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Top memes for today: Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp are down globally, users are panicking

2 years ago

Users are massively complaining about problems accessing Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

 The feed is not refreshed, messages are not loaded. According to DownDetector data, the error is observed all over the world. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp crashed tonight. 

 Instagram users do not have an application (51%), a website (29%). WhatsApp users complain about non-sending messages, difficulties connecting to the server. Facebook is having problems with the website.

 Problems are reported by users around the world.

Bemorepanda decided to collect some memes, so to laugh together.

1.Everyone be like

2.The end is near

3.You’re down

4.Sad life

5.Instagram is down

6.Let me in

7.This is everybody

8.One day


10.The Boss

11.Log in on instagram 

12.What to do

13.My time now


15.Hello there

16.Whatsapp down


18.Why so sad

19.Calm down

20.Making memes

21.So dangerous 

22.A lifetime


24.Let’s cry

25.Behind the scene

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2 years ago
Who needs Facebook anyway?
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2 years ago
Well said

The Facebook Messenger application is unusable in Romania, but also in other areas of the world, after an interruption of the service faced by the giant of social networks.

Many users have resorted to rival Twitter platform to complain about the problem, which seems to be the inability to properly upload and view images and video files.

The hashtag #instagramdown has started to climb the list of trending topics on Twitter, and Facebook has announced that it is working to fix the error.

WhatsApp users reported that they could not send images and video files, and those who use Instagram complained that they could not access images from the stream.

Bemorepanda collected the memes that are everywhere on internet now.

1.Twitter is live

2.Instagram influencers

3.Whatsapp is down


5.Twitter right now

6.Good night

7.It’s down

8.Checking Instagram

9.Facebook goes down

10.Brace yourselves

11.Facebook is down

12.Great disturbance

13.Twitter newbies


15.Describe your lunch

16.What can I say?

17.New girl

18.The end in near

19.What you eat?

20.So dissapointed

21.Instagram goes down

22.Let me in

23.3 minutes

24.So sad

25.Logged out

26.Rushing to Twitter



29.Hard work


31.Instagram is down

32.Please explain

33.We were on a break

34.That was scary

35.The world stops

36.Sharing feelings


38.Absolute win


40.My mom

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On the night of November 12, there was a massive failure of YouTube. Many users around the world are having trouble downloading videos.


Many users on social media reported that they have problems watching YouTube videos. Subsequently, YouTube confirmed on Twitter that something was happening.


The problem seems to have affected other services that use the YouTub infrastructure - YouTube TV, movies and TV shows that users buy through Google TV, and the like.


The YouTube site loads fine, but the download wheel spins for a long time when trying to watch a video. Some videos start working after a few minutes, some don't.


Problems in the work of services of the American company Google are observed on Thursday in a number of countries. This was reported on the Downdetector portal page, which tracks the work of popular Internet resources.


In particular, the crash affected the Google search engine, YouTube TV streaming service, Youtube Music music service and Google Play app store.


About half of the users of the main Google site complained about problems with the search service, and another 50% are unable to log into their account. The majority of those who reported crashes on YouTube TV (94%) did not play videos, 3% could not access their page, 2% reported problems with the application.


In Youtube Music, 93% of users experience difficulty listening to audio recordings, 3% do not have a website, another 3% have an application. 65% of those who complained on Google Play cannot download applications, 24% report a lack of connection, 10% cannot sign in to their account.


Complaints about problems come primarily from users in the United States, Australia, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, India and other countries.


The management of the video hosting YouTube said that it was aware of the failure. "If you are having difficulty watching YouTube videos at the moment, then you are not alone, our team is aware of the problem and is working on a solution," - said in a message posted on Twitter.


Bemorepanda collected a top of 30 memes about Youtube being down.


1.Youtube being down


2.Remember Youtube


3.Hold my beer


4.Have a nice day


5. The power goes out


6.We all got confused


7.Bye Youtube


8.Memes about it


9.What to do


10.I don't feel to good




12.About Youtube


13.Youtube's down


14.Acutally Youtube


15.Millions of people waiting


16.Youtube being down


17.Am I finally free?


18.An error occured


19.I need a new hobby


20.RIP Youtube


21.Watch people complain


22.Offensive content




24.Out of hand


25.Youtube fail


26.So bad


27.Come back


28.Guess I'll die


29.Watch Youtube


30.Hey wake up


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Facebook has changed its name to Meta. The role of rebranding is to show the orientation of the social platform towards a virtual environment that can be accessed with the help of devices by users. The new name will become official on December 1.

