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The new iPhone 13 has been presented! See price and improvements to Apple gadgets (Photo)

1 year ago

The annual presentation of new Apple products took place in Cupertino. The head of the company started the event not with the technical innovations, as usual, but with promotional series on the Apple + platform, for example, the spectators waited for the new project with Will Farrell and Paul Rudd. After that, it moved on to the long-awaited presentation.

So, here are the new Apple products:

iPad with updated processor and Center Stage technology, the price starts at 329 USD.

iPad mini in new colors. Price 499 USD.

The Apple Watch will come out with a 40% smaller frame, but the screen itself will be 70% brighter. The watch will also charge faster than other models. The price is 399 USD.

Now let's move on to the iPhone.

iPhone 13 will be launched in several new colors and with the most durable glass of all models. The phone display became 28% brighter. Of course, the gadget's camera has improvements. Now the battery lasts 2.5 hours longer. The 13th series will come in two sizes: mini, priced at $ 699 and standard at $ 799.

iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, which some lucky ones will receive for their birthday or winter holidays, are available in four colors, including the new Sierra Blue color. It has three updated cameras, improved video quality, a new ultra-wide camera and a few gadgets with a nicer design. Another important innovation of the new phone: a memory capacity of 1 TB. Prices for new items: starting at $ 999 for iPhone 13 Pro and $ 1099 for iPhone 13 Pro Max.


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Apple released a new version of the iOS operating system, which includes many new features, including user privacy.

Thus, many years away from Google, iOS supports widgets that can be placed on the main screen. Until now, iOS widgets could be placed on a separate screen. Now widgets and applications will share the same screens.


iOS 14 gives a completely new look to the things you do most often, as well as easier use than ever. New features provide you with everything you need, exactly when you need it. And the applications you use all the time become even smarter, more personal, and more private.

1.Widgets on the Home screen

The widgets have been completely redesigned to give you more information at a glance. And now you can add them to the Home Screen. Choose from different sizes and arrange them however you want.


2. The application library

The new Application Library automatically organizes all your applications into a simple, easy-to-navigate view. Applications are sorted by category and the most used applications are always just a touch away.


3.Compact call display

Calls from iPhone, FaceTime, and third-party apps are displayed in a completely new, more compact design that doesn't take up the entire screen.


4. Using two applications simultaneously

You can now continue watching videos or making a FaceTime call while using another application.



Keeping in touch with others has never been more essential. So iOS 14 gives you new ways to connect to the conversations that matter most, to keep up to date with group conversations, and to express yourself exactly the way you want.

6. Fixed conversations

Fix up to nine of the most important conversations at the top of the conversation list so you can easily access them.


7. Group photos

Give the group conversation a visual identity by adding a picture or memo. Or choose an emoticon.



Write a name to direct a message to someone. When you are mentioned, your name is highlighted. You can even customize an active group to receive notifications only when you are mentioned.


9. Direct answers

You can now reply directly to a specific message in a group conversation. You can view the answers in the full conversation or in a thread that includes them all for a more specific view.


10. New Memoji styles and stickers

In addition to the new age options and face masks, you can choose from over 20 new hairstyles and accessories that reflect your hobby, profession, and personality.

11. Maps

Maps are the best way to navigate and explore the world while protecting your privacy. With Maps in iOS 14, it's easier than ever to discover new places to travel and eco-friendly ways to get there.


12. Indications for cycling

You can now use Maps to get directions for cycling using bike lanes, routes, and roads. You can also see level differences, crowded streets, stairs, and steep passages when planning your route.


13. Guides

Apple Maps editors have partnered with trusted brands and partners to provide guides to wonderful places around the world where you can eat, shop, and explore. You can save your guides, and they're automatically updated when new places are added. , so you always have the latest recommendations.


14. Translation

Conversations in different languages ​​should be conducted naturally and easily. In addition, they must remain confidential. Introducing the all-new Translation app, designed for conversations in 11 different languages.


15. Conversation Mode

With Translation, conversations are meant to be easy. Turn the phone to landscape mode and tap the single microphone button to say something.

16. Translation app

Do you want to use the Translation app even when you don't have internet access? Use all the features of the application for the downloaded languages ​​and keep the translations private, without having to deactivate the internet connection of the phone.


17. Favorite

Save the translations in the Favorites tab for easy access later. You can also view recent history and save sentences you've just translated.


18. Attention Mode

Enlarge the translated text in landscape view to make it easier to read and more effective when you want to get someone's attention.


19. Home App

The Home app helps you manage your home smarter and, most importantly, more safely. And now it's easier than ever to take advantage of the wide selection of HomeKit accessories.


20. Automation suggestions

When you add a new HomeKit accessory, the Home app suggests useful automation so you can get it up and running right away.

21. House Status

A new visual status in the Home app prioritizes the accessories that need your attention the most and allows you to easily control them.


22. Adaptive lighting

Set your lights to change their color temperature during the day.


23. Safari

Surfing the internet must be fast, powerful, and private. So with iOS 14, Safari is more responsive and capable than ever, while also offering you new ways to protect your privacy.


24. BetaTranslation

Safari can now translate websites into seven different languages. When you enter a website that Safari can translate, an icon appears. Touch and read.


25.Back Tap

Back Tap (under the Touch menu), and it lets you double or triple tap the back of your iPhone to perform certain actions faster. 

A logical thing you could do is set your iPhone to take a screenshot when you double or triple-tap the phone. Firing up Siri is also a solid option, as is opening the Control or Notification Center if you prefer tapping to sliding your finger across the screen. Frankly, nearly all of them are great. 


26. Confidentiality report

You can now tap the Privacy Report button to better understand how websites treat privacy. Password monitoring.

Safari warns you if the password has been used.


27. AirPods

AirPods offer a magical audio experience. With iOS 14, this magic has some new tricks, whether you're listening to music, a podcast, or watching a movie.


28. Spatial audio

Take the surround sound anywhere with you.


29. Battery notifications

New battery notifications conveniently let you know when to charge your AirPods.


30. Automatic switching

Switch seamlessly from one device to another without manually switching AirPods. If you end a phone call on your iPhone and pick up your iPad to watch a movie, the AirPods headphones will be switched automatically.

31. Headphone sound adjustment

Adjust the sound of the AirPods headphones according to your hearing differences. Headphone adjustment amplifies faint sounds and can adapt them to individual hearing, so that music, phone calls, and more have a clearer sound.


32. Audio sharing for Apple TV

Connect two sets of AirPods to your Apple TV 4K, so you can enjoy movies and shows with someone without disturbing others.


33. App Clips

Apps in the App Store have changed the way we do almost everything. Now there is an even faster way to take advantage of them with App Clips. A small part of an app - a so-called App Clip - can be discovered when you need it and focus on a specific task.


34. Discover App Clips

App Clips are easy to discover and use exactly when you need them. Such as renting a bicycle, paying for parking, ordering food, and much more.


35. Resume Animation Discover App Clips

Fast loading.

Small size. It charges in seconds. It launches quickly.

36. Simple and confidential

Quickly log in to apps that use Apple Connect, then securely and instantly transact with apps that use Apple Pay.


37. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is a fundamental human right and is at the heart of everything we do. That's why, with iOS 14, we give you more control over the data you share and more transparency over how it's used.


38. Privacy information in the App Store

You can now get information in the App Store to help you understand the privacy practices of each app before downloading it.


39. Registration indicator

An indicator appears at the top of the screen each time an application uses your microphone or camera. And in the Control Center, you can see if an application has used them recently.


40. Upgrade to Connect with Apple

Easily switch to Connect with Apple when you sign in to participating apps. You will keep the account you are already using, but you have a password to keep in mind.

41. Approximate location

Share only your approximate location and not your exact location - a perfect solution for apps like local news or weather.


42.Apple Arcade

Discover and play your next game with new navigation features in Apple Arcade. Now you can see which games are popular with your friends in Game Center. And you can easily take your games to iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV with the Continue the game function.


43. Camera

 Take pictures in record time, with faster speed on the first picture and optimized performance between shots. And now you can set a certain exposure value with the new exposure compensation control, while blocking the camera's focus for a certain picture. 


44.Game Center

Game Center has a new, gorgeous design that helps you discover new games and play with friends. Quickly access your Game Center trophies, leaderboards and profile directly from the App Store and Game Center-enabled games.


45. Health

A completely new sleep experience from the Health app, helps you reach your sleep goals. The new hearing functions help you understand how much you listen to media on your headphones and how they can affect your hearing over time. You can manage your health and safety in one place with the Health Checklist.

46. ​​Notes

The artificial intelligence on your device helps you do everything better - from finding notes faster to scanning documents more clearly. And the design updates in the app help you focus your attention on the content and the most important actions.



Organize your photos and videos with new filtering and sorting options, and easily navigate using zoom in and out in multiple views in Photos.



