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Reddit is now valued at more than $10 billion - Top 10 interesting facts that made it a success

1 year ago

We know for sure that even today we can't really define it, and any topic that starts with "Reddit" raises the question "What is this?". Today, Bemorepanda is trying its best: to explain Reddit and show you why this site can mean the other internet to you.

Reddit, the self-proclaimed "home page of the Internet," says it is now valued at over $ 10 billion after raising another $ 410 million in funding, with the final round expected to grow to $ 700 million. The company continues to grow and improve its business while eliminating racist, misogynistic and other controversial communities as it prepares to go public at some point in the future.

How do you use Reddit?

You can find something interesting on the internet: a picture, a video, a clip or a news article. Want to promote it beyond your Facebook or Twitter page Enter Reddit and choose a subreddit (a subcategory) to enter that post. You put the link and give it an attractive headline (like the front page of a newspaper). Your post is voted by users through Upvote and Downvote.

If your post is very popular and users appreciate it, it will reach the front page of the subsection or main page of Reddit, from where it will be distributed and voted on by hundreds of thousands of people. For this effort you receive points in the form of Karma. The more karma you have, the more popular your posts are and whether your style is appreciated by other users.

What is Reddit? 

The downside of Reddit to many uninitiated is the way it looks. It is not a site that is based on design, but on content. It is pure content. The links are posted on the site, and there readers comment and vote. The popular mechanism for promoting news, images or videos makes a material that is the first a kind of balance of popularity.

It's hard for something to be popular on Reddit and not elsewhere. Reddit is thus a kind of social aggregator of news and content, which is based on the popular vote. The community is known to be very pretentious and tough, but the entry is harder, because Reddit catches on quickly, through the addiction it creates. What can be uploaded to Reddit? Almost anything. At the end of this material we have put some links to subreddits, i.e. subcategories of the site, based on common interests. But these are a tiny part.

Anyone can open a Subreddit and moderate it. It is important that users come to it. Indeed, the site is controversial because there are many subcategories that are quite difficult to digest, where even harsh images from road accidents or simply ... disgusting images are presented. But no one is forcing you to get there. What is erotic or porn is marked as such, what is boring or cliché is marked as such. Usually, what gets on the front page is very interesting. One of the most popular categories is IAmA, meaning Ask Me Anything, where over time many personalities have come to answer the questions of the rulers.

Bill Gates and Barack Obama were among the most popular sessions, with the US president even blocking the site due to the large number of visitors. Fascinating moments in Reddit history Some moments on Reddit were truly amazing, showing how powerful the internet is. Redeemers can donate money for certain causes with the help of Reddit Gold, and fundraising campaigns have been very successful if they have been well motivated. In December 2010, members of the Christian community on Reddit decided to raise funds.

Those in the subreddit of atheists wanted to give them a pleasant competition and they also raised money for Medecins sans Frontieres and the Clean Water Fund. The Islamist subreddit also raised money. In three weeks, the three communities raised $ 200,000. Also on Reddit is the biggest Secret Santa or Secret Santa program.

Every year since 2010, redditors come into play and receive another member for whom they will become Secret Santa. A total of 18,000 users participated and $ 662,000 was donated. In January 2010, Reddit donated $ 185,000 to the Haiti State Aid Fund.

If our explanations were not enough, we discovered this infographic on and we need to share it with you.

Top 10 interesting facts why Reddit is successful.

- All memes that have appeared on the internet are from 4chan or Reddit.

- Everything that reaches the front page of Reddit is monstrously popular, with hundreds of thousands of views.

- Reddit has 2.5 billion monthly views.

- 34.9 million unique visitors enter Reddit.

- 8.3 million comments were given.

- A Reddit ad costs $ 20,000.

-Average income on Reddit is $ 25,000 - $ 50,000.

-Roughtly 55% of Reddit users are male.

-Creativity is king on Reddit.

-The average number of unique visitors is 34.9 million monthly.

More in the infographic below:

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Reddit. Anyone who follows the news closely will certainly come across numerous references to Reddit - a real giant that is rapidly gaining popularity from year to year. But, unlike Facebook, the immigration of population did not happen there. For most users, the social news site remains a mystery - a kind of overseas wonder of the world that the mind cannot understand. And there are several reasons for this.


Reddit is a social news site that was once created to make it easy to find and share links to news, articles, and just interesting content. But over time, the portal grew, destroying the popular Digg, and now it is, in fact, a platform for conversations, that is, a forum, an image board, and so on. Links and their discussions remain an important part of the platform, but only a part. Increasingly, people come here to communicate, having escaped from sinking forums and dead sites.


Due to the huge popularity of the portal, many users use it to draw attention to a particular issue, or, more often, a site. Many sites have experienced the so-called “Slashdot effect”, when one link to Reddit (sometimes even just in the comments) leads to an overload of the site’s servers due to the influx of visitors.


Reddit may once have seemed like a strange alternative to popular social networks where anonymity continues to be valued and where people are addressed by nicknames rather than names, but now it has become the standard platform for both just chatting and connecting with fans. AMAs (Ask Me Anything) are constantly held here, when a star (yes, anyone in general) answers questions in the comments for an hour. This only emphasizes the influence of the site and its role in the modern world.


Reddit is the fastest growing site on the internet. This is a website where anyone can hyperlink to interesting content from all over the internet. If you've never visited Reddit, chances are you won't like it for the first time. The design is inspired by the early days of the web with small fonts that can easily distract a new user. But looks are deceiving. This is evidenced by the extensive statistics of Reddit. Bemorepanda collected some interesting facts.




1. It hosts 6 million daily users and internet marketers, promoters, spammers, creators are fighting to get this total user share pie for free. But no one succeeds because of their community-driven and heavily moderated structure. Only really popular content is promoted on Reddit.


2. The secret behind Reddit's popularity is the anonymity of users and the insignificance of user accounts. You click on any user profile and you will be redirected to a page that shows their submissions, comments, etc. along with a link and comment karma. No, selfies with fake facial expressions, without focusing on yourself and copying text about yourself. This is the real power of Reddit. It is focused on content, not users.


