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20 drawings full of bitter truth about the world from an artist who sees everything through and through

10 months ago

Milan-based Italian freelance illustrator Marco Melgrati mainly draws illustrations for magazines, newspapers and websites, but when it comes to his personal work, Marco tries to illustrate what is wrong with our society. The artist shows all the flaws of our world, bringing them to the surface so that we once again think about how we live.


"Everything is fine, guys, I'm fine"



If it were the other way around






Don't get hooked



If the events of those years happened today




What happens to a relationship when one person is sick and the other has to look after him



Time to evolve



Real touch



Don't play with it, take care of yourself and those around you



Self-deception on the web




Does it breathe?



TikTok reveals the wildest sides of personality



Lies by politicians



The circus




Femme fatale



Sometimes it's worth looking up from the screens to see what's happening in the real world



"It's a pity but not a pity"



Hard times for travelers


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Making some small discovery or finding something extraordinary is always very exciting. And, of course, Bemorepanda immediately wanted to share this amazing find with the whole world, which is what the people from our article did, because otherwise no one would have believed them! 20 amusing stories in photos are waiting for you, which will tell and show you what should entertain you, and if you're lucky, even surprise you. At least we really hope so 🙃


"It's a little annoying when you wake up in the morning and find this near your tent ... Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska, USA"


Photo by: “This photo was taken during an 11-day tourist trip to the Gates of the Arctic National Park. During the trip, we saw several bears, but they didn't care about us. We also found footprints all over our campsite area. It was difficult for us to determine whether they were fresh or not, because the riverbed was perfectly preserved. This place is in a rather hard-to-reach place, so we were not too worried about the bears, but as soon as we found the tracks, goosebumps ran down our skin. We have never seen a bear here. " 🐻


“Several years ago I found a young albino oak in my garden and learned that plants can also be albinos. True, they do not live long, since they cannot participate in photosynthesis. "


Indeed, albinism occurs among plants that die at an early age due to the fact that they cannot receive energy from photosynthesis. In rare cases, they can survive if they find an alternative source of energy for themselves, for example, a root connection with their fellows or parasitism.


"This silver pendant, which I found with a metal detector, is 227 years old."


The excellent condition of this pendant can be explained by the fact that all this time it lay underground. As a rule, silver oxidizes and darkens due to hydrogen sulfide, which in low concentration surrounds us in the air.

I would like to note a cute image of a bird 🕊


"While walking along a remote trail in the Amazon jungle, we came across this pillar that marks the line of the equator."


It was also a shock for us that there are no bold black lines under the pillar, which we were always shown on maps and globes. Although it is quite possible that it passes over the crowns of trees 😉


“While walking, I saw this sad sunflower, and I could not help but photograph it”


Photo author: “It is possible that someone did it on purpose. I just saw, laughed and photographed. " 🌻


"I found this skeleton on a leaf under a tree."


Photo author: “I suspect that the bird dropped this unfortunate lizard, and the ants finished the job. Fallen legs give it an alien look. It was an amazing find! " 🦎💀


The last breath of the cormorant frozen in the lake


The cormorant dived into the freezing lake and swam to the shore, where ice formed on the surface of the water. Ice prevented him from surfacing, and the bird drowned. Ice bubbles in the head area are traces of his last exhalation.

Sorry for the bird ..


"Walking through the woods, I found this gravestone of someone's dog near the old cemetery."


The inscription on the headstone reads:


"In memory of Punch, who died on June 7, 1885 at the age of 13"


If you missed it, then this tombstone is 136 years old 🐶


Octopus eggs. Below you can see their mother who guards them "


Octopus mothers often die while looking after the clutch, as they are so responsible that they are not distracted even by eating 🐙


Hornet killed by a plant



Reportedly, the hornet could get stuck with its head in the process of the plant, after which it began to spin and strangled itself


"I found a slug crawling out of the overflow hole of our sink."


The slug somehow managed to get through the drainage system and crawl out of the overflow.