Quick input and smart suggestions can help you record new reminders effortlessly. Members of a shared list can now assign reminders to each other, so sharing tasks is easier than ever.



The most popular audio recording application in the world receives new tools for organizing recordings. And the new recording enhancement feature optimizes sound quality with a simple touch.



Be aware of severe weather events and find out about future weather changes so you know if it will be significantly warmer, colder, or wetter the next day. In the US, you can see a graph showing a minute-by-minute forecast of precipitation intensity in the next hour.


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Do not crowd, there will be enough interesting things for everyone! Who ordered a cat that has two "Eyes of Sauron" at once? What about a white moth with a chicken on its back? And this is just the tip of the iceberg, because we have prepared for you a lot of interesting photos with stories that will tell you about something that you have not seen yet. Some people are constantly striving to learn something new, while others are keen to share their experiences. Fortunately, there is a thread on Reddit that caters to the needs of both. We hope you are also from inquisitive minds who are eager to learn something new and interesting.

Make a coffee, sit back, we're getting started!


This piece of foam floated in the ocean for so long it looked like a stone.


"This tree that I met in Tokyo has grown over a fence and it looks like it put its elbows on it to lean back and relax."


"A friend of mine found a green stem growing out of a shell. It was a grain of popcorn."


"I just finished this puzzle that has no picture."


"It rained at night and washed away all my child's chalk drawings, except for the one under the sheet."


"The disappearing stain on my thumb looks like the development of a deadly virus."


Beets with a flawless heart shape


"The alarm clock at this hotel has three displays so you can see the time while lying on any bed in the room."


"I just landed in Berlin and the plane lights are colored."


Traffic light showing how long you have to wait


"Alien DJ on my coffee cup"


"Green bread with the addition of pandanus leaves is sold in Malaysia"


Perfectly trimmed tree in Seville, Spain


"Found a set of round playing cards"


"My grandparents measure time on the dial with one week instead of 24 hours."


Clear hot sauce


"My friend looks like a giant"


A cat with two "Eyes of Sauron"


A boat that has a part for underwater views


Single egg tray


"Bumped into a Danish door leading to a field"


Someone crocheted a cover for this tree

Butterfly with transparent wings


This is a building that looks like a huge open cardboard box.


Fleet of delivery robots at work


The leaves of this tree grow in such a way that it feels like it was blurred in Photoshop.


White moth with a picture of a chicken on the back


"The color of my red pen is exactly the same shade as the margins in the notebook."


Babies sleep on the street in the courtyard of a hospital to strengthen the immune system, Moscow, USSR, 1958

Raindrops only cling to the colored areas of this poster.


National Geographic's door handles are shaped like the brand's logo


"My oatmeal became smooth and egg-shaped after I ran to work."


There is a miniature copy of it near this temple so that blind people can get acquainted with its architecture.


Tiny starfish


Pizza box opening from the center


Smoke from the fire painted the cobweb black


"Gradient colors on eggs that I collected from my chickens"



The photographs on the walls of this pub curve along with the walls


These chairs have a recess so you can hang your bag


"My coffee with milk came out the same color as my mug."


"This cactus has been growing from the metal roof of my friends for 4 years now."


Tiny seashell in sea salt


It says "Closed"


Funny patterns on ventilation grilles in new Swedish trains


A bench and a table made of rails. Vandalism level: 100


Toilet paper that helps you learn English


Stone before and after polishing


This is what bags of potato chips look like in a store located at an altitude of 2250 meters.


Here's what $ 1 million looks like in 10 dollar bills.


Plain 2D graffiti, but it looks like it's three-dimensional


From the inside, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is hollow


Wolves can be very large


At a time when there were still no clocks, people used candles with marks, each of which marked 1 hour. If it was necessary to set an alarm, then people simply stuck nails into the candle and put it on a metal surface.


Another alternative to the alarm clock was special people who were paid to spit frozen peas at windows to wake people up for work.


How much Shanghai (China) has changed in just 20 years


Jupiter and Saturn's Northern Lights compared to Earth


These two photos are exactly the same - they were taken from the same angle, they have the same crop and contain the same pixels, but the second one looks different


There is a truck on the left in this photo.


Inside the fire alarm is the usual small toggle switch.

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What is Reddit? It's a site that calls itself the "first page of the Internet." The most popular things on the web get here with the help of users. The process is simple.

Reddit is thus a kind of social aggregator of news and content, which is based on the popular vote. The community is known to be very pretentious and tough, but the entrance is harder, because Reddit catches on quickly, through the addiction it creates.

What can be uploaded to Reddit? Almost anything. At the end of this material we have put some links to subreddits, ie subcategories of the site, based on common interests. But these are a tiny part. Anyone can open a Subreddit and moderate it. The important thing is for users to come to it, just like you would a news sub-bred.

Thus, Bemorepanda collected the top 30 news on reddit.

1.China Uses Rape as Torture Tactic Against Uighur Detainees, Victims Say

Upvotes: 61.8k

Турсунай Зиявудун

According to testimonies obtained by the BBC, women inmates in China's "re-education camps" for Muslim Uyghurs have been systematically raped and tortured.


The US government said it was deeply alarmed by BBC material detailing allegations of systematic rape of Uyghur women in Chinese camps.


"These atrocities are shocking and should have serious consequences," a government spokesman said.


British Government Minister Nigel Adams also on Thursday condemned in parliament the practice described in the material in the camps, calling it a clear evil.


It is estimated that over a million Uyghurs and other minorities are being held in camps in China.


The Chinese Foreign Ministry called the material, based on the testimony of several former prisoners and one guard, a fake.


Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that there is no systemic violence against women in China and that China runs all of its institutions in accordance with human rights guidelines.


"China is a country ruled by law, our constitution guarantees and protects human rights, this is embodied in our legal system, according to which governments operate," he said.


2.Police killed baby when shooting at father's truck, Canada watchdog finds

Upvotes: 18,2k

Тамир Райс

Police in the American city of Cleveland shot a 12-year-old boy who was holding a pneumatic pistol that was outwardly indistinguishable from a combat one.


Police said the teenager Tamir Rice was shot after failing to comply with a request to raise his hands in the air.


The police were called by a passerby who said that the teenager scares people by brandishing a pistol. The caller added that he did not know if it was a real pistol.


The police fired two shots. The boy died in hospital shortly after the incident.


Cleveland Deputy Chief of Police Ed Tomba said Tamir Rice did not shout any threats or point a pistol at the police.


According to law enforcement officers, the boy had an air pistol that lacked an orange safety indicator that would distinguish him from the real one.


The head of the Cleveland Police Association, Jeff Vollmer, said the police did not know the gun might not be real.


At the moment, the incident is being investigated. Both police officers are sent on administrative leave - this is standard practice in such cases.


3.Russian opposition activist Vladimir Kara-Murza's 2015 and 2017 poisonings linked to the same FSB Unit that poisoned Navalny.

Upvotes: 6.6k

Владимир Кара-Мурза младший

Bellingcat's team of investigators found that FSB officers who followed Alexei Navalny on the day of his poisoning also systematically monitored the movements of opposition leader Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr. both before his first and second hospitalizations.


The opposition politician was allegedly poisoned twice. In 2015, Kara-Murza suddenly became ill while meeting with colleagues. The doctors diagnosed him with acute renal failure due to intoxication. For a long time, the politician was in a state of artificial coma, was connected to artificial life support devices.


"Unidentified substance" and "aggressive inaction": poisoning of oppositionists in Russia

Kara-Murza is sure that he was poisoned. An examination carried out in France established a significant excess of the norm for the content of heavy metals in the politician's body, but the Russian forensic medical examination was unable to confirm the poisoning.


Two years later, in February 2017, Kara-Murza was hospitalized in critical condition in a Moscow hospital with the same symptoms as the first time. Kara-Murza survived. As he later said, doctors claimed that his chances of survival were about 5%.


After the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, Kara-Murza said in an interview that the symptoms described by Navalny "coincide one to one with those symptoms" that he himself had with both poisonings.


4.Global salmon farming harming marine life and costing billions in damage |

Upvotes: 4,4k

Farm-raised Atlantic salmon are brought aboard a harvesting boat near Eastport, Maine.

The global salmon farming industry estimates that salmon farming destroys marine ecosystems through pollution, parasites and high fish mortality, causing billions of pounds a year.


Collectively, these costs totaled about $ 50 billion between 2013 and 2019, according to a report released Thursday.


Fish mortality has more than quadrupled, from 3% in 2002 to about 13.5% in 2019, only on Scottish salmon farms. About one-fifth of these deaths are reported as a result of sea lice infestation, but about two-thirds are not taken into account, so the actual mortality of sea lice feeding on the skin and mucus of salmon, in fact consuming live fish, it can be much superior. ...