3. Digg was the successor to Reddit and was a pioneer of news voting sites. Both websites were on par in 2010, but Reddit's nuclear growth since 2010 has propelled it into the top 50 websites on Earth, in just 5 years.


4. In addition, its anonymity allows the user to speak their mind and go beyond creating or presenting content without thinking about what others will think. Check out a screenshot of the most popular post in Reddit history.



Registration on the site is instant. No personal information is required, just like a phone number. In this sense, the site continues to follow the precepts of the old Internet, and this is very good.


At the moment, Reddit is going through perhaps the most difficult period in its history - the transition to a new design. We all know how painful this process is for sites with an attached audience. Reddit is no exception - it's been in the process of being updated for a long time now, and as is often the case, the redesign didn't get users excited. The new version, currently in beta and optional, strips the portal of its archaic charm and adds more modern elements. Beginners will most likely want to use the newer version, which is much more logical. Everyone else rightly points out a lot of new problems. For example, the redesign significantly reduces the ability to customize subreddits, making them more unified.


The entire site is divided into subreddits - interest groups or just communities united by an idea. Initially, there was supposed to be one main "reddit", but the idea did not catch on, although the site still has default reddits, to which all newcomers are subscribed. The /r/popular subreddit includes the most important entries of all groups, excluding some controversial subreddits, such as those dedicated to Donald Trump. /r/all is the sitewide popularity feed without any filter. The user is free to choose what interests him - in this sense, you can draw an analogy with YouTube and its channels. Or with LJ and band news feed. In general, everything is very simple, albeit unusual.


Any site like Reddit at first seems like a dump of content that is impossible to sort through. In fact, it is possible, but Reddit itself will hardly help you with this. Finding content here is not very easy - as well as the subreddits that interest you. Among experienced users, it has long been customary to joke about how bad site search is, and the anecdote is not without truth. Therefore, even if the search is possible, I most often use search engines for this task - or rather, Google, which indexes the site very quickly. All other search engines, including the growing DuckDuckGo, are experiencing some difficulty in finding fresh entries.




5. Anyone who visits Reddit regularly can easily answer it. Nearly 40% of Reddit's top stories are images from the image-sharing site img loading="lazy" Imgur gets almost 30% of its website visitors through Reddit.


6. In fact, Reddit does not allow users to upload images to their server. Imgur founder Alan Schaaf saw this as a great opportunity and created img loading="lazy"ur. When he launched Imgur, he posted an ad on Reddit for his new product.


7. The total amount of funds spent by the founders of Reddit on its advertising since its inception is only 500 US dollars, and this is also for stickers.


8. Reddit's founders received $12,000 in initial funding to launch the idea, of which they only spent $500 on their website's promotional activities as well as stickers.


9. In a post written by Alexis Ohanion about Fast Company, he stated that it was the most sound investment he had ever made. 


10. The Reddit Snoo mascot was there before the site even went live.



Many Reddit users have been silently consuming content for years, with no desire to add anything of their own. However, most often you will want to insert your word. To do this, in each subreddit there is an opportunity to add your entry, share a link or photo.


Unlike forums, on Reddit, the relevance of a post is determined by its rating. This is, in fact, a system of likes, but, like in YouTube, entries can be both “plus” and “minus”. This is called upvoting and downvoting. If your entry gets a good upvote ratio, the system considers it worthy of attention. So from the “new” section, the record crawls into “hot” and “best”. If you posted something really interesting or original, then, depending on the number of subreddit subscribers, it can even crawl out to the main page of the site - and there you are already guaranteed endless "karma" and the attention of millions of visitors.


It is impossible to find a formula that would guarantee a 100% “hit”. For a recording to work, a perfect set of circumstances is required: the relevance of the recording, the right time, the urgency, and so on. Of course, there are various tricks that can only be learned over time. Even really great content can get lost in the garbage stream. It often happens that your picture passes the attention of the masses, but when someone posts it again in a couple of days, it will immediately fly up to the main site. Try to figure it out.


"Karma" (that is, the counter of upvotes, or likes) is calculated in the user's profile. There is no sense in it, but attention to your own record is always nice. The owners of great karma consider themselves, if not the elite, then very respected people. It is reminiscent of Google Questions and Answers (if you remember such a service), where the most erudite experts liked to brag about their achievements.




11. In an interview with the website, Alexis Ohanion revealed that he started working on the logo even before it was clear how the site would work. He would sketch in his marketing class or whenever he had free time.


12.  In the early days, the founders of Reddit made a lot of fake accounts to make the site look active.


13. In a video for an online educational website, Steve Huffman explained that in the early days of Reddit, he and Alexis created hundreds of fake accounts to make the site more active because no one else was submitting any content to the site at the time. and there was a lot of empty space that didn't look very pretty.


14. Reddit launched the commenting system six months after it first launched.


15. It's good that in just six months, Steve and Alexis realized that without comments, this community could not survive.


16. A graduate student analyzed the top 850,000 Reddit posts to find how to create successful posts.


17. Randy Olson, a computer science graduate student at Michigan State University, posted a blog post on how to create a successful Reddit post. His advice was backed up by his analysis of 850,000 top Reddit posts out of the 4,200 most active subreddits.



The popularity of the site and the activity of its audience attract the attention of companies that are trying to advertise themselves in a less obvious way. Reddit is a great place to draw attention to your site or even your product, but obvious self-promotion will be easily figured out by moderators (read Reddit and business below). But if you're an artist who wants to raise their profile, a writer who's written something interesting, or a startup with an interesting idea, then Reddit can be the perfect tool for your own promotion. The main thing is to choose the right subreddit. Do not forget to read the rules - each subreddit has its own rules, and non-compliance with them leads to the removal of the post or even the ban of the user.


If your comment receives a large number of dislikes, it will be hidden from other users, although it can still be seen if desired. Often the "reputation" that looms from this ranking affects how often you can post. Subreddits can put a limit on the number of posts per minute, and this can seriously limit your ability to take an active part in the life of the subreddit.


