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20 situations when people made ridiculous mistakes, and here no one is to blame except themselves

2 years ago

We all make mistakes from time to time, which sometimes turn out to be pure coincidence and do not lead to disaster. We are talking about a broken plate or an overturned mug of water, and not about the fact that, though by chance, the house caught fire through your fault. But the people from our article really had a hand in specifically messing up and destroying either their own thing or someone else's.


"I had to go up 3 stairs."



Ironing a thing and not burning it is a bit of a challenge.



"I forgot the container with new nails on the street and it was raining these days ..."



“Our last tenant thought these cup holders were edible.”




The moment you work on the beach and get this tan like this



"I spilled bleach on my new black pants."



“Recipe: Place the pizza roll and French fries in the oven. Sleep for 3 hours "



“Made a salad for dinner. Took oregano instead of parsley. Parsley has a dispenser ... oregano does not. "




"This week I decided to switch to an electric kettle, but I remembered this detail when it caught fire on the gas stove."



"Never park under a tree during bird migration"



"I got so nervous at my own wedding that I put my shoes in the freezer."



"I am an idiot and my wife will never stop laughing at me."




"Forgot my bike was on my car"



"Well, who knew that ties are not ironed?"



"Tan lines look attractive, right?"



“I put my chocolate bar in the same back pocket as my phone to help a friend move the couch. I forgot about both of them until I got home. "



“My boyfriend just redid the driveway. And the courier came to deliver the parcel "


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What could be more fun than a bad day? It's funny, of course, only when it happens to someone else. Stories about other people's failures can brighten up any day, and if they happened to you, then you become a source of interest for others, which, you see, is also not bad. Today we will not only talk about other people's failures, but also show photos that our favorite fails, that the main characters shared. Thank you guys for your efforts and suffering.


“I lost my phone at a construction site today. I found it a little later ... ”


Fortunately, the phone was in a case and with a protective film .. Can I try to put it in rice? 📱


“I accidentally made a magnifying glass when rain water accumulated on a transparent protective film with which I sealed the broken sunroof.”




I wanted to protect the car from water, but in the end I created a death ray.

 "Tried to catch the cactus my cat dropped ..."


Never try to catch falling cacti, knives, scissors, hot pots and nuclear warheads 💥


"The tornado-directed death line pierced the roof of my house right above the child's bed."



“On the way home, my mother ran into a mattress, it got stuck under the rear wheel on the driver's side and caught fire.”


In the comments, the author of the photo said that everything was fine with my mother, and users suggested that he put the car in rice. Who knows, suddenly it will help 🙃


“On my wedding day, I broke my ankle, wrist, and a ligament in my knee and thumb.”


See the lady on the left in a pink dress? This is the mother of the bride, and she was not at all laughing 👰



In case you friend thought that this was one of those “funny” photos that some newlyweds like to “surprise”


When asked if the girl fell down the stairs, she replied: “No, she just stepped on my dress and fell on the dance floor ... The dress was not hemmed (although I paid the tailor to have it hemmed) and I didn’t know about it until my wedding day”.


“Enjoying the last bites of my sandwich when all of a sudden ...”


At least that didn't happen when the author of the photo started enjoying the first bites 🥪

Free bird sauce!


Two teams of builders laid a sidewalk with a bike path "on the right side", Mariupol, Ukraine


Everything is logical, because for each team the bike path was on the right side. The only question is, why did they not notice it, say, 30 meters away? 👷


“I see Lego photos like this a lot, but what about a half-chewed ostrich bone? At least last week I bought some funny adhesive plasters. ”


In the photo, the woman is holding an ostrich bone in her left hand, not bread, as you might think 🦴



“In 10 seconds I have to find out the value of life jackets and insurance”


Navarnoe, this is how people on the Titanic felt 🚢

Background from the author of the photo: “I was sitting at my desk in the upstairs office and heard a knock on the roof. It was raining heavily, so I thought, "Maybe I should check if all the windows are closed." I went down to the children's room in the basement and saw it. As a result of a flash flood, our yard was covered with water by 8 cm, and the water rose up to the window. The window began to emit a creaking sound that no one should hear. My wife and I grabbed all the blankets in the house and pressed them against the window on either side of the sill. We are screaming, the window is screaming, the children are screaming. Had a good time".


"My boyfriend decided to go to a new hairdresser"


- "How do you get a haircut?"

"Have you seen the movie No Country for Old Men?"

- "Not a word more!"


Later, the girl (the author of the photo) wrote that her boyfriend's hair wasup


tidiedNow he looks like Draco Malfoy, at least from behind 🐍


“Yesterday, a 25-meter tree from our neighbor gave us the lights of the living sky, a beautiful view of the stars and the atmosphere of a restaurant in the rainforest that our living room so lacked. Nobody was hurt, the dogs wrote to bed. Life goes on .. ”


The first half of the signature would be perfect for an apartment rental announcement.

Seeing this, we think many would repeat the experience of the dogs of the author of the photo 🐕



“My son teased his sister while playing, and she threw a Nintendo Switch game controller into my parents' 75-inch TV.”