Scotland is one of the largest producers of farmed salmon in the world and generates around £ 2 billion a year for the Scottish economy. But from an environmental perspective alone, it is estimated that Just Economics spent £ 1.4 billion between 2013 and 2019, which conducted research on a report called Dead Loss for the Changing Markets Foundation.


The large amount of wild fish used on salmon farms is also a growing concern. About a fifth of the world's annual catches of wild fish, about 18 million tonnes of wild fish per year, are used to produce fishmeal and fish oil, of which about 70% goes fishing. This poses problems for fishermen in developing countries, who see their stocks dwindle to feed Western consumption of farmed fish, according to the report.


5.Second Victim Dies Of Ebola In Congo, Marking Virus's Return

Upvotes: 3,3k

The second person to contract the Ebola virus died this week in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This was another outbreak just three months after the country experienced the second worst outbreak of the virus in history.


The youngest victim came from North Kivu province, the World Health Organization and the Ministry of the Democratic Republic of the Congo said on Thursday.


The death came a week after the death of a 42-year-old woman from Ebola. As the wife of an Ebola survivor, she was admitted to intensive care on February 4 and died the same day. She was buried on February 5, but not according to good burial practice to prevent the spread of Ebola. In previous outbreaks, body manipulation has been minimized and carried out by trained teams.


The lab confirmed that she tested positive for Ebola the day after her funeral.


6.Shell says its oil production has peaked and will fall every year

Upvotes: 2,4k

Картинки по запросу "shell"

Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) has announced that oil production and carbon emissions have peaked as there are detailed plans for phasing out fossil fuels. Climate activists have said this is not enough.


The Anglo-Dutch company said in a statement on Thursday that it expects its oil production to fall by 1-2% annually, after a peak in 2019. Total carbon emissions are likely to increase in 2018, he said.

In September, Shell announced plans to become a zero-emission business (including its own and marketed products) by 2050 and switch to clean energy with European competitors BP (BP) and Total (TOT).


Oil giants have canceled billions of dollars in assets based on forecasts that global oil demand will never return to pre-pandemic levels due to changes in lifestyle and movement of people, as well as growing fears about the climate crisis .

Shell is now determining how he will achieve his goals. It wants to sell more clean energy by investing in carbon capture and reforestation projects to offset emissions. In addition, the business for the production and sale of biofuels will be expanded.


7.Iranian nuke scientist killed by Israeli 1-ton automated gun

Upvotes: 2.0k

The scene where Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed in Absard, a small city just east of the capital, Tehran, Iran, November 27, 2020 (Fars News Agency via AP); inset: Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in an undated photo (Courtesy)

Leading Iranian scholar Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed in November by a Mossad group using one-ton automatic weapons that were smuggled into Iran in parts, according to a report published in the Jewish Chronicle in London on Wednesday.


The report says the US was not involved in an operation that could have led to the cancellation of Iran's nuclear program for years.


The veracity of the message cannot be independently verified.


Apparently based at least in part on unnamed Israeli sources, the report came in time to send a signal to both Iran, which is openly violating the 2015 P5 + 1 nuclear deal, and the new US administration, which intends to renegotiate the agreement, stressing, that Israel's decision to take any action is necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.


Fakhrizadeh was killed on a road outside Tehran on November 27. Iran accused Israel of striking.


8.Senate votes to expand Canadians' access to assisted death; amendment allows people who fear losing mental capacity to make advance request

Upvotes: 1,8k

On Wednesday, senators voted to expand Canada's dying regime so that people who fear mental loss can seek medical attention in advance to commit suicide.


The amendment to Bill C-7 was approved by 47 votes to 28, with eight abstentions.


Senator Pamela Wallin, a member of the Canadian senatorial group that proposed the amendment, said the law now captures Canadians in a "twisted diagnostic lottery." She noted that someone diagnosed with terminal cancer may receive help in the form of death, but someone with Alzheimer's or other conditions that affect cognitive function may have already lost the mental capacity to consent at the time of diagnosis.


“As someone with a history of dementia in my family, I am looking for peace of mind that will give prior request and consent,” Wallin told the Senate.


“I am certainly not alone in this belief. Most Canadians have come to the same conclusion. "


Giving people the opportunity to submit written requests in advance indicating when they would like death assistance “would give those who fear losing their conscious abilities the confidence that they can access MAID (Assisted Death). where consent may not be possible, ”Wallin said.


9.EU Starts Work on Russia Sanctions Over Navalny Imprisonment

Upvotes: 1,7k

Картинки по запросу "navalny"

The European Union is working on a proposal to impose sanctions on Russia over the imprisonment of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who was subjected to a near-fatal attack on a nerve agent that he and Western governments blamed Russian intelligence for.


EU ambassadors discussed punitive measures at a meeting on Wednesday, according to two diplomats familiar with the discussion. No Member State objected to the proposal, said one person, who asked not to be identified because the negotiations were private.


European Commission spokesman Peter Stano declined to comment on the talks, but added that "work is underway" on possible actions. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Tuesday that the EU's next steps could include sanctions and "presenting concrete proposals."


The sanctions deal came after Borrell was heavily criticized for a humiliating trip to Moscow last week, when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov used a joint press conference to condemn the bloc, criticizing the EU as a reliable partner. Russia simultaneously announced the expulsion of three diplomats from Poland, Germany and Sweden for "registered participation" in protests against Navalny's prison. EU countries reciprocated.


10.China bans BBC for 'content violation'

Upvotes: 1,9k

Beijing's media regulator say it's banning BBC World News. File image: Shutterstock

The Beijing regulator said early Friday that it had banned the BBC World Service from China for what state media called “grave content violations,” and RTHK also decided to stop the broadcaster's live coverage.


The ban by mainland officials comes amid a controversy over British broadcaster reporting on the treatment of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang and following a decision by the British broadcasting regulator to revoke Beijing-backed CGTN license.


The official Xinhua News Agency quoted the National Radio and Television Administration as saying, “Since the channel does not meet the requirements for broadcasting in China as an overseas channel, BBC World News cannot continue to operate in China.


11.Saudi Activist who led the campaign to legalize Driving for Women is Released from Jail

Upvotes: 1,0k

According to her family, Saudi Arabia has released the detained activist Lujain al-Khatlul, best known for spearheading a campaign to legalize driving for women in Saudi Arabia. She was held in custody for almost three years.


The 31-year-old activist was detained in May 2018 along with several other activists, just weeks before the Saudi Arabian government lifted the ban.


In December, a judge sentenced al-Khatlul to five years and eight months in prison under broad anti-terrorism law. The charges against her include exchanging information with foreign diplomats and journalists and trying to change the Saudi system.


The judge suspended part of her sentence and gave time for another part, which led to her release on Wednesday. Al-Khatlul has already appealed her conviction under the anti-terrorism law.


12.A group of tourists have gone missing in an infamous Russian mountain pass where nine people died under mysterious circumstances more than 60 years ago.

Upvotes: 892

Картинки по запросу "missing\"

A group of tourists disappeared during the infamous roller coaster ride in which nine people died mysteriously over 60 years ago.


Eight Moscow tourists who ventured to the Dyatlov Pass in the Urals region did not return until Wednesday morning, as expected, a local resident told E1.RU.


The source said: “They were supposed to leave at eight o'clock this morning. But they have not returned yet and there is no contact with them. "


According to the source, tourists came to visit the crossing to honor the memory of the nine people who died on it in February 1959.


13.Undercover footage at French pig farm shows 'abusive' conditions

Upvotes: 795

video footage released by French animal welfare group, L214, appears to show pig cannibalism, dead animals lying in pens, and pigs in overcrowded pens

French veterinary officials have been accused of publishing the results of a "hopeful" inspection after secret footage of a farm in December showed pigs in conditions that continued to break regulations following allegations of abuse.


The farm is a supplier of the Herta de Frankfurter brand, partly owned by Nestlé, which is sold in most major UK supermarkets.


In December 2020, French nongovernmental organization L214 released classified images that appear to show pig cannibalism and other serious problems at a farm supplying Herta-branded pigs. The brand is 60% owned by the Spanish food company Casa Tarradellas and 40% by Nestlé.


The allegations led Waitrose to suspend sales of Herta products and Nestlé to suspend shipments from the Herta farm pending an investigation. Separately, the Allier region government has launched its own investigation.


On December 16, Allier effectively dropped all charges of mistreatment from the pig farmer. His statement said: "Overall, the inspection concluded that the farm is in good condition and there are no major inconsistencies."


However, new secret images, which were allegedly captured in January 2021 and released today, appear to show pigs in conditions that still violate French rules, L214 reports. The violations cited by NGOs include: lack of hay, straw or other bedding, lack of obvious fresh water, pigs with tied tails, and inappropriate floors.