Upvotes and downvotes, despite some controversy in their implementation, are very important for maintaining order. If social networks like Twitter or VKontakte almost always rage with chaos, with obscenities, swearing and spam, then “karma” on Reddit allows you to hide bad comments and raise quality ones. Thanks to this system, the discussions on the site look like a smart dialogue, and not like a kindergarten, which is most often seen on other popular Internet sites.



18. His post includes tips like when is the best time to post, what to write, what heading to use and many other great tips, you should check out his post. 


19. The first post on Reddit appeared 13 years ago and was called The Downing Street Memo. You can still find it at the following link. At first, most of the content on the site was written by the creators of the resource themselves - they created a lot of fake accounts from which they filled the site with interesting links and news, thereby creating the appearance of an active resource.


20. Comments first appeared on the site in December 2005, and sections (subreddits) only in March 2008. 


21. At the same time, the latter were met with hostility - the users of the site did not understand what the need for such “segregation” was, because the population of the resource at that time was very modest, and the need to scroll through all the subreddits in search of new news then seemed strange.


22. From the moment of his birth until about 2010. Reddit actively competed with Digg, which is extremely similar in design and purpose. Reddit was born just a few months later, but Digg was much more popular at the time.


23. Everything changed dramatically in August 2010, when the creators of Digg ruined their project with a bad design update. Users of the resource were furious and for a whole month the main page was filled with messages with complaints, requests to return the old version of the site, as well as links to Reddit - annoyed people urged everyone to change the platform, leaving for competitors.



24. Over the next year, the popularity of Reddit skyrocketed, while Digg fell. At the same time, at first, as many as 20% of Reddit's monthly traffic was from Digg.


25. Theoretically, any Reddit user should strive for the same thing - to have their post appear on the front page. But is it possible to achieve this result by following some magical "formula for success"? As it turned out - it is possible.


26. In this universal formula, there will be several factors that you will need to consider: this is the time and day of the week when you will publish the post; brightness or scandalous content; correct title wording. There is also the possibility of buying votes - there are corresponding resources that sell them for real currency.


27. But any Redditor will tell you that the most effective (albeit cynical) way to earn votes that will eventually lead you to the main page of the resource is to steal someone else's content. The usual repost of someone else's post, which has already appeared on this resource before, will lead you to success much faster than any original content.


28. In 2013, a study was made, the results of which showed shocking statistics: over a 17-day period, more than 52% of the materials that reached the main page had already appeared on the forum before. Moreover, in the same 17-day period of time indicated in the study, and not several years before.



29. If you use the Google Ngram Viewer resource, you can see how often a particular word was used in world literature centuries before you were born. Thanks to him, we can note with surprise for ourselves that the word Reddit already existed, and its use has been declining since the 1700s.


30. This strange fact is connected with the existence of the Latin word REDDO, which means "give back", "return" or "restore". At the same time, in the REDDIT form, this word means “it returned”, and REDDITOR means “the one who returns”. Thus, all users of the Reddit resource who call themselves "redditors" literally turn into reposters and people who steal other people's content.


31. Thanks to the collective power of this resource, Reddit has saved its users more than once. 


32. One of the most striking cases can be called an incident that occurred 3 years ago, when a user under the nickname RBradbury1920 reported mysterious yellow reminder stickers that appeared in his apartment. He was sure that he did not stick them on, and suspected that this was some kind of bad joke on the part of the owner of this apartment (he rented it).


33. However, these pieces of paper contained information that was known only to RBradbury1920, which further confused this strange mystical case. A Reddit user decided to turn to his favorite forum for advice - should you call the police or just call the landlord for a serious conversation?



34. He advised the topic starter to buy an inexpensive CO tester that could confirm this hypothesis. And indeed, that was the problem. The tester showed an off-scale concentration of this gas, which in such cases can lead to various problems with the brain, as well as memory loss. 


35. Subsequently, RBradbury1920 unsubscribed that throughout the whole year he visited various medical specialists in order to regain his lost health. And only after a long course of treatment, his body returned to normal.


36. In August 2015, Roskomnadzor added Reddit to the register of banned sites. The reason for the blocking was a request to remove one of the pages of the resource from the Gosnarkokontrol. It contained instructions for growing mushrooms containing narcotic substances. After a call from the administration of the resource to the department, a day later, the resource was unblocked. 


37. Reddit has restricted access on the territory of the Russian Federation to prohibited information.


38. The post, which drew the attention of the State Drug Control Service, was posted by one of the Russian-speaking users with the nickname rsocfan intentionally and specifically “for the RKN”. It was a provocation to block a popular resource.


39. However, another user with the nickname Kakkerlak offered an alternative explanation for what happened - he clung to a small detail in the description of the RBradbury1920 apartment. He talked about an unusual tiny bedroom, devoid of any windows. Kakkerlak suggested that it could be due to severe carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) poisoning that RBradbury1920 was exposed to due to poor ventilation in his bed.



40. And finally, a fresh interesting event. Reddit users (by the way, 53% of whom are from the United States) made popular the YouTube channel of Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemiev, which almost no one watched. The video of the astronaut got on Reddit and after 5 days scored 84k pluses. “This is a Russian cosmonaut named Oleg who posts videos from the International Space Station on his channel. His new video from space, posted five hours ago, has only 17 views. It captures the flight through the entire station,” wrote the user.


41. Reddit ads are often forgotten in the paid social world, in part because other systems seem to have more impressive targeting capabilities or are talked about more. For some advertisers, this can bring bad luck.


42. Reddit gets over 21 billion screen views per month and the platform is used by 6% of adults online. Over 70% speak English, and a significant proportion are from the US.


43. Although Reddit has an extremely diverse audience, a sizable segment of users have high sales revenue of $75,000 or more per year.


44. There are two types of ads on Reddit that marketers can use to their advantage.



45. The second type of ad will appear in feeds. They will look like posts, except for the blue "Promoted" tag at the top. When users click on these ads, they are taken directly to the landing page of your choice, not to the talk page.


46. ​​Reddit is demographic and geo-targeted, like all your standard paid social platforms you know and love, where you can target by age, gender, location, and interests.