Mom's attitude towards her daughter can be traced by her signature: the son is “her”, but the sister is “his” 📺


“I have been waiting for five years for this cactus to bloom. Leaving for a five-day trip, I noticed this "


This cactus seems to say:" I can't when someone is watching "🌵


“9 years ago, my mother took hairdressing courses. After a little practice, she confidently lured my brother into a haircut. Here's the result. ”


This man's hair looks more fake than a cheap wig on a bald head 👨🦱 Shaving his head thoroughly

should free him from accusations that he stole a wig from someone's child and donned it incorrectly.



Lost glasses while climbing


. These glasses now belong to gravity. We can only hope that he has myopia, not hyperopia 👓


“I ate half a head of broccoli and found that it was full of beetles.”


Well, this is somehow not vegan делать

What to do in such a situation: soak broccoli in slightly salted water for 30 minutes before drinking. This will give the beetles a pleasant salty taste. ...


The fish has taken over the supermarket




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Every day all kinds of things happen to people, some of which are good and others are not so good. Stories of someone else's success only lead to envy, so many people prefer to learn about other people's failures, especially since they are so epic that they could easily become part of some dashing scenario. We have collected for you 20 stories of sophisticated failures that people themselves have shared on the Web, and we really hope that this made them at least a little easier.


“Just before leaving for work, I heard gunshots from outside the house. I waited 10 minutes before getting out, and then I saw what happened to my car. I'm glad I wasn't in the car at that moment. ”


A good enough reason not to go to work.

The author of the photo: “I took a photo, took some things from the car and returned home” 🚗🔫

The author of the photo also wrote that it happened in Arizona (southwestern USA), and agreed that he should move to a safer area.


“After the video conference at work, my colleague told me that during the video call I look naked and angry all the time


.” For this it is worth saying thank you to the strapless top, which can still be seen if you look closely at the photo 🤦


"A radio-controlled car suddenly caught fire and almost set my house


on fire." Such cases are not uncommon, so you should never leave this type of battery unattended on a charge.

Photo author: “We were at the funeral, and when we returned home, we saw it. We were very lucky that nothing else caught fire except the typewriter. There was a lawn mower and a can of gasoline in the garage. ” 🚙🔥

If you're wondering what the car looked like before it burned out, it was the Traxxas Stampede.


“For a month I thought I had lost my wedding ring while on vacation. I called all gas stations, pawnshops, regularly looked through messages about finds. In the end, I was already desperate to see the ring again, when it suddenly turned out that all this time it was on the bottom of my husband's deodorant !!! "


Luckily, they found the ring before they threw away the deodorant.

Photo author: “My husband used this deodorant on vacation, and when he returned home, he put it in the locker as a spare. In the end, when he wanted to use it, the ring just fell out when he put the deodorant back on ” 💍


“I parked my pickup truck in a parking lot next to a lamp post before the storm.”


According to the author, the incident took place in the coastal state of Nayarit, Mexico.

Users have traditionally been advised to try putting the pickup in rice 😉


“I can't find the one who left this in my house”


Photo author: “Judging by the footprints in my barn, this is most likely a gray climbing runner. There is a forest behind my house, and recently neighbors complained to me about problems with mice. In fact, I would rather have a snake for a couple of days than a rodent problem. If this snake found its way back to the forest on its own, it would be just great "🐍


To prevent users from thinking that a dog brought the discarded snake skin into the house, the author posted a photo of the one where he originally found it.


In the comments, users wrote that if a snake appeared in the house, then the owner has problems with rodents 🖱️



"On the way to the market, I stepped a little in the mud"


In order not to look strange, users advised the author of the photo to also dip his other foot in the mud 👟


“I bought a new bra on the Internet. When it was delivered, it had this thing on it. ”


A powerful magnet could have rectified this situation, however, it is better for a girl to contact any clothing store, where the sellers will help her remove the tag if she explains everything to them 🔒


"Do not forget how to tighten the oil filter,"


Photo by: "I have just left the garage as soon as lit low oil level indicator» 🚙

Members wrote that the blame for this could also be the lack of a gasket or badly screwed oil pan.


"The house that I rent, burned"


As the girl (photo), it has insurance against this event.

Photo author: “It was a two-story house. One of the residents has lived there for over 20 years. He was a retired construction worker and lost all of his expensive power tools in the fire. None of our tenants had insurance, so I don’t know what to do ”🏠🔥


“ I lost my phone at the festival, and a few hours later I found it burning next to the fire ”


As the author said, it was an expensive OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone. “I was told that the fire smelled strange for several hours before I found the phone,” added the author of the photo. Yes, now it will be quite difficult to sell it ..

Without traditional advice, putting the phone in rice, of course, has not been done 📱


“Someone broke the window in my car. I just replaced it, as it happened again. I do not even have time to remove the label


"itseems to the author photo someone really do not like.

“Install a new window and anoint it with nitroglycerin. The damage will be much greater, but they will no longer do that, "wrote one commentator 💥


“What I asked for and what I got”


Users agreed that now the girl's hair looks like a plank floor.

As the girl said, she still paid for it: “I shouldn't have paid. To be honest, I didn't realize how bad it was until I left. I let them know about my displeasure, and they promised to fix everything".