Maine Coon kitten that looks like a little werewolf


This toddler has rather unusual eyes, which can be an indicator that he is blind 😿


"Found a pearl in my oysters"


When asked how much such a pearl could cost, one of the users replied: “It all depends on the shine, size and location where it was caught. From what I can see in this photo, these are river gem, which are quite common and look a little dull. This gem is quite large to find in your dinner. Some of these cost between $ 50 and $ 2,000. "


"A heart-shaped tomato I found at a grocery store."


The author of the photo said that this tomato was found in the Whole Foods Market, an organic food store, where they cost $ 5.99 per pound (which at the time of this writing is about 440 rubles per 450 g) 🍅


"Look how the candles in my thief have melted from the heat."


These candles look like they are mating season 🕯


Many Americans reportedly light citronella candles in their yard to ward off mosquitoes 🦟


"Found this very old Bible in my parents' garage, dated 1881"


Looks like a collector's edition. It would be even cooler if there was an autograph of the author inside ✝


The author of the photo said: “I was afraid to take it in my hands or even open it! I want to note that it had locks on the side. "


Quadruple rainbow


Reportedly, this effect could be due to the reflection of sunlight in a lake nearby. This can happen when sunlight reflects off a lake with very calm water. The author of the photo said that it was taken in Scotland and that there was indeed a lake nearby.


If you believe the myths about leprechauns, then somewhere there should be 4 pots of gold 🍀


"This fish froze in a block of ice, Texas, 2021"


Most likely, at the time of freezing, the fish was already dead and swam on the surface 🐟


 “I was shocked by this albino cucumber that I found in our garden! I pickled him and this is how he looked inside "


The author of the photo wrote that the guy who tasted the cucumber said it tasted "like an ordinary pickled cucumber." After the girl urged not to judge the cucumber by color 🥒


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There are a lot of interesting things on the Internet, but how do you think it all gets there? Professor? Artificial Intelligence? This is the merit of ordinary people who want to share with the world interesting things that they have encountered in their lives. We have collected just such photos with interesting stories for you, and they are waiting for you further to show what you most likely have never seen.


Largest dicotyledonous leaf ever found on the Amazon


An electrician's eye after being hit by 14,000 volts at work


These Buenos Aires street benches are made of cement


"My trash can made an ice cube in the shape of a trash can."


The same people, the only difference is in the height of those who filmed them. Left photo - 157.5 cm, right - 188 cm


Peeled lemon


Albino squirrel


Fork with small fork


"Today I met the sheriff who had pink handcuffs."


Garland under the snow


"In a German restaurant I went to, there is a pot-bellied pig walking on the patio."


Eye after corneal transplant


Inside a salt mine


The reporter is almost a cyborg


If the video says "shot on iPhone", then most likely it was done like this


Janitor's Secret Door at Cinderella Castle, Disneyland


Everyone has seen pictures of the famous Hollywood sign, here is a photo of what the letters "see"


Sesame Street Big Bird Costume Arrangement


Tamascan is a breed of dog that looks like a wolf, but has nothing of the wolf.

No terriers were eaten during the creation of this photo.


Milky Way, Queenstown, New Zealand


Wolfdog - the result of crossing a German shepherd and a wolf


Unusual rain near the beach


High quality smoky Himalayan quartz found in Taos, New Mexico


If you add all the British coins together, you get a shield


Cranberry harvest in Canada

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The hotel industry is at the heart of the hospitality system. It comes from ancient traditions in human history - respect for the guest, the celebration of his reception and service. It connects organically and naturally restaurants, cafes, transports and excursions in a single chain of tourist and excursion services.

Today, the hotel industry as a type of economic activity includes the provision of services and the organization of short-term stays in hotels, motels, campsites and other accommodation facilities for a fee and is the most powerful economic system in a region or tourist center. In order to attract the flow of tourists in the country, it is necessary to develop advertising, to organize the leisure industry and to ensure a stable situation in the country.

The development of tourism and long-term plans for the development of hospitality infrastructure have created preconditions for the intensive development of the hotel industry in modern countries. Thus, the hotels compete in ingenuity and creativity, offering the guests the most interesting offers.

Bemorepanda collected some interesting gestures of hotels.

1.When you ask the hotel if you can come with your cat

2.Meanwhile in Iceland

3.Dogs are welcome

4.Good day!