Mark Zuckerberg's announcement was accompanied by a presentation designed to explain as much as possible what the metaverse is, the concept behind the new name of the Facebook company. It is an online virtual world where people can play, work and communicate using VR headsets.

If the metaverse is the future, one thing is certain about the present: the application and the Facebook site will not change their name at the moment.

The announcement of the company name change comes at a time when Facebook is in the midst of an unprecedented scandal after a former employee made revelations inside the company, proven by documents proving that the platform's managers were aware that Facebook caused polarization in many countries and that it facilitated misinformation.


2.Gonna be like

3.Damn Mark



6.All of your data


8.Just no


10.New name


12.New logo




16.We go high

17.Evil Mark







24.Trump again

25.Black mirror

26.Hey Folk



29.The Zuck

30.The new four


32.OHH yes


34.Is this facebook?

35.Black mirror




39.Meta be like

40.New Meta

41.Do nothing




45.Is this you?


47.What is Meta?


49.Making me uncomfortable



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Facebook Polls have become a popular and effective tool for engaging audiences and gathering valuable insights. Whether you are a business looking to understand your customers' preferences or an individual seeking opinion on various topics, Facebook Polls offer a convenient and interactive way to collect feedback. In this article, we will explore the process of setting up and conducting polls on Facebook, discuss best practices for designing practical poll questions, and delve into the benefits and limitations of utilizing this feature. Additionally, we will provide insights on promoting and analysing poll results and showcase successful case studies to inspire your own Facebook Poll campaigns. Get ready to unlock the power of Facebook Polls and enhance your engagement with your target audience.

Introduction to Facebook Polls

Understanding the Purpose of Facebook Polls

Let's face it: we've all had those burning questions that keep us up at night. Like, "Who would win in a fight, dinosaurs or unicorns?" or "Is pineapple an acceptable pizza topping?" Lucky for us, Facebook has come to our rescue with its nifty Poll feature. Facebook Polls are a fun and interactive way to engage with friends, family, and followers by asking them to vote on a specific question or topic. It's like conducting a mini survey with a dash of social media flair.

Exploring the Popularity of Polls on Social Media

Polls have taken the social media world by storm, and it's not hard to see why. They provide a quick and easy way for people to express their opinions and engage in conversations. They're a refreshing break from the endless scroll of cat videos and political rants. Whether it's to settle a friendly debate, gather feedback, or add a bit of entertainment to your newsfeed, Facebook Polls have become a go-to feature for users craving interaction and a good dose of collective decision-making.

For more information about facebook likes Click here.

Setting up a Poll on Facebook

Accessing the Poll Feature on Facebook

So, you've got a burning question that you're dying to get an answer to. Luckily, setting up a poll on Facebook is a walk in the park. Go to your Facebook homepage and locate the "Create a Post" box. That empty white box is just begging for your brilliant question.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Facebook Poll

Here's the lowdown on how to create your very own Facebook Poll:

1. Click on the "..." icon in the bottom right corner of the "Create a Post" box.

2. A dropdown menu will appear. Select the "Poll" option.

3. Type your question in the "Ask a question" field.

4. Now, it's time to add some options for your friends to vote on. Click on the "Option 1" and "Option 2" fields and type in the choices.

5. If you want to add more than two options, click the "Add option" button.

6. You can also set the duration of your poll by clicking on the "Duration" dropdown menu. Choose between 1 day, three days, seven days, or custom.

7. Once satisfied with your questions and options, click the "Post" button to unleash your poll onto the Facebook universe.

Designing Effective Poll Questions

Tips for Crafting Clear and Concise Poll Questions

When it comes to poll questions, brevity is the name of the game. Keep your questions short and sweet to ensure your audience can quickly grasp the topic and participate without feeling overwhelmed. Avoid jargon or overly complicated language unless you're conducting a poll specifically for word nerds.

Choosing the Right Type of Poll Question (Multiple Choice, Yes/No, etc.)

Facebook Polls offer different question types to suit your needs. Multiple-choice questions allow your audience to select one or more options, while Yes/No questions are perfect for simple binary decisions. Consider the nature of your inquiry and the desired outcomes to determine which question type will yield the most insightful and entertaining results.

Promoting and Sharing Your Facebook Poll

Utilizing Facebook's Reach and Engagement Features

Now that you've launched your poll into the wild, it's time to give it some well-deserved exposure. Facebook offers various features to help you increase the reach and engagement of your vote. Share your voice across relevant groups or tag friends who might have a strong opinion on the matter. You can also pin your poll to the top of your profile or page to ensure it's noticed in other posts.

