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20 weird Belgian houses showcasing the quirks of European architecture

1 year ago

What can architecture and Belgium have in common? Well, we can say for sure that, like in any other country, there is something to see here. If you ever plan to visit Belgium, then you should definitely see the Brussels City Hall and the Basilica of the Sacre Coeur, which are located in Brussels. And as you walk through this land of architectural wonders, you will definitely notice the houses. Yes, simple houses in which the people of Belgium live. True, they are somewhat different from ordinary houses. What exactly? At the very least, a strange, ridiculous and grotesque design, which makes you think that they were built with your eyes closed. It is these architectural structures that are collected in the Instagram account with the self-explanatory name Ugly Belgian Houses ("Ugly Belgian houses"), to which 140 thousand people have already subscribed.


"Why are you taking pictures of me?"



Bus included in the architecture of the house. Thumbs up!



The poor white house looks scared



This is a garage and looks pretty malevolent.



The moment you were given some different free bricks




Archaeologists recently discovered a garage in Giza



Belgian minimalism



His "eyes" express pure terror



Everybody Needs Goth Neighbors



When, during the divorce, the spouse got half of the house and he took it




Apparently, this house is disguised so that no one can find it in the dark.



This house looks at us with its indifferent glass gaze



Blue pain



Belgians have a special relationship with architecture



The surprise effect worked with a bang




It doesn't look like a house from any angle



People with radically different tastes live in this house.



He can turn into a normal house, but he doesn't want to



Is this a house at all?



Hobbit city burrow


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ATTENTION! Bemorepanda is totally against the use of drugs and other toxic and deadly substances! We urge you not to try or use drugs! The effects can be deadly, and addictive forever. We also urge you not to smoke or drink alcohol! This article was written in an intro with joking intentions and not as a guide to consumption! Please be careful and do not treat this article as a negative one! IT IS FORBIDDEN TO WATCH THIS ARTICLE FOR MINORS UNDER 18 YEARS OLD!

Marijuana is a green, brown or gray mixture of the leaves, stems, seeds and dried flowers of Indian hemp (Cannabis sativa indica) and looks like very finely chopped green tobacco. Each type of marijuana contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychoactive substance in these plant products. The higher the THC value, the stronger the effects of this mild drug.

The active substances in cannabis have a long and traditional history, as medicines. In the countries of the Orient and Latin America, these substances are widespread and have indications for medical and especially social consumption. From the same plant comes hashish ("pot", "shit"), which is the resin secreted by the glands located at the level of hemp leaves (Cannabis).

Cannabis is the generic name for the psychoactive drug known as marijuana, the herb, "dope." The scientific name of the cannabis plant is cannabis sativa. According to a United Nations report, cannabis was the most produced, trafficked and consumed drug in 2010. That year, between 119 and 224 million adults worldwide used it.

According to studies, cannabis negatively affects learning ability and memory, and the damage persists long after the effects of the drug disappear. In adolescents who use cannabis, it can persist for several years, and the consequences on the developing brain are even more severe.

According to recent studies, cannabis use promotes the onset of respiratory illnesses caused by smoking, such as lung cancer. Consumption is also associated with decreased libido and fertility and an aggressive form of testicular cancer in young consumers.

High doses of cannabis can cause panic or psychosis. Some people have violent psychotic reactions (distorted thoughts and sensations, paranoia) or suffer from panic attacks when they are under the influence of drugs.

Those who start using cannabis before the age of 16 are prone to schizophrenia. The use of cannabis by people with schizophrenia leads to worsening of psychotic symptoms.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes.

1.Smell weed in public

2.Hemp toilet paper

3.Best weed

4.Check the difference

5.I used too

6.Do you smell like weed?

7.Planet with marijuana

8.Bestfriend talking to you

9.When this happens

10.Too much weed

11.Out of weed

12.Brace yourselves

13.Smoke tricks

14.Loud engine

15.What people see

16.How good

17.Freshman vs Senior



19.Smoked it

20.Last nug

21.Weed man

22.Ate too much



25.Uber driver

26.Away from me



29.Getting high

30.Cotton mouth

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Senator Kamala Harris - chosen by Joe Biden as vice president in case he wins the White House race - is known as a prominent politician of color, but she is equally proud of her Indian roots.

My name is pronounced Komma-la, as in the case of the punctuation mark, wrote Kamala Harris in her autobiography from 2018, The Truth We Hold (n.r.). The California senator, the daughter of an Indian-born mother and a Jamaican-born father, then explained what her Indian name means: "lotus flower," a powerful symbol in Indian culture. "A lotus grows underwater, its flowers rise to the surface, while its roots are firmly anchored to the bottom of the river," the senator explained.