49. There are over 2.2 million different subreddits, ranging from broad ones (like "finance") to much more niche ones ("vegan beauty").


50. Some ad platforms have high minimum ad spends, resulting in a high entry threshold for companies that want to try out new platforms or that have a low budget.



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A person always strives for new knowledge, even if he does not even always realize it. Someone is studying scientific information, and someone is following the heroes of the next reality show. Nobody says that this must necessarily be useful knowledge, because the most important thing is that it is interesting. This is the kind of knowledge Reddit users are trying to give in the Today I Learned thread, sharing a variety of facts. Bemorepanda collected for you 20 of the most interesting and informative facts, and all of them are waiting for you further.


Dogs of Mercy are service dogs trained to comfort mortally wounded soldiers lying in no man's land during World War I.

1 499


In 1656, Judith Catchpole, a young maid from the colony of Maryland, was tried for witchcraft and the murder of her newborn child.

2 483

In those early days, a judge decided to call a jury composed of women only, who ruled that Judith did not kill her child, and that in fact there was no indication that Judith was pregnant at all.


The youngest hero of the French Resistance during World War II was a little boy

3 483

The boy acted as a courier for the Resistance fighters, he sneaked past enemy patrols and transmitted messages. In 1950 he was posthumously awarded the rank of sergeant. The boy's name was Marcel Pinte, he died for France at the age of 6.


Saudi Arabia accidentally printed thousands of textbooks depicting Yoda sitting next to King Faisal when he signed the UN charter in 1945

4 466


In the 1830s, the Swedish navy planted 300,000 oak trees to be used for shipbuilding in the future.

5 479

When they received the news in 1975 that the trees were fully grown, they hardly ever used them, since modern warships are made of metal.


In 1856, a woman named Mary Ann Brown Patten took over command of a merchant ship after the captain, who was also her husband, fell ill.

6 461

After the captain fell ill, the first mate began to sabotage the navigation of the ship in order to take the place of the captain. Mary Ann not only repulsed the attempted rebellion, but also safely returned the ship to port.


French soldier André Parmentier, who served as a military doctor in the French army, was captured by the Prussians in the 1760s during the Seven Years War. During several years of captivity, he was forced to eat only potatoes, which were then fed only to pigs in France.

7 435

Feeling that potatoes saved him, he made it his life's goal to convince the world of the nutritional value of potatoes. André Parmentier became famous primarily as an active promoter of potato cultivation as a vegetable crop, and even his grave is decorated with potatoes.


In 1952, London was covered with the so-called Great Smog, which was so strong that pedestrians could not even see their feet

8 432

During the 5 days of the Great Smog, about 4,000 people died, but the most interesting thing is that some of them died not because of lung problems - they fell into the Thames and drowned because they did not see the river.


The famous painting "The Scream" by Edvard Munch was painted on cardboard

9 418

 If you rub a sea sponge through a sieve into salt water, then it turns into a sponge again

10 420

It is the only plant known to do this.


30 years ago, you had 15-17 minutes to evacuate in a fire. Currently you only have 3-5 minutes

11 411

This is due to the fact that many things in homes are made of plastics and petroleum-based products. Large rooms and high ceilings also play a role.


There are still those in the USA who live inside the "iron lungs"

12 403

Iron Lungs - were applied to polio victims whose lung muscles were paralyzed. The air is pumped in, then pumped out. This causes the patient's chest to expand and contract, forcing air into and out of the lungs.


During the Danish colonization of Greenland, missionary Hans Egede discovered that the local Inuit had no idea what bread was.

13 394

Therefore, he changed the words in the prayer "Our Father" from "give us our daily bread this day" to "give us our daily seal this day."


In 2007, a man in a wheelchair was hit by a huge 18-wheel truck

14 384

The handles of the stroller were caught in the radiator grille and the truck pushed the man for several kilometers at a speed of almost 100 km per hour. Surprisingly, the man was able to avoid injury.


One of Tchaikovsky's overtures, written in 1812, included cannon firing and cathedral bells, whose sounds should have been synchronized with the sounds of the orchestra

15 375

It so happened that in those days it was impossible to synchronize them. It was only in 1954 that composer Antal Dorati mixed the orchestra's studio recording with cannons and bells and the overture finally sounded the way it was intended.


Reagan and Gorbachev agree to suspend the Cold War in the event of an alien invasion

16 344


The worst nuclear accident in British history could have ended much worse if not for Sir John Douglas Cockcroft

17 330

Cockcroft insisted on installing filters in the mines of the Windscale nuclear power plant. Thanks to the filters, when the accident occurred, the amount of radioactive dust released was reduced by 95%.


If you give a zebrafish fish alcohol and place it in an aquarium with sober zebrafish, the sober fish will accept it as their leader and follow the drunk fish around the aquarium.

18 319


A Harvard study found that not having friends is as deadly as smoking

19 268

Scientists have found a link between loneliness and blood protein levels that can cause heart attacks and strokes.


In 2012, a survey in East Germany showed that there is not a single person under the age of 28 in this area who believes in God.

20 219

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The human brain has fascinated scientists since ancient times, as well as writers, poets, and musicians. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.


Every second, the brain collects and transmits signals to and from parts of your body. It keeps everything running, even when we sleep at night. Here you can take a quick tour of this great control center. You can see each part and later find out which parts perform different functions.


There are two types of cells in your brain: neurons and glial cells (glia - Greek word for glue). For a long time, biologists believed that neurons were the only cells that controlled our bodies, and that was where memories were stored. The glial cells were in the brain only to support the neurons, to isolate them, to feed them, and to do the basic cleansing. Recent research is beginning to show that glial cells do much more.


Read here the most interesting facts about the brain.



1. The human brain has about 80-100 billion nerve cells (neurons). 


2. The left hemisphere of the human brain is 200 million richer in neurons than the right hemisphere. 


3. Neurons in the human brain are very tiny. Their size reaches from 4 to 100 micrometers in width.


4. According to the research of scientists in 2014, there is more gray matter in the brain of a woman than in the brain of a man. 


