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Adele, disappointed by the negative comments about losing weight: "I understand why some women, in particular, felt hurt"

1 year ago

The singer appeared simultaneously on the covers of Vogue America and Vogue UK this month and gave an interview in which she talked about her radical transformation, saying that she has become "addicted" to exercise. 

Even though the artist lost a lot of weight and looks spectacular, she revealed that she had to endure the "brutal comments" of other women about changing her physical appearance.

"My body has been seen as an object my whole career. Not just now. I understand why it was a shock. I understand why some women, in particular, felt hurt, "the singer told Vogue America.

"I represented a lot of women, visually. But I am still the same person ", Adele added. "Other women had the worst conversations about my body. I was damn disappointed by that. My feelings hurt ", added the singer.

Asked what triggered the amazing physical transformation, which took place over a period of two years, Adele replied: “It started because of anxiety. When I was training I felt better ”.

For two years, she did rigorous weight training and circuit training sessions every day, even twice a day when her anxiety level was high.

"I realized that when I was training I had no anxiety. It was never about losing weight. I thought that if I can make my body stronger, and if I will feel and see this, then maybe one day I can make my emotions and mind stronger ", the artist revealed.

Many fans reacted on social media to the images she posted, some of them saying that they "miss" the old Adele, and others went even further and criticized her for losing weight. But Adele says that although she looks different from how the fans knew her, she is still the same person.

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Time is merciless to each of us and there is hardly a person whom it has spared and left forever young and beautiful. We can say that stars have more chances to preserve their youth and at least slightly delay their aging, but if you compare their photos at different ages, it becomes clear that this is impossible. Artist Ard Gelink gives us clear examples of how things change over time, combining photographs of the same stars at different ages so that we can feel the difference.

Michael J. Fox


Arnold Schwarzenegger


Kate Winslet


Bill Murray






Robert Downey Jr.


Angelina Jolie


Brigitte Bardot


Mark Hamill


Sophia Loren


Matthew Perry


Britney Spears




Robert DeNiro


Billie Eilish


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After a six-week trial, the American singer was found on Monday, September 27, guilty of sexual offenses that could send him behind bars to the end of his life. 

The trial in a federal court in New York revealed how the defendant developed a mechanism that used his fame to sexually abuse women and children for over two decades. R Kelly, whose full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, was found guilty of using his reputation and fortune to lure victims with the promise that he would help them pursue a musical career, citing CNN.

Several of his victims testified under oath that they were minors when they were abused by R Kelly. The jury that found the 54-year-old artist guilty was composed of 9 women and 2 men and deliberated for two days. The sentence is expected on May 4.

Kelly was also found guilty of violating a federal law that punishes human trafficking for sexual intercourse between American states.

R Kelly received his verdict "without any apparent reaction"

The international press notes that, unlike the cases of other celebrities convicted of sexual abuse, such as Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, most of the victims who contributed to the defendant's conviction are people of color.

Kelly found her verdict in the shelter of a protective mask, the quoted source states. He had no apparent reaction and his lawyer, Deveraux Cannick, said he did not anticipate the verdict.

One of the women who testified against her stated that the interpreter kidnapped, drugged and raped her and that she had to hide because of the threats she received from the accused. "I am ready to start living my life without fear and to start healing," said the woman, identified in court as Sonja.

Monday's verdict comes 13 years after Kelly was acquitted of child pornography after a trial in Illinois.

R Kelly, found guilty of "racketeering", a crime attributed to criminal organizations

Many of the accusations against the performer were first made in a documentary called "Surviving R Kelly" (Surviving R Kelly). Kelly's victims were sometimes selected from the audience of his concerts or lured into his entourage with promises of help in his musical career. After entering Kelly's circle, future victims learned that they had to abide by a strict regime and were punished for violating the so-called "Rob's Rules," as the artist's team called them.

In addition to the crime of sex trafficking, Kelly was found guilty on Monday of "racketeering", a crime that designates the use of a business to commit illegal acts and which is usually directed against organized crime groups. During the trial, prosecutors testified with directors, bodyguards and other members of Kelly's entourage that they worked together to assist him in criminal activities.

The court also found out that the artist illegally obtained documents to marry the minor singer Aaliyah. Aaliyah died in a plane crash in 2001 after marrying R Kelly at just 15 years old.

Victims' Advocate: The Worst Sexual Predator I've Met

Several of Kelly's victims were represented by attorney Gloria Allred. "I have been practicing law for 47 years and I have followed many sexual predators who have abused women and children over time. Of all these, R Kelly is the worst, ”she said. For her part, prosecutor Jacquelyn Kasulis said Monday's verdict sends a message to other men who use their power like Kelly. "It doesn't matter how long it takes, eventually the arm of the law will reach you," Kasulis said.

R Kelly is also targeted by accusations of child pornography and obstruction in Chicago and by accusations of sexual abuse in Illinois and Minnesota.

