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20 outstanding failures that an evil fate threw people so that life does not seem like honey

10 months ago

Throughout our lives, we are constantly confronted with pleasant and unfortunate moments. But sometimes there are days as if someone was walking in front of us with a bag of troubles, and his bag was torn. Days of failure following one another are very exhausting, but they can also be quite invigorating when evil fate throws up something really outstanding. For example, how not to cheer up when your house resembles a wasp factory, or your boyfriend decided to punch a hole in the wall with you? We have collected for you 20 stories of outstanding failures that could well become part of the plot of any comedy film. But in real life it doesn't look so much fun ..


“This is how my morning began”

10-13-35-16336029391289382149FuzzyTwiguh92 /

Now this is his car .. 🕷️🕸️

Author of the photo: “I am very frightened by spiders, but I try not to kill anyone if this can be avoided. I managed to brush it off with a snow brush, which I never remove from my car. He flopped to the ground and sped away. Maybe this time he will choose the car of the neighbor! "


"The wall of my apartment after a date with a psycho"


koolaidjammersz / The

girl (photo author) wrote that the big hole in the wall is a trace from her body. The girl should clearly stay away from this guy, and maybe even contact the police.


"It's always nice to know that your colleagues do not know how to close the box ... Especially when you were about to go home»

10-13-35-1633602939147481149Thunder_SdSh /

If picture author sane person, it is a problem for the "tomorrow" of a colleague who does not know how to properly close the box with fasteners.


“I never thought it would happen to me. 6-hour flight, touched me 3 times ”

10-13-35-16336029391408033966mr_hargao /

You can just tickle his foot, or you can take off his sock and put it in his mouth. In any case, you need to show who is in charge here, and that you are not afraid, because this is exactly what they do in the animal kingdom.


"Such things"

10-13-35-16336029391251685372Abit __ /

But now the owner of the boat can try to sell it as an underwater 🤿


"The shoe decided to fall apart right before the wedding»

10-13-35-1633602939946902676MeatyClaws55 /

Before the wedding the heart so quickly fled in the heel that even tore off the sole of the shoe on 💓

«Tear sole second and you will get the moccasins"- joked one commentator.


“I found a lucky four-leaf clover and then sprained my finger. Lucky! "

10-13-35-16336029391898645734yan_d-eau /

Perhaps this finger was going to strangle the author of the photo in his sleep. In this case, he was very lucky 🍀

But seriously, how will a bandage on a finger help against a dislocation?


“Someone forgot to put the handbrake on”

10-13-35-1633602940721992875purple-circle /

This incident reportedly took place in Sydney, Australia.

- “Hello, insurance company? I want to know if I am insured against the case if I bump into an animal? "

- "Yes, your insurance covers it. What animal did you shoot down? "

- "Fish .."



"No one at work knew that the refrigerator had stopped working"

10-13-35-16336029401415056666CandleSt1ck /

If nothing is done with these cans, then there is a high probability that over time, gas will begin to form inside them, and at one point they will simply explode. A real milk bomb! 💥


“This morning, the superintendent looking after the rental unit made a hole in my ceiling. Then he stuck his head through the hole to apologize. I was not dressed ”

10-13-35-16336029401808633346mycateatstoenails /

Girl (photo):“ I live on the top floor and the superintendent was in the space between the roof and my ceiling. Apparently, water was dripping into the neighboring apartment from a pipe, and he tried to fix it. The next thing I saw was a dangling leg in the ceiling of my bedroom "🦵

" I am at the age when if someone sees me naked in my house, then this is their problem, not mine, "one of the users.


“During the 50 km hike, I was wearing a baseball cap with a net. Now I feel like Aang from Avatar "

10-13-35-1633602941815703532jurz90 /

" When the world needed him the most, Avatar disappeared ... In a forest full of mushrooms and no sunscreen, "joked one commentator.

Photo by: “I live in Maine, and my girlfriend went hiking in the 1200-meter mountains in New Hampshire. There were 48 of them, and this weekend she finished her hike ”🗻


“These are all the wasps that we killed in our basement in the last hour. We have a pet and a two year old child. We also know of another swarm near our garage. This is our Sunday rest


Photo by:"The problem has become too complicated, so we can deal with it on their own. Professional reinforcement is on the way. We threw away that first batch and destroyed at least the same amount again. We were visited by professional exterminators. They worked two known nests and repaired a hole in the wall, from which wasps apparently flew. Apparently the reason is different, since they still appear, but then they die " 🐝




"I parked my jeep incorrectly"

10-13-35-16336029422022620458l33t_d0nut / reddit.comhub

Perhaps the reason for this was the lack of acap on the spare wheel, or maybe the jeep just lay down to rest.

Photo by: “Answering questions ... I rode it on a steep rugged country road in Idaho. Suddenly the jeep leaned forward about 20 degrees. The front right wheel went into a rut, and then the sandy road began to collapse, which further exacerbated the situation. When I started to roll slowly, I turned on reverse and tried to get out of the situation, but this led to further collapse of the road, and then the car completely overturned ” 🚙🔄


"Well ... here's her new couch"

10-13-35-16336029431735653237aprlrobertaludgte /

Well, at least she lies on it.