14.Australian state of Victoria to go into Stage 4 Lockdowns from Midnight after 12 community transmission cases of UK COVID-19 Strain detected.

Upvotes: 766

Картинки по запросу "Victorian premier Dan Andrews announces Covid lockdown – as it happened"

Health Secretary Martin Foley has said bluntly that the blockade is an attempt to avoid the “third wave,” a language that Victorian politicians usually try very hard to avoid, so I would say this is a sure indicator of how seriously they take it. flash.


“The important need to overcome this virus and make a short and abrupt transition is that we don't have a third wave. And the third wave will be a disaster, especially for our vulnerable Victorians. these people feel bad in hospitals. "


15.A leader of the Polish Women’s Strike, the movement that has led mass nationwide protests against a near total abortion ban in Poland, has been charged with criminal felonies. Marta Lempart was formally read the charges at the district prosecutor’s office in Warsaw

Upvotes: 488

The leader of the Polish Women's Strike, a movement that has led massive protests across the country against Poland's near-total abortion ban, is accused of crimes.


Marta Lempart told The Associated Press on Thursday that the allegations were made public at the Warsaw District Prosecutor's Office on Wednesday.


The charges against Lempart include insulting a police officer and provoking an epidemiological threat to organize protests during the coronavirus pandemic. According to Polish law, a person can receive from six months to eight years in prison for creating an epidemiological threat.


Lempart was also accused of praising church vandalism and "malicious obstruction" of religious services after positive comments in a radio interview that protesters sprayed paint on church facades and thwarted the masses during protests.


Lempart told The Associated Press that he sees the allegations as increasing political pressure on his movement.


Development is underway as the European Union has repeatedly expressed concern about the undermining of democratic rules in a member state. LGBT and independent media are also under intense pressure from the right-wing government.


16.Biden says call with Chinese leader Xi lasted two hours

Upvotes: 400

President Joe Biden said he spoke to Chinese President Xi Jinping for two hours on Wednesday night.


“They will, if we don't move, they will eat our lunch,” Biden told reporters. It was their first phone call as leaders, and Biden said that a free and open Indo-Pacific region is a priority and that a standoff with Xi's warning would be a "disaster" for both countries.


17.Nepal has banned two Indian climbers and their team leader for six years from mountaineering in the country after an investigation found they had faked their 2016 climb up Mt Everest.

Upvotes: 483

Mount Everest, as seen from Namche Bazar, Solukhumbu district, Nepal 27 May 2019

Nepal has banned two Indian climbers and their team leader from climbing the country for six years after an investigation showed they provoked a climb to Mount Everest in 2016.


The ascent of Narendra Singh Yadav and Sima Rani Goswami was certified by the tourism department at that time.


A lawsuit was brought against them when they did not provide any evidence after Yadav was nominated for the award.


Mr Yadav and Ms Goswami have yet to comment on Wednesday's statement.


Reaching the top of the mountain at 8,848.86 m (29,032 ft) is considered a brilliant thing for climbers around the world.


18.These satellite images capture the enormity of India's devastating glacier collapse

Upvotes: 641

Картинки по запросу "indian himalaya"

Rescuers continue to hunt for survivors after severe floods in the Indian Himalayas, scientists were busy collecting pieces of data to figure out what happened.


Research is ongoing, but early reports suggest it was the result of what is known as a glacial lake eruption flood, and appears to have been premature.


The natural disaster that has dropped rocks, ice and water into river systems in northern Uttarakhand has already killed more than 20 people, and local reports suggest that at least 100 people are still not expected.


19.From Myanmar to Ethiopia, internet shutdowns become favoured tool of regimes

Upvotes: 368

When Myanmar's army generals staged a coup last week, they briefly turned off internet access in an apparent attempt to thwart the protests. In Uganda, residents have been unable to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media for several weeks after the recent elections. And in the northern region of Ethiopia, Tigray, the Internet has been on the decline in a matter of months due to wider conflict.


Globally, shutting down the Internet is becoming an increasingly popular tactic of repressive and authoritarian regimes and illiberal democracies. Digital rights groups say governments use it to suppress dissent, silence opposition voices, or cover up human rights abuses, raising fears of restrictions on free speech.


Regimes often cut access to the network in response to protests or civil unrest, especially in relation to elections, as they try to maintain power by restricting the flow of information, researchers say. It is the digital equivalent of the control over local television and radio stations that was part of the pre-Internet despots' manual.


“Over the years, the shutdown of the Internet has not been reported or reported incorrectly,” said Alp Toker, founder of Internet monitoring organization Netblocks. The world "begins to understand what is happening" by documenting such efforts.


20.B.C. man ordered to pay $7 million for brutal beating of teenager

Upvotes: 378

The Kamloops man was forced to pay nearly $ 7 million to cover health care costs and missed the opportunity of a teenager he nearly beat to death with a baseball bat because he broke into his yard.


Jesse Simpson was 18 and weighed about 135 pounds when she got lost in Christopher Teichreib's yard on June 19, 2016 after celebrating her high school graduation with a group of friends.


Teichrib, who was 39 years old and weighed 220 kilograms, was worried about a burglary next door.


According to B.C. According to the Supreme Court ruling, an elderly man punched and kicked Simpson and then beat him with a bat strong enough to inflict injuries, which an RCMP officer called "the worst he has ever seen," including when the victim was beaten to death. of death ".


21.Over 60% of S. Korean youth say unification with NK necessary: survey

Upvotes: 218

In the file photo taken on April 19, 2018, South Korean and US soldiers stand guard at the inter-Korean truce village of Panmunjom, north of Seoul, ahead of the historic inter-Korean summit talks at the village on April 27. (Yonhap)

The poll showed that more than six in 10 young people in South Korea find it necessary to unite with North Korea.


In a survey conducted by the Ministries of Education and Education of 68,750 elementary, middle and high school students across the country from November 2-30 last year, 62.4 percent said the two Koreas should be reunited.


This result is 6.9 percentage points higher than a similar survey conducted a year ago. Among the students who saw the need for unification, 28.4% cited a reduction in the threat of war, and 25.5% named common ethnic roots as the reason.


The proportion of those who considered merging unnecessary also rose to 24.2 percent, compared with 13.7 percent in 2018 and 19.4 percent in 2019. Potential economic and social problems that could sweat at the event were the most common reasons they cited for their opposition. 27.6 percent and 23 percent, respectively.


Of the total number of respondents, 13.4% stated that they had not decided on this issue.


54.7% of those surveyed said they consider North Korea a cooperative partner, up 10.9% annually. The share of those who considered the North a country to be wary of fell by 11.6 percentage points to 24.2 percent.


The share of those who rated the Seoul-Pyongyang relationship as “inconvenient” was 35.2%, an increase for the second year in a row.


The two Koreas are technically at war since the 1950-53 Korean War ended in a ceasefire rather than a peace treaty. Seoul and Pyongyang have made progress in cross-border trade since the North's participation in the 2018 Winter Olympics, which has subsequently led to historic high-level bilateral diplomacy.


But the peace did not last long as the summit of former US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Hanoi in February 2019 collapsed without a peace deal. (Yonhap)


22.Ozone layer recovery back on track after China slows CFC-11 production

Upvotes: 236

Planet Earth seen from space

In recent years, scientists have been alarmed by the unexplained sudden increase in the amount of ozone-depleting chemicals in the atmosphere. Higher levels of trichlorofluoromethane, also known as CFC-11, are found in air samples despite being officially banned worldwide since 2010.


Scientists were concerned that this growth is slowing efforts to provide a thin layer of protection from the Earth's atmosphere, which absorbs most of the Sun's ultraviolet radiation. Unfiltered exposure to sunlight can contribute to DNA damage and increase the long-term risk of skin cancer and other health problems.


23.New Zealand schoolkids helping save butterfly on the verge of extinction

Upvotes: 257

Burnside Primary School students have made a special habitat for rare boulder copper butterflies.

An initiative led by Christchurch elementary school students helped create a new home for a local butterfly, so rare that it has no scientific name.


Fifteen copper boulder butterflies, relatives of the Canterbury copper butterflies, were released Thursday into purpose-built habitat at Burnside Elementary School.


Science teacher Bianca Voyak said the project was born after science students in grades 3 and 4 became "obsessed with insects," in part due to an advertisement for an insect collection at Countdown supermarket.


Voyak managed to convince Animal Planet's Ruud Kleinpaste to talk to the students.


24.Millions of counterfeit N95 masks distributed to health care workers in the U.S.

Upvotes: 185


Thousands of fake 3M respirators have passed by American researchers in recent months, reaching the cheeks and beards of healthcare professionals and perplexed experts who say they are not much below reality.