Strategies for Encouraging Participation and Interaction

Sometimes, a little nudge is all it takes to get those poll responses pouring in. Please encourage your friends and followers to participate by adding a playful caption or using humour to pique their interest. You can also incentivize participation by offering a prize or creating a friendly competition around your poll. After all, who doesn't love a good old-fashioned popularity contest? Remember to keep it light-hearted and respectful to create an inclusive and enjoyable poll experience for everyone involved.

Analysing and Interpreting Poll Results

So, you've conducted a Facebook poll and gathered many responses. Now what? It's time to whip out your analytical skills and make sense of all that data.

Accessing and Understanding Poll Response Data

Before jumping to conclusions, ensure you know how to access and understand the poll response data. Facebook provides a handy feature that allows you to view and export your poll results. Familiarize yourself with this tool and explore how to analyse the data.

Identifying Trends and Patterns in Poll Results

Once you have the response data, it's time to dig in and find those juicy trends and patterns. Look for common themes or recurring answers that can give insights into your audience's preferences or opinions. You may discover that most people prefer dogs over cats or that pineapple on pizza is more divisive than you thought. Use these trends to inform future decisions or spark meaningful discussions.

Benefits and Limitations of Facebook Polls

Facebook polls can be an excellent tool for gathering insights and engaging with your audience, but like everything else in life, they come with their own set of pros and cons.

The Advantages of Utilizing Facebook Polls

One significant advantage of using Facebook polls is the sheer reach you can achieve. With billions of active users on the platform, you have the potential to gather a large and diverse sample of responses. Facebook's user-friendly interface and built-in features make it easy for you and your audience to participate in polls.

Considerations and Constraints of Facebook Polls

However, it's essential also to recognize the limitations of Facebook polls. Remember that the poll results may only sometimes accurately represent the wider population, as specific demographics might be overrepresented or underrepresented on the platform. Additionally, some people may feel uncomfortable sharing their opinions publicly, leading to biased or incomplete responses.

Best Practices for Conducting Facebook Polls

Do you want to conduct a Facebook poll like a pro? Here are some points to keep in mind:

Ensuring Privacy and Ethical Considerations

Respect your participants' privacy by being transparent about what information you're collecting and how it will be used. Ensure you comply with Facebook's policies and guidelines, and always obtain proper consent when necessary. Remember, it's important to conduct your polls ethically and responsibly.

Engaging with Participants and Encouraging Feedback

Polls are not just about collecting data; they're also a chance to engage with your audience and foster meaningful conversations. Encourage participants to leave comments or share their thoughts on the poll topic. Respond to their words, show genuine interest in their opinions, and use this as an opportunity to build a connection with your audience.

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Valentine's Day is celebrated annually on February 14 in most countries of the world: for more than one and a half thousand years, millions of people on this day confess their love to each other. Bemorepanda collected the most interesting memes about Valentine's Day.


One of the versions of the origin of Valentine's Day says that it was transformed from the feast of Lupercalia, dedicated to fertility and named after the patron saint of herds, the god Faun (also known as Luperk). It was celebrated every year on February 15th.


According to tradition, men on this day sacrificed animals, made original whips from their skins, stripped naked and ran around the city, hitting every woman they met on the way. Women, however, willingly substituted themselves for blows: it was believed that a blow with a whip on this day would give fertility. The ritual was extremely common in Rome: there is evidence that even members of noble families participated in it.


Later, it became so popular that it survived many pagan traditions that disappeared with the advent of Christianity. It is worth noting that many historians deny the connection between the Roman "festival" and the later Christian celebration and consider it nothing more than a guess.


The most romantic story about Saint Valentine is connected with the prohibition of the imperious Roman emperor Claudius II to marry: he believed that men who were not burdened with family would fight with great zeal on the battlefield.


Interesting Valentine's day memes 2022


1.Mood on Valentine’s Day


2.Quickest way to my heart


3.Dropping hints


4.My plans for Valentine’s day


For about three hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ, Roman emperors continued to insist on faith in their gods. Valentine was a Christian priest and for his teachings he was thrown into prison. On February 14, Valentine was beheaded, not only because he was a Christian priest, but also because he performed a miracle. There is a story that he cured the jailer's daughter from blindness. On the night before the execution, he wrote her a farewell letter, signing it "From your Valentine."


Valentine was an Italian bishop who lived around the same time, AD 200. He was imprisoned for secretly marrying couples in love, contrary to the laws of the Roman emperor. According to some reports, he was burned at the stake.