Later, the girl posted this photo, writing that her hair was corrected


"The same stylist corrected my hair for free," she wrote.


“You won’t believe what happened here while you weren’t.”


Perhaps the dog was just trying to find a remote control that wasn’t under the couch. Then she decided to look for him In the couch .. 🛋️

Deep comment from one of the users: “My dead dog tore apart the chair while I was shopping for groceries. He was then about 9-10 months old. The funny thing is that I remember the freckles on his nose and the crooked stripe on his forehead ... I remember the socks on his paws and the sound of his barking ... but I can't even remember the color of that damn chair".


"I think that my father regrets his decision to clear storm runoff on the roof with a blower for leaves"


However, the Pope can be seen goggles, which suggests that in some way he had expected such an outcome 😨


"I think my attempt to grow tomatoes was successful."


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From time to time, we all have oversights that make us make sure that this is not our day and that it is better not to leave the house at all, so that something worse does not happen. We have collected for you photographs of people who, by their stupidity, got into odd situations, as well as pictures of those poor fellows who just had a bad day and are not at all to blame for this.


“Show the hairdresser the photo,” they said. And he will trim you too, they said. "



“When You Know Yarn Weight and Needle Size Matter”



"I sprained my jaw ... while eating cereal."



When your hairdresser took you too literally



"Father, I have sinned"




It seems that someone was left without a pie



Coals that used to be chicken drumsticks



"I showed my friend my bad haircut and he made a meme with me."



You know you're wrong when your Jim Morrison tattoo looks like this



"Gentlemen, I screwed up."




Someone ordered pizza and received something that looked like a Picasso painting



“Today I lost my phone at a construction site. True, then I found him ... "



“My mom took hairdressing courses 9 years ago. After a little practice, she lured my brother into getting a haircut. Here is the result "



“The sketch I drew for my tattoo compared to what I received. This tattoo parlor had hundreds of great reviews! "



“Look, I've heard that Australia has a problem with wild animals, but it's different in South Africa. Today I was left without a morning swim "



“My barn has one of those locks that opens and closes with a hinge. It was downstairs when I put my fingers behind the lock. "



"I ordered a mask with my face and this is how it looks in reality."



"I ate two of these cookies in the dark before I saw this."



"I don't think you should have put windows on the lawn when it's +22 degrees outside."



"Are you kidding?!"


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Absolutely different situations can occur in life, and it may depend on how you react to them whether it is resolved or not. The people from our article are clearly no strangers to the curiosities of fate, otherwise they would not have solved the issue with such a calm air, as if such things happen to them every day.


The guy is just trying to get the best out of this situation.



It seems to have a small ad



Adapt, improvise, win



Some will probably recognize themselves in this.



Who doesn't like to take a nap next to cats?




The main thing is to maintain an imperturbable look and no one will notice anything.



Fools go to the gym to sweat, and this 99-year-old lady goes there for a cocktail



Great family photo!






How to have lunch with a company if you don't have one




This man is doing well! Maybe he's just used to this.



This is Sparta!!!



This is how they put out fires. Didn't you know?



He managed to save the most precious thing




Here comes Johnny!



"Calm down, I'll fix everything now."



Selfie with friends



Surely he can explain everything


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Don't say you didn't read the care label before ironing this damn silk blouse. Because we are the same. We usually cut these labels off so that they don't scratch the skin, and then we just trust its fate to our own mind.


Which, as it turns out, is in vain. Failure during ironing is not for the faint of heart, so be sure to arm yourself with the ability to laugh at yourself and try not to grieve too much next time over the spoiled thing. In the meantime, look at the funny and, indeed, painful cases when the ironing did not go according to plan.



1. Jaws


2. "Don't ask me how it happened, I hate myself too"


3. "My mother's iron fell on the synthetic carpet and left it in perfect shape." 


4. "My poor friend woke up and saw her brother put a hot iron on her laptop."


5. "My steam iron was not working properly, so I decided to pour vinegar into it, thinking it might be due to limescale ... I think I was right."


6. The hotel staff discovered that one of the guests was frying meat on this iron


7. Why would anyone even iron something like that?


8. "A friend turned on a new iron without checking if there is a plastic sticker on it that needs to be removed."



9. "A perfect example of why I hate ironing."


10. When you add flavored water to your iron, it doesn't make your clothes smell like fruit, it just melts all the sugar and spoils your iron.


11. Ironing new British banknotes ... great idea!


12. "A piece of furniture that my grandmother used as an ironing board."


13. "Oh ... well, I think I have one less interview suit."


14. It seems now someone has to buy a new carpet


15. "My iron fell but I didn't notice."


16. "Someone at my work accidentally put a hot iron on the table and it melted."


17. Well, who would have thought that ties are not ironed



18. Here's how to avoid ironing a shirt


19.Dangerous thing


20.That's a big fail


21.Irioning skin


22.Fails in the morning


23.Mask and iron


24.Sugar Syrop


25.Mom will not see


26.The iron fell down


27.Beacause of you


28.Someone needs a new iron


29.Looks like a dangerous face


30.This smile


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