N95 masks are prized for their ability to filter 95% of the smallest particles that coronavirus can carry. But the lies that have poured into the country have deceived health officials from coast to coast. According to the state hospital association, up to 1.9 million fake 3M masks have been shipped to about 40 hospitals in Washington state, prompting officials to alert employees and remove the masks from the shelf. Cleveland's elite clinic recently admitted that it has accidentally distributed 3M counterfeits to hospital staff since November. The Minnesota hospital did the same.


Nurses at the University of Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, NJ have been extremely suspicious since November that the deformed and odd-smelling 3M masks they were given were knockoffs, and their concerns were fueled by the number of batches of masks. matches the number of batches of masks the company has listed on the Internet as possible fakes.


25.Trudeau's criticism of Trump cited at U.S. impeachment trial | CBC News

Upvotes: 170

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's critical comments about Donald Trump following the January 6 attack on the Capitol were recorded in the process of overthrowing the former US president.


Democrats, urging the U.S. Senate to condemn Trump for inciting insurgency and prevent him from running for office again, said Thursday the attack on the Capitol damaged the reputation of American democracy around the world.


Rep. Joaquin Castro, a Texas MP who is one of the layoff managers acting against Trump, argued that the circumstances surrounding the January 6 uprising could have devastating consequences for democracy around the world.


He said the US is at risk of losing the ability to promote free government beyond its borders.


Castro cited comments from China, Russia, and Iran, ridiculing the United States and suggesting that you think about your own business from now on. He quoted one senior Russian parliamentarian as saying: "The celebration of democracy is over ... America is no longer on its course and therefore has lost all rights to establish it."


26.ISIS could regain capacity to orchestrate attacks in 2021: UN official - Times of India

Upvotes: 155

Deputy Secretary General, head of the Counter-Terrorism Directorate Vladimir Voronkov said this at a meeting of the UN Security Council.


Today, the UN Security Council, chaired by Tunisia, held a ministerial meeting on “Trends, Challenges and Opportunities” to mark the twentieth anniversary of resolution 1373 (2001), which, among other things, established the Counter-Terrorism Committee. This decision was made after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States - in New York, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania.


Since then, as Voronkov noted, the threat of terrorism has not disappeared. Despite the loss of many leaders, Al-Qaeda is not only still functioning - it has turned into a dangerous transnational model of regional formations that parasitize on conflicts and deprivation of the population. In addition, new terrorist groups have emerged, including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).


ISIS is actively using social media to recruit followers around the world, create overseas cells and "nurture" foreign fighters.

“ISIS fighters were defeated in Iraq and Syria, having lost control over [occupied] territories. However, this grouping continues to pose a threat to the region, carries out attacks and tries to return to operations outside the region, "Voronkov stressed.


Today, he said, the priority is to bring to justice those responsible for crimes committed by ISIS, as well as to ensure the repatriation of thousands of foreign nationals with ties to ISIS, mostly women and children who are huddled in overcrowded camps, mostly in Syria.


“We must remain extremely vigilant, constantly remembering that for many states the terrorist threat remains very real,” the Deputy Secretary General warned.

According to him, today terrorists parasitize on the difficulties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, and also use "manifestations of polarization and hate speech that have become more frequent during the pandemic."


27.Employees of Iron Ore mine in Canada's artic, stranded by indigenous protests write letter in support asking for expansion to be called off. Company theatens to fire workers who support indigenous protesters.

Upvotes: 174

The CBC received an open letter, written by a "sizable minority" of the Mary River mine currently stranded in Nunavut to protest, saying they recognize the Inuit as "the guardians of the country."


About 700 employees in the southern provinces have been stuck in the Nunavut mine after a group of protesters staged a blockade last week, blocking roads and runways. Protesters are protesting against my proposed expansion of the Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation and fearing the consequences for the water and surrounding areas.


CBC verified the authenticity of the letter and recognized the anonymity of the miners. The letter was edited in style:


This is an open letter to the Baffinland Mary River protesters from a group of miners.


Our managers have warned us that a public statement about this may lead to its termination, so this letter must remain anonymous.


We are writing to express our full support for the efforts, means and purposes of your protest. We do not pretend to represent the views of the majority of Baffinland workers, but we represent a significant minority.


We recognize the Inuit as the legal custodians of this land and the people who must make decisions about how to use it.


Your protest has sparked a lot of talk among the workers here. Many of us are disappointed that our return flights have been delayed, but some also consider this a small thing compared to the hundreds of years of colonization and cultural destruction that Aboriginal people have experienced - and continue to experience - at the hands of Canadians. government and private sector.


This country saw the consequences of law and greed that led to the destruction of land for profit, and we are glad that you are fighting for the autonomy of your land.


You said that you are not dissatisfied with the workers, but the directors of Baffinland, and we would like to say that we also support not the bosses in the company, but you.


Many times we have looked back at huge piles of iron ore surrounded by kilometers of rusty snow, colossal diesel tanks and clouds of exhaust gases hanging over the camp, and thought, "What the hell are we doing here?"


We strongly believe that the company should listen to your requests and give you what you want, even though that won't be enough. Given the horrific history of this country and how your voices were drowned out in the process, what could be enough?


Despite the order now requiring you to clear the runway, we hope you can achieve your goal of preventing the doubling of production and the construction of the railroad in the second phase of the Baffinland project.


Pond Inlet Protesters Say Mine Expansion Ignores Nunavut Agreement

This expansion will obviously affect wildlife and the surrounding ecosystem, which will be another step towards destroying the means to support you through hunting. We see the importance of protecting the lifestyles that you have been practicing for millennia.


A message to the public only after learning of this: Baffinland workers are safe and not endangered at any stage of this situation.


The protesters from the very beginning said they would release flights in case of an accident. We have enough food to last for a long time, and although we are disappointed with the cancellation of our flights, as I said earlier, this is nothing compared to how important it is to listen to the voices of these people as they fight to protect their land and culture.


28.Twenty Israelis suspected of selling advanced missiles to Asian country — the suspects, who include former Israeli defense officials, 'developed, manufactured and tested' the weapons before clandestinely selling them

Upvotes: 140

Pictures shared by Israeli law enforcement agencies show equipment for sale by Israelis to an Asian country.

More than 20 Israelis, including former employees of Israeli defense firms, have been prosecuted for illegally selling weapons to their American rival in Asia.


Most of the details of the investigation, including information about the country in which the investigation is ongoing, were not disclosed. Sources familiar with the investigation said the case was extremely delicate as it could affect Israel's foreign relations and lead to a superpower crisis.


According to a statement by Israeli police on Thursday, an investigation by Shin Bet security found the suspects "have developed, produced, tested and sold military missiles to an Asian country."


The suspects, Shin Bet said, received instructions from "elements" in the Asian country in exchange for substantial sums of money and other perks. Contacts were maintained in secret. Some Shabak officials said there were fears that information about the missiles could reach enemy countries because the country to which they were sold has ties with them.


29.Ukraine bans registration of Russian COVID-19 vaccines and COVID-19-related drugs, as a measure against Russian agression

Upvotes: 135

Картинки по запросу "ukraine bans covid rus"

Ukraine has officially banned registration of the coronavirus vaccines developed by Russia, according to a government decree released Wednesday.


Ukraine, one of the poorest countries in Europe, has lagged behind in launching a vaccination program against COVID-19, which has infected more than 1.25 million Ukrainians and killed 23,934 since February 10.


But the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly stated that the country will not use Russian vaccines such as Sputnik V, calling them "Russia's hybrid weapon against Ukraine."


Kiev and Moscow have been under control since the annexation of Crimea by Ukraine in 2014 and its involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.


"Registration of vaccines, ... the production of which was carried out in a state recognized by the Ukrainian parliament as an aggressor state, is prohibited," the decree says.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said last week that Kiev has received 20 million doses of the vaccine from the Indian Serum Institute and the global COVAX scheme, and that the government hopes to begin vaccinating its 41 million population in mid-February.


In December, he agreed to buy 1.9 million doses of Sinovac Biotech in China for $ 18 per picture through a Ukrainian reseller. Ukraine also expects to receive 1.2 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine from Poland.


Ukrainian investigators have launched an investigation into whether the government was buying the vaccines at high prices. Health Minister Maxim Stepanov said on Wednesday that the government is open and transparent about procurement.


30.100-year-old man charged with Holocaust atrocities

Upvotes: 249

The 100-year-old was charged with aiding and abetting murder in 3,518 cases at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

German prosecutors accused the 100-year-old former SS concentration camp guard of aiding the murder of 3,518 people.


According to the Neuruppin Prosecutor's Office in Brandenburg, the man is accused of witnessing the "knowingly and voluntarily" murder of prisoners in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Oranienburg, north of Berlin, from January 1942 to February 1945.

The man's name is not disclosed due to German privacy laws.


The charges include involvement in the execution of Soviet prisoners of war in 1942 and support and incitement to the killing of detainees using the poisonous gas Zyklon B, as well as other shootings and murders of prisoners by creating and maintaining hostile conditions in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.