It is not known exactly why the day of February 14 is known as Valentine's Day, or if Saint Valentine actually had something to do with this day.


Historians claim that modern Valentine's Day celebrations were a mixture of ancient Christian and Roman traditions. According to one of the legends, this holiday comes from the ancient Roman festival Lupercalia - Lupercalia, which was a feast of fertility and was celebrated annually on February 15th. But during the rise of Christianity in Europe, many pagan holidays were renamed in honor of Christian martyrs. The Lupercalia Festival is no exception. In 496 AD, Pop Gelasius ordered the Lupercalia festival to be included in the Christian holiday and established its observance one day earlier, February 14th. He proclaimed February 14 as a holiday in honor of the Roman Saint Valentine.


There were at least three Christian saints named Valentine in the Catholic encyclopedia. One of them was a priest in Rome, the other was a bishop in Terni. Nothing is known about the third Saint Valentine, except that he ended his life in Africa. But it is known that they were all executed on February 14th.


5.Valentine’s day memes


6.Love yourself


7.Chocolates at my door


Most scholars believe that Saint Valentine was a priest who lived in Rome around 270 and attracted the disfavor of the Roman emperor Claudius II, who was the ruler of that time. During Valentine's existence, the golden era of the Roman Empire almost came to an end. The lack of capable leaders led to frequent civil wars. Taxes have gone up unreasonably. The Roman Empire faced a crisis on all sides - from Gauls, Slavs, Huns, Turks and Mongols from Northern Europe and Asia. The story of St. Valentine also has two different versions - Protestant and Catholic. But both versions agree with the story, when Saint Valentine, as a bishop, conducted secret marriage ceremonies for the soldiers of the Emperor Claudius II, who forbade marriage for young soldiers and, subsequently, was executed for this. Claudius II believed that married men were more emotionally attached to their families and thus would not be good soldiers. He issued a decree prohibiting marriage for his military personnel.


The ban on marriage was a great shock to the Romans. But they did not dare to openly express their protest against the powerful emperor. Bishop Valentine considered this decree unfair, and, seeing what an imprint this trauma leaves on young lovers who have lost all hope of having a family, he secretly performed weddings for young lovers. But such things cannot remain secret for a long time. When Claudius II found out about this, Valentine was arrested.


Claudius II met with Valentine, and he is said to have been impressed by the latter's dignity. Valentine refused to agree with the emperor regarding the ban on marriage. He also refused to recognize the Roman gods and even tried to convert the emperor himself, fully aware of the consequences.


Legend says that there was a deep friendship between Valentine and Asteria's daughter. Before the execution, Valentine asked for a pencil and paper from his jailer and signed a farewell for her "From your Valentine," a phrase that continues to this day. Valentine was executed on February 14, 270 AD.




9.Valentine’s day plan


10.You complete mess


After that, February 14 became a day for all lovers and Saint Valentine became his patron.


And as strange as the origin story is, Valentine's Day is Valentine's Day. When a lover can send a letter and candy to his beloved, flowers as a symbol of love. The first valentine greeting cards appeared in the 16th century. William Shakespeare helped romanticize Valentine's Day in his work, and the holiday gained popularity throughout the UK and then throughout the rest of Europe. The postcards were originally handmade. "Valentines" made of lace, ribbons, and with pictures of cupid with an arrow piercing the heart. Later this tradition spread to the American continent. Today Valentine's Day is one of the major holidays in the United States and is a huge commercial success.


But who was Saint Valentine, and did he really exist? We only know that this day has a mixture of Christian and Roman traditions. But the personal history of the patron saint of Valentine's Day is shrouded in mystery.


11.Anti-Valentine’s day


12.Knowing I’m single


13.Romantic dinner


14.Box of chocolates


15.You don’t have to be sad


16.Netflix is a Valentine


17.Boyfriend day


18.Sad and alone


19.Candy hearts


20.Milk and date


21.Half-price candies


22.Yes of course


23.Wattpad story


24.Eat all the chocolate


25.Tons of money


26.Singles awareness day


27.Valentine’s day posts


28.Trying to find the best one


29.Chocolates for Valentine’s day


30.To be in my bed




32.Inner side


33.Can’t wait for chocolates




35.Nuggets and love


36.Two flowers


37.Shaved legs


38.Pizza is my favourite


39.Single on Valentine’s day


40.Candy bowl




42.Not leaving the house


43.DIY Valentine’s day 


44.It could be great


45.Teddy bear


46.Not celebrating


47.My BFF


48.Finally got a date




50.I wouldn’t deport you




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