R Kelly was one of the most beloved artists of the '90s. The song "I Believe I Can Fly" was hummed by young people from all over the world, being also the song on the soundtrack of the movie "Space Jam", with Michael Jordan in the lead role.

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Who, as a child, has not dreamed of getting a picture with his favorite celebrity? Having a photo of a star would already be happiness, and if a celebrity agrees to take a picture with you, this is the pinnacle of joy. But, it turns out, there are lucky ones who have not one, two or even three pictures with a star in their collection, but about thirty. Back in the 90s, a guy named Rob Beerman began collecting photos with Hollywood celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and even Chuck Norris. Apparently Rob was an ardent fan of these talented people and did not miss the opportunity to meet them. And, the funny thing is, he continues to do this to this day, posting pictures on his Instagram.


Rob and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger


Agree that when we were little, we never dreamed of some celebrity taking a photo with us.


Rob and actor Chuck Norris



Rob and boxer Muhammad Ali


And the little boy, and even in the midst of the 90s, was not only lucky enough to see half of Hollywood, but also took pictures with his favorite stars.




Rob and the Aerosmith group



Rob and actor Sylvester Stallone



Rob and US President George W. Bush


It can be assumed that Rob has influential parents, otherwise how the boy was allowed to the president?



Rob and actor Chris Rock



Rob and actor Chris Farley



Rob and bassist and second vocalist of ZZ Top Dusty Hill 


One way or another, the child was very lucky and over time he gathered an impressive collection of pictures with the stars.


Rob and actress Betty White



Rob and boxer Evander Holyfield


The funny thing is that as he grew up, the guy continued to take pictures with famous people.


Rob and Nickelback vocalist Chad Krueger



But a completely grown-up Rob (pictured on the right) poses with musician Randall King


And even becoming a completely adult, Rob does not stop taking pictures with celebrities the way he did in childhood.

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Adele is a famous British singer who managed to climb the musical Olympus instantly. A beautiful voice, memorable motives of songs, as well as unsurpassed behavior on stage are fundamental hallmarks of a woman.


Her announcement of the end of the concert activity shocked all loyal fans.


Despite the voluntary closure of the music business, Adele's songs continue to be heard in many people's homes. Today we will talk about the most interesting facts from the biography of this famous woman.




1. Parents

The baby was born on May 5, 1988, in an area called Tottenham, located in the northern part of the British capital - London. Many migrants and representatives of low-income families lived here.


The parents of the future star met in one of the bars. Their relationship developed rapidly; the young student became pregnant after a few months.


The flared passion went out very quickly; Adele's father left the family and left his little two-year-old daughter. Soon the man moved to Wales, where he developed a strong addiction to alcohol. The star heard the news from their dad when she became famous, but she never recognized him.


2. Growing up

Her grandfather and grandmother played an essential role in the girl's life. Also, her mother took great care of her daughter, who worked as an organizer of adult training courses. After some time, the small family moved to the city of Brighton (which is located on the southern coast of the country). In this place, the baby lived for only two years and then returned to London again.


3. On the way to success

In early childhood, love for music and great talent began manifesting in Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. She loved to practice vocals: special lessons with a teacher took place almost every evening. The British woman demonstrated her talent at school when on one of the holidays, she performed the composition “Rise” belonging to the singer Gabrielle in front of students and teachers.



4. Leisure

The girl loved to spend her free time in a park called Brockwell, where she often rested with her friends. Young people gathered to listen to Adele, who sang and played the guitar.


The Briton received her primary education at the London School of Performing Arts and Technology. After graduating, Adkins published her first songs in 2006 by uploading them to the Internet on the MySpace service.


A big surprise for the girl was a call from representatives of the studio XL Recordings, who stumbled upon a demo. This event marked the beginning of Adele's meteoric career.




5. Quick start

The track called "Hometown Glory" was a huge success. This composition was even nominated for a Grammy (one of the most popular awards in the world of musical art).


6. Follow-up work

After her massive success, Adele embarked on her first North American concert tour.


After some time, the girl released a new album called "21" (again named after the beauty's age).


The history of the creation of her songs is fascinating. The composition "Take It All" was created on the emotions after a quarrel with her boyfriend. The hit "Rolling in the Deep" was also invented due to an accidental phrase thrown by a young man toward his girlfriend (he said that the lady's life would become utterly worthless without him).


Well, within the framework of “Rumour Has It,” the question of the worthlessness of people who love to spread gossip is raised. In this album, many fans highlight the song "Lovesong," which covers the music by The Cure.


Together with Adele, Rick Rubin worked on the album, who was against the use of dance rhythms in the compositions (although the singer herself wanted to make them sound more modern).


7. Third album

After the second album, Adele decided to take some rest and even gave birth to a child.


A grand comeback came in 2015. The announced album was supposed to be an absolute triumph. Many British colleagues even postponed their releases as they were afraid of competition.