Sachsenhausen was founded in 1936. It is estimated that of the roughly 200,000 inmates who passed through it, about 100,000 died there. During World War II, the number of prisoners in the camp ranged from 11,000 to 48,000.


Prosecutors believe the man could face trial despite his advanced age, Cyril Clement, Neuruppin's senior prosecutor, told CNN.


Clement told CNN that the Neuruppin District Court consulted with a forensic psychiatrist and found that the man could attend the trial, albeit only for a few hours a day, with interruptions.


Now the court is considering the possibility of continuing the trial. The defendant first has the opportunity to answer the indictment.


According to the Central Office for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes, German prosecutors are investigating several more cases related to the concentration camps in Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen, Mauthausen and Stutthof.


Just last week, the former secretary of the Stutthof concentration camp was charged with complicity in the murder of 10,000 people. Itzejo's prosecutors did not name the woman, but a statement said they charged her with “aiding and abetting murder in more than 10,000 cases,” as well as complicity in attempted murder.


Last year, the Hamburg District Court sentenced former concentration camp guard Bruno D. to two years probation. It turned out that he worked as an SS guard in Stutthof and, according to the court, helped and supported the murder of 5,232 people there.


Approximately 6 million Jews were killed in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Hundreds of thousands of Roma and people with physical disabilities or learning difficulties were also killed.

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It is very unpleasant to look at dirty things, but sometimes your hands simply do not reach the point of cutting off a gas stove, the handles of which have long been covered with an annual layer of grease, or still take and clean a copper pan, which is already painful to look at. But the people from our article still took the time and cleared everything that had to be cleared for a long time, and now things are simply unrecognizable!


Silver polishing was successful



"When I washed this tile, I did not even think that I would see such a color."



"I cleaned my grandmother's old watch and she was very happy about it."



"This church in Detroit, Michigan hasn't been cleaned since it was built 134 years ago. I always thought it was black."



"My flatmates thought that this sink could not be washed and it would stay like this forever. But somehow I got bored in quarantine and I proved them wrong."



"I am ashamed to admit that I did not realize how dirty this swing was until my wife asked me to wash it."



"I think a lot of people dislike silverware simply because they don't know (or don't want to) clean it! Here's my silver ring holder that I bought for just $ 2 and cleaned it."



"I have been struggling with a rather severe depression for about 6 years and finally found the motivation and energy to clean. It took me 2 weeks, but the job is done, and I hope that I will not bring my apartment to such a state anymore."



"Transforming a shower stall. Perhaps this is the most difficult thing that I have ever had to launder."



"Just look at how my backyard has changed!"



"I cleaned one of the plastic chairs with a pressure washer. My wife loved it!"



If you want, you can clean almost everything



And even the most hopeless looking things



Tarnished silver bell before and after polishing



"My wife wanted me to buy a new rug, but instead I bought a pressure washer."



"For the first time in 5 years, I cleaned my backyard."



And the lamb has become snow-white again!



This is what the painting looks like during restoration



"The washers realized they were wrong at home, but at least we got a free sample."



A delight for the eyes


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It seems that the year 2020 is a decisive one for many of us. The year 2020 came with a lot of changes, better and worse news, and taking into account everything, the pandemic and many other events, the year 2020 is a special one.

Likewise for many celebrities, 2020 was a life-changing year. Some artists I simply looked for to see what they were doing, and others amazed me with the events of their lives, encouraged us and even some of them disappointed us. Many celebrities this year have enlarged the family with another member, someone else lost a lot of weight, and someone else got into bad situations.

Bemorepanda found the 10 most searched musicians on Google this year. We will provide you with information about what changes they had in 2020, and in some cases you will refresh the information you already know about them.

1) Shakira


She recorded her first album before she graduated from school, and by the time she came of age she was known all over the world and was personally acquainted with the Pope.


Shakira was born in 1977 into a large family, her parents raised eight more children - all from her father's previous marriages. The family was wealthy enough. Father - Lebanese William Mebarak Shadid - owned a jewelry store, so he could provide the children with everything they needed. Mother - Colombian Nidia Ripol - took care of the house.


Shakira began to read and write early, by the age of four she was already ready to go to school and wrote the first poem La Rosa De Cristal, dedicated to her mother. Then the girl was sent to dance.


At the age of seven, she was already typing poetry on her own typewriter, which she chose as a Christmas present. On Fridays, children from her school traveled to the poorer parts of the city to help those who could not study. Then Shakira decided that if she earned enough money, she would do everything to fix the situation.


At school, she attracted attention to herself. The girl did not know how to sit around, she danced at every competition and meeting, participated in any event.


From the age of ten, Shakira constantly performed at concerts in her hometown. She signed her first contract already at 13. Then Ciro Vargas from Sony Colombia heard her and arranged an audition for the studio executives. The young singer impressed them, and the studio signed a contract with her.


The first of the albums was released in 1991, it was called Magia. Shakira wrote most of the tracks herself, sang in Spanish. They even shot a video for the title track. The girl performed in several cities in Colombia to draw attention to the collection, but sales were modest - just over a thousand copies. But the tracks got into rotation on the radio. Also imperceptibly, Peligro came out in 1993, it had 10 tracks. Shakira considered her first works immature, so she did not republish.


 The first English-language album of the performer was released in 2001, she called it Laundry Service, translated as "Laundry". The artist compares love and music with soap and water, together they help to purify and revive. The singer was going to write the tracks herself, so first she had to improve her English. She studied the texts of Bob Dylan, read poetry and studied with a tutor. The artist herself came up with the cover: it is a close-up, and on the shoulder is a Laundry Service tattoo. Two years later, work on the album ended and the hit Whenever, wherever played on radio stations around the world. The track peaked at number one on the charts in 19 countries and entered the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100.


During her career, the performer has released 11 albums and received more than 200 awards. At home, a five-meter monument made of Colombian iron was installed for her.


He depicts Shakira dancing with a guitar in her hands, but appeared not only because of the artist's musical talent. When the singer was only 18, she founded the Pies Descalzos Foundation, which helps children to get education. At his expense, seven schools were built in Colombia. The foundation not only allowed children to study, but also provided jobs for many adults. Pies Descalzos has a rule that parents can get a job at the school.



2) August Alsina


In 2020, American singer August Alsina stated that he had been the lover of Will Smith's 48-year-old wife Jada for several years.


According to August, the actor knew about the relationship of the 48-year-old lover and was not against the adventures of his wife. The performer spoke about this in an interview with radio host Angela Ye.


The singer said that he met Jada in 2015 through a friend and her son Jaden. He says they became very close and even vacationed with their family in Hawaii in 2016.


“I completely surrendered myself to this relationship for the years of my life, and I sincerely and truly, very deeply love and feel a great love for her. then ", - said August about the relationship with Jada.


Now they are not together, but the singer is glad that they had love.


"I loved the person very much, I felt it and I know how it is, and some people will never have this in their lives," the singer noted.


The guy said that he loved the Smith family, and his wife did not instruct Will, as outsiders think about it.


"Actually, Will and I sat down and talked about transforming their marriage into a life partnership ... he gave me his blessing," Alsina assured.


Despite the fact that Will Smith's wife refutes this novel, in 2017 the couple went to one of the ceremonies together.


Note that rumors about an open relationship between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have been circulating for a long time. Like, the spouses allow themselves a relationship on the side and at the same time they have had a happy marriage for 22 years.


3) Adele


Fans love the British singer Adele for her enchanting strong voice that penetrates to the core. And now, in addition, everyone began to admire her new fit figure. The girl has been “in the body” all her life, and it seems that this did not bother her at all. But a few months ago, she decided to change and began to lose weight. We will tell you what was the reason and how the artist was able to get rid of 40 kilograms.


Why did Adele decide to lose weight?


Glory came to the singer in 2008, and she almost immediately began to categorically defend her non-standard forms. “Even when the contracts were signed, everyone in the music business knew that if someone dared to say that I needed to lose weight, he would definitely not work with me. I am not a product, no one will turn me into it. My weight has nothing to do with my career, ”- boldly declared Adele.


However, last fall, she still abruptly changed her life, and recently exposed the result of a colossal work for everyone to see. The last photo on Instagram shows how much the singer's figure has changed. What made her change her views?


Talent is more important than waist size. Melissa McCarthy conquered the world of cinema without a model figure

Journalists made fun of the Hollywood actress, but she still achieved success. And now she has also lost weight.


Naturally, it has nothing to do with a career. To anyone, but Adele does not have to complain about the lack of demand, popularity and recognition. The singer did not have any complexes about extra pounds. Adele herself has not yet spoken publicly on the topic of losing weight, but the British press has already found out through sources that pushed the girl to such a step.