5. According to statistics, a large percentage of the so-called gray matter are people with a humanitarian mindset. 


6. Constant physical stress can increase the amount of gray matter. 


7. The components of 40% of the human brain are gray cells. They turn gray only after they die. 



Bark: The wrinkled outer part of the brain is the largest part of the brain. This is also where our thinking comes from. It is also used to read this story in mathematics or in solving homework given by teachers. It is also the part of the brain that controls your voluntary muscles. These are the muscles used to press a mouse button, ride a bike, run a race, or hit a ball.


Are you using the left or right side of your brain?


Some researchers believe that the right and left sides of the cerebral cortex specialize in various activities. The right side is responsible for abstract things, such as colors, shapes, and music. The left side deals with math and speech and is the analytical part. It is also known that the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body and the left side of your brain controls the right side.


8. The brain of a living person has a bright pink hue. 


9. The male brain has less gray matter but more cerebrospinal fluid and white matter. 


10. White matter makes up 60% of the human brain. 


11. Fat is bad for the human heart, but it is very good for the brain. 


12. The average weight of the human brain is 1.3 kilograms. 


13. The human brain occupies up to 3 percent of the total body mass but consumes 20% of oxygen. 


14. The brain is capable of producing a large amount of energy. Even the energy of a sleeping brain can light a 25-watt light bulb. 



The cerebellum: Behind the brain, the cerebellum helps you to make smooth, coordinated movements. Walking, running, writing. . . without the cerebellum, the movement would not take place properly.


Thalamus: Given the activity that takes place in the brain, there must be a switching station, and this is the function of the thalamus. This part of the brain takes the information that comes from the body and transmits it to the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex also sends messages to the thalamus, which then transmits information to other areas of the brain and spinal cord.


Spinal cord: This is the main information bus. All information from different parts of the body moves to and from the brain through the spinal cord. It is connected to the brain through the brainstem. It is protected by the vertebral bones, which form the spine.


Hypothalamus: There is a thermostat in your house. This is the button on the wall that you can turn to warm or cool the room. The hypothalamus is your body's thermostat. When it is hot, it sends signals for your skin to sweat. If you are cold, it makes you shiver and goosebumps.


15. It has been proven that the size of the brain does not affect the mental abilities of a person, Albert Einstein had a smaller than average brain size. 


16. The human brain has no nerve endings, so doctors can cut into a person's brain when he is conscious. 


17. A person uses the capabilities of his brain by almost 100%. 


18. The texture of the brain is very important, and the wrinkles of the brain enable it to contain more neurons. 


19. Yawning cools the brain, and the absence of normal sleep raises its temperature. 


20. Even a tired brain can be productive. Scientists say that in one day, on average, a person has 70,000 thoughts. 


21. Information inside the brain is transmitted at high speed, from 1.5 to 440 kilometers per hour. 


22. The human brain can process and scan the most complex images. 



Hippocampus: Deep in your brain, the hippocampus works with the cerebral cortex to create memories. From five minutes ago to five years ago, the hippocampus helps you remember everything that has happened in your life. The hippocampus helps you remember how to navigate and how to navigate the environment, depending on how you've traveled in the past.


Callus Body: The callus body connects the right side of the brain to the left side. It allows the two parts of the brain to communicate with each other.


Pituitary gland: This small part of the brain is the size of a pea. It is the smallest part of the brain and one that controls when and how fast we grow. It releases special hormones that help you grow. He also works at puberty.


Brainstem: The brainstem connects three areas of the brain. These parts are the spinal bulb, Varolio's bridge, and the midbrain. The brainstem is located below the cerebellum and connects the brain to the spinal cord. It makes all the muscles work involuntarily. These are the muscles that you do not consciously control, such as the muscles that make your heartbeat. Together, these three parts of the brain keep us alive by controlling our breathing, digestion, and blood circulation.


23. Previously, it was believed that the human brain is fully formed already in the first years of life, but in fact, adolescents undergo changes in the cerebral cortex, which are responsible for emotional processing and impulse control. 


24. Doctors say that brain development continues until the age of 25.


25. The human brain takes seasickness for a hallucination caused by poison, so the body turns on a defensive reaction in the form of vomiting impulses to get rid of the poison. 



26. Archaeologists from Florida at the bottom of the pond found an ancient cemetery, some turtles had parts of the brain tissue. 


27. The brain perceives the movements of annoying people slower than they are. 


28. In 1950, the scientist found the pleasure center of the brain, and acted with electricity on this part of the brain, as a result, he imitated a half-hour orgasm to a woman using this method. 


29. In the human stomach there is a so-called second brain, it has control over mood and appetite. 


30. When you refuse something, the same parts of the brain work as with physical pain. 


31. Obscene words are processed by a separate part of the brain, and they reduce pain. 


32. It has been proven that the human brain can draw monsters for itself when a person looks in the mirror. 


33. Human brain burns 20% of calories. 



34. If you pour warm water into the ear, then his eyes will move towards the ear, if you pour cold water, then, on the contrary, I use this method to check the functioning of the brain.


35. Scientists have proven that not understanding sarcasm is considered a sign of brain disease, and the perception of sarcasm helps in solving problems. 


36. A person sometimes does not remember why he entered the room, this is because the brain creates a “border of events”. 


37. When a person tells someone that he wants to achieve some goal, this satisfies his brain as if he had already achieved this goal. 


38. The human brain has a negative bias, because of it a person wants to find bad news. 


39. The amygdala is part of the brain, its function is to control fear, if you remove it, you can lose the feeling of fear. 



40. During rapid eye movement, the human brain does not process information.


41. Modern medicine has almost learned to do brain transplant operations, this was practiced on primates. 


42. Phone numbers have seven digits for a reason, as this is the longest sequence that the average person can remember. 


43. To create a computer with the same parameters as the human brain, it will have to perform 3800 operations in one second and store 3587 terabytes of information. 


44. There are “mirror neurons” in the human brain, they encourage a person to repeat after others. 


45. The inability of the brain to correctly assess the upcoming situation causes a lack of sleep. 



46. ​​Obulomania is a brain disorder that causes a person to have a constant feeling of indecision.