Pure satisfaction is read in the dog's eyes: “My job is done. Now you can lie down ”🐕


“On my son's birthday, I bought him a dinosaur balloon in the store. Here it is "

10-13-35-1633602943839234075MobileMiddle1824 /

" 2 weeks ago the same thing happened on my daughter's birthday. I cried with her. Tin ", - wrote one of the users in the comments 🦖


“This morning fly stick got into my hair. It took me an hour to clean up the glue and any residual flies. ”

10-13-35-1633602944843400115Queendank /

Photo author: “ I almost cut a lock of my hair. Some of the flies were still alive and were buzzing in my ear. Luckily, I had a can of coconut oil next to the shower. I put a ton of oil and about 3/4 of a bottle of shampoo on my hair. Then she washed her hair for a long time and combed it out. It sucked when I thought my hair was clean and then some part of a fly fell out of my head ” 💇

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There are people who conscientiously carry out the work assigned to them and sometimes do above the norm, but there are also their opposites. Such people are those lazy individuals who not only shirk their assigned work, but also complicate the life of others. Here, admire yourself.


“The previous owners built this house and said that there is insulation on the roof. They didn't lie "



Someone has too much respect for a withered bush or simply shirks away from their work



Guard dog. The case when I lied on my resume, but still got the job



Someone just covered these insects with paint. Well, well, it can pass for a specific wall decor




Someone needs to be fired



The British have a sword in the stone, and the inhabitants of this place have a shovel in the asphalt



"Just moved to my new apartment and saw this."



"What do you mean by 'historical monument'?"




"I made the lane markings, boss."


Most likely, this is a piece of an abandoned road on which new equipment and paints are being tested, but it still looks pretty ridiculous.


When you're sure it's not your job to dress a mannequin



“I asked for an extra portion of cheese. Perhaps this was his first day. "



I wonder what their intercom code is?




The manufacturer of this hob was clearly drunk.



5+ for ingenuity



Door installed successfully



It is difficult to figure out what is going on here without context, but it can be assumed that the builder was hired to build the fence, but the clearing of the workplace was probably not included in the estimate.



When you want a beautiful view and access to fresh air, but you get it



Face too pretty to mask


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We all face a choice day after day. Whether it's the urge to wake up early to go for a run, or turn off the alarm and get some sleep. We decide whether to go to a fast food restaurant to eat some fast food or, finally, choose a healthy and balanced meal. But sometimes the wrong decisions are made by themselves, sometimes not even by our will, and all that remains is to breathe out and move on.


"I made my morning coffee with my mug upside down."



"So my tenant has a problem with the blender this morning ..."



Instead of soy sauce, this man poured vanilla extract into his rice.



This is one of those times when you want to light a fire and be done with it.



“I forgot about my bike for 5000 dollars (≈ 363 thousand rubles), which was on the roof rack when I drove into my garage”




“I spent an hour making this cake. At least I'm sure it's not too dry. "



"This morning I somehow threw a dirty diaper in the washing machine."



Surely this incident will push this person to never eat at a laptop again.



“I drank tea without looking while I was painting. Guess which mug I just took a sip from? "



"The result of meeting my wallet with a lawn mower"




"I dropped my flour container on the floor and this is how it landed."



This photo has a whole story



“My shorts tore while cycling to work. I live 15 km from work "



Someone mowed the grass immediately after the rain, which flew to nearby cars



“Do not use dishwashing detergent instead of dishwasher liquid. Never repeat my mistake "



"I wanted to pull out a nail while painting and fell off the ladder."



"Never bake a cookie in a short top."



How the parking lot in front of the farm gate can end




"I decided to do my makeup in a moving car, like a complete dumbass"



"My brother ate 3 slices of this bread before turning on the light to see why it tastes so strange."


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Since all preschoolers lie at least once, it is important for parents to understand that lying can be a normal stage in a child's development. Sometimes, young children tell "stories that seem detached from reality" because it is difficult for them to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Sometimes children lie because they don't want to be punished for something they did wrong. Your answers as a parent must be individualized and flexible.


In most cases, you already know the child's mistake before he tells you a lie. Parents can usually figure out when the preschooler is lying to them to hide a mistake. Children are afraid of the punishment that follows; however, they obviously give up or even confess everything. But sometimes their lies are so funny. Bemorepanda collected some of them.


1.Landed a donut




3.That's a lie


4.Don't go there




6.Dog ate my homework


7.Lie about it


8.The dentist location


9.Put them away


10.April Fools


11.Getting so tall


12.Almost worked


13.That was a lie


14.Sad about movie


15.Rolling eyes at us


16.Allergic to church


17.Can't trust


18.Caught a bee


19.Money from tooth fairy


20.Pooped on hand

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Over the past six months, a new common noun has appeared in our lexicon: like ten years ago the whole world used Skype, now it zooms. Zoom from a company that only a few knew about, has turned into a huge business that is growing by hundreds of percent and is worth more than $ 100 billion.

The whole globe uses the Zoom application. Online hours, interviews and service meetings. In the atmosphere at home, everyone is relaxed, and sometimes this relaxation creates discomfort and many failures. Or maybe a filter that we don't know how to remove or a camera that we forgot to turn off, all this makes us go viral on the internet. Bemorepanda collected several faults on Zoom.

1.The Parish Council Zoom Meeting

2.Being a cat during the meeting

3.Going to the toilet during live session

4.Some personal time need privacy

5.Children remain children even during Zoom Meeting

6.When teacher leaves meeting

7.Can't wait for this

8.Falling down

9.Teacher falling down from the chair

10.BBC meeting and childrens

11.That's a potato Boss

12.Councillor fail

13.Work from home be like

14.Quarantine meeting gone wrong

15.Online teaching gone wrong

16.Fail during Zoom classes

17.Pants down

18.Job meeting fail

19.That's trolling

20.Remote work fail

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