Now the most important thing in the singer's life is her seven-year-old son Angelo, and for him Adele changed her lifestyle. “Everyone sees only the transformation of the figure, but, in fact, everything is much more complicated there. Her health worsened, and she realized that something needed to be changed. She wants to stay healthy for her son. Adele focuses on improving her health, treating her body more correctly. It was not at all about losing weight, it was only an additional effect after she cut down on alcohol and began to eat right. But she is also pleased with the transformation of her figure. She has become more confident, began to dress differently and generally looks happier than before, "- quotes an anonymous source, The People.


It can be assumed that the new appearance helps Adele to cope with the experiences in her personal life: a year ago she broke up with her husband. They say that now the artist has already overcome this difficult stage and found harmony. As always, music also helps her in this: soon the singer should present new songs to the public.


How did Adele manage to lose 40 kilograms?


The first reports that Adele changed her nutrition plan and began to exercise hard appeared in the summer of 2019. She did it before, but the simulators made her bored. “Mostly I just grunt, training does not give me pleasure,” she said in 2016. But even then, the star was ready for a lot for the sake of her son: she reduced her sugar intake, quit smoking. “I loved smoking, but if I died of a disease caused by smoking, it would break my son's heart. Not cool at all. "



Around the same time, Adele got acquainted with the fashionable sirtfood diet, which we have already described in detail at the "Championship". It is a nutritional program that focuses on foods that activate the body's production of sirtuins. They regulate the aging process, speed up metabolism, burn fat and suppress appetite. You won't have to starve on such a diet, you can even drink red wine and eat dark chocolate, and it has a positive effect on the state of the nervous system.


Adele really lost some weight in previous years, because in 2008 she was a real plump! But, obviously, she got down to business seriously only in 2019, and now the total weight loss has already reached 40 kg.


4) Doja Cat


After meeting the artist of the music label Sony Music Doja Cat, whom you already know from the song "Say So", you will not have a chance - you will want to listen to all her songs, subscribe to Instagram and settle on her YouTube channel.


Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini was born into a family of artists. Father - South African actor, danced in Broadway musicals. Her Mother, an American with Jewish roots, was an artist and is now in visual design, and, according to Doja, "loves to sing behind closed doors." The girl credits her creative parents with influencing her current career: "I took from both of them a little bit of everything." For example, my mother instilled in the girl a taste for music such as: Erykah Badu, Fugees, Jamiroquai, Seal, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Alice Coltrane, John Coltrane.


At about 11 years old, she took up break dance, and danced in a gang in Los Angeles. She also went to surf camp when she grew up.


Doja dropped out of high school in 11th grade and took up music. She recorded tracks on GarageBand and uploaded them to SoundCloud.


Doja at the age of 16 decided that "Dodge" sounded like the name of a cute girl, and since she loves cats, she took "cat" as an addition.


Doja came across his most popular YouTube video (7,000,000 views) "Honeypie". She did not like the track at all, but the girl was hooked by the artist's pants and the way he moved in them. Wanting to see more, she went and checked his Instagram account before posting under the photo that she loved him. Johnny playfully gave her an answer and the guys never parted.


Rumor has it that Chris Brown is now courting the girl.


Doja Cat's musical career kicked off when she began releasing songs on SoundCloud in 2013. At the age of 16, Doge dropped her first single, "So High". And less than a year later, she signed a contract with RCA Records, which collaborates with Sony Music.


Doja believes that her style of creating a track is spontaneous: she uses a variety of methods to write songs. According to her, sometimes she writes a text from the end, starting with a punch, and then thinks out the beginning.


Doja was inspired by the thought of two strangers who never looked away from each other. But the girl is too scared to approach. Doge said that she locked herself in her room and went to work headlong to write a single:


The track is about when you came somewhere, saw someone, but he is with a girl and cannot approach you, although you both look at each other and feel attracted.


She added that she loves vintage e-type funk from the 70s and feels that it suits her very well. This is why Say So is so full of disco vibes.



5) Grimes


Claire Boucher, known as Grimes, is one of the top newsmakers of 2020. She gave birth to baby X Æ A-XII, appeared on the cover of the May issue of Vogue Italia and put up a piece of her soul for $ 10 million for sale, and the other day she also started an important discussion about positioning herself as an artist in the comments under her post with a candid photo. Here's how thoughtful self-presentation helped her achieve fame and recognition - in the world of music, art and fashion.


Boucher began dating Elon Musk and was burdened by the status of a billionaire girl, changed her name to C, where c is the speed of light in a vacuum, released one of her best albums and gave birth to baby X Æ A-Xii. What has not changed is the priorities voiced five years ago and the habit of juggling roles. Whether Grimes is Miss Anthropocene or Marie Antoinette at a rave, all of her looks show an unwillingness to be described by one pre-existing genre or style.


There were many contrasts in the life of Grimes from an early age. She grew up in Vancouver in an English-speaking family with Ukrainian roots and loved Russian, studied ballet professionally, studied at a Catholic school and came to classes, smoked marijuana, dreamed of a career as an astrophysicist, did not enter and eventually went to study philosophy and neurobiology. But in local Canadian newspapers she became famous not as a young luminary, but as the same girl who traveled with a friend during a vacation on the Mississippi River in a houseboat loaded with several dozen bags of potatoes and live chickens. The first musical experiences - under the name Grimes Claire Boucher began to create in 2007 - aroused much less interest than this story.


Her debut two albums - Geidi Primes and Halfaxa - she recorded in 2010 at her home. By that time, her image and style had not yet finally taken shape, but after the very first attempts, an understanding appeared that she wanted to make music, not science. In 2011, she dropped out of university and released Vanessa's first viral video.


Boucher, who at the beginning of her career stated that she did not have a single designer item in her wardrobe, in the video for the song Violence has already starred in the futuristic couture look Iris Van Herpen. She herself, as it was recently revealed, is also not averse to trying herself in the design of technological clothes - but only digital. However, it is unlikely that it will be very soon - a lot of time and effort is now being spent on taking care of the firstborn.


However, Grimes was obviously not destined to become a diligent housewife. On December 1, she posted a post-announcement about her collaboration with the creators of the video game Cyberpunk: 2077 - it will play the Grimes soundtrack and one of the heroines will speak in her voice. The ad was accompanied by a nude photograph of the singer.


6) Van Halen

Eddie van Halen, guitarist, composer, founder of the rock band Van Halen, died of cancer. He was 65 years old.


“I can't believe I have to write this, but my father Edward Lodewijk van Halen lost a long and difficult battle with cancer,” his son Wolfgang William van Halen tweeted. “Every moment with him on and off stage was a gift ".


Edward (Eddie) Lodewijk van Halen was born on January 26, 1955 in the city of Nijmegen (Netherlands). In 1962, when he was seven years old, the van Halens emigrated to the United States. In the early 70s, Eddie founded with his brother Alex the group Van Halen, which in the late 1970s and early 1980s was one of the most successful in rock music.


In 2007, Van Halen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Eddie van Halen was ranked eighth on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the greatest guitarists of all time.


Eddie Van Halen, along with his brother Alex, emigrated to the United States from the Netherlands during the heyday of rock and roll in the late 60s and soon left the piano for drums and electric guitar. They spent years playing in small clubs, beer bars and house parties, forming the band's current lineup along the way.


Van Halen was opened to the public in March 1977 and, as Eddie himself noted, was somewhat reminiscent of a scene from a movie. One day, Mo Austin, then president and chairman of Warner Brothers, and producer Ted Templeman saw them performing at the Starwood Club in Los Angeles. They also convinced the newly minted musicians to record an album.


Over the course of three weeks, the band, with Eddie and brother Alex on drums, Michael Anthony on bass and lead singer Dave Lee Roth, recorded 40 songs, including "Running with the Devil", the fiery guitar solo "Eruption", and a cover of "You Really Got Me »The Kinks, and embarked on a nine-month tour of the US and Europe.


Templeman insisted that Eddie pick up the guitar. In one session, the Van Halen brothers improvised on the theme of "Eruption" and the producer demanded that they record a solo.


7) Lizzo


At the last Grammy ceremony, only one person could compete with Billie Eilish. Meet 31-year-old Melissa Vivian Jefferson, known under the pseudonym Lizzo. She has about 140 kg, she loves to sing about healthy self-love and sex, reads fem-rap and just exudes (body) positive. In 2018, Forbes included the singer in the "30 under 30" rating. Her fan list includes billionaires, superstars and Forbes Woman.


In the US, everyone is crazy about Lizzo. Time magazine publishes her photo on the cover. "Lizzo, I fucking love you!" - Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler shouts from the stage at the Grammy ceremony. Support from other industry figures like Rihanna or Missy Elliot is not surprising, but even the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos posts a selfie with the singer and the caption “I just did a DNA test, and it turns out that I am a 100% fan of Lizzo!”, To paraphrase lines from the main hit of the rapper "Truth hurts" (I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that bitch).