47. In 1989, a healthy child was born, even though his mother's brain completely died, and the body was artificially supported during childbirth. 


48. The reaction of the brain in mathematics lessons and scary situations is identical, which means that mathematics is a great fear for those who do not understand it. 


49. The most rapid development of the brain occurs in the range of 2 to 11 years. 


50. Constant prayer reduces the frequency of breathing and normalizes the wave vibrations of the brain, stimulating the process of self-healing, because believers go to the doctor 36% less.


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Sometimes it can seem like people go through life with cheat codes - as if there are some life hacks that others do not know about. Especially when it comes to communicating with other people.


Tricks, tips and tricks on psychology that will come in handy in life


And speaking of communication hacks, there really are a lot of tips and tricks that you can use to your advantage in order to connect with people more easily. So, Reddit user Aggravating_Taste821 asked about secret psychological tricks that really work, and we decided to take note of them, because most of the tricks really seemed to us useful.



Here are some of the most interesting tricks and tips:


1. "Nod your head slightly when you want someone to agree with what you are saying." — SumerianProgRocker


“When I was a bartender, I always taught new waiters this trick. If you want your table to stay for dessert, nod your head slightly when you ask them if they want dessert. It works very effectively!” — GozerDGozerian


2. “When someone is rude to you, keep quiet and stare at him. This will make him feel incredibly awkward, and after a few seconds he will usually act much more polite."


**DISCLAIMER** Do not do this with people who exhibit aggressive behavior and/or are in an unsafe enclosed environment. ... This is a tactic designed to be used on mature adults in a safe environment.” — Natasha_JB


3. Likewise: “I never went that far, but I lowered my voice to a whisper so they couldn’t hear me because of their own delusions. Typically, after a few moments, they subconsciously adjust their volume to match yours and calm down. ... It's a great trick on my daughter if she's not already too excited." — somedudeshomie



4. Silence also works if you want someone to confess to something: “If you want to know something, ask a question and wait. People want to fill the silence and will be ready to speak.” — stormbrewing_


5. Or if you want them to come back with a better offer: “Waiting for a few seconds or even minutes before saying something after someone has made you an offer… there is a high chance they will agree, what do you say next. People hate awkward silences—especially salespeople.” — Kthak_Back


6. “Ask people to explain what they mean when they are offensive is extremely effective, especially if there is an audience around. "Could you explain what you mean?" And then someone feels like a mountain of awkwardness and shame falls on him. - Incorect_Speling


"Could you repeat that, please?" People take that extra punch and understand what they're saying: "I don't get it, could you explain the joke to me?" goes very well with offensive humor." — JanuarySoCold


7. “If someone bothers you too much by coming to your table, continue the conversation but get up and escort them back to their table. We had a boss who was a guru in this business.” — FrozenBanana46



8. "If you're sick of people (especially co-workers) poking their noses into your personal life..." People love to talk about themselves. Ask questions about their personal lives. " with people who could not tell anything about me except my appearance, or mistakenly assumed that I had exactly the same interests and opinions. Such a psychological expansion of ourselves.” — fappyday


9. “If someone doesn't want to give you specific information, like tuition fees or expected hours, give a completely unreasonable example. They usually give you the exact number right away and are embarrassed that they pretend not to know.”

"Example: Me: How much does your C++ course cost?


Them: It really depends on your goals.


Me: Do you have a beginner course? Can you give me a price range?


Them: We can work with you to meet your individual needs.


Me: Okay, okay. So it's, like, $10 for access to all of your courses, or...


Them: Oh no. We have a subscription for $99/month where you can buy a beginner course for $120.


Not very often helpful, but works every time." — Ender367



10. “In a competitive environment, if you notice that your opponent is new or showing signs of anxiety, ask him: “Are you nervous?”, Trying to act as casually as possible (I will even yawn if I can). It always activates in people the desire to fight, if they are not initially strong in spirit. — DrooMighty


11. “If you make the favor bigger than it actually is before you ask for it, the person you are doing the favor is more likely to help.” — SuperDuperStoney


“Baby, can you do me the biggest favor? Can you turn off the light when you go to bed?" She would have done it anyway, but now she feels like a hero." — xxnkatxx


12. “On topic: The brain doesn’t like cognitive dissonance. So if I do you a favor, some part of my subconscious will most likely say that I did the favor because they liked you.” — TheWurstOfMe


13. Speaking of favors... “Whenever I want to help someone with something, but I know that their pride gets in the way or they don’t want to impose, I first ask them for a favor, even if it’s not for me need. For example, you can ask a colleague how they came up with a solution, and then "repay" the favor by saying "Do you want to see something interesting that I recently learned?", and show them how to do something more efficiently / correctly ". — tetsujo



14. "Change your perspective from 'I' to 'we' and people will automatically join you." — fckmelifemate


15. “Mirroring is a great way to make someone feel more comfortable with you: Mirroring (or mirroring) is wild… it’s so obvious to a third person observer looking for signs of a reflection, but the person being mirrored is like usually has little awareness because it is mostly subconscious and works subtly when you are the subject of a conversation because you are also distracted by the content of the conversation.