5.A lovely teddy

6.Towel animal

7.Stuff in the hotel


9.Missing camping

10.Service level

11.Light switches

12.Checklist for hotel

13.Special guest

14.Hotel providing phone

15.Bed for your phone

16.Pillow choice

17.Room view

18.To know how much water you use

19.Toilet in Japan

20.Bathtub stuff

21.Alarm clock

22.Makeup towel

23.A point toward Mecca

24.Old bank, now a hotel

25.So cool

26.Room organization

27.Clean under bed

28.Shower shelf

29.Elevator limit

30.Hotel at airport

31.Writing reviews

32.Weather outside

33.Mirror doesn’t steam up

34.Charger in a a seif

35.You. Me. Bed. Now

36.A cool hotel room

37.Public call

38.Interesting elevator

39.Cool recieve

40.Showing temperature

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A person always instinctively gravitates towards nature, so trees are planted in cities and water bodies are arranged, and people keep plants in their houses. Nature can rightfully be considered the mother of humanity, because if it were not for her, then there would be no us. And like every child who considers his mother the most beautiful, we cannot stop admiring the views of nature, which can be so different, but in whatever form they appear, they are always fascinating. We have collected 20 outstanding nature photographs for you, accompanying them with informative information whenever possible. Get the apples, now we will visit with you many of the most beautiful places on the planet Earth.


View of the village of Zermatt, Switzerland


In the background you can see the beautiful and majestic Matterhorn mountain, the outlines of which may seem familiar to you thanks to the image on the packaging of the famous Toblerone chocolate 🍫


Two tourists in the Alps



If you darken the photo, then on it you can see the structure of the snow, traces and .. spots on the photographer's lens



Dragon Eye, Norway


The photo was taken on one of the most famous beaches of the Lofoten Islands - Uttakleiv. This beach is famous for its unusual rock formations, one of which is the Dragon's Eye 👁️



White wisterias, Japan


Contrary to popular belief, wisteria is not a tree, but a deciduous vine. In the photo you can see the pillars to which the plant is tied with ropes. If the wisteria has nothing to cling to, then it will grow on the ground 💮


Mount Etna spewing lava into the night sky of Sicily, Italy


The eruption occurred on June 22, 2021, as a result of which the Etna volcano threw lava hundreds of meters into the air 🌋


Crystal clear waters of Boracay island, Philippines


Boracay was reportedly quite dirty a few years ago, but the authorities closed the island to renovate beaches, etc. 🏝


Endless snowy forest in Finland


It is reported that it is very dangerous to approach snow-covered trees, as there may be so-called snow wells under them. A snow well is an area under snow-covered trees, under which snow has a very low density. The depth of the "wells" can reach 6 meters, and if you get there, you can easily suffocate 🌲


 Rocks of Moher, Ireland


There are reportedly many anti-suicide tablets on these rocks. In addition, there is even a prayer and meditation room for people contemplating suicide 🙏


Night over Alaska


This photo was taken at Girdwood (45 km from Anchorage), where the Alyeska ski resort is located 🎿


Lake Baldeneise in Essen city, Germany


Wave out of the forest 🌊


Mount Fuji, Japan


The photo was taken in the Japanese village of Hakone 🗻


A 1,400-year-old ginkgo tree created a carpet of golden leaves behind the walls of the Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple in the mountainous region of Zhongnan, China


Ginkgo is a fruiting tree, but its fresh fruits (and those that lie under the tree) are reported to smell very bad. However, despite this, the Chinese are very fond of eating them 🍂


Passu, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan


This place is located in the northern part of Pakistan.


A bridge built by nature itself, Punkaharju, Finland


It remains only to find out how nature managed to lay the road so smoothly 😉


Tulip fields in the Netherlands


 The main thing is not to tell Instagrammers where it is, otherwise they will destroy everything 🤳



A very strange rock seen in Norway


In geology, this phenomenon is called chevron folds, which often form in layered sedimentary rocks.


