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Insomnia memes: Funny 30 sleeping jokes and tweets for people who can't sleep

9 months ago

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is manifested by difficulty falling asleep, waking up at night or poor quality sleep. Considered one of the most common modern conditions, left untreated, insomnia can affect the cardiovascular system, decrease the power of concentration and increase the risk of obesity.

Sleep is a vital physiological phenomenon, and sleep disorders have a significant negative impact on health. Sleep assessment is performed both quantitatively and qualitatively. The quantitative component involves determining the duration of sleep, while the qualitative component is evaluated subjectively and is expressed by the depth of sleep and the feeling of rest on waking. Difficulty falling asleep and maintaining sleep affects 15-35% of the adult population. Poor sleep quality has been associated with a number of conditions, with a known link between sleep disorders, cardiovascular risk factors, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular morbidity.

While viewing some funny insomnia memes, you can also read below, important information about insomnia.

1.Move into the forest

2.Night thoughts

3.When you watch your series at night

You feel like you could sleep for weeks. You wake up so tired that it is extremely difficult for you to focus on even the most mundane tasks and you feel more anxious than ever.

How are you sleeping? Do you manage to fall asleep shortly after you go to bed or stay with your eyes hanging on the walls until late?

A few hours of sleep does not necessarily mean that the person suffers from insomnia. A person's sleep schedule varies not only according to age and sex, but also according to the particularities of each individual. However, there are a number of hours of sleep that a person needs to rest, and this is determined by scientific consensus, depending on age. This data is not nailed down, but it helps us get an idea of ​​how much sleep we should have for the body to replenish its energy stores. So:

  • adults need 7-9 hours of sleep;
  • young people between 12-18 years old need 8-10 hours of sleep;
  • children between 2-12 years old need about 9-12 hours of sleep;
  • newborns and children up to 2 years of age should sleep around 11-14 hours a day.

4.Insomnia vs headphones

5.Math at night

6.Because you are awake

Insomnia can set in even if a person respects the number of hours of sleep. In this case, it may be a poor quality sleep (with frequent awakenings and difficult sleep).

Primary insomnia is the lack of sleep that sets in as a result of a disordered lifestyle, stress, trauma, family problems. Normally, the condition disappears on its own if we no longer feel stress, if the trauma disappears, if we change our unhealthy lifestyle. Sometimes it can only be about changing the time we go to bed, or following a few rules in the bedroom (no phones next to us, no reading on the tablet before bed, or going to bed at a reasonable time).


8.What was the reason?

9.I need to sleep

Insomnia can exist as a symptom, when it occurs sporadically and for a short period or it can be as a disease, when the duration of persistence is over 3 months. Although many people have difficulty falling asleep or maintaining a good state of sleep until morning, even when they are in good condition, very few of them turn to a specialist to determine the causes of their disorders and receive appropriate treatment.

Factors that influence the quantity and quality of sleep are represented by: light / dark, environmental and social factors (intense physical activity, prolonged rest periods, night shifts, mental trauma, stressful situations, temperature variations, various mental disorders).

The treatment of insomnia is especially important for increasing the patient's quality of life. The return to physiological sleep is progressive, this process being long lasting.

10.My brain at 2 a.m

11.Why though?

12.Still can’t fall asleep

13.Stop it

14.Never had a sleep problem

15.My brain

16.I use 9gag to sleep

17.Thinking about what?

18.Brain, let me sleep

20.Can’t sleep because i’m thirsty

21.How I sleep

22.Can’t wait to wake up

23.Suffering from insomnia

24.Auditory hallucinations

25.Are you sleeping?

26.Talking buds when you are sleeping

27.Laying in bed

28.When my alarm wakes me up

29.Resting your eyes in the morning

30.Me all night vs when the alarm rings

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9 months ago
That is so me!

Initially, the day before Thanksgiving was given the name "Black Friday". It was so named because at the same time, many people decided to go shopping, causing a multitude of accidents.


The Philadelphia Police Department coined the phrase to describe the chaos surrounding pedestrian and car traffic congestion in the downtown area. The name was first recorded in 1966 by Earl Apfelbaum, a stamp dealer.