You can use this to your advantage by deliberately copying the people you are trying to covertly influence by copying their mannerisms, posture, and other behaviors. It will make you feel better and make you more authoritative and trustworthy because you will literally remind people of yourself.” - thisismyaccount3125


16. “You can also fine-tune their mood and behavior by starting by mirroring (until they mirror you) and then adjusting your tone/assertiveness: “I am a psychologist and I use this technique every day with my patients, especially with those who are initially distracted when we start because they were just dealing with traffic and finding parking in the city to get to a meeting. It only takes a few minutes and works incredibly well. You do what they do, not as a copycat, but in a similar way. Then, when things get comfortable, you can start taking deeper, slower breaths, moving into a more relaxed sitting position, and they usually follow you.” — allbright1111



17. “People have predictable patterns when choosing things at random. If you ask 100 people to pick a random number between 1 and 10, many people will pick 3 or 7. Even the highest/lowest (1 and 10) and middle (5) numbers don't seem "random enough". So when I play board games like Catan, or card games where others have to pick a random card from my hand, I always put my highest value card on either side, not in the middle, as the middle "seems" more random ". — MankeyBusiness


18. “If someone is wrong (when you know 100% that they are), but the remark will have little effect on the conversation, argument, etc., just keep it to yourself. Don't embarrass or belittle him and stop the conversation." — akw314


19. “Not really that wise, but every mistake I make at work, I try my best to acknowledge. For some reason, that makes me more trustworthy." — Freaksenius


“I do the same, and also try to sing the praises of everyone who helped me. Makes people want to work with you, and why not? That's who I want to work with." – crazyrich



20. “If you want to get consent from someone you know fairly well, start the conversation by talking about times in the past when you collaborated similarly towards a common goal. One or two examples will suffice. This encourages them to enter your current offer.” — Python007


21. "People will be more supportive of your idea if they think it's THEIR idea and they came up with it." — SteveJones313


22. “Ask a question: “Do you want to tell me something?” And don't say anything else or just leave the room. Works for children and adults. — Nc910259


23. “The easiest way to lie is to let the person you are lying to come to their own conclusion about lying, and then agree with that conclusion. Another thing you can do to easily reduce the chance of being caught lying is to simply not lie so that when you lie, it will be taken as the truth.” — Dan0972


24. “Use phrases like “Thank you for your patience” instead of apologizing. [It] takes the blame off you and makes the other person feel better.” — coffeedomed


25. “When you walk in a crowded place, look where you are going and not at other people. They will naturally move out of your line of sight, which will speed up your movement." — Danger_Dee


“Also extend your arm in front of you as if pointing at something, and people will step aside.” — timothybrooks7



26. “If you ask someone to move to any other place to talk (it can be as little as 1.5-2 meters away), your interlocutor is much more likely to listen to you and follow instructions.” — jerikkoa


27. “Not sure what to say but want to continue the conversation? Repeat the last sentence of the last question the person said, asking them again, hinting at a more detailed explanation. — aciddd123


28. “Be careful not to let this psychological effect fool you and make you unhappy: Sunk cost. Essentially, any time, effort, or money that has already been spent tends to factor into decisions when it shouldn't. When I met my wife, she always finished her drinks, even if she didn't like them, because she paid for them. I asked her if you have already paid for them, then the money is gone. Why suffer for a drink you didn't like?


If there is literally no change as a result, as opposed to not drinking it... except that it is not enjoyable? This is why buying a car takes so long. You've already wasted so much time that you almost feel like you should buy it. INVESTED time, and I need to get something for this investment. And damn it, I don't want to go through this again!" — Aerotank2099


29. And finally, funny: "The person at my job showed me that just reach out to give someone a random item ... half the time they will take it." — Connect_Sail7082


“It depends on what you give them. While working in retail, I learned that if you hand something to someone during a call, they take it, put it in their pocket/wallet/etc, and then don't remember you giving it to them. ". It has worked on every person I have tried." — SkyKitten387



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Man is naturally curious. But now we do not mean gossip, but knowledge that attracts our minds to itself. If we graduated from school or university, this does not mean that we will stop being interested in something new. So if you are from the category of those who do not stop in their development, then our selection may interest you.


Facts from the “Today I learned” series, not known to everyone


Bemorepanda has prepared for you more than 40 facts shared by users from all over the world on the Internet. These are the kind of historical, scientific and other ideas that you probably never hear in school. If you are interested in the above, then welcome to the interesting world of the unknown!



1. In 1997, Russian poacher Vladimir Markov shot and killed a tiger and took part of the wild boar it was eating. After 12 hours, the tiger tracked the poacher to his hut and ate him.


2. After being scolded by a woman who thought his shoes were too expensive for kids, Shaq turned down a $40 million Reebok deal and signed with Walmart. He then enlisted designers from Reebok to make his Walmart shoes look more expensive than $20 worth. Over 400 million pairs have been sold.


3. In 2017, a woman named Chau Smith ran seven marathons in seven consecutive days on seven continents in honor of her 70th birthday.


4. Sesame Street's Mr. Snuffleupagus was originally a friend of Big Bird who everyone else thought was fictional, and it was decided that other people should see him to encourage kids to talk about any abuse they might have experienced.


5. About Tommy Manville, heir to the Jones-Manville fortune. Under the terms of his family trust, he was given $250,000 "when he marries." As a result, he married 13 times, giving the women a share of his income, before promptly divorcing them.



6. The term "asoh" exists for cases when you just need to take the blame if you are at fault. He appeared in honor of a Japanese pilot named Kouhei Asoh, who made an emergency landing on a passenger plane in San Francisco Bay. When asked what happened, he said, "As you Americans say, I screwed up."


7. Today I learned that taking pictures instead of actually observing causes your brain to outsource memory; this, in turn, results in you not storing information in as much detail as you normally would. This is called the photo degradation effect.


8. Van Gogh's depiction of the stars in the painting "Night Cafe Terrace" is so accurate that the date of the painting's creation can be dated to within one or two days - September 16-17, 1888.


9. It turned out that a mannequin in a California amusement park turned out to be a real body when his arm fell off in 1976. It was the corpse of a man named Elmer McCurdy, a criminal who had been shot dead by the sheriffs 65 years ago.


10. Brussels sprouts used to have a bitter taste until breeders in the 90s began to cross-pollinate different varieties to remove bittering chemicals. The result of their work has led to the recent culinary popularity of Brussels sprouts.



11. From 150 to 300 kidnappings of children by strangers are committed annually in the United States. The remaining 200,000 kidnappings per year are carried out by relatives.


12. In 1831, the Swedish Navy planted over 300,000 oak trees with the intention of using them to build ships 150 years later. They continue to grow today.


13. About Ted's bottle. Ted d'Auvergne, a World War II New Zealand soldier, was in the pub and missed the train. He asked the innkeeper to set aside his second bottle of beer to drink when he got home. Ted was killed, but the promise was kept and that bottle of beer is still there.


