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All about Box: Interesting Traditions, Activities, & Facts that you should know

2 weeks ago

If you are an active person and you like to test your limits every time, accepting challenge after challenge, it's time to move to the hard category of sports. Specifically, in boxing. Besides the fact that it tones your body very well and improves your physical endurance, boxing is a great training for the mind as well.


And if you want to better discover such an activity and test it properly, we have prepared below a guide dedicated to boxing: what this sport involves, why you should start it, but also what is the equipment appropriate.


Boxing came from England between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which was worn barefoot, making it a very brutal and violent sport.



A few years later this sport began to be regulated, especially in 1867 with the formulation of Queenberry rules.


Boxing has always been an Olympic sport, not only present at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics, as the sport was banned in the country.


Over the years, numerous boxing variants have appeared, of which the most famous are Thai Muay Thai and French Savate, which already use their feet.


What is boxing


As you probably already know, boxing is the sport in which two opponents fight in a ring, using their fists (covered by special gloves). It is also important to note that in order to face each other, the two boxers should have similar weights so that they have equal chances in the ring. This is also the reason why there are several weight categories (from 49 to 91 kilograms, in general) in boxing, the competitions being organized according to this criterion, but also depending on the age of the athletes (seniors and juniors).


A match ends when one of the boxers is knocked out (KO) by his opponent, ie when he is knocked down and no longer manages to get in the ring in the time indicated by the referee, which counts up to ten. The match is over even when one of the fighters is too injured to continue the fight, in which case we are talking about technical knockout (TKO).


In the situation where we do not have KO or TKO, the winner of the match is the one who receives from the jury the most points for the given blows.


What are the benefits of boxing


If you want to start a new sport, but you still don't realize which would suit you better, take a look below, because there are great chances to find your inspiration. The list of benefits that boxing has on the body and brain are significant.


Boxing works all your muscle groups. A cardio workout, which greatly develops your endurance in sports, boxing can improve your physical condition, moving all areas of the body. Although you would be tempted to think that it gives results rather at the top of the torso, the box works very well and the legs: you have to move quickly, keep your balance and stability very well, but also react with agility in every moment. The outcome? A well-toned body;


Boxing burns calories. Along with running and cycling, boxing is one of the best cardio workouts you can do, because it helps burn calories fast (on average, we're talking about 13 calories per minute), while sculpting your body;


Contributes to improving cardiovascular health. Every punch you punch helps to contract the muscles, it's a complete and complex physical effort. Therefore, due to the fact that all the muscles of the body are used during training, and the heart is forced to work at maximum speed and to pump at a fast pace the blood that ensures the transport of oxygen in the body. And because the heart is trained in turn, the risk of cardiovascular disease will be low;



Boxing improves coordination. Synchronization between eyes, hands and feet is the key to success in this sport. Boxing helps you maintain your balance, positions, stability, not to be unbalanced immediately in case of sudden movements;


Boxing also teaches you to learn self-defense techniques. Yes, another advantage of this sport is that it helps you practice self-defense movements, which can catch you very well if, at some point, you have to defend yourself from someone who threatens you or puts you in life threatening and physical integrity;


It helps you relax and reduce stress. Boxing requires all your attention, so when you enter the ring, you will focus only on your fighting movements. In addition, you always have a partner who keeps you alert and prevents you from thinking about anything else. Thus, you will forget about daily worries, but, at the same time, you will stimulate through movement the production of serotonin, the hormone that contributes significantly to your well-being.


What is the boxing equipment


If you have decided to start boxing and you really want to keep training for a long time, it would be recommended to invest in a suitable equipment.


First of all, you will need appropriate clothing and footwear, which will allow you to move at ease and be able to make any movement without problems. In terms of clothing, you can opt for a pair of shorts and a cotton T-shirt or T-shirt (which does not fit on the body, does not tighten).


When it comes to footwear, choose a pair of comfortable sports shoes with non-slip soles, which will give you safety and stability in the ring.


In addition to the boxing outfit, you will also need the basic accessories of this sport: boxing gloves. Orient yourself towards a model that fits the shape and size of your hands, that has a protective layer with a role in mitigating the impact of blows. Also, for practicing the movements, the boxing palms are very useful, which are attached to the palm of the work teammate and are used for training.