10 years ago, the aspiring singer lived on the streets of Houston, sleeping in a car. It was with this fact that all the articles in the American press began, anticipating her victory at the Grammy. Between the lines it read: look, another "American dream" that has come true - thanks to painstaking work, even a dark-skinned lesbian in a body (almost like a one-legged heroine of a common joke) can collect stadiums. But in the case of Lizzo, the emphasis should not be on that at all, but on her amazing talents - after all, how many pop artists do you know who play flute freely? Moreover, those who have this very flute is an integral part of the stage show? Well, except for Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull.


The first group Melissa gathered at school. From school and hobby for the flute - an instrument actually imposed on music lessons, and the nickname Lizzo in honor of the famous Jay-Z song "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)". After school, the singer changed several bands and even managed to be the vocalist of the prog-rock band Ellypseas. Left after the death of her father without a livelihood, Lizzo did not give up her dream of a musical career and continued to make her way to fame, even if in the evenings she "often cried to somehow fall asleep."


Last year was a key one for the singer in connection with another event: on the day of the release of Lizzo's new album Cuz I Love You in April, the romantic comedy "Someone Great" was released on Netflix, where the same Truth Hurts sounded in one of the key scenes. The same night, the track began to actively "shazam" and download, by July the song reached the first place in the Billboard Top 100 chart. The rest is history: hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, the very three Grammys (one of them - for "Truth Hurts), a selfie with Bezos, and a $ 37,000 dress by Greek designer Mary Katranzu on the cover of Time.


How much Lizzo earns is not known for certain, but it is obvious that the turn of 2019-2020 was marked for her by a sharp increase in income. According to the singer herself, concert activity in 2018 brought her a million dollars. At the same time, ticket prices for the show skyrocketed throughout 2019 - for example, for the rise in the price of tickets for a concert in Dublin from £ 44 to £ 140, Lizzo was sharply criticized by fans. Some of the American media, after the singer won the Grammy, valued her brand at $ 10 million. Compared to 2019, this figure has quadrupled - both the success of Truth Hurts and subsequent singles, and the fact that Lizzo's music was sold to advertise the supermarket chain Walmart, and she herself became the brand ambassador of Absolut vodka.


8) Tamar Braxton


Toni Braxton was born on October 7, 1967 in Severn, Maryland, to Michael Conrad and Evelyn Jackson. Both parents were very religious: her mother, a retired opera singer, was a pastor in a local Methodist church, her father helped her in his free time on the power grid. Children - and after Tony they had five more - sang in the church choir from an early age.


In addition, in 1973, the family joined the Apostolic Pentecostal sect, where children were not allowed to make noise, and all girls and women had to hide their bodies from prying eyes. This sect was not the only one in Tony's childhood, but over the years, his parents changed their minds and returned to their usual way of life.


In the late 1980s, Tony and her four younger sisters - Tracey, Towanda, Trina and Tamar - formed The Braxtons. At the time, it was a good way to promote the most talented of children (examples are Michael and Janet Jackson). In 1989, after several concerts in the surrounding towns, they signed a contract with Arista Records. Pretty soon it became clear that Toni Braxton was better off performing solo.


The first album in the R&B genre was released in 1993 and was named after her (another tradition of that time) - Toni Braxton. The songs soared to the top of the charts, Tony received many awards, including three Grammy Awards.


The second Secrets album appeared in 1996, and the single Un-Break My Heart ("Don't break my heart") conquered the charts in different countries of the world. Tony received two more Grammys, she began to be recognized on the streets and recognized as the most successful black singer of the 90s.


Toni Braxton's career developed, she was preparing to record the third album ... and then it turned out that the famous singer was bankrupt! It was not her direct fault in this, just the contract was drawn up very cunningly. The proceedings led to a monstrous failure of Tony's reputation: she was even forced to return the Grammy and other awards.


She put up all her property for sale, but the conflict was soon settled.


Obviously, during this period, her talent needed a new application - and Tony was invited to Broadway.


For half a year, from August 1998 to February 1999, she played the main role in the musical Beauty and the Beast. This was the first (and so far the last) time a black singer played a Disney princess on Broadway.


By the way, in 2003 she once again returned to this stage to play in “Aida”.


In 1998, Toni Braxton met musician Keri Lewis, and they began an affair. Some time later, she had an abortion, which she later regretted. In 2001, the musicians got married, and on December 2, Tony gave birth to a son named Denim Kai.


Her third album after the bankruptcy scandal did not sell well, and the company was in a hurry to release a fourth. In the summer of 2002, Tony became pregnant again, this time everything went hard, she was forced to lie for several months. But the studio rushed her and did not postpone the release of the album More Than a Woman. It came out in November and was not successful either.


On March 31, 2003, Toni Braxton gave birth to her second son, who was named Diesel Kai.


Three years later, he was diagnosed with autism. The singer was very sorry that this had not happened before, but the boy was lucky: he managed to compensate for his development, and now he is studying in a regular school. Toni Braxton herself has since supported international autism organizations.


9) Quando Rondo


In 2020, Quando Rondo released the song "End Of Story". In it, the rapper comments on King Von's death and talks about his role in it.


“Sometimes it’s better not to answer that at all,” the track Rondo begins. “Today, it’s like all the fans have appointed themselves the police. You are gangsters only in words and in tears when your person is lying, but you have to be responsible for the bazaar. Hey, if it were the other way around , no one would say that he was wrong. "


"Damn, of course, we're shouting about self-defense, you shouldn't have attacked me," says Rondo about the start of the shootout, referring to the video of his fight with the rapper.


A week after King Von's death, an Atlanta club announced the cancellation of Quando Rondo's concert "for legal reasons." Rumors circulated online that a large number of tickets for the show were purchased by Lil Durk. On Instagram, Derk expressed his grief over the death of Von, after which he deleted the account.


"To be clear, I was not going to perform in Atlanta," Rondo responds to rumors in the track. "A million for my head, so they say. Just? Bitch, put all eight!"


Chicago-based rapper King Von was gunned down outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta on November 6 during a conflict with the Quando Rondo entourage, and two other people were killed and another was taken to hospital in critical condition. Charged with the murder is Timothy "Lul Timm" Leeks, close to Rondo.


An outdoor camera footage that appeared online showed that the scuffle allegedly began between Von and Rondo. In the video, Von with dreadlocks in a white T-shirt walks up to Rondo (in a black T-shirt) and hits several times. A fight ensues between them, they are separated, after which the crowd scatters to the sides.

10) Tory Lanez

In 2020, rapper Tory Lanez was indicted on multiple counts in connection with a high-profile shooting that severely injured hip-hop star Megan Thee Stallion. As the girl previously said, there was a quarrel between them - and the artist, being intoxicated, fired a shot in her direction when she tried to leave his car. Now the musician faces almost 23 years in prison.


According to TMZ, the musician is accused of assault with semi-automatic firearms, as well as carrying unregistered firearms. In addition, the district attorney insists that the rapper is guilty of causing grievous bodily harm. The accusations against Tory Lanez, notably, were filed just days after he released his new album "Daystar", in which he declares his innocence.


If Peterson is found guilty on these counts, he faces almost 23 years in prison.


A high-profile incident involving 28-year-old Tory Lanez, who previously had no such serious legal problems, and 25-year-old Megan Thee Stallion (they were credited with a romantic relationship) occurred in July this year. Then the musician was arrested in Los Angeles after a house party, where there was a quarrel that turned violent, and accused of illegal possession of weapons in the car.


Megan Thee Stallion was in the car with him at the time of the arrest - the police noticed injuries on the girl's leg. She later explained that the injury was the result of “a crime with the use of a firearm, which was committed with the intention of causing her physical harm,” but did not disclose the identity of the attacker. However, the artist later stated that it was Tory Lanez who fired the shot.


According to Megan, there was a quarrel between her and Peterson, she got out of the car, after which the rapper shot in her direction. The injury of the hip-hop star turned out to be really serious - she even had to lie on the operating table for the doctors to remove the bullets from the injured leg.


According to sources close to Peterson, a mitigating circumstance may appear in the case that will at least reduce the rapper's term: Megan Thee Stallion is expected to call the shooting "accidental" at the trial. The girl's apologies to the attacker could have influenced such a decision. According to insiders, shortly after the incident, he sent Meghan several messages stating that he was "truly sorry." In addition, the performer referred to severe intoxication and admitted that he felt terrible.


According to media reports, after Tory Lanez was publicly accused by Meghan, his auditions fell more than threefold. In addition, some industry colleagues allegedly refused to cooperate with him, who were deeply impressed by the incident.


In 2016, lawsuits were filed against Tory Lanez following a concert in Texas, where a violent fight took place between law enforcement officers and listeners. It was noted that it was the musician who shouted calls for riots that provoked the fight.

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