As a result, the work called "25" was purchased by more than 20 million people. The most popular singles were "Hello" (about love and attitude towards one's maturity), "When We Were Young," and "Million Years Ago."



8. Awards and nominations

Adele has won a considerable number of popular awards.


In total, she has more than 129 prizes and about 300 nominations. She even won two of the most famous film awards (Oscar and Golden Globe) for her composition "Skyfall," which is the soundtrack to the James Bond film "007: Skyfall", released in 2012.


She has several Billboard Music Awards, BMI Awards, and as many as 15 Grammy Awards to her credit. Thus, Adele right now is one of the most titled singers of our time. In addition, some of her achievements are noted in the Guinness Book of Records.


The girl's merits were recognized even by the government of Great Britain. At the age of 25, she became a Commander of the Order of the British Empire. In 2009, the letter to Adele was sent by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom himself. The politician thanked her for her creativity and her active social position.


9. Leaving the stage

At the beginning of 2019, Adele shocked all her fans.


At thirty and in the prime of her career, the Briton decided to stop her concert activity completely. The reason for such an act deserves respect: the woman decided to devote all her free time to her family.


Beauty has officially closed her music business. In an interview, she noted that she is a real homebody and does not like to spend time on tour. Loyal fans took the news very painfully.


10. Adele Challenge

Recently, the Internet was filled with videos dedicated to the "Adele Challenge." This action began after a regular user David Kasprak decided to publish a video in which a gummy bear began to sing a song in the voice of Adele, and thousands of such gummy bears started to sing along with him.


The idea was supported by other users who began to create and publish similar videos. Thus, cards, dominoes, plants, tires, Lego, and other unimaginable objects sang.


This flash-mob was based on a video recorded at one of Adele's concerts in London. At the time of the song "Someone Like You" performance, dedicated to former love, the audience decided to start performing the composition along with the star.


Personal life


11. Family, children

In 2011, Adele's life changed dramatically. She began dating a successful businessman named Simon Konecki. In the fall of 2012, the star gave birth to a boy.


The marriage ceremony occurred only in 2017 when the lovers secretly got married in their mansion located in Hollywood. Recently, the girl said that she had ended her relationship with Simon.


Other facts


12. Problems with being overweight

The girl was very complex because of every extra kilogram. She decided to correct this shortcoming after the birth of her first child. She lost an extra fifteen kilograms thanks to classes in the gym (although she doesn’t like to work out with iron).


In addition, the girl had to adjust her diet. She ultimately refused fatty, spicy, and sweet. Adele's favorite drinks are fruit and vegetable cocktails.


13. Social networks

The star has official accounts on Twitter and other social networks, where he often posts photos from his personal life, archival images, and videos.


14. Scandalous situations

The celebrity has become a defendant in various scandals several times. For example, a creative person decided to cancel her tour at a time when many tickets had already been sold. She explained this act by saying that the audience should not look at an unprepared and dissatisfied artist.


An awkward situation occurred at the Grammy ceremony when in 2013, Ukrainian prankster Vitaly Serdyuk took the stage instead of Adele to receive her award.


Various incidents arose during the performances of the British. At her concerts, the girl often performed extravagant acts. She parodied Beyoncé, complained about mosquitoes in Australia, and even scolded the security guard who offered to sit down with tired fans of the star.



Quick Facts


15. The growth of a celebrity is 175 centimeters, and the weight is about 85 kilograms.

16. Adele tries to fight for the equality of people of different sex or race. In addition, she donates a lot of money to charity.

17. The woman's fortune is over 125 million pounds.

18. The singer publicly supported LGBT people.

19. The world star does not like to be on stage because she feels a lot of excitement before each performance.

20. Adele is the first singer to have three songs in the top 10 Billboard charts simultaneously.

21. The star's favorite actors are Leonardo DiCaprio and Zach Galifianakis.

22. Adele's work was influenced by the songs of the Spice Girls, Ella Fitzgerald and Amy Winehouse.

23. Despite playing sports, the girl periodically smokes cigarettes. Another of her bad habits is foul language.



24. The British can play several musical instruments at once: she is good with the guitar, piano, and drums.

25. The woman repeatedly refused fashion brands that tried to sign an advertising contract with her.

26. A dog named Louis Armstrong lives in the singer's house.

27. The best time to write masterpieces (according to Adele) comes after a couple of glasses of wine.

28. Songs of a woman are heard in many films. In addition to the movie about James Bond, her compositions can be heard as part of the works "The 5th Wave", "Alive," "Dirty Partners," "Once Upon a Time in Rome," and "Terrible."

29. The famous publication "Time" twice included the star in the list of the most influential people in the world.

30. Adele's impulsive nature caused the girl to break her Grammy statuette and say that Beyonce was a more worthy contender for victory in her nomination.



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