Also in the category of useful accessories for boxing are special bandages for this sport, made of a soft fabric in order to cover and protect any wounds on the hands. And if you want to exercise your endurance and improve your physical condition, it wouldn't hurt to have a rope in your equipment.


The last, but not the last piece needed for training is the punching bag. It must be fastened with a hook to a ceiling or a strong beam. Hit it with correctly executed movements, focusing, first of all, on the technique instead of the hitting force.


The best training tips


Whether you want to do performance boxing or simply exercise and tone your body with this sport, there are a few tricks you should keep in mind before you start:


There are several styles of boxing (swarmer, slugger, etc.) from which you can choose, so if you want to perform in the field, it would be good to choose the right one for you and practice as much as possible;

Even if you do not want to become a professional boxer, it is important to seek the help of a coach who will show you how to execute the shots correctly, so that you can take full advantage of the benefits of this sport and not get hurt;


Don't expect it to come out right away! You won't hit accurately and you may not be able to stop your opponent's attacks, but that shouldn't discourage you. Practice, practice and practice again, until you get into the rhythm;


Make friends with the treadmill and skipping rope. Warming up is very important before boxing training, so never skip this essential step, which prepares your body for an intense movement session;


Watch out for the laces. No, it's not a joke, but a very good and practical piece of advice: make several knots, to make sure they stay connected. Often, while jumping rope or fighting in the ring, the laces tend to unravel. Squeeze them responsibly from the beginning, so as to prevent possible injuries.


That being said, if you want to try a new sport that not only works your physique, but also helps your psyche, boxing is one of the best options. Choose a gym where you can train, put on your gloves and get to work!


Weight categories

In order for the fights to be as fair as possible, the boxers are divided into weight categories. Thus, each boxer fights only with another boxer with a similar weight to him, making the fights much more correct and balanced.


The weight categories for men are as follows:

Light Fly - 48 pounds

Fly - 51 pounds

Rooster - 54 pounds

Value - 57 pounds

Lightweight - 60 pounds

Light medium - 64 pounds

Average value of - 69 pounds

Average - 75 pounds

Average weight - 81 pounds

Weight - 91 pounds

Super weight - + 91 pounds


How to train boxing at home?


Although you can train very well at home, we strongly recommend that you turn to a coach to make progress in the best conditions. If you are a beginner, it is a mandatory requirement to avoid the wrong skills, especially the technical ones.


Instead, home training is a good supplement to:


-Adding new training sessions to club meetings;

-Returning the movement in the rhythm of your skills or well-defined techniques;

-Intensification of certain aspects of the practice that you consider insufficient during the regular training period (eg cardio, physical training).


Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world. Millions of people have flocked over the years to watch live matches in the sport considered "noble art", and names like Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather and Evander Holyfield will forever remain in the history of the sport. . In the next article we will show you what the blows allowed in boxing matches are.



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A sport is an activity of a physical nature and may involve competition. At the same time, sport is an activity that can influence a person's lifestyle, health or personality.

The study of the development of sport in human history can show significant social changes that have occurred over the centuries in different cultures. The concept of sport as an activity involving basic human, physical and mental abilities, aims to improve these skills to be used more effectively and suggests that sport is probably as old as the development of human intelligence. For primitive man, the physical activity of it was just a way to improve their knowledge of nature and, to the same extent, a way to master the environment around it. During the nineteenth century, many objects of prehistoric art were discovered in France (at Lascaux ), in Africa and Australia, which show how in prehistoric times, ritual ceremonies were performed in which physical activity was involved for participants. Some of these discoveries have been established to be at least 30,000 years old.

Sport, by its very nature, encourages diversity in a cultural world. As countries and nations become closer and closer to each other, but still retain their cultural identity, sport is a field in which cultural differences are not only accepted, but a wealth to be cultivated and valued. The concept of sport can become an "indicator of change" of the global society, of anticipation, evolutions and changes through the symbolic opening of interstate relations. Sport thus becomes and must be considered as a mirror of culture and society, as it represents the hopes and prospects of the future.