Today Bemorepanda collected some funny memes about the USA Senator.

1.Maya Rudolph tweet

2.Cool girl

3.Cool fact


5.First debate

As a child, young Kamala and her sister, Maya, grew up in a home that listened to the music of black American artists. Her mother, a cancer researcher, sang Aretha Franklin's gospels, while her father was a jazz lover who taught economics at Stanford University.

Shyamala Gopalan and Donald Harris broke up when Kamala was five years old. Raised by their mother, who never remarried, Kamala, Maya and Shymala were known as "Shymala and the girls", and the mother made sure her daughters were aware of their roots, writes BBC.

Kamala Harris and her sister, Maya Lakshmi Harris, are very close. "My mother understood very well that she has two black girls to raise. She knew that her adopted country would see Maya and me as girls of color, and she was determined to raise two very confident women of color, ”wrote the woman who could become the first female vice president in US history.

"Harris grew up embracing her Indian culture, but proudly living African-American life," The Washington Post wrote last year.

6.A woman


8.First VP

9.Where’s Kamala?

Her mother was a prodigious young woman: she graduated from Delhi University at the age of 19 and left India in 1958 to pursue a doctorate in nutrition and endocrinology, later becoming a researcher in breast cancer. She received her doctorate at the age of 25, in 1964, the same year she gave birth to Kamala. He went to work until the last minute. When the water broke, he was in the lab.

Shymala Gopalan had promised to return to India after graduation, and had even agreed to an arranged marriage. But fate changed his plans. He met Harris, with whom he fell in love, in Berkeley while participating in the civil rights movement.

However, Kamala Harris has often accompanied her mother on visits to her grandparents in India, and she keeps in touch with her mother's family.

Shyamala Gopalan died in 2009 at the age of 70.

A few months after Kamala Harris gave up her presidential dream, she now has the chance to reach the White House by teaming up with former Vice President Joe Biden.

A year ago, the California senator stood out among the Democratic Party candidates and openly criticized Joe Biden for a debate, but in late 2019 announced that she was giving up the campaign due to lack of funds.

Kamala Harris was born in Oakland, California. He is 55 years old.

Kamala spent five years in Montreal, Canada, where she and her sister accompanied her mother, who had received a teaching position at McGill University. He then went to college in the United States, spending four years at Howard University, one of the most prominent educational institutions in the history of the black community in the United States, an experience that the future senator confesses marked and formed.

10.I wear pearls

11.I’m speaking


13.Who is she?

14.Pick a running mate

Proud of her multicultural heritage and identity, Kamala Harris simply describes herself as "American." In 2019, he told The Washington Post that politicians should not adapt their behavior to their color or background. "My point is: I am who I am. I'm good as I am. Maybe you have to figure it out, but I don't mind, "she said.

After four years at Howard, Kamala Harris graduated from law school at the University of California and began her career at the Almeda District Attorney's Office. She then became chief prosecutor in San Francisco in 2003, then was elected attorney general of the state of California, becoming the first woman and the first person of color to hold this important position in America's most populous state.

During her nearly two terms as attorney general, Kamala Harris also entered politics, becoming one of the rising politicians in the Democratic Party, which led to her being elected senator for California in 2017. in the US Congress.

Following her election to the US Senate, the former prosecutor stood out especially at the hearings of Brett Kavanaugh, a proposed Supreme Court judge, and William Barr, the current US attorney general, to whom he asked awkward and insistent questions.

Then, at the beginning of last year, he launched his candidacy for the 2020 presidential election, in front of a crowd of over 20,000 people. She was born in Oakland, California, where she was born.

At first, she was enthusiastic, but the senator failed to give consistency to her campaign and gave evasive answers to key policy questions, such as health insurance. In the debates, however, she proved to be a very good speaker, showing her skills as a prosecutor and often her arrows targeting Joe Biden.

15.Tulsi or Kamala?


17.That was awesome

Harris tried to go somewhere in the middle, on the fine line that separates the wings of progressives and moderates from the Democratic Party, but in the end failed to attract either side, and in December announced his withdrawal from the race. , just before the Iowa primary election.

Then, in March, Harris announced his support for former Vice President Biden, saying he would do everything in his power to be elected future president of the United States.

Despite her left-wing stance on issues such as gay marriage and the death penalty, Kamala has been attacked by progressives for not being open enough, especially on issues such as police reform, drug reform and wrongful convictions.

When Kamala Harris married lawyer Douglas Emhoff in 2014, she put a wreath around his neck and stepped on a glass, "to preserve the Indian and Jewish heritage," she said.

The couple has no children together, but Kamala Harris is a stepmother to the two children the lawyer has from a previous marriage. It's called "Momala."