Iceland in the summer at 2:30 am


Lupins, lakes and lots of sunshine at 2 am 🌸


Ice cave in Iceland, glowing at sunset


Like a giant ice lantern 💡


Abandoned McDermott Castle, located in the middle of a lake in County Roscommon, Ireland


Reportedly, this castle was impregnable for a long time due to the fact that it was almost impossible to besiege it. But he still managed to break it with the help of floating catapults and fire-ships (a ship loaded with flammable or explosives, used for arson or detonation).

Но давайте себе представим современное объявление о его продаже: «Особняк под капитальный ремонт на 26 спален с великолепным видом на озеро. Продаётся вместе с очень большой ямой отчаяния» 🏰 But let’s imagine a modern ad for its sale: “Fully renovated 26-bedroom mansion with magnificent lake views.

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Life is somewhat similar to a video game, in it you also need to earn "points" for pumping, improve your health and get as much experience as possible. Who would have thought, but in life there are also cheat codes that can significantly improve life, only here you don't need to enter anything, but just change your behavior a little. Reddit user SunZuu asked people to share the cheat codes they discovered in a game called life. Bemorepanda has collected and prepared for you 20 curious life hacks to improve your life, and all of them are waiting for you further.


"You become the people who surround you"


“You don't always have to explain yourself. If you cannot do something, then in 9 out of 10 cases you can simply say “unfortunately, I could not do it”, “this time it didn’t work”, etc. There is no need to talk about why you failed, or come up with reasons and list them. Excessive explanations end up looking more suspicious than just clarity and brevity. "



 "If you have a promo code for an online store, for example," 10 percent off ", then try to enter higher values ​​in the promo code, for example," 20 percent off ", often there are such too"



“When someone says things that you already know, you say“ you’re right, ”instead of“ I know. ” It will make them feel better, but you will still show everyone how smart you are. "



“Lack and overfulfillment. Say you will do less and then do more and everyone will be impressed (great at work) "



“If you admit you were wrong and change your mind, people will respect and appreciate you more. Unfortunately, this requires the progloti_svoe.ego patch to be installed. "



“Just be nice, especially with people in the service industry. Your job, your face-to-face communication, even your support calls will be 100% easier if you are just being polite to people and admit they are probably just trying to do their job. "



“Several times in my life, I dumbly phoned companies to confirm the time of the interview. Before my call, I was not supposed to have any interviews, but because of their confusion and inability to even find my resume, I managed to get interviews about 4 times out of 5. I was hired twice ”



“Kindness helps everywhere. I get free shit just for being friendly. And no, it's not because I'm a nice girl. Because I'm not like that. I am a fat, balding man. People always answer good for good. I became friends with the nastiest and most annoying person in our office. In my cafeteria, I am treated in a special way because I treat the staff like a human. I even avoided being paid once because I asked politely. Please. It costs little, but it brings a lot "



“Set your phone to“ do not disturb ”to turn on from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. You will sleep much better without constant message notifications, emails. mail and games. If you have people with whom you want to be in touch (family / girl / boyfriend), then you can make a special list, and you will receive calls / messages only from them "



“When my daughter was little she believed that plasters cured diseases. One day she had a stomach ache, so I put a patch on her stomach and she felt better. The power of a placebo! "



"Once you unlock the 'don't give a damn what other people think' feature, you actually double your mana indefinitely."



“Wait when someone asks you a question or when someone tells you something in a group conversation. Don't start answering right away as soon as they stop talking, because they may not have finished yet. If you allow time to finish the question, most people will answer your question as well. Listening to this is also very important. "



“Fake self-confidence leads to real self-confidence. I like the phrase "pretend until it's real". It's incredible how confidence affects success, no matter what you do. "



“In college, I had a professor who, while giving a lecture, suddenly gave out a very loud bunch. Without interruption, he turned his head, as if talking to someone behind him, and said "gesundheit" (translated from German "bless you") and continued the lecture , as if nothing had happened. It instantly lifted any potential awkwardness and embarrassment. I have vowed to use this same strategy if the same thing ever happens to me in front of a large crowd of people. "




“Smiling is fucking magic. You can hear a smile on the phone (much less see it on your face). People often respond with a smile to a smile, which spreads the positive. Smiling can really make you happier. Make a fake smile until it becomes real. A smile and self-confidence open any doors "


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