How do synchronized interpreters hear music underwater and why is a soccer ball black and white?

Black and White Synthetic Fiber Regulation-size Premium Inflated Soccer Ball  - On Sale - Overstock - 13341958

Each of us is connected with sports in one way or another: someone is engaged at home, someone is at a professional level, and there are those who follow the athletes and their achievements from the outside. Nevertheless, some moments for many still remain a mystery. We analyze the most popular questions about sports.

Why are golf ball notches?

Acushnet introduces Union Green golf balls and takes a giant divot

These "dents" on the ball are needed to increase the range of its flight. So the air, flowing around the uneven ball, reduces the vacuum trail created by the speed. And the boundary layer of air at a smooth ball does not have time to go behind its back side, so a zone of reduced pressure is created, which means that the speed decreases.

Why are the Olympic rings these colors?

Olympic Rings - Symbol of the Olympic Movement

The closed rings as a whole symbolize the unity of the five continents, the union of all parts of the world and the worldwide character of the Olympic Games. And the colors are symbols of various elements: blue is water, red is fire, yellow is the energy of the earth, black is the energy of metal, green is the energy of wood.

How do synchronized swimmers hear music underwater?

10 Reasons Why Synchronized Swimming Is An Admirable Sport

So that during performances the synchronized interpreters do not get lost and hear music even under water, special underwater speakers are built into the pool. Of course, due to the density of the water, the sound is heard much worse, but this helps the swimmers to hear at least the rhythm and perform the elements of the program in time.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo's real surname?

Нападающий «Ювентуса» Криштиану Роналду заявил, что доволен тем, как  сложился сезон-2020/21 для него и для клуба - Eurosport

In fact, Ronaldo is not a surname, but a first name. They added the name Cristiano in honor of US President Ronald Reagan, who had previously been an actor. The footballer's father was very fond of films with his participation. That is, Cristiano Ronaldo is a double name, the entire football star is called Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.

How much does a hockey goalkeeper's ammunition weigh?

Imported hockey batting cloth standard goal size training target ice hockey  hockey goalkeeper training cloth

Hockey is a very traumatic sport. Therefore, the equipment, especially the goalkeeper, who is always under the threat of a blow, must protect most of the body. Hence the weight - about 30 kg. It is made up of shin guards, helmet, gloves, carapace and more.

What is this white powder that gymnasts put on their hands?

Different Types of Gym Chalk and Why Gymnasts Use it -

Many people mistakenly believe that gymnasts rub flour in their hands before performing, but this is not the case. White magnesium powder removes even the smallest traces of moisture from the hand, helping to improve grip.

What is the most expensive sport?

F1 Portugal GP 2021: Lewis Hamilton wins Formula 1's Portugal Grand Prix  and championship standings | Marca

The most expensive kind of sport is the Formula 1 circuit race. It is known that pilots receive large fees, but before that, the athletes themselves have to invest a lot of effort and money. And not only for the equipment itself, but also for its maintenance.

Who was the youngest Olympic champion?

7 самых юных олимпийских чемпионов - Дети

Marcel Depaye, a boy of 8-10 years old - even his age is not known for sure - accidentally got to the 1900 Olympics. In the final rowing race, the Dutch decided to replace the heavy helmsman with a boy and won the race. Marseille became an Olympic champion, but did not receive any awards and did not even make the list of winners.

Why do swimmers wear two caps at once?

Rio Olympics 2016: Why Some Swimmers Wear Two Swim Caps - Thrillist

Fans began to notice that swimmers often wear two rubber caps on their heads at once - for what? To keep your hair dry and out of the way? No, the fact is that it is important for swimmers to protect their eyes from water, and so that the glasses are pressed tightly, athletes wear two rubber caps at once.

Why is the football black and white?

Football and atopic eczema | Eczema Foundation

In 1970, when televisions were still in black and white, football matches were already broadcast live. Against a background of bright colors that looked gray on the screens, the black and white soccer ball was bright enough to stand out clearly. And then they decided to keep the tradition.

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Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather faced YouTube star Logan Paul in an exhibition duel. The eight-round battle ended with the rivals failing to identify a winner, despite Mayweather's significant superiority.