Black Friday hunting conferences still give police heads a headache. In 2016, three people were shot in New Jersey, Nevada and Tennessee. In 2013, Chicago police shot an individual while trying to escape with several items stolen from a store.


We see that Black Friday is the day of the fight for shopping. People do their best to get what they want. That's why internet users have created various memes and jokes about those who go crazy after discounts. Bemorepanda has collected a top 30 to impress you.


1.If you're going black friday shopping, please be decent


2.About black friday


3.Pepper spray be like


4. Insanity


5.Camping on Black Friday


6.I got a TV


7.Football they say


8.In line for Black Friday


9.But it's on sale


10.Hunger games


11.Just Thankful


12.Dont care about it


13.Just saving money


14.Didn't get arrested


15.It's called Black Friday


16.About discounnts


17.Shopping on Black Friday


18.Going to Black Friday


19.DVD player


20.Democrat city be like


21.Cat impressed


22.Crowds on Black Friday


23.Can't use coupons


24.No Black Friday this year


25.Tennis ball


26.You mean to tell me that


27.Petsmart Black Friday


28.About dad and son on Black Friday


29.Carry on!


30.One day passes

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Thanksgiving Day. A beautiful holiday that brings families and friends together for dinner. A special meal, based on turkey, a bird native to North America. And corn and cranberries, a kind of cranberry, also native to America. Then add a lot of other dishes. Thanksgiving dinner has become a kind of cooking contest.


It's a celebration of overflow. And of humility, of gratitude to the divinity for well-being, for the dishes on the table. Our ancestors respected the dishes much more than we, the hungry generations.


Hundreds of years ago he was starving. If the winter was too hard, if there was hail or floods, if the locusts invaded or the wool caught fire, hunger breathed in your neck. In the daily prayer inherited from one generation to the next, we still hope to receive "our daily bread." Even if we throw old, dry bread in the trash every day


No one can deny the beauty of Thanksgiving. A day to thank. Sit in it for a while and think about how lucky you are. In which you enjoy your loved ones who are still close to you. Because everything is fleeting, including well-being. People are beautiful when they are together.


And Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. The children who go to college, hundreds of kilometers away, get in their cars and drive for a meal at home, with their families. With grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins ​​they haven't seen in a long time. Events that bring families together are quite rare in a human life, usually weddings and funerals. But, Thanksgiving is an annual occasion to meet, to say goodbye, to "together". And the king of the Thanskgiving table is the turkey.


But what will be this year? In the midst of the pandemic, many people reunited, once the studies became online and work at home. But because of the danger of infection and the spread of the virus, people cannot all gather at one table, especially the elderly. Even if the holiday will be spent in a very small circle, it will be a symbolic one and of major importance.


Of course, it is a good reason for Internet users to create different funny and interesting memes for us. Bemorepanda has collected the top memes and jokes perfect for everyone.


1.Favourite thing about Thanksgiving


2.Huge Thanksgiving dinner


3.Waiting for Christmas


4.We're having a turkey?


5.Checking their phone in the bathroom


6.Dinner be at 6 pm


7.Today vs tomorrow


8.Thinking about Thanksgiving


9.New recipe for Thanksgiving


10.Just one piece of pie


11.After Thanksgiving


12.Eating the same thing


13.Thanks for nothing


14.Waiting for Thanksgiving


15.Why you eat me?


16.Waking up on Thanksgiving


17.No seconds til everyone had a plate


18.The whole family is roasting you


19.Come at me bro


20.You and your cousin come back from "taking a walk"


21.I regret nothing


22.Could you pass the pie?


23.Don't mind that


24.Too many questions


25.Isn't that your 3rd plate?


26.Oh, pie!


27.Drinking at noon on a wednesday


28.After Thanksgiving


29.But is not the day!


30.Something is happening


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In a recent release by Majong, the developer behind Minecraft, we find out how many people have invested money in the seemingly simplistic game, with a special ability to create addiction.


Minecraft's popularity seems to be unstoppable. The amazing game that invites you to use pixelated cubes to create the world of your dreams or anything else in a virtual environment, has just reached the threshold of 100 million units sold. This value applies to both PC and Mac and console or mobile purchases.