14. In 2010, Washington DC held a sham election and invited hackers to test their online voting system. They managed to elect Tron: Legacy's Master Control as mayor, Terminator's Skynet to Congress, and Futurama's Bender to the student council. It took DC officials two days to notice this.


15. For over 50 years, Australian outback children have been "attending" school via shortwave radio and sending homework by airmail due to the long distance between homes. "Air schools" were for many children the first social experience outside the family; their quality has equaled or surpassed traditional schools.



16. A wanted fugitive had plastic surgery on his face with scissors, a utility knife and a needle and thread to avoid being caught. Some operations were carried out in public toilets. He evaded arrest for over two years.


17. That after Toyota recalled millions of cars due to stuck accelerator pedals, a man was released from jail because his Toyota caused an accident that killed 3 people.


18. The US Postal Service turns children's letters to Santa into a giant gift registry that allows citizens to grant children's Christmas wishes.


19. John von Neumann was a child prodigy who, by the age of 6, could divide eight-digit numbers in his head. By age 8, he was fluent in ancient Greek, mastered mathematics, and entertained his parents' friends by retelling the pages of books just by looking at them. He also developed modern computer architecture.


20. That anywhere from 3% to 21% of the population has a genetic variation in the olfactory receptor gene (OR6A2) that makes cilantro taste very unpleasant. Those with this variant describe the taste of cilantro as "a combination of soap and vomit," or similar to the stinky smell given off by bed bugs.


21. On the morning of July 26, 1184, Henry VI gathered the court in the Petersberg citadel. Under the weight of the assembled nobility, the second floor of the building collapsed. Most of the nobles fell into a cesspool under the ground floor, where about 60 of them drowned in liquid feces.


22. Norwegian Longyearbyen is the northernmost settlement in the world with a population of over 1,000 people. The city has laws such as a ban on cats, a monthly limit on the purchase of alcohol, and a requirement to carry a rifle on the street to protect against polar bears.



23. That Charles Dickens was a big cat lover, so much so that when one of his favorite cats, Bob, passed away, Dickens was so upset that his sister-in-law turned one of Bob's paws into a letter opener. Dickens kept it with him when he wrote and opened his mail to it every morning.


24. For the scene in his movie Tenet where the Boeing 747 crashes into the (fictitious) Oslo Airport, they crashed a REAL Boeing 747 because Christopher Nolan decided it would actually be cheaper than models or CGI.


25. 69 is the only number in whose square (4761) and cube (328509) each decimal digit from 0 to 9 is used exactly once.


26. About how a woman successfully sued the casino for her winnings when they said it was a machine error. She later donated the entire amount to charity.


27. As for before the trees took over the land, the land was covered with prototaxites, a fungus that became extinct over 350 million years ago and is believed to have reached almost 9 meters in height and 1.37 meters in diameter.


28. That anime director Hayao Miyazaki created a kindergarten specifically for Studio Ghibli employees. Children are free to explore its picturesque interiors and learn traditional skills such as cooking rice over an open fire.


29. That chemist Alexander Shulgin invented over 200 psychedelic drugs, took them himself, and wrote a book about his experiences with each of them.


30. One of the earliest escape attempts around the Berlin Wall was made by Heinz Meixner in 1963. He removed the windshield from the convertible and lowered the tires as low as possible. Then, having hidden his bride and her mother, he drove up to the barrier, slipped under it and disappeared into West Berlin.



31. There are almost no palm trees in Southern California. They were used as a marketing gimmick to transform Los Angeles from a cow town to a "subtropical" one.


32. Astronauts had to leave unwanted items on the moon so that the Apollo lander could take off safely. These items included golf balls, cameras, boots, a telescope and 96 bags of feces, urine and vomit.


33. That Wayne Gretzky ranks 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th and 11th in points in an NHL season.


34. Barry Manilow thought "Last Christmas" by Wham! was so similar to his 1978 hit "Can't Smile Without You" that he sued George Michael. But the case was dismissed after the musicologist presented 60-odd songs from the last century that had a comparable chord progression and melody.


35. Alpha Centauri, our closest solar system, is 4.4 light-years away, or about 40 trillion kilometers. It will take approximately 18,000 years to reach it with our current technology.


36. In 1996, the couple named their son "Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116", claiming it's pronounced "Albin". This was in protest of the $740 fine they received for not registering the name before his fifth birthday.


37. The chain of volcanoes last erupted in France 6,000 years ago. Until 1750, they were thought to be piles of Roman mining or kiln waste.



38. That in 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt threatened to ban American football after 19 college students died playing the game that year. In response, 62 colleges and universities met in New York to discuss rule changes, where they formed the athletic association that would become the NCAA.


39. That in the USA there is a large supervolcano in the Yellowstone caldera. If it erupts again, it won't wipe out humanity, but it could seriously alter weather and climate patterns, to the point of triggering a new ice age.


40. There are military social assistants in the White House whose duties include everything from escorting dignitaries to providing a companion for dancing or small talk with lonely guests.


41. Concrete is the second most consumed substance on Earth after water. 33 billion tons of this material is used every year, making it the most common man-made material in history.


42. In the late 70s, Martin Scorsese was very depressed and struggled with a dangerous addiction to cocaine. One day, when he was hospitalized with internal bleeding, De Niro visited him and convinced him to make another movie to save his life. Scorsese agreed, confident that it would be his last film. It was Raging Bull.


43. Tourism was popular in Ancient Rome. The most popular attraction was the pyramids of Giza, where local guides misled the Romans in order to attract them and profit from it.


44. About 100-man kumite, a martial arts competition in which the applicant endures 100 consecutive sparring matches against fighters of equal or higher rank. There have been only 30 winners since 1965, the last of which was in 2020.



45. The Apollo 11 astronauts had to sleep on the cold floor of the lunar module, but the Apollo 12 astronauts were equipped with adjustable hammocks that helped reduce the cooling effect of contact with the cabin floor.


46. Papyrus 115 (which is the oldest surviving manuscript of Revelation as of 2017) lists the number of the beast as χιϛ, 616, not 666.





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