The couple's fortune is estimated at $ 5.8 million.

As for Maya, the senator's sister, she was a political analyst at MNSBC, and her husband, Tony West, now works for Uber, but was an official in the Justice Department.

18.Raised eyebrows

19.No evidence

20.Mouth shut

21.Budget stuff

22.The Giggler

23.Waving goodbye

24.Tonight debate

25.Two days later

26.Good good

27.Batman and Kamala

28.Best protection

29.Kamala Harris

30.Oh, yes, that’s me

31.Fair enough

32.Asking for money

33.Blow it

34.Vote for me

35.Who would win?

36.My face


38.If you have a problem

39.My friend

40.I’m speaking

41.Don’t believe in science

42.Crop line


44.All men are evil




48.Who else?

49.Hillary Clinton

50.Super spread

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@Emily White The next president of US?

this is too funny😁

3 years ago

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What is New York famous for? First of all, probably, the fact that life is in full swing there, many films and TV series are filmed on the streets of this city, and celebrities prefer to live there, and not in any other American city. New York is considered one of the most modern cities where trends and fashion trends are born. And also, due to the high population density, the most motley people live there, which can be seen on the Instagram account called WhatIsNewYork.


How do you get on the list of recipients of this Easter card?



This is what a perfect date looks like.



A typical day in New York



Great Halloween costume. Or is it just a great costume?



Massive snowball fight!




This guy loves his dog



When vacation does not come to you, you go to it



What to do after a storm when you are a restaurant owner? Of course, go outside with your staff and have lunch there



Just a man sitting with his dogs on a bench



In fact, this is not an impudent passenger who decided to tape it right in the subway car, but an original Halloween costume.




Stylish handsome



So, are you Michelangelo?



In case you cannot find a place to sit, rental bicycles can come to the rescue



When too much snow falls in New York, snow leopards go hunting



Apparently this guy is just really hot




Yes, some time ago a boat with an inflatable Borat actually sailed along the Hudson River.



Crossing the rapids in New York



This is one very cool goat



Probably a passenger wearing a corncob suit is normal on the New York subway.


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A classic said that the person who chose to speak instead of throwing stones or fighting helped advance society. Sarcasm is for many a tool to avoid revealing their feelings. For others, it is a way of insulting some without realizing it.

If you are good at the art of sarcasm you can rest easy. Studies show that sarcastic people are smarter. Below are a few other things about scientifically proven sarcasm.

For starters, sarcasm means creativity. According to researchers, sarcastic people are inventive, and the sarcasm used at the right time can trigger innovative things. The even better news is that both people who use sarcasm and recipients are more creative after a conversation.

Also, sarcasm helps you criticize a person without looking combative. According to a study that looked at two expressions said to a smoker ("I see you don't care about your lungs!" And "I see you take care of your lungs!"). The results showed that sarcastic expressions are better received and considered rather than direct ones.

Regarding empathy, the volunteers said that the sarcastic statements seem more empathetic than those without subtext.

Other studies have shown that sarcasm can be misinterpreted, especially in electronic communication. According to a study, 60 students received a list of statements that needed to be communicated. Half were sarcastic and half serious. Moreover, these statements were sent by email or voice message to other people. Those who received the audio messages acknowledged the sarcasm (or lack thereof) in 73% of cases. By comparison, people who received sarcastic statements by email recognized the subtext in only 56% of cases.

Another revealing thing is that the people who sent the sarcastic messages thought that at least 78% of the recipients would realize it. On the other hand, the people who received the messages thought that they interpreted them correctly (sarcastically or seriously) in 90% of the cases, which did not prove to be true. Surprisingly, they had much less confidence in their ability to interpret voice messages.

In any case, sarcasm predominates in everyone's life, so Bemorepanda collected this funny top of sarcastic memes.

1.Marry someone

2.I love sarcasm

3.Remind me of a software

4.Laughting so hard

5.Was that sarcasm?

6.Enghlish people

7.Exams are coming

8.Angry and rude

9.Get anywhere

10.Ticks me off

11.You're serious

12.Wonder why

13.How to golf

14.A parent tells me


16.Not my problem

17.I just drunk

18.You're serious


20.Alwasy talk like this

21.Clap and stare

22.Round of applause

23.The only one

24.But when I do


26.Former child



29.These holes

30.Stupid motherfucker

31.Middle name

32.Will save me?

33.Called sarcasm

34.Don't understand


36.That's for short

37.Foreign language

38.Damn business

39.Show someone

40.Eat bacon


42.Racing to make that

43.Not now

44.Get you anywhere


46.Car washed

47.Inner me

48.Sarcasm strong

49.You good?


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