One can speculate a lot about the fact that the fight for Floyd is a failure if it did not end with a knockout in a few minutes. In this regard, several points must be understood.

First, if Logan Paul was smaller, it probably would have happened. Secondly, in exhibition fights it is not customary to hack an opponent right away: after all, broadcast sales take the first place here. I remember that Floyd had the same situation with McGregor. Today, Mayweather, objectively looking at the situation, did not strain at all and raised his next $ 100 million.\

This was thinking everyone, so it happened. Bemorepanda collected some memes.

1.In a nutshell


3.Post fight


5.A date


7.Happy end


9.Took it good

10.Pretty boys

11.It makes sense

12.Easy money


14.For free

15.Think Logan




19.Who else watched?

20.Small boy

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In 2020 the richest man in the world was Jeff Bezos. In the latest ranking, Forbes put him in first place: the assets of the founder of Amazon grew by $ 27.9 billion in a year, to $ 126.2 billion. This guy from New Mexico, raised by a single mother, definitely has a lot to learn. We have collected the details of the biography and the rules of life of Bezos.

The hometown of the future billionaire - Albuquerque became famous all over the world as the scene of the series "Breaking Bad" about a school chemistry teacher who decided to use his talent in the drug business. Indeed, in those places it was a habit to follow a curved path.

The state was considered criminal, and Jeff was born into a not very prosperous family. His mother was only 17 years old when she gave birth to a boy from her fellow young boyfriend, a circus performer. The young father decided not to participate in the child's life and even Jeff did not receive his surname from him. When the boy was 4 years old, his mother married Mexican Mike Bezos, who adopted and raised the future billionaire.

Jeff was an excellent student at school. He was always attracted by technology and physics, so he entered the physics department at Princeton University, and then became interested in computer science and engineering.

After graduating from college, Bezos got a prestigious job on Wall Street, he was engaged in software development for solving financial problems. And then he decided to quit a stable high-paying job and start a business selling books. Bezos was not going to open a bookstore: he came up with an ingenious idea to sell books via the Internet, which then, in 1994, was developing at a frantic pace. This is how Amazon was born.

And in 2017, its creator became the richest man on the planet, surpassing the size of Bill Gates' fortune. Bemorepanda figured out what to do to be like Jeff Bezos.

  1. To sleep more

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Jeff Bezos talked about the importance of sleep. He said that he sleeps at least 8 hours every night and considers sleep to be the best remedy for stress, so he does not even use an alarm clock and prefers to wake up naturally. It is said that he even brought a sleeping bag to the office so as not to deny himself the pleasure of taking a nap during the working day.

  1. Relax in the morning and have a delicious breakfast

A cheerful and pleasant start to the day is the key to success for the rest. The Amazon founder is trying to diversify his morning diet, unlike, for example, Steve Jobs, who ate the same breakfast for years.

One day, Bezos ordered an octopus with bacon and garlic yogurt sauce for breakfast, all in order to better understand the preferences of a top manager from the company he ended up buying. In addition, the billionaire does not like to arrange meetings in the morning and appoint important events. He prefers to spend this time with his family.

  1. Do not mix work and personal life

Jeff Bezos adheres to the concept of "work-life balance" (literally: the balance of life and work). It is about finding harmony in life, when the family part is clearly separated from the professional one.

Bezos opposes working overtime, but does not even answer “family” calls during office hours.

“Being happy at home makes me a better employee and boss at work. If I am in demand and productive at work, at home I am a more balanced and positive father and husband, ”he says.

Of course, a businessman of this magnitude does not leave work at exactly 6 pm, but despite his busy schedule, he always finds time for family vacations.

  1. Marry the best woman

Jeff Bezos is happily married. The billionaire has been together with his wife Mackenzie for 25 years. The couple has four adopted children, and Bezos puts family first in his value system.

He said that before meeting his future wife, he tried for a long time to establish his personal life, but to no avail. But Jeff did not abandon his search for the best woman in the world and finally found the one he was looking for: inspiring and inventive.

Mackenzie studied literature at Princeton University, and her favorite book, The Remains of the Day, by Kazuo Ishiguro, is now recommended reading for all Amazon executives.