So large is the number of those hoping to achieve something spectacular in Minecraft that 53,000 units are sold daily even at this time, after so many years since the launch of the original version. The affinity of people for this game is also measured by the number of those who do not agree to spend a month without spending a few hours in the virtual environment, and the number of those who fall into this category is about 40 million.


With 100 million copies sold, the only possible competitor to Minecraft remained Tetris, although it's hard to tell if that title sold so well, and instead we can only drive.


Minecraft's recipe for popularity lies in a combination of unlimited possibilities and a simplistic approach to building a digital universe. After all, you can do almost anything in Minecraft, as long as you accept that something will be represented by simple, colorful cubes. Basically, in fact, your creativity motivates you to return to Minecraft every day or every few days. For the same reason, age is not a criterion that defines the passionate player. In addition, Mojang has continued to make improvements to the title on several fronts, and this feature is sure to delight fans.


1.So cool


2.Iron golem






Amrkus Alexej Persson, known in the Minecraft community as Notch, is a video game developer from Stockholm, Sweden. Born on June 1, 1979, Markus had a predestined destiny to change the world of video games, and the first step he took was to set up Mojang AB with a friend of his. Then came the creation of the world's most famous video game, Minecraft.


When Markus was just seven years old, his father bought him a Commodore 128 computer and subscribed to an IT magazine, seeing his son's interest in this virtual world. Notch learned a few simple codes from that magazine, which helped him understand something about programming. Thus, at the age of eight, Markus created his first adventure game.


In 2005, Markus Alexej Persson joined as a game developer and worked there for more than four years. During all this time, he has programmed countless video games, including Zuma or Pinball King. Notch learned a lot of programming languages, which helped him create these video games over the years.


In May 2009, Markus Alexej Persson released the alpha for Minecraft for PC. He managed to create this video game in his spare time, when he was not working as a programmer for When people started buying the first version of the game, Notch realized that he had to continue with Minecraft and devote all his time and effort to this invention of his. Thus, the more updates it made to Minecraft, the more people were interested in buying the game. In an interview with, Markus said: "The sales curve has always been closely linked to the speed of development." In the same 2010 interview, Notch added: "We've sold over 6,400 copies so far. In the first nine months of launch, we were selling 24 copies a day, on average. In the last two days, things have gone crazy and we have reached 200 copies a day ".


5.The music


6.Normal memes


7.Hostile mobs


After Minecraft grew in popularity, success and countless updates, Markus announced that he had resigned as Minecraft's chief designer, leaving his post to Jens Bergensten. In November 2014, Notch left the Minecraft-based Mojang company after it was acquired by Microsoft for $ 2.5 billion. Since then, he has not produced Minecraft and has moved in another direction.


When Notch left Mojang, he said, "I don't see myself as a true game developer. I play games because it's fun, because I like games, I like to schedule. I don't play games with the intention of turning them into big hits and I'm not trying to change the world. Minecraft has definitely become a big hit, and people are telling me that it has revolutionized video games. I never had that intention. This is really flattering and pushes you into an interesting public light. "


Whether or not Notch has changed the world of gaming, many gamers around the world disagree. The success of Minecraft can be seen as strongly influenced by Notch's creativity, effort and desire to continue producing the game. If there was no Notch to create Minecraft, the gaming world would not be the same today. Minecraft has influenced many generations of children and teenagers at the same time.


This is a game with almost unlimited possibilities. You can only limit yourself to your imagination.


Minecraft is a game with which you can escape, in which you can extract resources, build incredible buildings, have fun on servers with friends. No game can boast such a large number of modes as Minecraft.


8.Feel the difference


9.Not anymore




There are modes for almost anything, if you think the game is ugly and boring - install the mode on shaders and you will immediately see the result. If you're a fan of RPG games, then there are ways for you to get your character pumped. Minecraft is still growing. The game does not stand still. In almost every version of the game, the developers introduce innovations.


In an amazing game, a whole universe is ready for you, a huge world where you can create anything you want. In general, the graphics in the game consist of various cubes that serve as building materials for all your structures. If you loved the builders as a kid and still love to create and create, then you will no doubt love this game, so we recommend you to download Minecraft for free without torrent on our game store right now. It is worth noting the popularity of the game around the world, as it has been translated into 56 languages. Minecraft is suitable not only for those who love to create, because there are elements of a search with very interesting discoveries and even battles.


