Himalayan quartz found in Taos, New Mexico


If you add all the British coins together, you get a shield


Cranberry harvest in Canada

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Many consider the time in which we live to be the best in the history of mankind due to the fact that today almost everything is available to people. We can go online wherever and whenever we want, create a non-existent person using a neural network and entrust the cleaning of our house to a robot vacuum cleaner. But today there is no such liveliness and purity of emotions that were before, and looking at photos of stars taken in the last century, you will be convinced of this.


Sylvester Stallone and Ferrari F40 at the Fiorano race track, 1990



Frida Kahlo and the fawn, 1939



Arnold Schwarzenegger poses at the Victoria Palace in London, 1968



Alice Cooper with Colonel Sanders, founder of the KFC fast food chain, 1969



Hugh Jackman, Sydney University of Technology, 1991


Robert De Niro and his father Robert De Niro Sr., 1946



Ernest Hemingway watches his cat drinking water from a glass, 1950s



Billy Idol with American sex therapist Ruth Westheimer, better known under the pseudonym "Dr. Ruth", 1980s



Alfred Hitchcock and the monster of Frankenstein on a tour of Universal Studios, 1970s



Gandalf (Ian McKellen) in his youth, 1960




Sophia Loren in the movie "Millionaire", 1960



American singer Prince, circa 1977



Princess Leia on the beach, 1983



Pamela Anderson, 1990



Happy 16 year old Heath Ledger smiles at casting in 1995




Spice Girls in Shinjuku, Tokyo, 1996



Gillian Anderson fooling around on the set of The X-Files in 1994



Angelina Jolie as a teenager in the early 90s



Kurt Cobain, 1992



Grace Jones and Dolph Lundgren at the Area nightclub in New York, 1984


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