“I needed a woman who would pull me out of the category of second-rate people, would give me ideas and help implement them,” the rich man said.

  1. Give up multitasking

Jeff Bezos always takes turns taking turns, rather than being sprayed across multiple tasks at once. Bezos is convinced that in every task you need to achieve maximum concentration, and multitasking interferes with productivity.

  1. Defend your ideas

Amazon was founded on a brilliant idea that was doomed to success. At first, Bezos realized that he wanted to launch an online store. Then I thought about what is most profitable to sell online. There are a myriad of online stores now and you can buy everything from food to furniture. In the mid-1990s, this trading format was new to everyone. People are used to choosing goods in ordinary stores, examining them, trying them on, checking their quality.

There could be no tactile contact on the Internet. Then Bezos realized that in this way you can sell books, because the external qualities in them are not as important as the content. He believed in his idea and made others believe in it. Amazon was originally housed in a garage, but now it employs more than 500 thousand employees.

By the way, Bezos constantly argues with his employees, proving the value of his next "strange idea". And he just gushes with ideas: from an online book store Amazon in a short time has turned into a store of everything.

First, Bezos offered to sell music CDs along with books, then video products were added to them. Later, electronics, video games, clothing, toys, furniture and groceries appeared in the assortment.

In 2013, Amazon Studios was established to produce films and TV series. In 2016, Bezos launched a project to deliver goods using a drone, and one of Bezos's most successful ideas can be considered the creation of a line of Amazon Kindle e-books, which now sell better than paper.

  1. Save money and look for tax loopholes

According to legend, Jeff Bezos put together his first desktop in the same garage from old doors, and not at all because the former top manager from Wall Street did not have money for normal furniture: a homemade table reminded the future billionaire of the need to save.

In general, Bezos is considered stingy: Amazon does not have any free cafes, tennis courts, massage parlors, as in Google. On the contrary, employees have to pay even for coffee. However, perhaps it was this trait of Bezos that led him to success.

He opened an Amazon office in Seattle, Washington, which is far from the most populous city by American standards. It was a deliberate move.

Bezos could open a store somewhere in California, where more people live and there is more demand for goods, but there he would have to pay taxes. And in Seattle, local law allowed online companies to avoid paying taxes. True, the loophole was closed in 2008: the state of Washington, suffering from the crisis, forced Amazon to pay taxes.

  1. Come up with new projects

Amazon alone was not enough for Bezos. In 2000, our hero created the space company Blue Orgin, long before Elon Musk appeared on the space business arena. Bezos's goal is to make space accessible to everyone. Starting next year, the company plans to sell tours to tourists into Earth's orbit, with Bezos himself among the first space travelers.

In 2013, the billionaire bought the American publishing house The Washington Post, which prints the newspaper of the same name, for $ 250 million. Becoming a media mogul, Bezos did not change anything in the publication and does not try to influence its policies. They say that the only thing he ordered to change is the speed of loading pages on the site.

  1. Read a lot

Jeff Bezos didn’t just decide to connect his life with selling books: he always loved to read. He makes his staff mandatory to read the book of the American coach Nassim Taleb “Black Swan. Under the sign of unpredictability. " The author calls the “black swan” rare and difficult to predict events that had significant consequences for the world. Based on this theory, all significant discoveries and historical events are "black swans": the creation of the Internet, the collapse of the USSR, the world economic crisis. Bezos makes sure that his employees are held accountable for their actions and weigh the value of each idea.

  1. Taking risks so that later all your life you will not regret what has not been done

Deciding on the most important step in your life - quitting your job to launch your project - Jeff Bezos was also pushed by the book. Before going to his boss, the future billionaire finished the book by Booker laureate Kazuo Ishiguro The Remains of the Day (that very favorite work of his wife Mackenzie). The plot of the book is based on the memories of the old butler about his life.

Then Bezos thought: “When I turn 80, I will regret not taking the risk. Even if I were defeated, I would despise myself less than for indecision. " From here the businessman deduced another rule of life, which constantly repeats: “I am often asked:“ Why ”? That's a good question. But much more valuable: "Why not?"

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