As for the game, it can be described as follows. At the beginning, the game presented sets the pace - you have to extract resources to build (your own house or an entire city - at your personal discretion), as well as look for food to eat and maintain the normal health scale. And as you understand, all this must be done from the beginning of the game, without a second's hesitation. Why is this being done? Because with the onset of darkness, a very serious danger will begin to threaten your life - a large number of different monsters will appear around the character, who strive to eliminate him. First of all, you can avoid all this by building a simple structure, in which a light source is installed, for example, a torch. In addition, you can simply dig a small cave for yourself in the ground or in the rock.




12.Math problems in Minecraft


13.Where I give up


14.Good day


15.Horror game


16.Instant damage






19.Dirt house


20.The test be like


21.Not Minecraft






24.Minecraft dogs




26.What type is the best?


27.Chest monster


28.Play minecraft


29.Final update someday






32.The end


33.Not to loud




35.Players now


36.New version


37.Infested stone


38.Creepers be like


39.Deep dark






42.First food




44.It happens


45.Do I give a damn


46.Corn butter


47.Minecraft is great


48.Grass is useless




50.Needs one eye




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Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, there is practically no place for a joke in the world. However, some Internet users and individual opinion leaders manage to bring a smile on the faces of millions of people, even in a difficult epidemiological situation.

Coronavirus is a sore subject of recent weeks, about which people jokes every day. In the era of global cataclysms, people are saved by humor. Users of social networks never cease to amuse and amaze with their resourcefulness and humorous talent. Experience shows that laughter is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress and discomfort caused by quarantine and the state of emergency.

Numerous memes and cartoons, which multiply like mushrooms after rain on the Internet, help to dispel boredom and drive away fear. This is the compilation with best coronavirus memes.

1.Telling my future grandchildren about coronavirus

2.Primary school children coming back to school after corona ends in 2040

3.Coronavirus in 2020 hitting me

4.Lifestyle during quarantine

5.Coronavirus can be killed by alcohol

6.Jobs closing down because of corona

7.Introverts and coronavirus

8.Parenting during coronavirus quarantine

9.Coronavirus cancel bills

10.When you work at bank during corona

11.Flights during quarantine

12.Washing hands during coronavirus

13.Online lessons during quarantine

14.Cooking during quarantine

15.Laughting at corona memes

16.China and coronavirus

17.Toilet paper and quarantine story in 2040

18.Feelings for coronavirus

19.Russia finds a vaccine for Coronavirus

20.Golf balls during pandemic











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Among the eccentrics and bizarre characters in the incredible world of large feline owners, few are as notorious as Joe Exotic, a polygamous country singer, chic and always armed, who is the head of an Oklahoma zoo.


Charismatic but disoriented, Joe and a number of other incredible characters, including drug barons, crooks, and sect leaders share the same passion for large cats and the status and attention their housekeepers enjoy.


But things take a gloomy turn when Carole Baskin, an animal rights activist and owner of a feline sanctuary, threatens to ruin their business, sparking a rivalry that eventually leads to Joe's arrest over a plot with paid assassins. revealing a complicated story, in which the only thing more dangerous than a cat is its owner.


Bemorepanda collected the funniest memes with Tiger King. Which will surely make you laugh with tears.


1.Perfect apocalypse


2.The genie


3.Tiger King on Netflix


4.Real criminal


5.Quarantine be like


6.Great honor


7.Big difference


8.Gonna forget


9.Pizza rolls


10.Government stimulus


11.Coronavirus and Joe


12.Carole Baskin


13.My girlfriend


14.Me and my thoughts


15.Tiger King on Netflix


16.Tiger King lovers


17.Certain things in life


18.I don't care


19.The best part of Tiger King


20.Funny Tiger King


21.Can't stop thinking


22.Guess what


23.Homeschooling kids


24.Watching the first episode


25.Corona Virus be like


26.Carol Baskin


27.Day and Night Shift


28.Favourite Color


29.Five minutes later


30.Disney+ releases

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